The Tale of the Nemorvian Band

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Chapter Fourteen: Discoveries and Plans


Jennenes leaned back in the cushioned, throne-like chair he had a servant bring into his chambers. He had known the experiment he wanted to try would take time and he wanted to spend that time in kingly comfort.

His legs were spread open, a Human whore kneeling before the throne bent over with her head in his lap as she gave him vigorous head. He watched the woman’s head bob up down, enjoyed the feel of her lips wrapped tightly around his shaft. He was nearing climax again and she could tell. How could she not? She’d been sucking him off for half the day now, she probably knew the feel of his cock in her mouth better than any she’d ever known before.

A moment later Jennenes groaned, his legs tightening around her body as he began cum. She didn’t pull away, she knew he wanted to cum in her mouth. And she also knew that he wanted her to swallow every single drop of cum he shot into her.

Once she’d swallowed she pulled away, letting his cock fall from her mouth. It was already going soft but he knew that it wouldn’t be that way for long. He raised a hand and snapped his fingers and a moment later Fuck-Meat was standing beside him, leaning over and lifting one of her large breasts to his face. He turned, latching onto her nipple and starting to suck. As her delicious milked flowed into his mouth and then down his throat as he swallowed he felt refreshed, any tiredness in his body washed away as his dick become almost painfully hard.

He pushed Fuck-Meat and her tit away, smacking his lips and savoring the last bit of milk on them before turning and looking at the whore kneeling between his legs. “Again,” he commanded.

She looked up at him and for a moment the king thought the whore was going to tell him she couldn’t. She looked tired, which wasn’t much of a surprise since she’d been giving him nearly non-stop head for half the day! The Nemorvian-like milk he’d been drinking left him feeling fully refreshed after every climax but she’d had no time to rest during the experiment.

“I can’t,” she finally muttered. She held her stomach, looking up at the king. “I need a break, your Majesty. I beg you, let one of the other prostitutes take over for a while. I’m tired and my stomach,” she said, nodding down, “it’s so full it hurts. I don’t think I can swallow any more of your cum.”

“That’s ridiculous, of course you can swallow more cum,” he said, annoyed. “Now stop your pathetic whining and get back to work.”

There was no fight in the woman. She’d made her protest and knew to push the matter further would only lead to angering the king more than she already had. So she started to lean back down to begin sucking his cock again. But as she did so she gagged, turning from the king and bending over as if sick. She began to vomit, coughing up a whole stomach’s worth of cum and nothing else.

Jennenes was disgusted as she began to throw up, prepared to lash out and punish the woman for ruining his mood. Then he saw what she vomited onto the floor, saw the huge pool of regurgitated cum.

“That all came out of me,” he muttered, amazed. He had never imagined he could ejaculate so much cum in one sitting. He realized then that the test was complete. Fuck-Meat’s milk was just like that of a Nemorvian, perhaps even more potent.

He dismissed the whore, telling his majordomo to call for a maid to come clean the floor. Then, after putting a silk robe on and telling Fuck-Meat to remain in his bedchambers, he quickly headed to his nearby study. “My experiment is over,” he had told Fuck-Meat and his majordomo, “and now I need time to think.”

Jennenes had always known what Nemorvian milk did. But he had never really understood just how potent the stuff was. He’d tried it a few times, but only as a way to sample whores in the brothels of his city. He’d never used their milk to keep getting hard more than two or three times in a row, especially since he knew spells that could do nearly the same thing. He was certain most clients of the brothels would have had the money to try for more, meaning it was unlikely anyone else had discovered how potent the milk really was.

His mind raced, connecting facts. Things he knew but had never been connected before. He ran through all the wonders of Nemorvian milk, wondering just how much of the milk one of the women could produce in a day. He knew that the properties of the milk lingered only for a small amount of time out of their body before the fluid went “bad”. He realized there were enchantments that could keep the substance from going bad, enchantments that could even strengthen its effects.

I could bottle it, he thought. Selling such a potion could make me richer than my city full of brothels ever could. If I could produce enough of the stuff I could send it to every corner of Alaria. But why hasn’t anyone else ever tried something like this?

He didn’t have to ponder the question for very long to realize the answer. Nemorvians were rare. Although most lived the life of a whore he knew there were few cities with more than a handful of brothels in them. And even if someone else had thought to bottle a Nemorvian’s milk it would have made them less money than simply using the woman as a whore. One woman could only produce so much milk, after all.

But Jennenes had access to more than one Nemorvian. There were plenty in the brothels of his city. If he gathered them all together…

He grabbed some parchment and dipped a quill into an inkwell then began to write down his ideas. He listed enchantments he knew, the ones he’d used on Fuck-Meat to turn her into a faux-Nemorvian. Those same enchantments, if used on actual Nemorvians, would almost certainly increase their output of milk. Before long he was sketching devices that could be easily crafted, frames Nemorvian’s could be harnessed in and simple mechanical devices that could be attached to their breasts that would allow them to be milked constantly.

Once he was done writing out all of his plans he summoned his majordomo. “Take these plans and have these devices created as fast as can be done, today if possible. As soon as the first one is finished let me know, we’ll need to test it out right away. Once the smiths and crafters are working on creating these machines I then want you to go and purchase every single Nemorvian in the city.”

The majordomo balked. “But Sire, the cost! Few of the brothel owners will be willing to part with their precious Nemorvians for anything less than a fortune.”

“Then pay them a fortune,” the king barked.

Again, the man protested. “But that would nearly bankrupt the treasury!”

Jennenes smirked. “Perhaps, but we’ll get that coin back and more in almost no time.”




Chapter Fifteen: Perverse Forces Gather


Something immensely powerful moved through the world, heading quickly towards Queen Faeven’s secret encampment. The Corruption swirled around the force, emanating from it. But as it approached the powerful magic of Queen Faeven, the wards and protections she had around her camp, stopped the force from coming too close.

The camp shook and everyone in it felt the energy of the protective magic surrounding them quiver and almost falter. Only Queen Faeven knew what had happened, and she didn’t tell the others lest fear overtake them.

A god had come for her and her magic had repelled it, but only slightly.

Azel, the god of cock, did not retreat far but he did do something he rarely did: he summoned much of the power he gained from those who were faithful to him and started to take physical form. Red energy sparked angrily and swirled in the forest on the other side of the lake near Queen Faeven’s camp. Slowly the form of a huge, tower man started to take shape, a naked man with a HUGE cock.

As Azel’s form solidified and became flesh and blood his body became clear. He was huge and imposing, nearly ten feet tall and massively muscled. His body was naked and male in every way. It had red skin with glowing fissures of brighter red running through it that radiated smoking red energy, as if the power of the god could barely be contained in a flesh and blood body. Any mortal that looked upon Azel would barely be aware of his face, most eyes would only see his huge cock. It was oppressively large and had a hypnotic miasma that surrounded it that would leave any nearby mortal feeling the need to either worship and please it if they were a woman or envy its owner and beg to serve him if they were a man.

But there were no mortals near enough to see the towering god. And those on the other side of the lake were protected from his power by the enchantments keeping the Fey queen, and her troops, safe. He’d need more power to break through and get to the queen, for she was all he cared about at that moment.

He flexed his massive muscles and raised his arms, pulling The Corruption to him.

Normally a god had only their own power to call upon, the power that they gained when mortals worshiped them. But Azel was one of the gods that had given themselves completely to The Corruption. He worked with the others of his kind to help spread the influence of the perverse power through Alaria, and in thanks that power was willing to be used by ones like him.

The region of the world he stood manifest in was soaked in the energy thanks to the perverse Elven king ruling Iphasea and the brothels in his capital city. The Dwarven strongholds to the north and their new king had also begun to give themselves over to the influence of The Corruption, spreading its power even further. And the Humans that lived on the other side of the great forest worshiped many of the Gods given over to the perverse force. Only the forest itself, thanks to Queen Faeven, was mostly free of The Corruption.

That changed as Azel called The Corruption to himself.

In every direction The Corruption that had leached into the world started to send its power out towards him. A gust of magical wind started flowing towards Azel, carrying the power of The Corruption with it. It flowed through the world, leaching up more energy while occasionally blowing through individuals and leaving the taint of The Corruption inside of them. As the winds drew ever nearer to Azel they weakened the protective magic Queen Faeven had put around her camp.

Winds of magic infused with concentrated power of The Corruption from all directions reached Azel at the same time. He inhaled their power, the glowing red cracks in his skin burning brighter. His eyes burned with intense red power and for a moment it seemed his flesh and blood body would not be able to contain so much power.

Azel knew the body he had created would not be able to hold so much power inside of it for very long. As it strained at his insides he stepped through the forest and underbrush that had hidden him from those in the Fey queen’s camp till he stood on the shore directly across from the camp.

He could see one of the Nemorvian’s that had been causing so much trouble kneeling at the water’s edge, washing her face. She saw the god approach, looking up getting to her feet.

Azel stared at her, annoyed he couldn’t connect with her mind and bend her to his will. The protective magic the Fey queen had around her camp was like a bubble his power couldn’t penetrate.

It was only a brief moment before the god knew how he’d beat their defenses. The wards, even weakened, would keep him or any sentient beings serving him out. But the defenses had flaws. Something with little or no intelligence should be able to penetrate the shield. And if something infused with HIS power, that of cock, were to touch the Queen her power would fail completely allowing him to reach her.

Still staring at the Nemorvian, the power inside of him barely contained and about to rip his temporary body apart, Azel began to raise his hands. He let the power he’d gathered inside of his body mix with his own divine powers as the god of cock. He pushed it out of himself, down into the ground create servants simple-minded enough to hopefully get past the protective field around the camp and cock-like enough so if one reached the queen it would cause her power to falter.

The ground around Azel’s feet sparked with magical red energy that a moment later burst into flames that reached up to his knees. The flames quickly died out, but as they receded into the ground they revealed the servants he had created. They were a swarming mass of tentacled creatures. They had no eyes, no mouths, just a length of fleshy body that was tipped with a cock-head.

Azel lowered his arms. “Go,” he said. “Attack the camp. Attack every woman in it and then attack the queen.” The things slithered away from Azel, into the lake and moving swimming towards the camp.


* * *


The room Jennenes stood in was large, big enough to hold all the Nemorvians in the city and then some. His majordomo was still out negotiating the purchase of those in the city, so for now all the king had was Fuck-Meat. He was fine with that, as his smiths and crafters had only built one of the milking machines so far.

Fuck-Meat had only recently been strapped in the device and he was now inspecting it. A frame of metal bars kept Fuck-Meat on her knees, bent forward with her huge teats dangling down like a real cow’s udders. Leather straps keep her tied securely to the frame, ensuring she was unable to move. He knew that would be important, suspecting most of the Nemorvians he was purchasing would be less than enthusiastic to be hooked into these machines.

Strange devices were attached to Fuck-Meat’s nipples, amazing inventions powered by small, strange Dwarven machines. They constantly sucked at Fuck-Meat’s nipples, ensuring a steady stream of precious milk came shooting out. The milk then ran down a tube, emptied into a small cask normally used for holding fine wine. The machine could milk a woman’s tits round the clock, the only real limitation was how much milk a woman could produce in a single day.

Jennenes knew Fuck-Meat’s teats would dry up after a few hours of milking. But if she was like a real Nemorvian, which seemed to be true, he knew a way to keep her body producing enough milk to be pumped all day. Few knew it, but the more a Nemorvian was fucked the more milk she produced.

He’d planned for this. The milking machines left the women installed in them bent over in the perfect position to be fucked from behind. The men who would be manning the devices, ensuring they kept working and changing out milk filled casks with empty ones, would also need to be fucking the women installed in the machines as well. And should the men need a refresher they need only take a sip of the milk they would be helping drain from the Nemorvian’s teats!

He slapped Fuck-Meat’s backside. She mooed, the sound making it clear she was enjoying being milked by the machine. But there was more in the moo. There was carnal longing as well. She wanted to be fucked while she was being milked.

“Don’t worry, someone will be along to fuck you soon,” he told her. “And before long you’ll have plenty of company beside you. Before long I’ll have all the Nemorvian cows in my city being milked and fucked every hour of the day! Every one of them shall be precious. The more Nemorvian cows I have richer I’ll become, and that wealth will be able to buy me anything I desire!”

He stopped, realizing something. “The Nemorvian bandits! Three more for the machines, and I bet their fierce defiance will make their milk taste even sweeter. I must have ravens sent to the Minotaur mercenaries to find out how their hunt goes!”




Chapter Sixteen: The Battle for Queen Faeven


Novaoa knelt by the edge of the lake, leaning over and splashing some water up onto her face. Whatever had shaken the camp had left her jumpy and nervous and the cool water was helping soothe her nerves. As she sat up something moving on the other side of the lake caught her eye. It pushed its way out of the forest to stand on the shore. Even from across the water she could feel the power radiating off the being, yet that power seemed dulled as if passing through some unseen wall.

The thing was a massive man, its red skin covered in cracks filled with burning red magical energy. Her eyes were drawn to the man’s huge cock and only after staring for a moment did she realize looking at it had not triggered the normal subservient state of mind her racial weakness caused. She did feel the weakness trying to assert itself, but it was being suppressed by the memory of the smell and taste of Queen Faeven’s pussy.

Novaoa whispered a quick thanks to Queen Faeven, planning to get to her feet and run to tell the queen about the appearance of the strange, intimidating being across the small lake. But before she could he started to raise his arms. Fire erupted at his feet, quickly receding and leaving behind a swarming mass of what looked to be some kind of large snakes.

They immediately started slithering out into the lake towards the camp. Novaoa got to her feet, drawing the magical sword she’d recently been given. “We’re under attack,” she called out, watching as the snakes quickly swam across the water.

Behind her she heard the queen’s army clamoring as they prepared for the attack. There was confidence at first then one of the small Fey women landed at Novaoa’s side and saw the figure on the other side of the water. “It’s Azel!” she screamed in terror, turning and leaping into the air to fly away. Novaoa turned and saw the woman fly towards the queen’s throne, where other warriors were gathering to protect the queen.

Meanwhile, many of the troops around her were proclaiming in fear. “The cock god has come to destroy us!” many called out. Novaoa didn’t believe it at first. A god manifesting in the flesh? That was a thing that happened in legends or to great heroes.

The snakes swam ever closer. About ten feet before they reached the shore Novaoa stood on the things slammed into some kind of invisible wall. The little beasts gathered up, trying to press pass the point, sparking red energy radiating off their bodies. At the same time flowing blue magical energy appeared before them, making the invisible field protecting the camp momentarily visible.

It was only then, with the creatures close but held at bay, that Novaoa got a clear look at them. She gasped, realizing they were NOT snakes. They each looked like a cock-tipped tentacle, their body looking more disturbingly like a prehensile huge cock-shaft.

“Minor Cock-Elementals,” a nearby Fey warrior called out, shaking with fear.

Novaoa turned to her. “But they can’t get to us, right? The Queen’s magic is holding them back.”

“For now,” the woman said nervously. “But that’s Azel! Even Queen Faeven can’t stand against a god for long. And half of our forces are out in the woods patrolling, with half our strength away from the encampment we’re incredibly vulnerable.”

“Can’t the queen call them back?” Novaoa asked, looking towards the throne the powerful woman sat on.

One could see the throne from everywhere in the camp as it sat atop a small hill. She sat there, serene with the hulking Blade of the Queen beside her, ready to protect her queen. “Return to me,” the queen suddenly called out. “Come back, my warriors. We are attacked and need your aid!”

The words echoed around them. Novaoa felt them change, felt instinctively that they had become a magical message that would go out into the forest and find the warriors, no matter where they were. But for the message to leave the field protecting the camp would need to be opened for a moment.

The Minor Cock-Elementals were all pressed up against the field, trying to get past it. The moment the field was lowered for the message to get out was all most of them needed. The swarm of writhing cock-things came rushing at the camp, slithering and wiggling up onto the shore as the protective field re-sealed behind them.

Novaoa swore, backing up and beginning to slash at the things as they came rushing towards her. The magic blade cut through the slithering penis snakes as they came for her, but it seemed every one she cut was quickly replaced by two more.

Soon they began to grab her legs, wrapping around her like the tentacles of some vile beast. Only they didn’t try to pull her to the ground, instead they coiled around her legs, pulling themselves up her body. She screamed and thrashed, cutting and kicking them off her legs as fast as she could. But there was just too many, she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to fend them off properly for much longer and she felt certain their goal was what lay between her legs.

Desperate and starting to panic, she turned to call for aid. What she saw happening in the camp behind her frightened her to the core. Everywhere the Fey queen’s troops were battling the penis tentacles. Female warriors screamed in terror as they tried to fight the things off. The sound of combat was everywhere. But it seemed, for the moment, that the vile creatures had yet managed to start fucking any of the warriors, for there was no doubt Novaoa’s mind that the creatures WOULD fuck them if allowed.

Queen Faeven still sat on her stone throne. The normally serene look she wore was gone, she sat sweating and concentrating on keeping the protective spells around the camp up. They were holding for the moment but if more of the perverse demons were able to get in that would change very quickly.

A ring of female warriors stood around the queen, atop the small hill her throne sat on. Fey archers fluttered in the air shooting magical arrows so quickly Novaoa could barely see them reach into the quivers hanging from their dainty waists before firing again. She saw for the first time some of the other warriors in the Queen’s army, Human women and a handful of Elves. They all seemed to be either mages or druids and were busy using magic to keep the slithering things away from the queen.

Leading them, standing close to the queen yet fighting the hardest, was The Blade of the Queen. The two huge weapons bound to her arms swung at the dirt, cutting swaths of the little perverse demons with such ease it made them seem as though they were made of half melted butter. She roared, sounding more beast than Human, as she led the defense of her queen.

The sight of so many warriors protecting Queen Faeven buoyed Novaoa’s moral, making her feel the fight wasn’t a hopeless one. She screamed out a call of defiance, slashing at the little fleshy monsters coming at her. Her instincts were to try and fight her way to the hill to join the others but the penis tentacles seemed to be driven by more than simple animal instinct. They appeared to be keeping the warriors spread through the camp away from the center mass of warriors protecting the queen. She tried as hard as she could to get closer to the queen but barely made any ground, cursing the god standing on the other side of the lake. Surely he was controlling the vile things.

A Fey warrior fluttered through the air near Novaoa, diving down to a nearby weapon cache to grab another quiver full of arrows. The lithe woman easily slung the strap of the quiver over her shoulder, holding it just right so it didn’t stop her wings from flapping. She quickly nocked an arrow and Novaoa saw it start to glow with blue magic a moment before she let it fly.

But just as the small Fey woman shot the arrow she twisted, looking down at her foot and screaming. Novaoa noticed it just as the woman did: one of the Minor Cock-Elementals had managed to spring up and wrap around her boot when she had swooped down to get the fresh quiver of arrows.

The thing quickly slithered up her leg before the woman could try and knock it off. Novaoa saw it thrust its head into the Fey woman’s small skirt. She had been screaming, but the scream turned to a moan of forced pleasure as the creature forced its way into her pussy. The Fey woman fell to the ground, her wings disappearing from sight as the cock-creature entered her.

As soon as she hit the ground a swarm of the things came at her, wrapping around her limps and neck. The one wrapped around her neck tried to push its cockhead into her mouth. She closed her mouth tight and tried to turn away, denying it entry. A moment later it tightened its body, closing around her neck and beginning to choke her. She had no choice but to open her mouth to gasp for air and that was all it needed to press into her. A moment later it was thrusting in and out of her mouth, making her choke and gag.

More of the things rubbed up against her small breasts. Novaoa could see that as they did this the ends of their “bodies” began to grow more rigid and hard, making them look even more cock-like. As they rubbed up against her nipples she could see them leaving a slimy trail of some precum-like substance.

Novaoa saw that the small monster that had brought the Fey warrior down was fucking her pussy, but before long it quivered, cumming inside of her. It pulled out, it’s formally rigid body now soft, the thing moving slow and sluggish. It was barely out of the woman before another of the beasts pressed into her now cum oozing pussy and started fucking her.

The Fey warrior went limp as if she’d given up. She stopped struggling and let the penis tentacles have their way with her, letting them use every one of her fuck-holes, letting them cum in and on her as they pleased.

Novaoa saw other warriors brought down, the little cock beasts quickly covering and beginning to fuck them. All around the camp the warriors like her who were on their own were being brought down one by one and fucked into submission. She looked to the hill the queen sat atop, hoping to see her defenders still fighting back the seemingly endless swarm of cock creatures.

A pretty, young Human mage in flowing robes caught her attention. Her hair was blue and the parts of her skin Novaoa could see, her arms and neck, were covered in glowing blue arcane tattoos. She had her arms raised out before her, her palms up towards the sky. Billowing waves of blue energy flowed from her hands, becoming a wind of magical power that flowed out before her, blasting down the hill. The wind glowed and pulsed with blue energy that took the shape of beautiful butterflies made of translucent magic. They fluttered fiercely through the blue wind, diving towards the Minor Cock Elementals before her, pressing them back away from the mage and knocking them down the hill.

It seemed that as long as she could keep casting the spell and the warriors beside her could keep any of the little perverse demons from sneaking up behind or beside her she’d be able to keep them back forever. The young woman smiled and looked to the druid beside her. “We’re battling the forces of The Corruption back! Our purity protects us, just like Queen Faeven said it would!”

She turned back to concentrate on her spell but the smile on her face faltered. She winced then her face twisted in effort. “No! It can’t be,” she yelled, sudden terror in her voice. Novaoa saw her stagger back, still casting the spell. She didn’t understand what was wrong.

Then she saw it, at the very edge of the wave of blue magic: parts of the cascading blue wind of magic was turning red! The glowing butterflies that neared the red areas faltered and faded from sight. The red began to spread, turning more and more of the blue energy red. It was like some force was corrupting the power of the spell!

Soon the mage was pushing back against her own spell, using what remained of the blue energy flowing from her hands to try and battle back the sparking red energy pushing up the hill towards her. And where the winds of magic were red the Minor Cock Elementals were no longer being pushed back. Instead, the red power lifted them up into the air. Soon it looked like a hoard of them was swimming through the air towards the blue haired mage and those beside her!

Before long her spell faltered completely and the writhing mass of penis tentacles reached her and the mages and druids beside her. The others managed to fend off the attack for the moment but the blue haired mage was brought down. The things wrapped around her limbs, pulling her to the ground and ripping her robes off. Soon her legs were pulled open and her pussy and asshole were being fucked. A large one pressed up through her small, perky breasts and forced its way into her mouth, its end growing rigid as it began to fuck her face. The ones fucking her quickly came, pulling out looking soft and slow and replaced almost instantly by other cock-tipped tentacles that fucked her hard.

Again, Novaoa saw the fight go out of the woman almost as soon as the first three fucking her came. Even from where she stood she could see the woman’s eyes rolled up into her head and saw her moaning in pleasure as more fucked and came in her.

It’s the cum, Novaoa thought, realizing what was happening. Something in these foul demons’ cum is subduing them all!

The realization was important but it had distracted her. The creatures she had been fighting against finally managed to wrap around her legs and pull her to the ground. She fell, the pain of the fall making her drop her sword. Almost at once one of the things had wrapped around the hilt and pulled it out of reach.

That was all they needed. Without a weapon Novaoa had almost no way to keep them at bay. They quickly tore her clothing off, leaving her naked on the ground and thrashing to try and keep the swarm of penis tentacles from getting into any of her holes. She grabbed one with each hand, intending to throw them as far away from herself as she could. But as soon as her hands were wrapped around them she felt their bodies grow rigid and discovered just how much like a cock they really felt.

For a moment her racial weakness started to assert itself. But the memory of Queen Faeven’s pussy, the taste and smell, washed through her mind and she shook it off. Still, the moment of weakness was more than the things needed. One pressed into her pussy, another pressing into her asshole as the first started thrusting in and out of her. She could feel that they were both leaking copious amounts of precum that lubricated their entry.

They came almost at once and as their demon seed blasted into her she felt it affect her instantly. She felt tired, weak, and the desire to keep fighting was suddenly dulled. She tried to press past it, rolling over and getting up on all fours to try and crawl away. But it was no good. Another cockheaded little demon thrust into her pussy. She fell to the ground, her huge breasts pressed into the dirt under her. The only thing she managed successfully was keeping any out of her mouth. Which was a very good thing, for looking around it seemed that the demon’s cum did more to subdue a woman when ingested through the mouth.

She kept trying to crawl, managing to make some progress even as the one in her pussy fucked her from behind. Have to get to the hill, have to get to where others are still fighting. The Blade of the Queen, surely she still fights, she thought, looking up at the hulking woman.

The warriors near her still stood, rallied around their general and protected by her. Only because The Blade still stood and fought did the protective ring around the queen hold.

Yet as Novaoa struggled to crawl towards the safety of that ring, keeping any of the cock things from pressing into her mouth even as they fucked her back end, she noticed something odd about the creatures before The Blade. There were so many piled up before her, swarming and trying to attack and fuck her! At first the Nemorvian thought it was just whatever intelligence controlled them attacking the largest threat. But then she noticed it: every one of the vile beasts she cut in two fell to the ground, quivering in pain. But a moment later they healed, each end growing back to its full length leaving two where there had been one!

Novaoa had felt like the things were doubling around her and knew then that she had been right. How can we hope to fight against such perverse foes? she thought, despair threatening to overtake her. What happened next crushed what little hope she still had left.

The massing swarm of cock tentacles before The Blade of the Queen began to spark with magical red energy. A moment later those near her all began to grow! They got longer, their thin tail ends digging into the dirt of the hill. They got fatter, thicker, all growing larger and larger. The Blade howled, cutting the growing shafts apart. But in mere moments after one of her blades sliced through them the severed end would grow a new cockhead and renew its attack as it continued to grow larger. Meanwhile, the severed part would dig into the ground then shoot out, growing larger and adding to the number trying to bring her down.

It didn’t take long for the hulking barbarian general to be overwhelmed. Huge, thick cock tentacles wrapped around her arms, pulling them out and down so she couldn’t fight. More wrapped around her neck, pulling her down to her knees as others started ripping her armor off.

Novaoa couldn’t help but gasp when the armor and clothing covering the woman’s breasts was ripped free. Her breasts had looked incredibly large, but her outfit had obviously done much to hide their true size, maybe even magically so. She knew tapping into the power that made a barbarian grow larger and stronger also made their breasts grow, but she had no idea they could grow THIS large. They were almost the same size of giantess’, each huge sagging tit larger than then Novaoa’s whole torso.

Cock Tentacles started wrapping around her gigantic breasts, squeezing and rubbing against their huge bulk and pressing them together so other cock beasts could thrust between them. The Blade howled and trashed about as others, large and thick, started pressing into her cunt and asshole. She screamed as they started fucking her and that only allowed one to enter her mouth. It muffled her screams as it fucked her throat.

The swarm surrounded her, pulling her down the hill away from the queen and her defenders even as they fucked her. They were already cumming in her, others quickly replacing those as the spent ones pulled away. Yet others rose up, their ends quivering and cumming on her without even touching her. They showered the hulking barbarian with cum as the swarm surrounded her so thickly that Novaoa could no longer see the fierce woman.

Novaoa still struggled to crawl towards the queen and the few women that still defended her, but all hope seemed lost. She looked up and realized the only reason the battle still continued was that none of the cock beasts had reached Queen Faeven yet! But she knew as soon as one did touch her it would be all over, as soon as any cock touched the queen her power would be gone!


* * *


Zomos was finally sitting up. Amitkoa watched as the Giantess used what cloth the Fey warriors had gathered from the camp around them to clean herself up as best she could. One of them pointed off in the distance, telling her that there was a stream nearby. Amitkoa followed after the huge woman as she went to clean herself.

“How… are you?” Amitkoa asked cautiously.

Zomos shrugged as she took huge, slow steps forward. “Shaken,” she finally said, her voice quiet and subdued. “But it’s nothing I haven’t suffered through before. At least my curse will be sated for quite some time. I’ll be free of its limitations for a while, but in time it will return as it always does.” There was bitterness in the woman’s deep voice, but defiance too. It was clear she was trying to push past what had happened and not let it conquer her.

“Well, at least you’ll have a clear head for the battle we’re about to head into,” Amitkoa said, gripping the axe in her hand.

Zomos started to nod then stopped, suddenly standing up as if hearing some far-off call. Looking around Amitkoa could see many of the Fey warriors looking about in the same manner. “What is it?” Amitkoa asked, desperate to know.

“The battle is decided,” a Fey warrior said, fluttering above the two women.

Zomos nodded. “I heard the queen’s voice too. The battle is lost… We’re not to try and come save her, we’ll never reach her in time.”

“What? But… what shall we do?” Amitkoa tried to keep the panic she felt out of her voice. A moment later she was overwhelmed with guilt: if these warriors hadn’t stopped to help her and her friends…

The little Fey woman landed beside Amitkoa, a grave look on her pretty face. “We are to head east and attempt to leave the forest as soon as possible. Once her power fails it won’t be safe for us in the forest. The threats you’ve faced on your journey here are nothing compared to what will be found within these woods without Queen Faeven’s power to keep worse evil and perversion at bay.”

The thought dismayed Amitkoa. Worse then what they had already faced? She didn’t want to linger on the thought. “Why east?” she asked, hoping the answer would give her some sliver of hope.

“West leads into the perverse Elven king’s lands which are already soaked to the core with The Corruption. To the north is the Shadow Mountains, where The Corruption is in the process of taking root. To the east on the other side of this great forest are lands populated by mostly Humans, and although agents of The Corruption are everywhere there are still many pure of heart to resist its influence. And there are many roads to distant lands that run through those towns and cities, from there we’ll be able to head somewhere truly safe.”

“Do not fret, little Nemorvian,” Zomos said, stepping into the stream to quickly wash. “We live to fight another day. This is how The Corruption fights. Not with death but with… what we just lived through. We must go, get to safety, and continue the fight even without Queen Faeven to aid, protect, and lead us.”

Amitkoa bit her lip. “I don’t know if Kilne can travel yet. She is still where we left here, unmoving and not speaking.”

Zomos looked back towards the dead Minotaur’s camp. “I will finish washing and find something to serve as clothing and then I shall carry here if need be. She’ll recover in time, but for not we must move with haste…”




Chapter Seventeen: The God of the Great Forest Arises


All hope was lost, Queen Faeven was finally certain of that inescapable truth. She used her connection with those loyal to her to send a message to the band of troops out in the forest, telling them the battle was over and advising them on where to flee. She hoped that together they’d have the strength to reach the forest’s edge and escape to continue the fight against The Corruption. Hopefully, its forces would care only about her fate and they’d slip away unnoticed.

She stood, looking as regal as she could and prepared for her fate. With all of her defenders subdued she knew the Minor Cock Elementals would hold back from attacking her. She was defeated, there was no need to take her powers quickly. Azel would want to do it himself. She could already see it in her mind, see the vile god’s towering form coming towards her, see him making her kneel and submit to his indecently sized manhood. Would he make her kiss it first? Force her to touch it and thus depower herself?

The myriad ways the god of cock could destroy her power flashed through Queen Faeven’s head. She closed her eyes, trying to fight the flow of disturbing mental images while ignoring the world around her. She’d face her doom the way she’d faced every challenge: with calm stoicism. She let the world around her fade away, waiting for her fate.

A ripple of power exploded from the forest around them, causing her eyes to shoot open. All around her was billowing green energy, flowing from the forest and wrapping around the Minor Cock Elementals. The disgusting little demons were wrenched off of the women they were attacking, pulled off and flung away. The green energy began to take the form of spectral warriors. As they formed they swung long swords at the small demons, cutting them in half. The severed halves fell to the ground, convulsing then dissolving in a steam of sparking red energy.

The queen stood, looking around and trying to understand what was happening. Across the lake she saw Azel howl in anger, his arms out before him as he sent more of his power into his little demons. But the green ghostly soldiers were cutting them all down, freeing her army one by one!

More of the green winds of power rushed from the forest, blowing over her camp. Every one of her soldiers that was touched by the wind was renewed, their clothing and armor returned and they were left looking as though the Minor Cock Elementals had never as much as touched them! Her army was being saved and their weapons, now infused with flowing green power, were turning and finally fighting back the cock demons!

But how? From whence did this green power come? What force had come to her aid?

Her army cheered as it rallied, charging alongside the green spirits and cutting down the last of the demons. They reached the water’s edge, the army shouting abuse at the vile god who stood on the other side of the lake. Her brave Fey warriors knocked their bows and sent a volley of magically infused arrows flying at the angry god. She watched as his massive looming form snarled, throwing an arm up to create a red field above his head to absorb the magical arrows.

Faeven rose from her stone throne. The god’s forces had been beaten back but her troops would be unable to harm him. She was drained, although the strange green power had refreshed her slightly. Even so, it would take nearly all the power she had left to banish the god’s physical form. If it drained her of all the power she had left that was what she’d do!

But even as she began to walk towards the water’s edge she saw that her power would not be needed. The spectral green ghosts, which she now realized were spirit’s of the primal forest around them, began to turn into flowing green mists of magical power. It flowed together, gathering in a large swirling mass floating above the water before her army. She felt the power from it and knew what, knew who, had saved her!

Queen Faeven had come to this forest because of him. This forest was powerful because it had once housed the grand temple of a mighty forest deity that she had thought had long forgotten by the mortal world. There were none left that worshiped Imeyr, Great God of the Great Forest, and she had thought she was one of the few beings in all of Alaria that even remembered the god’s name. But even forgotten she’d known some of his power would remain in the forest, making it a place that her power could be more easily channeled.

Apparently, she had been wrong. Imeyr still lived!

The green energy swirled together over the water, power from the forest flowing out and gathering together. She saw The Blade of the Queen stand tall, mighty once more and knew the forest god was calling her forward to serve as its chosen champion. Her army grew silent as The Blade stepped out onto the lake, the green power swirling around her and allowing her to walk on the surface of the water. The Blade flexed, the energy flowing in and out of her massive hulking muscles, then she howled a ferocious war cry and charged across the water towards Azel.

As she charged the green energy flowing around her took the form of a gigantic man dressed in armor made of leather and bark. Huge antlers rose from the head of the green shadow-thing and it raised a spectral blade in each hand in the same manner that The Blade held her own weapons, making it look like it was a huge spectral shadow of the charging warrior woman.

Azel stumbled back as The Blade, shadowed by Imeyr the forest god, charged ever closer. He sent a wave of power at her but it broke on the green mist of power wrapped around The Blade and a few moments later she reached the shore, leaping and roaring as she brought her two blades together to cut the head of Azel’s physical form off. The shadow of Imeyr seemed to move into her as she did this, lending the mighty woman his power so she could slay the vile, perverse god’s physical manifestation.

Headless, Azel’s body fell to the ground. It quickly began to sizzled and dissolve into the soil. Red sparking energy flowed out from it, dissipating and leaving a fresh bed of strange red mushrooms behind. As the body disappeared Queen Faeven could feel the perverse god’s power melting away, feel his presence being forced from the physical realm of Alaria and banished back to the aether the gods normally inhabited.

The Blade of the Queen turned back, stepping away from the red mushrooms spreading on the ground and back out into the lake. She held the severed head of Azel up as Queen Faeven’s army cheered. As she slowly walked back across the small lake, the green power of Imeyr still flowing around her, the head she held in her hand began to fade. Its facial features were formless, as if they had never truly taken proper shape. And now as she drew closer to the other side of the water the whole head became a blur, fading quickly from existence as if it had never been there.

When The Blade set foot on the shore she dropped to her knees, the green power flowing out of her. Swirling green energy pushed through the gathered army, the women parting to allow it to approach their queen. Before her the mass of green power took the shape of a man, large and looming tall with the power of a god.

Imeyr had taken physical form. He stood larger than life, dressed in a mix of leather and bark. A white hood, its fabric gilded with gold, covered his head. His face was shadowed from sight, only glowing green tattoos on his skin and brightly burning green eyes could be seen. The huge antlers still stood upon his head, growing through the hood.

Queen Faeven knelt before the looming god and as she dropped to her knees so did her army. “You have saved us,” she said, awed by the god’s presence.

“And you have saved me,” his voice boomed, sounding as if it came from every tree of the forest around them. “I was but a sliver of divine power left sleeping in this place, nearly forgotten by the world. But your power and the faith of those loyal to you awakened me and have returned me to much of my former glory.  Your need allowed me to grow strong so that I could use that strength to save you.

“I was one of the ancient gods that led the first battle against The Corruption,” Imeyr continued. “I was one of the gods that helped seal away and imprison most of the other gods who had given themselves to that dark and perverse power. I gave nearly all of my essence to banish The Corruption form Alaria and only its return, and ones such as you fighting against its influence, was enough to bring me back. I thank you for that, for fighting this perverse corrupting power.”

The god reached a hand down towards Queen Faeven. “Stand as if you are my equal,” he commanded, taking her hand and pulling her to her feet. As Queen Faeven stood green energy wrapped around her arm, becoming a bracer of bark. “Wear my boon, let it make your power grow. And come, together we must cleanse the taint of The Corruption from this place.”

Murmuring, the rest of the army rose to its feet and watched as Queen Faeven, hand in hand with a god, walked to the water’s edge.

“Look across the water,” Imeyr boomed, pointing to where Azel’s physical body had been slain. “See the red mushrooms that bloom? They are things of The Corruption, many call them tookabrew mushrooms. If allowed to remain they will slowly spread The Corruption’s taint through my forest and weaken me, you, and your army. Even in defeat The Corruption taints the world and does what it can to win its war to infuse all of Alaria with its perverse essence. The accursed power can lose every battle yet in the end win the war. But together we can cleanse this place and rob it of even this victory.”

He let go of Faeven’s hand, turning the hand palm up and raising it to the sky. Green energy coalesced in his hand. It solidified, becoming a small wooden bowl full of glowing green fluid. “Take this,” he said to Faeven, handing her the bowl. “Kneel at the water’s edge as you and your army pray to me I shall take in your faith and as you pour the contents of that bowl we shall all together cleanse this place.”

Queen Faeven knelt at the water’s edge, staring into the glowing liquid in the bowl. All around her she heard the women of her army begin to mutter prayers to Imeyr and to the forest. The green fluid started to glow more brightly. She bent lower, tipping the bowl and letting the glowing green liquid poor slowly into the water.

The clear water of the lake started to glow green, the power she was pouring into it spreading out in every direction. Under the water’s surface she saw a huge, evil face appear. Red glowing eyes glared at her then the face twisted up in pain, shaking and dissolving from sight as the cleansing power she was pouring into the water chased the evil away.

She looked up as she poured the last of the fluid into the lake, saw the red mushrooms on the other side of the lake sizzling with sparking red energy. That energy slowly became green and the mushrooms melted, replaced by lush green grass, vibrant flowers, and beautiful fluttering butterflies.

“This place is cleansed,” Imeyr declared as the wooden bowl in Queen Faeven’s hand disappeared.

She stood and turned to the god. “We shall forever be in your debt,” she said with a small bow.

He nodded, waving her to rise back up. “Your army will be safe here for a time. I’ve healed them, yet they will still need time to recover from the ordeal. As my power pulls back some might feel what happened to them once more. Luckily the cleansing of this place will make it so the forces of The Corruption are unable to see you for some time. Even Azel, who stood right there, will not know where this place and where you are. Take the time to rest and plan your next move. The forest shall protect you but you cannot hide here forever, for the true fight against The Corruption lays outside my forest’s boundaries.”

“The perverse Elven king,” Faeven muttered.

“Yes,” Imeyr said. “And the new Dwarven king to the north. The Corruption flows around them both and they must be stopped. I will aid you and your forces as I can, and I say to you that although you have gathered an army open warfare is not the only or even best way to defeat these foes.”

Faeven nodded. “How shall we ever repay you?”

“Worship me and worship my forest,” Imeyr said, the trees all around them shaking as if hungry for that praise. “The faith of mortals is what powers me. I will never be one of the greater gods again, able to send my might anywhere in Alaria. I will almost certainly always be restrained to this forest, but with your people’s faith I can grow ever more powerful within my domain. Even now I can feel some within its borders realizing I’ve returned and beginning to pray to me.”

“We shall do as you ask,” Queen Faeven said with another bow.

“I require one more thing,” the god said, his glowing green eyes suddenly burning brighter.

“Anything,” Faeven replied.

HER,” Imeyr said, throwing an arm up and pointing into the crowd that surrounded them.

Queen Faeven looked to see that Imeyr was pointing at Novaoa, the Nemorvian warrior that had only so recently come to her. “But why?” she asked, confused by the request.

Imeyr began to stride towards Novaoa, the curvaceous warrior looking confused and a little frightened. “My reasons are my own, and a god need not explain his whims even to one as mighty as you, Queen Faeven. She will come with me away from your army and my essence will lead her deep into the forest where I will reveal what I require her for. She will come now or I shall cease protecting you and your army.”

Queen Faeven bit her lip, hesitating to answer. The demand was strange and the manner in which Imeyr was making it stranger still. As he made the request his voice sounded different… Something in her was saying this was not the correct course of action, that something was wrong here.

“I will come with you and do whatever is required of me,” Novaoa said suddenly, stepping towards the god and kneeling before him, still looking afraid but determined.

“I thank you,” Queen Faeven said cautiously, still unsure. But the woman had made up her mind and she was free to do as she wished.

“Then we shall leave at once,” Imeyr said, his physical form beginning to fade. “Make your plans,” he said to Faeven, “fight The Corruption. And I will lead this one to where she is needed.” As he spoke his hooded face was looking down at Novaoa. None could see his face, not even Novaoa as she had her head bowed. But if she had been looking up she would have seen the god’s face, she would have seen the bright green glow of his eyes falter for just a moment as they turned red. But none saw and none knew that Imeyr’s divine purification was perhaps not as thorough as they thought…




Chapter Eighteen: Inside King Moonlight’s Royal Dairy Farm


The large room that had been converted into the Nemorvian dairy farm had a small balcony where Jennenes could stand, allowing him to look down and see all that happens within. Now that the Nemorvian whores of the city were almost all gathered he was enjoying standing and watching, taking in the sight of his great works officially called “The Royal Dairy Farm”.

The newly appointed High Captain of the Dairy Guard, Meedard Dupont, was in the process of “installing” the farm’s newest acquisition. He was a male Human from the kingdom of Capatia, but not one of the tall full figured red-haired “High” Capatians that made up that country’s ruling nobility. He was a “Low” Capatian. Tough, wiry, with jet black hair. He was considered an undesirable in his homeland because of his birth status, and doubly so because he was a man as it was only women that were allowed to rule in that land.

He’d left his homeland in search of a place not just where men ruled over women but where women were mistreated. He’d found Jennenes Moonlight’s little kingdom to be all he’d hoped for and more. At first the man, an able fighter, had taken employ amongst the royal guard. But his skills as a more than able administrator had led to him rising quickly through the ranks. Jennenes had been waiting for a new post such as the one he now filled to come into existence to make the best use of the skilled man.

From his vantage point Jennenes watched him taking the newest Nemorvian to the place she’d live out the rest of her life. The pathetic Nemorvian whore was still protesting, struggling in vain to escape her fate. Her arms were tied behind her back and her legs manacled. Even if Dupont hadn’t been dragging her by one of her horns she’d have had little chance of escaping.

“You really are making such a fuss,” Dupont said to her, his words thick with the Capatian accent. “Look around you at your fellow Nemorvian sisters. They have already settled into their new lives as our dairy cows and most are happy with their lot.”

The woman he dragged by the horn closed her eyes, refusing to look. On either side of her were the milking stalls the other Nemorvians were “installed” in. They were all bent over on all fours, their huge udders hanging below them with devices attached to their nipples. The machines attached to them slowly, but steadily, sucked at their nipples and pumped the precious milk from their breasts. The other members of the Dairy Guard were busy attending to Nemorvian’s already installed, changing casks full of milk, ensuring the Nemorvian’s were fed and healthy, and most importantly fucking them all as often as possible to ensure their milk production remained as high as possible.

It was clear why she averted her eyes. She was a Nemorvian and the mere sight of a cock would take all the fight out of her. All around her men were fucking the women being milked. But it wasn’t just the men actively fucking the Nemorvians who she averted her eyes form. The Dairy Guard were both milkmen and protectors, most wore at least some armor and all were armed. If anyone tried to steal Jennenes’ treasures they’d find them well guarded. Yet because they were allowed and encouraged to fuck the Nemorvians as often as they wished most had found it beneficial to alter their armor and clothing so that at most times their manhoods hung free. Even Dupont went about within the farm with his cock hanging free, his codpiece removed and the bit of cloth normally covering his crotch pulled up and tucked out of the way.

The Nemorvian was still struggling when The High Captain had finished dragging her all the way to her new home. “Really, such fuss,” he grumbled, annoyed she still pathetically labored to escape. “But I’ve just the medicine to calm you before you are installed.”

He pulled her up onto her knees and turned her to face him. He was staring at her overlarge breasts as he did, watching the way they shook and jiggled as he roughly handled her. The sight had his cock already growing hard.

She still had her eyes closed and now tried to turn away from the man. He grabbed one of her horns again and forced her to face him, then with his other hand he grabbed his cock. It was already nearly fully erect and he wielded it like it was a weapon, and against a Nemorvian it truly was!

“Look at my cock, cow,” he barked.

“Never!” the woman replied defiantly, keeping her eyes closed tight and still struggling in vain to turn her head away.

Meedard Dupont sighed heavily, saying, “Fine, cow, we’ll do it the hard way.” He pulled her closer to him, holding his cock up then letting it fall on her face.

It landed down beside her nose and over one of her eyes with a meaty “thwump” sound. Even from his vantage point above King Moonlight could see the effect it had on the woman. As soon as the man’s cock hit her face she stopped struggling, convulsing for a moment as she fought the biological impulses her racial weakness would be making her feel. Dupont started rubbing his cock on her face, from side to side and pressing it into her cheek. She quivered then gave in.

She opened the eye that didn’t have a cock being rubbed across it. She moaned at the sight and turned, opening her mouth and letting her tongue snake out to lick the underside of his shaft. A shiver ran through her body, the moment of her total submission to the cock on her face.

The High Captain of the Dairy Guard let the cocknotized Nemorvian lick and then suck on his cock for a bit. But before long he grabbed both her horns and pulled the woman off his dick. “That’s enough to calm you,” he said, his cock still hard and glistening with her saliva. “Before I have any more fun with you I’ve got to start prepping you for your installation.”

He had a satchel slung over one shoulder. He reached into it and pull out a leather collar, the kind most lands made slaves wear, only this one had a cowbell attached to the front. “A cowbell for our newest dairy cow,” he proclaimed as he tightened the collar around the woman’s neck.

Jennenes smiled as he watched. It had been the man’s idea to add the bells to each of the newly acquired slave collars. It was a bit of added humiliation that served to both remind the women what they now were and added to the dehumanization of the women. Jennenes hadn’t thought about how important that would be at first, but Meedard Dupont had insisted it was essential.

“We need the men of the Dairy Guard to not see these Nemorvian cows as women, but as things,the Low Capatian man had insisted. “If not, some might become attached and try and rescue or even make off with them.”

Jennenes had seen the truth of it at once and it had made him certain that he’d chosen the right man to head this operation.

All around Meedard Dupont Nemorvians were moaning as they were milked and fucked. They were all naked, their over-sized udders hanging down and their asses held high to leave their back ends inviting any who passed to take a turn at fucking them. But at that moment it was clear that the man only saw the cow before him that he was busy unbinding. She no longer needed the shackles, his cock had made her perfectly pliant.

He pulled a glass bottle from the satchel he wore and pulled the stopper out, pouring some of the oil contained within onto one of his hands. He quickly closed up the bottle and returned it to his bag then rubbed the oil together between his hands.

“We need to prep you and these milk-filled udders of yours,” Jennenes heard the man say to the Nemorvian as he slowly walked around the woman. Once he was behind her he told her to stand then reached around her body, grabbing her breasts and then beginning to massage the oil on his hands into her thick breast-flesh. She moaned at his sensual touch, her eye crossing and rolling up into her head as her tongue began to loll from her open mouth.

After massaging the oil onto every inch of her large breasts he moved his hands down, pressing her legs open and snaking his fingertips onto her pubic mound. He massaged the oil into her hairless and perfectly smooth outer labia then dipped his finger into her slit, working the oil onto her clit then slowly fingering some into her moist cunt hole.

Jennenes smiled, watching the man at his work. He was like a great artisan as he prepared the women, attending to them with far more tender care than he would have. The oil was another of Dupont’s ideas. Ewelic oil was a powerful aphrodisiac for most races, affecting the Nemorvian’s with a power that made its effects on other races seem meager. The oil left the women drooling and eager to follow directions even more so than normal as well as leaving them in a state of hyperarousal that left them sexual climax at alarming speeds.

It seemed to increase their initial flow of milk. It was that fact that brought the man’s oil-covered hands up from the Nemorvian’s pussy and back to her over-large breasts. He gave her oiled tits a nice squeeze, expressing some of her milk in pretty little jets of white cream. He then began playing with her nipples, working them between his fingers. Jennenes imagined how slippery they must be, from the oil and the moisture of the milk still leaking from them.

He watched as Dupont slid his hands away from her moist nipples, massaging her breasts till his hands were wrapped near their base. He started to squeeze, causing more milk to come out her nipples. This time it wasn’t small little jets but came out in a messy explosion of milk that sprayed wildly about. She moaned and wigged as he kept squeezing, shuddering as the milking made her cum. She fell back into him for support as her legs grew weak, leaning back and turning her face towards his. Dupont leaned forward and kiss her, long and deep, grinding against her plump backside.

Her body was prepped and he was hot and bothered and clearly in need of sexual release. Yet the man was a true professional. He’d not take his pleasure till his job was finished. He worked quickly to strap her into the milking machine.

As soon as he was done he got behind her, grabbing her wide, fat ass with both hands then running them down the sides of her thick thighs. “Time to break you in,” he said as his hands slid to her inner thighs then up to her pussy. He fingered her for a moment with one hand, stroking his hard cock with the other. A moment later he was ramming his cock into her.

At first he held her fat ass as he pounded her hard and fast. But a minute later he leaned into her body, wrapping his arms under her to grab her hanging udders. He squeezed them, expressing milk into the suction cups that were slowly milking the woman. White fluid exploded into the tubes, filling them faster than the machine could suck it out. She moaned in sexual bliss, shuddering and cumming again. As she did even more milk exploded from her tits, nearly overfilling the cups attached to her nipples.

Jennenes knew his High Captain wouldn’t last long before he came, and as he expected he heard the man groan in pleasure and relief a few moments later. He watched him take a step back, saw his cock, already growing soft, fall from the pussy of the Nemorvian. Cum trickled out, dripping on the floor below her. The king smiled, happy to see his loyal subject rewarded for a job well done and knowing that the sexual pleasures the job came with would do more to buy these men’s loyalty that any coin ever could.

He was thinking about going down to ask the man if there was anything he thought the Royal Dairy Farm needed but just then his Majordomo came onto the balcony. “Sire, I’ve troubling news to report,” he said.

Jennenes turned, frowning. “Well, out with it man!”

“It’s the ravens we sent to the Mercenaries, sire. They’ve… returned.”

“So?” Jennenes asked, confused. “What do the Minotaurs say? Have they gotten any closer to accomplishing their task?”

“There is no reply,” the man said. “They returned with their messages unread. They were either unable to find the mercenaries or…” The man trailed off, suddenly nervous. He knew that Jennenes occasionally took bad news unwell and punished the messenger that brought it to him.

“Or they are no longer among the living,” the king said, finishing the man’s thoughts. He sighed in annoyance. “Must I do everything myself? I’ve had to use so much of my stores of mana recently that I’ve little energy left for even simple spells, but it seems I must tap into my precious reserves to find the truth of this matter.”

He began to mutter a quick spell, the arcane tattoos on his arms glowing brighter. A moment later he took a step back, holding his hands before him then spreading them apart. As his hands spread a small shimmering viewing portal was open, showing him the Minotaurs.

The Majordomo gasped, seeing the mighty men all slaughtered, their camp ransacked. Jennenes, however, was not surprised. In his heart he’d known the annoying Nemorvian bandits had somehow slain the powerful mercenaries.

“This makes little sense,” he muttered, looking at the corpse-littered encampment. “The rumors said there were only three of the Nemorvians, they should have had no chance against these beastly men even if they have somehow figured out a way to throw off their racial weakness.”

“Sire?” the Majordomo suddenly asked, concerned. “Are you… well?”

Jennenes didn’t respond at first. He was clammy and shaky and struggling to keep the viewing portal open. Even though his mana stores were so drained it should not have been as trying to keep the simple enchantment open.

“Some power works against me,” he said, his voice quivering from the effort of keeping the spell active. He stumbled back, the spell broken. He looked weak and sick, his face showing the confusion he felt. “I must return to my study,” he said, sounding tired. “I must rest and think on what I saw…”





Chapter Nineteen: Many Paths


“War band, to arms!” the leader of the Fey warriors called out, drawing her bow and knocking a magical, glowing arrow so fast her arms were a blur.

Zomos drew a huge double-bladed axe she’d taken from the corpse of a Minotaur and beside her the two Nemorvians drew their weapons. Amitkoa glanced at Kilne, watching her younger companion. She’d been… strange since shaking off the shock of the battle. She seemed changed and distant and if they were about to be attacked she wanted to protect her should a new battle put her back into the state of shock she’d been so hard to wake from.

“Lower your weapons,” a musical female voice called out as a small Fey woman fluttered into view. “I come with messages from Queen Faeven!”

“She still lives?” the leader of their band called out, quivering her arrow and storing her bow. “Tell us the news of the great battle! Her message made it seem all hope was lost.”

The new arrival, a Fey woman who introduced herself as Meadow, explained how the ancient forest god had arrived just in time to save not just the queen but her entire army!

“The mighty Queen Faeven is not just undefeated but more powerful than ever!” a pretty, young Human woman said, appearing out of the forest behind Meadow. She wore flowing green and blue robes and had long blue hair that ran down nearly to her waist, with two wrapped buns of blue hair on either side of her head. “We’ve won this battle against The Corruption and she wishes to press on with the war. It’s no longer time to just gather her powers, she says. It’s time we go to take the battle to The Corruption and begin to send its influence fleeing from this world!”

“What does she wish of us?” the Fey woman leading the band of warriors said, smiling at the revelation that things were far better than she thought.

“You are to take your force back to the hidden encampment,” Meadow told her. “She has need of numbers there. Meanwhile, I shall lead a smaller force on an important side quest.” She landed on the ground, here wings fluttering for a moment then disappearing. “Destine Foy, the mage that has come with me, shall be joined by the two Nemorvians and the giantess on this quest.”

Amitkoa pressed forward. “We are eager to serve the queen,” she said quickly, “but please, has there been word of our friend Novaoa?”

Meadow nodded. “Yes,” she said, her face suddenly grave. “She arrived at the camp just before the battle began. She proved her worth defending Queen Faeven but…” Her voice trailed off and she looked uncertain. “Imeyr, the mighty forest god that saved us all, he demanded she leave with him. Novaoa went willing with the god but to what purpose no one knows.”

“But she is well?” Amitkoa asked.

Meadow nodded. “Yes, she is. And if all goes well you three Nemorvians shall all meet again seen. But for now Queen Faeven requires that your reunion wait. The quest the queen sends us on must come first.”

“What is this quest?” Zomos asked eagerly.

Meadow looked up at the huge woman. “A matter of great importance but one that must remain secret even from our allies for now.” She looked to the other Fey warriors. “In time I shall reveal all.”


* * *


Jennenes growled in anger and frustration, knocking the metal bowl before him to the floor. As it fell the water inside of it splashed, the glowing magical energy it had been infused with sparking then dissipating.

“Why can I not scry the location of the Nemorvian bandits?” he said, leaning back in his chair and rubbing at his temples. “Some magic hides them from my sight and it vexes me so. I feel that even were my manna not so drained I’d still be having the same problem. I need to break past whatever protects and hides them… but how?”

He looked around his study, glancing at the many tomes of magical knowledge sitting on his shelves. There were countless ways to try but which would serve him best at this moment?

Before he could decide the door flew open. “Sire, there is a most urgent matter that needs your immediate attention!”

“What could possibly need my immediate attention?” Jennenes asked, frustrated by his failure and now by the interruption.

“It is Queen Ghilliana Ermean of Lyalduinin. She’s here, in the royal hall begging an immediate audience.”

Jennenes nearly leaped out of his seat. “What? That haughty, stuck up Elven bitch? The one who told my father his High Elven blood was too diluted and that she’d never have dealings with him or his kingdom, no matter how large it grew? The leader of that tiny city-state to the south, that sits on the richest Emberstone mine in the region?”

“Yes,” the majordomo said with a bow. “I think you will want to hear what she has to say, or rather what she has to ask. She is in desperate need of your aid.”

“Well, this is interesting. The Nemorvian bandits can wait, whatever they are actually up to, can’t be more important than this. I will need some time to prepare; I must make a proper first impression. See her to a guest room. Let’s see how much she needs my aid, let’s see if the bitch will actually wait for me to hold an audience with her. Maybe overnight?”

“Yes, sire, I’ll see to it. And I think she will wait, I think you’ll find she’ll be willing to do nearly anything to gain your aid! And once this matter is settled you can return your attention to the Nemorvian bandits.”

“Yes, yes,” Jennenes said, waving the last comment away. It was clear that the Nemorvian band was already a forgotten thing to him, at least for now.


* * *


Novaoa pressed forward through the forest. The trees around her were slowly growing larger, their trunks thicker and everything around growing older looking. They grew closer and closer together, the underbrush growing heavier too. She wasn’t following a path, instead she simply felt the way forward, driven by some unseen power she assumed was Imeyr.

“We are getting close,” the forest said, its voice loud and booming and sounding as if every tree in sight was speaking at once.

The sound made her shiver with fear. The god had felt immensely powerful from the first moment he had appeared, but the further she moved into the forest the greater that power felt. Her fear was slowly turning into terror. The fact that she didn’t know WHY the god had required her only added to that terror.

“You need not feel such fear,” his voice boomed from every direction. The words did nothing to calm her, not just because the booming voice was terrifying but because its words implied Imeyr could easily read her mind. Sensing her growing terror the god responded by once more taking physical form. Green energy flowed out of the forest around her, coalescing into the shape of a huge man. A moment later Imeyr was looming beside her.

He reached down, putting a huge hand gently on one of her shoulders. Calming power flowed into Novaoa. “You need not fear,” he said again. His voice was still deep and powerful, but coming from a single physical being and not from the forest itself it was far less terrifying. As he kept his hand on her shoulder she quickly grew calmer, feeling completely at ease by the time he pulled his hand away.

They never stopped walking deeper into the forest, only now Imeyr was leading the way. She looked up at him, awed by his presence but no longer feeling any fear.

“Where are you taking me?” she asked.

“To… my home on Alaria,” he replied slowly, as if uncertain how to describe their destination. “A true god spends most of their time in the ethereal plane above Alaria, but my power has grown too weak for me to go there. My essence is trapped on Alaria, within the confines of this forest. Within its borders I have great power, but I doubt I’ll ever be strong enough to leave or return to the ethereal plane above.”

Novaoa could hear the sadness in his voice as he told her this. She felt the urge to comfort him but had no idea how to do that.

“You said you gave up your power to try and stop The Corruption. What does that mean?” It felt audacious asking a god any question, yet she was so eager to understand what was happening she couldn’t help herself.

Imeyr was silent as they pushed ever deeper into the forest and she thought at first that he wasn’t going to answer her question. But eventually he did, speaking slowly as if what had happened was hard to put into words.

“The Corruption is an alien force, not something native to Alaria. Where it comes from I do not know, I doubt even the gods who have given themselves over to it know. It’s not an inherently evil force, just overwhelming perverse and it just so happens that many evil things can be done when acting on the most perverse of whims.

“It changes everything it touches, corrupting mortals and gods and even the earth itself. And it is insidious in its war to change and infuse everything with itself. Even when one wins a battle against it the taint of The Corruption is left behind. The forces standing against it could win every battle yet, in the end, lose the war.

“The time I was one of the mighty gods was very long ago and the war against The Corruption lasted many an age. My memories of that time are… faint. A god does not remember the way you mortals do. With enough time we… forget. I fear the only reason I can remember any of that time is because I spent so much time barely existing, in a kind of sleep.

“I remember that we gods that stood against The Corruption eventually saw that the force could never really be defeated, there would always be some that remained and with enough time it would reach out and corrupt the world again, growing stronger. In the time it would have taken for it to slowly regain its strength the gods would have forgotten the threat it posed… We wanted to avoid that, we wanted something close to a permanent solution.

“The gods infused with the power of The Corruption could never be cured of its taint. For a time we warred with their followers, sending our faithful against them. A god needs the faith of mortals to continue to exist so we thought to try and slaughter or convert those who worshiped the corrupt gods, to starve them.

“It nearly destroyed the mortal races of Alaria. We realized we had to do something different. So we worked to imprison the gods of The Corruption. We found various ways to jail and bind them in hidden places. But the cost was great… Many ended up like me, spending so much of their power they nearly faded from divine life. Others gave up their immortal existence to become the corrupt god’s prisons.

“But even then we knew it was a temporary solution. Eventually, the corrupt gods would escape the places they were bound in. It might take thousands and thousands of years, but The Corruption soaked into them would slowly seep into the very things holding them prisoner. And as soon as just one of these corrupted gods was free they’d be able to start spreading The Corruption through Alaria again, almost certainly looking for their imprisoned comrades to free them as well.”

“How long ago did you give yourself in this way?” Novaoa asked.

Imeyr took a long time to answer. “I do not know for certain,” he eventually said, speaking each word slowly as if uncertain of its truth. “Many thousands of thousands of years ago. What I can sense of Alaria is nearly unrecognizable to me, except for some parts of this forest. Once all of Alaria was covered with grand civilizations far more advanced than what I sense now. But something happened. Perhaps it was the great war against The Corruption, perhaps it happened after that. But whatever transpired it caused a great collapse and for a long time you mortals barely existed. All the people, I fear even the mighty High Elves, slipped into near barbarism. And in the place of fallen mortal civilizations the wilds of the world reclaimed Alaria.”

Novaoa nodded. She was no scholar but even she had heard tales of The Great Collapse. No one knew what caused it, but the stories she’d heard said much the same that Imeyr had just told her.

She sensed he didn’t have anything else to add to his tale at the moment so once again she asked where they were headed.

“It was once my grand temple,” he replied slowly. “Even as I slumbered the faith of those that once worshiped me was so soaked into its walls that it remained, even as this forest reclaimed all else. But you’ll see it soon, we are almost there.”

True to his word they soon came to a large, overgrown temple. It towered above them, yet the trees around it were so gigantic that they were even taller than the ancient building. As they got closer she could see that it had once been stone but very little of that material was left. Its walls were now made of wood and vines as if the forest had slowly wrapped itself around the structure and replaced it.

The forest was thick here, so thick that no light made it through the canopy far above. The way before them was lit by masses of fluttering glow bugs and she could see that within the temple the vines and roots glowed green. As Imeyr led her into the temple there was soft green light everywhere, coloring the world around her green.

He led her through the labyrinthine halls until they reached a large chamber. In its center was a dais with a throne made of thick roots. She expected Imeyr to head for it but after looking at it for a moment he moved instead towards a doorway leading off from the large chamber.

“Come, little Nemorvian. It is nearly time for me to explain why I have brought you here.”

Together they entered the much smaller room. She thought that at one time it must have been some kind of bedchamber. But the furniture had been replaced by the roots and vines that now made up the temple. There was something that looked like a huge but, but instead of a mattress it had a bed of thick, soft moss.

Imeyr walked up to it and sat. “I need you,” he said, staring at Novaoa with his intense, glowing green eyes. “I need you and I don’t want anyone else to know why.”

She stood awkwardly before him. He seemed suddenly so tired, so weak and vulnerable. “Tell me,” she said, a bit of the fear she had felt returning.

“Do you remember what I said on our journey here?” he asked her. “About how we can win every battle against The Corruption and still lose?”

She nodded, feeling incredibly apprehensive.

“I was able to wash away its taint at Queen Faeven’s camp, but it cost me greatly. To touch anything infused with The Corruption almost always leads to a bit of its essence transferring into you. I have touched it and now its power is in me.”

Novaoa took a step back. What did the god mean? Had he taken her here for some nefarious, perverse reason? In clearing The Corruption away from Queen Faeven’s camp had he given himself to the sinister force?

“I can feel the thoughts running through your head,” he told her, his voice soft and full of weariness. “No, I have not given myself over to The Corruption. But a sliver of it is in me. It will fester and grow, slowly corrupting every fiber of my being. I fear it can never be fully cured but I think it can be held at bay.”

“How?” Novaoa asked, already fearing she knew the answer.

“It changes me already,” Imeyr said, wringing his hands together and shaking slightly. “I’m feeling urges, no NEEDS, that I’ve never felt. I think, although I am not certain, that if I wish to keep The Corruption at bay I will need to stay in this form and have someone constantly sating these growing sexual needs.”

She stood motionless for a time, feeling the weight of what he had just confessed floating in the room with them. It was just about what she had expected. She knew how to please a man, how to satiate his sexual needs. But could she satiate a god’s needs?

Imeyr unexpectedly stood, a fierce look on his face and his eyes fixed upon Novaoa in a way that made her quake with fear. She saw something in his glowing green eyes, a flash of red. It’s the taint of The Corruption, she thought. Red is the color of it.

She wanted to take a step back away from the god who stood towering above her but she felt suddenly weak, her arms fell to her sides as her muscles all started to go limp. A moment later she fell to her knees, no longer able to stand.

Imeyr took a few quick steps towards her, his large strides easily closing the distance. He reached down and grabbed the top of Novaoa’s head and lifted her up into the air before him. The glow of his eyes was now more red than green. He grabbed the clothing she was wearing and tore it open, causing her overlarge breasts to fall heavily into the open air.

The god groaned in delight at the forceful reveal of her breasts. “They are so large,” he whispered, his voice full of barely restrained lust as he stared at her tits. “So thick and wide and heavy… How did I never see just how sexually appealing a female’s breasts are?”

He shifted in a way that made her look down. She blinked, confused. A moment ago the god had been wearing layers of leather armor and robe-like white cloth edged in cold trim. But now the towering god was naked. His skin was covered in faintly glowing green tattoos shaped as chaotic dashes and glyphs.

But it was not the strange tattoos that drew her eyes. It was his manhood, the hard erect manhood of a god.

There was a moment that she felt relief. Her racial weakness had not been triggered by the sight. It seemed that whatever Queen Faeven had done to “cure” her of it still lasted. But that relief was quickly replaced with terror as she took in just how big his dick was. He was proportioned like a regular Human man, just sized up so that he stood over ten feet tall. His cock, however, was much larger than one would expect. Long and thick and covered in the same faintly glowing tattoos that covered the rest of his body.

It won’t fit in me, was the only thought in her mind as she stared at it.

“It will fit wherever I desire it to fit,” Imeyr rumbled, clearly having read her mind.

He slammed her down onto the ground, forcing her onto her knees. She felt her heavy breasts bounce and jiggle from the impact, yet even before they had settled Imeyr was shoving his gigantic cock into her mouth. She opened wide, trying to scream as the god forced his throbbing hard cock into her mouth but his dick was already deep enough in her mouth to muffle the scream completely.

Imeyr grabbed her horns with both hands and held her in place as he began to savagely fuck her face. His cock slammed into the back of her mouth and down her throat. She knew it should have been too big to fit, yet it did. She choked and gagged as he slammed into her mouth and down her throat over and over again.

Her body was still weak, her arms hanging limply at her sides. If not for the god holding her up by the horns she knew she’d have collapsed onto the floor. Her weak, limp body seemed to help make the savage face fucking less uncomfortable, although she still struggled to breathe.

It wasn’t long before Imeyr grunted and pressed so deep into her that her lips touched the base of his shaft. She felt the massive cock in her mouth and running down her throat quiver as he began to cum. The pressure inside of her as his cum exploded straight into her gut was disorienting, she’d never felt a man cum while pressed so far into her throat. Making it worse was the feeling that his load of ejaculate was at least five times what a normal man would expel.

He let go of her horns and pulled out of her. As his cock slid up and out her throat she felt as if it was leaving a vast emptiness behind. Then, as soon as his cock was out of her mouth, she collapsed. Weakly she rolled over, gagging then half choking out the god’s huge load of cum.

There’s so much of it, she thought as it oozed and soaked into the twisting vines and living wood that made up the floor.

The weakness that had overcome her when Imeyr had stood was gone. She sat up and looked up at Imeyr, hoping to see the god sated and back to his normal self. Instead she found him looming above her, his massive cock still hard. He had hold of it with one hand and was lightly stroking it, staring down at her tits.

“I warned you,” Imeyr said, his booming voice sounding half-mad. “I will need your near-constant attentions to hold The Corruption at bay.”


* * *


“We’ll make camp here for the night,” Meadow said. The rest of the party trudged wearily into the small wooden clearing after the sprightly Fey woman.

Zomos set her huge double-headed axe against a tree then moved off into the nearby forest, returning a few moments later dragging the trunk of a downed tree. The giantess lifted the tree with ease, her thick muscles flexing only slightly as she hefted it up then dropped it near the center of the clearing.

“Should make a passable bench you can all fit on,” she said before returning to the dense forest surrounding the clearing. She returned a moment later hefting a huge rock that she dropped near the length of the tree, then sat down on it. “But a hard rock under my ass if far more to my liking.”

Destine Foy, the Human mage that was the most recent addition to their little party, began slowly pacing around the edge of the clearing. She muttered arcane enchantments and held her hands out before her. Spinning circles of glowing runes appeared before her hands, leaving faint wispy trails of magic behind them.

Once she had fully encircled the clearing she turned and flashed a weary smile at the other women. “Those wards should make sure no one who wishes us ill stumbles upon as during the night. And they should help protect us should anyone who knew our identities try to scry out our location.”

“Many thanks,” Meadow said, nodding appreciatively. “Are you up to starting a fire? It will be dark soon and I’m sure we’ll all appreciate the light and warmth before long.”

“I’m tired from our long march through the woods today,” Destine said, “but even should I be so exhausted as to need sleep right away such a feat would be possible with great ease.”

That one really likes to show off, Amitkoa thought as she watched the young mage gather flowing green energy between her hands then push it into the ground near the center of the clearing. Bright green flames erupted into life, seemingly needing no fuel to keep their flame burning.

She looked over at Zomos and saw that the giantess was rummaging through the large pack she had been hauling on her back, pulling out the small but nourishing food they would soon be eating. The members of the party went up to her, one by one, taking the Fey trail bread they’d brought along as their main food source.

After taking hers Amitkoa went and sat on the tree and opened the thick leaf wrapped around the food. Inside was a thick, dense bread. The leaf had some simple enchantment on it that helped keep the bread fresh and the bred itself had some magic in it. A single piece provided enough nourishment for a long day’s march and even though it was a bit dry for her liking it tasted delicious.

Kilne sat next to her, eagerly opening her meal and hungrily taking a few big bites. She looked up at Amitkoa after that and smiled. “This stuff is pretty tasty.”

“It is,” Amitkoa replied with a smile. She was happy to see that the young Nemorvian was seemingly back to her normal self. She’d seemed strange at first, quiet and then… odd. But as they had continued through the forest she seemed to shake off the events that had so shaken her.

Kilne glanced at Zomos, sitting on her rock and munching on her own bread, then over to Meadow and Destine who were talking quietly together on the other end of the tree trunk. She then leaned in and whispered to Amitkoa. “Still no word of what this quest we’ve been sent off on is?”

Amitkoa glanced over at the small but fierce Fey woman that was the leader of their party. “No,” she whispered back, “but I have faith in Meadow. She must have a good reason for not telling us yet.”

“You think that blue-haired mage knows?”

“Maybe,” Amitkoa whispered back, looking at the Human. She was a very cheery woman, full of youthful exuberance and even when tired after their long march she still seemed to be always smiling and laughing prettily. Meadow and Destine were both warriors who had enlisted in an army of feminine might to take on great evil, yet they there was an almost innocent wholesomeness to both women that felt odd to her.

“You think they are lovers?” Kilne asked, her voice even more quiet than before.

Both Nemorvians looked over at the two women. As they talked and laughed quietly together they sat intimately close and occasionally Destine would reach out and place a hand on Meadow’s leg and often the little Fey woman would each up and brush some of the Human’s long blue hair out of her face.

“Maybe,” Amitkoa whispered. “But what of it?” She stared hard at Kilne, curious why the question seemed so important to her friend. Kilne was staring at the other women, her brows furrowed as if she was trying to puzzle out some deep mystery. The green light of the flickering mage flame made her face look sinister and Amitkoa felt a sudden urge to pull away from her close friend, but a moment later the intense look on her face eased and the urge passed.

“It’s just that this evil we’re supposed to be fighting, this Corruption they keep going on about,” Kilne whispered. “They keep talking about how perverse and sexual it is. At first the way they talked made me think they thought any kind of sex was part of this evil, almost like sexuality itself was an evil to be defeated. But the more time we’ve spent with them the less that’s seemed so. They are part of an army made up of only women, I guess I was wondering if they are all celibate or if they find intimacy between women acceptable.”

Amitkoa shrugged. “Why not ask them? Me, I don’t really care at the moment. My stomach feels full and now that I’ve been off my feet for a bit I’m feeling the weariness of the day.” She sat up and yawned. “I think I’ll need to sleep before long.”

Zomos was already pulling the bed rolls out of the large pack. “Do we need to set a watch through the night?” she asked, looking to Destine for the answer.

The blue-haired Human shook her head. “No, my wards should be enough. If we were pursued by some foe then they might fail, but as far as we know no one specific is hunting for us yet.”

“And if we are lucky,” Meadow said, “that won’t change anytime soon. But even so, I’ll stand watch. We Fey don’t need sleep the way you all do. I can rest while still awake for days before I need proper sleep. The rest of you can bed down whenever you are ready.”


* * *


Meadow sat at the very end of the tree trunk, her feet perched on the edge and her body crouched over like a waiting gargoyle. Her fairy wings were extended and flickered and fluttered every now and then as if in agitation.

Kilne was the only one besides Meadow still awake and she sat some way down the tree, watching the small Fey woman. The green flames of the magical fire still burned, but less brightly now filling the clearing only with a faint flickering green hue. The bright moon above and a sky full of twinkling stars seemed to shine brighter than the fire. Meadow was staring up at the night sky, her shoulders hunched over.

The young Nemorvian got up and moved closer to Meadow, sitting near her. “What are they?” she asked quietly so she didn’t chance waking the others.

Meadow started and it was clear she had not realized Kilne was still awake. She turned to her, looking a bit sheepish that she’d been so surprised. Her translucent wings fluttered for a moment then folded into her back, disappearing from sight. “What do you speak of?”

Kilne nodded to the sky. “The stars,” she asked, scooting closer. “And the moon, I suppose. I’ve lived nearly all my short life in one brothel or another and barely got to see the night sky till Novaoa saved me from that life. I have immense knowledge about how to please someone sexually, but am very unlearned in almost anything else.”

Meadow’s legs slid down off the log and she sat properly, looking up at the night sky above. She was silent for a time, then answered slowly as if choosing each word carefully. “There are many Human scholars that think the stars are simply faraway suns, like ours but at a distance so vast all we can see are their faint twinkling glimmers in the night sky. They say the moon is a thing like Alaria, but much smaller and devoid of not just any life but air itself.”

She paused, looking from one part in the sky to another. “There are Elven scholars who tell a different tale. They say the stars are part of the ethereal plane that hangs above Alaria, the place the gods inhabit when not here and that the moon is a beacon in the night set by the gods before the Great Collapse to help light the world when all is dark.

“I’ve heard some Dwarves think the stars are magical gems set in the void that surrounds Alaria, marking the edge of existence. They say the moon was forged by a mighty Dwarven god who had shamed their race and had been banished from Alaria, never to feel the joy of rock underfoot again. And I’ve heard some think it’s a floating ball of Emberstone that’s light is dimmed with distance.”

Kilne looked up at the moon and stars then looked back down at Meadow’s small but pretty features and moved a bit closer, placing a hand gently on her leg. “And what do the Fey say?”

Meadow looked down from the sky and smiled mischievously. “The Fey do not share what they believe with outsiders. We are not like other races of Alaria, not truly mortal in the sense that Humans and Dwarfs or even Nemorvians are. Even a full-blooded High Elf is mortal, they will eventually age and die. We are… different. Our people’s history is long and sad, for Alaria was not always our home. There are other worlds, and we once lived in one but the Fey can no longer return to our true home. It is a sad thing that we rarely talk about even amongst ourselves. And because we are so different, because we don’t feel we belong in Alaria, my people have mostly tried to remain hidden from the mortal races.”

“But your Queen is leading your people to a great war! Surely soon you shall all be revealed to the world, no?” Kilne asked.

Kilne giggled quietly. “I forget you never made it all the way to Queen Faeven’s camp. I suppose you imagine a great host of Fey leading a handful of women like Destine Foy. The forces my queen has gathered are strong, but even so our numbers are not very large. It’s an army, but a small one. And the Fey gathered here in this forest, we are but a small band of my people. If the Fey are a people who cannot go home those gathered under Queen Faeven’s banner are those cast out from the homeless. Our decision to go out into the world, leaving behind our hidden homes, will forever make us outcasts from the rest of our people.”

A heavy silence hung between them for a time, Kilne not knowing what to say and Meadow seemingly not interested in saying more. Still, Kilne remained close with her hand on the small woman’s leg.

Meadow began to slowly lean in towards the young Nemorvian as if drawn to her touch. When she noticed she pulled away, looking confused and sheepish. “I’m sorry,” she muttered, pushing Kilne’s hands off her leg. “My people have a natural affinity for physical affection that I’ve had little time to indulge in recently. I should not have drawn so near to you.”

“I didn’t mind,” Kilne said, starting to reach back out but stopping when Meadow slid away. “I’ve been meaning to ask,” Kilne said quickly as if trying to draw Meadow back towards her with conversation, “are the warriors in Queen Faeven’s army… celibate?”

“No,” Meadow replied quickly. “We do not willingly give ourselves to ANY man, but we give emotional and physical love freely to other women when the mood pleases us.”

“My racial weaknesses have made me a sexual servant to men all of my adult life,” Kilne said, looking at the ground and speaking slowly. She paused for a moment then looked up at Meadow, her expression suddenly fierce. “But I’ve always preferred the touch of a woman.”

“It is a much nicer form of physical intimacy,” the Fey woman replied. A moment later Meadow reached her thin arms up into the air and stretched. “I’m not tired or weary but I feel dirty from our long travel. I think the thing I wish for most right now is a bath, a good long soak in clean water.”

“There’s a pool nearby,” Kilne said eagerly, jumping to her feet and holding a hand out to Meadow. “Come, I’ll show you. We can leave the camp for a short time, everyone is sleeping and will never know we left. And thanks to Destine there’s no need for a watch.” She grabbed Meadow’s hand and pulled her to her feet before the woman could answer.

A moment later she was pulling her out of the clearing and into the dense forest. They moved fast, Kilne moving as if the way was a path she’d taken a hundred times. She ran, practically dragging the Fey woman after her and Meadow had to leap up, her wings unfurling and fluttering to hold her in the air to keep up.

Meadow giggled prettily, the sudden journey filling her with glee. “How do you even know of this pool?”

“I saw it as we neared the place we are camping,” Kilne said quickly. A moment later they came to a stop. Before them the trees were tall, their trunks thick. The underbrush and hanging vines before them were so thick it was like a wall. “Come on, it’s through here,” she said, parting some of the vines and pulling Meadow through.

Meadow gasped as they passed through the vines. Before them was a small pool of perfectly clear and calm water. The canopy above them was so thick the sky above was totally blocked from sight and all around the pool the vines and underbrush were so thick that it left the pool feeling as though it was in a small room.

It would have been pitch black, but beautiful shimmering lights were slowly rising from the pool and floating up into the thick canopy above. They glowed with faint pink and red light, sparkling brighter at times.

“Whisps,” Meadow whispered reverentially, staring at the lights as they came into existence on the surface of the water and started floating slowly up. “This is a magical place! It feels like home,” she said, her wings fluttering furiously and taking her up into the air. She giggled and spun above, running her hands through the whisps as they floated past her. “I’ve seen and felt yellow and blue and green whisps, but I’ve never even heard of pink and red ones!”

A moment later Meadow landed, eying the pool greedily. “It feels almost as if this place was created just for me! That pool is the perfect depth to bathe in. And look here at the pool’s edge, the way these rocks are formed are perfect for sitting on almost like they were carved for that purpose. Thank you, Kilne, for taking me to this place!”

Meadow was staring at the pool as she spoke and didn’t see the way Kilne was looking at her. A sinister smile was spread across her lips as she stared at the little Fey woman and the irises of her eyes flickered and turned red. “Yes,” she whispered, “almost as if it was created just for you.”

Then she blinked, the red fading from her eyes, and stepped up behind Meadow. “The water waits,” she whispered into her ear, making sure her lips brushed against one of her long pointed ears. She wrapped her hands around Meadow’s body, grabbing her clothes and starting to pull it off. “You don’t want these getting wet,” she said a bit louder.

“No,” Meadow said, her voice sounding strange. Her eyes had become glossy and she was moving oddly as if falling into a trance. “And I must bathe in the pool. I must!”

“Wait a moment,” Kilne said as she helped Meadow take the last of her clothing off. She grabbed the small woman by the shoulders and turned her around to face her, looking down at her naked body.

Meadow stood a head shorter than Kilne, her body thin and narrow. Her chest was nearly flat, but what little breasts she had were perky and her tiny pink nipples were hard in the cool night air.

“You’re beautiful,” Kilne whispered, running a hand through Meadow’s short hair and staring into her eyes. “May I bathe with you?” she asked.

Meadow blinked, confused. “What? Y-yes. Yes, that would be nice.” Her eyes were still glassy and she was very clearly not her normal self.

Whatever strange power was befuddling the little Fey woman’s mind was having no effect on Kilne, although the Nemorvian did seem to be acting differently. She was the youngest of the three Nemorvian band and had always been the shyest and hesitant, the meekest. But now an intense fire burned in her eyes and she seemed driven and confident.

She took a step back from Meadow, leaving the Fey woman standing still and watching the whisps rise as if they had hypnotized her. Kilne began undressing, revealing a body very different from that of the small Fey woman standing beside her.

Where Meadow’s body was small and slightly inhumanly thin Kilne’s body was nothing but thick curves. She had full meaty thighs and a large, wide, fat ass. And her breasts looked huge standing next to the naked Fey woman, each wide heavy tit far larger than the little woman’s head.

Once Kilne was undressed she stepped up behind Meadow, gently grabbing hold of her shoulders. She stroked one of her arms as she leaned in and whispered into her pointed ear, “The water looks so cool and inviting, doesn’t it? You can’t help but need to enter the pool… It calls to you and you need to answer that call.”

Meadow nodded slowly, staring at the pool. “Yes… It… It calls to me. I must go deep into its waters…”

“Deep into its waters,” Kilne agreed. “You must go to the center and submerge your whole body. There, you will find the truth.”

“The truth,” Meadow whispered back.

Kilne let go of her shoulders and took a step back, waiting and watching with red back in her eyes.


* * *


I must enter the pool and discover the truth, Meadow thought as she slowly walked towards the water’s edge.

The closer to the pool she got the more whisps appeared on the water’s surface. With every step there were more of the glowing pink and red lights and they rose faster and faster. When she took her first step into the pool the whisps began floating towards her as they rose to the canopy above. Those that came within a foot of her seemed to be pulled to her and instead of floating up they began to float around her. By the time she had her second foot in the pool the whisps were flowing around her, a tornado of magical lights that glowed brighter and brighter.

At the pool’s edge where she had stepped in the water only went up to Meadow’s ankles. The lights swirling around her were so intense she could barely see the pool anymore. But that didn’t matter. She didn’t need her eyes. All that mattered was the pool and the truth it held.

She took a few more steps and found the water was up to her knees. A few more and it was up to her waist. Another few and all but her head was submerged.

There were no steps, natural or otherwise, built into the bottom of the pool. Meadow was vaguely aware that the change in depth was magical in nature. If she was to turn around and try and leave the pool she’d find that the water would be up to her neck all the way to edge. But she wasn’t going to turn around, she couldn’t. She had to know the truth.

Meadow took one more step, knowing her foot wouldn’t find the pool’s bottom this time. She didn’t care, she knew she had to be plunged all the way into its waters to discover the truth it held.

With a splash she fell into the water. For a moment she felt the water all around and could feel herself sinking towards some unknown depth. But the sensation of wet water all around her lasted for only a few moments.

The world jerked and she was thrown down then to the side then up. There was no longer water around her. She was nowhere, propelled through an endless void that blew through her very soul. She gasped, her wings peeled off her back and began to flutter furiously. It did no good, she flew wildly, tumbling and shooting through the nothingness.

Her wild journey through the void might have lasted a moment or it might have been an eternity, it was impossible to tell in that endless nothingness. All that mattered is that it suddenly ended.

There was a flash of red all around her, sparking red magical power enveloping her and seeping into her body and mind and soul. It had a strength she’d never felt before, stronger even then all the Fey power left in Alaria. It was oppressive, coming at her from every direction. It never stopped creeping into her and she felt it changing her… Corrupting her!

The truth, Meadow of the Fey, you will be shown the truth.

Meadow was on a soft bed, her small frail body laid out flat on its back. Her arms were stretched out beside her, limp and unresponsive. Her ass was at the edge of the bed and a large man had hold of her legs, holding them wide open. She gasped as the man plunged a HUGE cock into her cunt. She shuddered and moaned as he began to pound her hard and fast.

This is the truth. This is what you were made for.

She started to cum, the strongest orgasm she’d ever experienced, stronger than she had imagined possible. The man kept pounding her relentlessly, making her cum over and over again, each orgasm stronger than the last. She came till it felt like her mind had melted away and the woman she had been was gone.

Everyone wants to feel happy. Cock can make you happy. That is the truth.

She was somewhere else, naked and on her knees. Another man stood before her, naked as well. His cock was hard and she had her small hand wrapped around its base. She was looking up at it, admiring the sensual beauty of it. There was cum running down her face and she knew she’d just finished sucking the man’s cock then let him cum all over her pretty face. It made her happy, pleasing men and their cocks made her happy!

Relax. Accept that you were fated for the life of sexual bliss and servitude.

Meadow was lounging on a couch, lying in the lap of a naked man. He was an important man, a great king or leader of some kind. He was leaning back in the couch, relaxing as Meadow held his cock in one hand and sucked him off. She delighted in the slurping sounds the vigorous cock sucking made and reveled in the feeling of her head bobbing up and down. Sucking an important man off was relaxing, it wasn’t work. And his cock! So glorious, not just the shaft but his balls. She fondled them lovingly, feeling bliss when the man moaned in appreciation.

There’s no such thing as too much cock, not for you. That’s the truth.

Meadow was on her knees again. Not naked this time, but she was surrounded by naked men of every race she’d ever encountered. They all had huge throbbing cocks in their hands and were pressing in towards her, shoving their cocks into her face. She had her head back and her mouth open wanting to lick and suck them all. The men who couldn’t get to her mouth rubbed their cocks on whatever part of her face they could and she loved it. She wanted all of them, every cock in the world! There could never be too many cocks for her.

Cum makes you feel sexy. You need to wear cum and wear it with pride.

The men were gone, off to do the important things that men did. She didn’t need to worry about those things, not anymore. They had all cum, cum on her face and in her hair, on her pointed ears. It covered her face like a great thick yogurt that oozed and dripped off her face. It was amazing to be covered in so much cum, to wear the ejaculate of so many men. It made her feel sexy and important and confident and—

This is your life now. You shall serve cock and serve The Corruption. And it’s always better to serve with friends.

Meadow was on her knees again, another naked man standing before her with his hard cock in her face. She was licking and sucking and slurping on it, but she wasn’t alone. Another woman was kneeling beside her. She was facing this woman, the man’s cock between them. She was licking one side, her friend the other. The woman hadn’t known how divine cock was, how important it was to give oneself to The Corruption and ALL sexual perversion. But Meadow had shown her, Meadow had led the woman to the truth.

Savor your salvation. Forget your former life; you shall only have to continue it for a small time. You are one with The Corruption now, its agent that will work to bring all of your traveling companions into the fold of perversion and joy.

Meadow was on her back, a man sitting on her chest. She had hold of his cock, pointing it at her open mouth as it came. She had done so good, brought so many women into the perverse embrace of The Corruption. And now she was being rewarded with a fresh mouth of cum. As it hit her tongue she knew what heavenly bliss was.

This is the truth, Meadow of the Fey, you are now one with The Corruption as you were always fated to be. You will arise from the pool reborn. You shall share in a moment of bliss with the young Nemorvian who has already given herself completely to The Corruption. Then you two must work on spreading it to the rest of your party. You shall abandon your quest. The second, older Nemorvian is already touched by The Corruption, but she still fights it. The Giantess and the Human will resist, but you will find a way. Together you and Kilne will corrupt them all, one by one, The Corruption growing stronger as each woman falls into its embrace!

Meadow gasped for air as she rose out of the pool with a splash.

Kilne sat at the pool’s edge, her legs dangling into the water. She smiled at Meadow. “You’ve seen the truth?”

Meadow swam to her, finding an underwater ledge before the naked Nemorvian. She perched on it, on her knees and found it left her head above water. She looked up at Kilne, saw that the irises of her eyes were glowing red and knew that her eyes looked the same. “Yes,” she said, “I have.”

Kilne’s smile grew wider as she slowly spread her legs open, revealing her hairless vulva to the Fey woman. “That pool has gotten you all wet, but you’ll find my pussy is soaked without having to get in. Come, have a taste.”

Meadow leaned in, burying her face in the woman’s crotch. Her mouth opened and she began licking her pussy, running her tongue up one side of Kilne’s outer lips, up over her clit, then down the other side. Kilne leaned back, spreading her legs wider open. Meadow licked her taint then moved up, letting her tongue slip into her inner lips. The Nemorvian was sopping wet and the taste of her arousal was heaven.

As the little Fey woman’s tongue danced around Kilne’s clit, coaxing it out, the Nemorvian wrapped her legs around her back and held her tightly in place. She ran her hands through Meadow’s hear and moaned in delight. She pressed her tighter against her sex, moaning that she wanted to feel her tongue inside of her.

Meadow continued to eat her out, tonguing her cunt till Kilne shuddered and moaned as she climaxed.

A few moments later Meadow was out of the pool and the two were rolling around on the ground, arms and legs wrapped around each other. They kissed while their hands worked each other’s cunts. The shifted and scissored, howling in delight. They shifted again, Meadow on her back and Kilne sitting on her face.

Meadow was eating the Nemorvian’s pussy with hungry passion, looking up at her face through her two large, heavy breasts.

No, part of her thought, this is wrong. It was a quiet voice in the very back of her mind, as if it was being held in a prison. None of this is right! Fight it, don’t give in! This isn’t truth.

“Shhhhhh,” Kilne said, moving off her face and sitting on the ground next to Meadow. “Come lay your head in my lap and quiet your troubled mind. Yes, let me hold you, let my breast rest on your face. So warm, so soft. Mmmmm, yes, let my nipple slip between your lips. Suck. Drink my milk. Let The Corruption flow into you through it and let the very last of what you were be washed away forever.”

Meadow sucked and swallowed the delicious breast milk. The voice in her mind that had troubled her was silenced. They would rest for a few moments then leave the pool and have to play at being the people they once were. But they both knew the truth now, and in time so would the rest of their party…





Chapter Twenty: Two Kings, a Queen, and a God


Utdat Teddem, King of all the Shadow Mountains, sat upon his new throne. He’d had the edifice constructed in what had once been known as “The Hall of the Elders”. It had been a place where the heads of each clan would meet to discuss matters of import. Now it was where the new king held court. The elders of the clan no longer came here to discuss matters, they came to hear his commands.

The throne itself was a mostly simple thing, carved out of stone with little embellishment, except for the “stone halo” that rose from its head. He’d had the back of the throne carved so that when he sat upon it his head would rest in a circular section. From there a series of stone rectangles rose, their middles inset with glowing purple runes.

In a sense those runes were his crown, or at least part of it. After claiming his kingship the greatest smiths of every clan had come and offered their service in creating a new crown for the new king. At first he had thought to let the clans squabble for his favor but in the end thought better of it.

Instead, he tasked the best runesmith of his clan to create a series of runes that both proclaimed his kingship and magically reinforced the power. The runes were inset in the “rays” of the stone halo. But a throne is not a crown and he had never intended it to serve as such. He knew that he had to quickly solidify the kingship as his and only his, and the almost immediate betrayal of his daughter had only reinforced this.

So king Teddem had his head shaved. His mighty beard remained but on the bald scalp of his head he had the runesmith that had created the halo inset the same runes into his scalp. They would remain there, glowing with purple power, for the rest of his life. Their magic would only leave him when he proclaimed an heir and would only transfer to that person AFTER his death.

When he sat upon his throne, as he did that day, the runes on his head fed off the power of the runes in the stone halo on his throne, leaving both growing brighter. He knew it was a sight to behold and tried to make sure that when he had supplicants before him that he kept his head turned down, to reveal as much of the runes on his scalp as possible.

“Who is to come before me next?” king Teddem boomed as the previous supplicant was led from the chamber.

“A stranger from a distant land,” the two armored figures standing stoutly on either side of his throne declared in near unison.

They were new, too. “The Arms of the King”. They served as both his elite royal guard and led the ceremonies when he held court. After the attempt on his life he’d created their position and since then the two men, the greatest warriors of his clan, had rarely left his side. They were clad in full Dwarven platemail from head to toe and armed with massive axes that required two hands to wield.

The doors to the chamber were opened and a tall figure entered. They wore dark green robes with a heavy cloak of the same color, the hood pulled down over the wearer’s face to hide nearly all features from any eyes. Still, the king could deduce a few things from what he could see of the cloaked figure. They were no Dwarf, for they were FAR too tall. He could see they were also not an Elf, they were not that tall. He deduced that the figure was almost certainly a human. And from the shape of the curves under the flowing robes it appeared it was a Human woman, although one with a far larger bust then he’d ever seen.

“A stranger?” The king asked. “What stranger from a distant land has been allowed to come before the king with their identity still hidden?” He fought to hide the apprehension from his voice and struggled not to let it show on his face. Still, he flexed his thick Dwarven muscles as he clenched the armrests of his throne. He’d only barely survived the first assassination attempt against him and feared that when the next would come, because he had no doubts that there would be another, he might not be so lucky.

The cloaked figure took a few steps closer, but not close enough that they would seem a threat. “A stranger,” she said, her voice making it clear she was a woman, “but not one for long, I hope.”

She pulled back the hood and revealed her head to the king. She was a Human woman with shoulder-length curly brown hair. She looked to be middle-aged, an adult yet no longer youthful yet not yet looking old. Beyond that the king had a hard time placing her age as he always did with Humans. Before they came of age they looked so young… Then they had a meager twenty to thirty years before they began to look old and decrepit. Their lives were so brief and so strange to him.

He looked at her face, judging it at once. Few would call it pretty, but none would call it ugly. She was rather plain, with a face that could easily be forgotten.

Then she threw open the front of her cloak and she seemed far less forgettable. She was built of thick curves, not fat like some Human women get but thick none the same, almost in a Dwarven manner. But it was her breasts that drew the eye. They were massive, larger than even the bustiest of Dwarven women. Huge fleshy mounds barely contained by her clothing and looking so heavy he wondered how her feeble Human muscles allowed her to stand so straight while carrying the things about.

“I am Julianna, Priestess of Ynara and I come before you, mighty king Teddem, to offer my services.” She bowed slightly as she said this, allowing him a much better view of her massive cleavage. And she had done it in a way that left no doubt it was on purpose.

As she stood back up he stroked his beard, momentarily wondering how the weight of breasts so large hadn’t caused the woman to topple over when she bowed. “You give no clan name,” he observed, deciding the mystery could be answered later. For Dwarves a clan name was of great importance and none would introduce themselves without it less they bear some great shame and had the name stripped from them.

“I bear no family name,” she replied calmly, “because once I pledged myself to my goddess my connections to my family became irrelevant. I am a servant of Ynara first and everything else second.”

The king continued to stroke his beard, thinking carefully on his words before he next spoke. What did he know of this Ynara? It was not a goddess his people worshiped, not a proper Dwarven god. Yet the name was familiar and he knew there were worshipers of the goddess in nearby lands. He tried to recall what he had heard but the only memory he dragged up was that the goddess had something to do with women’s breasts. He glanced at her overlarge breasts and wondered if the woman’s goddess had bestowed them as a gift.

“I know the name of your goddess,” he finally said, “but little more. Tell me, what is this Ynara goddess of?”

“Of large breasts,” Julianna said at once. She stood up straighter, thrusting her own massive breasts out as she said this as if displaying the goddess herself. “She blesses those with large breasts, and blesses those who worship her with large breasts should they be lacking.”

“I can appreciate this goddess’ work,” the king said, openly ogling her cleavage. “But I am a man. What care I for your goddess’ favor?”

Julianna moved a step closer. “Her blessing might only touch women, but men can still gain her favor. She wishes as many as possible worship her for the faith of the mortals of Alaria makes her strong. She showers the lands that are kind to her with what glory and riches she can and curses the lands of those that shun her worship.”

“That sounds nice,” the king replied, “but the Dwarves of my land are a patriarchal people. If you look for my official favor I am little likely to give it, my royal court has only given its full favor to proper male Dwarven gods.”

The priestess took another step closer. “I understand, your majesty, and have come here hoping to change that. Ynara is mighty and grows more powerful every day. And so are the gods and goddesses she is close with. I am a priestess of Ynara, devoted and blessed by her, but I know much of the gods she is close to.”

His interest was properly piqued. The gods his people worshiped were proper Dwarven gods, but most were only worshiped here within the Shadow Mountains. He very much planned to increase the size of his young kingdom and knew that having more powerful gods on his side would help with that.

“So why have you come all this way?” he asked. “Do you come to teach me how to pray to these gods and goddesses? To convert my people?”

“Yes,” she said with an eager nod, “but that is far from all. My goddess has sent me to you to offer my services as an adviser, a role I’ve played before. I’ve traveled far and seen many a land and many a kingdom as well. I’ve seen what makes kingdoms, and kings, great. And I’ve seen what makes them fall. Take me as your adviser and I shall… advise. I shall advise you with the wisdom I know and when need be we shall pray together and learn the wisdom of Ynara and the gods she is close to as well.”

“And how, exactly, would we pray to your goddess of breasts?” the king asked, sounding gruff and near offended. He knew the way most prayers were conducted, in stuffy incense-filled rooms with muttering priests and priestesses with long hours spent on bended knee. Did this woman expect him to kneel before an altar of a pair of fat tits and pray to that? He’d quickly lose the respect of the clans for doing such a thing. It would be too… feminine!

The priestess took a few more steps forward, close enough now that his Arms raised their weapons and took a step forward as a warning for her to come no closer.

“I wish only to show the king how Ynara is properly prayed to,” she replied calmly, showing no fear and not even glancing at the menacing armored Dwarfs. She also reached up and grabbed hold of the front of her clothing, pulling her top slightly down to show that she meant to expose her massive breasts.

King Teddem stared at her, concentrating on what she had said. His “crown” was imbued with powerful runic magic. Some of this magic allowed him to see and hear truth in a manner most could not, and he sensed no lie or even obfuscation of the truth in her words.

“She does not lie,” he said, waving his Arms back in place. “Allow her to approach and… show me.”

Julianna began moving forward, slowly one step at a time. As she did she began pulling the front of her robes down and working a clasp hidden within the fabric. Soon she was pulling the front of the fabric open and exposing her breasts to him.

Once revealed they seemed even more massive than they had appeared a moment ago. They had looked so heavy, yet seemed supported. He had expected her to have another garment under the robe to be supporting their shape, pressing them. But there was none. Their massive bulk, although drooping naturally, was far firmer than breasts that size had any right to be.

He’d heard that some Elfs, ones who were naturally more well endowed than even Dwarven women, had breasts so perfectly shaped and firm that only magic could explain their perkiness. He had no idea if such tales were true, but surely there was some magic at work on this Human’s breasts!

For they were truly massive. Unmistakably unnatural, yet as he stared at them they seemed as real as any breasts he had ever beheld. As he kept staring he realized it wasn’t just their impressive size that kept his eyes focused on them. They had an unnatural pull to them, something that left him feeling he couldn’t look away even if he wanted. But there was no danger in this, the pull was alluring but gentle.

“They are magnificent, are they not?” she asked as she placed a foot onto the bottom step of the dais his throne sat atop.

“Y-yes,” the king said, fighting to pull his eyes away from her breasts and look the priestess in the eyes. “A glory to behold. What now?” he asked, licking his lips and looking back down at them.

“If I may come closer,” she said, nodding to the guards on either side of the throne, “your Majesty may feel just how blessed by the goddess they are. Because I have no doubt one as mighty as you can sense they are not wholly natural. Ynara has blessed me and given me these. She made them larger, MUCH larger, and makes it so I feel not their weight. But Ynara’s blessings give far more than that. Only say the word and I shall let you feel them, taste them even.”

He licked his lips again, suddenly eager to taste her nipples. He stared at them, transfixed by their size. The darker flesh of her areolas were like huge pancakes, looking almost as they had been stretched out as her breasts had been increased to their immense size. And in their centers were the fleshy nubs of her nipples, soft now but that sight filled him with the urge to suck on her tits and feel the nubs stiffen in his mouth.

“Approach,” he said, not caring how greedy his voice suddenly sounded.

Slowly she began to work her way up the steps to his thrown, caressing her massive breasts sensually as she did then wrapping her arms under their huge bulk to lift them up to his face as she neared.

By the time she stood close enough to touch she was left with her breasts level with his face. They looked and felt even more massive so close and a moment later it was if they were the only thing in the room with him. She lifted them up to his face, offering her nipples to him.

King Teddem reached up, his hands suddenly shaking with anticipation. He placed his hands on each of her breasts, just beside her nipples. Like all Dwarven men his hands were large with thick, meaty fingers. But with his hands on her massive breasts they looked so small. He squeezed her tits slightly, his fingers sinking into her breast-flesh. He was amazed at how soft yet how firm they felt. It was slightly unsettling, making them seem more magical and less real.

They were too much. He wanted to wrap his lips around her nipples and suck, to taste her skin and feel the nubs harden but her breasts felt too powerful to ever actually be experienced in such a way.

“They await your royal lips,” she purred, sensing his hesitation.

For the king it was as if her words had broken her breast’s strange spell that had held him back. He leaned forward, taking one of her nipples into his mouth and started sucking. He moved the tip of his tongue around the nub, feeling it start to stiffen. That only left him hungrier for them. He flicked the nipple with his tongue then pressed his face into her breast, sucking harder and harder. A moment later he pulled away with a wet fleshy sucking sound and switched to her other tit, sucking on that one till its nipple was erect in his mouth.

Soon he wasn’t just sucking on her nipples. He groped and massaged her massive tits and he moved from nipple to nipple, spreading his legs as his cock hardened and moving in closer.

He made himself pull his mouth away for a moment, breathing heavily, and asked, “Is this how we pray to your goddess of fat tits?”

“Oh no your Highness, this was just too warm you up.” She started to kneel before his throne, keeping her breasts thrust out. Once on her knees her breasts rested on his lap, their huge flesh mass weighing heavily down on him and spilling off the side of his thickly muscled legs. “We will need your kingly manhood to pray properly to Ynara.” She wrapped her arms around her breasts and hefted them up, leaning back so that he could pull his member out.

King Teddem quickly fumbled with his clothing, grabbing his nearly erect cock and pulling it out. Aside from his two Arms there was no one else in the throne room, although the sexual greed he felt in that moment made him think he’d not have hesitated even if the room had been full of his Dwarven subjects.

The priestess gasped when she saw it, nearly falling back off the step she knelt on. “I had heard that Dwarven men’s members were large but this,” she said, nodding to his large cock, “surprises even me who has been with many an Azel worshiper.”

The king grabbed his cock, holding it up and grinning with pride at how the woman looked at it with such shock and desire. Dwarven men preferred to take their women from behind and because of Dwarven bulk, both in the men’s bellies and the women’s large asses, it was a biological requirement that they had long manhoods. He was even better endowed than most Dwarven men, a fact he had always been proud of. He knew his mighty royal cock dwarfed the tiny things the taller Human and Elves had hanging between their legs.

“May I?” the priestess asked, nodding to the king’s cock.

He nodded, eager to feel her touch it.

She let go of her breasts then grabbed his manhood by the underside just below his cockhead. The feel of her warm hands grabbing his manhood made him feel harder than he already was. It happened so quickly it almost hurt and left him suspecting there was some magic at work. His cock was now fully erect, harder than it had ever felt, and he could see the veins running up its length pulse with every beat of his heart.

Julianna held his cock up to her face, staring into the bulbous swollen cockhead and smiling admiringly at it. “Such a beautiful, manly cock,” she purred, then added, “and so long and thick!” She cupped his cockhead with one hand, holding his dick up then started to stroke the length of his shaft lovingly. “Any woman who is allowed to pleasure this is being bestowed a great and mighty gift. This is the most kingly cock I’ve ever seen or felt.”

He cared not if the words were mere flattery, although thanks to his crown he sensed there was mostly truth in what she said. A moment later she showed how sincere her adoration was by extending the arm she had been stroking it with then placing his cock down on her extended arm. “Tis nearly the length of my entire arm,” she said, sounding astounded as she cupped his balls gently with the extended arm his cock rested on. “And far thicker than any man I’ve ever been with that wasn’t blessed by Azel.”

It was the second time she’d made mention of the other god and he made a mental note to ask her about the deity at a later time. Now, though, he cared not. His cock was painfully hard and he wanted the pleasure of the flesh, not words.

She started to pull her arm back, holding the bottom of his shaft and caressing it as she did. “So big, but if one were to worship Azel properly it could be made bigger with his blessing. But we can discuss such things later, now is Ynara’s time.”

As she pulled her hand to the underside of his cockhead she grabbed him with both hands and began to lean into him. She placed his cock between her breasts, reaching down and lifting them up to rest them on his lap and wrap then around his shaft. She leaned down for a moment, staring at his cock and opening her mouth. Saliva came pouring out and she oozed it on his shaft. A moment later her mouth was closed and she was looking up at him, pressing her breasts tightly and warmly around his cock.

“This is how a man and woman pray to the goddess of fat tits,” she declared, pressing her tits tighter around him and then gently bouncing them. The king moaned in pleasure, amazed at how good it felt. He’d had women pleasure him with their breasts before but it had never been anything like this. As she bounced her tits up and down his shaft more vigorously he realized just how unskilled those women had been. This woman, this priestess, was an artist with her breasts!

“Ynara desires this most of all,” she purred, letting out a soft moan as she worked his cock with her tits. “It pleases her most when a woman brings a man sexual joy with her breasts. And the women she blesses, she makes such an act far more pleasurable for them.” She moaned again, wrapping her tits in tighter around his cock and quivering slightly.

Did this huge-titted priestess just cum form giving me a titjob? The king thought in amazement. She was flopping her tits up and down his shaft even faster now, still shaking in pleasure and moaning louder and louder. For a moment he wondered if it was all just play-acting, a ploy to make him think his cock was so amazing he could make her cum with it just form this. But the truth-sight his crown gave him led him to believe there was no lie in this.

“You grow close to the ultimate pleasure,” she said between her own gasps of pleasure, looking up at him with burning intensity in her eyes. “I can feel it. Ynara always hungers for a man’s seed. But first we must say the words of her prayer. I will teach them to you now. There is no need to try and say them aloud with me, but if you can please repeat them in your head as you enjoy the feel of what I am doing to you.”

He nodded, moaning in reply. It felt amazing! So good that he felt his orgasm bubbling up, preparing to explode yet held back by some external force. He suddenly felt the need to hear the prayer, knowing only its words would allow him to finish.

“Praise be to Ynara, goddess of the fat tits and bringer of all mammary pleasure,” Julianna began, slapping her huge breasts up and down his throbbing shaft even harder. “May she bless this coupling, may it please her and our faith manifest in our sexual pleasure flow into her divine being. May this please her, and allow our worship to continue…”

As her voice trailed off he felt his climax welling up inside, fighting to erupt out of him. “Going to cum,” he groaned, ready for the explosion of pleasure.

Julianna grabbed her tits and pulled back away from him. “Quickly,” she gasped, shuddering from one last orgasm of her own. “On your feet as I kneel before you. Grab your kingly cock and give it a few final strokes as you finish on my tits. Spread your royal seed all over them and witness Ynara’s power!”

He did as she asked, standing and grabbing his cock and giving it a few firm jerks. A moment later he felt his muscles tense and his cock quiver in his hand as he began to cum. He shot out his seed all over her massive tits, splattering as much of their immense surface as he could. Dwarven men came more than Human males and he was able to shoot splatter after splatter of his cum across her tit-flesh.

The king let out a long, deep sigh of satisfaction as he spurted the last bit of cum then collapsed back onto his throne. His cock hung out and was already softening, drooping over the edge of the throne’s seat, but he cared not. He felt more drained then he’d ever felt after cumming and quickly realized it wasn’t just a physical feeling but a spiritual one as well.

“Ynara be praised,” the priestess said, still holding her breasts and now playing with them slightly as she looked down and smiled at the cum splattered all over them.

King Teddem watch, a satisfied grin on his face. He enjoyed watching his seed run down a woman’s body after spraying it all over them. But as he saw the sight before him his drained body tensed and he sat up straight.

His cum began to glow. Energy gathered around his seed, occasionally sparking with red magic. The glow intensified, sparking more vigorously, till his cum could no longer be seen. Then, a moment later, the glow was gone and so was his cum!

“I told you Ynara always hungers for men’s seed,” the priestess said proudly, caressing the now perfectly dry surface of her breasts. “The goddess has heard our prayers and has blessed us.” She stood and started to close the front of her clothing, hiding her massive breasts from the world and leaving only ample cleavage showing.

“Will the king take me as his adviser?” she asked, stepping backwards down the throne till she stood on the floor.

The king nodded vigorously. “I’ll pray often with you and heed any advice you shall give!”

Julianna smiled, a fleck of red glowing energy appearing in the irises of her eyes as she did. “I shall serve you well.”


* * *


Novaoa’s throat ached. Imeyr had used it multiple times now, savagely fucking her face and forcing his immense cock down her gullet. Every time he’d cum inside her she’d felt like she had to half vomit up the huge load of divine semen as if there was too much of it to fit in her gut. The god was mad with lust, seemingly barely in control of himself. As soon as she’d had a moment to cough up as much cum as she could he’d grabbed her horns and begun fucking her face again.

It finally seemed he had calmed enough to step back from her. His cock was still huge and hard, still throbbing with need. Novaoa had no doubt he still had immediate need of her, but maybe now he’d use something other than her throat, maybe even let her take the lead.

“Help me,” Imeyr said. His booming voice quavered. “I need you, need to fuck you and cum. But I can’t keep using your mouth in that way. Help me sate this maddening need to cum!”

Novaoa couldn’t help but notice that the god had been staring at her tits as he spoke. “I can help you. Come closer and let me show you how I can use these,” she said while getting up on her knees and grabbing her breasts and lifting them up in offering to him.

The red in his glowing eyes intensified and he quickly moved closer, holding his cock and aiming it at her tits. But as he neared he stopped, uncertain what to do next.

“You need only stand there for now,” Novaoa said, moving closer to the god. “I’ve spent nearly all my adult life in one brothel or another. I know how to please a man with any part of my body. And from what I’ve seen of young members of my race I’d know how to do what you need even without those years of experience. You just need to relax and leave things to me.”

He nodded, letting go of his cock and placing his hands on her shoulders.

She moved closer, till the underside of his throbbing cock was resting on the top of her chest. After rising up on her knees a bit high she lifted her breasts up and softly wrapped them around his shaft.

The god shuddered and moaned. “They are so soft and warm…”

Novaoa looked up and smiled. It had been a long time since she’d engaged in any kind of sexual activity that was this gentle, that wasn’t being forced on her. His current gentleness was such a relief it felt like it washed away the memory of what he’d spent the last bit doing to her mouth.

She pressed her tits in tighter around his cock, moaning a bit. Her breasts were so sensitive that even this slight pressure was enough to arouse her and bring her slight pleasure.

“The feel of your breasts… so soft yet thick. It makes me feel and want indecent, unwholesome things,” Imeyr moaned.

Novaoa leaned down, pressing her face into her own breasts and started to lick and then suck on the god’s over-sized cockhead. She went to work trying to get his cock as covered with slimy saliva as she could, all while pleasuring him. It was something she’d done so many times she could practically do it out of muscle memory.

Because it required so little thought her mind began to wander. Imeyr had said the feel of her breasts made him feel and want indecent and unwholesome things, but that felt wrong to her. The sex that had filled her life had almost always been a forceful, sinister thing but not always. And she knew for most other women, women whose race was not cursed to serve the sight of any cock before them, sex was mostly a gentle thing between them and a partner they had strong feelings for or even loved.

Sex is not inherently unwholesome, she thought. It’s not inherently evil. It can be soft and full of passion and kindness.

As those thoughts ran through her mind she was still licking and sucking and slurping on Imeyr’s cock. She thought about how she had come here willingly, not knowing what purpose this god had needed her for but willing all the same. He had saved her, saved Queen Faeven and her entire army of feminine might. She was grateful to this forest god and wanted to show her thanks. And that’s exactly what she was doing now, showing her thanks with her mouth and the moist saliva she left on his throbbing member. She was showing it with her overlarge breasts as she kept them wrapped tightly around his cock.

Novaoa shifted her body slightly and began, slowly at first but gradually faster, to throw her breasts up and down the length Imeyr’s massive cock. The first few tosses were dry, but soon all the saliva she’d left on the top of his cock was pulled down by her bouncing tits, lubricating their motions and making Imeyr moan in delight.

It was a new physical sensation for the god and before long she felt his hands tighten their grip on her shoulders. A moment later his cock quivered and there was an explosion of warm moisture in her tits. He’d cum quickly yet he was still rock hard.

Novaoa only slowed for a moment after he came, suspecting his cock would have the same post-orgasm sensitivity all other mortal men she’d been with had. After giving him a moment she went back to working his cock with her tits, although now she lifted her head and stopped sucking on his cockhead. The huge load of cum between her tits would provide ample, albeit very messy, lubrication.

“This feels so good,” he moaned. She looked up and saw that he had closed his eyes and leaned his head back, obviously concentrating just on the feel of her cummy tits bouncing up and down his shaft. “Why have I denied myself this pleasure for the eons of my existence?”

His words momentarily shocked her as she realized that everything he had done with her so far was the first time this godly being had experienced sexual pleasure first hand. It made her sad, although as she kept working his cock with her tits she struggled to understand why.

Sexuality is such an important, vital part of nearly every mortal’s life, she thought. Clearly sexual pleasure is something this god could have experienced by taking physical form like this but he didn’t. To choose not to experience such a central aspect of the beings he rules over is so sad…

Novaoa had never once, not for an instant, forgotten that the all too real being before her was a god. But as she knelt before him pleasuring him with her breasts just like countless clients she’d serviced in the brothel’s she’d lived in she’d started to think of him as more man than an abstract, all-powerful divine being. But now, realizing how long he had existed without this important aspect of mortal life she was left feeling like Imeyr was the most alien thing she’d ever encountered.

The thoughts left her pitying the god and more eager than ever to help him.

It wasn’t long before he came again. It was clear that he was enjoying this but after two huge loads of cum her tits and his cock were starting to get far messier than she enjoyed. So she rose and, with all the sexual wiles she’d learned during her life as a whore, convinced him to move from the center of the room onto the soft mossy bed.

Once there she got him to lie on his back while she leaned over his body, her huge cum covered breasts pressed into the side of one of his massive thighs. His cock was quickly in her hand, Novaoa leaning over and licking and sucking it clean. As she pleasured him and cleaned his cock he stroked her hair and fingered her horns, moaning in soft delight the whole time.

She reached down and started playing with his balls and once his massive cock was licked clean she moved her mouth to his cockhead and started sucking. It was so big it shouldn’t have been able to fit in her mouth, yet it did. She only pondered how for a moment. He’s a god, if he wants his cock to fit in my mouth it will, she thought.

Novaoa began sucking Imeyr off, sucking and slurping loudly in a way she knew most men appreciated. From his moans and the way he stroked her hair faster she knew she was doing a good job.

“I need to cum again,” he groaned, sounding desperate and in pain.

Novaoa quickly pulled his cock out of her mouth then ran her tongue down the underside of his shaft. She sucked lightly on his hairless balls for a moment then reached out and pressed the leg she wasn’t resting on away. Then, with his legs parted open she moved quickly in hopes of surprising him. She leaned down and shoved her face under the god’s cock and balls, pressing into his taint and ass till her tongue could find his puckered asshole. Once there she started licking it than thrusting her tongue deep into it.

The surprised moan he let out quickly became a roar of carnal delight. She felt his muscles tighten and a moment later he came as she continued to eat his ass. His balls were pressed up against the side of her face as she worked his asshole and she felt them contract while he came. A moment later a huge load of cum landed wetly across her shoulders and down her back.

Imeyr shuddered and moaned in release as she pulled away from his ass. “Thank you,” he said, exhaling in relief. “I feel so much better. But…”

Novaoa didn’t need him to finish, she could see that his cock was still so hard it throbbed visibly. Yet looking up she saw that the red was gone from his glowing eyes and that the tattoos covering his body were glowing more brightly with green energy.

Perhaps I won’t have to do this forever, she thought, then bent back down and returned her mouth to his cock.


* * *


“Come forward,” King Jennenes Moonlight said with a wave to the woman standing before him. He sat on his throne, wearing his finest clothing and most ornate crown.

Queen Ghilliana Ermean of Lyalduinin took a few steps forward, her posture so perfect it almost looked like she glided on the air as she moved. She was tall even for a High Elf. She had cascading, ice blue hair that her long pointed ears stuck out of. Her face was a thing of Elven perfection, beyond “beautiful”. Her body had the Elven thinness that sometimes unsettled other races, yet had the pleasantly wide hips found in true High Elves. But the curves of her midsection were nothing compared to her bust. The Queen had huge breasts that the low cut, pristine white dress she wore displayed prominently.

Jennenes knew how to interpret the display of her overlarge, perfectly shaped and almost supernaturally perky and firm breasts. In almost every culture of every race showing so much breast flesh would be taken as an overt display of sexuality. He knew better. It had been centuries since his father had taken him away from the Elven lands he’d been born in, but he still remembered the way of “proper”, full-blooded High Elves.

For them sex was something only done once every few decades and only to try for a child. Compared to most other races Elves, especially High Elves, were rarely fertile. Only once every hundred years or so could a full-blooded High Elf hope to conceive. The true High Elven society was one that barely acknowledged sexuality. He knew that for one of those Elves a display of this much flesh was not sexual in nature, but a show of “Elven feminine might”.

Queen Ghilliana Ermean of Lyalduinin almost certainly didn’t think of her breasts as something sexual, but Jennenes did. He had to struggle not to glance too openly at them. It wasn’t just their size or their perfect firmness or shape. It was something beyond physical. All members of ever Elven race had an allure and attraction that was magical in nature and the further one was from being a full-blooded High Elf the stronger that magical presence was felt.

He had to play this right, he had to make his first impression one that would leave this woman thinking of him as an equal or even a better, not the lesser being she was likely to view him as since his Elven blood was nowhere near as pure as hers.

But it wasn’t just his blood that would predispose her to think less of him. His kingdom was much larger than her meager city-state, yet even with the money his brothels brought in it was nothing compared to the wealth of Lyalduinin. The small city-state she ruled was rich nearly beyond measure thanks to the emberstone mine it sat on. The glowing rocks were treasured because they could be used as torches or even city lights that could provide bright, even yellow light for years, and that light could even be turned on and off if one knew how.

This Queen and her people had shunned Jennenes’ father. Shunned him because his High Elven blood was not as pure as hers and her people, and shunned him because he so willingly lived among and chose to rule members of the “lower” racers.

Yet here she was, all by herself. She had no honor guard. She had no attendants. She’d arrived alone and from what his people had said begged desperately for an audience.

Jennenes looked the regal woman in the eyes, waiting to see if she’d begin talking now that he’d acknowledged her. He knew that to nearly anyone else watching she’d seem completely composed, but he knew better. He knew how to read the small, almost imperceptible emotions that full-blooded High Elves like her displayed. She was scared and angry and desperate.

“Thank you for accepting my request for an audience,” she finally said, her voice lyrically beautiful in an almost sickening feminine way.

He had to fight not to let his lips curl up in a smile. She’d spoken first. He saw in her face how that pained her, how much it had insulted and angered her that he’d made her wait so long for the audience. And all of that pointed to how truly desperate she was to be here before him.

“I come to beg your aid, great monarch of Iphasea,” she added.

Again, he could see how much speaking those words cost her.

Jennenes took a deep breath, then began the small speech he’d prepared in his head. “I had always been led to believe that Lyalduinin and it’s High Elven citizens needed no aid from anyone or anything outside of its city walls. Long have you shunned my family and my people, although I recall you’ve never denied my merchants who come to your walls looking to purchase emberstone. What has changed? Why do you now come calling on me in person like this?”

She winced as if pained by his words, a sight that brought Jennenes great joy.

“Lyalduinin has been razed to the ground,” she said bluntly, her face twisting up in pain. She looked as though she was about to cry, a shocking display of public emotion for a High Elf like her.

Jennenes leaned forward, gripping the hand rests of his throne. “What?” This was not what he had expected. “By what or whom?”

“A savage, nomadic tribe of Orcs,” she said, her face twisting into a grimace of hatred. “They used some foul magic to hide their advance on my city and were past our outer defenses before we even knew what was happening. Even so, the battle against them was fierce, my Elven citizen’s making the foul beasts pay for every building they razed. For every Elf that was killed we slaughtered thirty of them. I think that only a small group of the vile greenskins survived the battle, but in the end I was the only survivor and I only barely escaped thanks to the powerful and ancient magic I know.”

“Every citizen of Lyalduinin is dead?” he asked, finding it impossible to believe. “All of them? There are no survivors other than you?”

“None,” she said. “I had a magical connection to each of my citizens. I’d known many of them for over five centuries. Every single one was killed. As I said, we made the Orc scum pay and the streets flowed with their blood. But there were too many in the green tide and too few of my High Elves.”

Jennenes blinked, so shocked it took him a moment to respond. “And the whole city was razed? What of the emberstone mines?”

“It was for the mines that they attacked. I am certain that the filth is already building one of their primitive settlements in the ash of my ounce regal city. But I do not come to you to try to reclaim the mines. My people are gone, they WERE Lyalduinin. Without them the city cannot be rebuilt.”

She suddenly stepped forward, to the very steps of the dais his throne sat upon. Then she did something he’d not even dared to imagine she’d do: she knelt before him and bowed in submission.

“King Jennenes Moonlight, ruler of Iphasea, I offer you all rights to the land that I used to rule. I offer you the mines. I offer you anything, even myself. All I ask is the money it will take to hire a small mercenary army to hunt down the remaining Orcs and ensure my people are avenged.”

Again, he was shocked. She just offered him the emberstone mines! If he retook them the wealth they would bring in, coupled with the elixirs being made out of the Nemorvian milk, would be beyond imagining! He’d have the recourses to do anything, to expand his small kingdom farther than he had ever hoped. He could even turn Iphasea into a true empire in time!

The sudden realization that he could easily see his kingdom become an empire was quickly pressed out of his head when he processed one of the things she had said. She wasn’t just offering her lands and the mines. She was offering herself! Is she really so desperate? Does that offer mean what I think it means?

“I will give you the aid you require,” he said quickly before the woman could change her mind. “I will purchase your mercenary army for you, and you shall give me all rights to your lands. You shall give me the mines. And,” he paused, waiting for her to look up at him, “you shall give me yourself or you shall receive nothing.”


* * *


“Let us begin,” Jennenes said, waving Queen Ghilliana Ermean into the bedchamber he liked to use when having a woman for the first time.

No, he thought as she walked past him into the room, she’s not a queen anymore. She’s just Ghilliana Ermean now.

He followed her in, closing and locking the door behind him. He had told his majordomo he was not to be interrupted for anything short of an invasion of the city. He hadn’t yet decided what he was going to do with the blue-haired High Elf, but he planned on taking a great deal of time doing it.

I haven’t even decided if I’ll really give her the aid she wants, he thought. I’ll decide that later if she doesn’t change her mind and make the need to decide mute. She’s desperate, but even in such need if I move too fast or go too far she may rescind her offer. I have to play this out carefully, I have to feel out how far she’s willing to go to get what she wants.

Ghilliana turned to face him, her back straight and her face blank. “I offered myself to you,” she said slowly, the words obviously hard for her to say. “And now that we are alone in your bedchamber I assume you wish to have me.”

Jennenes took a few steps towards her, staring at her face and trying to read her emotions. “You will do what I ask,” he told her firmly and clearly. “Everything I ask or I will not give you the aid you require from me. You will let me do anything I want to you, or I will not give you a single coin.”

She clenched her jaw, her eyes tightening into a momentary glare. “Yes,” she said. “I’ll do whatever you want, let you do whatever you want.”

He nodded. She’d said the words. She even sounded like she believed them. But once they began she still might change her mind.

“I want to see your breasts,” he said, glancing down at them. “Pull the front of your dress down, expose them or my offer of aid is rescinded.” She blinked, obviously shocked not just by the request itself but by how bluntly it had been said. “NOW!” he barked.

She jumped, throwing her arms up and pulling the front of her dress down. He saw the emotions play clearly across her face over just a moment. Shock melting into fear that if she didn’t act fast enough he’d deny her what she wanted so badly.

More emotions might have played across her face, but the moment her perfect tits were revealed his eyes darted down to them.

Ghilliana wore no undergarment under her white dress, the dress didn’t even have built-in support for her huge breasts. There was no need, her breasts would hold their shape no matter what. They were round and full and… perfect. It was the only word he could think to describe them. They were literally magical to behold, and his cock began to swell the moment they came into sight.

They might even be larger than some of the udders on the Nemorvian’s I have in my Dairy Farm, he thought as he stared. It’s hard to tell, though. Their tits are so heavy and soft. The natural way they sag has always hardened my cock, yet this desperate woman’s immaculate tits may be better. Bigger? Hard to tell, they are so firm and perky, like to huge fleshy half-orbs attached to the front of her frame.

Yet as firm as they looked he knew they’d be soft to the touch. In fact, her flesh would respond to the desires of those touching them, becoming as soft as the hands holding them wanted. It was deep Elven magic that coursed through every fiber of her being, and her High Elven blood was the purest he’d ever beheld.

“You approve?” she asked, breaking the silence.

He tore his eyes away from her perfect breasts. She was struggling not to let the anger and humiliation she was feeling show on her face. He was certain she’d never exposed herself like this to anyone during her exceptionally long life. He doubted she had never had a sexual partner, but he knew she had no king and there had never even been rumors of any kind of intimate companion.

“I do,” he said, nodding eagerly as his eyes flashed back to her tits.

“Then I shall have the promised aid?”

Jennenes blinked, looking back up at her. She’s serious, he thought. She actually thinks she’ll get what she wants just by flashing her tits!

He laughed. It was a cruel, evil laugh that he knew he probably should have held in but he couldn’t help himself. “Oh, they are a marvel, to be sure,” he said, still laughing evilly, “but I’m going to require much more than this.”

She winced as if she felt his words like a slap to her face. “What more could you want?” she asked.

He laughed harder. “Obviously much more than you can imagine. How about we start with something simple.” He turned and went and sat on the edge of the huge, elegant bed that filled the center of the room. “Come stand before me,” he said, pointing to the floor by his feet. “Then I want to see you suck your own tit.”

Ghilliana’s face twisted in anger and outrage. He saw her hands clench into fists and start to glow with magical energy. For a moment he thought he’d already pushed her too far and that she was going to attack him with her magic. But a moment later she closed her eyes and took a long, calming breath. The glow around her hands faded and she unclenched her fists.

“I’m sorry,” she said, still trying to control her anger. “I want to do as you request, but I do not actually think it is possible for a woman to, uh, place her own breasts in her mouth.” Her face flushed red as she spoke and the way she said the word “breasts” made it clear she found what he’d called them offensive.

“Well, you better try,” he said, his voice firm. “Because if I don’t see you trying to lift one of those tits to your face and see you try to suck your own nipple in the next minute we’re done. You can be on your way to beg at some other monarch’s feet.”

Ghilliana stared of Jennenes for almost a full thirty seconds. Then the defiant, outraged expression broke. She reached up and grabbed hold of both her huge, firm breasts. “I shall do as you demand.”

The High Elf leaned down as she lifted one breast towards her face. Jennenes marveled at how the breast she lifted seemed to change. The moment she started moving her breast it lost some of its perfect roundness, like it had become softer and more pliable in her hand. She had hold of her breast from the bottom and as it began to grow softer her fingers sank into the flesh.

Her breasts were so large that she had no difficulty achieving the task Jennenes had set her upon. In a few moments her face was bent down, her tit pressed up into it. She wrapped her full lips around her nipple and started to suck on it.

She had been looking up at him when she started, the glare of hatred back on her face. But as Ghilliana started to suck her own nipple her brows tighten and rose in confusion. By the way she had started breathing fast and the sudden pink flush to her face it was clear that what she was doing was arousing the woman and that she had not expected that to happen.

“Now suck on the other one,” Jennenes commanded.

There was a wet popping noise as she stopped sucking and her lips became unsealed from around her nipple. Her nipple was moist from the wetness in her mouth and Jennenes was glad to see that her nipple was hard now. The engorged nub was far plumper then he had thought it would be, something he appreciated so much he reached down and put a hand on his crotch, giving his hard cock a quick squeeze through his pants.

Ghilliana didn’t notice. She was staring down at her breast in confusion as she started sucking on her other nipple. But even though seeing her confusion at her arousal was a glorious sight, Jennenes decided he was ready to move on.

“Very good,” he told her. “You can stop now,” he added as he leaned back, casually resting on one hand braced on the bed behind him.

She pulled away from her breast as soon as she was given the permission to. Her head shot up and her hands fell from her breasts. He marveled at how her tits fell, their soft flesh bouncing prettily, then tightening and becoming perfectly firm and round once more.

When he looked up from her tits Ghilliana was glaring at him, intense anger and disgust twisting the beautiful features of her face. “Why did you even want me to do that?” she snarled. “What purpose did it serve other than to humiliate me and use the momentary power you have over me to shame me? Or was that the entire point of the distasteful and strange act?”

Jennenes laughed at her. Then, realizing she honestly could think of no other reason he’d want to see her sucking her own tit he laughed harder. “I wanted to see you doing that because it brings me sexual pleasure, you dumb-titted cow!”

Her jaw fell open in shock. Jennenes thought it was in response to the verbal insult he’d just thrown at her, almost certainly the first time such a thing had been said to her, but he quickly found that the truth was she’d barely heard the insult.

“But how can such a thing bring you pleasure?!? It was my mouth on my nipples,” she spluttered, so confused and outraged she could barely speak. A few moments later she seemed to be able to hold a clear thought again. “How can the sight of my mouth on my breasts— Oh. I forget how the members of the lesser races must taint everything in their lives with their strange sexual filth. If you were a full-blooded High Elf and not the disgusting mongrel you are you’d have never—”

“Careful now, woman,” Jennenes said, glaring and sitting up a bit straighter. “You insult my blood again and I will send you packing. You must remember your curtsies. You must remember that I am king here and that you, who no longer has a kingdom or even a people to rule, are no longer a queen.”

Her eyes opened wide and her mouth fell open again, the shock of what he’d said hitting her like a bucket of cold water thrown in her face. Jennenes realized that it hadn’t occurred to her till then that if she was the queen of nothing she no longer was a queen.

Ghilliana regained her composure, her eyes narrowing in a hateful glare for a moment. Then she grabbed her dress and curtsied. “Yes, sire,” she said, putting all the hatred she felt for him into the last word. She then stood and asked, “Will that be all?”

Her arms were already moving to pull the front of her dress back up over her breasts.

“No, that is NOT all,” he barked, making her jump in surprise and fear. “That was just to get me warmed up. We’ve barely just begun.” He sat up and slid to the very edge of the bed, spreading his legs apart and planting his feet on the floor. “Now come and kneel before me. Yes, right here between my legs.”

Once she was on her knees she looked up at him, glaring openly in hatred. He’d commanded her to kneel so near that her face was positioned over his crotch. He liked the sight of her perfect beautiful face twisted up in hatred hovering above his manhood. She probably had no idea it was hard within his pants, a mere few inches below her chin.

“And now, sire?” she asked.

“Now we really begin,” Jennenes said eagerly, lifting an arm and moving his hand through the air as if he was scooping it up. The tattoos that ran up her arms began to glow, although they were hidden from sight under his sleeves, but only for a moment. Magical, glowing energy formed in his hand and a second later his clothing started to glow and quickly fade from existence, leaving him sitting naked on the bed’s edge.

His dick was rock hard and had been held uncomfortably flat against his thigh in her pants. His clothing disappeared so quickly that his cock, long thick and hard, bounced up and hit the bottom of Ghilliana’s chin with a meaty little wet “thwack”, the ample precum that had been leaking from it splattering on her skin.

She yelped in surprise, pulling back and seeing what had hit her. Then she gasped in shock, not knowing how to respond to such an indignity.

Jennenes leaned back, relaxing a bit and enjoying the look of her kneeling between his legs, staring at his hard manhood in shock. He suspected she might remain that way for many minutes if left alone, but he was struggling to hold back and he wanted to move things along.

“Kiss it,” he told her, nodding to his cock.

The look of shock immediately fell away, replaced by one of burning embarrassment. She turned away from him, trying to hide how red her face had become. “I—” she began, then abruptly stopped, keeping her face turned from him.

“Can’t?” Jennenes asked, guessing what the next word she’d stopped herself from saying. “If that’s the next word you speak that is fine,” he said calmly, lying and hoping she couldn’t tell how frustrated it would make him if she backed down now. “You can say we are done and you can leave this chamber, but if you do you won’t be leaving with an army.”

For nearly a minute she knelt, her head turned away from him. She was breathing so heavily that her huge breasts heaved up and down, their edges bumping up against his thighs. Finally, she turned and looked up at him, total defeat on her face. She glanced at him and back down to his cock.

It stood erect before her, rising straight up before her face. She leaned in and gently kissed the underside of his shaft then quickly pulled away.

“There,” she said, her voice faint and shaky.

“Again, but this time show me how much you want that mercenary army. I want you to use those full lips of yours on my cock in a way that shows me how much you truly want what you’ve asked for. I want you to kiss and lick and suck my cock as if it was your god and you were worshiping it. Start now and if you hesitate or pull away before I tell you to you’ll receive nothing.”

She quickly moved back in, kissing his cock again. She moved her mouth up half an inch and kissed it again, then shifted around the side of his shaft, kissing it there. She opened her mouth and awkwardly licked him, her face burning red and twisted up in a grimace of disgust. Then she awkwardly pressed her open mouth onto the side of his shaft and sucked on it.

“You’ve never had a cock anywhere near your mouth, have you?” he asked in annoyance. He was worked up and ready to fuck, ready for his cock to be pleasured. But she had no idea what she was doing and although he was enjoying how much trying to work his cock with her mouth was disgusting and humiliating her there was no chance he’d ever get off with her doing this. “You are so bad at this,” he said with an annoyed sigh, “that I’ll probably go soft if you continue much longer. Stop, just stop.”

She pulled away, relief on her face. She also reached up and wiped her lips off on the sleeve of her dress, as if touching his manhood had left them dirty and tainted.

“Since you’ve no skill with your mouth,” he began, “we shall have to use your tits.”

Ghilliana gasped and sat up straight, looking at him in alarm. “For what?!”

“To make me cum, you ignorant bitch,” he barked back, much of the sexual frustration he was starting to feel exploding out.

She was so outraged she didn’t even notice he had called her a bitch. “A full-blooded High Elf’s breasts are not used in such a way!” she blurted out then began to talking very quickly. “My line is pure, unbroken full High Elf blood from now back past The Great Collapse. The breasts of the true High Elf are a treasure to display proudly, their size and immaculate firmness a sign of our innate magical and feminine might. They are not fleshy toys of lust!”

“Well, they will be MY fleshy toys of lust if you want the money to buy the army to avenge your people. You will climb up onto this bed and lay down your back. I’m not even going to try to get you to use your breasts to pleasure me, I’ll do all the work myself. You need only lay there and let me do as I please. Now get up, undress all the way, and lay down!”

For a moment he thought she was going to tell him no. But the defiant, angry expression on her face broke almost instantly. She rose to her feet and took her dress off, revealing she hadn’t even been wearing any kind of small clothing to cover her pussy. She climbed up on the bed quickly moving past him, avoiding making contact with his eyes, and laid down on her back.

Her body was stunning. The most perfect High Elven form he’d ever seen in a woman. But he didn’t stop to admire it, he was beyond horny and needed to be fucking something right that moment. As soon as she was on her back and got up and climbed on top of her. She was confused at first by what he was doing but as soon as he positioned his cock between her breasts she seemed to understand and was disgusted.

He sat on her body just below her breasts. His cock was impressively long and thick, it stretched up through the valley of firm tit-flesh to rest at the base of her neck. But he didn’t want to see his cock right then, what he wanted was to see it disappear as her huge tits were wrapped around it.

Ghilliana winced when he grabbed her breasts, turning her head and averting her eyes from what he was doing. As soon as he started to press her tits in around his cock he felt their unnatural firmness soften, felt and saw his fingers sink into newly pliable flesh.

He muttered a quick enchantment as he pressed her tits in around himself, the length of his cock becoming slippery with magically summoned lubricant. Once his cock was enveloped he slid forward, pressing his body into the underside of her breasts and pressing her massive breasts up into the underside of her face.

She turned to glare up at him but once she was looking up the bottom half of her face was covered in soft tit-flesh.

“I’m going to fuck your tits now,” he told, giving them a little squeeze as his cock ached to begin. But he had to hold back a little longer, had to do this right. “If you ask me to stop I will,” he told her, “but you will have given up any hope of my aid. So, Ghilliana, it’s time to find out how truly desperate you are for my money.”

Her eyes opened wide in horror and realization. The expression confused him till he realized that the way he’d worded things made her sound like a whore. She’d somehow not realized that was what she was doing: whoring her body to him.

He laughed. “You just realized it, didn’t you? You’ve made yourself a whore. Ha! Marvelous. Well, are you going to tell me to stop or can I begin?”

Her silence was all the permission he needed. He pressed her huge tits in tighter around his throbbing cock and started moving his hips, pulling back then thrusting his cock up into her tits. She gasped, shocked by the act. That only encouraged him, made him fuck her huge tits harder. He stared at them, stared at the way their mass jiggled and shook as he slammed into them. He realized that they were shifting with the whims of his desire, becoming firmer and thicker when that’s what he wanted to feel, and softer and less dense when that was what he wanted.

It was amazing and he feared he’d never last as long as he wanted, so he decided to make the most of his time before he came. He quickly shifted his hands, grabbing her nipples and pinching them tightly then tugging them up and towards each other to hold her tits in place. She yelped in pain then shuddered and moaned in confusion.

He kept hold of her nipples, fucking her tits with wild abandon and laughing in delight. “I can see it in your eyes, you so desperately want to command me to stop. You’ve never even imagined this act and it disgusts and shames you, especially the fact that it’s also arousing you. Yet you know if you do that you’ll lose any chance to gain what you want and that all that you’ve suffered through, all I’ve made you do and done to you, will have been done for nothing! You are my utterly helpless whore, and these tits are my toys for as long as I can last!”

She threw her head to the side, trying to hide it in a pillow as she stifled a sob.

“Don’t look away,” he barked. “Turn back and stare down into the mounds of flesh I’m fucking. Stair at your tits, watch as my cockhead pops out of them over and over again!”

Ghilliana did as he commanded but as she stared at the sight of the tip of his dick popping out of between her breasts over and over again she began to cry. “How long can a man last doing such a thing as this? Surely you must be close to finishing?” she asked, still sobbing.

“I am nearing my final pleasure,” Jennenes gasped, leaning forward and pressing his palms onto her breasts as he rested much of the weight of his body on her as he kept pounding them. “The real question you should be asking,” he gasped, barely able to hold back from finishing, “is where am I going to spray my seed?”

She gasped, her tears ending at once. “You mean you intend to—,” she cut herself off, not able to say the words. “Somewhere on my body? You’re going to do that ON me?”

“Be thankful I intend to unload on you rather than in you,” he barked.

He was going to cum soon. He let go of her tits, and leaped up off the bed, grabbing her ankles and pulling her down to the end of the bed along with him. She squeaked in surprise at the sudden change. Once he was on his feet he grabbed his dick and started jerking off, keeping himself just at the edge of climax.

Ghilliana had sat half up, crossing her legs to hide her womanhood and throwing an arm up to cover her breasts as she stared at him in open disgust at what he was doing before her.

“Lay back down,” he barked, “and stay near the edge of the bed. And spread your fucking legs open!” he said frantically. “Show me your pussy!”

She blinked stupidly. “My what? D-do you mean my womanhood?”

“Yes! Spread your legs and let me see it now you stupid whore!”

She did as he commanded, but as soon as her legs were spread open to reveal her perfect, hairless pussy she twisted her head to the side and threw up an arm to hide her face.

“Beg for my seed,” he gasped, barely able to hold back as he furiously worked his cock. “Beg with your body and your words. Tell me your pussy aches for me, use those words!”

She kept her head twisted away, her face hidden by her arm. “G-give me the p-pleasure of r-receiving your royal s-seed,” she said, her voice quavering and stuttering as she fought back a fresh bout of sobs. “I’m begging you. I need it, I need to… to feel it on me! On… on my body, on my womanhood if you so desire.” She took a deep shuddering breath then continued. “M-my p-pussy aches for you.”

Hearing her say the word “pussy” was too much. He groaned in delight and began to cum, willing the slight magical control he had over such things to ensure the load he sprayed was thick and voluminous. His cum shot out over her body, landing with a wet plop in a thick line of cummy goo that ran from just below her bellybutton up diagonally onto one of her breasts.

Jennenes stood, breathing hard and holding his cock as it began to slowly soften. He was staring at her, at her naked body, at his cum splattered across her. She was laying there, her face hidden as she cried quietly. His eyes wandered down to her pussy, her perfect High Elven pussy. Then he looked up a bit at her abdomen, thinking of her womb. Breeding an heir inside of her would be an immeasurable boon, he thought suddenly. Any sons he’d have with a woman of so pure Elven blood would be far stronger magically than he was, and that was saying a lot.

“I-is that all?” she asked, sobbing slightly.

“No,” Jennenes said, sure he was not ready to let his grasp over her end. He hadn’t even decided if he intended to give her what she wanted. He needed to buy time to think and decide. “I want you to lay there and concentrate on the feel of my seed as it runs down your perfect soft skin. Do not move from that spot until I return.”

He turned, waving a hand before him and magically returning his clothes into existence. As he left the chamber he looked back, happy to see she was doing exactly what he had told her to do.


* * *


Novaoa was covered in sweat and cum, some of the cum so old it had started to become dry and flaky. Even with the aid of the milk from her breasts, which could make any man hard and ready to fuck even moments after cumming, she’d never pleasured a man this long. She had no idea how long she’d been in the small chamber with Imeyr. Time seemed to move differently in this place, she was unsure if she had been here for a just a couple of hours of for days. And strangest was how she had yet to begin to feel tired. She suspected the god was behind the unending fount of energy and wakefulness she now seemed to have, but she supposed it might be the temple and not Imeyr.

His cock was still hard but the desperate need to cum had lessened with each of his orgasms and it had been some time since he’d seemed not in control of his actions and even longer since she’d seen even a flicker of red in his eyes.

“What now?” Novaoa asked as she lay on her side, her breasts resting half on his large muscular chest. She ran a hand down his abs and slowly wrapped her fingers around the base of his shaft. “My hands now? My mouth again? Or do you want me to use my breasts this time?”

He was silent for a while, lying motionless and moaning quietly as she gently played with his cock. “No,” he finally said, sitting up, “I think for now I am done letting you pleasure me. Right now I want to explore your body.”

Imeyr sat up straight and shifted so he sat at the head of the mossy bead, his back against its wooden headboard. He spread his legs apart and told her to come sit between them.

She got up and crawled across the bed to him, positioning herself so she sat between his legs with her back pressed up against his front. His huge cock was left wedged between their body and his, running up most of the length of her spice. Its skin was hot and she could feel it throbbing but for the moment he seemed finally to not need any attention centered on it.

Instead, he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer. “You are so soft,” he said, giving her thick sides a gentle squeeze. “Plump yet not fat. I am finding I like that thickness… There’s something sexually pleasing in a primal manner I know I wouldn’t feel if not in this flesh and blood body. It makes me want…” His voice trailed off as he failed to find the words. “I don’t know. It makes me want to be with you, but more than that. Be IN you and leave something behind.”

She had to fight not to giggle. This powerful god was struggling with the simple and basic mortal desire to cum in a woman and impregnate her.

Novaoa leaned her head back into his muscular chest and looked up at him. “You can be in me if you want,” she purred softly, grabbing his hands and starting to move them towards her pussy.

“Not yet,” he replied, brushing her hands away. “As I said, I desire to explore your body now.”

He slid his hands up her front, along the side of her soft plump frame then moving his hands in under her overlarge breasts. He cupped them in his large hands and gently lifted them. She felt him shudder. He moaned, too, whispering, “So heavy…” He gave them each a gentle yet firm squeeze. “And so thick… such dense breast-meat you have. It pleases me.”

From the wet, sticky moisture she could feel on her back as ample precum leaked from his cock she knew how true his words were. And as he played with her breasts his cock continued to leak a steady stream of precum.

Next he slid his hands up the bulk of her breasts, let their weight shift and fall from his hands. His fingers found her nipples and he started rolling them between forefinger and thumb.

Now it was her turn to shudder and moan. He kept playing with her nipples, pinching and tugging on them lightly then rolling them again. She wiggled under his touch, feeling herself grow wet between her legs. Her body, which had been tense, started to relax and she felt as if she was melting back into his firmly muscled body. The longer he played with her nipples the better it felt. His fingers radiated some strange heat that made her skin tingle and pulse with pleasure far beyond what she normally felt and before long her body crested towards climax, a slow soft orgasm that left her feeling calm and even more aroused.

Imeyr kept playing with one of her nipples with one hand, but the other started to slowly snake down her body. As his large fingers found the top of her pubic mound the hand on her breasts shifted and his fingers left her nipples and he began to firmly grab and grope her tit. He sensually massaged her breast as he ran two fingers down through her wet slit, parting her inner lips as they moved down. When they came to her dripping wet hole he slipped his fingers into it.

“Gods…” Novaoa moaned as his thick fingers entered her.

“Not gods. God,” he whispered to her, curling his fingers up and feeling her wet insides. “Such a moist hole,” he added, starting to pull his fingers out. Just as they were about to slip out of her he stopped, then plunged them back deep into her.

She let out a long, shuddering moan and began to cum again. Her vaginal muscles tightened around his fingers, forcing some of her pussy juices out around them with a faintly audible wet sploshing sound.

Her cunt tightened so much as she came it nearly forced his fingers out of her, but just as his fingers were almost forced out he plunged them deep into her again. A moment later he was slamming his fingers into her, over and over again, while still playing with her breast.

A second orgasm exploded from her loins before the last had begun to die. There was an explosion of moisture between her legs as she gushed cunt juice out of herself. She’d only squirted a few times in her life yet it had never been like this. It was something apart from her orgasm, but just as strong in a very different way.

The gushing fluid didn’t give Imeyr a moment of pause. He continued to pound his fingers into her sopping wet cunt, harder now than before.

Novaoa felt weak, the pleasure nearly too much for her to process. It wasn’t just the back to back orgasms, it was more. Intense pleasure radiated from Imeyr’s fingers, flowing into her making the sexual bliss she felt more than she knew her mortal body could normally feel.

Is this what it’s like to be truly fucked by a god? she thought, feeling for a moment as though this was more of a religious experience than a sexual one. She found herself praising Imeyr in her head for the pleasure he was giving her, worshiping him as he kept pounding her cunt with his hand.

Something indescribable flowed out of her as she worshiped the god in her head, flowing from her and into Imeyr. She felt him tense, felt him sit up a little straighter and felt him pound her cunt harder with his hand.

“Yes, mortal, worship me. Give me all the faith you have to give!”

He kept pounding her cunt and playing with her breast, but she barely felt it. All that she was on a spiritual level was being sucked out, flowing into Imeyr. It was like she had given him a sip of water and in return he’d grabbed hold of the cup and tipped it up so all of its content came out at once. She felt Imeyr becoming more while whatever fed him was drained completely from her.

Novaoa was left feeling empty, yet it wasn’t painful or even uncomfortable in any way. She knew, somehow, that the essence of faith that Imeyr had just drained from her would soon return. But in the meantime she felt empty and weak, her body limp and her thoughts blank.

Imeyr, however, felt very differently. In a flash he pushed Novaoa away from his lap then repositioned her so she was on her belly, pulling her up a moment later so she rested on her hands and knees with her back end pointed up towards him.

He got down on his own hands and knees behind her and wrapped his arms around her legs, pulling her towards him. Instinctively she lifted her ass up, allowing him to press his face into her wet cunt. He let out a growl of greedy desire and opened his mouth, his tongue shooting out and plunging deep into her wet hole. He pulled back slightly, licking her cunt with wild frantic energy. He licked her pussy, moaning as if sampling a fine wine. But it was clear that this wasn’t enough, he needed more than the taste of her cunt in his mouth.

The god pulled away for just a moment, getting up on his knees. He grabbed her large, plump ass then shoved himself into her. Novaoa’s eyes shot open and she howled in pleasure and surprise as his massive cock slid easily into her dripping cunt. Even the monsters that had ravished her had not felt so large inside of her.

Imeyr grabbed hold of her wrists and pulled her arms back towards him, lifting her chest up off the bed as he started pounding her hard and fast. Her whole body shook every time he slammed into her backside, thick ripples running up the soft flesh of her ass and lower back. Her tits bounded and swing wildly under her as he pounded her harder and harder, faster and faster.

“I can’t stop,” Imeyr growled. “Nothing in Alaria could make me stop. I’d rather perish than stop myself from cumming inside of you, mortal!”

She turned her head back and was unsurprised to see flickers of red light in the green glow of his eyes.

Novaoa knew he wouldn’t last long. So far he’d cum quickly from each new way she’d pleasured him. In a moment he’d cum in her. The thought astounded her. A god is about to cum in me!




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