Notable Monsters of Alaria

“Monster” can be a very loaded term amongst scholars. But this guide is not for them, this guide is for the average denizen of Alaria who wants practical information and not lengthy arguments on terminology. I think anyone holding this guide in their hand will have a simple gut reaction to the word “monster”. You, like most, will not be able to define what that word means but you’ll know a monster when you see one.


Few species are as feared as the dreaded Grangdrag, especially by women. Grangdrags are an all-male species of troll-like monsters. They are hulking monstrosities that stand on average ten feet tall and have dark green leathery flesh along with a thick mane of green hair that extends down their back.

They have large tusks that jut forward out of their bestial faces, something they will use with ferocity to attack other creatures or males of other races. Their hides are tough, hard to penetrate both by mundane blades and magical means. Because of this, a single Grangdrag can pose a deadly threat to even a seasoned party of adventurers.

But it is not their prowess in combat that makes them so feared. As an all-male race they need the females of other species to breed and they will ONLY target females of the Greater species. This insatiable sexual hunger to breed is made even more terrifying by the size of their monstrous sexual organ.

Perhaps as dangerous as their overwhelming physical strength are the potent, fragrant pheromones they exude. These do not affect males but will leave women disoriented and aroused. At first it is often a subtle thing they won’t notice, but as it builds up over prolonged exposure it can leave even the strongest-willed women a Grangdrag’s “willing” sexual slave.

They are always exuding a low level of these pheromones and their den and the areas around it will have this odor soaked into it. The Grangdrag can pump their pheromone production into overdrive, hitting potential victims with waves of them. They can also expel a thick dose of the pheromones in a urine-like fluid they will piss on women who refuse to submit to them.

Although considered by all to be a monster, Grangdrags do have limited “higher” intelligence and are capable of simple speech. How smart any specific Grangdrag is varies wildly and some will be little more than grunting beasts while others will seem almost like they can be reasoned with. They cannot, but will often pretend to negotiate to give their pheromones time to work on women.

Grangdrags almost always remain solitary and avoid interaction with other members of their race. They like to make simple homes in caves far enough away from civilization to not be bothered but close enough that women will stumble upon them. They can use simple tools and comforts they steal from victims they have killed, but their race does not create such things on their own.

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