But I Need It For My Collection!

They had done it! The party had faced down every threat the dungeon had thrown their way, every ancient trap, every vicious monster, they’d faced the challenges together and now they would get their hard-earned rewards.

“A pretty impressive treasure horde,” Vicelor the Charming called out as he tapped the bottom of the wall with the base of his wizard’s staff. The rest of his party was still looting the room the dungeon’s final challenge was laying dead in, but he knew there had to be more. The beast had been big, the dungeon ancient. The meager pile of loot the rest of the party was searching through couldn’t possibly be all that the beast had been guarding.

There has to be a hidden door, he thought as he moved along the wall, tapping its base, a proper treasure vault where the real items of value lay hidden. And if I can find it before Eldrida then maybe I can actually grab something of true power before the greedy little Human whelp claims it all!

The young Human adventurer irritated him to no ends. She was annoyingly chipper even for one as young as her and her passion for “gear” had led to her claiming nearly every arcane item and rare potion they found. The rest of the party allowed her to claim whatever she wished, seeing the horde of loot she was practically covered in as a boon. No matter what threat they faced she seemed always able to pull some trinket or ancient relic out of her pack or pockets that ended up solving their problem. Never mind that she was so weighed down by her collection she could barely wield a sword, the rest of the party happily protected her.

“Today I’ll find the treasure room first and be able to grab something or real value before the little brat has a chance,” he muttered.

He’d sworn this would be his last adventure with this party as their good-natured wholesomeness was starting to wear at his soul. Vicelor wasn’t an evil man, but he’d learned long ago that what most people viewed as “good” didn’t quite align with how he wanted to live his life. As a Common Elf, an Elf whose blood was diluted with that of at least some Human ancestry, he had lived a long time (although the Elven blood was strong in him and he still had charming youthful good looks). He’d found during his life that few groups of adventurers inhabited the moral gray area between devoutly good and those that were chaotically evil. The more evil parties tended to be a bit more… brutal then he liked. So for the last fifty years he’d pretended to be as good-hearted as most adventurers.

He played the part well. None in his party knew that his moral campus was not as well aligned as theirs were. They called him “Vicelor the Charming” because his good looks and false demeanor had completely won them over. But he was growing sick of having to be so charming so often and wished for a break, and that meant leaving this party.

One last find to make all this time with these flighty, cheery good-doers worth it, he thought as he kept tapping the wall.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

It has to be here somewhere!

Knock. Knock. THUD.

“Here it is!” he whispered excitedly. He took a step back, looking over his shoulder to make sure the rest of the party was still busy. None of them were looking his way. He waved the top of his staff in a quick circle, the pink gem atop it forming a small arcane rune in the air that revealed the hidden door before him. He muttered a quick spell and the hidden door slid soundlessly open.

He slipped in the small door, pulling his robes in with him. The room he stepped into wasn’t very large but it held FAR more loot then the meager pile the rest of the party was looking through. There were gold coins and shimmering gems covering the ground in enticing piles. A few weapons and pieces of armor were spread through the piles but none of that interested him. His eyes quickly fell upon the shelves that lined the walls, the more interesting and rarer items sitting upon them.

Eldrida will want to claim them all, he thought as he quickly moved along the wall, looking for any items he could make good use of. He grabbed a wand, tucking it into his robes where none would ever see it. Then he saw a necklace with a glowing red crystal, one he could feel was full of arcane power. He grabbed that too, tucking it into his robes beside the wand. He had no idea what power it contained but knew he’d be able to put it to far better use then she ever could.

And then he saw it.

He stopped, looking at the item in awe. He knew exactly what it was, how it worked, and how to use it. Yet he never thought he’d see one in person! With his hand shaking, he reached out to grab hold of the stone box with the red gem inset in its top. “An Enchanted Duelist’s Deck,” he muttered as he picked the item up. He could feel the thing’s power in his hand as he held it.

“It’s mine,” he whispered.

“What’s yours?” a voice called out.

God’s be damned, he thought, knowing Eldrida Rivers had finally noticed the hidden treasure room. There was no way he could hide the item from her now, she’d have already seen it in his hand.

He silently cursed the petite little Human woman as she came into the room. She was short and thin but even so she had to duck down and half crawl through the small door to get in because of how much gear she was covered in. Her pack was overfilled, extra bags and large items strapped on to it. The straps of overfilled satchels hung on both her shoulders and other leather straps covered with over-filled pouches wrapped around her body. Swords and potions dangled from her hips, vials tied to every spare space. She looked less like a woman and more like a moving pile of junk!

Under all that gear he knew she wore a fairly skimpy outfit, a short leather skirt and a tiny leather top that hugged her small breasts and left her midriff showing. Yet even though the outfit was scandalously revealing she was so covered in gear that the only bare skin that could be seen was that of her face.

She had pale white skin and a pretty round face, so youthful she barely looked the twenty and one years of her age. She had plump little red lips that were always turned up in an annoyingly happy smile and her big eyes were always full of life and joy.

He hated her. Hated her annoyingly pretty and perky face and hated how much the rest of his traveling partners “loved” her.

“Oh wow,” she said as she looked around the room, reaching up and pushing some of the messy long gray hair away from her face.

He hated her hair as well. On any other woman the gray hair would have made them look older. But not Eldrida. An unidentified potion she’d drunk had turned her hair prematurely gray, yet the way she wore the wild tangles wrapped up and around a pair of arcane goggles and tied with enchanted bands and pins left her looking even more scattered brained and youthful.

She didn’t call out to the rest of the party to let them know about the room. Instead, she started walking along the walls, grabbing practically every item she passed and cramming it into a pouch or pocket. “I need this, and this, and this for my collection,” she said excitedly, quickly moving forward and grabbing more and more items.

Vicelor thought she had forgotten he was in the room with her by the way she was greedily grabbing up items as if unseen. A moment later she bumped into him, confirming she had, in fact, forgotten his presence.

“Ooof,” she grunted, stumbling back as the weight of her pack almost caused her tip over. As she righted herself her eyes fell on the stone box Vicelor held in his hands. Her large eyes opened almost comical large as she stared at it in awe. “What is that,” she said, stepping close and reaching for it.

She was no wizard, not even a mage. But the tiny Human woman did have an almost preternatural sense for the strange magic that enchanted items gave off. The look on her face and the way she reached for the item in his hand he knew she sensed its ancient and immense power.

“This,” Vicelor quickly said, pulling the box back out of her reach, “is mine. I’ve already claimed it.”

She looked up at him, her annoyingly pretty little face twisting in a pout. “But I need it for my collection! What is it and why do YOU need it?”

He realized she had no idea what the box was. And as soon as he realized that he got a fiendish idea, realized he’d be able to take out all of the frustrations he felt towards with this greedy little Human woman in the most satisfying way.

“It’s a game,” he told her. “A game of skill and chance made before The Great Collapse. Very rare and very powerful. I’ve always wanted one but I’ll tell you what, how about play for it? We’ll open it up, play a round right here and now and the winner gets to keep it. That’s fair, right?”

She smiled and looked up at the tall Common Elf, giggling slightly. “Alright! But perhaps we should wait till we are out of the dungeon?”

“No,” Vicelor said quickly. He had intended on slipping away from the party as soon as they left dungeon but had just then decided he wanted them to know who he really was before he left them. Making the naive youth play the game with him would reveal all to her and the party and he was suddenly eager to do so. “An owner has to be chosen by the deck before it leaves this room,” he lied, knowing the deck had already chosen him as its owner the moment he picked it up.

“Alright! Let’s do it,” she replied eagerly.

Vicelor waved his staff and the piles of coins and gems in the center of the room were cleared to the side. With another wave of the staff he created a small wooden table with two chairs in the cleared off space and waved for Eldrida to come and sit. She started peeling layers of gear off and by the time she was able to sit at the table Vicelor was already seated with the stone box open in the center of the table.

Inside the box was a stack of cards, the backs covered in ornate artwork. Beside the deck of cards were two large crystals, clear and transparent.

“To begin the game we must both declare that we are entering into the game of our own free will, knowing that whatever stakes we set shall be magically binding,” he told her. “Also, you must know that once the game begins we will be magically bound to complete it. The deck is powerful and it will not allow either of us to leave till the game is complete.”

She giggled, amused. “Incredible that the ancients had so much magical talent they could infuse a simple card game with so much power. I’m eager to begin but before I say the words needed to start things how is the game played?”

“It’s simple to learn, hard to master,” Vicelor said, knowing that the game was rigged to allow only the owner to win. He picked one of the cards up and flipped it over to show her that the other side was blank. “Once the game begins each card will have its text filled in as they are dealt. These crystals will fill with energy and to win we must simply drain our opponent’s crystal of energy. Some cards will help with this, some will allow you to play or draw more cards while draining your own crystal. But the basic rules are ‘draw a card each turn and play a card each turn’. Everything else will be explained on the card themselves.”

“Alright,” she said with a nod. “I, Eldrida Rivers, enter this game of my own free will knowing I will be unable to leave before it is completed and agreeing that the winner of the game shall be the deck’s new owner.”

Vicelor said something much the same. As soon as he was finished speaking red magic burst out from the deck, momentarily blinding them both. They blinked, their sight coming back to them.

“Oh, wow, this is really cool,” Eldrida said, looking down at the chain of red energy that now connected one of her legs to the table. “I didn’t imagine we’d be so literally bound to the game!” She looked under the table and saw a similar chain binding the Common Elf to the table.

As she sat up the two crystals floated up from the stone box, filling with sparking red energy than moving to float beside each player’s head. At the same time the deck of cards levitated out of the box, shuffling themselves mid-air then dealing out three cards to each player before setting themselves down on the table.

They both reached for their cards, picking them up and reading the text that appeared on them. A moment later a card floated up from the deck and moved to join Vicelor’s hand. “I suppose I get to go first,” he said, grinning at the cards in his hand and eager to begin playing. Reading the cards made him realize that Eldrida was going to find out very quickly what kind of game this really was.

Vicelor shuffled the four cards he held back and forth in his hand as he reread their text, trying to decide which he would play first. He wanted his choice to be perfect, something that would set the tone of the perverse game he’d tricked the annoying little Human into playing yet he wanted her to doubt the card was what it really was. After a moment of indecision he made his choice and placed the card on the table, face up.

The card glowed slightly, rotating around so Eldrida could read it. Vicelor watched her face as her eyes moved from side to side reading each line of text. There was a flash of confusion over her pretty features, then disgust, then disbelief.

She looked up and laughed uncomfortably. “Surely this is some jape at my expense? The deck, it’s a joke, yes? That is the true magic the deck holds?” Vicelor didn’t answer, and after a moment of silence Eldrida continued talking nervously. “No one would make a magical item that would do such a thing! The card says that the closer I get to losing the larger my…” Her voice trailed off and she leaned in to whisper to Vicelor, her cheeks flushed red, “Breasts will get!”

Again she laughed nervously, looking into his Elven eyes desperate to hear that it was all a joke. Vicelor still didn’t answer, instead he looked down at the card, waiting for what he knew was about to happen.

A moment later the red glow around the card intensified then shot out, up into Eldrida’s small breasts. She hopped in her seat, squeaking girlishly in alarm while dropping her cards and grabbing her small breasts. “No,” she whispered, letting go and looking down at them. They didn’t look different, not yet, but she could feel the deck’s magic already at work in them.

Slowly she looked up Vicelor, shaking slightly as all the color drained from her face. “It’s no jape… It’s real!

Vicelor simply nodded and smiled evilly at her. The deck dealt her a card, and as it floated towards her the three cards already part of her hand floated up to join it. Her hand waited patiently for her, floating in the air before her. She blinked, looking down at them and then back up at her opponent.

“It’s your turn,” he said. “And if you don’t take it the deck is likely to either make you take your turn or punish you till you do. And don’t even think about calling out to the rest of the party for help. They can’t, and the deck will keep them out of this room till the game is finished. Their presence here in the dungeon will be… irrelevant to our little game.”

Her hands were still shaking as Eldrida grabbed her cards and looked through them. The expression on her face made it very clear what she was thinking. She had to finish the game as quickly and keep from losing as little energy from her crystal as possible while doing so. With that in mind she quickly chose a card and played it. It was simple but she thought it effective. As she placed it down on the table it siphoned some of the red energy out of the crystal floating beside Vicelor’s head, leaving his crystal about eight-tenths full.

Vicelor seemed unconcerned by the loss and as soon as the deck had dealt him his next card he played one that had already been in his hand. Eldrida shook in fear and quickly grabbed the played card and rotated it towards her so as better to read its text.

At first she was relieved. It was a simple card, almost the same as the one she had just played. It glowed and a small bit of the red energy in her crystal was sucked into the card. As the red energy flowed into the card the writing on it disappeared. Once it was blank it pulled itself out of her grasp and floated over to the discard pile.

As it floated away, however, her breasts began to warm and tingle. She looked down, alarmed as she watched them swell slightly, growing magically before her eyes! They were still small when the growth was done but she could both see and feel the difference. What’s more, as a new card was dealt to her and she shifted to grab it from the air she discovered that her breasts were now not just bigger but more sensitive!

She looked at her crystal and saw that it was about nine-tenths full. Gods above, she thought in sudden alarm, if they are this much bigger and more sensitive from just that little bit of energy lost I do not want to discover what they will be like when that crystal is half full or less!

Eldrida shuffled through the cards in her hand, trying to decide which was the most beneficial to play and wondering why none of her cards did the same kind of things her opponents did. As she pondered this she also questioned whether it was a blessing or curse to not have cards that did such… perverse things.

Finally, she decided on the card that did the most to his score while doing none to hers. She played the card down, watching it siphon off some of the energy in Vicelor’s crystal. Once it was done the text on the card faded from sight and then the card floated over to join the other cards in the slowly growing discard pile. A moment later she was watching in trepidation as a new card floated up into Vicelor’s hand. What new perverse horrors has he just been given access to? she wondered

Vicelor read his new card then shuffled through the others in his hand. She watched his Elven face, searching for some hint of what he was about to play. I’ll never truly be used to the way an Elf’s face looks, she thought. Both inhumanly youthful yet full of wise maturity at the same time, and every curve of those features beautiful in a soft yet hard way no Human is ever born with.

He looked up at her, pulling one of the cards from his hand. “We’ve time to do this right,” he told her, his voice calm. “All the time in the world, really. The deck will ensure that. I want to savor this; I don’t want to rush it.”

Vicelor still held back from playing the card. “I despise you,” he said bluntly.

The comment shocked her. She’d always thought the man as fond of her and the collection of items that aided them in their adventures as the rest of their party was.

“Such greed fills your pathetic little Human heart,” he went on. “You’ll live, what, a mere hundred years at best? And near twenty of that is spent in youthful uselessness and the by your forty or fiftieth year your youth and physical strength will be all but spent. The way you lesser races age has always disgusted me. And the last few decades of your life, if you even last that long, you’ll have only your mind to make use of. Even the greatest of Human intellects pales in comparison to that of a High Elf’s mind. And we have never to fear the pathetic ‘second childhood’ you Humans must fear as you age.”

“But even though I detest you,” he added after a short pause, “I cannot say in your youth you Human women have no charms. You’re attractive enough for an evening or afternoon of carnal distraction, although I never understand the Elves who take you meager Humans as romantic or sexual partners for longer than that.”

She glared at him, not knowing how to respond.

He smiled back at her look, amused and seeming as if her feelings were truly nothing to him. “I’ll have fun playing with that youthful body of yours, but I think it needs a little further alteration before I begin.” He started to lay the card down then paused for a moment to add, “Assuming the deck gives me the cards to do so.”

Eldrida barely heard the last comment, failing to hear the obvious lie in it. She was too focused on the card he had placed face up on the table, too eager to read its text. As soon as his fingers were off it the card helpfully rotated and slid towards her to better let her read it. As her eyes darted from side to side reading the text her eyes opened wider in surprise and horror.

The card started to glow and for a moment she thought of pushing her chair back and trying to flee from the card’s influence before it could do what it said it was to do to her. But the ethereal chain of pure red energy attached to her ankle tightened, as if the magic of the deck knew her thoughts. Her body went limp and she let the card work its perverse magic on her without resistance.

A moment later the glow around the card shot out, flowing into her chest. For an instant the glow lingered there then quickly moved south, gathering at her crotch. She didn’t need to look down to know the moment the glow faded and the magic took hold of her body for she felt the moment most clearly.

The card had said that for the rest of the game that the fleshy little bead of pleasure that sat near the top of her womanhood would be hypersensitive, ensuring any stimulation there would bring her to quick and intense sexual climax. As the magic began to work she felt her womanhood throb and start to moisten, the suddenly added sensitivity to her clit already arousing her body. She shifted slightly in her chair and had to fight not to moan form the simple pleasure of her body rubbing against its self and her clothing. She opened her legs to try and keep anything from touching her clit and thought about perhaps slipping the small garment she wore under her skirt off. But looking up and seeing the eager look on Vicelor’s face she decided against it, not wanting to give him the satisfaction.

With his turn done, a new card floated up from the deck into her hand. It was her turn. She looked at her crystal. It was still nine-tenths full. She looked at Vicelor’s. It was now about seventh-tenths full. She was winning. Yet it didn’t feel that way…

After reading the card that had just been dealt to her Eldrida had reread it then reread it again. She glanced up at Vicelor’s crystal then back down at the new card. She bit her lip and furrowed her brow. “I could nearly win with this card,” she muttered. “But is the cost worth it?”

“What was that?” Vicelor asked, leaning in over the table. “Speak up, Human!”

She winced at the way he said “Human” as if she was nothing more than an animal that only briefly had his attention. Eldrida knew that she wanted to be done with this game as soon as possible, to be away from Vicelor no matter the cost.

“The game will soon be over,” she said confidently, staring him straight in the eyes and trying to convey the loathing she felt for him at that moment. While still staring him down she slammed the new card onto the table.

It began to glow and float up into the air, turning so that its text faced Vicelor. He looked away from Eldrida’s gaze to read the card.

At first there was shock on his face and she knew that was in response to the beginning of the card. It would drain all but a sliver of the energy from his crystal, almost certainly ensuring she’d be able to win on her next turn.

But as the Elf kept reading the look of shock melted away, replaced by a cruel, sneering grin. “You really chose to play this card?” he asked, looking past the card at her. “The deck has not done something like make all the cards in your hand read the same thing? This truly is your choice?”

She nodded. “Yes,” she said defiantly. A moment later she thought about what he had just said. He knows more about this deck then he’s let me know, she thought angrily. He knew from the very beginning how evil and perverse of a game this was going to be!

“Well then,” Vicelor replied, clapping his hands together and getting to his feet. “Let us begin! The energy will not drain from my crystal till you let me do what this card says you must let me do.”

Glaring hatred at the Elf she slowly stood, pushing her chair to the side and out of the way. She reached up into her short skirt and pulled her small clothing off, tossing the dainty garment onto the nearby chair. Then, while still glaring at Vicelor, she braced her hands on the table and bent over, lifting her small perky ass up into the air.

“Come do it,” she snarled. “Come enter me and have your way till you spill your seed in me.”

Vicelor walked around the table until he was behind Eldrida. She looked over her should, still glaring at him, and watched as he undid his belt and dropped his pants to his ankles. The Elf kicked them off and grabbed his cock which she saw was already hard in anticipation. To her surprise she saw that his manhood had no hair on it. She had known Elves were far less hairy than Humans but had never thought about what that meant for their privates.

“You need me to stick this in your pussy?” he asked her, waving his cock at her.

She glared and nodded, then turned around and lifted her ass up higher, opening her legs slightly. “Yes. Just put it in me and get it over with as quickly as possible.”

“But I don’t HAVE to get it over with quickly,” he told her, laughing evilly. “No, little Human, I’m not sticking my dick in your filthy little Human cunt. Not yet, at least.”

Then, before she had time to react to his words, he stepped forward and pressed his body into hers. He had let go of his dick and it ended up wedged between her firm ass cheeks. Even before he was pressed all the way into her his hands had snaked around her body, one reaching into her top to begin playing with her small, perky breast while the other slid between her legs.

As he groped and massaged her breast her cheeks flushed and a surprised moan slipped from her lips. She’d known her breasts were more sensitive thanks to the game but had not realized HOW much more sensitive they were! By the time his fingers found her nipple she was already so wet she felt the moisture leaking from her pussy and starting to run down her thighs and once he started pinching and rolling the swollen nub of her nipple between his fingers she only grew wetter.

The confused gasps and quiet moans she was making as he played with her breast ended the moment the hand between her legs reached her womanhood. Vicelor placed a single finger gently on the hood of her clit causing an explosion of sexual pleasure to wash over her body. She screamed in shocked delight, her legs shaking weakly under her. Vicelor quickly slid the finger past her clit, dipping it down into her moist hole, then sliding it back up to spread the slippery wetness he’d collected from inside of her onto her clit. When his finger returned to her clit he didn’t simply touch it, this time he began rubbing it.

Eldrida’s howl of pleasure intensified as she started to cum. Her legs started to give out from under her but Vicelor held her up body up, keeping her from collapsing.

“Such a sensitive little clit you have thanks to our little game,” he whispered in her ear, continuing to play with it. “And your howls of pleasure are such sweet carnal music to my ears. Surely the rest of the party can hear you. I wonder what they think we are about in here, unable to enter and discover the truth.”

As he fingered her clit and played with her nipple he started humping her ass. His cock was leaking enough precum that it was soon sliding with ease up and down between her butt cheeks. He was so worked up that it didn’t take him long to cum. He moaned into her ear, groping a small breast hard in one hand and sliding two fingers into her dripping wet cunt as he creamed in her ass cheeks.

“No!” she gasped, quickly coming down from her own sexual climax. “You finished! You were supposed to do it in me! Now you’ll grow soft and my turn will—”

Vicelor pinched one of her nipples hard enough to make her squeak in surprised pain. “I will not grow hard,” he told her confidently. “The deck will ensure I remain erect and my balls full until I fuck your pussy and cum inside it. I can cum a thousand times outside your filthy wet little Human cunt and I’ll still remain hard.”

He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and moved that hand up to her breasts, playing with them with both hands. He no longer groped and massaged her plump little tits, instead, his fingers remained on her nipples. He rolled them between his fingers and pinched and tugged on them, playing with the swollen nubs till she was moaning and cresting towards climax again.

Meanwhile, he started humping her ass cheeks again. The thick load of cum he’d left there allowed his cock to slide up and down between her cheeks with smooth, wet ease and the longer he humped her ass the messier things got.

Shuddering in pleasure and trying not to cum again, Eldrida turned to glare back at the Elf humping her backside. “How can you keep doing as you are behind me with your seed there? The mess you are making must surely disgust you as much as it disgusts me!”

Vicelor laughed then said, “If you were an Elven woman surely I’d agree. But you are not but a filthy little Human slut. Your gross, hairy body is already so disgustingly filthy to my eyes that no amount of cum slathered across your body will make you any more disgusting to me. Instead, I choose to embrace the innate grossness of your lower race when I fuck one of you. The dirtier you get and the more humiliated I leave you feeling the more I shall enjoy myself.”

He grunted and came again, making it feel as if he was showing her how little he cared if he soiled her body. Then he let go of her nipples and stepped back away from her.

She stood, braced on the table and whimpering as she felt his seed oozing between her butt cheeks and imagined what her messy back end must look like. “Will you enter me now?” she asked, almost certain what his answer would be.

“No,” he replied just as she had feared. “But I will clean you up a bit.”

Out of the corner of her eye she saw him wave a glowing hand over her back end and felt the cummy mess covering her ass disappear.

“Thank you,” she sighed in relief, thinking perhaps he’d at least give her a moment to recover from the sexual humiliation she felt. Her illusions, however, were quickly shattered.

Vicelor dropped to his knees behind her and wrapped his arms around her thighs, pulling her body back into his. She tensed and balked in horror as the man buried his face in her pussy. “What are you doing?” she bleated, confused and ashamed at having someone’s face pressed into her most private of parts.

A moment later she felt him open his mouth and snake his tongue out to begin licking her dripping wet slit. Eldrida opened her mouth to protest but her words were cut off by a surprised moan. She shuddered, nearly cumming from the pleasurable sensation of his tongue moving up and down through the wet trench of her pussy. She felt every strange, rough bump of his tongue as it dragged across her most private of parts, amazed and overwhelmed at how good the slimy moistness of his tongue dragging through her own moist slit felt.

Her body tensed and she struggled not to moan aloud, leaning forward and burying her face in one of her arms braced against the table. As she’d started to pull away Vicelor had tightened his grip around her thighs, pressing his face tighter against her sex. He even moved his face from side to side, using not just his tongue but also his nose and lips to stimulate her. The pleasure of it was so unexpected she ended up howling in confused delight into her arm.

Vicelor finally pulled his face away from her body, but only far enough so that he could speak clearly. “From the way you have reacted,” he said, chuckling derisively, “I must assume none of your sexual partners have ever gone down on you.”

“I never—” she began then pressed her face back into her arm, sobbing slightly. She felt more humiliated by the man pressing his face into her womanhood than by anything she’d ever endured in her life. She was no virgin but her few sexual encounters had been brief and simple. She’d enjoyed them but they had still left her feeling ashamed. She’d grown up in a place where sexuality was not a public thing, it was something to be kept private. Even when she had taken up the life of an adventurer she’d bashfully excused herself from any conversation that delved to openly into sexual manners.

“I never imagined such a thing,” she finally got out. “Surely you are doing it just to humiliate me. I can’t see how a man would enjoy… THAT.”

Vicelor chuckled again, the feel of his hot breath on her pussy enough to make her bury her face in her arm again to muffle another surprised moan.

“So young,” he said, still laughing softly. “And so sexually naive! I’m a bit surprised, to be honest. The way you flirt with the other party members and the way they dote on you. I figured you were spreading your legs for all that would have you, just discreetly. I suppose this is a rare case where I was wrong.”

“I’d never,” she said, beginning to sob again. She felt ashamed that he thought that of her. People liked her because she was kind and happy and helpful, not because of what lay between her legs! He was talking about her like he thought she was some kind of whore!  And he did so speaking directly into her womanhood, his foul moist warm breath sending confusing tingles of pleasure into her. “I’m not like that at all…” she added softly, needing to deny his accusations a second time.

“Perhaps not,” he replied slowly, moving in a bit closer so she felt his breath more intensely. “But I assure you, this game will leave you changed. You might have entered this treasure chamber a naive maiden but you’ll leave a sex-hungry slut whose life will be defined by the worth of your cunt.”

She had to sob into her arm for a moment before she managed to regain enough composure to respond. “Why are you being like this? Why are you tormenting me so? Please, if you must continue saying these awful things at least move your face. I can’t stand to have you—”

“Sitting with my face pressed into your filthy Human cunt?” he asked, cutting her off and starting her sobbing in shame again. “Oh yes, such a nasty, smelly, foul cunt you have. Like all Human’s it reeks! Always so humid and gross smelling. Rank and vile and the smell only gets worse when you Human sows get aroused.” He paused and moved his face a bit closer then took a long, slow breath, inhaling her pungent scent. “So fucking disgusting,” he said, sounding as if nothing pleased him more than the rank smell of her cunt.

“Please,” she sobbed, “just stop… Just stand up and… fuck me! Fill me with your seed and be done.”

“No,” he said, laughing again. “No, I think you need to hear more about how filthy and repulsive your body is. Where were we? Oh yes, the disgusting smell of Human pussy. So foul. But what about all this hair here?” he asked, licking the tips of her pubic hair and making her quiver in shame. “Thick and course like an animal’s mane. You don’t find pubic hair on Elves. No, we are too developed of a species. But you Humans, you’re nearly animals.” He paused again to inhale her scent. “I can smell it on you, the filthy musk of an animal in heat. And the smell soaks into the gross hair covering your sex. It’s disgusting, revolting, a smell most foul.”

Eldrida fought to stop sobbing so she could ask him a question. “Then… why… are you kneeling… behind me… with your face pressed… into my… my…”

“Cunt?” he asked, breathing the word out as moistly and warmly as he could into her pussy. “Because it’s so disgusting and revolting! That’s exactly what excites me when I’m with one of you Humans. It brings me a perverse joy almost like fucking an animal, for you Humans are so far beneath us Elven men that you are little more than annoying, prattling cattle to us.”

“Please,” she sobbed. “No more… I can’t…”

“Oh, you can,” he said happily then pressed his face back into her pussy with his mouth open and his tongue out. He began eating her out with all the skill of his centuries of life, using his tongue in ways she didn’t have words to describe. He didn’t even need to stimulate her magically enhanced clit to quickly bring her to orgasm. And even after she started cumming he kept going, licking her then shoving his tongue deep into her wet cunt hole even as it clenched tight as she came.

He finally let go of her legs and pulled away, laughing cruelly as she let go of the table and collapsed to the floor, sobbing and convulsing as her orgasm continued. Vicelor stood and looked down at her, still laughing. “See,” he said, his voice full of cruel malice, “nothing more than a nearly worthless Human slut. Your only true worth is the brief entertainment you’ll bring my cock. Once you’re done cumming stand up so we can continue. I’ve no desire to actually fuck you on the floor, even though that’s where a filthy animal like you deserves to be.”

Once her orgasm was over she lay in a heap on the dungeon floor for a few moments, sobbing and struggling to regain some semblance of composure. As soon as she could she reached up and grabbed the edge of the table, pulling herself up onto her feet. She kept her back to Vicelor, unable to look at him. “H-how much longer do I have to endure this humiliation?” she asked, struggling not to start sobbing again. “When will you just put it in me and deposit your seed?”

“Eager for it, are you?” he said with a laugh. “Well then, let’s get to it. Lean back over, brace your hands on the table and bare your cunt to me. I’ll give you my cock.”

Shaking in humiliation but thankful it would all soon be over she did as she was told.

“No, no,” he muttered, grabbing her legs and pressing them together. “I want your body like this,” he said, pressing down on the small of her back to make her back end stick up more. Yes, like that!”

Eldrida was confused for a moment. She was trying to imagine what her body looked like from his perspective but had a hard time imagining how he’d be able to enter her with any kind of ease this way. Even with her ass raised up that high her womanhood was nearly hidden by the way he’d pressed her legs together.

Her heart sank when a truly awful thought ran through her head: she had another hole back there, one that was left far more accessible by the position he’d put her in. She’d heard whispered tales that some men tried to make use of that hole on women but had always thought such a thing impossible. Even if a man’s thing could be made to fit who would be perverse enough to want to stick their member in such a filthy hole? But if Vicelor thought her as gross as he said he did would her asshole really be any dirtier to him? And wouldn’t shoving his manhood in that hole leave her even more degraded?

When he started to press his manhood between her thighs she felt immense relief. He was going for her proper hole, not THAT hole. A moment later, however, she was left just as confused.

“What are you doing?” she asked, annoyed. “You missed”

“No I haven’t,” he said, pressing his body into the back of hers and wrapping his hands around to grope her breasts.

She inhaled sharply, having forgotten how sensitive they were. Then she asked, “Well, what are you doing?”

“Having some fun,” he whispered into his ear.

His “fun” seemed to be slowly thrusting his manhood between her tightly pressed together thighs. At first the movements had been full of uncomfortable warm friction, but the longer he thrust between her thighs the more smoothly things went. This confused her for a moment before she realized the lubrication must be coming from his dick.

Is he cumming as he fucks my thighs? She thought. No… It’s not wet enough. He must be leaking some kind of precum. How disgusting!

She opened her mouth to ask him if it felt good but stopped, realizing it must feel good to him or he wouldn’t be doing it. It certainly doesn’t feel good for me, she thought. A moment later he adjusted his body, pressing his manhood higher up between her pressed thighs and making it so it was then rubbing into the underside of her womanhood.

“Ooooh,” she gasped quietly, surprised by how good the movement of his hard, warm thing felt rubbing up against her wet slit. She felt his thrusts become even more smooth as the moisture leaking from her pussy added to that leaking from his dick.

“See,” Vicelor whispered in her ear, thrusting a bit faster, “not bad at all. Just admit you like everything I’ve been doing to you. Admit you want to be treated as my living sex toy and I’ll put it in you.”

“N-no,” she said, her voice quavering. “Never! I could never enjoy being treated like… like… a thing!”

“Alright,” he said, pulling his head back and holding her body more tightly. “Have it your way.”

He started thrusting even harder between her legs, pounding hard into the back of her body. The heavier thrusts felt even better as his cock slid back and forth under her pussy. She bit her lip and tried to keep from moaning, not wanting to let him know how good it felt. But it was no use, it didn’t take long for her to throw back her head and moan.

“Just do it already!” she screamed in frustration. She was ashamed this was feeling as good as it was and just wanted it to be over.

“Then tell me you like it. Tell me you like being used as a living sex toy.”

“Fine! I like it! I like the way your manhood feels rubbing up against my womanhood. I like the way you are using me as a living sex toy!”

As soon as she finished the word “toy” he pulled back, grabbed her waist to reposition their bodies, and rammed his cock hard and deep into her cunt. Eldrida’s eyes crossed and rolled up into her head and her tongue fell from her open mouth as the unexpected pleasure of having him enter her after being worked up for so long overwhelmed her. She came almost instantly, the added sensation of orgasmic release adding to her sense of being physically overwhelmed. He pounded her hard and fast, shoving her body down over the table. She lay pressed into it, her head limp as his pounding kept her climax going.

Then, as suddenly as it all had begun, he was done. She felt a flood of moisture filling her insides then felt him pull back away from her. For what felt like an eternity she lay face down and bent over the table, panting and trying to gather her thoughts. She could feel his seed trickling out of her, dripping down on to the table.

“I need you to get off the table if I’m going to take my turn,” Vicelor told her calmly. When she didn’t respond he grabbed her and rolled her over so that she was laying on her back and looking up at him. “I said you need to get off the table.”

She blinked, slowly remembering what was going on. “I’m going to win,” she whispered, still feeling dazed after cumming so hard and for so long. “Just… give me a moment. After you take your turn I’ll be able to win, just be patient.”

Vicelor began to laugh, laughing even harder when she looked up at him in confusion. “Don’t you get it?” he asked. “I can still win. I almost certainly WILL win!”

“How,” she asked, confused and wondering if her mind had become so orgasm-addled that she had misremembered what the card she played would do. Looking up at the crystal floating beside his head she saw that it was almost empty and knew she was remembering correctly.

“You really are stupid,” he said, grinning down at her in a way that made her skin crawl. “You’re not playing a fair game, you idiot! It’s rigged in the owner’s favor, and I became the owner the moment I picked it up. Now get up off the table, you’re leaking cum all over your cards,” he added as he walked back around to take his seat.

When Eldrida got off the table she saw that he was correct: his seed had leaked out of her and onto the cards making up her hand. As she stood and righted her clothing, wondering how she would clean them up, she saw the fluid begin to shimmer with red magical energy. A moment later the cum was gone.

She had only an instant to feel relieved. Her cards floated up into the air and turned flat, facing towards the ceiling. A beam of glowing red energy projected out of them and words began to appear as if being written by an invisible hand.

“For soiling the game Eldrida shall suffer a penalty,” the words read. Her stomach sank as she began to fear what it meant. A moment later she saw the energy in her crystal start to flow out into Vicelor’s till they were both about half full.

She fell into her seat, staring blankly ahead. I thought it was over. I thought I was going to win and it was going to be over. But I can’t win…

As the despondent thoughts ran through her head she felt her breasts begin to warm then tingle. Then they burned and her top started to feel too tight as if growing smaller and smaller with every breath. Before long her top was biting painfully into her breasts and she had to reach up and start untying the lace that bound it closed. But even as she loosened her garment it kept feeling tighter and tighter as if it was continuing to shrink.

No, not shrinking, she thought, suddenly realizing what is happening. My top isn’t shrinking, my breasts are growing!

By the time she had her top off her breasts were done growing. She looked down at them, astonished at how large they’d grown. Her tiny, firm breasts were now huge, heavy, sagging mounds of soft flesh. Each one was nearly the size of her head! And they were so sensitive now that even the slight breeze blowing through the small treasure room made her want to moan and made her pussy, still wet from Vicelor’s seed, even moister.

“You look much better with those sagging udders hanging off the front of you,” Vicelor said with a lecherous laugh. “I think our game is going to be a lot more fun with your gross Human tits that much bigger. Why they might provide enough fun that I’ll try and keep the game going for DAYS.”

A card floated up from the deck and into his hand. Vicelor read it then shuffled through all of his cards, deciding which to play.

“You won’t get away with this,” Eldrida said, glaring at him. “Even if the deck is rigged I’ll find a way to win!”

“Of course you will,” Vicelor replied, his tone making to clear he though no such thing. “In the meantime we must continue our game. I think I’ll play…. THIS card,” he said, slamming the card down on the table between them.

Eldrida winced as the table shook then flinched as a beam of energy shot from the card and into her chest. “W-what did you do to me now?” she asked, her voice quavering in fear.

I didn’t do anything,” the Elf said, smiling at her. “The card did. Go on, read it before it’s wiped clean and added to the discard pile.”

She hesitated, fighting between the need to know what the card said and the desire not to give him what he wanted. Her curiosity quickly won out and she grabbed the card and began reading it.

Vicelor watched the expression on her face as she read, laughing cruelly as the hand holding the card began to shake. “Should make the rest of the game a lot of fun,” he said.

“I won’t give you the satisfaction,” she replied, angrily tossing the card onto the table.

It said that she would slowly grow hornier and hornier every turn, the need to cum growing more and more intense till she jilled off. It made clear that any orgasms caused by her opponent would do nothing to quell the growing need to cum, only SHE could stop it.

“Never,” she said, glaring at him. “I’ll never do such a thing here where you can see it. I’ll never touch myself in that manner for your pleasure! I’ll never give you the satisfaction!”

“How marvelous,” he replied, laughing happily. “I’ll enjoy watching you struggle as the pressure builds. I’m certain that eventually you will reach your breaking point and that you WILL end up jilling off before me. And I will very much enjoy the sight of you debasing yourself in such a manner for my pleasure.”

The writing on the card disappeared. A moment later it lifted off the table and floated to the discard pile. A new card was drawn from the deck and floated to Eldrida’s hand.

“Looks like it is your turn,” he said, placing his arms behind his head and leaning back in his chair.

Eldrida looked at her new card and quickly decided it was better than the others she already held in her hand. She played it and watched as some of the energy in Vicelor’s crystal was siphoned off and put into hers. A moment after the transfer of energy she felt her enlarged breasts tingle then felt them shrink down a bit. She breathed a sigh of relief at the lessening of their size and weight, welcoming the slight decrease in sensitivity as well.

She watched Vicelor as a new card was dealt to him, the annoyance clearly visible on his face.

“You are determined to lessen my fun,” he said, irritated. As he shuffled his new card into his hand he asked, without looking up, “And how is the urge to masturbate coming along?”

She glared at him. “I haven’t noticed.”

“Liar,” he replied quickly.

He was right. The need had grown, although only a little. It was only a small compulsion she felt, one easily ignored but unmistakably growing.

“It’s fine, though,” Vicelor continued. “Lie all you want, I expect pretty soon you won’t be able to hide it. But I am miffed you made your breasts shrink. Even that much smaller will be less fun to play with.” As he spoke he pulled one of his four cards up from his hand as if preparing to play it then pushed it back down. “No, I think I’ll wait on this one till they are bigger again. In the meantime, I think this card will help punish you for trying to ruin my fun.”

He lazily pulled a card out from the others and tossed it onto the table. It landed and slid towards her, beginning to glow. Fearing what the card would do to her she quickly looked down to read its text.

“No!” she gasped. “That’s not possible!”

“Why not?” Vicelor asked. “You’re breasts have already changed sizes drastically in both directions. Why is THIS so hard to believe?”

She stared at the card, still not wanting to believe its magic would do as it said. The glow around it shot into her chest and she felt the magic soaking into her, all disbelief melting away.

Eldrida felt her breasts changing. Not growing bigger or smaller, but denser and sore. She wanted to reach up and grab them protectively but fought the urge, refusing to give Vicelor the satisfaction.

“It will take a few turns before anything noticeable happens,” he said, grinning lecherously at her breasts. “But I have faith the card will do what it says: your breasts have now begun to lactate and with every turn your udders are going to make more and more milk!”

She balked at the word ‘udder’, glaring then looking away. “You’re a foul, disgusting villain. What is the point? Simply to humiliate me?”

“Oh, no,” Vicelor replied happily. “Not JUST to humiliate you. There is something deliciously perverse in playing with a woman’s breasts as she lactates, in sexualizing something most women don’t see as sexual.”

Eldrida pursed her lips and glared at Vicelor as a new card was dealt to her.

The new card did not float all the way into her hand as all the others had. Instead, it floated up before her face and turned so she could read it. The text that appeared on it was large and bold, reading, “Surprise! Time advances just for you!”

As soon as she had read the last word she felt her body lock up. She could not move. She could not speak. Terror filled her.

The card flipped around so Vicelor could read its text. Once he had he began to laugh. “Oh, this will be most enjoyable!”

Only Eldrida’s eyes were able to move. She watched the card float down to the discard deck then looked up at Vicelor, sickened by the look of glee on his face.

A moment later she felt time lurch forward just for her. It was a disorienting feeling, she could clearly feel time advancing faster for her then the rest of the world around her. What she knew were seconds for the rest of the world felt like minutes to her.

As time moved ever faster she remained unable to move. Her breasts became more and more engorged with milk. The need to pleasure herself became more and more pronounced. The faster time moved for her the more the pressure in her breasts built up. The faster time moved the more the overwhelming need to masturbate built up.

Her breasts felt like they were going to explode they were so full and her need to get off was so intense she felt she’d die soon if she didn’t give in to the perverse urge.

When the speed of time lurched and returned to normal, her body unlocking, the first thing she did was scream. Her breasts were too full of milk, the pressure too much to bear. Milk began spraying in thick jets from her nipples. As the pressure eased the relief was so intense she barely noticed her hands shooting down to her crotch so she could start touching herself.

Everything was happening to fast. She felt too many intense things all at once.

As soon as her hands reached her pussy she began jilling off, acting on pure instinct. With one hand she began rubbing her clit, three of the fingers of her other hand plunging deep into her wet hole. She finger-pounded herself as hard as she could, pushing herself into climax almost at once.

The orgasm washed through her body and up into her mind, bringing relief unlike any she had ever experienced. She kept fingering herself, coaxing the orgasm to continue as long as she could make it last. When it had run its course her hands fell from her sex and she sighed in relief. The mental pressure to jill off had been maddening intense and only after being relieved of it did she understand just how strong it had been.

But with her mind clear she became aware of how full her breasts still felt. Her nipples were no longer spraying milk, only a small steady trickle of the white liquid dripped from them. Yet they remained so full there was still painful pressure built up in them. As her mind had cleared of the need to get off it had only made room for the maddening fullness her breasts felt.

Every second that passed left her feeling as though the pressure inside of her breasts was only increasing. The pain and discomfort were maddening. The unwanted change to her body was maddening. The helplessness if made her feel was maddening. The madness brought her mind to a screeching halt, leaving her unable to think clearly enough to figure out a way to solve the issue.

“Help me,” she whined pathetically. “My breasts… to full! The pain, it’s driving me mad!” She was too addled minded to understand that Vicelor was the only person that could hear her. In her frantic mind she was begging for help from ANYONE but in reality it was only Vicelor that would be able to respond.

Which he did, with great glee.

“I’ll be more than happy to help,” he said as he stood and walked around the table to where Eldrida sat. “I know exactly how to cure what ails you, how to lessen the discomfort your breasts must be giving you.”

“Yes,” she gasped, wincing in discomfort. “Please, do whatever you must!”

“You must stand,” he told her.

She groaned in discomfort, grabbing her breasts after rising to her feet. “Please, do what you must and do it fast!”

“I will. But on one condition: you must let me fuck you as I do.”

She paused for only a moment before answering. “Fine! Do as you wish, just please, help me!”

He grabbed hold of her and bent over with her hands braced on the table. “Stand like this, keeping your breasts hanging below you so I can empty them.”

She was panting, droplets of milk falling from her nipples. “Please, now, drain them!”

Vicelor laughed. “The cow begs for her milking.”

She balked at what he’d called her but a moment later was whimpering pathetically. “Call me what you will, just please begin!”

“In one moment,” he told her, grabbing hold of his cock and stroking it as it grew hard. He took a step back, staring at her back end. “Oh yes, we can begin very soon.”

Once he was hard he stepped closer, grabbing her small perky ass and spreading her cheeks open. He then grabbed his cock and aimed it at her cunt as he pressed into her backside.

She moaned as he rubbed his cockhead against her pussy then moaned louder as he slid into her.

“Dirty little perverted cow,” he told her, “all wet and horny as she waits to be milked!”

Eldrida sobbed. “Don’t call me that… Please just milk my breasts!”

He pressed deep into her, wrapping his arms under her body to grab her hanging breasts where they met her chest. “Only cows beg to be milked,” he said as he squeezed the base of her breasts then worked his hands towards her nipples.

Eldrida moaned and shook, thick jets of milk spraying out of her nipples.

“What a dirty whore of a cow you are. You just came from being milked, didn’t you?”

She gasped then moaned then sobbed. “Don’t stop. Keep milking me!”

Vicelor started fucking her as he moved his hands up to the base of her breasts again. Once more he worked down their dangling length, expressing more milk out of her. As the milk sprayed out of her nipples her body convulsed wildly, the milking making her cum so intensely her legs almost gave out under her.

“What a pathetic sow you are,” Vicelor said with gleeful cruelty as he fucked and milked her. “Your cow cunt is loving this. Every time I squeeze your teats to work more of the milk out your cunt squeezes my cock. Perhaps as I milk your udders your pussy is eager to milk my cock?”

“N-n-no! I didn’t want you to fuck me,” she whined.

“Liar,” Vicelor barked back quickly, slamming into her backside hard to punctuate the word. “You practically begged me to fuck you if it meant I’d milk your cow tits. No card is making this happen, you’ve CHOSEN to let me use you as I milk your teats dry.”

“N-n-no,” she sobbed then gasped in pleasure as he started milking her again. “I had n-n-no choice!”

“Liar,” he barked again. “You wanted this. Admit it or I’ll stop.” As he said this he let go of her breasts, grabbing hold of her waist and pulling his cock nearly out of her.

“Fine!” she howled. “I wanted it, I WANT it! Fuck me, ram your big elven cock deep inside me and fuck me till you fill me with your seed. Don’t stop till you’ve milked me dry!”

Vicelor slammed back into her, his cock pushing deep into her cunt. As he did he began squeezing her tits again, expressing as much milk out of her as he could. Getting her to say she wanted this had nearly pushed him over the edge. He kept pounding her, rocketing towards climax. He came just as the milk being squeezed from her nipples started to run dry. He grunted happily, giving them one last pulling squeeze before letting go and taking a step back, admiring the sight of his cum dripping out of her pussy as soon as his cock fell free of it.

“So satisfying,” he sighed, watching Eldrida slump down onto the table.

Across the table his cards lifted up into the air and began floating towards him, a new card from the deck joining them. “I guess it’s my turn,” he said happily. As the cards floated towards him he realized the deck was trying to tell him something. He opened his senses and connected with the magic of the deck, letting it speak to him.

He had planned on dragging the game out as long as he could, thinking the deck’s magic would make it possible for the game to last days. He was realizing it wasn’t to be. He was starting to grow tired and it seemed the deck was too. He didn’t need to look at the cards to know that they had all been altered so that now, no matter which of the four in his hand he used, the game would be over with his next play.

Accepting this, and wanting the game to end in the most glorious way possible, he held off on grabbing his hand out of the air.

Instead, he grabbed Eldrida. He lifted her up and turned her body over, tossing her up onto the table face up. He pressed her down onto her back and grabbed her legs and spread them open. She put up no resistance, so beaten down by perversion that she let him do as he pleased.

He grabbed his cock and lined it up with her pussy. Once his tip was in her he let go of his dick and grabbed the girl’s legs, holding them up as he entered her.

Eldrida shivered and moaned, pressing her head back into the table and looking up at the cards floating above her head. “W-what is happening?” she asked.

“It’s my turn,” he replied as he started fucking her, moving in and out of her pussy with slow smooth moves of his hips. For a few moments he watched her tits jiggle and bounce as he fucked her, reveling in the gross way they looked almost deflated after her milking. When he finally let go of her legs he reached out and grabbed the cards out of the air.

After quickly reading through the four cards he grinned down at Eldrida as he continued to fuck her. “No matter which card I play I will win and our game will be over,” he told her.

She shook and moaned. “You are telling the truth?” she moaned as he kept fucking her.

The look on her face was pathetic, it was clear to Vicelor that she WANTED to believe he was telling the truth. For a moment he wished he wasn’t, wished to see how much it would break her if he’d been lying and the game kept going.

“I’m telling the truth,” he huffed as he thrust into her. “Any of my cards will end the game. But which to play?”

He kept fucking her as he grabbed one of the floating cards and looked at its text. “This one will end the game by sending you to another dimension where you will be made immortal but forced to endure thousands of years of sexual torment before you are returned to Alaria.”

Eldrida gasped, then gasped louder as Vicelor slammed hard into her. “What, you think the cost to gain immortality to high? Well, there are three other cards.”

He put the first card back and grabbed the next one out of the air. “This card will make your breasts double in size and grow ten times as sensitive. For the game to end I’ll need to titfuck many orgasms out of you. And from the number suggested here I fear your mind might break from the ordeal.”

Eldrida moaned and whimpered in response, reaching up to grab her breasts protectively.

“Well, if that is not to your liking how about this one,” he said, putting the second card back and grabbing the third. Before he read it he slapped her hands away from her breasts. “I want to see them shaking and jiggling while I keep fucking you,” he barked.

“Now this one would be a true delight for me! When I play it the card will make your udders bigger and make them produce even more milk! The game won’t end till I’ve managed to milk your teats dry, but the card suggests the task will be a very hard one and that your udders might produce milk faster than I’ll be able to express it out!”

This time he didn’t wait for a response. He quickly put the card back and drew the last one. “And finally we have one different from the others. This card will end the game without any further sexual acts.” He waited for a moment till a glimmer of hope crept into Eldrida’s eyes. “But the cost is a heavy one. The deck will magically bind you to me as my ‘devoted titty-slave’ for the rest of your life!”

He laughed as he saw the glimmer of hope in her eyes die. “All such perversely humiliating endings to our game. So which will it be? Which will I choose?”

Vicelor felt Eldrida’s body tense under him as she contemplated her fate. She quivered and moaned. Her cunt tightened around his cock every time he thrust into her. And then, finally, she made her decision. “The fourth one,” Eldrida said, her body going limp and her voice filled with utter demoralized defeat. Vicelor slapped the chosen card on the table while throwing the others to the side then leaned into the young Human, grabbing her by the midsection and slamming hard into her one last time. Once his manhood he was buried balls deep in her he grunted and filled her with his seed.

The Enchanted Duelist’s Deck glowed with red energy, pulsing then shooting out into the two of them. Vicelor grunted and moaned in pleasure as the magic of the deck extended his orgasm. As his pleasure stretched on Eldrida whimpered, her body growing limper every moment. Vicelor felt what was happening and so did Eldrida: the Elf’s extended orgasm was draining the young Human girl off all independent thought in her mind, robbing her of her agency and turning her into a thing that would happily remain a devoted slave.

The game was over. The woman young Eldrida had been was gone. All that was left was a devoted servant, one eager to pleasure her new master with her enlarged breasts.

Although the game had ended the deck protected Vicelor and his new slave for a few more minutes. They were both able to clean themselves up and dress while the deck continued to hold the party of adventurer’s at bay outside the small treasure room.

Once ready to leave Vicelor had a moment of doubt. How would he get past the rest of the party? How would he explain their time in the treasure room alone? He could lie… but he feared Eldrida would make that much harder than it should have been. They would notice the changes in her body and they would certainly be alarmed by her new subservient attitude.

Vicelor looked to the Enchanted Duelist’s Deck, watching its cards float back into the ornate box along with the now empty crystals. The lid began to close and he feared the field holding the party at bay would disappear the moment the lid sealed. To his great surprise, it didn’t. Instead, a portal opened up next to the small table he’d used his magic to create when they began their game.

“Thank you,” Vicelor said to the deck as he grabbed it from the table and stashed it safely into a pocket. “Come, Eldrida, we must be off.” He turned and jumped through the portal, confident his devoted servant would follow.

As soon as the portal closed the table Vicelor had magicked into existence disappeared. A moment later the field holding the party of adventurers at bay dissolved.

They rushed into the small room, their weapons drawn. They had been worried about their fellow party members. They feared the two had set off some sinister trap of encountered one final guardian of the treasure horde. What they found was a small room full of treasure and no sign of their two partners.

The grouped searched the dungeon for days of any sign of Vicelor and Eldrida. They searched the area surrounding the dungeon for a week. They traveled to the last town they had visited on their adventures and continued their search for even a hint of what had happened to the two. They never found a single clue, never even heard a rumor of the two. With nothing to go on the group soon moved on, the mystery something they shared over ale in dimly lit taverns.


Sometime Later


“I gave up the life of an adventurer about, oh, three years ago now?” Vicelor said as he sipped some Elven wine before placing the golden chalice on a small table beside his throne. He directed his question not at the man standing before him in his audience hall but at the figure kneeling before him. “Does that sound about right?”

The woman on her knees peered up at him and thought about his question. She was topless and was pressed up between Vicelor’s legs. His robes hung open and his manhood was exposed to her. She, in turn, had her large breasts wrapped tightly around his Elven cock and had been bouncing them up and down to pleasure him. She’d only stopped when he’s asked his question, pondering the answer for a moment.

“Almost three years to the day,” she replied. Her voice was filled with ecstatic joy as she continued to answer him. “It was the day my life truly began, the day I became your devoted titty-slut!”

The expression of devotion on her face as she spoke was not something one normally saw on a Human. Something about the gleam in her eyes made her look more animal than Human. She looked up at her master with the same devotion a dog gave its master.

Vicelor took a moment to appreciate that look then patted her on the head and told her, “Good girl. Now get back to your task.”

The man standing before Vicelor smirked as he saw the Human girl had returned to pleasuring her master with her breasts. “The girl must have been central to your decision to retire from that life,” he said. He was an astute man and the assumptions he was making were fairly accurate. “Perhaps a parting ‘gift’ from the group of adventures you had been traveling with?”

Vicelor nodded. “A perfect way to describe her,” he answered. “Of course, I gained other treasures the day I claimed her. That, however, is something you surely already know.”

The man nodded, his eyes glancing at the wand resting on the arm of Vicelor’s throne. “Oh yes,” he said, “the wand of Vicelor. All in the region knows of its power. Some say the wand corrupted you, that it made you into what you are today. That it is responsible for turning you into the cruel man that rules over this small fiefdom so firmly.”

“Evil some call me,” Vicelor said with a shrug. “Happy I call myself. I’ve power, why not use it? This life is one I enjoy so much more than the life of an adventurer.”

“I’ve seen as much,” the man replied. “I’ve seen how your subjects fear you, how the power you wield and the wealth you’ve amassed have bought their loyalty. But not her, not your most faithful of servants.”

Vicelor narrowed his eyes. “Why so many questions about the girl? I was under the impression you were a trader of rare magical items.”

“Indeed I am,” he replied with a wide grin. “And I’ve long been tracking one particular kind of rare magical item. A powerful item that leaves a certain linger taste of perversion where it’s been used. I sense it in her and I am now certain it is in your possession. A deck. An ancient deck that allows two people to play a very special kind of game.”

Vicelor’s hands moved to his wand, his fingers wrapping around it.

The man held up a hand. “No need to fear, I am no thief. I come to purchase or trade, not to steal. I’ve many items in my possession you’d be interested in and riches that even you might desire.”

“If I have the item you think I have what makes you think I’d be willing to part with something that powerful?”

“Because I know these decks. I see you are a happy man, a content man. The Enchanted Duelist’s Decks do not work for happy and content men. It has worked its wonders for you and it is ready to move on, to find a new owner so that it can spread its perverse corrupting touch. I only wish to help the deck accomplish its goals.”

Vicelor was silent for a long time, looking appraisingly at the man before him and running his hands through his devoted titty-servant’s white hair as she construed to pleasure his cock with her breasts. “You are more than you seem, ser,” he finally said. “And you know what you speak of. Yes, the deck has not worked for me since the day I gained this,” he said, patting the woman kneeling at his feet on the head. “I can’t even open the damn box.”

The man took a step closer to Vicelor’s throne. “The deck found you. The deck gave you what you wanted in exchange for helping it get to this place. And now it’s ready to move on, to find a new owner so that it can continue to spread The Corruption.”

Vicelor had no idea what the man was talking about and didn’t really care to understand. The deck was useless to him. He’d thought maybe its magic had been spent when he’d used it but now he saw that was not true. It was time he passed the item along. It was time the Enchanted Duelist’s Deck found a new owner.

“I’ll sell the deck,” he finally said. “And once it is yours?”

The man smiled. “That I cannot say. These decks, they aren’t used by us mortals, we are used by THEM. It shall decide where it goes and whose lives it changes, not me.”

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