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Infi’s Quest (Poll driven fantasy story set in Alaria about a low level Adventurer going on low stakes quests and stumbling into lots of Sapphic fun)


Everything linked below this is from before my current shift into things with a bit lighter tone, more romance, and no non-con. If you’ve found me from my most recent work be warned all of this has heavy non-con and mostly m/f sex.

Here’s a list of the free stories available on this website.

Poll Driven “Reader’s Choice” Stories:

The Adventures of Birgitta and Kiki, Heralds of the Crimson Light (Fantasy story about two female adventurers using their sexuality as a weapon to rid the world of evil) ON HOLD

The Doom of Thessalia’s Lambs (Fantasy story about doomed group of young adventurers) On Hold – Note that this a backer driven poll and only the patron who is paying for it gets to see and vote in the polls.

The Tale of the Nemorvian Band (Fantasy story about hucow former whores fighting for their freedom as bandits) ON HOLD

The Reign of Vogur, High Priest of Azel (Fantasy story featuring a number of powerful women, all being eyed by followers of the dick god for use in breeding an army of monsters) On Hold

Fantasy Stories Set in Alaria:

The Northern Outpost (A small group of Vulfrellian Rangers gather in a small arctic outpost as an ancient terror awakes and prepares to corrupt and overcome them) Ongoing but ON HOLD

But I Need It For My Collection! (Fantasy tale featuring the perverse Enchanted Duelist’s Deck in the treasure room at the end of a Dungeon)

“Heroines Perilous World” stories:

Archbaroness Interviewed! (No sex but lots of public humiliation)

Archbaroness vs The Photo Shoot (Erotic Mind control, oral sex, mammary intercourse)

“Bovine Justice Vs The CEO” First Five Chapter Sample (Lactation, Mammary intercourse, villain on heroine sex, drugged heroine)

Abandoned Reader’s Choice Stories:

These are stories that I’ll likely never return to, but still have a chance of being picked back up one day.

Never Underestimate a Wizard (Fantasy tale involving a clumsy wizard and a roguish guard playing a an Enchanted Duelist’s Deck) ON HOLD

The Freeing of Otyx (Fantasy dungeon crawl about an adventuring Night Elf ice mage accidentally freeing one of the ancient corrupt and perverse gods) ON HOLD

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