Free Stories/Comics

Here’s a list of the free stories available on this website. They are listed with the kinks they include in parentheses.

Freckles Is A Good Girl (Blow Job, Mammary Intercourse, Vaginal Intercourse, Rough Sex, Dom/Sub)

Poll Driven Stories:

The Tale of the Nemorvian Band (Fantasy story about hucow former whores fighting for their freedom as bandits) IN PROGRESS!!

The Reign of Vogur, High Priest of Azel (Fantasy story featuring a number of powerful women, all being eyed by followers of the dick god for use in breeding an army of monsters) IN PROGRESS!!

The Rings of Corruption (Fantasy stories full of doomed heroines and erotic mind control) ON HOLD

Lyari Fenyarus’ Tale (Fantasy story about an evil Silver Elf) ON HOLD

Dyson City (Contemporary setting with Male-dom erotic mind control) ON HOLD

Wasteland Sluts (Post apocalyptic setting chronicling a series of Wasteland Rangers meeting their ultimate and perverse doom) ON HOLD

Rangers of the Galactic Republic (sci-fi series full of doomed space rangers) ON HOLD

The Adventures of Crystal, Savior of the Earth (Superheroine world with crossover to Alaria in the shape of Ynara guiding the heroine) ON HOLD

The Academy: Burnouts (part of the Heroines Perilous World setting, chronicling young men and women at the superhero university who fail to graduate) ON HOLD

Mister Amazing Strikes Megatropolis (a none canonical tale where a reader gets transported in the Heroines Perilous World and gets to fuck his way through Megatropolis) ON HOLD

Fantasy Stories Set in Alaria:

The Northern Outpost (A small group of Vulfrellian Rangers gather in a small arctic outpost as an ancient terror awakes and prepares to corrupt and overcome them) On GOING

“World of Paranormal Sexuality” Stories:

Sexualis Lamia (Erotic Mind Control, Mammary intercourse)

Sexualis Lamia 2 (Mammary intercourse, Sexual addiction and obsession)

Sexualis Lamia 3 (Threesome, Mammary Intercourse, Erotic Mind Control, Sexual Addiction and Obsession)

Misty Nuebaum and The Trailer Park Incident (Erotic Mind control, Breast growth, Mammary Intercourse)

“Heroines Perilous World” stories:

Archbaroness Interviewed! (No sex but lots of public humiliation)

Archbaroness vs Mary-Annette (Erotic body control, oral sex, mammary intercourse, three way)

Archbaroness Vs the Fetish Plot (Gassing, smelly body odor, forced oral sex)

Archbaroness vs The Photo Shoot (Erotic Mind control, oral sex, mammary intercourse)

Bovine Justice vs Pussy Whip (Lactation, mammary intercourse, villain on heroine sex, villainess on heroine sex)

“Bovine Justice Vs The CEO” First Five Chapter Sample (Lactation, Mammary intercourse, villain on heroine sex, drugged heroine)

The Breaking of Miss Mexicana (Tons of mammary intercourse, erotic mind control, and EXTREME sexual breaking and brainwashing so not for the light of heart)

Brickhouse vs The Unexpected Monster (tentacle monster sex, lactation, impregnation)

The Birth of The Pink Avenger (No explicit sex)

Champion Girl vs The High Speed Chase (erotic mind control, drugged heroine, breast growth)

The Game Master’s League of Superpowered Breast Lovers (Lots of everything, but all the heroines have LARGE breasts) IN PROGRESS

Lady Centurion Vs the Bout of Jealousy (drugged male, ample male sexual fluids)

Stories set during WW2:

Victory Woman and Victory Girl Slut It Up (lesbian sex, FemDom/titnosis with a man)

Victory Woman’s First Defeat (erotic mind control)

The Supers Vs Their Own Men! (mind controlled men, gangbang)


You can now find all of the comics I’ve done here (Or you can click on the covers below). If you enjoy them think about purchasing some of my ebooks, as those give me the money to purchase files to make more comics. I do still make comic style stuff, but it all gets posted to my Patreon now, so if you like what you see below think about become a supporter of mine.

001 01 01 Archbaroness Vs The Gasser Cover champion girl vs mary-annette 01 01 01

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