The Dungeon Appraiser

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The Two Meetings was a small and simple inn that had existed for generations. It had been built at the halfway point between a couple of villages that were about two days’ travel from each other. The inn was never a busy place, taking in just enough money to ensure its owners were able to live a comfortable life.

Everything changed with the discovery that the wilds in the surrounding area were filled with ancient ruins. Everyone knew that where there were ruins there were ancient tombs and dungeons, places filled with treasures that needed looting and monsters that needed slaying.

The small inn became packed almost overnight as the two towns it lay between turned into Adventurer-driven boom towns. Although an increase in commerce between the two cities was partially responsible for the newfound business of the inn it was Adventurers that filled it at most times.

Parties of Adventurers stopped at the inn for one last night of comfort before heading out into the wilds to chase after monsters and, hopefully, a significant amount of treasure. Regardless of whether they were successful or not those same parties almost always stopped back at The Two Meetings on their return, some wanting a place to celebrate their success but more often needing a place to recover from the dangers of the wilds.

For there were many, MANY dangers. Most of the monsters that now roamed the wilds had only recently been awakened by the Adventurer’s meddling. Some came pouring out of open tombs, others disturbed from resting places in ancient ruins hidden deep in the forest or mountains. And some came in response to the Adventurers themselves, as drawn to them as they were to treasure.

Other dangers, more subtle ones, were being placed in the wilds. The world of Alaria is a place of change and there are forces, powerful and some might even say evil forces, working to alter it to its core. One of these forces is known as The Corruption, a force that uses countless perverse powers and agents to further alter Alaria.

The Corruption is an unrelenting force. It does not shy away from using overwhelming power to accomplish its will, yet it prefers to act subtly. It enjoys most corrupting the inhabitants of Alaria in secret, hiding its presence and masquerading as things it is not. Questing Knights, Adventurers, even the very dungeons those glory seekers dive so eagerly into.

Take, for example, the figure riding up to The Two Meetings looked to be just another Adventurer arriving at the inn.

Even her semi-exotic race and natural beauty would draw only a little extra attention. As a member of the Vulpenite race the young woman looked almost Human. It was the addition of large furry foxlike ears and a prominent, bushy-haired tail that showed her as being a member of another race.

It was the armor she wore that caused those present to give her a second look. The mix of heavy chain mail and gleaming, expertly crafted plate armor was distinct in fashion, only worn by members of The Sisterhood of Righteousness.

A militant order, most knew the Sisterhood for being dedicated to protecting all of Alaria from evil, monsters, and perversion in all their forms. In truth, the order was one of the few groups in Alaria that knew the true nature of The Corruption and had been created to hunt down all traces of it and eradicate them.

The Corruption thrives in conflict, especially against those who try and wield purity from perversion as a shield. Members of the Sisterhood of Righteousness are some of the sinister force’s favorite targets, and if they can be properly corrupted and turned those same women can go on to become some of their most potent agents.

To nearly all the world aware of her existent Tayona, Knight Errant of the Spinsterhood of Righteousness, was what she seemed. Renowned for her good and valiant deeds, feared for her martial prowess, and perhaps ofttimes remembered for her exotic beauty. But she was no longer what she seemed.

Tayona dismounted from her horse, throwing her long flowing black hair back as she handed the mount off to the stable boy. The striking black hair, streaked with lines of silver-white, added to the woman’s noble bearing.

Nothing about her, especially her beauty that seemed infused with untouched virginal purity, would make anyone suspect she now only pretended to serve the Sisterhood and was, in fact, a secret agent of The Corruption. But there ARE those who know the truth about her, and it is one of those very people Tayona has arrived at The Two Meetings to converse with.

Upon entering the inn Tayona slowly looked across the packed ground floor room. It was like countless other inns across Alaria, part dining hall, part tavern, and an all-hours party as long as there are a handful of Adventurers present. It was the kind of place where it was easy to disappear into the background if one wanted to, especially if one could pass as an Adventurer.

Tayona only knew the woman she was there to meet by name and reputation. As this would be their first meeting she’d need to puzzle out her identity.

A Druid, she thought as she searched the tavern. An Elven Druid. She’ll blend in with the Adventurers but to my eyes she should stand out once I’ve spotted her. She’s dabbled too deep into forbidden, ‘perverse’ Druidic arts. Such things leave hints if one knows how to read them…

There! That must be her, the Knight thought. As she approached the woman she gave her a thorough visual appraisal. She’s no High Elve, too narrow and thin. But her Elven blood IS strong. She has that ethereal, ageless beauty that can be so breathtaking. And the way her Druidic magic has tainted her skin slightly green only adds to that otherworldly beauty.

And perhaps that natural beauty has had a bit of help. I suspect that impressive mane of green hair has been glamoured into being that color, while the collection of leaves and twigs ‘tangled’ in it are too artfully placed to be accidental. And that outfit! Green fabric blending perfectly into actual leaves and vines, all seeming to be appropriate for an Adventurer yet so revealing!


The Elven Druid looked up from the steaming mug of tea she’d been enjoying and flashed a charming smile at the Vulpenite. “And you must be Tayona, Knight Errant of the Sisterhood of Righteousness.”

Tayona smiled knowingly as she sat at the table with the Druid. That was artfully done, she thought, admiring the way the woman had said “Sisterhood of Righteousness”. Few overhearing the Druid would have picked up on the subtle hint of derision she’d put into the words.

“I suppose my fame proceeds me,” Tayona replied, waving down a serving wench and ordering a simple mug of ale.

Genovaria waited till the woman delivered the drink and then left before she went on. “More your beauty,” she said slyly. “Such cute, sexy, furry ears.” The Druid leaned closer, flashing a flirtatious smile. “They’d make good handles while holding your pretty face between my legs.”

One of Tayona’s ears twitched before both perked up, a sign of great interest if one knew how to read a Vulpenite’s body language. “If only slipping away to a rented room above would not risk drawing unwanted attention,” she flirted back. “But my mission here is an important one we must not endanger.”

“Yes,” Genovaria agreed. “Very important. I’ve worked incredibly hard in secret preparing the dungeon. Before it becomes a tool in The Corruption’s arsenal of perversion it must be tested and approved.”

“And I’m just the woman to do that,” Tayona replied. “And IF it is all you seem to think it is I could even help ensure it is put to good use. It would not be hard for me to ‘lead’ a troop of oblivious Sisterhood members into danger beyond their expectations, danger that will leave them forever changed and corrupted.”

Genovaria nodded eagerly. “Oh yes, MY dungeon will do just that. And if those led into it aren’t corruptible? Well, the dungeon can ensure that they never pose a threat to The Corruption’s machinations once they leave, if they are even allowed to leave.”

Tayona let out an indecent moan of appreciation. “The thought has me wet,” she whispered. “Just thinking about leading those naive young female warriors to their unknowing corruption or doom… I’d be such a flustered, wet mess I might need a secret night in a rented room to blow off steam and prevent me from endangering my cover.”

The Elve smirked. “And I’d be most open to accommodating such needs. But first, the dungeon needs to be approved.”

“I warn you,” Tayona said, suddenly serious, “such places always need little tweaks, no matter how well-crafted their creators think they are. Will you be able to take critiques to better perfect it?”

“Of course,” the Elve replied haughtily. “But I doubt you’ll have too many notes.” She then narrowed her eyes and leaned in. “How does this work?”

“I will traverse the dungeon, facing its dangers as though I were one of the Adventurers it is meant to lure in and corrupt or neutralize.” She reached into the top of her armor and pulled out a charm hanging from a necklace. “I activate this and in a flash it will be like I am who I was before falling to The Corruption. I’ll move on to my task, filled with the sexual purity and naivety I once had. The charm is only short-lived and by the end of each encounter my true mind will return to me, usually just in time for the real me to enjoy the perversion the old me had been suffering through.”

“Amazing,” the Elve replied.

“Is the dungeon built in a way that you, as the master of it, will be able to meet up with me after each encounter to hear my feedback?”

“Oh yes,” Genovaria replied proudly. “This is no normal dungeon made up solely of boring underground passages. It is an arboreal masterpiece, incorporating the living forest, above ground ruins, and a small dungeon delve at the end.”

“No more details are needed, the more surprises in store for me the better. I need only the location.”

“Then I will happily lead the way! But let us finish our drinks first. I’d like a little extra time to enjoy your unspoiled beauty before my precious dungeon despoils you head to toe.”

* * *

“Is this your doing?” Tayona asked as the two followed a game trail into a small clearing in the dense forest. The outline of an ancient building could be seen, the stonework of the floor partially intact under a small layer of leaves and other forest detritus. Only some of the walls of the building remained, and those still present were only knee-high at most.

“It is,” Genovaria replied smugly. “I reshaped the forest so the game trails lead here, an inviting and obvious place to make camp before entering the ruins they’ll be after. And seemingly located a safe distance from any danger.”

“Is it?” Tayona asked, reaching for the charm hidden under her armor. “Is it time to begin?”

“It is safe, but danger is closer than they will suspect. The first of the ‘encounters’ you will need to appraise is not far, not close enough to the campsite that someone might trigger it while the others are still making camp, but far enough away from their destination to catch them off guard.”

“Sounds like the ‘old’ me will be in for a real surprise.” Tayona clung to the charm, staring off into the forest. “Well, I suppose we should begin. I expect to see you on the other side, once the encounter is over.”

“I look forward to it, but expect you’ll have few notes,” Genovaria declared. She gave the Vulpenite one last nod then turned. Leafy vines erupted from the ground, lifting the Elve into the air and carrying her away.

Tayona waited till the Druid was out of sight. Then, after taking a deep calming breath, she clutched the charm tightly in her hand and bowed her head as if in prayer.

A pulse of sparking red energy burst from the charm, making the greenery nearby rustle. Tayona glanced up, tucking the charm away, and looked around in confusion as though she couldn’t remember where she was. The confusion only lasted for a moment then, looking in the direction of the dungeon, the Knight smiled.

“I remember,” she said to herself. “A dungeon! A fresh, unspoiled dungeon to clear. Yes… holding some dark artifact tainted by The Corruption that must be reclaimed so it can be destroyed. A simple quest for one as skilled as me. For glory,” she called out, drawing her sword. “And for the Sisterhood!”

* * *

Tayona peered around at the forest suspiciously. She’d begun to distrust it. As she’d moved towards her destination the paths she’d been taking had kept shifting, forcing her in a direction some part of her sensed was dangerous.

“It’s almost like the very forest itself is directing my passage forward, forcing me where it wants me to go.” She paused, looking around. The closer she got to the dungeon she was trying to enter the more overgrown ruins she encountered. Most were like the small place she vaguely remembered making camp at, only a meager footprint of what had long ago been reclaimed by the forest.

In front of her was something different. It had once been a narrow, long structure. Perhaps a gateway through an ancient city’s outer walls? If there had been walls around it there was no evidence of them now, just the narrow ruins she was staring into.

The remaining stonework covering the ground looked inviting to walk on after having to carefully make her way through the root and rock-covered forest floor. The remains of the structure’s walls, rising to shoulder length on either side, seemed to suggest a few moments of safety from whatever dangers might fill this forest. Even the way the nearby trees crowded around and hung over the narrow area seemed appealing, adding some cool shade to what was turning into a hot day.

Yet Tayona hesitated. Her furry ears perked up, listening closely for danger, while her fluffy tail lashed behind her in agitation.

“I sense the work of The Corruption ahead,” she muttered, tightening her grip on her sword. She’d grown up in the Sisterhood, trained all her life to combat that evil, perverse force and had developed a sixth sense for its presence.

“This feels like a trap. But if one was not as sensitive to The Corruption’s presence as I am they would sense nothing amiss… perhaps even the opposite, drawn forth with their guard down.”

She did not entertain any thoughts of turning back or even going around. As a Knight Errant of the Sisterhood it was her vowed duty to hunt out such threats and deal with them so no others would fall prey to their dangers. Even suspecting a trap was ahead she felt driven to march on and trigger.

“I’ll be prepared,” she muttered, looking about as she carefully entered the ruins.

The trees above rustled. Tayona looked up, raising her sword in preparation for an attack that might come from that direction.

There’s an unnatural breeze blowing through the tree’s up there… Some unseen force WANTING to draw my attention to the trees.

Tayona’s head snapped down as she realized she’d let her attention be drawn away from the real danger, but by then it was too late. It surrounded her, pushing up through cracks in the ancient stonework on the ground or slithering out of the walls around her.

Tentacles, countless tentacles. Fleshy, muscular, and most disturbingly of all was how indecently male their vein-covered lengths looked.

“No,” Tayona gasped, swinging her sword at what she thought was the nearest tentacle reaching for her.

The blow WOULD have easily sliced through the appendage, but as she discovered to her great dismay it was far from the closest to her. Mid-swing a tentacle grabbed her wrist, jerking her arm to the side. It coiled around her wrist, squeezing so tight the Vulpenite was forced to release her grip on her sword.

She was surrounded and ensnared in a tangle of tentacles a moment later. Dexterous, pointed tips slithered their way into her armor, unhooking, unclasping, and untying as they peeled it off piece by piece. Once her armor was gone the tentacles went to work stripping the Knight of her other clothing.

As this happened the monster appendages caressed and groped every inch of her body. The Knight thrashed and kicked, but everything she did just provided an opening for the tentacles to grab a better hold of her. At first they lifted her into the air to better strip her, then, once she was naked, pulled her back to the ground.

She intended to never stop fighting, to not let the perverse monsters have their way with her for she had no doubt that was what would happen. But her battle against them was short lived. At first her struggle was lessened by the pure overwhelming strength of her opponent. They held her limbs in check, preventing her from moving. When she continued to struggle a tentacle wrapped around her neck, tightening its grip and slowly cutting off her ability to breathe till she relented and went limp.

When it eased its grasp she opened her mouth to gasp for air. A tentacle rammed its way into her mouth, making her gag. It thrust in and out of her mouth, making her choke further.

The tip of it was not like the others. She could feel it in her mouth, not a narrow-pointed end but something swollen and bulbous and growing firmer as it continued to plunge in and out of her mouth. The whole stretch of tentacle fucking her face was growing more rigid and, crossing her eyes and looking at it, she was horrified that it looked even more dick-like than the others.

Her eyes darted about as disgust and terror overtook her. More tentacles had arrived, these with tips like the one fucking her face. These penis-tipped tentacles were all rigid and hard at their ends, their swollen cockheads leaking thick streams of precum.

There were other tentacles, ones that disturbed her even more. They had ends that opened, slimy tongue-like muscles stretching out from them. As the cock-tentacles kept their distance these tongued ones attacked.

They licked her all over. Some went down her back, stopping to slobber up and down her ass crack. The tentacles holding her bent her so those could then lick her asshole! Others concentrated on her chest. Huge slimy tongues coiling and slithering over her small, perfectly firm, and perky breasts. These focused much of their attention on her nipples.

She moaned and wiggled, her eyes flickering and rolling up into her head as she continued to choke and gag on the tentacle fucking her mouth. It all felt good, too good. Not just the tongues slobbering all over her breasts, but even the tongue licking and lightly penetrating her asshole!

The slimy saliva the tongues are smearing all over me, it’s doing things to my body. My skin tingles wherever they lick it. It’s warming me deep inside… But I won’t give in to these monsters’ corruption-infused touch. I won’t enjoy this, I won’t let their violation push me to climax!

Her vow was soon broken when the slimy tongues began working her pussy. They slathered their arousing saliva all over her vulva, up and down her outer labia, all over her clit, in her fleshy folds, and then plunging in and out of her by then sopping wet hole.

By the time the tongues were pulling away the Vulpenite had cum multiple times. She’d undergone a change during that time. Groaning, wiggling, and doing everything she could to try to not enjoy the forced pleasure at first, but with each orgasm her resistance had melted and was eventually replaced with enthusiasm.

The effects of the charm had worn off, the old her melted away by the warmth of powerful forced climaxes. When the tongue tentacles pulled back so some of the cock-tipped ones could enter her she met them with so much lascivious eagerness the tentacles loosened all their grips on her.

Once her cunt and asshole were full the tentacles no longer had her captive, they were no longer having their way with her, SHE was having her way with THEM. The Vulpenite rode the swarm of perverse appendages, thrusting and grabbing to keep them near. Her big fluffy tail swished and wrapped loving around tentacles while the one in her mouth was now something she was lovingly sucking on.

The tentacles quivered as they drew near the height of their pleasure.

Tayona, her hands free to do as they pleased, stroked the cock-tipped tentacle she was vigorously sucking off. It quivered and came in her mouth. With a final loud slurp she sucked it clean, pulling it out of her mouth and swallowing as she moaned out an indecent sound of carnal satisfaction at the taste of the monster’s cum.

“Give me more,” she demanded, riding the tentacles fucking her pussy and ass harder. They soon quivered and came in her. “Fuuuuuuuuck yes,” she howled in delight, cumming along with them.

The tentacles, spent, began to pull back.

They deposited Tayona on the ground. She lay sprawled out, legs open as cum oozed from her holes. She absentmindedly fingered herself, smearing the cum up her slit and rubbing it on her clit as she hummed happily. “That was lovely,” she sighed.

Just as the last of the tentacles disappeared, retracting back into the ruins, the leaf-covered trees overhead rustled. Genovaria arrived, riding a wave of roiling vines. It deposited her near the woman lounging in post-coital bliss. “You looked like you enjoyed yourself thoroughly at the end there.”

Tayona nodded. “The charm wore off just when it was getting really good. It does that,” she added, looking up at the Druid with sleepy, pleasure-filled eyes. “Care to join me? My pussy is a real mess, it could use a good, deep licking to get it cleaned out.”

“A feast of monster cum filled pussy? Yes, please,” the Druid said. She set her staff down and knelt by the Knight, bowing between her legs as if to worship her.

Tayona slipped her fingers into the woman’s thick wild green hair and gripped her head. “Yes, right there,” she cooed. “It will take some diligent tongue work to clean out all the delicious filth your pets left in me. I will enjoy the ‘cleaning’, but we should also use this time productively. I shall give you my notes on the encounter.”

She spread her legs wider then wrapped them around the Druid and pulled her in tighter against her sex. “Constructive criticism,” she added, stroking the woman’s hair. “That’s why I’m here, to help you perfect this arboreal dungeon of yours.”

Genovaria moaned into the Vulpenite’s pussy, signaling she was listening over the sloppy sounds of her lapping at her cum-oozing cunt.

“First, the breeze through the trees to distract me? A good touch. I can see you’re a subtle sculptor of dangers and that is just what is needed for places like this. And the arousing saliva? I’ve never encountered tentacles like that, another good touch. Ensure those doomed by the tentacles enjoy what is forced on them, exactly as it should be.”

Genovaria lifted her head just long enough to say, “I bred the tentacles myself, using my Druidic magic to alter the monsters I was able to gather for the trap.”

“Such intelligence and initiative will be well rewarded,” Tayona told the woman as she pushed her head back into her pussy. “Now continue cleaning me and listen, for all was not perfect.

“Nothing was lacking from the encounter itself. It was perfectly set up, with the way forward funneling adventurers into the trap and the trap itself being so deliciously perverse. But it was too much too soon,” she said bluntly.

When Genovaria started to lift her head to protest Tayona held it in place. “Listen,” she barked. “It was too overpowering too soon. Too shocking before a party has had their minds and bodies muddled by The Corruption soaked into this place. Many parties would turn back after that if it was their initial encounter. We can’t have that… we want to lure them in deeper, get our claws in them so that by the time they realize they should turn back they won’t be able to.”

She paused, stroking the woman’s hair. “That will be good enough,” she told her. “I’m sure you’ve cleaned most of the cum off and out of me by now. You’re skilled with that pretty Elven mouth of yours, and were I not so satisfied from your slithering pets I might demand more, but now we must continue our work.”

While Tayona gathered her clothes Genovaria leaned on her staff and busied herself wiping the mix of monster cum and the Vulpenite’s juices from her face. After simmering for a short time the angry, hurt expression on her face faded. “You’re right,” she sighed. “This encounter would have been better suited for deeper in the dungeon. I had intended it to leave any Adventurers drained and primed to be lured into the next encounter, but I see now there are better ways to lay things out. I will need to rearrange the layout of the outer edges of the dungeon, moving this further into it.”

“I would advise that,” Tayona said as she put her armor back on. “Although a thought: you want to funnel Adventurers into the dungeon in a way that leaves you in control. From what I’ve seen you’ve done a good job so far, but some may sense this is happening and try and go around what you’ve laid out for them. THOSE Adventurers need a firmer hand to be dealt with. THOSE are often beyond corruption and need to be ‘dealt’ with. Perhaps setting up such passageways of narrow ruins as false entries into the back side of the dungeon, with even stronger and harsher tentacles, would be a way to safeguard against stronger, uncorrectable heroes.”

“Yes,” Genovaria said as she grinned with gleeful evil enthusiasm. “I could do that! I’ll have much work to do once you’ve finished appraising the dungeon, and I see now you’ll help me come closer to perfection.”

“It’s my job,” Tayona said with a bow. “Now, I must be continuing on my way to the next encounter.” She pulled the charm out and clung to it. “Till next we meet?”

“Till next we meet,” Genovaria said with a nod, stepping back as the thick forest behind opened so she could disappear into it.

* * *

Tayona pressed forward, glad to leave the danger she’d barely made her way through behind.

Strange that the encounter left me so afraid, worn out, and sore, yet I can barely remember it. Some kind of monster? Yes, that was it. Things looked dark but as always I persevered and in the end and triumphed.

Still, she thought, it has left me feeling quite drained. I’m on my own and need to proceed with caution. Perhaps a short rest to regain my strength? I’m still in the forest, the ruins still sparse around me. If I’m careful I should be able to find a place to rest and recover before pushing on…

Almost as if reacting to her thoughts the trail through the forest she’d been following split in two. It was clear which was the main path, and looking down it she saw more ruins peeking out of the heavy wall-like forest pressing in around the path.

The heart of the ruins I’m after must be that way. But this other path… She looked down it. The path was smaller yet more inviting, the way radiated a feeling of peace.

Drawn towards a possible resting place, Tayona turned from the main path and followed the side one. At its end she found an enchanting waterfall cascading down the ruins of a wall now overgrown with vegetation filling up a pool of inviting crystal-clear water.

The size of the pool was like what would be found in a bathhouse, just big enough for a handful of people to lounge comfortably in. If I was with a party we’d all fit in there, with room for another couple of bodies, she thought. A perfect place for a short rest to recover my strength.

And a safe place, she added as she looked around. The overgrown ruins and almost jungle-like plant life enclosed the enchanting pond so tightly that there was little chance of anything finding its way to the place except through the small path she’d taken.

Beyond that it just FELT safe. The sound of the waterfall was relaxing, with the waters in the pool so inviting Tayona had already begun stripping before she was fully aware of what she was doing.

With her gear left neatly in a pile within arm’s reach of the pool the Vulpenite dipped a toe into the pool. “Oh! The temperature is perfect,” she said in surprise. Just cool enough to be refreshing, but with a relaxing warm undertone that felt even stronger as she waded into it.

She went to the center of the pool and found it was deep enough for just her head to remain above water. There she luxuriated in the water, closing her eyes and eventually leaning back and allowing herself to float in it. Her long red hair spread out, forming a damp halo around her head.

“This is perfect,” she sighed contentedly allowing herself to be completely consumed by the pool’s calming essence. Even the smell of the place added to the haze of relaxation that had overtaken all her senses, the scents of the forest and the crisp refreshing smell of the water cleansing her senses till all that was left was calm.

She cooed quietly as she enjoyed the slight undercurrent the waterfall caused in the water. It felt like someone running the tips of their fingers across her bare skin under the water. It left her feeling heated inside as if a lover was carefully coaxing the first flames of arousal loving from her body.

“Yes, just like that,” she whispered, imagining more clearly not just one lover under the water caressing and teasing her but two of them. She could so clearly feel two sets of hands on her… tickling her lower back. Caressing her ass cheeks. Slipping hands between her thighs and brushing fingertips against her bush. Even slipping out of the water to play with her breasts and tease her nipples.

Tayona’s eyes flew open. “Unhand me,” she gasped, lifting her head to see hands reaching out of the water and grabbing her breasts. They were the strangest hands she’d ever seen. Solid, yet not. They seemed to be made of flowing water filled with glowing, entrancing light.

The hands released her and withdrew into the water. A moment later two figures splashed up on either side of her, smiling seductively at her.

Tayona looked back and forth at the two figures as she continued to float in the water. They were beautiful women made of water, their centers illuminated by the magic that animated. “Water Nymphs,” she gasped. She’d heard of them but had never seen one before. The tales of beautiful water spirits had not done the women justice, for they were the most sensually pleasing things she’d ever laid eyes on.

Feeling as though it must have been someone else that had demanded they unhand her Tayona heard herself beg, “Please, don’t stop touching me.” Part of her knew she’d become entranced by their beauty but she didn’t care, they were just so enthralling. She NEEDED them to keep touching her. She NEEDED to let them have their way with her.

One leaned over and took her face in her hands, kissing Tayona. The kiss was moist but surprisingly solid, the tongue that darted lustfully into her mouth tasting like wet arousal.

When she was released from the kiss the other Water Nymph turned Tayona to face her and leaned in to continue the kiss. It was as wet but even more passionate, leaving Tayona breathless when the Nymph pulled away. Tayona got only a few moments of respite before the first Water Nymph consumed her mouth with another kiss.

 They passed her lips back and forth, flooding her with their passionate kisses. Wet and full of hot passion. Their moistness was like the gushing of a woman’s over-aroused pussy, the taste leaving Tayona desperate to taste the real thing.

The Nymphs read her desires, giving her exactly what she wanted. They led her to the shore and pulled her out of the water to lay her on her back on the shore. She saw they could reform their bodies at will, becoming a formless fluid mass before returning to solid shape in a different position.

One ended up laying beside her, an arm draped over the Vulpenite’s body so she could play with her breasts while leaning in to continue kissing her. The other parted Tayona’s legs and ate her out, her wet mouth doing things the Knight had not imagined possible.

Her tongue feels so good, Tayona thought as she gasped into the mouth of the Nymph kissing her. And the way she moves it… No, it is MORE than the way she moves it. The Nymph kept reforming her tongue, changing its size and how wet or solid it was. At one point she altered it so it felt like two and then three tongues licking her all at once.

“Gods be praised,” Tayona gasped. “More. The taste! I need pussy, please, let me taste your womanhood.”

The one kissing her got on top of Tayona, pinning the Knight down as she continued to kiss her. Then, in one magically fluid motion, her body shifted. It was like a wave crashing against her as the Nymph’s body flowed and reformed.

Tayona moaned in delight as the Nymph’s mouth became her pussy. She wrapped her arms around the magical woman’s thighs and pulled her body closer, devouring her pussy in a rage of cunt-hunger.

As she feasted on the one Nymph’s pussy the other two worked her body. Hands were everywhere and mouths even more places. Tayona’s true self came to her just as she began to crest towards climax. It allowed her to luxuriate in the bliss of the Nymphs’ working her entire body with carnal skill she knew was only possible once one had willingly given themselves to The Corruption.

After cumming things continued. She did her best to return the pleasure to both Nymphs, but doing so was a struggle. They seemed fixated on pleasuring HER and only let her give them pleasure because it brought her some.

They can read desire, she remembered. They respond to it. They are whatever they need to be to best seduce and help corrupt those who fall into their wet grasp.

In the end, after all parties were satisfied, the three ended up lounging together in the pool. Tayona sitting on an underwater ledge, her back resting on a wall-like section of the shoreline. The Nymphs sat on either side of her, the Knight’s arms draped lazily over their shoulders.

“Thank you,” she sighed happily.

They giggled in response but didn’t say anything.

“Can you speak?” she asked, suddenly curious about them beyond the sensual delights they could provide. They seemed to be sentient which left her wondering what their lives were like outside moments like the ones she’d just shared with them.

“Of course,” one said.

Tayona understood at once why they seemed hesitant to speak. The voice was feminine but not pleasing. It was like someone spluttering up water, a disconcerting sound to hear formed into words.

But now that she had them talking she wanted to hear about their lives. “How do you spend most of your time?”

“Splashing and having fun,” one said.

“Trying to lure the other denizens of the dungeon to play with us,” the other added.

“And Genovaria. We enjoy playing with her the most,” the first said with an eager giggle.

“Is she a kind master?”

“The kindest,” both said in unison. One continued, saying, “She is very attentive to our needs. She tends to the plants with her magic and earns the trust of the very earth under us to better reshape this forest realm. She helps breed the monsters, but those of us that are sentient she cares for most. She is always ensuring we have both what we need AND what we want.”

“And what is it you want most?”

“Her, mostly,” one replied. “We want others, but we know it will take time before they start arriving. We were delighted when we heard you’d be coming.”

“We hope you approve the dungeon so others can come soon,” the other added.

“Oh, I have no doubt you won’t have long to wait. I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen so far and am confident She’ll need to make only a few alterations before the place is ready.”

“That pleases me greatly to hear,” Genovaria proclaimed as the wall of trees and ruins around the pool opened for her to stride out of.

“I’ll indulge in a few more moments in the pool, then I’ll prepare to move on to the next encounter,” Tayona told her. “Perhaps you’d like to join me in the water?”

“Not today,” the woman replied anxiously. “I’m eager to be prepared for when you move on and have even been working to prepare things in a slightly different order than I originally planned.”

Tayona raised an eyebrow at that. “You are a master dungeon sculptor to change things about so quickly.”

The Elve nodded. “Do indulge a bit longer,” she said as she stepped back into the part of the forest wall she’d emerged from. “My dungeon will be ready for you,” she added as it closed in around her.

“You’re in for so many naughty treats,” one of the Nymphs giggled.

“Oh, I do not doubt that,” Tayona said. “Now give us another kiss. I think I’ve another round in me before I’m ready to move on.”

The Water Nymphs giggled excitedly, leaning in to kiss the Knight and enjoy her company for as long as they could before she had to move on.

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