New Poll Driven Archbaroness Story!

Archbaroness flew above Megatropolis, looking down at the bustling city below. She was on patrol, on the lookout for any trouble that might require the busty superheroine’s intervention.

Looks like I’ve found what I’m looking for, she thought as she spotted a disturbance below. She shifted her flight pattern and began to dive down, intent on putting an end to the trouble she could see.

What kind of trouble does Archbaroness find? (choose up to 7 options)

I’m On Twitter Now!

I just set up an official author account on Twitter, so if that’s something your interested in add me there!

Projects Update

Good hello everyone! Wanted to throw up a quick update on what projects I’m working on.
Opal Enchantress CHP – Because this has a more linear story, and because of what the plot is, I need to get the whole thing outlined before I start writing any of it. I’m about 50% done with that editing but the second half of the book is a little more complex so the rest of it might take a bit.
The Megatropolis Amazons Volume 3 – While I’m working on the outline for the CHP book I’m going to see if I can pound out the next book in this series. Right now I need to re-read the first two books to refresh my mind on everything, and I’ll do an editing pass on stuff while I’m doing that (hopefully there isn’t too much I’ve missed). I have like 2 full books of content fully outlined so it will be just a matter of properly writing all that out which hopefully won’t take to long.
Occasional Photomanips – Still going to try and do a batch of photomanips at least once a week, although I’ve been being able to write a LOT which feels so f’n good.

New Release: “Champion Girl and the Mystery of the Alien Super Woman”

The brand new interactive “Choose Her Peril” book is out on Amazon and Smashwords!

Project Shift

I’m preparing to take a week or to break from most things (will probably be doing some manips/captions and posting them every couple of days, though). I’m a little burnt out and need to recharge my creative energy, but I also need to step back and decide where my energy is best going to fit to actually be productive.

Regardless to what I work on when I pick back up again I am going to be taking a break from the poll driven stories for a while. The site I use to do the polls for the poll driven stories has made some updates recently and it now shows me IP address/country of each voter. I’ve noticed that whenever I post a story there is usually a flurry of 5-8 voters almost right away that tend to only vote for two options, all of them the same two options. These all have different IP addresses in different countries, but pretty much always vote for just the same two options and get logged right after each other which has me suspecting someone us using like a VPN or something to skew the poll results. I don’t really know what I could do about this or if I’m even right, but it does kind of suck seeing each poll get a ton of votes right away on just two options and seeing them remain ahead the rest of the poll’s run.

It’s pretty much ruined the enjoyment I get doing those kinds of stories and I need to step away from them for a while. Maybe I’m wrong and most people voting are only choosing two options and there is always just two options people like most, but that just doesn’t seem likely when I’m throwing 14+ options out. If I AM right and you’re the person doing this, please fucking stop when I return to those kinds of stories. You’re ruining part of the fun for both other readers AND for me.

 New Entry in the Untitled Silaedya Poll Driven Story

You can find the new entry below the break, or you can read it in its current entirety HERE.

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New Entry in the Untitled Silaedya Poll Driven Story

The new entry can be found below the break or you can read the story in its current entirety HERE.

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“A Game of Cards at the Growling Haven Inn” Released as an Ebook!

This poll driven story can now be found exclusively on Amazon. Even if this is a story you’ve just read, buying this book to be able to re-read it later is a great way to support me.

New Poll Driven Untitled Silaedya Story

We now begin a new poll driven story featuring Silaedya, picking up some time after “A Game of Cards at the Growling Haven Inn”. You can find the first entry below the break. Also, I’ll be taking the previous story down soon and publishing it as an Ebook. 

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New Champion Girl “Choose Her Peril” Project

I’m about to start work on a superheroine Choose Her Peril book, one staring Champion girl. But before I do I need help deciding what the plot/main antagonist should be. My plan is to try and keep this project more focused on a main story (like the last Bovine Justice one) in the hopes it doesn’t grow too big and gets finished sooner than later.

What should the plot/main villain be? (vote for up to 7 options in this poll) Poll Closed!

Once I get some work done I’ll start posting some stuff to my Discord to try and get some early feedback to the project.