The Doom of Thessalia’s Lambs

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Avatar of Baedor

“This map will lead us to a hidden dungeon deep in the wilds,” Thessalia explained to her lambs as they gathered outside the inn they had spent the last couple of nights at. “It’s an old map and parts of it aren’t the easiest to decipher, so I can’t say how long our journey will be. That’s partially why I had Mozi and Ashling go and purchase a couple of pack animals for our journey.”

I’m lying to them, Thessalia thought. I’m lying to them and I can’t stop myself. I’m not even sure why. She looked at the two gems inset into the back hand of her gauntlets. They were roiling with sparking red mist. And now I’m lying to myself. I know why: because The Corruption, or some force tainted by it, is making me.

“And because we’re leaving town with a lot more pretty clothing than we had when we arrived,” Alva giggled. “That shopping spree you took us on was nice. I’m looking forward to wearing pretty things the next time we’re in a town.”

“That could be quite some time,” Thessalia told her seriously. I’m certain of it, but I can’t tell them why. That vile demoness Zyadresa TOLD me she wouldn’t get to see me for a long time. It left the impression I won’t often be alone for her to torment during this stretch of the quest.

Mozi cleared her throat. “Um… where did you get the map?” the pretty Orc girl asked.

Thessalia watched the girl wince as she spoke as if the sound of her own voice was too loud for her. She looks hung over. Were they drinking last night? No… even if they were as an Orc nearly any amount of alcohol shouldn’t affect her like that. Something happened to her… I can feel it at the edge of my mind, something I should be able to piece together. But something is stopping me! Frustrated, she looked at her gauntlets and was unsurprised to see them full of sparking red mist.

What do I tell her? I can’t tell her about the Forest Witch or the price I had to pay to get this map. “My precious little lambs need not worry about that,” she told Mozi and the others. “What we need to do now is get all of our gear stored on our new pack animals.” She looked to Mozi. “You and Ashling stabled them last night. Mind going to get them?”

“Of course, den mother,” Ashling said with a little bow. “Anything to be away from this nasty city and be allowed to take these awful clothing off.”

Mozi chased after her like an obedient dog, fussing at the small wild girl’s dress. “You look nice in it,” she told her, pulling it back down after Ashling tried to hike it up. “Ashling, dear, how many times must I remind you that people can SEE your womanhood when you do that?”

The rest of the party laughed as they saw Ashling immediately hike the skirt back up, causing Mozi to groan in annoyance. “Just put your cloak on,” she grumbled, handing it over.

She followers her around like she’s her servant, Thessalia thought. Carrying her cloak like that and fussing over her so. What is that? Surely there is something more than a romance… And if is just a romance it seems a not very healthy one.

“Wait for me!” Suzu called. The Kittaran’s tail lashed wildly behind her as she chased after Ashling, taking up a place at her side opposite Mozi.

“They’ve been inseparable since they got up this morning,” Alva observed as they all watched the three head for the stables attached to the side of the inn. “Weird. I didn’t think Ashling and Suzu liked each other very much.”

Vicki giggled. “They must have had a lot of fun last night, the three of them DID spend the night together.”

No, Thessalia thought, it’s something more than that. Ashling has some strange power over both of those girls. I should— She groaned, her mind suddenly hurting.

“Thessalia!” Vicki and Alva cried out, rushing to their party leader to catch her. “Are you okay?” one of them asked her.

“Yes,” Thessalia lied. “I was just… I don’t know,” she said, forgetting what she’d been thinking about that had made her feel so strange. “I guess I didn’t sleep well enough last night.”

“What?” Alva asked as Vicki giggled conspiratorially. She looked from the mischievous look on the blond girl’s face to Thessalia’s guilty expression. “Gods! I THOUGHT you weren’t in the bed with me at one point last night. Had a little fun of your own?” she asked, waggling her eyebrows at them. “How did Thessalia pay?” she teased.

“That’s none of your business,” Thessalia said firmly. “What Vicki and I do in private is…”

“Private?” Alva suggested. “Okay,” the young Night Elve said, holding her hands up. “I won’t pry.”

“We were just… praying,” Vicki said slyly. “Had to make sure I can heal and buff the party if we run into trouble today.”

“Vicki, please,” Thessalia said. “It’s private.”

“Okay,” the girl pouted. “Den mother by day…” she whispered.

And your bitch in private, Thessalia thought, finishing the phrase the girl had said repeatedly the night before.

Alva was about to ask what else Vicki had been about to say when she saw the other girls lead the two pack animals out of the stable. She threw an arm out, slapping Vicki in the chest. “Shut. Up. Look at that!”

“You like them?” Mozi asked, leading a pack-laden, pony-sized ram towards them. “This is Xandarian, I named him. Majestic and refined, isn’t he?”

“What are they?” Alva asked.

“They are domesticated pack rams,” Mozi exclaimed, grinning as Ashling led a second one of the large, sturdy animals beside her. “They are a lot hardier than ponies or mules and can climb into places they can’t. And if it comes down to it they can protect themselves in a fight.” She looked nervously at Thessalia. “I hope they are okay?”

“They are perfect,” the Silver Elve told her. “What’s the second one named?”

“His name is Stompy,” Ashling said proudly, patting the pack ram on the head. “And he’s a very good boy.”

“Ashling named him,” Mozi explained, rolling her eyes. “They should be able to carry a lot more than a pony as well. AND we won’t need to bring along any special feed for them. They eat literally anything. We can even throw them our garbage and they’ll clean it up.”

“Why don’t more people use them?” Vicki asked, coming up to one and petting it.

“Because you can’t ride them,” Mozi explained. “If you try—”

“They stomp you,” Ashling said, grinning. “So don’t try!”

“Alright girls,” Thessalia said. “Let’s load up the rest of our gear. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover. I’d like to be as far away from Greenwell as we can when we make camp for the night.”

* * *

“Something feels off about this place,” Suzu whispered to Ashling.

The wild girl turned to the Kittaran, her face lit by the campfire the party was sitting around. “Cat girl worries too much,” she said dismissively. “The pack BARELY in the wilds. Still safe. Still good.”

Suzu stared at her. Once they’d gotten out of the city Ashling had quickly taken her clothes off and now wore only an animal skin shaped like a hooded cloak and a belt where her two daggers hung. She’d reverted to speaking in incomplete sentences and often ran along the ground on all fours like an animal.

But she isn’t any less domineering, Suzu thought. And I don’t feel any less need to be near her and to do what she says. What happened last night? I remember everything so well until Mozi passed out…

The Kittaran’s fluffy white tail lashed wildly behind her. “Ashling, something isn’t right. We should say something to—”

BAD KITTY,” Ashling hissed.

“Are you upset, my dear Ashling?” Mozi asked as she leaned past Ashling to glare at Suzu.

Suzu’s ears turned down. “I’m sorry, Ashling,” she said meekly.

“Everything alright?” Thessalia asked from the other side of the campfire.

Suzu looked up at her, her furry cat ears perking up. Vicki was sitting as close to Thessalia as she and Mozi sat next to Ashling, with Alva not far away from the Silver Elve. “Something feels off about this place,” Suzu said, nervously looking at Ashling. She’s VERY annoyed with me. And why are her red eyes glowing like that?

“Nothing feels off about this place to me,” Thessalia replied happily. “It feels… safe.”

Suzu looked at her, one of her ears twitching. She’s lying! I can hear it in her voice. And she keeps looking at those weird gems in her gloves, the ones Alva brought her. They normally look like they have stars in them but now there is sparking red mist. What does that mean?

Ashling grabbed Suzu’s thigh and gripped it, digging her nails into her. “BAD KITTY,” she hissed under her breath, red eyes flashing. Suzu watched as the girl cocked her head suddenly as if hearing something the others couldn’t. Her nose twitched in agitation then she leaned in to whisper in Suzu’s ear so only she could hear. “Be a good kitty. Listen to call. Bad kitty hear it soon.”

“What are you talking about?” Suzu asked, pulling away from Ashling. She opened her mouth to ask something else but stopped. I feel it! Something calling to me in the forest nearby. I need to go to it… Is Ashling doing this? No… No, this is something else. She just sensed it before I did.

Suzu looked around. No one else seemed to feel the call. Yet she couldn’t answer it yet. She had to do something… take someone with her? She looked at Mozi.

“No,” Ashling hissed quietly. “VERY bad kitty. Someone else. Mozi-pet too precious for nasty meetings in the forest. She not allowed to answer call like that.”

Suzu looked at Thessalia’s gauntlets. The sparking red mist in the gems was so intense it was glowing. The woman was staring at them. She looked up at Suzu, looked at her with sadness in her eyes. Then the expression was gone. “Nothing to be worried about,” she told Suzu, giving her a placating smile.

The Kittaran looked to Vicki then to Alva.

Yes, a voice whispered in her mind. The blue-skinned Night Elve. THAT one.

Suzu stood up, tail lashing behind her. “Hey Alva, you feel like taking a little walk with me before we all turn in for the night?” She purred loudly as she asked the question, raising an eyebrow suggestively.

What am I doing? Why do I feel so compelled to get her away from the others?

Behind Suzu she heard Ashling whisper, “Good kitty.” The darkness in her whisper sent a chill running up Suzu’s spine.

Something bad is about to happen. I can feel it. But I can’t stop myself!

“Sure, Suzu,” Alva said happily as she got up. “Don’t wait up for us,” she told Thessalia and Vicki with a wink. “I have a feeling our ‘walk’ might take a while.”

As they left the party’s little camp Suzu stopped to look back at the others, feeling as though she might not see them again. Ashling saw her, wrapped an arm protectively around Mozi, and pointed into the woods while mouthing “Good Kitty.”

Once they were out of sight of the others Suzu felt compelled to grab hold of Alva’s hand. “You tried flirting with me once on a night like this. But I wasn’t in heat yet, I didn’t even realize what you were doing. Do you remember?”

The words came out of her mouth, words she knew she’d speak if she was taking the girl for a tryst in the woods. But that ISN’T what I’m doing. So what AM I doing? What is compelling me forward?

“I remember,” Alva said, squeezing her hand. “I went with Mozi instead. We had some fun and then we found Ashling.”

Suzu purred as she led Alva further from their camp, their way lit only by moonlight. “I missed out on that fun. How about you show me what I missed?”

Alva giggled. “I’d like that. I wished one of us had brought a bedroll, though.”

“We won’t need it,” Suzu said darkly as she led Alva into a moonlight-filled clearing.

“Suzu?” Alva asked uncertainly. “Is something wrong?”

“Yes,” she said, tail lashing behind her. She gripped Alva’s hand tight, too tightly. “I’m sorry, Alva. I… I don’t think I’m in control of my actions.”

Alva tried to pull away but the Kittaran had too firm a grip on her. “Suzu, stop it! You’re scaring me.”

Suzu stared at the other side of the clearing, knowing the thing that had called her was there. “Something is VERY wrong with me,” Suzu said, voice flat. “Something I couldn’t feel till now. Something soaked into me when the Grangdrag had its way with me. Something happened to me worse than being forced permanently into heat. I can feel it now, something deep in me. Corrupting me. Ruining me. Something others can use to twist and control me.”

Alva looked where the Kittaran was staring. “What is that,” she whispered, fear in her voice.

The figure looming in the distant shadows of the forest stepped forward just enough that its outline could be made out. It was very large, standing near eight feet tall with a wide, bulky, muscular body. It was also unmistakably male. Even in shadow the outline of a huge phallus could be seen hanging between its legs.

Something in Suzu snapped. The wild, unthinking part of her that being in heat created allowed her to push past the power controlling her. She hissed and snarled, letting the wild feline take over. But she didn’t run. She let go of Alva and shoved her back. “Run,” she hissed then dropped to all fours and charged across the clearing.

“Come back,” Alva yelled, quickly drawing her enchanted daggers.

The imposing figure stepped into the light as the hissing Kittaran charged him, revealing red skin and demonic horns along with glowing red eyes. “Demon!” Suzu snarled as she leaped to her feet and extended claws. “I will kill y—”

“I don’t think so,” the thing said lazily as it swung a huge fist at the Kittaran. The blow landed on the side of her face, sending her body flopping to the ground. “And I am no demon.”

“You killed her!” Alva screamed as she charged the thing. She leaped into the air, both daggers held up as she prepared to plunge them into the naked figure’s chest.

Moving with preternatural speed the thing swung its arms up, grabbing each of Alva’s hands. Its hands were so big they easily enveloped her hands and forearm, its skin so thick the edge of the enchanted blades seemed to do it no harm. It held Alva in the air, grinning evilly at her as it squeezed till she screamed in pain.

It dropped the Night Elve to the ground, her daggers dropping beside her. It laughed cruelly as Alva lay curled up in a ball, holding her hands and sobbing in pain. “We won’t be needing these,” it told her, kicking her daggers away.

“And I didn’t kill the sexy Kittaran slut,” it told Alva as it put its foot on Suzu and flipped her over onto her back.

She groaned, looking up at the thing. “What are you?”

“Your doom,” he told her happily. “I am Meverdass, an Avatar of Baedor. So devout for my faith in the God of Sexual Indulgence I was rewarded by being made into this. Something far more than mortal and more powerful than even most demons.”

Suzu’s eyes had gone wide as she stared up at Meverdass’ cock. “Like what you see, little slut?” he asked, chuckling as his huge member began to swell. “Of course you do, I’m cocknotizing you as we speak.”

“Cock,” Suzu moaned in confusion, getting to her knees and staring entranced by the Avatar’s cock. “Need cock!”

“Suzu, no,” Alva groaned.

“Quiet, you,” Meverdass hissed, waving a hand at Alva. Red bands of magical energy wrapped around her, forcing her up onto her knees while binding her arms behind her back and securing her legs to the ground. Another wrapped around her head, gagging her mouth. “For now you will kneel and watch.”

“Caaaawwwwwkkk,” Suzu moaned, crawling to the Avatar. Her tail lashed eagerly behind her as she stared at the member swelling and rising above her. “Neeeeeeed caaaaaawwwwwkkkkk.”

“Of course you do,” he said, grabbing his stiffening member by the base and waving it above the Kittaran.

Her head turned from side to side as she followed it, mouth falling open as she began to pant with desire. “Caaawwwk! Pwease! Give cawk!”

Meverdass smirked at Alva who was struggling against her magical bindings, her desperate calls for help were muffled by the gag. “You see how desperately she wants to indulge in cock?” he asked her, slapping his nearly erect member on the Kittaran’s face. “See how happy being cock-slapped makes the little slut? Don’t you want to feel that kind of joy, little cunt-hungry Night Elve?”

Alva shook her head vigorously from side to side.

“You’ll learn to change your mind. You’ll be begging for it before I’m done with you.”

He slapped his cock onto Suzu’s face again then rubbed it from side to side. “Suck it, little slut.” She purred and opened her mouth, stretching her jaw to take the massive member into her mouth. It was so large she was barely able to get the Avatar’s swollen cockhead into her maw.

Meverdass made eye contact with Alva. “A bit too big, isn’t it? If I forced it further into her it might dislocate the pathetic slut’s jaw. Can’t have that, I exist to sexually indulge not hurt others. It is my purpose, how I serve my god. Watch, little Night Elve, see the glory of my cock and how I can alter reality to better indulge.”

Alva’s eyes grew large as she watched the Avatar’s cock grow less girthy, allowing it to more easily fit in Suzu’s mouth.

“See? Now your slutty little friend can indulge in the taste of my cock all she wants. And just look how eagerly and hungrily she sucks. Such a glorious sight, is it not?”

Alva groaned her disagreement and looked away. A moment later she groaned in pain as her head jerked back and her eyes were forced open.

“You WILL watch, little cunt-obsessed slut. You will see the indulgent glory of cock. You will see the pleasures it can bring. And you will see the power I have, the power you are helpless to resist.”

He looked down at Suzu, petting her and stroking one of her furry cat ears. “Such a pretty little fuck-thing. But far from perfect. I like my women with tits a lot bigger than this pretty little kitty has. Luckily for me, I can change that.”

Meverdass stared at Alva as he grabbed Suzu’s head and began pumping it up and down the length of his cock. He delighted in the Night Elve’s grunts and groans of dismay as the Kittaran choked and gagged on his member. “Deeper,” he growled, forcing his cock deep into her mouth and down her throat. “I’m close. Take my fucking seed and let your body be changed!”

When he came Alva felt it. His orgasm made the world spin around her, forcing HER to cum in response to it.

“Indulge,” the Avatar groaned happily.

When Alva recovered she saw that Meverdass had pulled his evil member out of Suzu’s mouth and ripped open her clothing, exposing the Kittaran’s chest.

“You see how my seed improves her lacking body?”

Alva looked again, confused. Then she saw it. Suzu’s breasts were growing! Slowly at first but they quickly swelled in size till they were each bigger than her head. They KEPT growing till they were the size of Thessalia’s huge breasts, only they looked even larger on the dainty Kittaran’s body.

“You want more cum?” the Avatar asked Suzu.

“Cuuuuuuuuum,” she moaned greedily, her eyes crossed and eyelids half closed. “Need more cuuuuuuummmmmm.”

He slapped his cock down on her chest as it swelled back to its original girth. “Pleasure me with your fat tits, little cat slut.”

Alva was forced to watch as Suzu wrapped her enlarged breasts around the Avatar’s cock and used them to pleasure him. She bounced them up and down its length as she stared down, hypnotized by the sight.

When he came again Alva groaned in dismay, his orgasm forcing one from her body. His cockhead sent out a thick flow of cum that bubbled and oozed out the tip instead of shooting into the air. Suzu only stopped using her tits to pleasure him while he came. The moment he was done she returned to flopping her tits up and down again.

“Cawwwwwk,” she moaned happily, staring at the cum-covered member pressed between her tits. “Kuuuuuuuuum,” she added, leaning forward and opening her mouth to suck on the tip a bit. When she looked up cum was smeared around her mouth.

Suzu looked at Alva, one eye mostly closed the other only half open. She looked drunk and disturbingly happy, all intelligence gone from her eyes. Her mouth was open, tongue lolling out as she drooled on herself.

“She looks so happy, doesn’t she?” Meverdass asked.

Alva shook her head wildly from side to side, moaning her denials through her magical gag.

“I bet your friend can convince you.” He pulled away from Suzu who whimpered and tried to follow his cock. He grabbed her and picked her up with such ease that she looked to be no more than a rag doll in his hands. After tearing the rest of her clothing off he turned her around and lowered her onto his massive member, adjusting the girth just enough so he could impale her on his length.

Suzu howled in delight as he worked her down his shaft. Her body went limp, arms and legs falling slack at her sides. She only remained upright because Meverdass grabbed hold of her head and held her up. While fucking her the Avatar walked to Alva. He stopped close enough that when he bent Suzu over her face was above the Night Elve’s.

“Tell her,” he grunted as he held her in place and pounded her from behind.

“Cawwwkkk soooooooo goooood, Alva! Jooooiiiiinnnn me. Induuuullllge!”

Alva was still shaking her head vigorously from side to side. The stupefied, nearly brain-dead expression on Suzu’s face terrified her. The way the girl’s limp limbs swing wildly under her as the monster fucked her terrified her. The sight of her cum-covered breasts dangling and swinging wildly terrified her. Her disturbing moans and the way she drooled terrified her.

Then Meverdass did something that terrified her even more: copies of his body began to “step” out of him, appearing first as a transparent magic shadow but quickly taking full physical form. Within moments there were five of the beastly men looming over Alva on all sides of her. They all held their massive cocks and were jerking off, pointing them at her.

“What could be more indulgent than being multiple selves at once?” the original Meverdass asked. “The greatest boon Baedor has bestowed upon me. I can gangbang a slut all by myself.”

He pulled Suzu off his cock and tossed her to the side, ignoring her as she crawled back to him and pawed pathetically at his legs. The six Meverdass’ crowded around Alva, jerking off and groaning in delight. “You shall be baptized in cum, little slut.”

They all grunted and began cumming, each spraying Alva from a different direction with blasts of thick cum. They coated the girl in it, leaving her covered nearly head to toes in oozing jizm.

So much cum had covered Alva’s face it left her nostrils sealed shut, preventing her from breathing. Just as she began to feel she was drowning in the vile stuff she felt the magical gag around her mouth disappear. She opened her mouth, gasping for air. She gagged as much of it ran into her mouth, turning to spit it out. Too much cum covered her eyes for her to see but she could feel Meverdass standing close, looming over her and around her.

“You will submit to my cock,” he growled.

“N-never,” Alva whimpered.

A moment later something long, girthy, and VERY heavy was dropped on her face. She felt the weight of it not just landing and running up the center of her face but felt it in her soul.

“Submit to my cock,” Meverdass growled again.

Alva groaned, wanting to twist away but unable to. The huge cock weighed her down, kept her in place. “Please,” she whimpered. “Let me go. Take Suzu, I don’t care. Just let me go!”

Meverdass erupted in cruel laughter. “Oh, little Night Elve Rogue, you surprise me! I’d wanted the pretty Orc but you are going to be a lot more fun. So addicted to pussy you can resist the power of my cock. Yet such weakness, to ready to sacrifice your dear friend.

“No girl, I won’t be letting you go. The Kittaran fuckmeat was always coming back with me to my temple and now you will be too. Not as another piece of fuckmeat but as something better: something that still needs to be broken. I wonder if you’ll hold out long enough for your friends to save you?”

* * *

“Ashling, what in the world is wrong with you?” Vicki asked angrily. “You’re a better tracker than this, you SHOULD have been able to find them already!”

“Leave her alone,” Mozi said protectively. “She’s trying her best.”

“She’s NOT,” Vicki insisted. “It’s like she doesn’t even want to find Suzu and Alva.”

“Found them!” Ashling declared, snuffling in the dirt. “This way, close now!” She dashed off on all fours, the rest of the party chasing after her.

Mozi had her rapier drawn and Thessalia had her gauntleted fists held up, spells ready to be channeled through them. Vicki, who had no weapons, held the magical shield attached to the bracer she wore while her other hand was held up, glowing with a healing spell at the ready.

“Be prepared, girls,” Thessalia warned. “We have no idea what we will find but we know by Alva’s screams it won’t be anything good.”

When they reached the small clearing Ashling sat at its edge, head hung low. “Gone,” she said sadly. “Both gone. THERE,” she added, pointing to an open portal made of swirling sparking red energy.

“What took them?” Vicki asked as they gathered near Ashling. They all eyed the portal wearily, prepared for something to come out of it.

Ashling looked to Thessalia, her nostrils flaring. “Pack mother know smell?”

“Yes,” Thessalia said darkly.

“I don’t smell anything but the forest,” Mozi said, sniffing. “And… sex?” She cautiously moved forward, looking around the clearing. “It’s wet over her. There’s… ew!” she said, pulling back. “I think that’s semen. A LOT of it!”

“Not THAT kind of smell,” Ashling told Mozi when she returned to them. “Magic. Divine.”

“An Avatar,” Thessalia said, voice full of fear.

Both Mozi and Vicki froze. Vicki, having grown up in a temple, knew what an Avatar was. Mozi, having read more than anyone else in the party, knew what one was too. They knew that the power their god had bestowed on them made them living demigods, more powerful than most angels or demons.

“But of what god?” Thessalia asked.

Vicki stepped forward. She closed her eyes and used her ability as a Priestess to sense and taste the divine energy the Avatar had left behind. “It’s not a god I know,” she said. “I sense… Indulgent sexuality?”

“Baedor,” Thessalia replied, voice flat and free of emotion. “It was an Avatar of Baedor, God of Sexual Indulgence. He took them. He left the portal for us, taunting us. Daring us to follow. Look: Alva’s daggers are stuck in the dirt in front of it to make sure we understand.”

“Why?” Vicki asked, moving close to Thessalia for protection.

“Servant of The Corruption,” Ashling said coldly.

“And we are on a quest to stop the Box of Lila from falling into their hands,” Thessalia explained.

“We have to save them,” Mozi said, trying to sound brave and determined.

“Yes,” Thessalia agreed. “We do. But we need help first.”

The words came out of her mouth but she didn’t feel like she was the one saying them. The gems on her gauntlets roiled with sparking red mist. This was all meant to happen. They would find help, help that would lead to Thessalia gaining two new lambs. But they would only be rescuing one of the two taken. She knew that, it was being revealed to her. But she was not going to be able to act on that revelation.

“What do we do?” Vicki asked Thessalia.

“We go back to camp,” the Silver Elve said calmly. “We need to prepare while I think about what we’ll do next.”

Except that’s NOT what I’m doing. I’m buying time. Help is going to arrive, it will find US. But we have to be back at camp to meet it.

“Come along girls,” Thessalia said. “You listen to me and everything will be fine.”

Lies! Oh gods, how do I wake from this nightmare? Which one of my precious lambs is about to meet her doom? Thessalia didn’t know, but she was sure it wouldn’t be long before she found out.

Story to be continued soon…

2 responses to “The Doom of Thessalia’s Lambs

  • Norah

    In time a pantheon of uncorrupted god(dess)s could be assembled?

    Also the feral girl is the link chaining them all to doom? Rather than a knowing agent maybe only wants Mozi as a pet and leads the party into the middle of a brawl between clans of gnomes over a wedding and rumors of cheating.


    • philohunter

      I do have a fairly large established pantheon. I should probably start adding entry’s to Aldar’s Guide about with the gods!

      As far as what’s ahead in the story, the way these get written nothing is set in stone other than what has appeared in the story. As a “backer driven story” this is just one of my poll driven stories, its just that only the high level backer working on it gets to see the polls and vote on them.


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