The Reign of Vogur, High Priest of Azel

(Part one is no longer available for free and is now only available as an Ebook.)

Part Two

Back in Wood Creek the night was late. Consular Sauvanne Chevalier was naked and laying sideways on a couch in her personal chamber. Her arm hung off the edge of couch and dangled in the air, an empty wine glass on the floor below her hand.

She was breathing steadily, in a deep peaceful sleep. It was a sleep that Emeric, her assistant, knew nothing would wake her from. He was certain because he had mixed her nightly wine with a powerful sleeping draught that had put her into this deep slumber. It was not the first time he had done this and it was probably not the last.

For a long time he stood silently, glaring at the naked High Capatian woman. He hated her, hated her with a fire that burned and drove his every breath. Things were not as they should be in Capatia, he had seen that as he became of age. It was said that the sexes were equals in their land but he knew this was a lie, a lie the women told the men to blind them to the fact that in Capatia women, and not men, were ever on top.

The thought filled him with memories of how the Consular almost always rode him like he was a beast of burden when she fucked him. She was a woman who had to always be on top. He hated it. Hated her.

Capatia had a sickness, a sickness that made women into more than they should be, into more than they deserved to be. He had seen the sickness long before he had been converted to the worship of Azel. He prayed every morning and every night to the god he had dedicated himself to, prayed that he would help fix the perverse nature of Capatia and put it to rights, with men on top and women on bottom. They deserved to be little more than slaves, servants to the men around them. Servants to their cocks.

He undid his belt and let his pants fall to the ground, pulling his undergarment down as well. He kicked them away, standing naked from the waist down. He stared at Sauvanne Chevalier’s huge, thick, heavy breasts. She was laying on her side, her tits so large they hung down over the side of the couch, one fat udder sitting atop the other.

The woman barely let him touch her breasts. Like most High Capatians they were overly sensitive. Yes, she enjoyed having them played with but it had to be done gently and sparingly. The fact that she, a woman, denied him something so clearly created to bring pleasure to men filled him with even more burning hatred.

As he stewed in that hatred his cock filled with blood, growing painfully hard. He held his cock, whispering a quick prayer to Azel. It was the cock god that revealed to him how to make the potent sleeping draft, revealed how to ensure it would be tasteless and impossible to notice when mixed in other fluids. He thanked his god then began moving closer to the slumbering noble woman. When she was awake she subjugated and dominated him, believing him to be a loyal and subservient follower. But when she slumber? Then she was HIS plaything and she would not be able to deny him anything he wanted, including her fat udders.

Moving in, his throbbing cock in his hand, he bent over the couch. He grabbed her head and turned it towards his cock then placed it on her lips. He rubbed his cockhead from side to side, smearing the precum leaking from the tip over her plump, pretty lips. She wore vibrant red lipstick and it became smeared and messy, staining his cockhead. Then he pressed into her mouth, the woman moaning in discomfort and then gagging in her sleep as he started fucking her face. Even as he started pounding her mouth with savage abandon, as she choked and gagged and his cock invaded her throat, she did not wake.

Acting the loyal servant filled him with burning hatred every day and he frequently needed to unleash it to keep the act up. Once he released some of his simmering hatred by cock-pounding her face he pulled his dick out of her mouth, happy to see it now covered in thick slimy saliva. He shifted to the side, leaning into her breasts. He held his cock by the base and rubbed it into her dense, thick breasts, reveling in not just the feel of their firm softness on his hard manhood but also knowing how angry the act would make her were she conscious of what he was doing.

He lowered his body and braced his legs on the edge of the couch so that he could start fucking her fat tits. He moaned and slammed into them, loving the way their fat flesh jiggled and little ripples ran through them every time his body impacted into them. It felt so good, immensely so knowing this pleasure was something she would always denied him when the choice was hers.

It took all his self control to make himself slow and then pull away from her body. He didn’t want to cum, not yet. She made him pleasure her two, three, sometimes four times a day. Emeric was young, virile, and blessed by the cock god but even his dick tended to be sore and in need of rest at night. He’d only have one fuck in him before his cock refused to rise without at least a few hours rest and he was not yet ready to be done with Consular Chevalier.

He got up and walked to a nearby dresser where the woman kept her makeup. He found the tube that contained the red lipstick she liked to wear. He scoffed at it, a ridiculous and frivolously useless piece of finery to bring with her to this pathetic frontier town. He pushed up on the bottom of the tube, the red shaft rising up into view.

When he returned to the slumbering Consular he rolled her over onto her back, groping her breasts and laughing as she groaned at the painful squeezes. He lifted a hand up then slapped one with the back of his hand as hard as he could. She gasped in pain, a red welt on her tit appearing but that he knew would be gone by morning. Still, she remained in a deep sleep.

Dropping down onto his knees he bent over her and started to use the lipstick to write on her chest, just above her tits. He thought about the way she would frequently make HIM put her makeup on, a humiliating emasculating task no man should be forced to do. In large, red letters he wrote two words across the top of her chest. Then he moved down, writing a second line below it. But these words were written on the top half of each of her breasts, larger than the ones above.

Finished, he stood looking at his handiwork. Her chest and tits now read “FUCK THIS CUNT’S FACE”. He nodded, carefully placing the lipstick on a nearby counter. He’d need to return it to its proper place when his fun was done to ensure his hated mistress didn’t become suspicious.

“Fuck this cunt’s face,” he said, grinning evilly down at the sleeping Consular. “Well, if you insist!” He bent over and grabbed her ankles, pulled on her body till it fell from the couch with a heavy thud that MUST have hurt, yet thanks to the sleeping draft her slumber was uninterrupted.

She was sprawled out on the ground on her back, her arms spread out beside her and her head fallen to the side. He quickly moved to stand above her, one foot on either side of her body, then lowered down so he was sitting on her stomach. He was left with his cock resting between her two large breasts.

He grabbed her tits, pulling them apart and spit down between them just in front of where his cockhead rested. Then he pressed her ample tit-meat in around his cock, moving his legs so that his knees could replace his hands and hold her tits tightly around his member.

With his hands once more free he grabbed her red hair, pulling her head up towards him as far it would go. This left her face pressed into the top of her breasts. Holding her head in place and making sure his knees kept her tits pressed in around him he started to move his hips, sliding his cock up through her tits. He pressed forward till he felt his cock hit her face then adjusted her head so his cockhead was pressed up against her lips.

Then he pulled back, quickly thrusting back forward and slamming his cock into her mouth. He started humping her, up through her tits and into her wet mouth. Over and over again, using her in a manner she’d probably have had him imprisoned for life if she knew about it.

He tried to keep his breathing slow, keep his heart rate low. He wanted to revel in this, wanted it to last. He also knew he couldn’t take the chance of cumming in her mouth. If he did the taste might linger and be noticed when she woke.

When he felt as though he’d have a hard time lasting any longer he forced himself to let go of her and pull away, standing up. His cock throbbed and glistened with spit and ached for release. He was close now and there would be no holding back once he started fucking her again. But he had to do it in a way that could be cleaned up and leave no trace.

He bent over and quickly rolled her over. He paused for just a moment to enjoy the sight of her large breasts pressed under her, half their mass squeezed out beside her torso. But he’d had enough of her breasts now, he wanted to use another part of her body to get off.

Again he sat down on top of her but this time he did so on the back of her thick meaty thighs so that his cock rested in the wedge of her fat ass cheeks. He grabbed his cock and rubbed it from side to side, pressing down into her plump, thick ass. His cock was covered in spit and soon her ass cheeks were slimy and slippery form it.

Emeric leaned over, bracing himself on the ground with a hand beside her. He reached down with his other hand and placed his thumb on the top of his shaft, pressing down so that his cock sank into her fat ass cheeks. Then he started humping her ass, his cock sliding up and through her cheeks. They were so big, so dense, so tight around his cock. He tried to hold off, tried to last as long as he could but he was already so worked up.

As he felt himself starting to cum he got up on his knees, grabbing his cock as it convulsed and shot his load almost perfectly up the sleeping woman’s spine.

He took a minute to catch his breath and enjoy the sight of his cum splattered over her skin. She let him cum in her but never on her. Just one more thing the stuck up bitch unrightfully denied him.

Then, sated and tired and accepting that his fun for the night was over, he got up and began cleaning up all the evidence of what he had done. He returned the lipstick to its home. He got a washcloth and scrubbed her chest and tits clean, making sure to remember to clean up the lipstick smeared around her lips as well. After that he hefted her back up onto the couch and put her back in the exact position she had been in when he had begun his fun with her.

After he put his clothing back on he stopped to glare angrily at her one last time before retiring to the small room she allowed him to sleep in. “Soon I’ll receive my orders from the High Priest,” he muttered darkly. “I don’t know the details of his plans but I know I’ve been positioned as her servant for a reason. Hopefully it won’t be long before I can help bring her down to the level she belongs. Till then I’ll have the sleeping draughts to have my revenge for the way you uses me.”

* * *

Dawn was beginning to break over Tronahar Forest. With every dawn the temple that sat atop the butte in the center of the forest was closer to being fully reformed. Azel’s might radiated out from it, a powerful force that drew some to it and repealed others.

Azel had become powerful, faith flowing in from nearly every corner of Alaria. It swelled his divine might and made it so he was able to reach down from the astral filament and influence more and more of the world below. And much of that attention was focused here. On the temple. On Wood Creek. And with tendrils of influence and power snaking their way into the Capatian Empire from every direction.

His faithful had infiltrated nearly every part of the empire and every day more of his followers sneaked into its borders. Those already there worked to convert those around them and everywhere his plots grew towards fruition.

And with so much of his power concentrated on this area it sapped the strength from the duel gods that claimed Capatia as their home. The goddess Pucella was slightly aware, but Azel had already trapped her in a deal that might lead to her succumbing to The Corruption. Her divine brother, on the other hand, was still pathetically ignorant of what was happening around them.

The two gods had made a mistake being satisfied with keeping their worship exclusively to one region, even if it was a large one. If their presence was drawn away from the source of the faith that fed them they would become weak. And if they could be tricked into taking physical form they might even be able to be captured…

And then there was the fact that faith was, in many ways, a finite recourse. Yes, the population of Alaria grew greater every season. It would still be hundreds maybe even thousands of years before the numbers of the beings that could feed the gods with their faith returned to the numbers they had been before the great collapse. Yet the numbers swelled and the faith flowed more and more freely to the gods. And the Humans, they had become the dominant species almost everywhere. Short lived but the flame of their faith burnt more intensely than any other race.

Since Pourrait and Pucella only had followers in one contained area it meant that every conversion away from their faith left them a little less powerful. Little by little Azel would starve them till they were too weak to stop him, and The Corruption, from overtaking and reforming them.

These thoughts were present in Azel’s mind as he focused himself on the rebuilt temple, his vision of the world below him narrowing in on one room and the two figures within it. One them blazed like the sun in his eyes, faith and Azel’s divine might flowing between him and the figure. His High Priest was so infused with Azel’s might he could barely be considered mortal anymore. Should he continue serving as well as he had Vogur might even one day transcend mortality completely, becoming a true Avatar of Azel. It had been ages since such a thing had happened with one of his faithful.

The other figure in the room did not blaze with the light of faith. In fact, the other figure was at that moment barely visible to Azel. The woman, Lucriece, was only a faint dimness in his eyes. Vogur had been putting her through the ordeal of conversion all night with not a moment of rest for her. She was exhausted and the faith she had felt for the duel gods had been totally driven from her hours ago. Yet still she had not converted.

Her body was weak and the only thing that kept her awake was the power that flowed from Vogur’s mighty Minotaur cock. He willed her to remain conscious so she did to allow the ordeal of conversion to continue.

The process was nearly the same as when it began. Vogur grabbed her head, rammed his cock down her throat and held it there till she nearly fainted from lack of oxygen. Then he would pull out of her and allow her to drop to the floor and ask her if she had accepted Azel willingly. The only major difference to the process now was that Vogur had started pumping gallons of cum into the woman as he slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth. It was to the point that when he pulled free from her maw she would double over and vomit more cum then most would think possible to fit in the stomach of one woman.

Azel watched as the thick gullet of semen exploded out of her mouth once more. But this time something was different, something had changed. Vogur felt it too. The High Priest grabbed the impregnated woman’s red hair, pulling her back up onto her knees, wanting to figure out what had changed.

Vogur then noticed the pool of cum that was all around them for the first time. He blinked, awed by how much semen Azel had allowed to flow out of his body. It literally flowed to every corner of the dungeon room, pooled so deep it rose above his massive toes. Again, he was awed at the power of his god.

But the real question was had Lucriece had been properly awed. Was she ready to convert and fully accept Azel into her heart?

He looked down at her. She wore a stunned look on her face and shivered from the shock of her long ordeal. Her eyes were opened wide and she stared into nothing as if she barely saw the world around her any more.

She coughed, a little more cum rising from her overfilled stomach. She leaned forward slightly and it leaked out her mouth, dripping down onto her swollen tits and pregnant belly. “Ah… Haa… ah,” she muttered pathetically. “Swallowed… so… much… semen. Felt… like I’ve… drown in it!”

Vogur could see it, he could feel it. She had reached the moment of truth. He repeated the words he had been saying all night. “Do you submit to Azel and accept the holy truth that is cock? Do you willingly bend to his will?”

Either she would say yes and willingly bend to his will, pledging her life and soul to the god of cock. Or she would prove defiant and unbreakable in her refusal to become one of the faithful. If it was so then he would ram his cock down her throat one more time, fill her belly with one more massive load of cum. And then her mind would be shattered and only her body would remain.

Vogur tensed, his grip on her hair tightening as he waited for her response.

Lucriece stared at Vogur’s huge brown cock. Her eyes began to glow with red sparking magical energy as she began to speak. I looked like she talking to his cock but the words were being spoken to a god, the cock before her only the means to communicate with it.

“I willingly accept the god Azel as my only god,” she said, the glow in her eyes intensifying. “I pledge myself to him, to cock. I shall worship only Azel. I shall worship him by giving myself body and soul to cock and be a willing tool to his every whim.”

The temple around them shook. Vogur inhaled, feeling some of Azel’s essence traveling through him, down through his cock and into the Capatian woman. She threw her head back and moaned in sexual delight. “Azel’s will be done,” she screamed with a shudder of pleasure.

Vogur stepped closer to her, letting his huge cock land on her face. She started to move her head from side to side, reveling in the feel of his wet cummy cock sliding across her pretty features.

“Yesssssssssssss,” she hissed. “Cock. Divine, perfect cock.”

Cum started to ooze out of his cockhead. A bubbling, steady stream of thick cum that ran down her face. She was baptized in cum, gasping for air as it flowed thickly over and into her mouth.

“You are reborn,” Vogur boomed, feeling his god grow stronger from this conversion. He pulled away from her, the flow of cum pouring from his cock ceasing. “Rise, Lucriece of the Capatians. Rise reborn as a servant of Azel the god of cock.”

Lucriece grabbed hold of her swollen, pregnant bell and got to her feet. Cum was still oozing and dripping from her face. The glow in her eyes diminished and disappeared but there was a new fire in her eyes: the fire of extreme religious devotion. “I am reborn,” she declared, grinning in joy as she held her stomach.

Vogur reached out and grabbed the collar around her neck. His muscles flexed as he ripped the collar off of her. “You are no longer a prisoner here in this holy temple. You may leave this dungeon cell. Familiarize yourself with the temple. Pray. Pray with the other faithful in its halls. For now I must rest, the ordeal of conversion has drained me. But I wish your presence when I wake. Listen to Azel, he will tell you when it is time to come to my personal chambers.”

Lucriece bowed. “Yes, High Priest. It shall be so.”

* * *

Laurette and Celeste both sipped at mugs of warm tea, blearily waking to a new morning. “You look like you were up late,” Laurette said, winking.

“Yeah, I think I might have been” Celeste replied, taking a sip then looking confused. “Although I don’t remember the night to well.”

“You were just drunk,” the bard replied happily. “I was too, although unlike you I had to go to bed alone.”

Celeste grinned dumbly. “Yeah, it was nice.” She paused, looking confused again. “I think.” She put her mug down and reached up to rub her breasts. “My tits are sore, though. Wish I could remember better what we did up there last night.”

“I bet that Friedburt had all sorts of fun with them,” Laurette said with a scandalized giggle as she looked at the barbarian’s breasts, not realizing how true her words were. A moment later she looked over Celeste’s shoulder and her face lit up. “Why, speaking of the man here he comes!”

Friedburt looked even more tired and drained than her partner did. He flashed a tired grin at the two women and headed to the innkeeper to get a drink to help him wake. Soon he joined the two adventurers, greeting them with a look that was all business. “You both ready for the details of your quest?”

“We’re always ready,” Laurette said confidently. “So what does the town need us to do? Clear out pixies? An Ogre?” She sounded excited to be going out to slay something.

“Goblins,” he replied.

“Ha! Goblins? Why, we’re practically stealing that coin from you. We can clear Goblins in our sleep. How many should we expect?”

“Not many,” Friedburt said as he reached into the satchel slung over his shoulder. He pulled out a roll of paper and flattened it out in the center of the table.

“Wood Creek is here,” he said pointing to the center of the map. “This line is the creek that runs past the town. There’s a small bridge here,” he said, moving his finger to a small mark across the river. “You’ll need to cross there and head this way, deep into the woods. It’s slow going and there aren’t really any roads that way yet so it might take you a few days to reach the Goblins.”

He tapped the map where a little x had been marked. “A homesteader told us about them. Small band, looks like they just arrived in the region and are only now starting to build a small village. But everyone knows how fast the little villains breed. If we wait too long they’ll become a nuisance and then a threat to any homesteads in the area and eventually to our town.

“Normally we’d send some of the town guard to take care of a problem like this,” he said, sliding the map towards Laurette. “But it’s too far out and there have been other issues in the region that have convinced us the guards are needed closer to town. Besides, there really aren’t that many of the guards. Even if things were good we couldn’t spare even a handful of them for that many days. But you two, you can head out and clear them out with no issue, at least if you’re both as good as you claim.”

“We are,” both women said in unison then laughed.

“Goblins are going to be no problem, especially a small band of them,” Laurette said. “I’ll use my bardic magic to entrance them and Celeste here will get big and cut them apart with her great big axe. In a few days we’ll back, the Goblins dead, and all that coin will be in our pockets just begging to be spent.”

Friedburt leaned back and smiled happily. “Well, I’ll be the first to applaud you on your return. When do you plan on leaving?”

Laurette looked at Celeste. The blond barbarian shrugged. “I’m ready when you are,” she said. “Just need to go grab my gear.”

“We’ll be ready to leave in about ten minutes,” Laurette told him with an eager nod, pouring the last of her tea down her throat then getting to her feet. “Come on, Celeste, we’ve work to do.”

The barbarian rose to her feet and flashed a happy grin at Friedburt. “Think you’ll have time for me when we get back?”

He smiled. “Oh yes, all the time in the world.”

Celeste’s grin grew larger. “Okay, Laurette, let’s go get ready. Think you can play that one tune I like? I’m oh so sore and weary and it always helps with that.”

“I’ll begin the song as soon as we are out the door,” the bard declared as they headed up the stairs to retrieve their gear.

Friedburt watched them, his smile shifting to one of knowing mischief. There really were Goblins where he was sending them but they were not a small newly arrived band. Even if the two adventurers’ boasting was all true the two of them were going to find themselves in way over their heads. And thanks to the programming he’d left in the dumb barbarian’s mind he was confident only one of them would be returning to Wood Creek.

* * *

Gretel yawned, stretched out, and wrapped her arms around Vaytesh’s naked body, pulling herself in around him. “Good morning, lover,” she cooed happily at him.

He shifted under her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her naked body in tighter to his. Her skin was so soft and he loved how plump her Human body was. For a Human she was very thin but even so her body was not lean and bony like most Elfs. “Good morning,” he replied, running a hand through her black hair. He shifted, reaching down and pulling the blanket off of them. “It’s warm in here,” he lied.

She blinked at him then paused, closing her eyes and inhaling deep and slow. “Gods above, you smell amazing,” she said, shifting away from the hand in her hair and kissing his chest. Her hands began wandering down his body, the finger tips pleasurably tickling his skin.

Vaytesh watched her. It was clear she was being drawn to his manhood but he doubted she realized it consciously. Her mind was already too muddled to think clearly when he was naked beside her.

Once her little hands found his member they wrapped around it, his flesh quickly hardening in her hands. “And good morning to you,” she whispered to his cock, shifting so that her face was practically in his lap. She leaned in and gave his cockhead a little kiss then moved in closer taking it in her mouth. She started sucking, slow and wetly, moaning in delight.

The perfect way to wake up, he thought as she fellated him. He reached down and started running his fingers through her hair again, pushing on her head slightly to encourage her to suck more vigorously. Soon she was sucking and slurping loud enough for him to mutter a quick, quiet prayer to Azel; one that would be unheard by her.

For just a moment he felt Azel’s blessing flow through him, into his cock and out into the pretty young mage’s mind. His cock quivered and he came in her mouth, the explosion of salty bitter fluid more than enough to distract her so she didn’t notice the flow of divine magic into her.

Gretel pulled away, sitting up and grinning sleepily. She looked at Vaytesh and swallowed. “I never knew it could taste so good,” she purred, flopping down beside him and cuddling back up to him. “Is it because you’re an Elf or because everything about you is just so perfect?”

“I don’t know,” he said, lying. The more Azel held sway over her the better all cum would taste to her.

“I think it’s because you’re perfect,” she replied, burying her face in his armpit and inhaling his musk. “Perfect,” she repeated.

The innocent little twit is falling in love with me, he thought. Mentally he shrugged. It would only make converting and controlling her all that much easier.

Their morning cuddling was interrupted by a knock on the door. Vaytesh jumped to his feet, throwing a tunic and some pants on as Gretel pulled the blankets up to hide her small, firm breasts. “Who could that be?” she asked.

“I’ll find out,” the Elf said, moving to the door and opening it.

“Are you one of the mages that got into town yesterday?” the pretty young Human boy on the other side of the door said as soon as Vaytesh greeted him. He looked past the Elf and saw Gretel. “Ah, both of you,” he muttered, flashing a knowing grin at Vaytesh.

He stood tall and thrust a rolled piece of paper towards Vaytesh. The Elf took it, seeing the roll had a wax seal on it. “Consular Sauvanne Chevalier requests both your presence at a morning discussion. You are to be at her meeting hall in less than an hour.” The boy then bowed and turned to leave.

As soon as Vaytesh had closed the door he was breaking the seal and rolling the paper open.

“What’s it say?” Gretel asked, sitting up and letting the blanket fall free to reveal her perky breasts.

“Basically what the man said,” he replied, reading the letter. “Says the Consular knew we were coming and that she’ll have work for us. It seems we are being conscripted to become official servants of the town and that we’ll be paid as such.”

“Well then, we better get dressed,” Gretel said, throwing the blanket off her body and getting to her feet. She held her arms out and turned her palms up to the ceiling. Her eyes started to glow blue and she floated up off the floor. Magical began to whirl around her, a gust of blue power that momentarily hid her body. With a pop the energy disappeared and she dropped to the floor, now fully dressed.

She wore pristine white robes and had a beautiful, heavy blue cloak draped over her shoulders. Gold bracelets were wrapped around her wrists glowing with energy. She flung the cape back and turned in a circle. “What do you think,” she asked Vaytesh, blushing prettily.

“I think the boots are a bit much,” he said with a laugh.

Gretel looked down, pulling the bottom of her robes up. She wore white high heeled boots, the heels and soles golden in color. The front of the boots was cut open so her naked toes could be seen. “They are cute,” she said, standing up and pushing her glasses back up her nose.

“And I want to impress the Consular,” she quickly added as she reached out for her wand. It had been sitting on a table on the far side of the room but now floated up and into her hand. “Hurry up,” she demanded. “We’ll be late.”

“You know, not everyone can simply summon their clothes from the magical aether,” he said with a flustered laugh.

“It’s an easy spell,” she replied, looking confused.

“No, it’s not,” he spit back meanly. She took a step back, shocked by his tone. “Sorry,” he said, smiling to calm her. “It’s just that you think ALL spells are easy.”

She giggled. “Well, they are. I just don’t understand why magic seems to be so hard for everyone else.”

He took the clothes he had quickly thrown on to answer the door off and started digging for a much nicer outfit in his luggage. “It’s not just how easily you remember how to cast spells,” he told her. “The rest of us have to struggle to draw the mana needed for even simple spells. So many mages walk about covered in bobbles or wielding staffs that exist to store mana. But you seem to be tapped into a flow of never ending mana that you can just suck out of the air! How do you do it?”

“I don’t know,” Gretel said with a shrug. “They didn’t really understand it at the College either. I can just feel mana all around me, in the earth and on the air as it passes by. Even in people. It always seems to be blowing towards me and I just… suck some of it up. The only limitation I’ve ever felt is how much mana my body can hold at once, but it takes a pretty big spell to leave me feeling drained.”

“Well, you’re amazing and you shouldn’t take what you can do for granted,” Vaytesh said.

The young girl truly didn’t understand how remarkable and powerful she was. He did, though, and so did Azel. That’s why the god had ensured she was brought to this place. Vaytesh was certain his god had plans for the naive young woman. He didn’t know what they were yet but he expected he’d find out sooner than later.

* * *

Consular Sauvanne Chevalier sat before a huge, ornate desk that she’d brought all the way from the capital. The tools of her office were spread out before her: stacks of blank paper, inkwells and feather quills, a stack of red rectangular wax and a metal stamp with her seal resting beside them. Beside it all was a pile of rolled papers that had traveled far to reach her. The smaller ones had come attached to the leg of various ravens, the bigger ones delivered by messengers on horseback.

She was writing out a list of supplies that the settlement would need, dipping the quill she used into the inkwell every few lines. The words needed to be thick and easily read and each message needed to be copied down at least three times. She wasn’t going to take any chance that the missives would be lost on their journey back to the capital.

For nearly the first time since her arrival at Wood Creek there was no glass of wine within reach although a small bowl filled with grapes was nearby. She needed her mind sharp and knew the wine, as pleasurable as it was, would only dull her wits. The grapes, though, would help stave off any hunger she felt as she worked.

Finishing the final copy of the list of items she rolled the piece of paper up, tying a small red cord around it. She turned, grabbing one of the sticks of red wax. A burning candle was nearby and she picked it up, tipping the flame over the roll of paper to melt some of the red wax down onto it. She let the melted wax rest for a moment then grabbed the metal stamp and pressed her official seal into the wax as it started to dry.

With a relieved sigh she scribbled a destination on the paper and tossed the final roll onto the pile she’d spent all morning writing. “That’s one task finished,” she mumbled, rubbing her neck. “But the day has barely begun.” She sat up straight and turned. “Emeric!” she called out.

The door to her study flew open and the attractive youth appear, smiling eagerly. “How can I be of service, Consular?”

She began to stand, pushing her chair out, and stood to face him. He was so pretty and was such a fun toy, but there would be time for that later. Pointing to the rolls of freshly written missives she began telling him where they would all need to be sent as she separated them into piles. “These will need to go by raven. Find that skulking character, Friedburt, his birds will know the way. And this pile will need to go by rider. I’ve addressed them. Most are headed to the capital but a few are meant for the ‘prominent’ estates in the area.”

Sauvanne stopped and chuckled. “Silly homesteaders. The tiny log cabins they call ‘estates’ don’t deserve the word. Still, they are run by what will one day be the women, and I suppose men, of prominence here. They work to clear the forest and turn this into the land it needs to be before it officially becomes part of Capatia.”

“Yes, Consular,” Emeric said with a bow, moving forward and scooping up the first pile of rolled paper. “I’ll see to things right away.”

“One moment,” she said. “Have you prepared the great hall? My company should be arriving soon.”

He nodded. “Yes, it’s all prepared. Food is at the table as are the maps you requested. But no wine, just like you said.”

“Good. And what of the scouts? Have they returned?”

“Almost all of them,” he replied. “I had them all write out reports for you, at least those that had their letters. Those that didn’t dictated what they had to report and I jotted it down. The papers are out at your seat at the table of the great hall.”

“Thank you,” she said, sighing wearily. There was so much work to be done, much of it work she’d been putting off for far too long. But now that the General was here breathing disapprovingly down her neck she’d need to prove why she’d been sent to this place as Consular.

“Will there be anything else?” Emeric asked her.

“No,” she replied. “But as soon as the letters are all sent be nearby. We may require your services during the meeting this morning.”

“Of course,” he said with another bow.

Sauvanne turned from him and strode towards the door out of the steady. As soon as her back was turned from Emeric the placating, happy expression disappeared from his face. He glared after her, watching the bulk of her large ass sway from side to side under her tight red dress.

He waited till she left the room then began to mutter to himself. “Hate that woman so much but Azel be praised what a body she has.”

Then he looked down at the rolls of paper in his hand and dropped them back on the desk. He’d need to open and read most of them and using the tools the Consular had left on her desk he’d easily be able to reseal them.

There was a small chest on the desk that the woman was supposed to lock the seal and wax into so no one could do what Emeric was about to do. He glanced at it and chuckled. She was a very competent woman when she wanted to be. Left to her own devices he was certain she’d be able to turn this little town into a thriving city in a very short time. She might even be able to figure out what was going on in the world around her and take actions to stop the Azel worshipers.

Yes, she posed a great threat but she had one major flaw: she trusted him utterly and had no inkling he was working to sabotage her every effort. Because of him she’d only be able to accomplish what Azel wanted her to accomplish.

“Need to memorize what she wrote,” he muttered, sitting at the desk and tearing open the seal of one of the rolled papers. “Then I’ll let Friedburt know the details. He’ll be able to tell me which letters need to reach their destination and which don’t.”

He went to work, knowing Sauvanne wouldn’t expect him to return to her presence till later. He’d have more than enough time to do what needed to be done.

* * *

“What do you make of all of this,” Consular Sauvanne Chevalier said to General Outbridge, pushing the pile of reports to her. There was a lot of details in the notes but she couldn’t piece together anything of real meaning from them. Whatever was causing the female homesteaders to disappear from their farms was still a mystery to her.

The General started picking up the papers two at a time, quickly reading over the words on them. She went through them all at an impressive speed then looked up at the Consular, her face grave. “I see hints here but the truth remains obscured. Two things are certain, though. One: we need more armed forces in this region. The town guard is enough to keep the peace but I fear whatever is lurking in the woods would quickly deal with them should it come to Wood Creek. We need to send for more troops at once. And two: Wood Creek needs better static defenses.”

She turned then to the two young mages sitting at the table with them. “I’ve seen what magic can do in situations like this. You could help erect proper walls around this city if you know the right spells and have enough mana to draw upon. You could accomplish this in a day or two, using your magic to finish the work it would take women and men months to complete. Please tell me one of you knows spells that would be of use to us now.”

Vaytesh looked to Gretel. The pretty young woman smiled, glowing with pride. “I know the spells, I know nearly ALL the spells.”

“Do you both have enough mana stored within you or in items you brought to get the work done?” the General pressed, not yet allowing herself to be hopeful yet.

“That won’t be an issue,” Vaytesh said, glancing at Gretel without elaborating. “We can start today, you just need to draw out and show us what you want done.”

General Outbridge nodded and looked to the Consular. She turned and called out for her assistant. A moment later the young boy came into the room. “Yes?” he asked.

“We need more paper and quills. And bring all the maps we have of the town and the surrounding area, the ones already here aren’t detailed enough for our needs.”

He bowed then turned to retrieve the needed items.

“It will take a good part of the morning to plan out where the walls should be built. I don’t want to just replace the wooden Palisades around the city. They aren’t built in the most optimal position and Wood Creek will need room to expand. And it was a mistake leaving that creek outside the city walls. It should be run through the city so it can be tamed and put to use or at the very least add a bit of prettiness to a part of the town. The walls will need to be built to accommodate its flow but keep out any potential invaders.” As the General spoke she was already using a quill to jot notes on the back of some of the reports.

“Physical protection is important,” Eva Sunpride said, “but the city will need protection from the gods as well. We need a temple to Pourrait and Pucella.”

“It is only proper,” the Consular agreed.

“I also agree,” General Outbridge replied quickly. “I’m strongly connected to the duel gods and I can feel the need for a temple. My powers are… lessened in this land. I think constructing one from scratch will take too long, we need to set one up sooner than that.” She turned to look at the Consular. “Do you have the authority to conscript one of the buildings already constructed into use as a temple?”

“Of course,” she said. “I need only write out a writ of confiscation with a pledge for the Capatian crown to finance a replacement structure of greater worth. Aside from the building we are in and perhaps the inn most of the other structures in town are going to end up torn down and replaced within a few seasons anyways. The people in them know this and I can’t imagine any of them fighting such an order.”

“Then write it out,” the General replied. “Once you have the writ, cleric, start looking for the best location.”

Eva rose from her seat. “I’ll begin at once. I’ll take a quick stroll through town to start getting a feel of the holy energy flowing through this place and return for the writ having a better idea where to start looking.”

General Outbridge looked at the Consular and smiled. “You know, Consular Chevalier, I was disappointed in you at first. But I see now why you were appointed to this position. When you want to be you are a VERY effective administrator. And it was an inspired choice sending to the College of Magic to send these two mages. Most wouldn’t have thought of that in your position.”

The Consular smiled at the praise. “Oh, I know. And I believe you’ll think even more highly of me in a few days. But now we’ve all got work to do and we can begin just as soon as Emeric returns.”

* * *

Once word spread of what the two mages were about to do most of the town of Wood Creek had come to the open dirt square in the center of town. General Outbridge stood back, watching the two youngsters as they leaned together and whispered, looking over the plans the morning had been spent drafting.

Consular Chevalier stood besides her, standing perfectly straight and with an air of nobility that made the crowd around her keep their distance. She had a glass of wine in one hand and was slowly sipping at it. “I assume as General of Capatia’s armies you’ve seen something like this before,” she said.

“Once or twice,” the General replied with a smile. “But the power of magic never ceases to awe me.”

The Consular gave her a sideways look, glancing at the tall, armored woman’s radiantly glowing hair. “You seem to wield plenty of your own magic.”

“No,” the General said, shaking her head, “it’s not the same. I’m blessed by the duel gods and that’s a different kind of magic. It works through me, I don’t really control it. But those two young mages? They are harnessing powers we can both barely sense and are going to be using them to reshape the world. That is a VERY different thing.”

Sauvanne Chevalier sipped at her wine, trying to think of a good response. But before she could the Elven mage threw his arms up and started telling the gathered crowd to back away from his partner.

“Seems the little girl is going to be doing most of the work,” Sauvanne said. “I thought, perhaps, she was the Elf’s assistant at first. They are both young but she barely looks to be of age.”

“I think the girl is going to surprise you,” General Outbridge said. “Just watch.”

Gretel’s eyes began to glow with steaming blue magical energy. Vaytesh pulled back even further away from her just as tendrils of blue magic started to lash out from the young dark haired girl.

Some in the crowd gasped as they felt the earth shake suddenly under them while others screamed. They all backed further away as the air around Gretel pulsed and glowed, an orb of magic building up around her. She started to float up into the air, her hair and clothes acting suddenly as if gravity around her had been shut off.

There were more screams when blue magic shot out form her, up into the sky and arcing down into the woods around the town in every direction. Entire trees were ripped up from the ground, pulled up into the air. They all began to dissolve, transmuted into raw magical energy and at the same time the wooden palisades around the town also started to dissolve. The energy the walls and trees were turned into flowed towards Gretel as she floated higher into the air, swirling and sparking around her.

The people gathered in the square couldn’t see it but the land around the city was rolling then smoothing out. The magical energy swirling around Gretel began to move out form her, twisting towards the flattened dirt around the city.

People watched as the blue energy started to coalesce and take the shape of a tall city walls. For a few minutes they appeared ghostly, made of transparent swirling energy. But slowly they became more solid, the blue energy thickening and slowly becoming strong stone walls.

Everyone was awed by the sight of the walls becoming real. As Gretel lowered back down to the ground the seams between their stone bricks glowed with blue energy for a few moments but when her feet touched the dirt the lights went out. The town was then surrounded by tall, strong walls.

The crowd erupted in applause but Gretel seemed to barely notice. She had nearly collapsed when she touched back down on the ground, falling into Vaytesh’s arms. She looked weak and ready to pass out. “Let us pass,” the Elf called out. “She’ll need rest,” he declared, heading towards the inn.

“You were right about her,” Consular Chevalier said, not hiding how awed the event had left her. “With power like this backing Capatia I can’t imagine anything that could hinder our border’s expansion.”

“Perhaps,” General Outbridge said. “But a mage dies as easily as any other person. The walls will protect us, as will the gates built into them. But all of that is meaningless if they aren’t manned properly. I want you to gather the town guard so I can inspect them. I need to know what forces are already here before I write a letter requesting more.”

* * *

General Outbridge had not been impressed with the men that had been gathered before her. They were not well armed or well trained and most didn’t seem to take their job protecting the small town very seriously. But the biggest thing was that they were ALL men, and not men she’d choose to enlist in the protection of anywhere Capatia laid claim to.

Men could make highly capable troops but their baser instincts tended to get the better of them. Any group of men might be more fierce than any group of women but they would also be harder pressed to maintain discipline. And the savage selfishness that made them so fiercely on the battlefield made them even harder to control outside of combat. Male troops tended to cause as many problems as they solved especially when garrisoned in cities. There were countless reasons she, and most in the Capatian military, preferred female soldiers.

Then there was the fact that these were all men who had come here to escape Capatian society. They were men who didn’t much like the place males held in Capatian society and it was clear they bristled at a woman showing up and taking command of them.

They just won’t do, she thought as she had looked at them. None had spoken up against her but a few had openly glared at her. They will all need to be replaced by proper female soldiers, she thought. As soon as possible. And we’ll need two or three times the numbers. The city should have a proper division garrisoned here, especially since we don’t know yet what this threat is that lurks in the woods is.

“I want you to start the construction of a building to garrison some regular troops here, a whole division,” the General told Sauvanne.

“That many?” she asked. “I suppose there’s room on the east side of town with the way the walls were built. I’ll get the work started at once. Then I’ll need to retire to my study. I’ve got reports and more letters that need to be written.”

“And I’ll go talk to some of the scouts,” the General said, getting up from the meeting table. “I want to hear some of their reports first hand, perhaps even ride out with them to conduct further investigations.”

“Keep me informed if you uncover anything,” Sauvanne said.

“I will,” the General replied.

* * *

Vogur opened his eyes, sitting up and feeling refreshed after his sleep. He smiled to see the pregnant Capatian woman standing patiently at the feet of his bed, holding her huge belly as she smiling at him with happy devotion.

“You were right, High Priest. I felt when it would be time to come to you, I’ve only been here a few minutes. I’m eager to discover why you wanted my presence.”

The massive Minotaur rose from his bed, naked and enjoying the feel of his huge limp cock swinging between his powerfully muscled legs. He enjoyed further the feeling of blood starting to rush into it as his eyes fell on the swollen, sagging milk filled breasts of the freshly converted woman.

These Capatian women’s breasts were impressively large, her race’s average breast size putting all other Human races to shame. They had only grown larger as the thing gestating in her stomach had convinced her body it was pregnant. Her breasts had been large before but now they were huge, and oh how beautifully they sagged down and around her swollen belly.

He licked his lips, reveling in the sight of her dark stretched out nipples. “When were your breasts last drained?” his deep voice booming and echoing around them.

“Some hours ago by Ondarian,” she replied happily. “He’s ever so attentive to my breast’s needs. But even though he drained every drop form them they are already overfull and in need of being emptied again.” She patted her stomach. “I think the thing inside me will soon be out and my breasts sense that.”

“It will need to feed,” Vogur said with a nod of agreement. “The magic flowing through the temple has made it grow very fast inside of you and once out it will continue to grow at an even faster rate. Soon you shall birth it and it shall feast on your milk. Then your body will be ready to be impregnated again.”

Lucriece shivered in excited anticipation. “If that is what Azel wishes than I will endure it all with great enthusiasm and pleasure. I’m but a slut for him and all cocks. My fuck-holes and tits and womb are his to use as he wishes.” She reached down under her large belly and touched herself as she said this, shivering again and moaning slightly.

Vogur moved forward, each of his strides huge. He quickly closed the distance between him and Lucriece and once he was to her he looked down, pleased by the excited look on her face. Her conversion had been the most thorough he had ever seen and it warmed his heart to see another nearly as devoted to Azel as he was.

Slowly he moved around her. Lucriece stood perfectly still, holding her belly. “You want me,” she whispered. ”I can feel it. Feel the desire emanating from that blessed cock of yours.”

“I want you,” the High Priest confirmed as he took up a place directly behind her. “But before I indulge in the pleasures of your body you need to be milked. It will warm and moisten your cunt and help further prepare your body for the thing growing in you. When it is born it will need much milk. Draining your teats keeps your milk fresh and as you’ve noticed each time you are drained your breasts can create even more milk as they refill.”

Slowly he reached around her body, gently cupping his large hands under her huge sagging breasts. She moaned as his skin touched hers then moaned louder as he started to lift her breasts up. He moved his hands up under their soft, heavy, fleshy bulk till he had hold of the point where they met the rest of her body.

He began to squeeze, tight and firm. Lucriece moaned and shuddered as thick streams of milk started to shoot out of her nipples. Vogur continued to squeeze, moving his hands out from the base of her tits. Slowly he began to express all of the milk in her out.

“Azel be praised,” she gasped. “It feels so good to be milked! The pressure in my breasts was nearly unbearable and the feeling of relief as you squeeze them dry is… incredible! And it’s making me so wet,” she finished, her voice a quiet purr by that point.

Vogur moved in closer, his cock pressing into her backside. It was fully erect now, a mighty shaft of rock hard flesh. She wiggled her body, pressing back against him till his cock became wedged between her fat ass cheeks. As the High Priest continued to work her teats, slowly draining all the milk from them, she bounced her ass up down to bring pleasure to his cock.

“Look at all this milk squirting and spraying out all over the place,” Vogur whispered down at her. “I’ve nearly drained you now. Did I speak true? Did it prepare your body to be entered by me?”

“Oh, yes, High Priest,” she gasped in pleasure as he squeezed the last of the milk from her breasts. They were left looking and feeling empty and deflated, sagging even further down around her stomach. But she could already feel them burning as fresh milk began to be produced within their sagging meat.

“Feel how wet I am for your holy, blessed cock,” she said as she started to lean forward. She reached out and braced her hands on the foot of the bed. Her heavy fully belly hung below her and her drained breasts sagged down above it. She lifted her back end and opened her legs slightly.

Vogur needed no more invitation than that. He grabbed his mighty cock and smeared it down through her ass cheeks till it reached her pussy. He found her fleshy folds dripping wet as he started to rub his huge cockhead up and down her slit, slowly wedging himself into the opening of her cunt-hole.

“Please, High Priest,” she begged, “enter me. Let my cunt worship Azel by pleasuring your holy cock. Let me show my devotion to our god by draining your balls.”

The Minotaur grabbed her thick waist and grunted as he started to press into her. He felt her body tense, knowing his immense girth was too much for her body to take. He allowed Azel’s might to flow through him, willing his cock’s girth to shrink till it would fit inside of her. A moment later he slid easily into her, his cock still massive enough to leave her insides maddeningly filled.

She moaned in pleasure, muttering prayers to Azel as he started to fuck her. He slid his hands up her body, reaching down under till he found her sagging tits. They were flopping wildly back and forth as he pounded into her back side. He quickly grabbed hold of them, squeezing and groping. Lucriece moaned louder, her vaginal muscles tightening around his cock each time he squeezed her breasts.

“Your tits already fill with milk,” he grunted between thrusts. He began squeezing them as if they were a cow’s teats, causing freshly produced milk to squirt out onto his bed. “Azel has truly blessed this body of yours. Your countrywomen are all left drained and nearly lifeless by this point. None will be able to bring more than one of Azel’s servants into the world. But you, you will help us breed an army.”

“Yes, please,” she howled. “Let Azel use my body to birth his army!” She started to cum, screaming in delight.

“Azel’s will be done,” Vogur said, slamming deep into her and joining her in sexual climax.

He let go of her and started to pull away as soon as his balls felt empty. Looking down he watched his cock fall from inside of her, delighted by the sight of his seed pouring out of her of her temporarily gaping hole. There was enough cum flowing out of her that it splashed noisily down onto the floor, forming a small puddle.

“We are not done worshiping our god,” Vogur declared, moving to climb up onto the bed. He laid down on his back and spread his legs, nodding at his massive cum covered cock. It was still hard and in need of more attention.

Lucriece awkwardly climbed up onto the bed after him, holding her heavy belly under her protectively. She got down on all fours between his legs and leaned in, sticking her tongue out. She started to lick the High Priest’s balls clean. Then, slowly and making sure she licked every inch of his massive cock, she started to work her way up his shaft.

She licked and slurped but this was not simple lascivious oral pleasuring of the High Priest. She licked and handled his cock as if it were a holy relic. She worshiped Azel by worshiping his cock, cleaning it with the same care she’d give if it had been the god’s cock.

“Praise be to the cock god,” Vogur said, beginning a prayer. “Praise be to Azel, mightiest of gods. We thank him for his blessing and worship him by bringing this cock pleasure. Let our faith flow through it and into him. May our faithful worship please Azel and may his blessing be upon us forever more.”

Lucriece continued to clean his cock as he recited the prayer. She could feel Azel’s might flowing into the Minotaur’s cock and as she licked it clean she felt that power flowing into herself. It burned in her breasts as they began to fill with milk even faster, quickly becoming full and heavy once more. She felt it burn in her belly, the wriggling thing there growing more quickly.

As she licked the last of the cum from Vogur’s cock he finished his prayer. She pulled back then doubled over, grabbing her belly groaning. “I think the birth has begun,” she groaned.

The High Priest got up from the bed. “Lay, devotee of Azel. Let your body rest on my bed as you birth this thing in you. There will be no pain, Azel will see to that.”

She grabbed her belly, continuing to groan. “It is his will,” she said, rolling over onto her back and spreading her legs, eager for the birth.

* * *

Eva Sunpride walked slowly through the streets of Wood Creek. The roads were dirt, pools of water left over from the last rain leaving large patches of mud. But she knew that wouldn’t last. As the city grew order would be brought to the small town and proper roads would be built, roads that would be paved with stone.

She moved slowly, ignoring the people around her and frequently stopping to close her eyes and concentrate on the divine magics flowing through the air around her. She was highly attuned to such energy, more so then most clerics her skill more like that of a priest or priestess. When she wanted to she could feel it like a breeze, taste it on her tongue.

Her brow furrowed. The taste of the divine energy flowing through Wood Creek was strange… Not bad but musky with a hint of maleness to it. She was confused by this. She’d only ever felt and tasted the energy of the duel gods. She could feel and taste of their divine will flowing around her but it was weak, weaker than she had ever felt it.

Pucella and Pourrait were incredibly powerful within the borders of Capatia. There were very few who did not worship them exclusively and all that faith flowed into the duel gods and made them insanely powerful. But she had always known there were almost none who worshiped them outside of Capatia. She had known their power would be weaker outside the borders but to feel a fact was totally different than simply knowing it.

Under the distinct feel of the specific god’s power the winds of faith had a constant undertone, a base of powerful energy that radiated out from beings able to pray to the gods. That was strong here. The more people that came to the town and the region the more that undertone of faith would grow stronger. It was the air that the wind of divine power blew through.

But faith was not like air, evenly distributed in the world around her. As she moved through the city she could feel pockets where the base of faith weakened, places where divine magic would not work as strong or easily. Then there were other places where the power of faith was thick, places where she felt her body tingle as the divine magic in her yearned to be used and unleashed on the world around her.

Those were the places the temple would need to be built. And she intended on finding the strongest point in Wood Creek. Once she located it she’d begin using the writ she had in her pocket. She’d find a building of proper size as close to the center of power as possible and she’d turn the place into a temple to the duel gods.

But it would take time to survey the winds of faith that blew through the town. This was an important task and she refused to rush through it.

“Every inch of the city,” she whispered. “I’ll search every inch of the city and find the most powerful place. And then Pourrait and Pucella’s power will grow here.”

* * *

Vogur smiled as the thing Lucriece had just birthed began to climb up her body. It was a twisting, slimy mass of green tentacles. Its many long thin appendages reached up, wrapping around Lucriece’s breasts and arms, pulling the round mass of its central body up towards her.

The tentacle beast had no mouth, although it did have a single large eye at the front of its central mass. It, however, had yet to open. It was still too little, too young for that. But the High Priest knew that the thing would grow incredibly fast with the help of the milk in Lucriece’s swollen breasts.

“It’s beautiful,” the Capatian woman cooed as the thing’s tentacles wrapped more tightly around her breasts, the pressure causing milk to leak out of her engorged nipples.

Vogur was proud she showed no sign of revulsion at the slimy thing. It showed how truly devoted to Azel she was to be able to not just tolerate the disgusting creature but look on it with love and affection.

“How will it feed on my milk?” she asked Vogur.

Her face was eager but tired. The birth had been draining and if not for Azel’s power flowing through her she would probably not have survived the ordeal.

“Look at the tips of the tentacles wrapped around your breasts,” the Minotaur told her.

She did as he told her, sitting up slightly and looking down at them. As she did the slimy tips of the green appendages neared her nipples. Their tips swelled and then began to open up, becoming fleshy suckers. They slithered to her nipples and attached themselves there, beginning to suck and gorge themselves on her milk.

Lucriece let her body fall back and released a low, long moan of delight. “That feels so good,” she cooed.

“It will soon feel better,” Vogur said, watching one of the larger tentacles slither back down her body. As it neared her crotch the tip swelled and took the shape of a cockhead. It twisted round and started to press into her cunt, the end of it growing rigid and becoming even more cock-like.

Lucriece moaned louder, throwing her head from side to side. “It’s fucking me!” she declared happily.

“Yes, it shall fuck you as it feeds on your milk,” Vogur said. Already she could see the thing starting to grow larger.

She gasped in pleasure as the tentacle pounded her harder. “Will it impregnate me? Shall I birth another one of these tentacle beasts?”

“No,” Vogur replied. “One such thing that comes from your insides cannot impregnate you. But Ondarian should already be coming back to the temple with newly gathered women. Once this one is strong from your milk it will impregnate those women one by one.”

Lucriece arched her back and screamed in pleasure. “It’s making me cum!” A moment later she collapsed, the thing wrapped around her still feasting on her milk and fucking her cunt. “How will I serve Azel once this thing is done with me?”

Vogur smiled, happy to hear her so eager to serve. “These tentacle beasts are not the only creatures we are breeding to be part of Azel’s army. When it is big and healthy enough to impregnate other women you and it shall be taken down into the breeding pits. You were there once but you cannot remember it, your mind was not your own then. Once there you will be given to another kind of creature and you will allow it to impregnate you. I am confident you will find the experience very pleasurable.”

“In Azel’s name it shall be glorious,” Lucriece moaned.

* * *

“Why are you reading that book of spells?” Gretel asked Vaytesh.

The Elf lay naked on his back in their rented bed, the large book held up before him. “Because the General and Consular will have more work for us tomorrow,” he said without looking up from the book. “And unlike you I do not have every word of every book I have read memorized.”

Gretel was naked too and had just finished using a washbasin and a wet rag to clean her body. She’d been exhausted after casting the spell that had created the city walls and had slept most of the rest of the day. Her sleep had been fitful and she had sweated profusely through it, her body working hard as it replaced the mana she had used to cast the spell. She had woken a little bit ago still tired but wanting to feel clean before she could try returning to sleep for the night.

She crawled up onto the bed, grinning happily at Vaytesh’s hairless manhood hanging limply between his legs. She was glad he didn’t have a blanket over himself. His body was a joy to look at, his cock most of all. As she stared at it and felt a powerful hunger for it she thought about how just a few days ago she’d been too shy to act on her desire for the pretty young Elf.

Now, though, she couldn’t resist the sight of his cock. She crawled up the bed, pushing his legs open and lowering her head towards his manhood.

Vaytesh lowered his book slightly and looked at her with an amused smirk. “What exactly do you think you’re doing?” he asked her. Her face delighted him. It was so young and innocent looking but the hungry look of desire that was being directed towards his cock had no innocence in it. The sight made his manhood begin to swell and that made her move closer. Once he felt her warm breath on his cock it hardened even faster.

“I want to suck you off,” she said, speaking to his dick. “I need to feel it in my mouth. I need to pleasure it.” She looked up, her eyes comically big through the lenses of her glasses. “You don’t need to do anything. Just lay back and keep reading your book. I don’t even want you to return the favor. I just… need to suck your cock till it cums in my mouth. I have to do it before I’ll be able to get back to sleep.”

“Whatever you wish, my princess,” he said and lifted the book back up. With his face hidden he let a cruel, pleased smile spread across his lips. This was all too easy! She was already practically worshiping his cock and didn’t even realize it.

He really did need to brush up on the spells in the book. As he felt her lips wrap around his cock and she begun to suck him off he was glad Azel was so frequently worshiped this way. He was so used to having his cock sucked while praying that he was able to fully enjoy the pleasure she was bringing him with her mouth while continuing to read.

As her head bobbed up and down in his lap he reached down with one hand and started stroking her black hair. She needed to be calm and feel loved as she worked his dick. He continued to read but let part of his mind wander to Azel, praying in the back of his mind. He felt his god’s power flow into him and channeled it down through his hand into Gretel’s mind. With every bob of her head she’d be more enraptured by cock, her thoughts more and more turned to worshiping it.

She had already become a superb cocksucker and it didn’t take him long to start to crest towards orgasm. He made sure he held her head in place when he started to cum but quickly realized there was no need, she didn’t try to pull away and sucked down his cum with moaning enthusiasm.

When she pulled away she wrapped one of her small hands around his dick as it started to soften. “It won’t be a good day,” she whispered happily, leaning down and kissing the tip of his dick, “till you kiss a cock goodnight.”

She then sleepily crawled up beside him, snuggling into his firm body and falling asleep almost instantly. Vaytesh smiled, continuing to read his book and thinking about how she’d be even more changed when she woke up tomorrow.

* * *

An attendant Lucriece had never seen came to retrieve the tentacle beast once it was large enough. She was amazed at how much the thing had grown after draining her breasts. It had started small enough to wrap up into a ball she could have easily sat atop her belly but as it was led from the High Priest’s bedroom the thing barely fit through the door.

“I’ve never seen that man before,” she had said weakly after the men left with the tentacle beast.

She felt tired and drained. Yet she knew the magic of the temple had already done much to heal her. Looking down her belly already looked normal and the only sign she had just given birth to something was her breasts. They were still swollen and large although they were also drained of their milk at the moment, deflated and grossly sagging. She could feel them busy at work producing more milk but at nowhere near the speeds she’d experienced over the last few days.

“He is a new arrival,” Vogur said in reply. “Every day more and more of Azel’s faithful are called here. They come through the wild forest, led by our god. Each has purpose waiting here for them. You have purpose too,” he added. “Your body will not need rest. The magic of the temple will heal and refresh you as we take you to conduct the next service Azel requires of you.”

The High Priest then helped Lucriece to her feet and began leading her through the temple. She was amazed to see that the place seemed brighter, cleaner, and in better repair than it had before she had gone to Vogur’s chambers. And there were more faithful wandering the halls, all of them men who looked driven by their faith.

Lucriece knew the temple of Azel was built upon a huge butte that rose around the surrounding forest. She also knew that the temple had lower levels build into the stone of the rise. She’d been imprisoned there before her conversion and knew she’d visited the breeding pits to be impregnated. But the time between her abduction and her conversion was nearly impossible to remember and she had no sense of how deep down the temple went.

Vogur led her down more and more flights of stairs, the temple now longer lit by shafts of light coming in through ornately carved windows. Torchlight and huge braziers were soon all that lit the world around them. The deeper they went the less clean and repaired the temple felt, although these halls had just as much activity in them.

As they came down another flight of stairs a vast openness was revealed. Lucriece could see three floors down, much of the walls in the huge open space bare rock making it look like this area had once been a natural cave that the temple had been extended down into. A single shaft of bright light shone down into the center of the open space, a small stream of water pouring down through the beam of light. Looking down she could see that it poured down onto the lowest lever where ankle deep water covered the ground.

Stairs ran down the sides of the large hall leading to long hallways and smaller rooms. A huge stone bridge extended from the middle floor across the center beside the shaft of light and falling water. Lucriece could see priests and attendants moving across is, torches in their hands to help light their way.

“These are the breeding pits,” Vogur declared, leading Lucriece down into them.

Strange sounds echoed all around them. Grunts and groans, a mingling of the sounds of sex and labor pains. Occasionally there were screams, of terror or delight. It was hard to tell the difference. And interwoven through the cacophony of sound were the low growls of strange creatures.

They moved down onto the level with the large bridge and Lucriece saw Ondarian in his priest’s robes leading a group of women. They were all naked and from their red hair and large breasts she could see that they were all Capatian women. As they approached them she thought she even recognized a few of these women, homesteaders and farmers like she had once been.

The captives all wore metal collars around their necks, chains running from collar to collar keeping them connecting in one long line. Their hands were also chained and manacled before them. Most of the women had vacant, mindless expressions on their faces and they shuffled forward as if in a trance, a few reaching down and playing with themselves absentmindedly. But some of them were clearly more alert, sobbing and looking around with terror in their eyes.

She knew the sight of these women should bring certain emotions bubbling up: fear, grief, sadness. But she felt none of that. As she looked on them she thought only of how they would soon be allowed to serve her god by being impregnated and allowed to birth members of his army. It was a glorious fate and they should be thanking the priest who led them for this kindness.

Ondarian nodded at her and Vogur as he led the line of chained women past them. Vogur nodded back then looked down at Lucriece. “They will serve Azel well but I doubt any will survive long.”

“There could be no greater honor,” she declared, holding her head high. “Please, High Priest, lead me into the pits so that my womb can serve Azel again. I am eager for it.”

He led her across the bridge and down a hall. There were fewer torches here and the world around them felt dimmer, more menacing. Whatever was kept down these halls was powerful, the air here felt thick and stale and there was a strange odor on the air.

“It took a long time find a living phallic slither,” Vogur told her as they turned down another hall. “They had been nearly hunted to extinction and for a time those that remained in Alaria were weak and remained hidden deep in caves or under cities. But as The Corruption spreads those few that remained became strong once again. The one we have here shall help save these creatures from extinction. I know not if they are a creation of Azel or whether he simply finds them pleasing but he has shown me that it is important I breed and spread them through the world.”

“And I shall have the honor of helping breed them?” Lucriece asked.

“Yes,” Vogur said, stopping before an open doorway. She looked in and saw it lead into a pit, a cavernous opening that was only partially lit by the torches in the hall. “It is in there,” he said, pointing into the darkness. “And it is your time to meet it.”

The High Priest then shoved Lucriece into the pit.

She screamed, startled, and tumbled forward. The fall was just far enough to knock the air out of her when she landed face down in the dirt of cave. She lay still for a moment, her legs sprawled out and her arms to her sides. Her huge sagging breasts were squished out under and before her, their fleshy mass having cushioned her face as she landed. Some of the milk in them had squirted out when she landed on them but the moisture was already being sucked up into the dry dirt.

Looking up she could see something ahead of her, just at the edge of the darkness. She started to crawl to it, feeling its presence calling to her. Her sagging tits dragged in the dirt under her but she didn’t care, the thing needed her.

As she got close it came forward, its movements strange. It loomed above her but only because she was crawling. Had she been on her feet it would have only been half as tall as her. She stared, unsure what to make of the thing. It was the strangest creature she had ever seen.

It was a huge lump of slightly undulating flesh that was far taller than it was wide. She blinked and realized it was shaped almost like a giant cock, although its form wasn’t exactly right. At its base were a mass of small swarming appendages, little tentacle like legs that allowed it to crawl slowly about.

“You are the phallic slither,” she said to the thing.

Its body wiggled in response. She saw no mouth that it could speak through, there wasn’t even a sign of a face of any kind. She had no idea how the thing experienced the world around it with no eyes or ears but it was clear it had heard her speak and knew she was there, as it moved ever closer to her.

When it was just out of arm’s reach its flesh began to roil. With a sudden blur long writhing tentacles erupted from its body, at least ten of them coming from every side and all along the height of its body. Only the swollen cockhead-like top of the thing remained relatively smooth and free of appendages.

It slithered closer to her, the flying tentacles reaching for her. The instinct to pull back was too strong and she started crawling away from it but a moment later she stopped. She had gotten a better look at the tentacles. Their tips were fleshy cockheads. Once she saw this she realized the tentacles were really just huge prehensile dicks. Once she saw this she relaxed and understood why Azel desired more of these creatures.

She rolled over, spreading her legs. The cock-tentacles swarmed at her, quickly begining to fuck her. Their tips were already oozing a steady flow of precum that lubricated their entry into all of her fuck-holes. She felt them harden inside of her, their ends growing rigid and more cock-like just as the tentacle beast’s appendages had.

It fucked her pussy. It fucked her mouth. It fucked her ass. But there were more penis-tentacles in need of pleasure. Soon Lucriece had pressed her huge sagging breasts together so three of them could thrust up between them, the cum leaking from them lubricating their motions. Others pressed into her hands and she started jerking them off.

The phallic slither’s central pillar writhed happily. It had been a long time since it had a woman to fuck.

Lucriece moaned in delight, doing everything she could to get the thing to start cumming properly in her. She was overjoyed when she felt an explosion of warm moisture in her cunt and even more overjoyed when she felt the thing keep fucking her.

Her mouth was soon full of cum too and she realized that although the consistency was right the taste wasn’t. It was cum but it wasn’t semen. Instinctively she felt she understood. The fluids wouldn’t impregnate her but they would prime her body for the process. She started hungrily drinking the thick goop and working the cock-tentacle in her mouth to make it cum again.

Lucriece’s body tingled and she felt it was ready. Looking past the swarm of cock-tentacles around her she could see the base of the one fucking her pussy. Something big and round was moving down its length inside of it and soon other such shapes followed it.

Eggs, she thought, it will implant eggs in me and they will grow into more of these things.

Yes, a voice answered in her head. She knew at once it was the voice of her god. They will gestate in you for a time and then the baby phallic slithers shall be born all at once. They will come out of you tiny things, small enough to fit in your hand. They will remain that way, small and easily hidden, easily transported. When a fertile woman comes close to one they will start to grow. They can be spread as traps or weapons to fuck my enemies and enlighten them to the glory of cock as they are impregnated by the things.

Lucriece heard the words of Azel and knew them to be true. She reveled in holy ecstasy as the eggs were implanted in her but knew the phallic slither would not be done fucking her for some time. The thought brought her great joy and in her mind she praised Azel for letting her serve him so.

((The story is still ongoing but I have more content to type up before a new group of polls can be thrown up))

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