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Click on a books cover to be taken to its page on Amazon (when available). If you are looking specifically for Smashwords editions you can try going HERE.


“Heroines Perilous World” Erotica

 Archbaroness cover 4d3  champion girl cover cover  bovine cover m4 crime wave cover 2 misadventures-cover more-misadventures-cover   arch bulk cover 01c enchantamentia cover enlarger cover   complete cover m3 the-rise-of-akitomo-volume-1-cover the-rise-of-akitomo-volume-2-cover prostitution ring girls night out cover floor x-7 cover psychoanalyst cover lady c vs mary lady Centurion 2 Cover 

Erotica set in the fantasy world of Alaria

ynara complete cover   ynara's faithful cover adventurers-gone-wild-cover  northern-outpost-volume-one-cover    

General Erotica:

after the comet cover 2 after the comet 2 cover after-the-comet-3-cover after-the-comet-4-cover Wasteland Slut 1 v7 invasion of the horny space creep episode one invasion of the horny space creep episode two hmrd logs 1 cover the-futa-formula-cover good girl on campus cover massage cover2 The Curvy PReditor cover

“World of Paranormal Sexuality” Erotica

paranormal cover 1


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