The Freeing of Otyx

A cloaked female figure strolled down the forest path whistling happy and with a bounce in her step. She threw the hood of her traveling cloak back to reveal that she was a young, pretty, blue skinned Night Elf. Her features were narrow and pointed like most of her race, with her ears long and pointed and sticking out well past her long grayish-blue hair. Her cheeks had a slight purple hue to them and her full lips were light purple in tone.

Most striking, other than her youthful beauty, were the glowing tattoos on her face. They were angular, pointed lines that were etched into her skin. They glowed and pulsed with icy blue energy and her eyes also glowed with the same blue light, all a sign that she was a powerful elemental mage given to the study of ice and frost.

She was dressed as an adventurer, covered in gear with a short sword hanging from her hip and her mage staff in her hand. Even though she was currently using it as a walking stick the air around it was cool and hoar frost covered its length except where her dainty blue hand held it.

The Night Elf slowed as she approached a crossroads. Where the roads met there was a large stone in the center of the path. The rock jutted out of the ground and stood a foot taller than her. Carved into a large flat side was a twisting spiral and as she approached it began to glow with blue magical energy.

Once she was within reach of the stone she came to stop, still whistling happily. Words that glowed blue began to appear in the air, floating and bobbing before her. She read them nodding happily. The stone was warning her which way not to head for there was great danger nearby.

“Thanks, stone,” she said with a happy, pretty laugh that echoed through the forest. She then waved the floating words away and spoke to the stone. “But even though your warnings are dire I will not be heading them this day! For I, Ryvlull Thostrull the ice mage am in search of treasure and I know the dangerous dungeon ahead has yet to be looted!”

The glowing spiral on the stone sparked as if in response to her words and then the magic blue glow quickly faded, leaving only cool lightless stone behind. Soon she’d need to leave the well trod road to find the dungeon. She stopped, pulling out a folded map form her pocket. She unfolded it and turned it about till she was able to locate her surroundings.

Looking up she smiled. “Yes, just through there,” she said happily, pointing ahead. “Just a little further and then I can delve into this ancient dungeon and loot it of all its treasures!”

She thought back to how everyone at the adventurer’s guild had told her not to try and tackle this dungeon. They had said other adventurers more seasoned then her had tried and failed. She laughed at the thought. So what if she was inexperienced? She was one of the most naturally skilled and powerful ice mages that had graduated from the college of magic she had attended. She was confident that whatever monsters or traps guarded the treasures hidden in this dungeon would be no danger to her.

Turning form the road she pressed on, eager to reach her destination.

The woods she headed out into were thick at first but the land started to slowly rise and as it did the trees began to become less closely packed together. A few times Ryvlull stopped, closing her eyes and concentrating on the winds of magic flowing through the forest. They felt… strange. Not evil, although there was an antagonistic feel in the winds. Along with the winds she could feel that there was powerful magic nearby and it felt as if it was both drawing her near and trying to repel her at the same time.

She simply shrugged, pressing forward and assuming the feeling was coming from the dungeon. She was correct, although she should have been far more worried than she was. Her senses tingled as she moved forward and soon she had put her map away. The menacing power she felt would lead her forward more directly than any map would.

The landscape moved ever upwards, but at a slow gradual climb. As the trees continued to grow less dense she failed to notice subtle changes to the vegetation around her. There were many wildflowers scattered through the woods and near the road they had been of many colors yet the closer she got to her destination the more frequent the flowers, no matter their species, bloomed crimson red. Some even had faint magical glows to them that, had she been traveling at night, would have been unmistakable. But Ryvlull failed to notice this as she was so fixated on following the trail of magical energy before her.

There were other signs that a strange magic held sway over the land surrounding the hidden dungeon. The nearer she got the more patches of bright red mushrooms were all about her. Ryvlull did notice these but she was no ranger and had no alchemical skills so she was totally ignorant of how potent the fungus was.

They were Tookabrew Mushrooms. They grew large and bright red to attract sentient beings but were frequently puffed up and full of spores. Should they be touched they often exploded and the spores they shot out in a heavy cloud would put most sentient women into a deep slumber full of powerful sexual dreams and upon waking they would find themselves incredibly horny. Men it would not put asleep, instead it would put them in an uncontrollable sexual rage where they would lose all control till they had emptied their balls. The mushrooms were dangerous to harvest but if one could collect them they could be used to brew powerful potions or ales that could make all who drank it incredibly horny.

The mushrooms had once been very rare in Alaria but that was no longer so. Alaria was a world full of change, although most that inhabited did not see this. A perverse, although not necessarily evil, force known as The Corruption was spreading through Alaria changing its people, land, plants, even the very gods themselves. The Tookabrew Mushrooms were one sing of this as they only grew in areas where that were heavily saturated by The Corruption.

Ryvlull knew none of this. She was a prodigy when it came to magic, especially her frosty elemental magic, but beyond that her knowledge was limited. She was also very young, very naive, and very sexually innocent. She was by far no virgin but so far the frequent trysts she’d had with other mages had all been soft and tender and only been with other members of her own race. As far as she knew sexuality was a tender, soft thing that came in privacy. She knew not how lewd and forceful sexuality could be.

Eventually she came to a rocky uprising, a sheer rise a few feet taller than her. From the looks of things going around would take time. Her pack had some climbing gear but the young Night Elf did not bother to pull it out. Instead she lifted her staff and began muttering an enchantment.

The air around her grew cold, her breath misting out of her mouth as she muttered the arcane words. She showed no discomfort at the sudden drop in temperature, if anything she seemed more at ease in the cold.

She took a few steps back, tracing glowing blue arcane glyphs in the air before her then drawing circular outlines around them. She took one final step back, watching the glowing floating shapes hover and bob in place then thrust the glowing blue crystal atop her staff into them. They shot forward and exploded with a flash of blue.

Her traveling cloak billowed away from the cool blast and when her eyes had recovered from the bright flash she saw icy steps leading from where she stood up to the top of the ledge. Smiling happily she began walking up them. As she went she kept one hand behind her back, the fingers spread out. The ice melted behind her and turned into sparking blue energy that flowed up into her hand. By the time she stepped up onto the top of the ledge the ice stairs were gone and most of the mana it had cost her to cast the spell had returned to her staff after travelling through her body.

She had to press through some more trees then came upon a large clearing. She had to stop and admire the beauty stretched out before her. There was a small lake and looking across it she saw a thick forest slowly rising as the ground swelled suddenly up into a mighty mountain range. Not far after the tree line ended were jagged peaks covered with white snow and she yearned to travel up into that cold. But any such journeys would have to wait for she had arrived at her destination.

To her left, filling the open ground between the edge of the forest she had emerged from and the lake before her, were crumbling ruins. The architecture was strange, the form and style not that of any civilization that still lived in Alaria.

All over the world there were ruins like this, some more intact than others, some barely leaving signs of their existence. They were all from before the Great Collapse. At one point Alaria had been full of powerful, advanced nations and empires. But some great calamity had befallen the world and civilization had nearly been wiped out. It had taken ages for it to return and most knowledge from before the Great Collapse was now lost. All that remained were the scattered ruins in the wilds that had claimed most of the world.

She had journeyed to ruins before but none had been like these. There was a raw power in the air here like she had never felt. And not just power but some driving force that was trying to alter the world around her. She could taste it in the magic flowing through the air, like two opposing wills trying to tug the world, and her, in two different directions. One force was pushing her away as if to try and keep her from this place while the other called her forward.

It was the force calling her forward that she felt most strongly. She felt it as a throbbing hum that felt like it was revealing a path through the crumbling ruins. At one time this place must have been some mighty temple or keep that stood multiple stories tall but now it was little more than a dangerous pile of rocks, shattered and fallen in on its self and worn down by time and the elements.

Yet as she followed the strange power leading her forward and climbed deeper into the rubble of the ruins she found sections that were more intact than not. There was writing on them, writing in a language none living knew but it was clear they were magical in nature for as she moved ever deeper into the ruins the ancient writing and runes started to glow faintly.

At the outside of the ruins those glowing runes and glyphs were blue or white but as she delved further into the ruins the glow slowly became more and more red. At times, when the red glow was most intense, it sparked as if the magic in it was angry and eager to be released.

Everywhere she felt magic pressing in on her and since she was so attuned to magical energy felt it more strongly than most would. Her head started to feel stuffy and her heart was pounding far faster than it had any right to be. And all through her body was a growing warmth that was making her feel an overwhelming hunger. But what her body was growing hungry for was not clear to her, not at first at least.

As she neared the center of the ruins she felt that the door leading down into the dungeon must be close. She was looking down, searching for a trap door or flight of stairs leading into the earth. Put the magic pulling her forward was not telling her to look down, it was telling her to go up. This confused her and as she turned a corner she found a perfectly intact flight of stone steps leading up.

She climbed them, moving slowly. By the time she neared the top she was panting and tugging at her clothing. She felt hot, so very, very hot. The air around her was thick and musty but as she climbed out into the open air at the top of the ruins a cool breeze was blowing up from the lake and it felt amazing on her hot skin, doing much to momentarily sooth her.

Her head was pounding and she felt dizzy and confused. And before long she was once again hot, so very hot. Barely aware of what she was doing she took her gear off and placed it in a corner along with her staff. She then started undressing, removing her traveling cloak and the tight form fitting leather outfit she wore under it.

Slowly she revealed her naked body to the cool open air. She was a Night Elf and like most of her race she was gracefully tall and thin, yet she had a plump, firm little ass and perky breasts that were a bit more than a pleasant handful.

The glowing icy lines etched into her skin were not just on her face. They ran down the sides of her neck and dove in pointed lines towards the top of her cleavage. From there more of the glowing tattoos twisted together, wrapping around under her arms and meeting at her spine. There they were etched down her back to just above the crack of her ass.

As soon as she was undressed she pulled her bed roll out and threw it on the stone ruins. She then lay down on it, resting back on her elbows with her legs spread wide open. The heat she felt through her body was so intense that she was panting and even sprawling out in the open like this was giving her no relief.

She began to twist her hands together, muttering a quick enchantment. The air around her hands grew cold and the very tips of her long, thin fingers grew slightly icy. She moved back onto her back and started to run her hands down her small, thin frame, hovering her palms an inch or two above her blue skin. The cold air radiated out form her hands, cooling her hot flesh.

Ryvlull closed her eyes when her hands reached her firm breasts. She held her hands over them, letting the coolness emanate out onto her hot flesh. Her dark violet nipples quickly hardened and grew into thick fleshy nubs from the cool air blasting onto them. She cooed and moved her icy hands closer, pinching her hard nipples with just the tips of her fingers.

The one aspect of her own sexuality she’d explored on her own was how her magic could make her hands icy cold and how much she enjoyed the feel of ice on her bare skin. It was something other ice mages had thought scandalous and she had never found a partner able and willing to use icy hands on her. The only time she pleasured herself was with icy hands. It was her one secret kink, although she had no idea how timid it really was compared to the perverse sexual desires many held hidden in their hearts.

One of her chilled hands remained near her chest, the icy air blasting from it lessening as she began to grope and massage her firm breasts. Her other hand slowly snaked down her body, the iced fingertips dancing across her blue skin and leaving a trail of frost behind. She shuddered, enjoying the freezing bite of the ice on her hot skin and then enjoying the feel of the ice melting away from her natural warmth.

Finally the wandering hand reached the split between her legs. She shifted slightly, thrusting her hips up as her hand neared her sex. For a moment she simply held her hand over her pussy, cool air blasting onto her warm, moist folds. Then she lessened the chill air, although she kept her fingertips covered in frost.

She began by rubbing her pubic mound then sliding her fingers down, massaging her outer labia. She moaned at the feel of her iced fingers on her hot flesh. Like all Elves she was hairless down there so her cold fingers were free to explore every inch of her cunt. The iced fingers wandered, massaged, and teased as she writhed and moaned in pleasure.

Slowly they worked their way not into her moist dripping hole but rather up the blue fleshy hood covering her clit. Gently she placed one frosted finger down on it and began to caress her clit, freezing the sensitive bud through the hood off flesh.

At first she was lightly and gently playing with herself. But with every moment that passed she worked her body harder and more furiously. She was cresting towards the release of climax but seemed unable to reach that peak of relief. Before long she was furiously masturbating, the only thing in the world in her mind that mattered was getting off yet it was the one thing that seemed out of reach. Even her icy fingers were not enough to push her over the edge.

Then the winds of magic blew stronger and she heard a whispered carried into her mind on the gust of magical power. A suggestion, a little hint blown gracefully into her mind. She headed the barely heard words, shifting and taking the hand that had been playing with her breasts and wrapping it around under her body then back towards her cunt.

Her hand stopped before she reached her pussy, her middle finger finding her tight, hairless, puckered asshole. As she started to finger it she found much of her pussy juices had dripped and oozed down leaving her asshole more than wet enough to be easily played with. As she furiously rubbed at her clit with one hand she started pressing a finger of the other hand up her asshole.

As soon as her finger worked in past her sphincter and plunged deep into her rectum the orgasm that had been bubbling just below the surface burst free. She howled in delight and arched her back, moaning and bucking as she continued to work her body with both hands. She rode the waves of the powerful orgasm and was only partially aware of the strange feeling that had come with it.

It felt almost like using a large amount of mana to cast a spell, yet it was not the same. There was an energy she’d never noticed before, one that had always been present in her but till that point she had been invisible to her mind. It was flowing out of her, rushing towards something nearby. As her orgasm peaked and she felt that energy nearly drained from her she heard creaking stones.

She gasped and sat up, pulling her hands away from her body. Not far away a stone wall was sliding to the side, the writing around the revealed opening glowing with intense red energy. Somehow her orgasm had powered the magic of the door and opened the way into the dungeon!

Almost immediately her head began to clear. She stood, quickly putting her cloths back on and wondering what had gotten into her. She almost never masturbated and certainly not while exploring ruins! She was slightly ashamed but since there was no witness to what she had done the shame was short lived.

As she put her pack back on and grabbed her staff she noticed something else. The energy she’d felt drained from her to open the door was coming back, as if her body was constantly making it. She wondered what the energy was and why her studies had never revealed it to her. For a moment she wondered if it was sexual energy but she dismissed this thought right away. What kind of place would have its secrets fueled by sexual energy?

Then she was ready, redressed and rearmed. The opening lead to a staircase that went down into the earth, the opening to the dungeon fully revealed to her. She took a deep breath, readied a defensive spell, and started moving down the stairs.

The stairs went down and down, deep into the earth. The light from above was starting to fade and Ryvlull was just thinking about stopping to get a torch out when the way before her lit up. As flickering green light began to illuminate the way ahead she could see sconces on the walls, green mage flame igniting in them. As she pressed forward she would soon discover that the lights of the dungeon came to life as soon as she was in sight of them.

When she finally came to the bottom of the long stairs she found herself in a hall that stretch-out out far before her. Green mage light illuminated much of the vastness before her but beyond where the torches were lit there was only darkness and it was impossible to tell how far the hall went on.

As she started moving cautiously down the hall the first thing she noticed was how well preserved this place was. The dungeon looked as if it had been built mere months ago and there was no sign of dust or dirt on the floors or walls. She knew the place was ancient, as ancient as the crumbled ruins above, yet down here it was perfectly preserved. There was powerful magic here, a magic that was protecting this place from the ravages of time.

She soon found doors leading off from the main hallway. She stopped to explore each, finding some smaller halls that lead to even smaller rooms or simply dead ends. None of the side passages or rooms she explored had anything of value or even noteworthiness in them.

Most rooms were small and simply empty although all of the walls, no matter where she went, were covered in writing and glyphs she could not read. Much of it glowed faintly with red magical energy. Pressing on she started to get the sense that this place had once been a temple of some kind. The unreadable imagery and layout of the side rooms seemed vaguely religious to her, although as she worshiped no god or goddess she admitted to herself that she might not be the best judge of such things.

Ever forward she moved, finding all the doors leading off form the main hallway led to dead ends. It was slow going as she was on the lookout for traps or guardians or even the monsters that seemed always crawl and dig their way into places such as this.

At one point the main hall widened and the side passages stopped appearing. Beautifully carved columns lined the walls of the wider hall and she slowed even further as she admired the art and glyphs carved into them. As she went on there was less and less writing on them and more and more stylized art. At first she found the style so unfamiliar she had a hard time understanding what was depicted but with each column she looked at she started to be able to make out the images with more ease.

Eventually as the things depicted became clearer to her she felt her cheeks start to burn and found herself having a hard time stopping to concentrate on the now clear details. The things they were depicting… they were very lewd. Sexual acts and depictions of male and female figures with exaggerated anatomy. There were carvings of men with penises nearly as big as the rest of their body and women with breasts so big they looked comical in their size.

Soon the depictions of male figures lessened then disappeared all together. For a time the artwork depicted only women and there was a definite emphasis on their breasts. There was still a sense that this was a temple of some kind but she began to wonder just what kind of temple it must have been to be so openly sexual in nature. There was also the odd layout of the place, the hall went ever forward, straight and at a slight decline so that it moved deeper and deeper into the earth as if what lay at the end was buried deep and the halls were simply a way to get to the hidden thing.

Moving forward she picked up her pace, hoping to move past this section where naked women and huge breasts were displayed all around her. It made her uncomfortable as she was unaccustomed to public displays of sexuality.

The artwork had also begun to make her feel a bit self conscious. Her breasts were not tiny but they also weren’t large. They had always felt more than adequate but the huge breasted women displayed vivaciously all around her was making her feel her own breasts were inferior.

She picked up her pace further, pressing on at a near run. With one hand she held her staff and the other hand been held up holding back defensive spell. But as there had so far been no sign of any traps a couple of hours after exploring she let the spell sizzle out. She just wanted to be past this section and all its huge lewd breasts.

Ryvlull didn’t notice at first when her free hand went to her tight leather top and started tugging at it. At one point she grunted in discomfort, pulling at the clothing. It was digging into her skin, almost painfully so and after a little while longer the discomfort was too much to ignore. She stopped, throwing her cloak back and looking down at her top to figure out what was going on.

She blinked, not understanding what she was seeing. Her free hand moved up, cupping one of her breasts and squeezing it. She blinked again. This wasn’t right. Her breasts… they were too big! So big that her leather top was painfully digging into her bulging blue breast flesh.

Ryvlull didn’t understand. She was confused. So confused that she failed to notice how unnaturally muddled her mind had become. It was a subtle thing, worked by the magic of the dungeon. It had slowly been dulling her wits, casually and gently so that she would not even notice herself growing dumber.

The Night Elf adventurer didn’t understand why her breasts were bigger. What she did understand was that they were continuing to increase in size and that her tight top was growing ever more painful. There was only one thing to be done so she did it.

She wiggled out of her pack and dropped it to the ground then took her traveling cloak off and let it fall. Almost without thinking she placed her staff down on the ground near her pack then stood, fumbling with the thick leather cord that ran interwoven through the front of her top, holding it closed in place around her breasts. She began to loosen it, the leather fabric opening and exposing her ever expanding cleavage. But instead of giving her relief this only worsened things as the rate her breasts were growing seemed to increase now that they had more room. There was no choice, she had to completely open the top up. And since that left her ever expanding breasts hanging free she simply took the garment off and tossed away.

Now that she was topless her breast grew at a much faster rate. She stood holding them protectively as they swelled and grew in size. Her flesh was hot and sore as it expanded and the feeling was leaving her feeling drained and unable to move on, so she simply stood and held them as they got bigger and bigger.

Eventually the growth slowed then stopped completely. Her blue colored breasts had grown so big that each was now larger than her head. They were wide, thick, breasts that hung heavily down her small torso. Holding them up and looking at them she could see that her small little violet nipples had been stretched out. The nubs were now large fleshy buds each as big as her thumb and her areolas were stretched out so each was almost as big as the palm of her hand.

She was fascinated by her breasts. She grabbed one with both hands and lifted it up so she could see her nipple better. She leaned down, her heavy breathing making her nub harden. Overcome she opened her mouth, lifted her breast to her face, and leaned into her tit as she took her own nipple in her mouth. Her breast was so big now she could easily suck on her own nipple and she found that doing so felt incredible.

Ryvlull dropped to the floor, leaning over and burying her face in her breasts. She licked and sucked on her nipples, first one and then the other then back to the first. It felt amazing, she had no idea a woman’s nipples could be so sensitive! She couldn’t stop, it felt too good. And she found that although her breasts were still tender that squeezing and massaging the dense meat felt nearly as good as sucking on her nipples.

Her moans grew louder and louder, echoing through the hall around her. The green flickering light of the mage flame danced across her naked breasts as she mauled them. Soon one of her hands had slipped away from her breasts and wandered down to slide into her pants. Barely even aware of what she was doing she started to masturbate as she kept playing with and sucking her big blue tits.

Soon she was lying on her back, mauling her tits with her mouth and hand while her other hand was down her pants. She was furiously fingering herself, using two fingers to pound her dripping wet cunt-hole. She’d never been so horny, never felt so lost in the ecstasy of sexual bliss. The heat inside her swelled and soon an orgasm exploded from within.

She would have screamed in pleasure but she couldn’t stop sucking on the tit shoved into her face. Instead she simply moaned into her tit-meat as her tightening vaginal muscles forced her fingers out of her cunt.

Then, after the explosion of pleasure, she collapsed. She lay limp, breathing heavily. The pleasure of the orgasm had further dulled her sense and her mind was so addled now she didn’t even realize it was strange her breasts had grown and that she’d stopped to play with herself in the middle of a dungeon delve.

After lying on the ground for a while she started to stir, slowly rising. Her mind was still heavily muddled and she felt as though she was in a fog-filled dream as she began putting her clothes back on.

When it came time to put her top on she found it no longer fit, for her breasts were FAR too big now. With a shrug she tossed the top to the side, abandoning it as she continued to dress and gather her gear. She still had her traveling cloak and that could be wrapped over her top, although it hung open with her huge blue tits hanging out.

Finally, she was ready to move on. She started pressing further into the dungeon, whistling happily and not at all realizing how strange it was that her breasts had not only been so enlarged but that she was happily facing the dangers of the dungeon with them hanging out and bouncing all about as she walked forward.

After traveling forward for another ten minutes through the seemingly never-ending central passage her mind was beginning to clear, but only a bit. She still was not able to recognize how strange her current physical state was, but she WAS able to actually pay attention to her surroundings once again.

She had to stop to investigate a large section of wall covered in beautifully carved lettering. The letters were large and drawn with flashy curves as they glowed and sparkled with pretty magical light. But the thing that had made Ryvlull stop to investigate the section of wall was neither how pretty the writing was nor how magical it seemed. No, what had caused her to stop was that she could read the lettering.

When she had first glanced at the lettering it seemed to be written in the same ancient language all the other writing in this place was written in. But when she looked again the letters seemed to have shifted, becoming the clear letters of the common language most in Alaria now spoke.

It was clear to her, even in her muddled mental state, that this section of wall had a powerful enchantment on it to make it so the writing could be read by anyone who viewed it. She felt drawn to the writing, wondering what the creators of this place had found so much more important than anything else written on the dungeon walls. She knew an enchantment like this took great skill but it wouldn’t be particularly draining to create if one knew how to do it. There shouldn’t have been any reason the creators would not have been able to make ALL of the writing in this place like this, readable by all who viewed it.

Holding her staff tightly in one hand she stepped up to the wall, staring at the writing before her. The letters glowed with red sparking energy and they seemed to shift and dance slightly as if the magic making them readable was only barely held in place.

She placed a finger of her free hand onto the first line and slowly began to read the words aloud. “I am a slut,” she said slowly, moving her finger along the line of text, “and I deserve to cum.”

Pausing, she furrowed her brow. “What a strange thing to leave here, written so anyone can read it,” she said to herself. “I wonder if this is the words of an important priest that ran this temple? Or maybe if this place was dedicated to some perverse sexual god these were their words?”

The answers were not apparent so she moved her finger to the next line of text and kept reading. “I am a whore and I deserve to cum. I am a fucktoy and I deserve to cum.”

She stopped, blushing at the perverse words. Yet she had to keep reading, she had to know who had transcribed these words and why. It never occurred to her that the words were not some record of someone who lived ages ago. If her brain had not been so addled she might have stopped reading, fearing the words were actually a trap that was activated by being read.

“I am a cunt and I deserve to cum,” she said, continuing to read the writing on the wall. “I am a bimbo and I deserve to cum. I am a slave to my cunt and I deserve to cum. I am a cock addict and I deserve to cum. I am a cock-sleeve and I deserve to cum. I am a cum bucket and I deserve to cum.”

She paused then, seeing that the words simply repeated after this. She still had her finger under the last line she had read. As she tried to ponder what the words meant the wall where her finger touched started to heat and she felt magical energy building up.

The energy built up fast and then, with a flash of burning heat, she felt it shoot up into her body through her finger and down into her core. Instinctively she pulled her hand back from the inscriptions but it was far too late, whatever magic it contained had already been transferred to her.

Even as she was pulling back she felt it starting to affect her: a quick swelling of pleasure inside her body. She felt her womanhood moisten and begin to drip just as there was a new flaring of pleasure, intense enough to force her to climax.

Grinding her thighs together and moaning in confusion and pleasure she stumbled back from the wall, staring helplessly at the words and realizing she had fallen for some magical trap. But a single forced orgasm was not all she was to suffer through. As soon as it had begun to subside another exploded in her core, sending draining, powerful pleasure flowing through her body.

Her legs were weak. The orgasms were so powerful and so forced it felt as though they drained her very life essence. She dropped to her knees, moaning helplessly and looking up at the wall before her. The writing… it was calling to her. As a third orgasm wracked her body she found she couldn’t look away from the writing, found she had to start reading it aloud again.

“I am a slut and I deserve to cum,” said weakly, the sentence punctuated by a forced orgasm. “I am a whore and I deserve to cum,” she quickly added, another orgasm forced from her body as she said the words. “I am a fucktoy and I deserve to cum,” she mumbled weakly, with another draining orgasm at the end. On and on she went, reading each sentence and then cumming over and over again.

As she knelt she realized something else was wrong. Yes, the repeated forced orgasms were sapping her of her energy but the weakness was more than that. She felt a growing heaviness. Slowly she realized it was her breasts… they were getting heavier! No, not just heavier but bigger! Looking down, no longer needing to stare at the wall to repeat the words for she had them memorized, she kept reciting them and cumming over and over again. And with each orgasm she saw her already enlarged breasts growing bigger and bigger, and BIGGER!

She recited the words, cumming over and over again, as her breasts swelled to inhumanly large size. Soon each blue mound of tit-meat was as large as her entire torso, huge heavy mounds of flesh that pooled up in her lap and that only kept growing larger and larger. Before long their weight was too much to even sit, she was pulled down to the ground by their impossible size and weight.

Ryvlull lay on her side, the mounds of soft breast flesh piled up beside her, one impossibly massive tit sitting atop the other. She was still reciting the words, but she did so quietly now for she was so drained she could barely speak. Her body slumped and slowly her voice died, yet she continued to recite the words in her head and thus kept cumming which made her breasts grow ever larger.

The pleasure and the changes to her body were too much and the Night Elf ice mage’s mind was nearly broken by the ordeal. She lay, drooling and convulsing with each forced orgasm, the words repeating in her head now just background noise to a mind barely about to think. Her tits were colossally gigantic, laying on the ground beside her and each looking as if they took up the same area as the rest of her body. Her eyes were open, but only barely so and it was clear that without the aid of another this would be the end of her.

As her addled mind finally stopped reciting the words, and thus her breasts stopped growing, a shadowed figure emerged from behind her. Drooling, her barely open eyes glassy, she looked up at it and moaned helplessly.

The figure knelt down beside her. Even in the direct light of the torches lighting the ancient temple the figure seemed to still be only a shadow as if it wasn’t really there. It moved down, leaning in to whisper in Ryvlull’s ear and as it did its ghostly hands reached out and began to caress her gigantic mounds of breast flesh.

“No amount of tit-meat is ever enough,” the shadow whispered to her.

Ryvlull shifted slightly, trying to look at the shadow but finding her eyes couldn’t focus on the figure. But the whispered words helped her mind clear and the caress of her breasts made some of the exhaustion her body felt leave. The figure’s presence was incredibly reassuring and its attention comforting. The words it had said echoed in her mind and she found them to be self evidently true.

“Yes,” she whispered back, her voice weak and barely audible. “No amount of tit-meat is ever enough.”

“That’s right,” the shadow said soothingly, caressing her breasts some more.

Ryvlull moaned in delight at the touch and felt the tender soreness that ached through the enlarged breast-meat lessen and then disappear completely. She even felt as though the breasts were shrinking back down a little, although she wasn’t certain.

“These mounds of tit-meat, they are a blessing,” the shadow said. “They are the key to freeing me.”

She nodded. “Yes, a blessing. The key to freeing you.” The shadow was right, the breasts were important, they needed to be this huge. She saw that now. But who was this shadowed figure? She still couldn’t make out any details. Even the voice seemed formless, she couldn’t even tell if it was male or female.

“Soon I shall leave you. You’ll feel yourself re-energized, refreshed. My blessing shall be upon you and the weight of your tit-mountains will be gone. To you they will feel no heavier then your tiny natural breasts felt. And this will seem normal to you. Your breasts being so large they hang down to an inch from the ground when you stand will seem right, proper and natural. When I am gone you shall rise, you shall move with ease and grace. And you shall press on, to find my prison so that you can release me.”

She nodded. “Yes… I shall rise. I shall press on. I shall free you.”

The shadow started to pull away. Just as it said she felt refreshed. The huge mounds of sagging, wide, fat, blue-skinned tit-meat hanging from her chest felt so light it was like they weren’t there. She sat up, the soft mounds of flesh shifting and oozing into her lap. “Wait!” she called to the shadow as it began to disappear. “Who or what are you?”

“A prisoner,” the formless voice whispered as the shadow started to fade from sight. “An ancient god imprisoned here countless ages ago. Slowly I’ve used my power to weaken my prison. I was able to send this sliver of my essence to give you my blessing. Now you must save me, Ryvlull. You must free me…” With a final sigh the voice was gone and the shadow no more.

She stood, a strange sight to behold. Each of her swollen blue breasts were so large that their mass was far more than her torso and when standing they hung heavily down to just above the ground. They should have been too large and heavy for the thin Night Elf to manage, impossibly large breasts seemingly too big to exist. Yet she moved as if they weren’t even there, moved as though their weight was not felt by her. When she stood she was more breast than woman yet she showed no sign of feeling their presence.

It was as if she was a new woman. There was a fire in her eyes now, the determination only the devoutly faithful felt. She grabbed her gear and turned to face the passageway before her, seemingly not caring she was topless and impossibly largely titted. Then, moving as though driven magically forward, she pressed on. The massive mounds of hanging tit-meat swayed as she went, shifting from side to side and at times the bottom of them even brushing against the stone floor, but she showed no sign of being affected by their weight or size. She moved forward as if in a trance, pressing on to free the ancient god imprisoned ahead.

Ryvlull moved confidently through the dungeon, passing more pillars and walls covered with obscene, sexually explicit artwork. As she continued forward the depictions began to change, no longer showing just women with huge breasts, but male figures as well. The further forward she pressed the more diverse the images became. For a time the walls and pillars were a cornucopia of varied sexual acts between women with inhumanly large breasts and men with inhumanly large penises.

As she pressed ever forward she could feel a powerful energy gathering around her. As it was drawn to her and coalesced in her body it seemed to clear her muddled mind slightly. She stopped, turning and slowly inhaling the air as she tasted the winds of magic flowing around her. They were strong here, stronger then she’d ever felt them before, stronger even then the winds had been at the college of magic she’d trained at.

“Power…” she whispered, closing her eyes inhaling again. She could feel it, taste it, smell it even. But it wasn’t one single type of magic. It was a mixing of many different kinds, many different forces. She stood, tasting and inhaling the magic until she felt she was able to understand it.

Underneath everything was a current of raw elemental magic. This was something she was very familiar with as it was the kind of magic that fueled most of the spells she knew. It was a kind of magic that was an underlying constant in Alaria, strong or weaker in some places but always present. Here it was strong yet it was simply the background to forces that felt much more important and far more powerful.

The most pressing feeling was one that felt ancient and arcane with perhaps a hint of the divine. It seemed to be flowing from the walls and pressing in on Ryvlull while also trying to force her back the way she came.

She recognized it as the force that she had felt repulsing and pushing her away from the ruins when she had first arrived. At the time she had thought it just some leftover magic from whatever this place had been before becoming ruins. But now she understood what it really was: it was the power that had imprisoned the God she was tasked with releasing. It was the magical force that had kept this mysterious God imprisoned here for unknown ages, the force that kept this place looking fresh and new.

And it was a force that she could feel was fighting a losing battle.

As she turned from side to side and concentrated on the power holding this hidden prison together she was able to actually see it with her mage eyes. It was a pulsing, glowing bluish-white light emanating from every surface around her. But the longer she focused on it, the clearer it became to her eyes, the more she could see cracks and open fissures where sparking red magic was seeping through.

She then focused on that red energy, at first trying to figure out if it was forcing its way into the dungeon or pressing out of it. As she stared and breathed its scent in she realized both those things were happening at the same time. The red energy, whatever it was, seemed to be imprisoned in this dungeon and was slowly seeping out through the cracks in its magical defense. At the same time she could feel the same energy swirling and gathering outside the dungeon, pressing in and breaking down the defenses to free its fellow energy trapped inside.

But what was this sparking red energy? She’d never been aware of it before today. Standing and thinking back on her journey so far she began to recognize its presence there with her from the start. It was a complicated, confusing power. There was a tinge of the divine, of power greater than that of nature or what mortals could wield. Yet there was something primal about… something that she felt was radiating from within her, like her very being was also producing some of this energy.

And then there was the FEEL of it. It was neither good nor evil, but there was a primal recklessness to it and at times there were great gusts of aggression and antagonist desire. It was power that was both exhilarating to consciously breathe in yet something that felt suffocating, like it was clinging to her. Like it was trying to extend tendrils of its will into her very soul and CORRUPT her.

Her mind returned to the aspect of this complicated power that seemed to be radiating out from within her. She focused just on this one aspect, this one ingredient of a larger force. What was it that was coming from her? The Night Elf adventurer closed her eyes, breathing slowly in and out and concentrating on the energy. It was tantalizingly familiar…

Her eyes shot open and she realized it was the energy that had opened the door to the dungeon. It was SEXUAL energy. Things started to click into place in her mind and she reached back out to feel the corrupting power pressing in on this dungeon and struggling to break free. It wasn’t evil but it WAS intensely sexually perverse. That explained why it felt so antagonistic at times, it was a selfish greedy force that wanted to change Alaria and infuse it with its power. It was a sexually corrupting force.

No, it wasn’t A corrupting force it was THE Corruption. The words ran through her mind. The Corruption. She could feel the capitalization of them as she thought them. She tilted her head back, eyes closed as she breathed in The Corruption, able to fully revel in its feel and taste now that she recognized it for what it was.

Ryvlull was young. She was naive. But she was naturally powerful and attuned to the winds of magic. These facts had mixed together, making her the perfect tool of The Corruption. It had pushed her to come here, knowing she would be weak-willed enough to become a puppet who could use her natural powers and talents to free the Corruption infused God imprisoned here.

At that moment she sensed this, sensed she was a pawn in a greater game. She leaned into it, drunk on the feeling if importance. She let The Corruption flow into her, raising her hands into the air and sucking as much of it into her as she could. For hours now it had been swelling around her, pushing at her mind and body. And the magical “trap” that had swollen her breasts to their gigantic size had only helped increase the swelling of power around her.

She gave in to The Corruption, happily letting it flow to her and greedily sucking it into her being. It flowed through her body, through her mind, even though her soul. It began to change her, to fully corrupt her.

But opening herself up this way, allowing so much of The Corrupting to flow to and into her, did far more than begin to make her a thing of The Corruption. For a moment she was a powerful conduit that allowed The Corruption imprisoned around her to break free. And at the same time it allowed the masses of Corruption swirling outside the dungeon to press in, breaking through and destroying much of the magical energy that was keeping it at bay.

Ryvlull opened her eyes and saw glowing, sparking red energy flowing to her from all directions. It was seeping out of the stonework around her, released from its ancient prison. She saw the fissures and cracks in the bluish-white magic that formed this prison. The imprisoning magic glowed more brightly for a moment then began to fade as whole chunks failed, allowing even more of The Corruption to flow towards her.

She began to cackle in delight as the red sparking power swirled and gathered around her, flowing into her then back out and leaving her changed. She felt giddy, more powerful and important than she ever imagined she’d feel.

The high was short lived. One moment everything was perfect and the next she felt things swelling out of control. There was too much of The Corruption flowing to her, too much sexual energy swirling in and around her. Her magically enlarged breasts seemed to be amplifying it. Suddenly she felt like she was losing control, felt that too much sexual energy was gathered around and inside of her.

She stumbled, staggering back. The energy had reached critical mass and was no longer centered around her, instead it had taken on a life of its own. There was no more room for it to expand so instead as even more of the energy flowed to the space before her it began to become more and more concentrated.

Ryvlull no longer needed her mage eyes to see the swirling mass of sexual energy. It had become a physical thing, a spinning swirling flood of sparking humming magical power. It pulsed, sending out blasts of power that sent her stumbling further back. It grew then was compressed in then grew again then was compressed in further; over and over till it was so gathered up it began to shift from pure energy to something that had begun to take on a physical form.

She further stepped back, awed by the power before her. The energy was taking the form of a massive being that loomed over her. Limbs took shape, legs and arms. A head began to appear and slowly what was swirling compressed magic turned into a single solid being.

There was one final blast of magical energy that knocked Ryvlull back onto her ass. She blinked, feeling the change in the world around her. The swirling mass of sexual energy was gone, having taken the shape of a being that was a pure creation of sexual lust. She looked up a massive red skinned… thing.

Lust Demon.

The words seemed to hiss from the thing’s head as facial features solidified. Ryvlull felt at once that the words were a perfect description of the thing before her. It WAS a Lust Demon.

It stood at least eight feet tall. It was humanoid in shape, with two legs and two arms and a head but its red-skinned body was totally hairless. It was also unmistakably male in its form, with bulging masculine muscles. It was a male “thing”, a demon of pure male sexual lust.

Looking down between its legs she had to blink, not believing what she saw at first. There hanging between its legs was the most massive cock she had ever seen. She glanced at her own magically enlarged and over-sized breasts then back up at the demon’s mind-bogglingly massive dick. Her mind instantly thought of the images that had filled the hall she walked through, she thought about how she had thought those images to be artistic exaggerations of the male and female form that would be impossible in the real world. Yet here she was, tits as big as the rest of her body; and here this demon was, a cock longer than her arm and thicker than her leg.

Her eyes had to move away from the massive cock. It has an overpowering presence, one her mind could barely handle. Greedy savage lust was flowing from it, keeping her pressed down on the ground. She felt helpless and desperate so she looked up to the demon’s face hoping for relief.

Its large head was almost Human or Elvish in its shape. Its nose was flat, almost as if it hadn’t fully formed. And although its skull was shaped for eyes there were none in the indentations under its brow and beside its flat nose. Yet Ryvlull felt the thing looming before her saw her more clearly than she saw it. But the most unsettling thing about its face wasn’t its eyeless eye sockets, it was its mouth, although Ryvlull thought “mouth” wasn’t the right word. It was too big, too misshapen. “Maw” was much more fitting.

The Lust Demon cocked its head to the side, “looking” down at her. A frightening smile spread across its maw before it opened it. It had sharp, terrifying teeth that added to the sense of its “wrongness”. But most unsettling of all was the huge, long, thin, pointed tongue that came snaking out of the open maw. It dripped and oozed saliva and it extended out then curled up and licked around its strange lips.

“I must have you,” it growled.

The sound of its voice made Ryvlull shiver. It wasn’t right. It didn’t sound natural. She would later find herself unable to properly describe the sound of the Lust Demon’s voice. The closest she would ever get would be that “It sounded as if it didn’t belong in our reality.”

Once it started moving towards her she thought that the way it moved made it look like it didn’t belong in our reality as well. There was a strange jerkiness to its motions, yet also an unnatural smoothness to the way its body moved. The air around it also seemed to shimmer as if in a heat haze, yet at times as she stared up at it the entire thing would seem to shift from side to side as if its body were struggling to remain fully corporal.

Slowly it approached, one menacing step at a time. Each time one of its large feet slapped onto the stone floor she shuddered, its oppressive presence pressing down on her a little more. A few more steps and she was gasping for air, struggling to breathe because its presence was so suffocating.

A few more steps and she became aware of what its presence was doing to her body: her nipples were so hard they hurt, her heart was racing, her cheeks were flushed and every inch of her body tingled with arousal. If she had been able to move she would have been grinding her thighs together. Her pussy ached for attention and was so moist she felt her juices leaking out and running down into her ass crack.

And it wasn’t just her pussy that ached for attention, her massive breasts ached to be touched and her mouth ached to be filled. As the Lust Demon drew nearer her eyes became fixed on its huge, intimidating cock. Her mouth watered as she stared at it, feeling an overpowering craving to take it in her mouth. She also felt a desire to have her massive breasts wrapped around it, to have it rammed in her pussy and even her ass!

Yet these last two desires made her shiver in fear. It was only now starting to swell and grow hard, revealing just how truly thick and long it was as it rose to attention. Her eyes were open wide in terror as she starred at its immense size, certain there was no way something so big could fit in any of her holes. As the demon stepped closer and closer, as its cock grew harder and harder, she had a very real fear that if it tried to fuck her it would end up tearing her small thin body in two.

Ryvlull was lying on the stone floor, flat on her back. Her massive breasts rested on the top of her body, the soft yet thick tit-meat spilling out over the side of her form and resting on the ground. She had to lift her head up to see over them to the demon now standing at her feet. She was terrified yet more aroused then she’d ever felt in her life. Quivering in fear and anticipation, her voice shaky, she looked up at the demon and asked it what it was going to do to her.

“Everything,” it said in its strange, alien voice. Then it started to step closer to her, placing its feet on either side of her body. “But first I must fuck these massive tits.”

It started to lower its self, sitting down on top of Ryvlull. The world seemed to shift and move in a disorienting way around her. When everything snapped back into focus the Lust Demon was sitting on top of her, her massive breasts pushed up so it could sit on her belly. It’s huge, thick cock stretched out over her chest between her mounds of tit-flesh, its swollen red cockhead practically resting on her chin. She pulled her head away from it, feeling she couldn’t yet bring herself to touch it with her face.

Other parts of her body, however, were already touching it. She realized her hands were under the mounds of tit-flesh, pressing them up and around the huge cock. She was amazed at just how much breast she had and even more amazed at how sensitive they were. Where her breasts were pressed up against and around the huge cock resting on her chest she could feel the thick pulsing veins running down its length.

She was breathing fast and heavy, her chest trying to heave up but the demon’s cock was too big, too massive. It literally weighed her down. It terrified her yet she longed for it to be doing more than just resting on her. The demon chuckled and pressed down into her, as if reading her mind. At the same time she felt its cock grow slippery, as if some kind of lubrication were either being secreted from its skin or maybe just being willed into existence by the creature.

Regardless of where the lube came from she wasted no time in making use of it. With her hands nearly lost under the bulk of her mounds of breast-flesh she tried to press them in tighter around its cock and then tried moving them up and down the length of its shaft. Her breasts were so massive that she barely managed to do this, doing little more than making the huge soft mounds of flesh jiggle and flow back and forth.

Yet it was enough. Both Ryvlull and the Lust Demon began to moan in pleasure. The Night Elf was stunned by just how good her breasts felt sliding up and around the huge cock. After just a few moments she felt the pleasure building up inside, an orgasm quickly approaching. She would have been content to lie there, pinned to the ground jiggling her mounds of tit-flesh around the huge, heavy cock. But that was not enough for the Lust Demon.

It grunted, leaning forward and causing reality to blur around them. When things cleared it was leaning down towards Ryvlull, its huge hands holding her breasts and helping press them tighter around its cock. It had lifted up off her body slightly, its weight shifted to its knees so it could more easily move its hips. It started to thrust its dick up across her chest, pressing the massive cock up through her pressed breasts and causing it to pop out of them and rub up and over her face.

Ryvlull moaned and shuddered under the demon, beginning to cum. The added pressure of its hands pressing in on her sensitive breasts, the feel of its cock smoothly sliding up through her tits, the feel and smell of its massive cockhead pressing up and then sliding over her face was all too much. It was a disorienting, unnatural feeling orgasm that exploded into existence then steadily hummed inside of her, pleasure flowing out as it stayed at peak intensity, going on and on as the Lust Demon began properly fucking her tits.

Its huge cock pulled back, the underside of it dragging back down her face then disappearing into the pressed mounds of breast-flesh. Then a moment later it thrust back up, out from between her massive tits and pressing into and over her face. Then back down out of sight then popping back out, only now as it was dragged across her face the huge swollen cockhead was leaking precum, smearing it across the side of her mouth and up her cheek and over her eye.

Ryvlull’s orgasm continued, a steady hum of intense sexual pleasure that was neither rising nor falling. It was unnatural, something the presence of the Lust Demon was forcing from her body. It more than anything helped leave Ryvlull feeling disoriented and unsure what was reality. Was any of this real? Was this some strange dream or vision? But it couldn’t be… she felt it so intensely! Yet the world blurred and shifted around her as the demon fucked her tits, humping her chest faster and faster as it grunted louder and louder in pleasure.

The passage of time was hard to keep track of but she had a clear sense of the Lust Demon was building towards climax as it fucked her tits harder and faster, its grunts of pleasure growing more and more animalistic. But just as it seemed near orgasmic release it stopped, the world warping and shifting around her once more.

When reality seemed to snap back into place her breasts were no longer wrapped around the Lust Demon’s cock and the thing was no longer sitting on her in the same place. Its ass now rested on her upper chest, its weight pressing into her huge breasts with its bent knees beside her head. This left its huge cock draped across her face, its massive balls resting on her neck and the underside of the cock running all the way from her chin to above her forehead.

The weight of the staggeringly huge, thick, heavy cock was nearly unbearable. And it was more than just a physical weight; it was a magical and spiritual one that pressed down not just on her head but her very soul.

“Love cock,” the Demon growled. It seemed both a command and a statement of her state of being. She shuddered, realizing at one point she’d stopped cumming only because a small new orgasm exploded into being in her core then quickly faded away. She opened her mouth slightly, gasping as she felt pure love flowing from her into the cock resting on her face. It was a strange, almost spiritual feeling. It wasn’t just THIS cock she loved, but ALL cock. It was a spiritual revelation, a secret meaning of her life finally revealed to her.

She felt the Lust Demon shift and felt reality warp around her again. When things once more snapped back into place the demon was lying on the ground, flat on its back. She was between its knees, her small body on top of her massive breasts and her arms lovingly wrapped around the thing’s huge cock. She was holding it, stroking it, worshiping it. Her face was pressed into its huge swollen cockhead, her mouth open as she licked and sucked on it.

“Cock makes everything better,” the Lust Demon said and as the words echoed inside of her head Ryvlull knew they were true.

She moved closer to the cock that was, at that moment, the center of her world. She lifted her torso up, wrapping her arms and breasts around the huge cock. She hugged and rubbed and jerked it off, trying to use her breasts to pleasure it as well. She licked and sucked on it, working it till precum started to leak from it.

The cock was so big and the demon such an overpowering force of sexual nature that the “precum” leaking steadily from it was more like a slow bubbling flow of semen. Within seconds more had come out then would have been shot out from three ejaculating Night Elves, yet it kept steadily trickling out. It flowed down the shaft, a thick goopy stream of cum that Ryvlull hungrily lapped after. It tasted amazing, nearly beyond description. Like pure male sexuality, the ambrosia of released lust.

As she lovingly and hungrily licked up the delicious fluid the world shifted and changed. Her position altered so that she was laying across the Demon’s body, her face and arms still wrapped around and pressed up against its cock but with her breasts now pressed into its torso and her legs spread open and her cunt pressed into its face. The Demon had hold of her small legs and its head was lifted up, its maw open and its snaking tongue lapping pleasurably at her pussy.

She moaned, licking and sucking cock as the thing’s slimy tongue slid around her vulva then curled in and snaked over her clit and down into the trench of her pussy. The pointed tip turned again and it started to press into her cunt-hole, wiggling in as the rest of the slimy snake like-tongue worked every other part of her vulva. It feasted on her cunt, lapping up her juices while tongue fucking her and bring her to climax over and over again.

Even as her body shook from repeated orgasms she kept working its cock. She wasn’t just pleasuring it, it was more like she was worshiping it. And it wasn’t just the Lust Demon’s cock she was worshiping, it was ALL cock, the very essence of cock.

At one point the flow of precum became a blast of cum that showered Ryvlull’s face. She opened her mouth and tried to drink as much of it as she could, gulping and gasping for air between swallowing so much cum her stomach soon felt full to bursting. Still, the Demon kept cumming and she kept wanting more. It covered her face, was soaked into every inch of her hair. It was pooling up under her, between her huge breasts and the Lust Demon’s body.

The cum filled her insides, seeping into her very being. It flowed with magic, with pure unrestrained sexual lust and with huge infusions of The Corruption. It filled her then it seeped into her soul, finishing what had begun not long ago. By the time reality shifted again around them the Ryvlull that had set out on her adventure was no more, she was now fully a being of The Corruption, changed in a way that could never be undone.

When the world snapped back into place she was back on the ground on her hands and knees, the Lust Demon lying on its back before her and its legs spread open and resting on her back. She was bent down, her face pressed up under its cock as she licked and lapped at its asshole. She ate the Lust Demon’s ass, reveling in what she had become, empowered by the perverse act she was taking part in. Before that moment it had never even occurred to her that one being could get sexual enjoyment from licking and tonguing another’s asshole. Now she knew it was an act she’d take part in as often as she could, as eagerly eating ass as she would await having her own puckered violet hole eaten.

Reality shifted again but she was no longer disoriented by it. She leaned into it, embracing the way The Corruption warped and twisted the reality of Alaria, adding her own natural power to the pure unrestrained sexual might of the Lust Demon.

Next the demon was standing, Ryvlull’s ass in his hands as it held her in place before itself and thrust its massive cock up into her cunt. She held onto the Demon, howling in pleasure. She knew that it should be physically impossible for a dick that big to fit in her small frame, at least without tearing her in two. But somehow it DID fit in her and with pleasurable ease. They held each other, Ryvlull riding the Lust Demon’s cock as her massive breasts bounced and swayed and jiggled between them.

The world shifted again and the demon was back on the ground, lying on its back with Ryvlull sitting atop it, her small body impaled on its massive cock. She was bouncing up and down, riding him like she had become a demon of lust as well. They both grunted and moaned and howled in delight.

Its hands were pressed up into her massive tits, playing with them as they bounced and flopped about. Soon he was doing more than groping them. The demon slapped them together, mashed them up and down against each other with all its strength. It pulled its hands back then slapped and punched them. It pinched her tits, grabbed her nipples and twisted and yanked them. It tugged her nipples till she screamed in pain and pleasure, then pressed the nubs together and ground them between his fingers.

Ryvlull screamed. The pain from the abuse of her massively enlarged breasts didn’t bother her. It simply melted with the shifting reality around them, morphing into please. But she felt this was important, that the abuse being directed at her tits was really the Lust Demon building towards some kind of climactic release. It had “cum” plenty of times yet climax for this being of pure sexual lust would be something special, but what that was Ryvlull had no idea. All she knew was that in a moment it would happen.

The Lust Demon arched its back, reaching up and grabbing her breasts and squeezing them tightly. Ryvlull could feel this was the thing’s moment of release and as she continued to ride its massive cock she reached down to hold the base of its shaft as it started to cum.

She felt it twitch in her hand and as the demon’s balls began to empty. There was a blast of pressure inside her as it came, but she felt more than just its demonic seed exploding and flowing into her. She could feel its very essence being shot out in a torrential flood of release.

The Lust Demon’s arms flew out beside it, twisting around as it clawed the floor. Its back arched further up and it howled in pleasure, its eyes steaming as bright red, sparking energy burned in them. Ryvlull continued to ride the monster as it came, the sexual energy that had created and summoned it flowing back out into the world. The energy flowed into and through her, making her cum so hard she lost all sense of the world around her.

And then there was an explosion and a vacuum of air under her as the Demon, its life force spent, was unmade. It blinked out of reality, causing Ryvlull to fall to the ground.

The world returned to her as her orgasm quickly subsided. For a moment she sat on the ground, dazed and confused, feeling unsure if the demon had really been there. Then she felt the cum oozing out of her pussy and pooling up on the ground below her and knew it had all been real. She crawled to a nearby wall, leaning back against it and sitting as she let her body and mind recover from the ordeal.

As she sat she became aware of something: the Lust Demon had filled her with its seed in a physical, spiritual, and magical sense. Although she was sore from the ordeal she was not tired, in fact she felt vibrant and full of life. Her pool of mana, the fuel for her spells, was fuller than it had ever been before. In fact that pool she had to draw on was then far larger than it had any right to be. For the first time she felt she could cast every spell she knew without having to draw mana from the world around her and still have more left.

“Nothing will be able to stop me now,” she whispered, her eyes glowing faintly red with barely constrained magical power.

After she spoke the words a strange gust of wind blew out from the dungeon ahead of her. As it flowed past her it seemed to carry a whisper on it, words that only she could hear. The strange words were not in any language she knew, yet she still understood their meaning. The words said they were proud of her, that she was clearly the one destined to release it from its prison.

The feeling that a God had faith in her filled her with exuberance and before long Ryvlull was back on her feet, her gear gathered and her staff in hand. She pressed forward, the dungeon moving ever onward and down into the earth. Forward and down it went as she passed through a great number of chambers and rooms.

It seemed as if at once these places must have contained traps and barriers and perhaps even magical guardians that should have been trying to slow or halt her advance forward. But now they all seemed shattered or simply crumbled with age. It was clear that much of the magic keeping the God imprisoned had been broken, although she could not tell how recent this had happened. She thought back to the way The Corruption had flown into her and how drawing it to her had helped it break through the protective walls of the prison. Surely at least some of the shattered protections she passed were destroyed thanks to her.

Eventually she came to a small doorway that led into a room unlike any she had yet to pass through. On the other side of the doorway was a huge rocky cavern, seemingly the end of the carved and manmade dungeon. The cavern had no magically illuminated torches, leaving the open cave before a mystery shrouded in darkness.

She stopped and thought of getting a torch out of her pack but decided against it. She sensed the cavern before her was too large to be lit by a single torch. Instead, she began to mutter a quick enchantment, holding her mage staff out the side as she did and willing it to float in place next to her.

Ryvlull held her hands out before herself with one cupped palm above the other. Cold blue light started to form there, swirling and growing larger and brighter. She had to pull her hands apart to accommodate the swelling light until the orb was as big as her head. Once it was that big she pulled her hands back, holding them before her as if holding the mass of glowing light away from her.

It swirled and spit out snowflakes and gusts of icy air as the cold light emanating from it grew brighter and brighter. Ryvlull kept her hands before her as if she was braced against the magical ice-light, keeping it in place as it grew ever larger and brighter. Then she began to move forward, pressing the light before her as she stepped through the door into the dark cavern.

The ice-light was pressed out in front of her, illuminating the cave and showing that it was even larger than she had first thought. Ryvlull willed the ice-light to move out further away from her, sending it flying up towards the roof of the cavern as it grew even larger and brighter, till it shone like a bight cold blue star illuminating the whole cavern.

With the cavern illuminated she could see that only a few ahead of her the cave floor ended, plunging down into a massive chasm. Grabbing her staff and stepping up to its edge and looking down she saw only darkness, the cold light above unable to illuminate the vast depth below.

She took a step back from the potentially bottomless and pit and instead looked out to the other side. Across the vast pit she could see a similar ledge to the one she stood on, with a small and distant door seeming to lead back into the dungeon. It was a long way away and if she had been without magic the distance would surely have been insurmountable. Looking up and around at the cave walls and ceilings she was certain crossing in a mundane way would be impossible, even the most adept and prepared climber could not make their way around or over this chasm and jagged rock walls.

But Ryvlull was a powerful ice mage and this seemingly insurmountable hurdle was nothing to her, especially with the way the Lust Demon had left her store of mana overflowing. On top of that The Corruption that had changed her had increased her natural magical talents, leaving her to feel any spell she summoned would be cast at twice its former strength.

At that moment she had no doubt she could use her magic to cross.

She took a step back, holding her staff out before her. The blue crystal on top of it began to glow brightly and then there was an explosion of icy wind from it that blasted out before Ryvlull. It coalesced at the edge of the pit before her, ice starting to form on the rocky cliff. The blasting frost-winds flowing from the staff began to press forward out into the put, taking the shape of a bridge that began to stretch out up and over the expanse before her.

For a few moments this bridge started to take physical shape, the ice that had begun to build up on the edge of the cliff growing and crystallizing up through the blasting cold wind flowing from her staff. But after a few feet of the ice bridge had been formed glowing blue glyphs began to appear in the air around it. They popped into reality, powerful magic emanating from them that pushed Ryvlull’s magic back. The glow of the crystal on her staff started to falter, dimming and than the light starting to flicker off. A moment later the gust of icy wind flowing from it died down then sputtered out completely, the partially formed ice bridge cracking instantly and crumbling down into the seemingly never-ending pit.

The magical wards pressed forward, forming a transparent wall before Ryvlull at the edge of the cliff and pushing her back. She stumbled, dropping her staff and fell back into the wall behind her.

For a moment she leaned against the wall, her breathing heavy. She’d never encountered magical wards as powerful as these. They hadn’t just countered her spell as she cast it, they had actively pushed back on her as if not just her magic but her very presence was being warded away.

“What do I do now?” she asked, not sure who exactly she was speaking to. Her voice echoed around her, leaving her feeling hauntingly alone. She knew other spells that would allow her to cross but she was certain the wards would prevent them from working in the same or an even more violent manner than the ice bridge had been dispelled. She felt despair, helpless and unsure how to continue.

Before standing she paused to grab her staff, holding it to her enlarged breasts for comfort as she pondered what to do. Just as she seriously started to think what turning back would mean she noticed something moving in the deep chasm below her. She stood and moved closer to the ledge to better look down. Down below at the edge of the illumination cast by her ice-light was something rising up towards her.

As it floated up into the light it took shape, a large floating rock that looked just big enough for a single being to climb on top of. As it rose closer it became clear the top was covered in a mass of something green, vines of some kind perhaps? The closer it got the more clear the strange mass covering it became. They moved and writhed slightly and now that she could see them more clearly she saw that they were fleshy and alive, not plants but some creature that was wrapped around the top of the floating chunk.

“No,” she whispered, narrowing her eyes and watching as it rose ever further up, “not on it but sprouting from the rock.”

It rose until it floated level with the ledge she stood on, then began to come towards her. She moved back, suddenly afraid. There were many monsters in Alaria covered in swarms of tentacles and few were a pleasure to deal with. But as she stared at the rock before her she realized whatever these green tentacles were they looked like no beast she’d ever faced or even heard of. There was the strange way they seemed to sprout from the rock, and now that she looked closer she realized she couldn’t see the tips of any of the fleshy writhing things. If there were ends they were currently tucked in and hidden.

Eventually the tentacle-covered rock moved all the way up to the ledge before her, slowing and gently coming to stop resting against it. She stared, watching the mass of green things move and shift. The top, thanks both to the tentacles and the shape of the rock, was not flat. Instead it was raised up in a slight dome shape. Sitting on it would be nearly impossible but she could easily lay stomach down on it with her legs spread out while leaning forward and grasping onto the front, she even thought she would be able to tuck her feet and hands into the tentacles to help hold on better.

It was clear why this was here: she was meant to get on and ride it across the chasm. But she held back from moving to get on the rock. What was the trick? This place had been created to keep the God ahead imprisoned, why would who or whatever created this place leave such an easy way to cross this seemingly uncrossable pit?

There seemed two possible answers to Ryvlull.

The first being that the creators might have wanted or needed a way to get back through the dungeon they had created. If that was true then this way across would have some spell upon it that prevented someone trying to free the imprisoned God from using it.

That seemed the most obvious answer to the mystery of the thing before her. But she thought there was a second answer, one less obvious but more likely to be true. She’d seen that the power of the imprisoned God had not just worked to break down the walls and enchantments of it its prison, but that it seemed to have corrupted and changed parts of the dungeon. Now that she could sense The Corruption she could tell it had warped parts of this place.

Thinking of this she concentrated on the tentacle covered rock before her, inhaling the winds of magic coming off of it and trying to see if it was infused with The Corruption. Her eyes shot open and she reeled back, overwhelmed by how thick and intense The Corruption was gathered around the thing before her. Either this thing was not placed her by the prison’s creators or The Corruption had so twisted it that it clearly no longer served their purpose.

It would help her across, that she was certain of now.

Ryvlull started to move forward, eager now to climb on but then stopped. Something flowed from the rock into her mind leaving her with the impression she should not climb on till she was naked. She looked down at what little clothing she still had on that fit her and started taking it off. In the end she was left only with her staff and her pack stuffed with any and all of her useful gear. She secured her staff on side of her pack then made sure the pack was fitted tightly to her back. This left her standing naked but her gear still with her.

She stepped up to the edge of the cliff and took a deep breath then began climbing out onto the tentacle covered rock. As soon as she came into contact with the mass of tentacles it began to writhe and move more vigorously than it had been a moment ago, parting around her hands and feet so that she could grab hold of and then brace herself on the rock under them. At the same time they rose up slightly and started to wrap around her limbs, supporting her and keeping her from falling off.

As she climbed to the top of the rock and grabbed on as tightly as she could she looked down, watching the tentacles wrap around her. They felt fleshy and soft and were spongy when she grabbed hold of them, although she noticed that the more she touched them the firmer they seemed to get. She was trying to catch a glimpse of their tips but they seemed to know where her gaze was pointed and were intentionally keeping their tips out of sight. All she managed to glimpse was that near their ends the green flesh started to turn pink.

Ryvlull ended up on top of the rock belly down, her massive breasts underneath her with the tentacles swarming and writhing under and around them. Her legs were spread wide open and braced down the sides, her feet having found grooves in the rock that seemed carved for that purpose. She was also leaning forward, her arms out before her as she gripped the front sides of the rock.

Once in position the tentacles which till that time had only been lightly wrapping around and supporting her became far more active. She felt them snaking tightly around her legs and pulling her tight to the rock. They did the same to her arms, although not as tightly making it so she’d be able to easily move her arms or even pull them free if she wanted.

She felt held tightly in place, certain she’d not fall off, yet the rock remained where it was. She began to wonder what she needed to do to make it move when the writhing tentacles grew even more active, many more slithering out from the rock as their numbers seemed to double. For the first time some sprang up away from the mass clinging to the rock and to her, their ends exposed as they reached out all around her.

Ryvlull gasped as she finally saw one their tips. The green flesh turned pink then deep read as the shaft of flesh took on the shape of a penis. Her head darted from side to side seeing now that ALL of the tentacles were like this: cock-tipped shafts of undulating muscles.

Remembering how the tentacles had seemed to stiffen in her hand she decided to try something out. She grabbed tentacles with both her hands, gently squeezing them in a pulsing manner. They responded to her touch, growing firmer. She started to move her hands up and down their length and felt them shiver then grow even stiffer.

The tentacles she was “working” with her hands pulled up and away from the other tentacles, standing up and growing thicker and more erect, the end with the red cock-heads hard enough to look like an erect penis. She saw that the tips had also begun to ooze thick precum.

“Oh my,” she mumbled. It was clear that The Corruption had mutated this rock and turned it into something sexually perverse. But what did she need to do to get it to move? She had hoped stimulating some of the tentacle-dicks would get it moving but it still floated in place up against the ledge.

“What am I meant to do?” she asked, looking down at the dick-tentacles wrapping around her.

They seemed to respond, writhing about more vigorously with their tips starting to slither towards her. She gasped as she felt nearly all of them starting to harden. The ends of more dick-tentacles then she could count started to press up against her body, thrusting up through her massive breasts, sliding up between her perky ass cheeks, and coming at her face from nearly every direction. The hard cockheads were all leaking precum, smearing it across her body and then her face as they pressed into her.

She winced in annoyance as multiple tentacle-cocks pressed against her face, pressing up under her chin and against her cheeks and over her eyes. “Ugh! Stop! I can barely breathe!” she snarled in annoyance as she gasped for air. Some pulled away, giving her the space she needed. But a few remained, rubbing up against her face and neck.

Now that they had pulled back slightly and she could breathe easily she started to enjoy what they were doing to the rest of her body. A countless number of dick-things were rubbing up against her, smearing precum along nearly every inch of her skin. The precum was making her skin tingle, making it more sensitive and increasing how good the rubbing felt.

Her massive breasts under her body were, for the moment, receiving the most attention. Multiple dick-tentacles thrust up between them, rubbing up against the sides of their bulk, under them, around them, and even just pressing into their huge soft fleshy bulk. It felt as though separate swarms were concentrating on her nipples, pressing in and rubbing at them from all directions, smearing more and more precum on them which only heightened their sensitivity.

Ryvlull began to moan, moving her body up against the undulating, thrusting tentacle-cocks rubbing against her. It felt so good she started to lose herself in the pleasure, tilting her head back and letting her eyes roll up into her head. Her mouth fell open and she moaned long and loud, a sound that echoed through the cavern.

She stopped caring why she was on the rock. It felt amazing, sexual pleasure covering nearly every inch of her body. What other reason did she need to be here?

But as the sexual pleasure spread and her body started to slowly crest towards orgasm she realized this mass rubbing against her wouldn’t be enough to get her off, no matter how long she let it work her body. What she needed was penetration and realizing that she began to wonder why none of the dick-tentacles had tried to enter her. They were rubbing up against every part of her body, smearing precum over her lips, up through her ass cheeks across her puckered asshole, and even rubbing up through the trench of her vulva, but none stopped to try and press into her holes as they ached to be filled.

Starting to become desperate, needing to be filled, she leaned into the tentacle rubbing its cockhead on her face, licking it. “Enter me,” she moaned before starting to suck on it. It hardened further and started to press into her mouth. She turned, opening wide and taking it in, starting to suck it off.

That seemed to be what the swarm of dick-tentacles needed. They shifted, beginning to press into her. She felt one pressing into her pussy, finding her hole more than wet enough to make its entry smooth and easy. Another pressed up against her asshole, softly at first. In and out, little by little using the precum leaking from it to lubricate its entry. Ryvlull moaned around the now thrusting tentacle-cock in her mouth, overwhelmed as one entered her ass fully. The feeling of having all her fuck-holes filled at once pushed her over the edge and she started to cum, her body convulsing with pleasure.

The moment her orgasm began the floating rocked jerked and began to move forward. As the tentacles fucked her in all her holes, thrusting and pounding till they came and pulled away only to be replaced by another cock-tipped tentacle, the rock moved slowly across the bottomless void.

Ryvlull was so lost in pleasure she was only vaguely aware of the platform’s movement. It floated through the air slowly, taking a long time to reach the other side. She didn’t care. She moaned and moved her body, reveling in the feel of the dick-tentacles fucking her, rubbing up against her, covering her inside and out with the amazing cum that made her body tingle so pleasurably, inside and out.

She came over and over till she started to feel weak. Yet even as she realized that it wouldn’t take much more to cause her to pass out she didn’t do anything to make it stop, the pleasure was too intense, too satisfying.

Finally, when she was barely able to open her eyes, she felt the floating rock shake and realized it had reached the other side. Part of her knew she needed to get off and move on but she couldn’t pull herself away, couldn’t choose to let this pleasure end.

Luckily the dick-tentacles were as tired as she was. Although each one had been able to cum many times as it used her body they were now having a difficult time remaining hard and rigid. They shuddered, desperate for a break. Using the last of their energy the swarm wrapped around Ryvlull, lifting her up as they pulled out of her cum leaking fuck-holes. They carried her to the rocky ground of the ledge, rolling the cum covered Night Elf away from it and pulling back.

Ryvlull rolled over on her side, moaning in satisfaction and feeling happily exhausted. She saw the dick-tentacles pulling back into the rock, saw the rock float away then go down, disappearing back into the bottomless void.

She was tired, her body exhausted and sore from pleasure. She had to struggle to keep her eyes open, fighting to use the last of her energy to turn her head and look at the door standing before her. Through it was more of the dungeon, green mage light having sprung into light illuminating the way forward.

“I made it,” she whispered. “But I need a rest before I go on…” She took a deep breath, gathering what strength she had and crawled away from the ledge, managing to get through the door so she could lay against the dungeon wall.

She was vaguely aware of the trail of cum she left behind her as she had crawled through the door. She was covered in it from head to toe and it was still leaking from her pussy and asshole like a small river. As she lay down, using her cum soaked pack as a pillow, she closed her eyes and smiled, luxuriating in the perverse feel of so much cum covering and leaking out of her.

“Just a short rest,” she whispered, sleep already overtaking her…

Ryvlull slept deep and long, her tired body greedily taking as much time as it could to recover. She would have slept even longer but a sound, at first but gradually growing louder, woke her. At first it was just distant background static in her muddled and confusing dreams but the sound grew steadily louder and more pronounced till there was no escaping it even in her dreamscape.

When her eyes finally fluttered open she was at first confused, for the irritating sound in her dreams was still there. She rolled over slightly, her massive breasts shifting with her body, and realized the sound was real. Ryvlull started to sit up, expecting her body to still be sore and weak but happily surprised to find herself refreshed.

“How long was I asleep?” she muttered, forgetting the sound for a moment. The sound, however, didn’t stop and only got louder, asserting itself back to the front of her mind. She sat up, listening. It sounded like something heavy and maybe metal being slowly dragged across the stone floor of the dungeon. It was clear it was coming from the nearby passageway. Hesitantly, she stood and looked down the hall hoping to see what was causing the sound but looking down the passage before her she saw that it ended not far off in a t-junction.

She grabbed her gear, only vaguely aware that she had been asleep long enough for all the cum covering her to completely dry. As she put on her pack she made momentary note of the cum stains covering it, shrugging as she realized she couldn’t do anything to get rid of the stains. What she COULD do was brush off all the dry, flaky cum covering most of her skin. Naked, except for her gear-filled pack and cleaned up as much as she could manage, she grabbed her staff and began cautiously creeping down the passageway.

Torches ignited as she moved down the hall, revealing that those on this side of the chasm were different. Igniting into life was not green mage flame, but instead bright crimson flames that sparked with angry red magic. The light they gave off was red as well, coloring the hall in reddish tones. “I’m getting closer,” she whispered, aware now that red was the color of The Corruption.

As she drew closer to the t-section the dragging sound grew louder, as if it was drawing near her at the same speed she was approaching it. She could even tell which of the halls before her the sound was coming from. She slowed, wondering if she should hold back and await whatever was approaching. But as she slowed so did the dragging sound, as if whatever was making it was matching her speed. She had a sense that if she stopped so would it, so she simply pressed on.

Ryvlull moved on but did so with caution. She held her staff out before her, muttering softly to prepare a protective spell. The blue crystal atop the staff started to glow, its blue light looking strange in the red light of the magical torches all around her. With her spell ready she took a deep breath then stepped out into the t-section, turning to see what was causing the dragging sound.

What she saw when she stepped around the corner made her gasp and step back in fear. Coming down the hall, almost close enough for her to touch, was a massive figure that loomed above her. It wasn’t just the things size that made it so intimidating but that fact that even though the hall before her was lit with red flamed torches it seemed to be standing in shadow.

It was many feet taller than her, so big its horned head nearly touched the ceiling of the passageway. It was wide with huge monstrous muscles that left it looking so large that at first she didn’t register the thing as having a humanoid shape. One of its giant arms hung at its side, the large hand gripping the handle of a gigantic doubled headed axe that it was dragging on the ground behind it.

Ryvlull blinked, taking a few steps back. The shadowed thing took a few steps forward as if copying her movements but in reverse.

It moved oddly… slow and clumsy. Her first thought was that it was some kind of reanimated corpse, moving with the unsteadiness of the undead. That thought died in her mind almost as once as there was no scent of rot or decay about the creature. In fact it smelt very much alive, a heavy overpowering male musk hanging about the thing.

She whispered a quick spell, holding her staff out before her and sending a beam of icy blue light forward to penetrate the shadow that hid the figure. The light shone brightly but as it hit the huge beast the shadow covering it consumed it, turning into only darkness. Ryvlull gripped her staff tighter and willed the spell to become more intense. A moment later the blue light shone ever brighter and it began to force the shadow back, blasting away the obscuring spell.

As the monster’s true form was revealed Ryvlull took a few further steps back as she processed what she saw. It was clear that at one point the thing had been a Minotaur, probably enchanted to walk these halls as some kind of immortal protector. But the ages it had spent in the dungeon had twisted it and by the strange, animal look in its eyes it seemed that it was no longer a fully sentient being.

It had once worn some kind of fur-lined leather armor, but only tatter bits remained leaving the thing functionally naked and allowing her to see every inch of its body in perfect detail. It looked old and as though it had fought, and perhaps lost, a great many battles. But although it looked aged its muscles were still thick and there was a sense of freakish strength bound within the creature. The patches of black fur-like hair it was covered with were peppered with gray. One of its horns was broken off, now only a jagged stump. Across one side of its face was a deep scar that had left the eye on that side milky white. It was clear the eye was blind, yet there seemed to be a flickering red light where the pupil should be.

The red in its blind eye made Ryvlull pause, holding back the protective spell she had readied. The Corruption and the power of the god she was trying to free had clearly mutated this Minotaur. Perhaps it had altered it into something that would help and not hinder her advancement.

Cautiously she raised her empty hand, looking up into the beast’s one good eye. “I’m here to free what is imprisoned ahead,” she said, cautiously waiting for a response.

The Minotaur simply stared at her, its good eye fixed on her with animal intensity. It showed no sign of having understood her words.

She took a step back and the thing growled slightly, taking a mirrored step towards her. It dragged the axe behind itself, the sound it made causing her eyes to dart down. As they did she really took in the lower half of its body. It held something in its other hand, a long whip that was being dragged behind it as well. But it wasn’t the second weapon that shocked her, it was what hung between the beast’s legs: a massive cock.

Now that she noticed it she realized it was growing thicker, harder, slowly standing to attention. Her eyes darted up and realized that it was not staring at her but rather her massive blue breasts.

She threw her free arm protectively up around her breasts, hugging them to her body. The Minotaur grunted in displeasure at having the sight of them even slightly obscured. She responded by holding her breasts tighter, taking a step back and turning away from the beast slightly.

This angered it even more.

The moment she saw its huge muscles tighten she knew it was about to attack her and as soon as she knew this had become a fight all fear left her. She had a staggering amount of mana to draw on and knew any spell she cast would be far more powerful then it would have been before she entered the dungeon. The beast was huge but her magic was mightier.

Or at least that’s what she thought.

As soon as it started to lunge at her she released the spell she had at the ready. An explosion of blue frosty energy blasted out before her, like an expanding shield. The Minotaur had just enough time to haphazardly swing its axe up before the blast hit it with enough strength to send the towering beast staggering back. It grunted in pain, dropping the axe.

Ryvlull acted quickly, turning and grabbing her staff with both hands and conjuring another spell. She sent a blast of thick frost-filled magic at the beast’s feet. Ice began to form on its lower legs and on the floor around it, growing thicker and thicker till glacially thick ice-encrusted it from the ankles down.

The Minotaur roared, trying in vain to pull its legs free of the ice blocks freezing it in place.

Ryvlull kept pouring more of the icy magic at the creature’s legs, slowly building up the ice around it. Soon its knees were encrusted and then it’s thighs. It wouldn’t take her long to trap the beast completely in a block of magical ice that would keep it alive but frozen for as long as she chose to hold the spell.

She was so confident that she barely paid attention to the Minotaur as it roared and thrashed about. Its giant axe was on the ground far out of reach, the blade unable to harm her, but she’d forgotten about the whip in its other hand.

It flung the whip back then sent it cracking towards her staff. Even having forgotten about it she was able to react in time, stepping away and pulling the staff out of the whip’s reach.

Her confidence faltered as the creature pulled the length of the whip back then sent it flinging towards her staff again. If it could get the end wrapped tightly around her staff the Minotaur could easily use its massive muscles to wrench the staff from her hands.

She acted fast, shrugging her pack off and dropping it to the floor while holding the staff with one hand as far behind her as she could while still sending the blasting magic that now had the Minotaur sealed in ice up to its waist. With her newly freed hand she started tracing symbols that burned into the air as floating blue runes. They began to form circular patterns that rotated around her hand as she prepared a second spell that would disarm the beast.

It flung its whip at her again and she moved once more to keep her staff out of reach. If it had been aiming for her staff the move would have kept it safe but the Minotaur didn’t aim for the staff this time. The whip lashed out then was pulled back, its tip cracking into one of her giant blue breasts.

She screamed in pain as the tip of the whip bit into her overly sensitive breast-flesh. The sudden, intense, and unexpected pain, as well as the confusing intense pleasure that came with it, was enough to interrupt her new spell. The rotating runes sizzled and disappeared from sight.

Before she had recovered the Minotaur flung the whip again, its tip cracking into her other breast. Again she screamed in pain, barely keeping the blasting ice spell going. Her instinct was to throw her free hand up over her breasts to protect them but the act was nearly pointless. She was more breast than woman now and had no hope of protecting them that way. The Minotaur lashed the whip at her again, this time managing to snap one of her nipples.

The confusing mix of pain and pleasure was too intense. Ryvlull screamed, letting go of her staff. As soon as it was free of her hands the spell blasting from it died. A moment later the block of ice around the Minotaur’s lower half began to crack. A moment later the beast howled, breaking free.

Ryvlull staggered back, both arms wrapped around her massive breasts, looking up at the towering Minotaur as it advanced on her. It lifted its free arm. She thought it meant to grab her but once it had its hand held up it swung at her breasts, backhanding them and sending her stumbling back as the impact of the blow made her see stars.

When her vision cleared the Minotaur was looming above her, growling lecherously down at her breasts. Slowly she realized it wasn’t just animal growls coming from the thing’s muzzle. It growled again and this time she was able to understand what it was saying. “Fuck.” The creature was growling the word fuck at her. “Fuck big blue tits,” it growled, its speech more clear with every word. There was more intelligence in its one good eye now, as if the sight of her huge breasts and the arousal they were causing were waking its mind.

Her own mind raced, trying to think of a spell that she could cast without the aid of her staff that could fend the monster off.

Before she could act its arm reached out and it grabbed a tight hold of one of her nipples, gripping it so hard she feared for a moment it would rip it off. The initial pain was soon forgotten as the Minotaur started pulling her nipple up and down in quick succession, painfully making her overlarge breast jiggle and bounce.

The intense mix of pain and pleasure was so intense she wasn’t even able to scream. When the Minotaur let go she felt so much relief she was unable to take the opening to try and escape. Then, pulling its arm back, it slapped her tit from the side. It kept its hand flat, slapping into her breasts hard enough to send her reeling to the side and slamming into the ground.

It was pain unlike any she had ever felt. But under that there was pleasure. Her enchanted breasts were so sensitive that even pain sent powerful waves of pleasure shooting up through her body, even though she had barely been aware of this at first. The last slap, however, caused so much pleasure that it overwhelmed her. Instinctively, using a power she hadn’t realized she had, Ryvlull turned the pleasure into a raw blast of magical energy that cleared her mind of the pain her body felt, leaving only the pleasure.

The blast knocked the towering Minotaur onto its back as Ryvlull scrambled up onto her knees. The moment the Minotaur was on its back it kicked its legs up, wrapping them around Ryvlull and tightening its thickly muscled thighs around Ryvlull’s head and pulling her down towards his body.

She had her mouth open, screaming in terror. The Minotaur was staring at her mouth, taking advantage of her open maw and pulling her towards it so that it’s huge erect cock lined up with her mouth. Her scream was muffled as its cock entered her. It tightened its legs around her back, pulling her closer and forcing the huge cock deep into her mouth then down her throat.

Ryvlull punched and pressed against its legs but the Minotaur was so much stronger than her that there was no hope of breaking free. It tightened its legs even more, forcing her head closer to its body till her face was pressed up against the base of its cock, only its balls not inside of her open mouth. It held her there, grunting in pleasure.

She could feel the bulging veins on its cock pulsing in her throat. She choked and gagged, unable to breathe around the huge thick cock being held inside her. As the moments passed she started to see stars, her body starved for oxygen. Only when she went limp and stopped fighting did the Minotaur loosen its legs and let her pull away, gasping for air once the massive cock was free of her mouth.

The Minotaur rolled over and leaped to its feet while Ryvlull, still gasping for air, tried to get up as well. She managed to rise to her knees before the beast flung his whip out then sent it lashing towards her neck. The tip slapped around her neck, coiling tightly.

She gasped desperately for air as the beast tightened the whip around her neck but her breathing was only constricted for a few brief moments. The end of the whip sizzled with magical energy as it shifted, turning into a leather collar. A moment later the Minotaur was standing above her, its whip now a leash attached to the magical collar tightened around her neck.

Ryvlull began to reach up to try and pull the collar off but the Minotaur interrupted her, grabbing its throbbing cock by the base and slapping her across the face with it. Its cock was so meaty and dense that the blow nearly knocked her senseless. She would have been knocked over but the Minotaur yanked on its whip-leash and kept her upright only to bludgeon her face with its cock again.

“Big blue tits submit,” it growled angrily at her, pulling up on the leash to keep her on her knees while slapping her again and again with its cock. It quickly cock-slapped all fight out of Ryvlull.

Once it saw she was no longer fighting it grabbed her, one hand large enough to cover the top half of her head, then pulled her in towards its cock forcing it into her mouth and down her throat again. Instead of holding its cock in place it started pumping her head up and down its shaft, causing her to gag and choke. It kept its hand held tight on her head and kept the leash attached to her collar pulled tight, ensuring it could use her as it pleased. Its huge balls slapped into her face every time it whipped her head down its shaft and she was left gagging and choking so much that thick strings of oozing saliva were soon dripping from its balls.

The Minotaur abused her throat this way till it had worked off some of its pent-up frustration. Once it had calmed a bit the beast-man pressed Ryvlull to the ground, squatting over her face with its cock still rammed down her throat. It seemed more level headed now yet it still kept pounding her mouth and throat-fucking her.

It grunted in pleasure then pulled its cock all the way out of her mouth, allowing her to gasp a few desperately needed mouthfuls of air. The Minotaur then began shifting its body, growling, “Lick!”

Ryvlull stuck her tongue out and started to lick the underside of the beast’s cock. As soon as her tongue was pressed up against its throbbing member it started dragging its cock up over her face. She licked the underside then licked its balls as it dragged those across her face as well. It ground its cock on her face, dragging its filthy puckered asshole over her tongue.

It pressed down then, wiggling as it ground its asshole into her tongue and her nose. She let out a muffled sound of disgust that the Minotaur ignored the began dragging its member back the other way till its throbbing cockhead fell into her open mouth where it thrust hard and deep into her.

She gagged and choked on it again as the beast returned to fucking her throat. Her body was limp by that point, any ability to resist fucked out of her. She lay on the ground, letting the beast-man have its way with her mouth.

After a bit it pulled its cock all the way out of her and shifted again, kneeling beside her and holding it’s thick girthy cock over her face then letting it drop down onto her face. It landed with a wet, meaty “thwud” sound that echoed through the empty hall around them.

“Tongue out,” it grunted.

Ryvlull let her tongue loll out of her mouth.

The Minotaur grabbed its cock and lifted it above her mouth and let it drop again. It landed on her tongue this time, the meaty “thwud” now moist as it landed on her tongue. The Minotaur made a sound that she thought might have been a chuckle then lifted its cock up and once more let it drop down onto her tongue. “Good mouth,” it grunted, lifting its cock and letting it drop again.

While the Minotaur amused its self dropping its cock on her tongue Ryvlull was able to start to recover but even as she did she felt no desire to fight the man-beast off of her. The feel of its meaty, saliva covered cock falling heavily onto her tongue over and over again had woken the insatiable carnal hungers that were now always with her thanks to The Corruption. With every wet slap down onto her tongue she felt hungrier for cock.

“Yessssss,” a voice hissed in her mind. “Cock is good for you. It is right to huger for it. It is good to be used sexually. Being used is bliss.”

The next time the Minotaur lifted its cock off her mouth she quickly whispered the last words to run through her mind. “Being used is bliss.”

With a grunt the Minotaur stopped when it heard her words. It stared down at her, confused for a moment. “Being used is bliss,” it repeated in an almost incomprehensible growl. “Must use blue woman with huge tits,” it said clearer, still sounding confused. “It is what Otyx wants.”

Ryvlull’s head swam as the name “Otyx” echoed in her mind. It was a powerful name, one not spoken aloud in this place for a great many ages. But what was the name? The answer came to her at once: it was the name of the god imprisoned here.

It is Otyx that I am here to free, she thought.

“Here to free Otyx,” the Minotaur said as if it had read her thoughts. It blinked, confused, then shook its head and growled at her. “Must fuck!”

It grabbed Ryvlull, pulling her up then flipping her over and pulling her up onto her hands and knees. A moment later it was kneeling behind her, yanking on the whip-leash and pressing its cock into her pussy.

Ryvlull moaned as the Minotaur’s thick, long cock pressed into her wet cunt.

It felt immense as it entered her. She remembered the Lust Demon and how impossibly huge its cock had been, the feeling of reality bending as it had entered her. It had felt immense inside of her as well but this was different. The Demon had only ever half existed in the physical world.

The Minotaur’s cock, however, was completely real. There was no warping of reality as it pressed into her tight vaginal canal. There was no magic that stretched out the proportions of her insides. As the Minotaur pressed its cock into her there was pain, her body had not meant to take in something so large.

Yet the beast’s cock was not so large that it hurt her. The pain of its entry only lasted for a moment. Once the Minotaur’s full girth was inside her there was only pleasure, pleasure and a feeling of her cunt being more filled than she’d ever felt it before.

“Tight,” the Minotaur grunted happily, leaning down and pressing its furry body into her back while reaching its hands down to grope grab at the sides of huge breasts. “So big,” it added as its hands slid under her breasts to pinch and twist her nipples while fucking her from behind.

Ryvlull had to struggle to stay up on her hands and knees. Having the huge Minotaur’s body resting on her small frame combined with just how good it felt being fucked by it left her limbs weak and shaking. She might have already collapsed if not for her breasts. They were so large and dense that they filled most of the space under her torso meaning she could rest the full weight of her dainty Elven body on them.

When the Minotaur had entered her it had done so slowly and calmly. When it started playing with her breasts it had started fucking her a bit faster. The longer it remained pressed over her body playing with her tits the faster it fucked her. Faster and faster till it roared in delight and let go of her breasts, pulling its body up off of hers and grabbing her tiny waist as it pounded into her so hard and fast her knees were starting to be rubbed raw against the stone floor of the dungeon.

Then, without warning, the Minotaur roared even louder, gripping her waist tighter to hold her in place as it got to its feet. Even as it rose it kept fucking her and once it was standing all the way up it held her body tight, pulling her body up and down its huge hard shaft.

Ryvlull moaned in delight, her arms hanging limply and flopping all about as the Minotaur pumped her cunt up and down its cock. It didn’t feel like it was fucking her anymore, it felt more like it was using her body to jerk itself off. When that thought ran through her mind she found the idea so deliciously perverse that it pushed her over the edge and she started to cum.

The added tightness of her vaginal muscles clenching as she came was enough to push the Minotaur over the edge as well. It joined her in orgasm, pumping her up and down its cock one last time then grunting in release.

Ryvlull came even harder when the beast’s huge load of thick semen started shooting into her. The pressure was immense as its cock quivered and pulsed, sending blast after blast of cum into her. With as big as its cock was there was little space inside of her cunt for the cum so it quickly started squelching out of her, oozing and dripping down both their bodies.

The Minotaur had stopped pumping her body up and down on its cock after starting to cum. It held her in place till it finished cumming then let go of her, stumbling back weakly a few steps as the post-orgasm laze hit it.

For a moment she hung in the air, supported only by the huge cock her body was impaled on. Then, as the Minotaur’s cock began to soften, she slipped off its dick and fell to the ground. She landed on her hands and knees but they quickly gave out under her and soon she was laying limp atop the huge mound of tit-meat hanging off her chest.

She was pleasantly exhausted from the intense fucking, contently laying on her tits and smiling happily as she concentrated on the feel of the Minotaur’s seed running out of her cunt-hole. She liked how warm it felt running down her thighs, reveled in the perverseness of the fact there was so much it started to build up in a pool under her.

Ryvlull was so warn out and so content that she started to drift off into what would have been a peaceful slumber. The Minotaur, however, was not done with her yet.

Once it had shaken off the lazy contentment of its orgasm it got to its feet and tugged on the whip-leash, the collar it was attached to choking Ryvlull slightly and waking her up. Seeing it had her attention it reached down with its free hand and grabbed her hair then started pulling her along as it turned and began walking down the hall it had emerged from.

At first Ryvlull tried to crawl after the Minotaur but found her breasts were too large to do that. They were so big that even up on all fours they were left pressed into the floor and when she tried to crawl they ended up being painfully dragged. So she quickly got to her feet and even though she felt exhausted she remained upright, sensing the Minotaur wasn’t going to stop even if she passed out.

Once on her feet the Minotaur grunted and let go of her head, using just the collar to make sure she kept up with its huge strides.

Where is it taking me? she wondered. She looked back over her shoulder and saw her pack and staff on the floor. She wanted to go back for it all but was certain the Minotaur wouldn’t allow it.

Before long they came to a corner and turned, revealing an intersection of four hallways. The Minotaur didn’t stop, it simply kept moving forward, turning down a passage that again quickly met another intersection of four passageways. It turned down one and they walked for a short time down a straight passage that then ended in a t-section. The Minotaur turned down the left passage without stopping for even a second to ponder which way to go.

It went on like this for some time, turning down a never-ending confusion of short halls and multiple turning points. Ryvlull quickly felt hopelessly lost and after a little more time realized that was the point. They were no longer going through the halls of the dungeon, they were traversing a giant maze.

I would have never found my way through this maze, she thought. If I’d entered it alone I would have quickly become so lost I might never found my way out. I can only hope this Minotaur knows the way.

Based on how driven he seemed to be she had little doubt the beastly man DID know the way. What other reason would it have for leading her so deeply into the maze?

At one point he must have been the guardian of this maze. Before he was twisted by The Corruption he must have wondered these confusing halls standing vigilant and prepared to stop anyone trying to make it past them. Now he’s a nearly mindless beast showing me the way to free the god he once worked to keep imprisoned here.

After what felt like hours of moving through the twisting confusing halls of the maze they finally reached a hall that led straight ahead, looking like the rest of the dungeon had. The scones covering the walls were only lit a bit ahead, the expanse past that point hidden in total darkness.

She had expected the Minotaur to keep leading her but it stopped at the end of the maze, turning and shaking the whip-leash. The collar around her neck burned for a moment then turned back into the end of the whip. Once her neck was free the Minotaur turned and pointed down the hall. “Otyx,” it said before turning and shuffling slowly back into the maze.

Once the Minotaur was out of sight Ryvlull turned and stared down the hall looming before her. She felt more alone then she’d ever felt before. She didn’t even have her backpack full of gear or the comfort of her staff. All she had was her naked body and the magic she could wield, although she’d never had to use her magic without the aid of her staff.

She made herself think back to her mage training. “The winds of magic fuel your spells,” her teachers would say. “You draw on them for the material that fuels the spells, converting the winds into raw mana. Spells, incantations, and enchantments are the things you forge from that raw mana. We will teach you how to do this mostly through the aid of wands and staffs but you must remember that the true power always lies within you.”

“Within me,” she whispered, closing her eyes and letting herself feel and taste of the winds of magic blowing through the dungeon. She marveled at how strong they were and how much of The Corruption was mixed within them.

She opened her eyes and looked down at her blue-skinned hands, willing magical energy to gather around them. As they began glowing red she felt for the first time in her life that she had no need for her staff. She had so much innate power within her and could now so effectively draw on the power from the winds of magic that there was no need to store mana in her staff. Her understanding of how magic worked had advanced so much that she had no need to use the power of a staff to weave her spells.

“I am far from helpless,” she said confidently then began moving down the hall.

Every few steps another set of scones on the hall before her lit, the ones the farthest back from her dying. Once the opening to the maze was swallowed by darkness the way the hall was lit made it seem endless in both directions yet with every step forward she felt she grew closer to her destination.

Otyx is near, she thought. But there will be at least one more challenge, one more trap or protector. Yet need I fear it? This close to the god will Otyx not have used The Corruption to taint or even break down whatever remains?

As the next scones lit she saw she’d have her answer soon. An ornate archway stood at the end of the hall leading into a large room. The cracks between the brickwork here glowed and pulsed with red energy, The Corruption so strong here that it was warping the very walls and floors and ceiling of the dungeon. Cautiously, and with spells at the ready, Ryvlull moved towards the doorway.

She had no idea what this last room once was. What once must have been ornately carved pillars had been twisted into shapes that now reassembled giant penises. The wall to one side bulged, its stone warped into the shape of two giant breasts. Across from the doorway she had entered was another doorway but one that was not open. Looking at it she sensed that it was the final door, that Otyx was just beyond it.

Yet the door was not where her attention fell.

Kneeling in the center of the room was a woman unlike any she’d ever seen. Huge wings covered in white feathers sprouted from her back and were wrapped around her body, hiding all but her head and neck. A blindfold was wrapped around her head, keeping her eyes hidden. A black leather collar was around her neck, a golden chain running from it and across the floor where it was attached to one of the warped pillars.

As Ryvlull stepped into the room the strange woman lifted her head and turned her covered eyes towards Ryvlull. “Is someone there?” she asked. Her voice cracked as if she’d not spoken aloud for a very long time. “Please, if someone is there let yourself be known,” she pleaded, sounding sad and confused.

“I am here,” Ryvlull said, taking few cautious steps closer. “What are you?”

The woman tilted her head, reaching a hand up to push some of her long, dirty red hair away from her face. “I am… I’m…” her voice trailed off and she furrowed her brow in confusion. “I don’t know. My memory is so cloudy. I was here for a reason, once, long ago. I was supposed to protect something or keep something from happening…”

She shifted, sitting up a bit straighter. As she did so she unfurled her feathered wings from around herself, revealing her body. Except for her wings she looked Human. She was naked and wore nothing beyond the collar around her neck.

Ryvlull barely noticed her lack of clothing. Instead, she focused on the woman’s belly. She was pregnant and by the size of her belly she was near her birthing time.

But that doesn’t make sense, Ryvlull thought. Who could have impregnated her down here? The Minotaur?

“Will you come closer?” the woman asked. “Please, I want to touch you. I cannot remember the feel of another being. I’ve been here alone for… for… for longer than I can remember.”

Ryvlull began walking towards the kneeling woman, thinking back on legends she’d read of Angels, winged beings sent to Alaria by divine powers. This woman must have been the dungeon’s final protector, the one tasked with ensuring no one opened the door to Otyx’s prison.

“Are you an Angle?” Ryvlull asked as she stepped up to the woman. She’d let her prepared spells die as this woman clearly posed no threat to her. Maybe once she might have but The Corruption had turned her into something that was weak, confused, and helpless.

“Angel,” the woman said as if testing out the word. “I… I was, once,” she finally said, her voice full of immense sadness. “But I don’t think I am anymore.” She shifted, pushing off from the ground and awkwardly rising to her feet while holding her massive belly. “Come closer. I want to hold your hand, to feel the touch of another.”

Ryvlull reached out, letting the woman take her hand. She gasped as their skin touched, the energy radiating from her skin stunning in its intensity. The Angel was flesh and blood yet she also seemed to be made of pure divine energy mixed with an equal part Corruption.

The Angle stroked Ryvlull’s hand, breathing heavily. “Have you come to free me?” she asked.

For one brief moment Ryvlull thought she’d been wrong and that the Angel was Otyx. The moment passed as soon as she remembered the collar around her neck. No, this was not Otyx, this was a guardian who had become a prisoner.

“Maybe,” Ryvlull said. “Do you want to be freed?”

The Angel cocked her head to the side, pondering the question. “I… do not know. No, no! I am not the one that needs freeing. Otyx is, it is Otyx that needs to be freed.” She began to ramble, talking fast and sounding confused and insane. “No, not freed. Otyx needs to be kept imprisoned. Right? Yes. No!”

She pulled her hands away from Ryvlull’s and turned her back to her, wrapping her arms protectively around her body. “It is so hard to think…” she whispered, her voice shaking as she began to cry. She turned and pointed her blindfolded eyes back over her shoulder. “Can you help me remember?”

“I can,” Ryvlull said, surprised by her own answer. She knew a spell that would help others remember. It was one she’d not used often as she’d always struggled to cast it. But at that moment she had no doubt she would be able to cast it with ease this time.

“Hold still and try to open your mind,” Ryvlull said as she reached her hands up and placed her fingers on the sides of the Angel’s head. Her hands began to glow, the thrumming energy shifting from her hand into the Angel’s head. With the spell cast Ryvlull took a step back, pulling away from the Angel.

“Memories,” the Angel gasped, standing up straighter and her wings unfurling. They stretched out, their full width awing Ryvlull. “Yes, I’m remembering! I was an Angel, the final guardian of Otyx’s prison! I’ve been here for ages, made immortal by the gods who made this prison for Otyx. But… But The Corruption has seeped out, changed the prison and changed me!”

She spun around and threw her arm out to point accusingly at Ryvlull. “You are Otyx’s servant, a servant of The Corruption. You come to free the god, to release them back into Alaria!”

For a moment the Angel glowed brightly, illuminating the room with pure white light. In that time the power that radiated off of her was so immense that Ryvlull had to take a few steps back, feeling like the Angel was a bonfire and standing any closer would have burned her.

And then the light and power was gone. The Angel’s arm fell to her side and her body sagged. She staggered, nearly falling over and just barely remaining on her feet.

“I was an Angel,” she said sadly. “The final guardian of Otyx’s prison. But not anymore.” She wrapped her arms around her huge belly and hugged it tightly. “Now I carry something that has snuffed out my divine light. Now I am a servant of The Corruption as well.” She turned and walked away from Ryvlull.

“Wait,” she called after her, dashing to her side. “How do I free Otyx?”

The Angel shook her head. “I don’t remember. Or maybe I never knew. All I know is that the door must be opened,” she added, pointing towards the closed doors at the far side of the room. “It is why you are here, is it not? Go to it, see if you can open it.” She then knelt on the ground, wrapping her wings around herself again.

Ryvlull walked past the Angel and began moving towards the door. The power coming off of it was suffocating. She felt the energy of the prison trying to repulse her and drive her back while The Corruption pulled her forward. It took her a few moments of struggling to reach the door, The Corruption finally winning out over the other force.

Once she stood before the doors she reached out and placed a palm on one of them. A ripple of invisible energy shot out, making her hair blow as the gust blew past her. The dungeon shook, dust falling from the ceiling. Burning magical energy kept her hand attached to the door, the dungeon still shaking around her. She tried to pull away but couldn’t.

The door began to shift, two large indentations forming before her. They grew larger and larger, their shape turning from circular to more teardrop-shaped. Only after they were fully formed was she able to pull her hand away.

“The key,” the Angel said from right behind Ryvlull, startling her.

“What did you say?” she asked, turning to face the blindfolded woman.

“You have revealed the lock. Now you must place the key in it.”

Ryvlull turned back around, looking at the two huge indentations. What key would fit inside them? They were both nearly as big as she was. She looked down at herself. “They are each as big as my breasts!”

She blinked. She looked from her breasts to the huge hollow shapes before her. It was so simple now that she saw it! SHE was the key or at least her breasts were.

Once she understood she began doing what had to be done. She bent over, wrapping her arms around her massive breasts and hefting them up than stepping forward and letting go as they fell into the indentations. She stepped closer, pressing her body up against the door till every inch of her breasts were inside the indentations, revealing that her breasts fit perfectly in the lock.

At first nothing happened. The dungeon had stopped shaking and there was only silence. Then she felt the same burning she’d felt on her hand, only now she felt it on every inch of her breasts. The intense burning magical power hurt at first, causing her to scream out, but a moment later the pain melted into intense pleasure. Her scream turned to a shuddering moan of delight as her body shot towards climax.

The moment she began to cum the door started to open. As it split open she felt her breasts being pressed out of the alcoves they rested in, the “keyholes” closing slowly and pressing her tits out. The world around her spun as conflicting magical energies met, the power of the prison putting forth one last failing attempt to keep Otyx’s prison sealed.

She stumbled back, still riding the waves of her orgasm. Arms radiating power caught her, helping her stay on her feet.

Ryvlull blinked, the world coming back into focus. The door was open and the Angel stood beside her, one arm wrapped around her body to keep her on her feet.

“I did it,” Ryvlull gasped as her orgasm faded. “Otyx is free.”

“I do not think it is that simple,” the Angel said, pointing into the revealed room.

A large room that was clearly at one time a temple lay before her. Once it must have been a resplendent, beautiful sight to behold. Now it was a crumbling, rotted ruin. The stone walls looked to be falling apart from age and parts of the floor were missing, revealing a dark cavern beneath them. The air coming from the room was cold, so cold that her breath steamed as she breathed.

Together she and the Angel began to enter the decrepit temple, the metal chain attached to the Angel’s collar dragging on noisily on the ground behind her. Both their eyes were focused on the far end of the room where a huge spiraling collection of glowing stones glimmered faintly, frost floating away from them. The dim light coming from the stones illuminated the back of a small throne, leaving the front in shadow.

Someone, or something, was sitting on the throne. The figure looked to be slumped over at an odd angle. As they slowly drew closer they could see that the figure was not sleeping, it was dead. They could make out bones covered in armor and robes so rotted it was impossible to tell what they once were.

“Is this Otyx?” Ryvlull asked, staring at the figure. Her eyes were telling her it was dead but her magical senses said otherwise. Power radiated from it, dim and hard to feel but there none the less.

She looked to the Angel for an answer but the woman shook her head and muttered, “I know not.”

It can’t be Otyx, Ryvlull thought. I can’t have come all this way, endured all I’ve endured only to find that the god is dead!

Suddenly the skeletal figure began to crumble. Both Ryvlull and the Angel gasped, taking a step back and watching in horror as the bones turned to dust and then the remains of the clothing the figure had been wearing turned to dust as well.

Before Ryvlull could say anything the Angel grabbed her arm, squeezing painfully tight and groaning in anguish. “My labor pains have begun,” she said through gritted teeth, holding her huge belly with one hand.

Ryvlull wrapped an arm around the women to support her. “Now?” she asked, looking at the throne as a sudden gust of wind blew the dust away.

“Yes,” the Angel said then groaned in pain again. “It is Otyx. He is being reborn. Please, help me through this and I’ll be forever in your debt.”

Ryvlull helped the Angel to the floor. The dungeon around them began to shake again, the winds of magic she felt blowing through the room turning into a violent gust. She knew at once the Angel was right: she was about witness the rebirth of a god.

She had freed Otyx but her divine mission was far from over. Whatever form the god took when it came out of the Angel she knew that it would be her duty to protect the reborn deity till it was ready to re-ascend to its godhood.


Some Years Later


Ryvlull stood outside the small cabin her, the Angel, and the reborn Otyx had spent the last few years living in, thinking about their time together. They had built the cabin up on the hill near where the dungeon lay hidden, allowing them to look down on the ruins that hid it as well as the beautiful vista of the large lake and the majestic snow-covered mountains that lay on the other side.

They had lived a simple life, living off the land and aided by her magic but Ryvlull sensed things were changing.

The Angel, who now went by the name of Eiael, had changed much since she had “birthed” the queer boy they called Otyx. She’d remained plump after the pregnancy, the feathers of her wings turning first gray over time then jet black.

She still wore the blindfold over her eyes and Ryvlull had never seen her take it off. There were times when the fallen Angel seemed to be completely blind while at other times she seemed to have sight that could see everything near her, even though walls.

Eiael never spoke of the “birth”. Ryvlull suspected that, like her, she had no memory of the event. She remembered the skeletal figure crumbling and recalled Eiael going into labor but after that she remembered nothing till the three had established themselves in the cabin. Otyx’s rebirth was not a physical thing and he had spent no time as a child. He had been as he now was: seeming to be a youth who had just come into his manhood. He was strange and powerful but not a God, not yet, at least.

No one seeing him for the first time would mistake him for being a “natural” being. His skin was a sickly gray color and his strange eyes glowed orange. He had a thin, wiry build that left him looking scrawny and at times malnourished. Long sharp horns sprouted from his forehead and his ears were pointed. But most noticeable were the large black feathered wings that sprouted from his back.

Ryvlull had used her magic to make him white robes that had wrapped around his body in a way that left his wings exposed. He’d thanked her for the clothing but he’d torn the top half of the robes off, fashioning the garment into a long skirt that had instantly turned black.

He had not consciously changed the color of the fabric, Ryvlull would have felt the magic at work. No, he did not use magic the way she did. Things simply changed around him, seemingly bending to his will. It happened most often without him noticing but as the years had passed he’d seemed to gain some control over the world-shaping ability.

When Eiael’s mood was dark his use of this power would terrify the Angel. When her mood was better she’d stay close to him, encouraging him to practice wielding and controlling the power.

Ryvlull did the same. Her devotion to the reborn god had only grown over the years. She was his protector as well as his most loyal servant. Eiael’s purpose was less clear and seemed to change with her mood.

Their life had been simple together so far, peaceful even. But that was all about the change. Ryvlull could sense it. Eiael could sense it. The only one who seemed not to be aware of it was Otyx…


* * *


Ryvlull smiled and moaned happily as the feel of Eiael’s hand slowly caressing her side woke her from sleep. The Angel moved in closer to Ryvlull, pressing her huge breasts up against the Night Elf’s bare back.

“Good morning, my dearest,” she whispered into Ryvlull’s ear.

“Any morning I get to wake to the feel of you next to me in bed is a good morning,” Ryvlull replied with her eyes still closed.

“Let’s make it an even better morning,” Eiael replied, placing a hand on the side of Ryvlull’s bare ass then gently running it up her side. Her hand shifted, wrapping around her body to find Ryvlull’s massive blue breasts. Eiael began caressing them, slowly tickling her partner’s sensitive flesh with the tips of her fingers.

When Eiael’s fingers reached one of Ryvlull’s nipples the Night Elf moaned and pressed back into Eiael, rolling over slightly. Eiael took the hint and kept her fingers focused on Ryvlull’s nipple. She ran her fingertips in circles around her areolas, waiting for them to pebble in response. Then, continuing to move her fingers in circles, slowly moved in closer to the nub of her nipple.

It was already hard when her fingers reach it. She gentle pinched it then rolled it between her fingertips. Ryvlull moaned softly in pleasure. Eiael nuzzled her face into Ryvlull’s neck, continuing to play gently with her nipple.

Ryvlull rolled over a bit more till she was laying flat on her back. One of her hands began to snake down the Angel’s body, her fingers tracing the rises and falls of the woman’s naked body. As her hand moved ever southward she turned and kissed Eiael. Their kisses were soft at first but the longer their lips remained in contact the more passionate and sloppy they become.

The moment Ryvlull’s hand found Eiael’s pussy the Angel moaned and rolled over, spreading her legs wide open for her partner. Ryvlull’s nimble blue fingers caressed and rubbed at her sex, her fingertips eventually easing into her partner’s moist folds.

Eiael shifted, lifting her body slightly to tuck her wings under her then laying on her back as well. Her hand left Ryvlull’s nipple and quickly moved down her partner’s body. Ryvlull spread her legs open in anticipation, wrapping a leg around one of Eiael’s.

Soon both women lay side by side, legs intertwined as they fingered each other. They turned their heads and leaned in so they could keep kissing. They moaned and wiggled as their fingers worked each other’s pussies with the practiced skill of years spent together.

“Cum with me,” Ryvlull gasped, pulling her mouth away from Eiael’s for just long enough to say the three words.

She plunged her fingers deep into Eiael’s sopping wet hole, curling them up to rake the insides of her pussy. The Angel moaned and arched her back, beginning to cum at the same time Ryvlull did.

They fingered each other and kissed passionately as they each rode the waves of sexual climax. As their orgasms began to fade they slipped their fingers out of each other, turning and rising onto their knees. Ryvlull had to get up higher on her knees than Eiael as both their breasts were so large that pressed together they would not be able to kiss. Once Ryvlull’s massive breasts rested on the top of the Angel’s equally massive breasts she leaned down and licked Eiael’s face before kissing her again.

Eiael reached around her partner’s body and grabbed her small, firm ass cheeks. She groped them, digging her nails into their blue flesh. Ryvlull hissed in pain and delight, pulling her mouth away from Eiael’s for just a moment. “I love you so much,” she said before leaning back in and jamming her tongue into her partner’s mouth.

“I love you too,” Eiael said between passionate, sloppy kisses. She stretched her wings out then wrapped them around Ryvlull’s body, pulling her in closer.

“Our little hiding place,” Ryvlull whispered as they kissed in the privacy provided by the Angel’s wings wrapped around them. They kissed one final time before Eiael unfurled her wings. They pulled apart, each moving to the opposite side of their bed.

“That was lovely,” Eiael said happily. “But now it is time for our morning prayers.”

As they rose from the bed Ryvlull looked at Eiael, smiling. “You look as excited as I feel.”

Eiael nodded. “I look forward to the morning prayers as much as I look forward to waking up next to you. I need both but each plays a very different part in my heart.”

As they left their bedroom they held hands. “As with most things, we are of the same thought.” She stopped, holding Eiael’s hand tightly and holding her back. “But tell me, have you had a sense of change coming?”

The Angel furrowed her brow. “Yes,” she said bluntly, “but Otyx hasn’t. Why bring this up now?”

Ryvlull shrugged. “Things can’t go on like this forever. If he ever wishes to attain proper godhood again he’ll need more than just the two of us praying to him. Perhaps we need to work harder to make him see that.”

“Perhaps,” Eiael replied, “but now is not the time. Come, he’ll be expecting us.”

They opened the door into Otyx’s room and saw the youth lying in bed, still sleeping. He was naked and on his back, his black wings under his body. He never used a blanket when he slept for he never seemed to feel the cold or heat of the world.

The two women stood for a moment, staring at the slumbering boy. As always they felt his presence as soon as they saw him, felt the power within in radiating out into the world near his body. It made both of their hearts swell with devotion.

Together they turned to face each other and bowed, touching their heads together and mutter the words to a prayer. “May Otyx bless us. May he enlarge our life, our spirits, and the pleasure we seek.” No one had taught them the words. They had never discussed them. The words simply felt natural and correct.

With their spoken prayer finished they turned and climbed up onto the bed. Otyx shifted, moaning slightly as their presence on the bed disturbed his sleep. They’d done this nearly every morning since beginning their lives together in the small cabin. They knew before he woke they’d need to wake his manhood.

They took up positions on either side of him, each leaning in and resting their breasts on one of his legs. They then leaned in close to his manhood, staring at it with religious reverence. They moved their faces closer to it, breathing heavily on it. They stared as it began to swell, growing thicker, feeling his spiritual presence swell as his manhood swelled.

“I do love the look on your faces when you savor the moments spent with your god,” Otyx said sleepily as he opened his eyes and watched them watching his cock grow hard. “Show it your devotion, begin the proper prayer.”

Both women moved their faces closer to his swelling manhood, opening their mouths. Ryvlull licked his cockhead then sucked it into her mouth while Eiael began licking his shaft, their heads awkwardly close.

His cock swelled in response. It grew larger, not just from the swelling of blood into it as it hardened but by Otyx’s will. He seemed to have total control over the size of his cock and enjoyed slowly growing its size as they prayed to it with their mouths. It was soon so large that the two women had little trouble working it with their mouths at the same time. Ryvlull was busy sucking on his cockhead while Eiael had her lips suctioned to the side of his shaft and was sucking and slurping along much of its length.

Otyx moaned, arching his back slightly. “Yes, just like that,” he told the two women, reaching down and running his hand through their hair. He moaned louder, shivering in delight. It was not just from the physical pleasure he moaned. As they worshiped his cock their faith flowed into him. The power he radiated grew more intense and the orange glow in his eyes grew brighter.

He grabbed their hair and pulled them away from his cock, willing it to suddenly double in size. “With your tits now,” he growled, the lust their mouths had awoken in him making him greedily eager for more.

They shifted and grabbed their huge breasts. Ryvlull grabbed the base of Otyx’s cock and pointed it up. They then both pressed their breasts together around his cock till it disappeared between their oversized tit-flesh.

Otyx moaned happily and made his cock grow larger till the cockhead pocked out between the two pairs of breasts pressed together around him.

The two women grabbed their breasts and pressed them tightly around his enlarged cock. Otyx began moving his hips, thrusting his cock up between the two pairs of tits. The saliva they had left on it provided plenty of lubrication as he began fucking both their tits.

Their breasts were both unnaturally sensitive. They were soon moaning louder than Otyx was, enjoying him fucking both their tits with immense joy. The pleasure swelled in them and they both began to rise towards climax.

“May Otyx bless us,” Ryvlull moaned as she watched the gray flesh of Otyx’s cockhead pop out from between her and Eiael’s breasts.

“May he enlarge our life,” Eiael added, pressing her breasts tighter around his thrusting cock.

“May he enlarge our spirits,” they both moaned in unison as they began to cum, “and the pleasure we seek!”

The leaned in as they came kissing passionately over their breasts. Otyx grunted, thrusting his cock up through their breasts one last time and joining them in orgasm. Cum exploded from his cockhead, shooting up and spraying all over the women’s chins. It quickly dripped back down, gathering in a growing pool around his cock and between their four breasts.

“Very good, my loyal worshipers,” Otyx told them, sighing in post-orgasmic bliss. “You’ve done an exceptional job today. I think I shall reward you.”

The two women pulled apart, sticky cum dripping from their chins and their breasts.

“Which of us shall receive your blessing first?” Ryvlull asked.

Otyx looked from one woman to the other. Ryvlull was visibly eager and excited while Eiael looked apprehensive and turned away from his gaze when he looked to her.

“Eiael shall be the first to receive her reward,” Otyx said as he got up from the bed. He held his still hard cock in one hand, stroking it lightly and using the cum dripping from it as lube.

Ryvlull slid off the bed and stood nearby, impatiently waiting for her turn. Meanwhile, Eiael got up on all fours then repositioned herself so that her ass was above the edge of the bed. Once in position she stretched her wings out slightly, pressing them down onto the bed so that they would not get in Otyx’s way.

Her expression was still one of apprehension. Ryvlull watched her lover’s face, wishing it didn’t have to be this way every time Otyx bestowed his blessing on them. Eiael was happy to worship Otyx with her mouth and hands and breasts, but when it came time to let him enter her with his manhood she always came close to telling him ‘no’. So far she never had, but Ryvlull always worried this would be the time and worried what Otyx’s response would be.

Otyx was caressing the Angel’s pussy, rubbing his fingers up and down through her fleshy folds. Eiael looked at first repulsed by the fingers on her most intimate place but as the moments passed her expression lightened and her cheeks began to blush. The skill of the youth’s hands was undeniable.

All signs of unhappiness disappeared from Eiael the moment Otyx entered her. At first as he began slowly fucking her, standing at the edge of the bed and keeping tight hold of her curvaceous back end, her expression was one devoid of all emotion. Before long, however, the woman began to warm to the feel of her god’s cock inside of her.

Ryvlull watched as Eiael arched her back, pulling her head up as high as she could. Although it couldn’t be seen, thanks to her wings pressed down on the bed on either side of her, Ryvlull knew that Eiael had done this so that her huge breasts could move more freely below her. As Otyx fucked her harder and harder her breasts would swing and jiggle more, a sensation Eiael enjoyed immensely especially when their motion made them rub against the sheets of the bed.

Once Eiael began to moan in pleasure her features became more animated. The closer she got to climax the more like herself she seemed.

Ryvlull could tell they were both nearing their climax. It was always like that with him, cumming together. Ryvlull didn’t know why it was that way but she suspected it was thanks to Otyx’s control of the world around him.

Otyx growled with carnal hunger, bending over Eiael’s body and grabbing her wrists. He pulled them back, lifting her body higher off the bed as he pounded her harder. She let out deep gasps of pleasure every time he slammed into her back end, her eyes rolling up into her head as she began to cum. Otyx joined her and together they moaned in the ecstasy of sexual release.

As Otyx let go of Eiael and pulled out of her he smirked at the sight and of his seed flowing out of her pussy. “My blessing has been bestowed upon you, Eiael the faithful.”

The Angel rolled off the bed, wrapping her black feathered wings around her as she stood. Once on her feet she unfurled her wings from around her body and stretched them wide. She glowed with renewed vibrancy and began to float a few inches of the ground. Otyx’s blessing had infused her with power that would take a full day to dull.

It was Ryvlull’s turn now. Otyx sat on the edge of the bed, leaning back and nodding for the Night Elf to come to him. Eagerly she moved to him, climbing up onto his lap and straddling his body with her legs. She lowered herself onto his hard shaft, shuddering in pleasure as it entered her. Ryvlull sat in his lap facing him, wrapping her arms around his small frame and pressing her huge blue breasts into his naked chest. She held him tight and started bouncing her ass up and down, working his cock with her pussy.

Otyx willed his dick to grow thicker inside of her, pushing it to the limit of what Ryvlull’s body could handle. She let out a long shuddering moan of overwhelmed pleasure, holding him tighter as she fucked him. He reached around her body and slapped her ass then grabbed hold of it, helping lift her body every time she bounced up his cock.

By the time she neared climax she was almost in tears from the pleasure she felt. She was shaking, holding off as long as she could before she came.

“With me,” Otyx whispered to her. Together they came, Ryvlull slamming her pussy down his cock one last time and clenching her cunt tightly around it. She reveled in the feel of his manhood pulsing, in the pressure of his seed shooting into her and feeling the little space remaining around his overgrown cock filling almost instantly with cum.

“My blessing has been bestowed upon you,” He said with a satisfied sigh.

Ryvlull was exhausted. She rolled off of him and collapsed on the bed beside him, grinning with contented bliss. She too now glowed with renewed vibrancy and when she opened her eyes they shimmered with bright orange light. The winds of magic came flowing into her till the magical might within her was almost bursting.

Both women felt renewed. The sense of change still hung about them but now they felt confident they would be able to face whatever was coming their way with the power of their god within them.



* * *


The breakfast the three ate was simple but enjoyable, as it had been every day since they had begun their secluded life together. The three ate in silence, both women thinking about the fact this meal would be their last in their cabin.

“Our time in the wilderness is over,” Otyx had declared. “We will leave this place today. I need to be near more people. I need new worshipers.”

And just like that their peaceful life was over.

After the meal was finished the two women did what they could to prepare themselves for the journey out of the wilds.

The first thing they needed to take care of was their lack of clothing: the three couldn’t simply walk into a village nude. Neither woman had worn clothing since leaving the dungeon, something they knew had to change so Ryvlull used her magic to form clothing for the three of them.

Forming the clothing was easy, hiding their physical peculiarities was not. There would be no way to hide Otyx and Eiael’s wings, they were just too large. Fashioning some kind of cloak to cover them seemed like a useless effort, for the unknown bulk would draw just as much attention as the exposed wings. Ryvlull ended up fashioning their tops so that the back was open, allowing their wings total freedom.

The next challenge was the two women’s breasts. Their size was unmistakably unnatural and magical in nature: any normal woman would have struggled to even stand with breasts that big and heavy. Through Otyx’s blessing the two were able to stand as if that weight didn’t exist, but this would only make the magical nature of their breasts more obvious.

Eventually, Ryvlull simply accepted there would be no hiding their breasts. She also discovered, after donning her first attempt at clothing for them, that both she and Eiael felt immensely uncomfortable when their breasts were covered up in any way. She altered their outfits so that their clothing left as much cleavage visible as she thought they could get away with.

With their outfits made and their meager supplies gathered the trio said goodbye to their home and left its steps, aware that they would probably never return.


* * *


They had followed the road Ryvlull had taken to get to the dungeon, going back the way she’d come all those years ago. There were larger settlements far down the road but before they reached any of those there would be a few inns spread about a day’s distance apart on horse. On foot it would take them a few days of travel to go between the inns but luckily the nearest was close enough for them to reach that day.

Darkness had already fallen by the time they reached it. The inn was not large or fancy but it was busy. As they stood outside watching from a distance they could hear the voices of those in the common room; boisterous laughter and muffled conversation.

“I haven’t been around this many people since I left to enter the dungeon,” Ryvlull said, her voice shaking.

“I’ve never met anyone other than you too,” Eiael added, sounding afraid.

Ryvlull turned to her and saw the fear on her lover’s face. Have I ever seen her show fear before?

“Neither have I,” Otyx said, his voice perfectly calm. “But I am eager to change that. Come, we will enter now.”

He started to take the lead but Ryvlull reached out and gently placed a hand on his shoulder. “You should let me lead,” she told him. “We want to seem as normal as possible…”

Then, with Ryvlull in the lead the three moved to enter the front door of the inn.



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