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New Ebook: “Captain Hotair and the Al-Terran Princess”

Captain Hotair Bounty and the al-tarren Princess Cover

You can find the exciting first part of this serialized lesbian BDSM story exclusively on Smashwords! If you’re a backer on either Patreon or Subsribestar you can get access to the story as part of that support.

After deciding she is tired of her life and obligations Princess Nella Lantoru has run away from her home on the planet Al-Terra. She’s brought along only two things with her: a fortune she stole from the royal treasury and her handmaiden Tarli who she’s taken as her lover. Together the two girls have journeyed to the edge of civilized space, planning on finding a home far from the reach of the princess’ overbearing mother.

These two young girls will soon find they are in way over their heads. Enter the alien bounty hunter Captain Hotair and her young strange alien ‘pet’ Lera. Initially chasing the bounty to bring the princess home, the bounty hunter and her assistant will soon make the princess and her lover an offer: in exchange for the fortune the girls are carrying Captain Hotair will keep her safe from the other bounty hunters searching for her.

But there’s a catch. The money will only go so far. If Princess Nella and her handmaiden Tarli wish to remain with Captain Hotair it will have to be as her ‘pets’, doing whatever the intense older woman demands of them.

Together Princess Nella and Tarli begin a journey of sexual self-discovery. It begins with lust-filled encounters as Captain Hotair introduces freeing concepts of submission and obedience to Princess Nella while Lera teaches Tarli about the special pheromones members of her race give off.

Meanwhile, others start journeys of their own as they join the quest to bring the runaway Princess home. Bounty hunters with scores to settle track both the princess and Captain Hotair. And back on Al-Terra Princess Nella’s older sister will have to face her imposing and perverse mother before she’s sent out to retrieve Nella before any of the bounty hunters.

This one-handed read is full of lesbian BDSM and light romance. Themes of submission and dominance abound, with a light dash of dubious and non-consent.

This is NOT a story being written for the Amazon market so will include some taboo content. This first part only has some light dub-con, but future parts will probably lean more heavily into outright non-con and maybe even some light incest. It only features lesbian sex

New Ebook: “Into Lala Land Part Three”

LaLa Land Part 3

The newest part of this serialized urban paranormal BDSM romance can be found on Amazon and Smaswhords. This story has been written for the Amazon market, so there is NO non-con in it. It focuses on dom/sub BDSM relationships between the main character and a number of other women.

Brit is falling deeper into Lala Land, growing nearly addicted to the sensual highs that come with every new partner. She’s reckless and she knows it, but she feels invincible and nothing is going to stop her, or her lover the fire sprite Seraphina, from having all the fun they can. But one poor decision leads to a crisis Brit will have to pay a heavy price to make right.

Part three of this ongoing serialized story features more ghost sex, a date night with Seraphina, a sexy werelynx, and a magical mural full of sensual characters all eager to pleasure the story’s heroine.

If you are a backer of my Patreon or Subscribestar you get access to this book for a limited time as part of that. Lowest tier backers get access to the text via the password protected page on here, while higher lever backers (3$ or higher) get a coupon to grab a copy of the ebook off of Smashwords.

No context Spoilers for “Servants of the Moonlight Part 2”

New Ebook: “Princess Pounce’s Submission Part 3”

Princess Pounce's Submission Part 3b

Part 3 of this serialized story is out now on Amazon.

Princess Pounce has awakened to a new day in Lady Iridium’s mansion, a place where reality, hallucination, and dreams all blend into one deliciously pleasure-filled erotic nightmare. And she’s not alone. She’ll meet some of Lady Iridium’s other willing slaves, a group of horny and perhaps evil girls eager to “play” with Princess Pounce.

Through intense sexual encounters with these slave girls Princess Pounce will discover things about Lady Iridium and her past. But, as the villainess is fond of saying, the continuity frays at the edges and their world is not what it seems. Princess Pounce must confront the truth that NONE of the truths might be real. She might not even be the heroine of the story and instead might just be the damsel in distress…

Phone Wallpaper

phone wallpaper 1

Quick little phone wallpaper using the cover art from “Magicat’s Submission Part One”.

New Ebook “The Forest Witch Servant of Pollena Part 4”

Servant of Pollena Part 4

You can find the latest Forest Witch ebook on Amazon.

It is finally time for Tynian to begin meeting the mysterious and terrifying guardians of Pollena’s honey, the Forest Witch’s “precious darlings”. Their presence takes acclimating to, so they will be introduced to Tynian before she is introduced to them. This provides an opportunity for Tynian to learn more about the freedom and joy that can be found in bondage.

Tynian’s romance with the girl in the mirror deepens as she helps the girl begin to explore her new ability to form a full spectral body to interact with the world outside her mirror. But the girl has begun to realize how little time she has left with Tynian. As her mood darkens she clings to her Elven lover with more desperation.

Update Project Queue

After a lot of thought I’ve decided to tweak my project Queue a lot. Mostly this is being done to help me focus and get more writing done in more complete ways. Going forward I’m going to have 5 slots, each a different kind of project. I am going to try hard to keep to those 5 and not add more.
Limiting my projects is important for my output. I suffer from bipolar and although I have it about as under control as you can I still have hypomanic episodes and during those I tend to start a lot of projects and get unrealistic expectations on what I can accomplish. Trying to limit myself this way will hopefully help keep me from getting carried away, which should lead to more smut and more completed stories for you.
So, here are the five slots and what will be in them for now:
  • Poll Driven Story Slot: “The Fall of Almerry Keep” will take up this slot. I really enjoy the poll driven stories but I think concentrating on one at a time is what I need if I’m going to be working on other projects. Reader interaction has also been slowly lowering which is always a bit of a downer. Hopefully working on one project more regularly will help with that. My goal will be for larger chunks of story to be written/posted with hopefully a new part at least once every two weeks. When this gets finished I will throw a poll up for my Patreon and Subscribestar backers to choose which poll driven story I switch to next.


  • Backer Driven Story Slot 1: “The Doom of Thessalia’s Lambs” will remain in this slot. This one has always had pretty big entries and that should continue. I’m nearing the end of what will be the second book’s worth of content and am trying to push through that and get started on the next bit so I can publish part 2. Once that’s done you should expect an entry for this (and the other Backer Driven story) probably about once a month.
  • Backer Driven Story Slot 2: “Coming Out of Retirement” will remain in this slot. I’ll get a new entry once I’ve got enough of Doom to get part 2 published as an ebook.
  • Story for publication on Amazon: “The Forest Witch Servant of Pollena” will be in this slot till it’s finished (which should be soon). The last two parts will only be up on Smashwords for about a week before they get taken down and posted on KDP Select (Which requires exclusivity). When this story is done I’ll be starting a project chosen by my backers, but I’m going to try writing it for the Kindle Vella program. It’s designed for stories written/published in a serial format which I was already doing with the Forest Witch story. This will require some adjustment in style. Each “episode” can’t be more than 5,000 words. This SHOULD help me focus on keeping the plot moving along at a steady pace and ensure there’s sex scenes more even placed (which I think will be good, as some of my stuff has been wandering a bit long outside the sex). My goal will be one new chapter/episode a week if not more.
  • Story for publication on Smashwords: I want to have a project for the Smashwords market going as well. Right now this will be an Untitled Alaria short collection which will be themed around a specific god chosen by my backers. I’m not sure what my goal will be for getting these written. Maybe once every two weeks? Expect to see these the least.


My plan for writing schedule is to alternate between writing a chapter for the Amazon project and one of the other projects. The plan for all of the projects (except the backer driven ones) is to throw up polls on Patreon and Subscribestar to let my backers decide what I work on next after each is finished.

Top of the month update

Good hello, fellow perverts! It’s time for my top of the month update to let you know what projects I’m working on and what projects I plan on getting to later in the month. First to current projects:

Visual Project – Monthly Star comic “Escape From the Order of Man”. The first page is already up for my backers on Patreon and Subscribestar. I’ll be aiming to get a new page up every weekday till its done. Whether I manage to do that, who knows, but I’ll try. As with the last one this will get posted publicly towards the end of the month.
Old Written Project Slot – “The Corruption of the Time Mage Part 4”. I’m actually close to hitting publish on this one, just finishing up editing. Should be out today or tomorrow at the latest. I’m also NOT publishing this new part on Amazon so I have a lot more freedom with the content. There’s a bigger variety of sex scenes in this one: A dub-con one where magic is involved, a monster/tentacle one, and a time stop one leaning into degradation.
New Written Project Slot – “She Was To Low Level”. I’ve got two shorts for this collection done (as backers have already seen). I’m planning on doing at least one more before hitting publish, although I MAY do more, I haven’t decided yet and no one has spoken up with strong feelings either way.
Poll Driven Story Slot – “Fall of Almerry Keep”. We’re just about at the end of the first part and will be starting a new part soon. A week or so after the new one is started the first part will be taken down from the free section and thrown up as an Ebook.
So what are my plans for the rest of the month? First off all, I’m trying to stick to this limited project queue. It’s helping me actually finish a lot more projects.
The only change I might make is adding another story or two to the Pill Driven story slot. I have very much enjoyed keeping this one moving along quickly, but I worry having voting open for only a day or two doesn’t give readers enough time to join in the fun. Back before my health got bad when I was writing a tone I would often do a bunch of those stories at once and cycle through them so people had time to vote on stuff. I’m think about trying that again, but I’d probably only do two or MAYBE three at once. IF I do that I’d start by trying to finish off some of the unfinished ones, beginning with the ones with more focused narratives that would have shorter entries. If you’ve opinions on this please speak up, even a short comment will go a LONG way towards helping me decide what to do.
Visually, once the star of the month project is done I’ll be switching back to the Brain Master comic which will end up being posted publicly whenever it gets done. I have no idea if I’ll be able to finish that off this month, but once it’s looking like that’s coming up I’ll throw up a poll for my backers to determine what will fill that back-up project slot.
I threw a poll up for my backers to determine what comes next for the old project slot and right now it’s sitting at a four way tie (once you combine votes from both my backer sites). I’ve decided that I’m just going to work on another part of the Time Mage story (which is one of the tied options) since that won’t require me to-reread anything. Next time a vote goes up for which project to work on I’ll limit the choices more and hopefully get a clearer answer.
I’ve no idea what will fill the new project slot. As always I’ve got like thirty project ideas I want to start on and its not really worth trying to decide till I’m ready. What I do know is that it will be a fantasy/Alaria project. I’m gonna ride the genre wave as long as I can before I hit burnout and need to switch.

Ebook Release of “A Game of Interdimensional Peril Staring Archbaroness”

The story has been taken off the free area and is now available as an ebook exclusively on Smashwords.

Even if you’ve read this as it was being written buying a copy is a great way to show your financial support. Higher level backers on my Patreon and Subscribestar also get a coupon for a free download as part of their support!

“The Christmas Gift: Archbaroness” Released!

The new ebook is out just in time for the holidays! You can purchase it on Smashwords or if you’re backing at the 3$ level or higher you can get a copy through my Patreon or Subscribestar.

It’s Christmas time and the curvaceous superheroine Archbaroness is eager to spread some holiday cheer but the kind of “cheer” she’s about to spread is not what she had in mind.

Someone from her past is about to reappear in her life alongside the body-controlling supervillainess Mary-Annette. Mary-Annette has been hired to ensure this mysterious figure gets the only present he’s ever wanted: Archbaroness. She’s going to give him everything he wants and more, but first she’ll be helping Archbaroness spread some holiday cheer at a signing in a comic book shop full of her horniest male fans.

This 28,000+ word one-handed read contains sexually explicit content and is intended for adult audiences ONLY.

The book centers around Mary-Annette’s body control powers with one chapter dedicated to public humiliation before moving on to more private settings. I’ve also leaned heavily into NOT writing for the Amazon market, as this book is only up on Smashwords, and the content is a little more explicit and “extreme” than my stuff normally is.