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Some new places to hang out and see/talk about my stuff

I’m not sure how much this will interest any of you but I’ve had a couple request both of these and I’ve set up both a discord and a Reddit subforum.
The discord is HERE.
The Redditt HERE.

On the politics implied in some of my work

So I was chatting with a fan recently and they asked me about my personal politics. They were curious because some of the things they’ve seen me say on Patreon and Tumblr seem to be one the exact opposite of the political positions they see in my work. I thought if at least one person had noticed that I might as well publicly explain things.

So I am a pretty liberal person. When I was younger I spent time helping organize unions and was a card carrying Wobbly. Since them my personal politics have gotten a bit tamer and I sit much closer to the center of the political spectrum now, but compared to most American’s I am pretty damn liberal and I am a very dedicated feminist.

So then why do you frequently see things that could politely be called anti-feminist and or even from the vantage point of a Men’s Rights type activist in my work?

Well, first I’d point out that you should always remember that an author/creator’s characters are just that: characters. They don’t speak for me, I speak for them. And most of the time they voice I give them is not intended to be MY voice.

With that out of the way I can get to the real meat of the matter: taboo is sexy. As an ardent liberal and feminist seeing powerful women brought low and used (and abused) sexually is like nearly the biggest taboo imaginable. Indulging in sexual fantasies that the people I view as the polar opposite of my political views (alt-right, anti-feminist, men’s rights type) is an even bigger taboo. For the most part I create fantasies I get off too, and I get off to stuff that I intellectually find taboo.

So yeah, I create some pretty kinky, anti-feminist stuff. But it’s all fantasy, it’s all stuff I don’t think about in the “real” world or want to see acted out in any way. That’s part of why I like the Mind Control genre. It isn’t real. And the less real the porn I create is the more comfortable I feel about making it even though I know for some of the people that consume it it’s not escapist fantasy but true wish fulfillment. But all art is that way, once the creator releases it into the world they don’t get a real say in how people interpret and use it.

Xmas Break

It’s the holidays and I am going to be VERY busy with my family life over the next month or so. I will still be writing, but realistically I probably won’t be getting anything finished. I’m also a little burnt out on the superheroine genre and need to recharge my creative batteries for those stories, which might take a couple of months. Anyways, see you all on the other side!

Active Tumblr

I’ve been having a hard time finding time to get much writing done. But I have been working on some photo manipulations in my spare time. Most I’ve done are simple, just adding in dialog. But I enjoy taking a picture and making it tell the story I see in my head. Head on over to my Tumblr to check them out.

The importance of reviews on Amazon

I just wanted to take the time to write a little note about reviews on Amazon. They help in so many ways. Good reviews help authors like me make more sales, and better sales help my financial situation and free up more time for me to write.

Well written reviews telling other readers what you did (and didn’t) like about an ebook also help other readers decide if the book is good for them. Erotica books are notoriously hard to get reviews for on Amazon. Most people don’t want the world seeing the pervy things they have been reading, which is totally understandable. What most people don’t know is that you can change your name to what ever you want when you write a review, making the review not connected to your amazon account or other purchases as far as the public is concerned.

If you like any of my books I encourage you to take a few minutes and write a review on Amazon telling others what you did and didn’t like. This is also a good way to tell ME what you liked and want to see more of in my books.

In the Pipeline… 3/29/15

It’s time again for an update on what stories/projects are in the pipeline right now! Check out what’s below the cut to find out what I’ve been working on and how far along they are in the writing process.

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“The Megatropolis Amazons Vs Cape Crusher Part 4: Brickhouse” released!

part 4 cover

The next installment of The Megatropolis Amazons Vs Cape Crusher has been released to the Amazon Kindle store!

Brickhouse has yet to find herself chosen to go to Cape Crusher’s base, but this week her mind controlled teammates will be making that a certainty. But before she can find herself having to make hard choices within his base she must face a new villain: The Gasser.
With her mass of muscles that allow her to take down even the most powerful of foes and skin impervious to bullets and all manner of blades and needles she is confident she will be able to take this new villain down with ease. But The Gasser’s main attack just happens to be her one weakness. Brickhouse is certain to have a week filled with defeats and humiliations, the only question is will she end up enjoying it?

This story is part 4 of the ongoing series “The Megatropolis Amazons vs Cape Crusher”. It is a 13,000+ word one handed read that includes graphic scenes of sexual nature, including a gassed heroine, mammary intercourse, a heroine mind controlled into thinking she is a puppy-girl, heroine on heroine oral sex, and plenty of good ole’ villain on heroine intercourse.

Look for the concluding volume soon!