New Ebook “The Forest Witch Servant of Baedor”

Servant of Baedor Part 1 v1

The beginning of a new(ish) series is up on Amazon.

Countless iterations of the powerful being known as the Forest Witch are scattered across Alaria. They always live in a cabin at the heart of an enchanted forest. They are always a beautiful and seductive Faun woman. They all serve a different master. But most importantly women always come to the Forest Witches hoping the mysterious figure can give them something they desperately need. A Forest Witch usually can, but the boon ALWAYS comes at a price.

Amoera Crimsonsign is a young member of the Sisterhood of Righteousness, training to be a warrior along with a handful of other young women. Her friends have come to love and trust her, but thanks to her race many in Almerry Keep do not feel that way. As a Blood Elve she is a member of a race supposedly tainted by The Corruption, the evil and perverse force the Sisterhood fights against. Because of her race some in the keep think young Amoera is destined to fall to the Corruption, a shadow that always hangs over her head.

After having a portentous dream Amoera will find herself desperate for an interpretation. Unable to find what she needs at the keep she’ll leave its safety to visit the witch in the nearby forest they young initiates are forbidden to visit. It is there young Amoera will find the Forest Witch, servant of Baedor the God of Sexual Indulgence. Under the witch’s tutelage she will begin a journey of self-discovery, unleashing the sexuality she’d kept locked up for so long.

Read below the break for a more detailed explanation of why and how I’m reworking this story.

I’m really not sure when or even if I’m going to be returning the kind of stories I’m no longer working on (those that were heavy non-con ones). With that in mind I’ve decided to rework “The Fall of Almerry Keep” and turn it into something that matches the tone/content of “The Forest Witch Servant of Pollena”.

The two main protagonists, Amoera and Dunla, are characters I’ve grown very attached to and have a lot of things planned for but that stuff doesn’t really match the original tone of the story any more. I’ve taken the old story down from everywhere and will slowly be reworking it.

The story will center on Amoera and the girl squad from the beginning, dropping everything with the corrupted forest so it will be appropriate for Amazon. The first bit of the text won’t need to be changed to much. I’ve already gone through and hit publish on the first book’s worth which is fairly close to the original text. The biggest change is there is no obvious threat looming over Almerry Keep (The Gardner and the Grumplocs will not be part of the story now) and the dream that Amoera has was changed to feature a more vague threat.
I am pretty sure most of the story won’t need many changes till Teldy arrives. At that point I’ll be veering pretty strongly from what had been written and only using what had been there as a rough outline. Amoera “saving” the other members of the girl squad will now be a LOT less dark. I still plan on using what I wrote in “The Quest to Kill the Forest Witch” as an outline for the second half of this story but it will have to go through major changes to make sure the tone matches what I want and to ensure it can be published on Amazon.
The story will end about where “The Quest to Kill the Forest Witch” ended, only going a bit further to show how Dunla becomes the Girl in the Mirror/the Terror of the Eternal Night.

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