Infi’s Quest

Infi's Quest Cover spoiled noblewoman

The Spoiled Noblewoman


The green-haired Elven girl stood at the gates to one of the most impressive estates in the city, looking up at the imposing residence on the other side. The Guild Master wasn’t kidding when she said the quest giver was wealthy, she thought. But why do they need me? I see a ton of household guards patrolling the small grounds.

“Can we help you?” one of the two manning the gate asked her as he noticed her standing there.

Infi pulled out the writ of service the Guildmaster had given her. “I’m the new bodyguard for… well, I’m not sure. Someone here. The Guildmaster wasn’t very specific.”

The guard showed the second one the writ and they both chuckled. “You’ll be for the little Miss,” the one holding the writ said.

“There seems to be plenty of you here,” Infi said, nodding to the other guards patrolling the small grounds between the gate and the residence. “Am I escorting her somewhere?”

“Escorting her,” the other guard said, chuckling again. “Yes, you’ll be her escort all right.”

“Enough of that,” the other snapped, elbowing him. “Let her in. We’ll take her to the Mistress Eldenbrow the Third. Come along, Adventurer,” he added, making it sound like even saying the word for what she was disgusted him.

That was an attitude she was used to. Adventurers served an important role in Alaria, but it was a role many, especially those who lived in cities, preferred to know was distant from them. Adventurers hunted treasure and fought monsters in the wilds slowly being reclaimed after the Great Collapse. Seeing them in cities reminded the locals that society was getting complicated enough for quests to bring them into their cities, which unsettled many.

“So, you’re who the Guildmaster has sent us?” the dusky-skinned Elven Noblewoman she was brought to said as she looked Infi over. “Common Elve?” she asked.

“Yes, uh, ma’am,” she said, not sure how to address the imposing woman.

“You shall call me ‘Mistress Eldenbrow the Third’ if you call me anything at all,” she commanded. “I told the Guildmaster only to send Elves, who knew the city had as many mongrels of mixed race as this.” She sighed dramatically. “But I suppose it can’t be helped. If your blood was pure you’d not be one of the wanderers with no home.”

Infi tried not to bristle too much at the woman’s verbal abuse. She’s just trying to get a rise out of me, she thought. Testing me. All the pure-blooded Elves are like this… They all look down on us Common Elves and want an excuse to see the worst in us.

Deciding to join the woman’s verbal combat and not just take it, Infi decided to strike back. “If it’s not too forward, Mistress, may I inquire as to your heritage? I’ve only ever seen fair-skinned High Elves whose complexion matches my own. I’ve never seen one with such dusky skin.”

“My people hail from a great distance from here,” she said, deflecting the question. “In a place where fair skin like yours is exotic. If you must know, my mother brought us here to keep our bloodline pure. Those in that land think little about mixing blood with lesser races and the concept of High and Common Elves barely exists. And you will be less forward in the future.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Infi said, trying to curtsy like she’d seen noblewomen do in the past. From the derisive snort woman gave she guessed she’d done a poor job.

“Since I answered your question you will answer mine: what race dirties your Elven Blood? I can see you’re more Elven than not, but those cherubic facial features combined with those dainty limbs look not Human.”

Ah, there it is. She only answered my question so I’d feel obligated to answer hers.

“You are correct, I am not part Human. I have a bit of Fey blood in me.”

The woman raised an eyebrow. “Wings?” she asked.

“No,” Infi said, “no wings. As you pointed out, I’m far more Elven than not. You just see it in my features and limbs.”

“Hmm… are you physically fragile like a true Fey woman would be? If I understand them it’s needed for them to fly, poor fragile things. But I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting one, they are such a rarity even out here in the reclaimed lands where so many different peoples mix together.”

“I’m sturdier than I look,” Infi told her. “And as for how fragile a Fey is, I’d not know. I’ve never met one either and the Fey in my bloodline is a few generations back.”

“And how old are you?” the woman asked, abruptly changing the subject.


“Barely more than a child by our reckoning,” she said disapprovingly. “But for a Common Elve whose lifespan is so unpredictable I suppose you’re considered an adult?”

“I suppose I am, but I still feel quite young and plan to far outlive any Human companions I’d have at this age. The Fey blood and Elven blood will ensure I’ll live a long life, hundreds of years if not more.”

“But you’ve much experience out in the world already, haven’t you? That has aged you beyond your years?”

“Yes, Mistress, although some have told me I’m told I’m still stubbornly optimistic and naive.”

The Noblewoman frowned disapprovingly. “You DO smile an unsettling amount. My daughter will enjoy that, she likes happy companions. She also enjoys companions who have traveled and experienced things she’ll never experience. You’ve been an adventurer for some time?”

“Actually, no, not long at all. Just a couple of seasons. I’m still ranked only as a level two Fighter by the Guild.”

“But you can handle yourself?”

“Yes, Mistress. If your daughter’s life is endangered—”

“Oh, no, she’ll need nothing like that from you. She needs companionship, that is all. It is why this ‘quest’ pays so much, I am well aware that being a spoiled noblewoman’s ‘friend’ for a time is not how most Adventurers wish to spend their days. It is why the Guildmaster only offers the ‘quest’ to special guild members, ones she thinks would fit. And, as I suspect in your case,” she added looking at Infi’s shabby outfit, “ones who need a simple but well-paid job.”

Infi’s cheeks flushed but she didn’t deny that was why she’d taken the quest. She’d been without a party and needed what seemed like an easy, and safe, way to make some coin. And this “quest” would pay far more than “some” coin.

“So I am simply keeping your daughter company?”

“Something like that,” the woman told her evasively. “Come, I will take you to her now. I find you… fitting enough.”

As they walked through the mansion Infi tried not to ogle the stunning displays of wealth around her. Instead, she focused on the woman as she warned Infi about how challenging her simple task would be.

“My daughter is young, younger than even you although not by much. I’ve spoiled her as is befitting one of our family, but it has made her hard for others to deal with. She is not used to being told no, which is right but again hard for people like you to deal with. She will demand things from you that may shock you.”

“Then again,” she added, side-eying Infi, “the Guildmaster has done a good job of sending me the right kind of women. Still, my daughter is demanding and has very specific needs. If you are not willing to meet them you’ll not be paid.”

Infi’s eyes went wide as she realized what was going on. “I’m no whore,” she said, stopping and glaring at the noblewoman.

“No, you’re not,” she replied, standing tall and looking down on Infi. “You’re a hopped-up mercenary that thinks she’s a hero. THAT is what adventurers are. It’s why you’re here, my family is above the use of whores. My daughter would never have one and I’d never allow her to desire one. You’re a ‘companion’, a temporary one, and it would be good to remember it. Now, no more talk of whores.”

 “You assume I still want to be your daughter’s ‘companion’.”

The woman smirked at her. “You need the coin, don’t you? And some time as my daughter’s temporary companion doesn’t sound that bad, does it?”

“How temporary? The Guildmaster was not clear on that.”

“That will depend on how much she likes you, how well you follow her orders, and if you stay in MY good graces,” the woman told her. “We’re here. Now, behave, follow her orders, and be a good sport and you’ll have plenty of coin when you leave. Decide you can’t handle it after some time with her and need to leave before you’re dismissed? You’ll be paid for however long you make it.”

“Make it?” Infi asked. “You sound like not many make it till they are properly dismissed.”

“They don’t,” she said as she opened the door. “Darla Eldenbrow the Fourth?” she called into the room as she pushed Infi in. “This is Infi, she is your new companion.”

“She’s cute,” the small dusky-skinned Elven girl said as she got up from her sitting chair and went to Infi with great interest. “Oh, VERY cute. Thank you, mother, you brought me such a lovely toy this time!”

Infi stared at the girl, taken back by how pretty she was. Her hair, like her mother’s, was stark white which contrasted pleasantly with their dusky skin. Her long pointed Elven ears stuck out of that hair, a tantalizing bit of flesh on a girl who otherwise had nearly all her skin beyond that of her face covered up. Her outfit left even her neck covered, and she wore gloves on her hands. It was something Infi wondered about but knew she’d have to wait for the right moment to ask about.

“I like this one’s ass,” she said, surprising Infi by lightly slapping her ass. “So firm!” she squealed in delight.

Infi hopped at the slap, eyes wide at how much she’d liked it. She noticed the noble girl’s mother had caught the flash of excitement on her face. “The Guildmaster did well this time,” she said with an approving nod.

“Yes, she did, mother. Now can you leave? I want to break my new toy in.”

“Of course, dear, you don’t need a chaperon for such things anymore.” She paused just before leaving the room and closing the door behind her. “Don’t break this toy. They aren’t cheap to begin with and it has gotten VERY expensive paying the Adventurer’s Guild for more if we return their members in the kind of condition you’ve done the last few times.”

“Yes, mother,” the girl said with disinterest. “Now let me play!”

Infi frowned at the girl. She looks like she’s my age, maybe a few years younger. And that’s how old her mother said she was. But she’s acting so much younger… and it’s clear just how spoiled the rich brat is. Can I really do this? Do I need the money this badly?

Then she thought about when the girl had slapped her ass and how much she’d liked it.

I can do this… or at least try. I’ll last as long as I last and earn as much as I can. Who knows, maybe all this talk of ‘breaking’ her toys is just a game they are playing with me. She can’t be THAT bad, can she?

Infi felt a bit odd by how intensely the girl was ‘inspecting’ her while she circled Infi. She decided to break the tension by asking, “What did she mean? About you ‘breaking’ your other, uh, ‘toys’.”

“Sometimes I play a little too rough,” she said with a shrug. Then, pouting and suddenly angry, she said, “But it’s NOT my fault! That Guildmaster keeps sending me inferior toys. Are YOU Inferior? You have a nice firm ass but you look kind of fragile… and young. I like my toys to be experienced, to be able to tell me about the world as I play with them. Do you know things? And can you TAKE things?”

“Yes,” Infi told her, “I know things. I haven’t been an adventurer for very long but I’ve gone on plenty of quests and have plenty of stories to tell. And I’m hardier than I look. I think I can take whatever you can dish out.”

The girl nodded. “They all say that but we’ll find out if you’re like all the rest. Now strip, I need to appraise every part of you.”

“Excuses me?” Infi asked. She’d understood the command but had been so taken by surprise by it she felt the need to ensure she’d heard her right.

“I said STRIP,” the girl barked, slapping Infi’s ass hard. “Are you dumb or just slow?”

The spanking and the barked command left Infi feeling like a torch had been lit inside her at that moment. She LIKED it. She liked being smacked by the spoiled, bossy girl. She liked being commanded by her. She was turned on, more turned on than perhaps she’d ever been.

“Okay,” she said. “I’ll strip for you. I’ll do anything you tell me.”

“What a good girl!” the noble girl cooed. “You submitted so quickly! I think we’re going to be very good friends. So you may call me ‘Miss Darla’.”

“Yes, Miss Darla,” Infi said as she began stripping.

“Mmm… yes, you have a most delicious body,” Miss Darla said as she stalked around Infi, hungrily eying each inch of the Adventurer as it was revealed. “Fit with dainty limbs… that adorable little ass. And such lovely cute tits! Just big enough to grab and slap around but not so big as to get in the way, yes, you’re a perfect toy.

“I even like the long green hair, such an interesting color it almost seems to glow in certain light,” she said as if making mental note of a thought she’d just had. “But most importantly the length all contained in that braid means I can use it like THIS,” she said, grabbing the end of Infi’s long braid and tugging hard on it.

Infi yelped in alarm as she was pulled back. She stumbled, tried to right herself, and had her hair tugged on again. “Stop it!” she snapped, grabbing the girl’s wrist and stopping her from pulling it again.

BAD GIRL,” Miss Darla snapped gleefully. “How DARE you put your hand on me without permission!”

Infi blinked, backing away from the girl in confusion. She sounded both angry and outraged, yet there was glee in her voice and on her face. What is going on? Then it made sense. She’d been naughty and now she’d need to be punished. The girl WANTED an excuse to punish her. It was a game, one that excited Infi now that she thought she understood it.

She hung her head in mock shame. “I’m sorry, Miss Darla, I was a bad girl. And now I need to be punished?” she asked, hoping her questioning tone would be enough to tell the girl she was looking for direction.

Miss Darla put her gloved hands on her sides and saucily smirked at Infi. “Yes, bad girls need to be punished. But you’re a new toy and haven’t been told all the rules yet so I suppose it is only fair I go easy at first. First rule: the toy does NOT touch Miss Darla without permission. Does the toy understand?”

Being referred to as a thing was immensely dehumanizing, something Infi found insanely hot. I’m just a toy to her, not a person. Now that I’m in this I am already so fucking hot from it all. I want to be a good toy, one she keeps playing with. It’s not even about the money anymore, although that will be a nice bonus when this is all done.

“Your toy understands,” Infi said with a little bow.

As she stood up she looked over the girl’s body, making note of how much of her skin she kept covered up. She was left wondering why and if not wanting to be touched was simply a part of the fun game of domination and submission they were playing or if there was more going on with the girl.

“Since your hands are what got you in trouble we’ll need to train them to behave,” Miss Darla told her. She put a finger to her lips and tapped it as she thought. “Ah, I know! You stay there, toy, and I’ll be right back.” She disappeared behind a curtain in the back of the room and returned with an armful of skeins of red rope.

Infi recognized the rope. It was not the hearty, sturdy rope she’d use as an adventurer. This was a kind of rope made for binding people. She’d seen others bound with it but had never had the joy of being bound up properly herself. Again, she was left thrilled and excited for more.

“Arms behind your back, toy.”

Infi did as she was told, standing straight with her chest pressed out and her arms behind her back. She watched over her shoulder as Miss Darla dropped the bundles of rope on a nearby couch and unwound one to begin using on Infi.

“Stay still unless I move you or tell you to move,” the girl commanded as she began binding Infi’s forearms together behind her.

“Yes, Miss Darla,” she said, trying to hide how excited she was. This was, after all, supposed to be a punishment. If she was enjoying it too openly the girl may have decided to punish her in some other, less fun way.

Miss Darla did not stop at Infi’s forearms. She continued tying Infi up, working out from her forearms to artfully entangle the rest of her body. The way she wove the lengths of rope around her body left Infi thrilling from the attention and skilled art of it. She was also surprised to discover how few knots the girl used. The binding was all loops and twists, something that made it feel even more like the girl was a spider entangling her in a snug web.

That feeling intensified when, with a wave of magic that lifted Infi into the air without warming, Miss Darla tossed ropes up over some beams attached to the ceiling and tied Infi to them. In the end she was left bound, her arms behind her back and her legs spread open as she hung suspended in the air, the ropes snug enough to cause a bit of enjoyable pain with enough ropes properly stretching up to the beams above to help spread out her weight safely.

“Can’t keep you like this for TOO long,” Miss Darla told her. “I don’t want to break you, after all. Mother would be quite cross if I broke my new toy so soon. But you can handle this for a little bit, yes?”

“Yes, a little bit,” Infi told her. “Wait,” she added quickly, “you’re not just going to leave me hanging here, are you?”

Infi was suspended with her back down and her face looking up at the ceiling, her body positioned so her crotch was a bit higher than her head. Miss Darla was standing by her head, looking down at her and grinning sheepishly. “I’d not intended on leaving you alone, no. See, I’ve gotten to SEE my new toy. I’ve gotten to feel it up as I bound it up. But I haven’t gotten to TASTE it yet.”

Taste me? YES. Infi lifted her head not to look at Miss Darla but where the girl was looking. She realized her crotch had been suspended perfectly level with the girl’s face. She’s going to eat me out while I’m suspended in the air!

“Such a pretty pussy,” Miss Darla said as she moved to the other end of Infi’s body. “Such pretty fleshy folds. And perfectly hairless. So many of the Common Elves that have been sent by the Guildmaster were… less than smooth,” she said, sticking her tongue out in a childish expression of disgust. “I suppose sometimes it was sexy, but I prefer when my toys are hairless here, like true Elven women even if they have to fake it and shave.”

Stop talking, you selfish brat, and put your damned mouth on my pussy! Infi thought, wanting to yell it at the girl, but not daring. She’d punish me by not doing it and that wouldn’t be fun at all.

When the girl put her dainty, gloved hands on Infi’s thighs she felt a rush of arousal. When she moved her face close enough to feel the warmth of her breath that rush became a flush of warm, wet heat.

“My toy SMELLS delicious,” Miss Darla cooed. “Let’s see if she tastes as good as she smells.”

Infi closed her eyes and concentrated on the physical sensations of her body suspended by the ropes combined with the girl’s small mouth. Miss Darla began with a gentle kiss on Infi’s clitoral hood, followed by a quick teasing lick of it. She giggled, making an “mmmm” sound with her lips against her clit that left Infi moaning and wiggling in delight.

“More,” she begged, giggling back. “More, please, Miss Darla.”

“My new toy can be such a good girl when she’s bound and can’t get herself in trouble. And she SEEMS tasty. But I think I want more than just a taste.”

She wrapped her arms around Infi’s upper legs then shoved her face into her bare snatch and started eating her out. The girl began with a long, slow drag of her tongue, wide and wet, up her slit then back down as she moaned and groaned her happiness. “Tasty,” she moaned into Infi’s pussy. “So. Fucking. Delicious,” she added, speaking into her with a deep voice she must have known would vibrate Infi’s most sensitive bits so pleasantly.

The girl lost herself in Infi’s pussy, licking hungrily and moaning in sloppy delight. Later, after it was over, she’d suspect the girl had been using subtle magic on her to slow the passage of time and make what couldn’t have been more than two minutes of sensual tongue work feel like nearly a full twenty minutes.

“I need to taste inside of you,” she finally said, the words breaking the spell that had been altering the flow of time. “As deep in you as I can get.”

She thrust her tongue into Infi’s sopping wet hole, plunging it in and out as fast as she could for a few thrusts then pressing it deep and leaving it there as she flexed and twisted her tongue muscle to lap at her insides.

Infi wiggled happily, breathing heavily as she felt herself rising towards release. Her tongue is as dainty as the rest of her but she can do such amazing things with it! She’s so good at changing its shape, pressing it flat and wide or making it narrow and dexterous. She must get so much practice with all her toys.

You’re close, Darla’s voice magically projected into Infi’s mind said. I can feel it, taste it. Cum for me, toy, cum for your Miss Darla and show her what a good girl you are.

The mental command projected into Infi’s mind pushed her over the edge. She threw her head back and wailed in delight as her body tensed. Her vaginal muscles tightened, forcing the girl’s tongue out with a gushing expulsion of fluids Miss Darla happily lapped up, giggling in delight as she did.

“Good girl,” she said as she pulled away, patting Infi’s ass while smacking and licking her lips noisily. “Now let’s get you down before it starts to hurt you. You’re a toy I want to keep in good condition… for now.

The “for now” tacked on the end of her comment gave Infi a little thrill that almost made her cum again.


* * *


Miss Darla did not fully unbind Infi. She left much of the rope artfully tied around her naked body on her, leaving Infi’s arms secured behind her back but freeing her legs so she could walk. “Come along,” she said, grabbing Infi’s long braid of green hair and using it as a kind of leash to pull Infi along after her as she led her out of the room.

Just outside the room a servant had been waiting. “Prepare my reading room,” she instructed him. “And be quick about it,” she barked, shooing the servant away. Turning to Infi she smiled and said, “I’ll give him some time. Meanwhile, I think I’ll show my new toy off.”

“Yes, Miss Darla,” Infi said, flushing at the prospect of being “shown off” in her current state of being naked and tied up.

The girl clucked and shook her head. “No, no more talking back for now. I need to show you off and then I’ll need a light, but none of that requires a talking toy.” She let go of Infi’s hair and clapped her hands, pulling them apart to show she’d summoned a ball gag. “Open,” she demanded.

As she put it in Infi’s mouth and secured it in place with the leather straps attached to it she explained that if Infi needed things to stop she could clap her hands onto her bound forearms. “But if you stop things for any reason your time as my toy will be over, do you understand?”

Infi nodded.

“Good,” she said, grabbing her braid, “let’s go.”

As they walked through the mansion they passed guards and servants, all of who stopped and bowed or curtsied to the young noblewoman. Some looked at Infi and giggled while most simply glanced at her and went on with their business.

The impression she was left with was that the sight of the noblewoman leading a naked and bound woman through the halls was a sight all were used to. It was reassuring in a way. There was also a bit of heat to be had at no one batting an eye at her presence, it left her feeling like she was just a new toy the girl was pulling around the manor as she indulged her whims.

After being paraded about they ended up in a large windowless room. It seemed to be a room dedicated to reading, yet there was only a single lantern lighting the entire room, leaving much of the room left hidden in darkness.

The single light was on a table by a comfortable recliner. There was a glass of wine next to a book that had been set out in preparation for Miss Darla’s arrival.

“I am going to read now,” she told Infi. “I have a glass of imported Elven wine to enjoy, a salacious novel mother wouldn’t allow in the manor if she knew I had it, and a pretty lap warmer. I’ve everything I want except good lighting.” She let out a dramatic sigh. “Oh, I know, there’s this simple enchantment that can turn anything into a light source. I think I’d like to read by GREEN-hued light today.”

She muttered a quick incantation and then ran her hands over Infi’s hair, starting at the top and working her way down to the end of her braid. The magic flowed from her small, gloved hands into Infi’s hair. The hair began to glow, just faintly at first, but gradually brighter as the hair soaked up more of the magic till it gave off a lightly greenish-colored light that illuminated far more of the room than the single lantern did.

Miss Darla blew the lantern out, leaving Infi’s glowing hair as the only illumination in the room. “There,” she said proudly, “you’re perfect for the current task.” She sat on the recliner and patted her lap. “Come. Sit, keep my lap warm.”

Infi did as she was told, heart pounding in excitement. A toy and now a lantern? Why is being treated like an object so fucking sexy? I already feel wet again from all this… Do I have to worry about what I’ll do to her lap? No, of course not… she WANTS this to excite me! Gods, she might even be casting some subtle spell to ensure this all turns me on so much I make a mess in her lap.

After Miss Darla got her book in hand and took a sip of her wine she commanded Infi to get comfortable. “Lean into me, lap warmer,” she told her. “I need your sexy body pressed into as much of mine as possible. You MUST keep my lap warm, it is half your current purpose.”

Once both Infi and the girl were comfortable Miss Darla began reading. For a long time all she did was read and drink her wine. At first Infi tried reading along with her but as soon as Miss Darla had noticed what Infi was doing she’d snapped at her, telling her she had not been given permission to read. “Lap warmers and lanterns DON’T read, they warm lamps and light books being read.”

So Infi sat in silence, gagged and bound and keeping the girl’s lap warm. Just as a bit of boredom began to set in, replacing the heat that had initially come with the situation, the girl shifted. She switched her book to the hand she’d been using to drink her wine and used the newly freed hand to begin caressing Infi.

They then spent the afternoon in the dark room, the only light coming from Infi’s enchanted glowing hair, with the girl reading while she absentmindedly played with Infi’s bound and helpless body. She caressed. She teased. When Infi started breathing heavily and wiggling too much the girl would give her a hand job, coaxing her to climax with impressive skill while paying barely any attention to her. After making her cum she’d ease her down and return to absentmindedly caressing and teasing her and starting it all over again.

This continued till Miss Darla finished her book. “What an enjoyable afternoon read,” she sighed happily. “And now I think we’ll have some dungeon time. Up, lap warmer, and become a toy again.”

Infi was so happily overwhelmed by everything she barely registered what Miss Darla had said, only able to focus on the direct command. When she got up it was with a soft moan, her legs shaky after having been gently dominated for so long. Her hair still shone, illuminating the room. The way that light shifted with her standing was slightly disorienting, adding to the wobbly feelings of her legs.

“Good girl,” Darla said, patting Infi’s ass as she stood up.

Infi felt a swell of pride and arousal at those two wonderful words and preened the best she could in response.

“We’ll take this out now,” Miss Darla told her as she took the ball gag out of Infi’s mouth. “Say thank you, toy.”

“Thank you, Miss Darla,” Infi said, stretching her jaw out afterward and then wiping the drool off her mouth on her shoulder.

“And the rest of the bindings, let’s get those off. We’ll be going through the halls again in a moment to our next playroom and all I want is my toy collared and leashed. I’ve another game in mind I want to set up before dinner time. It’s a game that will take some time to prep properly, but one I think I’ll enjoy quite a lot. My toy, on the other hand…” She smiled evilly, the expression sending an excited shiver through Infi.


* * *


Infi was paraded naked, collared, and led by a leash through the mansion. Once more Infi felt a little rush at being displayed so, this time finding herself savoring the looks the servants gave her and even finding a shameful kind of joy in the way some snickered at her. She was a thing being used by the spoiled brat they all served but being used in ways even more demanding and humiliating than anything they’d ever be asked to do. And yet it made her special, she was Miss Darla’s toy. None of THEM could say that, could they?

The dark windowless reading room had been on an upper floor of the manor. Their journey through the halls afterward took them down, not just to the ground floor but to the sub-level of the huge manor.

“This is one of my favorite play spaces,” Miss Darla told Infi as she led her into a room that would have been a dark void if not for Infi’s still glowing hair.

Like the reading room, the enchantment on her hair was not bright enough to illuminate the entire space. Only about ten feet around them was lit, with the light dying off to utter darkness rather quickly after that, leaving only hints of what was beyond. It was enough to tell what the room was: a well-kitted-out and large sex dungeon.

“I keep begging mother for a dungeon of my own, but she says sharing one with her is good enough,” Miss Darla explained bitterly as she led Infi towards the middle of the large room. “I don’t like sharing with her. I don’t NEED her supervision anymore and if she’s ever down here with someone that means I can’t use whatever she’s using. I don’t like being told ‘no’,” she pouted, stomping her foot.

“But mother isn’t here right now so I can use whatever I want,” she added, the petulant whine in her voice replaced by excited mischievousness. “And I know exactly what I want to do with my new toy. Come along, I know just what station we’re putting you in.”

They ended at a bondage contraption that at first glance confused Infi. Two large pieces of padded wood sat next to each other, raised off the floor. Constructed beside them were bars raised from the floor, wooden bars connecting them over the padded wood horizontal with the floor.

There were leather straps built into the padded wooden beams, so it was obvious to Infi she’d be secured to them, but the strange wooden bars above that confused her. It wasn’t till Miss Darla helped her into the contraption that it made sense. She had to slip her body through them and once in place they forced her to remain in a certain position.

She was left resting her elbows and knees on the padded wooden beams, her forearms and lower legs flat against it and secured in place by leather straps. The bars positioned over the padded beams kept the rest of her torso level with the floor below her but with her back end raised up slightly.

The position left her feeling incredibly vulnerable. Her most sensitive bits were left fully exposed while the rig left her at the perfect height for someone to walk up behind her and use her as they pleased. If there had been a man in the room with them she was certain she’d have yelled out that she was done. She’d do a lot to please this spoiled noblewoman, but she would NOT let a man touch her that way.

Luckily, Miss Darla had as of yet shown no hint she liked to “play” with men. If anything, some of the things she and her mother had said suggested she only liked women, just like Infi.

“What now, Miss Darla?” Infi asked, eager to find out what the girl was going to do to her.

“Now I must go to supper,” she told Infi. “Mother gets quite grumpy if I miss our family meals. The servants work ever so hard to make us such delicious food and I’ve worked up a real hunger playing with you today, AND I’ll need my energy for when I come back.”

“Come back?” Infi asked. “You’re not leaving me like this, are you!?”

“You DARE question me?” the girl asked, outraged. “Naughty thing,” she added, smacking Infi’s ass hard enough to make her yelp.

Yes! This must be what she wanted, goad me into being naughty so she can ‘punish’ me. Spankings will be nice. There has to be so many fun tools for that in here. She’ll— wait, where did she go?

 Infi twisted her head from side to side, looking for the girl. She’d been right there just a moment ago, spanking her. But now there was no sign of her. Had she just stepped into the darkness outside of what her hair illuminated?

“Miss Darla?” she called out. “Miss Darla, please, I don’t like this game. If you’re here please say so.”

“Sorry,” Miss Darla called out from the far end of the room. “I really must be getting to supper or mother will be VERY cross with me. But don’t worry, I’ll have a servant bring you a meal,” she called out before noisily opening and slamming the door into the room closed.

“I don’t like this game at all,” Infi pouted after being left alone. She sighed, hoping she wouldn’t be alone too long. At least the room was warm and the contraption kept her in a position that, although perhaps not comfortable, was one she could remain in for a long time without suffering.

It wasn’t long before a servant arrived with a simple meal. “I’ve been instructed to feed this to you,” the woman said, bashfully averting her eyes from Infi’s naked body as she fed her.

“Is this—”

“I’m not to talk to beyond what I need to,” the woman said quickly, her tone changing as she went on. “Please, miss toy, I don’t want to get in trouble. When WE get punished we don’t enjoy it as much as a woman like YOU does. And OUR punishments aren’t the ‘funishments’ the young Miss doles out to her toys. Mistress Eldenbrow the Third is… not as forgiving as the young Miss.”

Infi bristled a little at how the woman was talking to her. Sure is talking a lot for someone who isn’t supposed to talk to me, she thought tartly. She hates me, I think. Is it because she’s judging what I’m doing with Miss Darla as perverse? Or is it something else?

And the way she talked about the mother… What did all of that mean? Are the punishments she doles out to her servants sexual? It’s hard to tell… I want to ask her but I know she’ll just refuse to answer.

As soon as the woman had finished feeding her the meal she got up to leave.

“Wait!” Infi called out. “Can you at least tell me how long Miss Darla and her mother usually take to eat their evening meal?”

“No, I can’t,” the woman said. She then left, laughing cruelly.

Infi huffed, angry the woman had delighted so much in her predicament and suspecting she’d known exactly how long they took to eat.

She’d also made note of how she’d heard the door to the room open and close and for a moment wondered if the woman was still in the room with her. “Are you still in here?” she’d called out, listening closely for any hint the woman was lurking in the darkness. None came, convincing her she WAS alone and that the door to the room could be opened and closed without her hearing it.

“Great,” she muttered, “I won’t know when Miss Darla comes back, not if she doesn’t want me to.”

Shortly after that, just as boredom began to set in, Infi realized she couldn’t see as far out into the dark of the room as she had a minute or two before. She realized, with some horror, that the enchantment making her hair light up was dying!

“No,” she muttered as the light faded slowly but steadily. “Please, I’ll be left in the dark!” She was left bound in place, alone as the darkness slowly crept in around her. Before long the enchantment was dead and Infi was left in total darkness.

At first she remained calm. Miss Darla had to return soon, or at least that’s what she told herself. She’d made it sound as though dinner with her mother was a hardship and expected her to want to eagerly return to Infi. Then a thought occurred to her: what if this was all part of the game she was playing? What if she’d known exactly when the enchantment would wear off and PLANNED on leaving Infi alone in the dark?

With nothing but the darkness and her thoughts to keep her company Infi eventually began to panic. Just when she felt the need to begin screaming for help she heard something.

“Hello?” she called out nervously. “Is someone there?”

“Yes,” Miss Darla said, her voice echoing oddly. “I’ve been here for a while, watching the panic build in you.”

“Where are you?” Infi asked, panic still building. “Why can’t I tell that? Your voice… like there’s an enchantment on it keeping me from being able to tell where in the room you are.”

“Such a smart toy,” Miss Darla said menacingly. “I could be ANYWHERE around you. And you can’t see me, can’t even tell what direction or how close I am by the sound of my voice. What a scary predicament for you, toy.”

“But it’s pitch black in here,” Infi said, realizing as soon as she said it how dumb the comment was.

“Another simple enchantment to let me see in the dark,” Miss Darla told her. “Are you scared of me?” she added. “I could be anywhere. I could be preparing to do ANYTHING to you.”

“Yes,” Infi said, shaking in fear and anticipation. “I am scared of you, Miss Darla. But I think I like it.”

“What a good girl my new toy is,” she said silkily. “And she sounds like she’s ready for our next game to begin…”


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