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Projects Update

Good hello everyone! Wanted to throw up a quick update on what projects I’m working on.
Opal Enchantress CHP – Because this has a more linear story, and because of what the plot is, I need to get the whole thing outlined before I start writing any of it. I’m about 50% done with that editing but the second half of the book is a little more complex so the rest of it might take a bit.
The Megatropolis Amazons Volume 3 – While I’m working on the outline for the CHP book I’m going to see if I can pound out the next book in this series. Right now I need to re-read the first two books to refresh my mind on everything, and I’ll do an editing pass on stuff while I’m doing that (hopefully there isn’t too much I’ve missed). I have like 2 full books of content fully outlined so it will be just a matter of properly writing all that out which hopefully won’t take to long.
Occasional Photomanips – Still going to try and do a batch of photomanips at least once a week, although I’ve been being able to write a LOT which feels so f’n good.

Monthly Update

Good hello, perverts! My productivity was pretty low this last month but I am hoping to change that as this new month starts. I’m going to be continuing my focus on visual projects, which will include the following:

– Super-Cows In  Bondage: The Training of Patriot Girl
– Attack of the Undermen! (working on issue #2)
– T.A.R.G.E.T. Experiment Files (renamed project)
– Pink Obession Undefeatable and Insatiable (working on issue #2)
– The Golden Staff of Xokar
– Fucktoy Mansion (working on issue #1)
– Amazons Go! (working on issue #1)

I might also toy around with some one off pics and any of those will get rolled into “Psychia’s Guide to the Superheroines of Megatropolis” which eventually will be some kind of visual novel game thing.

Depending on my health I may start to dip my toy back into some kind of proper writing, but if I do the visual stuff is still going to remain my main focus.

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