Archbaroness Interviewed!

Author’s note: the questions in this story were all submitted by fans.


* * *


Archbaroness stood, looking at herself in the mirror. She needed to look her best tonight. When she walked out onto the stage in a few minutes she wouldn’t just be representing herself, she’d be representing all of the Megatropolis Amazons. And this kind of public appearance was excellent PR, and that was something the team needed as much of as it could get.

She was a tall woman with superhuman curves: a wife, plump ass and very big, firm breasts (although out of her costume they sagged just enough to prove they were real). Her tight purple costume helped show off her curves and displayed an almost indecent amount of cleavage.

Leaning to take a closer look at her face she touched up her makeup a little. Then she pulled back and took a long hard look at her features. She was a pretty white woman that looked to be in her late 30’s (although she was much older, but when you had an active Power Gene you aged much slower). Her dark messy raven colored hair helped ascent her light colored face, drawing attention down to her pretty eyes and full lips.

She straightened out the tiara she wore, a flourish that had been part of her costume since she began fighting crime.

“Alright,” she said to herself. “You can do this. You’ve done tons of interviews before. So what if this is the longest one you’ve ever done? And who cares if it’s going out live on TV and is predicted to be the highest rated prime time event in Megatropolis’ history. It just means the public is eager to hear from you.”

She turned, stood up tall and straight, thrusting her ass and her breasts out, and left her dressing room.


* * *


“Good evening Megatropolis!” Don Dingler, the host shouted. The studio audience cheered, an explosion of sound that made the man glow at the camera he was looking into. “That’s right, you hear that? The studio audience here is ready! And I’m sure all of you at home are excited to.”

He paused, smiled, and then started talking again. “For anyone who doesn’t know this is the first episode of ‘Interview Megatropolis’. We plan on getting the most famous and influential people in the city here to answer YOUR questions live on TV. That’s right! There should be a web address flashing on your screen at home. You can head there to submit questions once the interview starts. And for those watching online, well, I suppose your already on the site and can see the submission field.

“But how are we going to get the biggest names in the city to come on live TV and answer all your questions? Well, that’s simple! In exchange for doing this interview we will be donating fifty-thousand dollars to the charity of their choice! Why, if they turn us down its like they are robbing that charity of funding that could change countless lives. They practically HAVE to appear!

“And we’ve got a little surprise in store for both you the viewers AND our special guest. A little something that will ensure they both answer every question AND do so with complete and total honesty.”

He stopped talking till the surprised mutterings from studio audience died down. “But you’ll understand what I’m talking about in just a moment. But now, let’s get ready to welcome our very first guest.”

The host stopped again. “There is only woman as famous and interesting in Megatropolis as our guest. We KNEW we had to start our show with her sitting in the interview chair. You know her as the purple clad paragon of Megatropolis. The most famous superheroine in the city. Leader of the Megatropolis Amazons, the city’s official super team. That’s right, give it up for Archbaroness!”

The audience exploded in applause as Archbaroness came out onto the stage, smiling out at the crowd and waving.

The host laughed happily. “Oh my, how they love you!”

“Well thank you, Don,” she said with a friendly nod.

He waved her towards the center of the stage were two comfortable chairs were set up on either side of a small table that contained a single glass of water on it and a small tablet. “Come, sit. I’m sure the viewers are eager to get started. I know I am.”

Archbaroness took her seat, crossing one leg across the other. Her body was angled perfectly at the main camera so that doing this left her crotch exposed. She knew as well as anyone that she was a sex symbol and she tried to play that up as much as possible.

Don Dingler sat across from her and smiled at her. “Please, have a drink,” he said, pushing the glass of water towards her. “I wouldn’t want you parched when the interview starts.”

“Thank you, Don,” she said, picking the glass up and taking a big sip. She started to make a disgusted face, but caught herself. The water tasted strange, but she didn’t want to be the kind of celebrate that complained about the water that was given to them.

The host picked the tablet up and held it up for the audience to see. “With this I will be able to see the questions the home audience is submitting in real time. I’ll be chosing the best questions and passing them on to Archbaorness. That sounds fun, doesn’t it?” he added, turning to the superheroine.

She smiled. “Yes, very fun. And for a really good cause too!”

“That’s right. You’ve already pledged that fifty-thousand dollars to the charity of your choosing. Right now the home audience is seeing the name and information for that group flashing on the bottom of their screen. I’m sure they are very thankful. Perhaps even depending on that money. It would be a shame now if you backed out of this interview. Because if you don’t complete every minute of it we won’t be donating the money.”

Archbaroness looked sincerely surprised. “Why in the world wouldn’t I finish the interview?” she asked.

Don smiled. “Well… that water you just drank? It contained a rather powerful drug, one that will make it so you feel compelled to not only answer every question you’re asked but that you will do so with total honesty.

Archbaroness looked shocked. She looked down at the glass of water with horror on her face.

“Now I hope you’re not thinking about backing out,” Don said, a sly smile on his face. “Doing so would basically be robbing your favorite charity of fifty-thousand dollars, and the whole city would know.”

Archbaroness took a deep breath and regained her composure. She gave the man sitting across from her a forced smile. “Of course I was thinking of backing out, Don. This is a horrifying situation to be in, one I would very much like to escape but I can’t without making myself look terrible.”

She put a hand to her mouth and gasped. “Why did I say that?

Don laughed and turned to the nearest camera. “Well, looks like the truth drug is already working. Let’s not waste any more time.” He looked down at his tablet. “Ah, here’s a good one to start out with:  Do you believe any super villain you have faced could be rehabilitated?”

Archbaroness looked relieved by the question.

“Well, that’s actually a really interesting question,” she began. “It’s not wildly known by the public because the superhuman community tries to keep this suppressed but anyone with an active P-Gene has not just superpowers but a supercharged libido.”

She stopped talking, putting her hand to her mouth. She laughed nervously. “Gee, this isn’t exactly how I want to answer this question.” She paused again. “But… I feel compelled to give the whole truth.”

Don smiled at her. “Of course you do. Besides, what you’ve said has never been publicly confirmed before but it’s something most of us have strongly suspected. Please, continue!”

“Okay. Well, for whatever reason this supercharged libido seems to be slightly different for men and women. Women find it harder not to give into sexual temptation, while men find it hard not to act on their sexual impulses. It’s a subtle but every important difference.

“It doesn’t get mentioned very much, but almost all the superheroes in America are women. This is even stranger knowing that the male to female ratio of students that enroll in the super hero university known as The Academy are pretty evenly split. What happens to these men? Why are so few superheroes?

“Well, most are unable to control their sexual urges. Most find it to alluring to use their powers to satiate their overpowering sexual needs. This explains why there are so few male heroes and so many male villains.”

“How very interesting!” Don said. “But what does this have to do with who you think could be rehabilitated?”

“Well, I was explaining who for most of them, the superpowered ones, there is very little chance they could ever be rehabilitated. They just don’t have enough control over their sexual urges. Same thing with the supervillainess’ of the world. That leaves my choices just those that have no powers.

“There’s really only one choice. Most of the non-powered villains like The Gasser have shown that they are beyond redemption. In my opinion the only criminal, the only supervillain I’ve faced that has any hope of rehabilitation is the man known as Diligent Dan.”

“Ah!” Don exclaimed. “I believe he’s the man who is sometimes jokingly referred as ‘Megatropolis’ only henchmen’ because of how many different villains he has been the henchman for.”

“That’s right,” Archbaroness said with a nod. “I’ve faced him countless times. He is a criminal and a sexual deviant but he’s not evil. I’ve seen that he refuses to take part in anything that will really harm someone, especially drawing his line well before murder. I feel that shows he has the potential for rehabilitation.”

She bit her lip, clearly feeling the need to say more but not wanting to. Don simply smiled at her and waited for her to break. Finally, with a deep sigh of frustration, the superheroine continued.

“It’s clear to me that he’s a criminal, a henchmen to powered individuals, not for riches or fame or even power. He’s in it cause he likes the fact that fighting superheroines with powerful allies means he frequently gets to fuck superheroines. Every time he’s been there and I’ve been temporarily defeated he immediately tried to convince his boss, who ever they were, to fuck me. Many times them doing so was the only reason I was able to gain the upper hand and escape.”

She gasped again and put both hands on her face, shock on her face.

“Oh, now, come on Archbaroness. We’ve all seen pictures online of situations like that, the newspapers frequently run them on the front page. We ALL know what happened to heroines when villains get the upper hand. Why, I think that’s part of why so many people follow your careers so closely! You’re famous for keeping the city safe, but your just as famous for all the sexual shenanigans you get into.”

She removed her hands from her mouth. “I know that but its supposed to be an unspoken thing! Admitting it live on TV is… humiliating!”

Don just smiled. “I think it’s time for the next question!” He looked down at his tablet. “Let’s see… Ah, here! This seems VERY appropriate. As you probably know lots of men fantasize about you, so i was wondering how you feel about being a sex symbol as well as a superheroine?” He looked into the camera. “My, what a good question.

Archbaroness hesitated, look uncomfortably. “Well… I… I like it. It’s paining me to admit this but I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. I get off on knowing every time my costume has a malfunction and pictures get taken that countless men across the city will then be jerking off to it.

“There’s this thing guys do, I’ve always publicly said it disgusts me but I’m confessing now that I love it. They get pictures of me topless or naked or in some crazy sexual position with a villain and they… well, they jerk off onto the picture and then take another picture of their semen on the picture of me and send them to me as ‘tribute’. I HAVE to say in public that I hate that, but in truth I save them all and sometime I masturbate while looking through them, getting off on countless men getting off to me.”

“Well,” Don said, a little surprised. “That certainly was an honest answer! Let’s move on to the next question, shall we?” He looked down at his tablet again. “Ah, here. Let’s try to give you a little break from answer questions that must be leaving you humiliated. This one should be safe: how much money does the city pay you to protect it, and if it does not pay you any money, then where does the money come from to bankroll your team?”

“Ah, yes our finances,” she said, looking relieved. “Well, they are rather complicated. As you know The Megatropolis Amazons are the officially sanctioned superhero team for Megatropolis. That means we are the first and last line of defense for any major superpowers threats.

“We are also tasked with oversight, and at times training, of the independent heroines that work in the city. They get their federal certifications from the Academy Satellite Center but it’s our, and specifically my, approval that allows them to keep working in the city.

“Freedom Tower, our base of operations, isn’t just where we live. It has training facilities and a whole floor dedicated to technological development and fabrication. There’s room for a lot more members to possibly be on the team as well.

“I tell you all of that to give you a sense of how much money it takes to keep the organization running. It’s not just our salaries, which are actually rather small.

“Yes, the city helps finance us. But they are obligated to only cover what comes out to a third of our operating budget. We make up another third through the patents that we, and by ‘we’ I mean Lab Rat, has invented.

“The other third comes from donations. The Amazon’s have a fund set up that’s managed by a local bank. They take care of getting wealthy patrons to donate to us. But…” she trailed off and bit her lip, clearly fighting against the impulse to continue.

“But many people don’t donate those funds out of the goodness of their hearts. They frequently require very specific… favors. Sexual favors. Some even demand whole evenings or weekends of ‘playtime’.

“As team leader I am always the one to respond to these requests. Even the man who runs the fund requires that I come to his office and fuck him once a month less he put less effort into making sure he finds donors. It is at time degrading and humiliating being treated like a common whore by the richest citizens of the city but…” She hesitated, looking nervously at the cameras. She was sweating, fighting against the impulse to answer. “But honestly there are times when I get off on the humiliation, when I get off on being made to feel like a whore.”

“How very interesting!” Don exclaimed. “We sure are learning a lot about you tonight. Well, on to the next question: if for any reason you could not lead the amazons, then who would you choose to lead them instead? Gee, another one that seems innocent. Let’s see how being totally honest changes things!”

“Oh my,” she replied with a nervous laugh. “What a good question! Yet one I REALLY don’t want to answer cause I’m certain to disappoint some of my teammates. But, I suppose I can’t stop myself from answering.

“My first impulse is to say ‘Champion Girl’. She is smart, nearly as strong as Brickhouse, can fly just like me, and is, as far as we know, physically indestructible. Of everyone on the team she’s the most like me and it could easily be argued that her powers make her better than me. But she lacks the most important thing a team leader needs: experience. She’s still so young. It’s true that she’s lost some of her original naivety, but she has a ways to go before she could take over the team.

“I love my teammates but to be honest I have reservations about the rest of them. Brickhouse is to impulsive. Lab Rat has superhuman genius but she lacks the interpersonal skills a team leader needs.

“That leaves me with Psychia. If I had to choose a new team leader it would be her, even though she’s far from a perfect candidate. Her potent telepathic powers would make it so she could keep the minds of the team connected and pass commands on at an instant. Seeing into the minds if the team would allow her perfect understand of her teams wants and needs.

“But… Well, she barely leaves Freedom Tower for a reason. She’s had some really bad luck in the field. The things that have happened to her… I understand why she only joins us in the field when the situation is dire. But if I had to choose a replacement as team leader it would be her.”

“How very interesting,” Don said. “Very revealing, more revealing than you probably wanted to be. Okay, moving on to the next question. How about something a little more… risqué. Some out there asks, ‘I guess a lot of men have their own opinion of this, but in your own opinion what is your best bodily feature?’”

Archbaroness laughed happily. “Gee, that’s a pretty personal question! Hopefully there won’t be too many more like this being that drink is going to ensure I answer honestly.

“I don’t really want to say this but… But I can’t stop myself. It’s my breasts. I mean, I looooove my pussy and I’ve got a callipygian ass, but my tits are just flawless. Not too big but big enough to leave every boob lover hard.

“And I know just about everyone watching has seen them, there are so many pics of me topless or with my costume ripped open… honestly, I let it happen. It turns me on getting exposed in public, like I’ve already said tonight. It makes me hot knowing people are taking pictures with their cell phones and that within minutes the latest pics of my tits will be all over social media. Sometimes I’ll even pull the girls out of my costume on my own. I had it designed so that just a little tug on the front will make them spill out.

“And… well, I REALLY don’t want to say this but I feel like I have to. See, most women with active P-Genes have big breasts. The public knows that, how can they not notice? But what few outside of the superhuman community know is that our breasts aren’t just bigger but far more sensitive. And although it’s not a rule, the bigger the breasts the more sensitive they are.

“Mine are sensitive enough that I can easily get off from just a little tit play. And a titfuck? Last long enough and it’s sure to make me cum.”

She finally stopped talking, her pretty face blushing furiously. She laughed nervously and looked longing at the edge of the stage. It was clear to everyone watching that she wanted to get up and leave.

Don struck quickly, wanting to keep her talking lest she actually decide to leave. “Ah, here’s some obviously responding to one of the previous questions: besides yourself who do you feel is the greatest Megatropolis Amazon and why?”

Archbaroness didn’t even hesitate to answer. “It’s got to be Champion Girl. She’s still young and naive and inexperienced but she has so much potential. And I see a lot of myself in her, although I was never as perky and certainly not as blond.

“Her power set is just to… powerful! Again, she’s nearly as strong as Brickhouse. She’s easily as fast as me and I know she can fly higher and faster. And she’s physically invulnerable! I’m always going to bet on her in a fight and when we are facing something or someone stronger than us it’s her I want by my side.

“What a good answer! But let’s see how you deal with THIS question: who do you think is weakest member of the Megatropolis Amazons and why?”

“Oh My! That’s not a very nice question to ask. But…” she paused, looking conflicted and glancing off stage again. “As much as I don’t want to i think I have to answer it.”

“She’s going to hate me for saying this, and I know it seems to contradict what I said earlier, but it’s got to be Psychia. Her telepathic powers give her so much potential, she should be the mightiest of us, but she just isn’t very good at using them. When she’s on missions the bad guys ALWAYS get the better of her. It’s like she forgets to read their minds and see the attacks coming even though that should be simple for her to do. Sometimes it even seems like she WANTS to get defeated.

“But why would she? Villains always end up doing the kinkiest, most perverted and humiliating things to her. That’s why she barely comes into the field with us, I think she’s scared. And that fear makes her the weakest of us.”

“Oh my!” Don exclaimed. “Sounds like someone isn’t going to be very popular when she heads home to Freedom Tower later. Well, onto the next question. What are your feelings on Lady Centurion? Do you think she could make a good Amazon member?”

Archbaroness face got angry. “If you hadn’t drugged me I’d give you a very polite answer. But seeing as I have to answer honestly… No. No, she would not make a very good member of the Amazons, although I am well aware that she not only thinks she should be on the team but that SHE should be leading it.

“Let me put this as clearly as I can: Lady Centurion only cares about one thing. Herself. The whole reason the Italian slut came to America was because she wanted to be more famous.

“We butted heads right away. And my disdain for the women grew even stronger once she became such a close ally of Mayor Foster. I’ve made it very clear to the public that I do not agree with most of his administration’s actions since they came into office. The city might not see him for who he truly is, but I do. He is a fat, corrupt old pervert who is taking advantage of this city.

“And that’s only gotten worse with Lady Centurion by his side, doing his bidding. She only fights the criminals HE wants her to. And I’ve never been able to prove it but I assume these criminals are ones that are in competition with the criminals he secretly supports.

“And then there are the things that woman allows that fat fuck to do to her. She spreads her legs for him probably twice a day. And they don’t just fuck, they do REALLY kinky sick things.”

Don laughed nervously. “Well, I bet the Mayor’s office is going to have some fresh denials to hand out at a press conference tomorrow morning! How about another question? Something a little different this time. Archbaroness, who do you feel is your most dangerous foe?”

“Oh my, that’s a hard one!” she said. “I’ve faced so many challenging and even deadly foes both on my own and with the Megatropolis Amazons. A close runner up has to be Adaptatron, the evil A.I. That we are always having to fight. When he was created he ALMOST defeated the Amazon’s. We got the upper hand and thought we had destroyed him. But over the years we have discovered that he makes frequent copies of his artificial mind and stores them in hidden powered down bodies programmed to start back up months or even years later. We can never truly defeat him and unlike other foes, who are driven by greed or anger, Adaptatron is driven by only one thing: a compulsion to defeat heroines like me.

“But who is truly the most dangerous? Well, I suppose if we are going by the physical threat they pose then it would have to be the Insatiable Bulk. I know everyone watching is familiar with him. He’s been a raging unbeatable force of nature in America since his accidental creation in the 50’s. He’s why any attempts to artificially activate some ones power gen is illegal.

“Physically he is probably the strongest being on earth. And his sexual lust is, well, insatiable. And because if the large size oh his, well, you know. Because of how big it is if he tries to fuck a normal woman they rarely survive. That’s why superheroines, even from the start, have been the first line of defense against him. We are the only ones who have a chance of defeating him and if he wins and fucks us we will survive.

“But there is one villain that, even though his is not as strong as the Insatiable Bulk, he is a FAR greater threat: Cape Crusher.

“When he first appear on the scene he… Well, it was perhaps the lowest point of any of the Megatropolis Amazon’s lives. He is superhumanly strong and could probably beat any of us one on one in a purely physical fight, even Brickhouse. But he doesn’t even need to throw a punch to defeat anyone. His main power is so terrifying and nearly undefeatable. He exudes powerful pheromones that make it so people have to follow and verbal order given. All he has to do is get near someone and they have already lost.

“I was so relieved when we defeated him. We quickly handed him over to the Federal Super Suppression Forces. We knew they would be able to create a prison he would never be able to break out of.”

She paused, biting her lip. “I… I want to stop, but I feel compelled to keep going. Damn that truth drug!

“See, the public doesn’t know this but after we defeated him he was only kept in a federal prison for a short time. He was secretly handed over to the IntelliTek Corporation. The rumors are that they experimented on him and back engineered his pheromones and that’s how the highly illegal drug Formula CCP was created. There’s no proof of this and IntelliTek denies any involvement with the highly illegal drug. What we do know is that at some point Cape Crushed managed to escape the IntelliTek facility he was being held in.

“There have been no reports or sightings of him since then, which honestly I find more terrifying. I live in fear of the day he returns to Megatropolis. I do not think we could defeat him the way we did a second time. And… I don’t know why but he seemed to hold a personal grudge against me. The sick bastard took immense joy in sexually using, abusing, and humiliating me. I only imagine the level of abuse I would face now would be… unimaginable.”

“Wow,” Don said. “That took a rather dark turn.” He looked at his tablet. “Well, looks like we won’t have much longer. But let’s try to get some more questions in before we have to call it a night? How about this one: if a villain ever got you pregnant, would you have the baby or would you choose to have an abortion?”

Archbaroness looked surprise. “That’s honestly not something I ever thought about before. I don’t know if you know this but it is VERY rare for an individual with an active P-Gene to either get pregnant or impregnate someone else. It IS possible, just infinitesimally small, so small that most superheroines never bother to wear protection. Especially since the milk healing factor we all have makes us immune to all sexual transmitted infections. We can’t even be carriers.

“But I suppose if I ever did somehow get pregnant… Yes, I would keep, no matter who the father was. But I would then probably try to keep who the father was a secret from everyone. From the public, from the man who knocked me up, and especially from the child. I wouldn’t want them growing up knowing the truth of their conception, it would be unbearable!”

“Well then, that certainly was honest,” Don said, mugging to the camera. “Just time for a few more. How about this one, although I do feel like she’s already told us: what is your favorite fetish?”

She hesitated for only a moment then started talking, fast as if she wanted to get the answer out of her mouth as fast as she could. “I would say it’s a tie between two things that are very closely related: exhibitionism and humiliation, especially at the hands of a foe. Put the two together and I’m certain to cum myself stupid.”

“Well then! Just about what I expected,” Don said. “I don’t think the public is going to be looking at your exploits the same after tonight. Okay, I think we might have time for two more questions. Archbaroness, have you ever enjoyed having sex with any of the villains that you have had sexual intercourse with, and if yes then which ones?”

“Oh my… The most honest answer: I’ve enjoyed being fucked by each and every one of them. Even when it hurt. Even when it was particularly perverse. Especially if it was degrading or humiliating.”

“Oh my! That was either the last thing the person who asked this expected or the answer they hoped for. Well, our time is almost up. I bet Archbaroness is relieved. But there’s time for one last on, and it’s kind of weird. Archbaroness, if you had to choose any superpowered villain to be your husband which one would you choose and why?

“That’s a question I’ve never thought of! Let me think for a moment.”

“Okay, Don said, “but don’t take too long. Time is running our after all.”

She looked down at the floor and started shaking. “I know the answer but… I can’t. I can’t speak the words out loud. It’s to humiliating, to devastating to realize HE is the answer to that question after all he put me through. I can’t. I won’!” She started to stand up but the audience started booing.

“Think of the charity,” Don said, wagging a finger at her,

“Fine,” she snarled, sitting back down. “I probably only even realized this because of the drug, its making me be honest with myself, not just you. If I had to choose one of my villains to marry it would be… Cape Crusher.”

The audience gasped and so did Don. “That is indeed a strange answer after what you said earlier. Please explain?”

“There is just something about that man… about his pheromones… about that intimidating huge cock of him. Just thinking about him makes me wet and makes my legs quiver. I’ll never be rid of the desire to be his slave. I hate myself for it, but being his wife, being his domestic slave, I would enjoy it.”

She put her head into her hands and started to sob.

Do stood up and looked into the camera. “Well there you go, everyone! Our first episode and what a ride. Tune in next month. We don’t know who the guest will be next, and it will be pretty hard getting them to come on after this performance, but we will find someone who can be blackmailed or bullied into revealing ALL their secrets to you: Megatropolis!”

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