Adlar Ashton’s Guide to Alaria


The following text represents an effort to take the countless different versions and translations of Adlar Ashton’s revered guide to the world of Alaria and combine them into a complete version. No complete copy of the book exists and most of what has been discovered often contradict what appears in other fragments. Many of what we have are bad translations of the numerous different versions published during Adlar’s lifetime. But some (especially the more complete ones) are almost certainly from editions published after his death, with the text heavily modified and added to. This leads to many contradictions and inaccuracies and means that as this project advances this will be a kind of living document that will be constantly added to and altered as we move slowly towards a complete version of the truth Adlar was so obsessed with finding.

Sections of Ashton’s Guide to Alaria:

On the Races of Alaria (updated 5/1/22)

On the Gods of Alaria (updated 5/1/22)

Notable Common Magical Items (updated 3/31/22)

Notable Rare Magical Items

Notable Monsters of Alaria

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