Never Underestimate a Wizard

The party at the Chevalier estate was in full swing. It was the event of the season, every noble house of worth had members in attendance and countless other people of means were present. Nearly every person of importance outside the Capatian royal family was there.

They were all dressed in their finest, the men in the well tailored suits that were currently in fashion for their sex. The suits were all well made and pleasant to behold but none were flashy. In Capatia it was the women that were in charge of society and every man knew it was not his place to outshine the better sex. Because of this the men were all dressed in similar fashion, non standing out much from others.

But the women, their outfits were as varied as they were eye catching. Capatians (at least the highborn ones) all had bright red hair thus red had always been the dominant color in Capatian society. Nearly every woman present was dressed in red, the lunge of the mansion a sea of red clad women.

Their varied dresses and gowns all had one other thing in common: all of the women’s cleavage was prominently displayed. Capatian women all had breasts so large they put any other race of Human’s to shame, so over large and heavy that to most eyes they looked unnaturally big. Capatian women carried their heavy breasts with pride, displaying ample cleavage whenever they could. They viewed their breasts as a sign of their natural feminine might, an emblem of how they sat atop their society with the flat-chested men on the bottom.

The High Captians with their red hair and large breasts were not the only natives to this land. There were Low Capatians, although none were of noble standing and even the women of these low born people tended to fill jobs the High Capatians viewed as below their standing.

The few Low Capatians in the room were easy to spot, their average body shape the opposite of the High Capatians. Whereas the high born were tall with thick curvy feminine bodies or bulky muscular male builds the low born tended to be short with small, narrow frames regardless of their sex. Instead of bright red hair they all had jet black locks. But most shameful (at least to the High Captains) was the fact that the Low Capatian women were all small breasted, most totally flat. They mockingly said Low Capatian women’s small breasts were so inferior they were equal to men.

Emilee Notleigh was low born, unmistakably a Low Capatian. She had a narrow, twig thin body and stood nearly a foot lower than the nobles filling the elegantly decorated lounge. She had the well muscled body of a dancer, with small breasts barely big enough to notice. Still, she tried. She lived in a society where one’s standing could be judged instantly by breast size. So the dark haired woman wore a tight leather outfit that hugged her small breasts and pushed them up as much as possible.

Growing up she had hated her small frame, yearning to have the thick curves all the highborns seemed to be blessed with. But as she had grown into full womanhood she had embraced her lithe body and now dressed in clothing that left much of it revealed. Her top barely covered her breasts, ending just below them to leave her midriff fully exposed. The top had padded leather sleeves built into it, heavy bracers wrapped around her forearms. She was, after all, a hired guard. She could show her body off but she’d need some protection should blades be drawn. And she was fast, able to block incoming blows with her reinforced bracers.

Her narrow hips were wrapped in leather belts, two long blades that were somewhere between daggers and swords on each hip. Between the four blades she’d always be armed, even if she should need to throw one or even two of them as part of an attack. Below the belts was a small red skirt that barely covered her privates. If not for the red and black striped leggings she wore underneath bending over would have given everyone a free show.

As Emilee stalked the edge of the room she kept her hands on the handles of two of the larger blades, ready to leap into action. It wasn’t often that an attack happened during a party such as this but it wasn’t unheard of. The Chevalier family was a noble house on the rise. Their influence seemed to grow with every week. The eldest daughter of the family had even been recently dispatched out into the untamed frontier at the empire’s border to help spread the borders of Capatia.

Such growth of power and influence always brought jealousy and frequently came at the cost of some other noble family’s established power. An assassination wasn’t out of the question, although some plot to ruin the party and cause the family embarrassment was far more likely.

Eyes looked her way as she walked the edge of the room. Large breasted High Capatian women whose eyes immediately darted to Emilee’s small breasts. The reaction was always the same: instant dismissal and disinterest. With breasts so small she couldn’t be of any importance and thus wasn’t worth acknowledging. They’d look away, the armed woman soon forgotten.

The looks from the men were different. Many looked away when they saw how small her breasts were, but not all of them. Emilee was in her early 30’s and wore her age well. She had grown into her beauty and was far more pleasing to the eye now then she had been ten years ago. She had pretty, narrow, pointed facial features that went well with her thin well muscled body. Her neck was long and she wore a black leather choker around it that she knew added to her appeal. Her jet black hair was long, hanging down past her shoulders as it framed her face and she wore dark eye makeup to help add to her dark beauty.

Yes, many of the noblemen’s eyes lingered longer on her and she knew why. It wasn’t just that she was pretty, no, it was because as a Low Capatian she’d be more likely to spread her legs for them. The thought made her chuckle. She disdained the High Capatians and had vowed to never let one of their men get between her legs. She knew as the party dragged on and the noblemen got more drunk they’d begin to do more than just look but that didn’t concern her. She’d dealt with it before and her blades would put a quick end to any wandering hands that might try to reach up her very short skirt.

Emilee tensed, her hands tightening on the handles of her blades. There was a sudden commotion from the doorway into the lounge and she turned to see what was causing it, ready to dash across the room. As soon as she saw the figure stumbling into the room she eased up. Many were laughing at the comically dressed man that had just bumbled in and she couldn’t help but joined in with them.

The man was tall and thin and moved as if he had never adjusted to his lanky limbs. He was dressed in a reddish-brown outfit that had a blue vest that extended all the way down to the floor. It was a strange article of clothing that was made to imitate a wizard’s robes while technically fitting in with the current fashions. The thing led to many giggles and its owner tended to get tabled in the long robe like cloth and frequently tripped over it.

Garin Chevalier had stumbled into the lounge, falling flat on the ground. Everyone laughed as the awkward young man tumbled to the floor, the large floppy wide brimmed wizard’s hat he wore falling of his head. He had been carrying a large tome in one hand and his gnarled wizard’s staff in the other. Both objects fell with him, making more noise as they landed and drawing even more eyes to him. He also wore a number of satchels and many of them fell open, spell and potion components falling out all around him. He scrambled up onto his knees, apologizing to the laughing crowd around him as he tried to shove things back into his bags.

“Can you believe they allow that buffoon to not just live in the estate but to show his face at parties like this?” one of the nobles near Emilee said.

“Oh, I believe it. The Chevaliers know how pathetic young Garin is. The most awkward, useless wizard in all of Capatia. I hear that they encourage him to come to these parties knowing he’s too dumb to understand they all hate him as much as we do. They like seeing him mocked, it’s how he earns his keep as a member of the family.”

Emilee rolled her eyes. Nobles could be so cruel, she thought and suddenly felt guilty for laughing at the boy. She quickly pushed her way across the room and knelt down beside the awkward wizard. “Here, let me help you,” she said, picking up some of the contents that had spilled from his bags and handing them back.

“Thank you,” he said, averting his eyes and blushing.

Emilee knew the foolish young man wasn’t used to people being nice to him. He was comically awkward and well known to be an incompetent wizard, yet it always surprised her that so few bothered talking to him unless it was to mock him.

He was incredibly thin for a High Capatian, lacking any sign of muscle on his long limbs, but he was far from unattractive. His face had an innocent sweetness to it and she liked his well groomed red beard. Surely other noble women could see he was pleasing to look at? And even if he was a joke he belongs to an influential family. Surely some lesser house would think to gain influence by marrying a daughter to him. Yet no highborn woman seemed to want him.

She handed him a few bundles of dried herbs then reached for an ornate stone box with a glowing red gem set into the lid. Garin’s hand shot out and he grabbed the box before she could touch it. “Don’t!” he barked, pulling the box back.

Emilee shot him an angry look. “I was just trying to help,” she said, starting to stand up and feeling angry he’d talk so rudely to the only woman in the room willing to come to his aid. Wrongly she assumed it was because she was a Low Capatian.

He reached up and grabbed her wrist, stopping her from pulling away. “I’m sorry,” he said quickly, blushing ever more intensely. “It’s just… I’m not used to people being nice to me. And this,” he added, tapping the stone box before pushing into one of his satchels, “is a powerful magical artifact I just bought at the bazaar from a travelling merchant. I’m the only one that’s supposed to touch it till it’s activated.”

Emilee helped him gather up the rest of his possessions then helped the awkward wizard up onto his feet. “What’s it do?” she asked, pointing to the bag that held the stone box.

“Ah,” he said, holding the large tome to his chest and gripping his staff tightly as if requiring comfort to keep the courage to keep speaking to her. “Actually, it’s a game. From before The Great Collapse, a card game of chance and skill.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Oh? What’s so magical about it?”

“Well… I’m not actually sure,” he said with an embarrassed smile. “They are very rare and the magic is very powerful but I don’t know much about it past that. I haven’t actually convinced anyone to try playing with me.” He looked around, seeing his family and their peers all looking at him and chuckling derisively. “You know how it is.” He shrugged, a sign of resigned acceptance of his life.

Garin Chevalier looked so pathetic. Like a wet, lost dog out in the rain. Emilee was filled with pity in that moment and wanted to help brightened this young man’s day.

She quickly looked around the room. There was no sign of trouble and there were other guards patrolling the edge of the party. Impulsively she reached out and tucked her arm through his elbow, pulling him to walk with her. “I’ll play the game with you,” she said, giving him a kind smile.

“Really?” he asked, sounding skeptical. “Here? Where people can see you?”

“Here,” she said firmly. “I don’t care who sees me. I work for your family, remember? I’m just doing my job, sticking close to guard your body.”

He flashed a surprisingly charming but awkward grin at her. “Wow… okay, thanks! Look, there’s a table over there no one is sitting at.”

The two moved towards the table, some watching and muttering as they passed. Garin bent his head down, hiding in the shadow of his hat’s oversized brim. “They are already gossiping about us.”

“I don’t care,” Emilee replied, her head held high. “They all think you’re a joke and I’m a Low Capatian so they think I’m trash. Who cares if they gossip about us walking and talking together? None of them could care any less about us even should we strip and fornicate right here in the middle of the room.”

He turned and looked at her, blinking. “You ARE a Low Capatian! I hadn’t even noticed.” Then his brows furrowed and he seemed to process the rest of what she said, blushing and looking away. “I’d never…” he muttered.

She smiled. He might be an awkward fool but he was the first High Capatian who had seen her as a Human first and not just a Low Capatian. It made her feel momentary affection for him even though he was a noble.

Once they got to the table he placed his staff, tome, and most of his satchels in a pile on the floor beside him. As they each sat on opposite sides of the table he pulled the stone box out and sat it on the table between them. “Alright,” he said, “like I said, I’ve haven’t gotten to play it yet.” He opened the box to reveal a deck of cards with two clear crystals on either side.

Taking the deck out he put it in the center of the table and flipped one over, showing her that the face of the card was blank. “The text doesn’t show up till the game starts and a card is drawn. When we start these crystals will fill with energy. We get to play one card a turn and the point is to drain the energy from your opponent’s crystal. I guess the cards will help us do that?”

She nodded. “Okay, sounds… uh, fun.” The fact was she didn’t really have any interest in the playing the game. She just felt sorry for Garin and wanted to give him a little joy before the party goers mocked him more. She’d seen him running out of parties like this in tears to many times to count and wanted to give the young man one nice evening.

“Right,” he said, pulling the crystals out and placing one in front of each of them. “To get the game to start we have to touch the crystals and state we are entering the game willingly. Once the game starts we will be magically compelled to finish it. Like I said, it’s REALLY old and REALLY powerful. I will bind us here till we complete the game.”

“Alright,” Emilee said, wondering why the ancients had put so much power into a simple card game. She reached out and put a finger on the transparent crystal and could feel the power held in the item. For just a moment she felt apprehension and wanted to pull her hand back. But it was just a game, what could possible go wrong? “I, Emilee Notleigh, enter into this game knowingly and of my own free will,” she declared

“Yes! Just like that,” Garin said, touching his crystal and saying something similar.

There was a flash of light that temporarily blinded both of them and made many of the party goers gasp in surprise. When Emilee’s vision returned to her she saw that the crystals were no longer resting on the table. Each floated beside her and Garin, their insides full of bubbling, glowing red energy.

“Cool,” she muttered and shifted in her seat to look more closely at the floating crystal. She yelped in alarm and looked down. There was an ethereal chain made of red energy connecting her ankle to the table. She leaned down and looked under the table and saw another one connected to Garin’s ankle. “Damn… we really are bound to the game,” she muttered, looking up at her opponent with concern on her face.

“I told you we couldn’t stop once we began,” he said, shaking his chain with his foot. “Although I didn’t think we’d be so literally bound to the table.”

“Alright,” Emilee said, a little nervous. “But now what?”

Before Garin could answer her the cards in the deck in the center of the table started shuffle themselves then some float up, five cards being dealt to each player. They both picked their cards up and looked amazed as text started appearing on the cards.

“Who goes first?” Emilee asked. In response a card floated up from the deck and into her hand. “Oh,” she replied with an amused laugh. “I suppose I do.” The magic of the deck seemed playful and she started to calm down, thinking she might even enjoy this.

She read her cards, smiling. Their text was all easy to read and self explanatory. She chose one out and put it face up on the table. “Take that!” she said with a playful laugh. The card glowed and some of the red energy in Garin’s crystal was siphoned out. A moment later the text on the card disappeared and the blank card floated over next to the deck, beginning a discard pile. “Your turn,” she said with a smile and an eager look, happy to be playing something so magical and yet simple and fun.

A card floated up from the deck into Garin’s hand. He started reading his cards and his eyes got bigger and bigger. “Oh my,” he said, looking at his cards in shock. He put his cards face down on the table and stood, grabbing his chained leg and pulling on it. The chain around his ankle tightened and he was slammed back down into his seat. There were some people standing nearby and they laughed at the gangly young man being magically pulled back into his chair.

“What are you doing?” Emilee asked, confused. “Don’t you want to play anymore?”

He looked from her to his cards and back again with a frantic, afraid look on his face. He began to babble nervously. “Well, um… You see— The cards! But I can’t. You’ll— And people are watching!”

Emilee shook her head. “Just take your turn, Garin.” She was starting to regret her choice once more. The boy was just so awkward, even playing a simple card game seemed to be beyond him.

Garin finally picked his cards back up and read over them again. He looked nervous and sweat was pouring down his brow. He glanced up but not to Emilee, instead he looked at the stone box the game had been stored in. “I have to play one of these cards, don’t I? And they are all going to be like this?”

Emilee watched, her head cocked to the side. Was he mad as well as awkward? He seemed to be listening to the box as if it was answering him. “What are you listening to?”

“What?” he said, startled. “Oh. Right, you’re not a magic user. You can’t hear it, can you? Hear the magic in the artifact speaking to me?”

“No,” she said, looking concerned. Her first instinct was to think that he really was crazy but then she thought back on what she knew about magic. It was everywhere in Alaria and the different magic users were able to tap into, control, and see the various kinds of magic. Perhaps Garin really could hear what the magic item was saying.

He looked at her, his cheeks burning red. “I’m really sorry,” he said, starting to pull a card from his hand. “This is the least bad card I have. I’m afraid… Well, maybe this game isn’t what I thought it was.”

“I don’t understand,” Emilee said.

“You will,” Garin said, looking at her with pity on his face as he placed the card down on the table. “I really am sorry.”

Slowly Garin put the card down on the table, face up. Still looking confused Emilee looked at the card, reaching out and turning it around so she could read the text more easily. As her eyes moved along the words they grew bigger and bigger.

She laughed nervously. “This is a joke, right?” she asked, looking up at Garin. “This is what the game is, some kind of jape at my expense?”

Garin’s face looked pale, as if all the blood had drained out of it. “I’m sorry, no, this is no jape. The deck’s magic is powerful and I assure you what the card says WILL happen.”

She laughed again. “No it won’t,” she declared confidently, looking back down at the card. “It says that every card I play for the rest of the game will…” She stopped and leaned in across the table and whispered to him so the few people nearby idly watching their game couldn’t hear her. “It says every card I play will make me cum.”

“The cards will do what they say,” Garin said seriously. “I’m sorry. Especially because it is your turn now.”

As soon as he said the last sentence the card he had played started to glow with red magical energy. A moment later the glowing energy shot out into Emilee. She shouted in alarm, pushing her chair back as she hopped out of her chair. “What did it do to me?!” she asked, scared and alarmed as the text on the card faded and it floated over to form a discard pile.

Garin just looked at her with sadness and pity on his face. “I told you. The card told you. It’s no jape. This… this artifact is apparently not what I thought it was. I’m starting to see why the merchant who sold it to me was so eager to be rid of it. Honestly, she seemed kind of scared. I just thought she knew what family I belonged to…”

“Riiiight,” Emilee said, sitting back and regaining her composure. It was a jape, a joke at her expense. It had to be. That or Garin had been the one to create the deck and being such a terrible wizard had messed the thing up. Yes, that was it, she was sure of it. And now that the text of the game was appearing all wrong he was telling a tale of buying the game from someone else so he would not be as embarrassed.

She was confident the game would soon be over. If Garin had created it as she now believed she figured its magic would falter and fail after a few more rounds of play. Happily she waited till the next card floated up into her hand. She barely paid attention to what the card did as she put it down.

As soon as the card was played down on the table it started to glow. Then two things happened at once. First, a bit of red energy was drained from Garin’s crystal, leaving it about nine tenths full. But Emilee barely noticed that because of the second thing that happened.

She yelped in alarm then moaned, grinding her thighs together and bending over the table as she moaned in pleasure and confusion. As soon as the card had begun to glow she had cum. It was a small orgasm, but it came so suddenly that it had a very strong effect on her.

Emilee was curled up into herself, her head pressed into the table and her whole body tight as the orgasm’s pleasure warmly flowed through her body. She was very aware of how loudly she was moaning and then aware of the few party goers that had been watching laughing and calling others over.

She sat up, her pretty face flushing brightly. She looked around and saw nobles gathering around the table, whispering and pointing and laughing at her.

“You see? The card made her CUM. Just like that,” a man said, snapping his fingers.

A woman laughed in response. “Really? Who would be stupid enough to agree to play a game with Garin Chevalier? Oh wait, look: black hair, tiny breasts. She’s a Low Capatian,” the woman said, speaking the words “Low Capatian” as if they were an insult that also explained her stupidity.

Others were gathering and chattering excitedly. “This should be good,” one woman said eagerly. “I always love to see those low born fools suffer.”

Another man stepped up to Garin and slapped him on the back. “Good work for once, boy! Show this dumb Low Capatian slut what she’s worth. Embarrass her, make her suffer! It will be the highlight of the season and everyone present will be telling this tale for years to come! Those who did not choose to attend your family’s party will regret it.”

Garin looked at the man with his mouth hanging open. He had never, not once, been the center of attention for any reason other than mockery. But here was a gathering crowd that was literally cheering him on to play his next card. He looked from the crowd to the cards in his hand than over to Emilee.

For a moment their eyes were locked.

The reality of this game, the implication of the first card played against her and what that meant the rest of the game would be, was settling on her mind. Her heart was racing and she was very aware of the ethereal chain keeping her at this table. There would be no escape, not till someone had won the game.

She stared into Garin’s eyes and she saw something change. He had seemed to sincerely feel terrible that the game was what it now appeared to be. She believed he hadn’t known. She believed he’d been as mortified as she was once she knew the card played against her did what it said.

But the sympathy he had felt for her was gone in an instant. She saw the moment in his eyes. Could see him thinking about the smiling, cheering crowd around him. She saw the exact moment the clumsy, unpopular noble decided being cruel to the one woman who had been kind to him would help improve his standing.

A smile tugged at the corner of his lips and the look on his face changed, ever so slightly. “It’s my turn,” he said, his voice full of eager malice. A card floated up into his hand and he looked down at it then looked back up at Emilee. “It’s my turn and I’m NOT sorry this time,” he told her as he started to play a card.

He placed the card down on the table face up and turned so Emilee could read it with ease. For a moment she kept eye contact with the young man and the evil smile on his face as he stared across the table at her sent chills running down her spine. She broke eye contact and looked down at the card just as those nearest to the table pressed in to read the card as well.

Some who could see the card clearly began to chuckle. Others leaned in to those standing beside them and started whispering while others still talked at a normal conversational tone. Through it all two words were spoken more often than others: “breasts” and “milk”.

Emilee read the card then reread it as it started to glow with red energy. As the card glowed intensely she felt her chest start to tingle. The feeling intensified, filling the core of her small breasts with throbbing warmth. She wanted to reach up and grab her breasts protectively but she felt so many eyes on her and knew the nobles watching were looking for evidence of what the card said would happen to her. She refused to give them the satisfaction.

“What did the card do to her?” someone called out. “I can’t read the card from way back here!”

One of the closest party goers leaned over the table and started to paraphrase what the card said as he reread it. “The card is going to make the dumb Low Capatian’s breasts slowly start to grow and fill with milk! It also says eventually they will need to be drained, which will help shrink them down some but the milk will only start to build up back in her.”

Emilee’s face burnt. She hated having so many people talking about her breasts and could feel all of their eyes on her chest.

As if confirming this thought one of the nobles yelled out at her. “Oi! Dark hair, take your top off! We want to see your tiny little pathetic Low Capatian titties growing and filling with milk!!!”

She wanted to bark a threat at the man but knew she couldn’t, so instead she ignored him. She also tried to ignore the strange sensation in her small breasts but that was far harder to do. It was a burning, throbbing intensity that was leaving her breast flesh tender and sore. She was also aware of a tightness in her top that had not been there a minute ago. She could feel her breasts swelling as they filled with milk and knew that it wouldn’t be long before she’d have to do something about how tight her leather top was getting.

Her thoughts were interrupted when a floating card bumped into her hand. She blinked and looked down and saw that the card that had affected her breasts was now blank and sitting atop the discard pile while a new card was trying to push into her hand. She plucked it from the air and started reading her cards. She needed to win this game, and fast. And she needed to do it by playing as few cards as possible because every single one was going to make her cum.

The new card seems to be the best she’s drawn so far, although she is beginning to wonder why she isn’t drawing the perverted, body altering cards her opponent is. She doesn’t ponder this disparity for long, though. She needs to play her card and keep the game moving.

As she moves to put the card down on the table she hesitates then stops, remembering what will happen as soon as she plays the card. The crowd gathered round titters and laughs, crudely explaining to any newcomers what will happen as soon as she lays the card on the table.

“We’re all waiting on you,” Garin says, grinning and looking around at the crowd.

Emilee can tell he loves the positive attention and is suddenly filled with the desire to knock him back down a peg or two. “Think you’re such a big man now, don’t you?” she says, glaring at him with open hatred. “Well, this crowd is going to turn on you as soon as you start losing. You’re always going to be the foolish, clumsy wizard they’ve spent years mocking.”

Then she slammed her card down on the table, hoping its text would shake his confidence. It glowed and drained nearly half of his crystal’s energy. That might have been enough to shake Garin except he and the crowd were instantly distracted for as soon as the card hit the table Emilee moaned and her body tightened, causing her to curl up in her seat as a powerful orgasm exploded within her.

Garin and the gathered party goers all laughed and jeered, mocking her for cumming so hard in the middle of the busy party with so many people watching her. She gritted her teeth and tried to contain her moans of pleasure till her orgasm was done then she sat up, glaring at Garin.

“I suppose it’s my turn,” he said, a card floating up into his hand. He glanced at his crystal and looked concerned when he noticed it was now half empty. “Oh my…” he mumbled. Some in the crowd were mumbling too. Just as she had predicted the crowd was beginning to turn against him as he started to lose. His crystal was half empty while hers was still complete filled.

She had been about to open her mouth to gloat when the burning in her breasts intensified. She could feel them still slowly swelling, feel an ache deep in their flesh. It was a strange pressure that was building up inside of her breasts, a need for release. And as her small breasts continued to grow her top felt more and more tight. Already the leather felt like it was digging painfully into her tender breast flesh.

“I’m going to make you pay for that last card,” Garin said, drawing Emilee’s attention back to the game and away from her uncomfortable breasts. He slammed a card down on the table with a triumphant “Ha!” The card glowed and three additional cards floated up into his hand. “And now I get to play two more cards this turn!”

“That’s not fair,” Emilee balked. “I’m not getting any cards as good as the ones you are!”

Garin shrugged. “Luck of the draw I suppose. Or do you think the game is rigged?”

Her brow tightened. Could the game be rigged? But before she could think much on this Garin played another card.

It started to glow as soon as it was placed down on the table. At the same time she felt warmth in her abdomen that spread through the lower part of her body, tingling and spreading some unknown magic deep inside of her. She reached down and grabbed hold of the area tingling the strongest, looking down at herself.

Her heart stopped.

No, she thought, it can’t be. She realized the way she was holding herself was the way a pregnant woman held a child within her. Her head flew up and she started reading the card, fearing that it had impregnated her.

As she read the words she found her fear had been wrong, but not as wrong as she had hoped. One of the nobles closest to the table guffawed and started telling the crowd what the card had done to her. “Hear this! The dumb Low Capatian slut, for the rest of the game as soon as someone spurts their seed in here, it’s going to make her pregnant! As soon as Garin here plays a card that lets him fuck her she’s as good as knocked up!”

The crowd laughed and cheered and shouted lewd and cruel abuse at her. She simply sat, protectively holding her lower belly. She didn’t want to have a baby, especially not a piece of shit High Capatian’s child!

She looked up to glare at Garin. He simply raised an eyebrow and calmly said, “It seems the stakes have risen for you.” It would have been menacing but just as he finished talking he slipped and nearly fell out of his chair.

Normally that would have been enough to cause the other nobles to mock him but not now. Someone close by caught him and helped right him, asking if he was okay. Garin looked confused for a moment then realized there would be no mockery. He smiled and turned to face Emilee. “See? They aren’t turning on me.”

“Not yet,” she growled. “Play your other card, you cursed piece of shit.”

The crowd all went, “Ooooooh,” then began to laugh at her. “She’s getting feisty! Best play another card to put her in her place, young Garin.”

He looked around, smiling at the crowd again. “A really cruel one? Something kinky and perverted to embarrass her?” They all cheered and replied that’s what they wanted. So he plucked a card from his hand and put it down on the table.

Garin kept a finger on the card as he stared at Emilee, sliding it towards her. The card started to glow and she could feel it working more of its magic on her. “Want to look down and read what it does?” he asked her. “Or should I just tell you?”

She simply glared and refused to answer, keeping her eyes locked on his.

“Alright, I’ll tell you,” he said happily, never breaking eye contact. “From this point on for the rest of the game every time you taste cum you will become a little more addicted to it. Every drop, lick, and gulp of semen is going to slowly turn you into a hopeless cum addict.”

The crowd cheered and laughed but Emilee ignored them all. She simply stared into the young man’s eyes, burning with hate. The cards he had played had already done so much to her, and some of it might affect her even after the game was over. As a card floated up into her hand she knew she had to end things soon, before he could start playing cards that would let him actually fuck her. For she had no doubt the vile game had cards like that in it.

Emilee looked down and read her card then yelped out a laugh of pure mirth. She looked up at Garin, not bothering to hide any of the joy she felt. “Looks like your fun is going to be over pretty damn soon,” she told him as she laid the new card down.

Before he had a chance to read it the card popped up into the air and begun to spin. As it twirled around the energy in Garin’s crystal was siphoned out in a steady flow of glowing red mist. Garin simply stared open mouthed as his crystal was drained till only a sliver of barely visible energy remained. The card then dropped to the table and slowly slid across the surface to join the discard pile.

Emilee barely noticed the forced orgasm she suffered after playing the card. She had been too ecstatic to care or be embarrassed. Garin had been to shocked to notice. And the crowd? The crowd was angry. They didn’t want the fun to end and it was clear by the look on her face that Emilee only needed one more turn to win.

Just as she had predicted the crowd of nobles turned on Garin in an instant. At first there were disappointed mutterings then some began to whisper that this should have been expected. Others followed suit loudly proclaiming that only Garin Chevalier could fail so quickly and ruin such promising entertainment. Many bemoaned that now they’d never see Emilee’s breasts swell and fill with milk while others were angry they hadn’t gotten to see her become addicted to cum. Soon they weren’t just grumbling. They began to shout angrily at Garin, some even throwing things at him.

Garin threw his arms up to protect his face and glared daggers at Emilee. “You’ve ruined everything!” he balked like a petulant child. His eyes narrowed and he looked at her with so much hatred it actually shocked Emilee. “I’m going to make you pay for this,” he said coolly.

Emilee just laughed. “No you’re not! My next play will knock out the remaining energy in your crystal. Unless you’ve got a card in your hand that will win the game for you this turn I think we’re just about through here.”

A new card floated up into his hand. For a moment he continued to glare at her then he looked down at it. She watched his face closely. She wasn’t as confident as she seemed and she was very much afraid the deck, which seemed to have it out for her, would give him a card that would allow him to flip things on her. But the emotions she saw play across his face were unexpected and confused her. Garin at first seemed surprised, then disgusted, then repulsed. He started to move to shuffle the card to the back of his hand to hide it from sight but then he stopped, reading the card again. Once again he seemed repulsed but then his eyebrows popped up and he looked at her, then back at the card, then back at her.

Her heart sank. “Don’t,” she whispered, fearing the car that had so shocked and revolted him.

The crowd was still shouting abuse at him. He sat up and called for them to be quite. “I’m not out of the game yet,” he declared, holding the card up so the crowd could see only the back of it. “This card I was just dealt, it’s vile. It’s… it’s unnatural, is what it is. It shall create an unnatural perversion we’ve only heard tales of in Capatia, something that just thinking about makes me want to retch.

“Normally I would refuse to even think about playing this card,” he continued then suddenly turned and pointed at Emilee. “But SHE is ruining all of our fun by winning! Right now I’ve no card that can stop that, but I can certainly make her suffer before she gets her next turn. I may end up losing but the perverse humiliation she is about to endure will MORE than make up for it.”

The crowd was silent. Looking out at them Emilee could see that they were skeptical of his boasts, yet hopeful he was not going to disappoint them. Emilee, however, had no doubt that the card the accursed and perverse deck had dealt him would live up to his threats. She gripped the edge of the table and braced herself for whatever was about to happen to her.

Emilee turned back to look at Garin. He stared at her, a cruel smile on his face. “Take THIS,” he barked, slamming the card down.

As soon as it touched the table a blast of sparking red energy shot out towards Emilee and hit her with enough force to knock her back out of her chair. But instead of flying back and onto the ground the beam of energy remained locked on her body, holding her up in the air. She floated for a moment then was lifted further up and turned upright so her legs were left dangling under her.

The crowd all stepped backed and gasped in excitement. None of the Enchanted Duelist’s Deck’s magic had been so extreme or flashy yet and their expectations were now raised.

Emilee tried to move but the beam of magic was holding in place. It pulsed and her clothing was blasted off of her, disintegrating into steam behind her and leaving hanging naked in the air. Her instinct was to raise her hands and try and cover her slightly swollen breasts but as soon as she tried to move her arms they were pulled out to her sides and a moment later her legs were pulled open.

Then the beam moved. It had been aimed at her center mass, just below her breasts. But now it moved down, lower and lower till it was shooting into her crotch. She screamed in terror as she felt her pussy start to warm as magical energy flowed into her privates. The crowd moved closer, wanting to know what was happening to her but unable to see as the beam of red energy was too bright to see through.

They couldn’t see what was happening to Emilee but she could feel it. The words Garin had said played over and over again in her mind: “It shall create an unnatural perversion we’ve only heard of in Capatia.” Those words could have meant a great many things but what she felt happening to her privates, she understood their meaning instantly. She knew the exact perversion he had meant because she felt her body being twisted into it. She’d heard of it but like most Capatians she thought it only some insane legend out of distant lands, didn’t believe it could be real. But what she felt growing between her legs left no doubt that all the tales were true.

She howled in rage and disgust and shame as she felt her body changing, mutating. She felt herself changing down there, felt like her flesh was melting together then pooling up and growing into something new, something long and phallic shaped. The thing growing between her legs just kept growing, longer and thicker till she felt it hanging down past her knees. And then, as it stopped growing longer, she felt a swelling at the base, felt a sack filled with two strange balls growing then hanging limply down.

The beam started to fade. For a few moments its magic was faint enough for all in the room to see what it had done to Emilee as she remained hanging in the air. Her pussy was gone. In its place was a HUGE flaccid dick, one that was indecently and inhumanly long and thick.

Gasps erupted from the crowd and some nobles leaned over and retched. A few even fainted. For a society that was so matriarchal this was the most offensive perversion of the female form imaginable: for a woman’s cunt to be replaced with a man’s cock. This perversion was an affront to all their society thought right and decent in the world yet here it was, on full display for all to see.

With a final flash the beam of magic disappeared and Emilee fell to the floor with a heavy thud. Everyone pulled back away from her muttering apprehensively. Most were repulsed yet they remained, watching with great interest to see what happened next. For her part Emilee simply curled into a ball, trying to hide as much of her naked body as possible. At that moment all she wanted was for the ordeal to be over and she didn’t care in what manner the relief came to her.

But the game was not over and her ordeal had only just begun.

When the beam stopped shooting from the card it had fallen to the table, the writing on it shifting and changing. The card now projected a semi-transparent image of itself into the air ten times its normal size that slowly rotated around so that all in the room could read it. As the crowd began to mummer about what was written Emilee was forced to uncover her face and look up to read the card.

She had thought things couldn’t get worse but as she read the words projected into the air she realized how very wrong she had been. The card declared that Emilee would not be able to take her next turn till the new balls hanging from her huge cock had been fully drained. Till then she would not be able to even approach the table to try and take her next turn.

Emilee sat up, crossing her legs and using her hands to cover the freshly grown shame there. She looked up at Garin and started to open his mouth but before she could get a word out he shook his head.

“Oh no,” he said firmly, “I’m not going to help you. You’ve become an abomination! I’ll not so much as touch you till the effects of this card have been removed. No, if you want to take your next turn you’ll need someone else’s help or you’ll have to do it yourself.”

As he finished speaking text was added to the projection of the card in the air declaring that she would be unable to cum through self pleasure. Only through someone else’s aid would she be able to get off. That, at least, didn’t make Emilee feel worse. She didn’t want to even think about the thing between her legs so she definitely didn’t want to masturbate with it!

Garin laughed after he read the new words. “I guess you won’t be able to help yourself after all.” He stood, looking around the room and grinning madly. “Is there someone here willing to help this…. Well, she’s no woman any more. But by the looks of those tits we can all see slowly swelling up with milk we can’t rightly call it a man either. Is there anyone willing to aid this abomination? Anyone either debased or perverse enough or just eager to see the game continue who will come and help it empty its unnatural balls?”

Emilee was struggling to hold back tears. She sat on the floor, her legs crossed and her hands in her lap as she looked around the room, hoping someone would be willing to help her.

The room was nearly silent with only a few quiet whispers echoing through the large lounge. Looking around Emilee saw that every single person there for the party that night was now gathered around. Even the other hired guards stood in the crowd watching the game. Yet none of them, it seemed, were willing to help her.

Finally someone cleared their throat and came forward. He was a tall man who would have been attractive if not for the angry scowl that seemed always stuck on his face. He had hold of a pretty woman’s hand and was pulling her after him. It was clear by her body language that she did not want to come forward yet she showed no sign of fighting that man pulling her out of the crowd.

“We will help,” the man said, a sickeningly evil smile twisting across his lips. “And by ‘we’ I mean my young, beautiful wife here.” He pulled her forward as if displaying her as an object, not a human being.

The crowd began to murmur. This was Capatia, it was not normal for a husband to be giving commands to his wife, especially not so publicly. And these two were well known to those gathered, both younger members of prominent families that had only recently been married to cement an alliance between two great houses.

Emilee looked up at the couple, relieved but confused. It was clear the woman didn’t really want to be helping. In fact she seemed so repulsed by Emilee’s current “affliction” that she couldn’t even stand to look at her. “Why help me?”

She had spoken to the woman but it was the man that answered. “I’ll tell you why. This woman here, my wife,” he said, spitting the word “wife” out as if saying it had caused him great pain. “See, I hate her but my family forced us to marry. I had agreed to the marriage but only on one condition: that for the first year of our marriage she follows every command I give her.”

The crowd gasped. Such a thing was unheard of in these lands. And it was clear that having the agreement publicly revealed shamed the wife for she hung her head and began to sniff as if holding back tears.

“I’m using my year to make her life as miserable as possible. Oh, I have no doubt she’ll make me miserable for the rest of my life. But being married to her, that was already guaranteed. At least this way I’ll have this glorious year to look back on as I grow old and miserable at her side. But this? This is a chance to humiliate and debase her in a way she’ll never be able to forget. I hate her but I know her well. Your… affliction, it repulses and disgusts her. She was one of the ones that retched when it became visible.”

Emilee wanted to tell the man to fuck off, that she’d never help him debase his young wife this way. She didn’t want to make this poor woman suffer. But she HAD to get rid of the thing between her legs even if that meant making someone else suffer.

“Thank you,” she said, rising to her feet and keeping her hands on her crotch to try and hide her cock.

The man grabbed a nearby bench and pulled it towards where Emilee stood. He then grabbed his wife’s hand and led her to it, standing behind her and wrapping his arms around her. She seemed repulsed by his touch but didn’t pull away. “She’s not bad looking, is she?” he asked Emilee as he dipped his hands into the front of her red dress. “And her tits, well, if you like big tits these won’t disappoint,” he added, grabbing her breasts and pulling them up and out of her dress so that they plopped heavily out into the open air.

Emilee groaned as the woman’s large, wide, heavy breasts fell into the open. The thing between her legs started to swell as blood rushed into it. The feel of it getting thicker, longer, and harder was incredibly disorienting. But more surprising was the sudden compulsion she felt to grab it.

She did so, squeezing her cock. The pulse of pleasure that she felt made her moan, in pleasure and confusion. She had expected the sexual pleasure from stimulation to the dick to feel just like the pleasure she felt inside her pussy when it was entered. But it didn’t, it felt totally different. Yes, it was pleasure, but pleasure so different that she felt using the same word for the two feelings wasn’t doing either of them justice.

“I can tell you like what you see,” the woman’s husband said with a sickeningly evil smirk. “If you like her big fat tits I think you’ll like her big fat ass even more.” He grabbed his wife and pushed her down onto the bench so that she was laying face down on it. Her large breasts were pressed into it and their bulk bulged out beside her body. He then slid her down so that her ass was positioned at the end of the bench, her legs bent down so her knees were on the ground.

A moment later he threw her dress up, revealing that she wore no under garments under the dress. Like most Capatian woman she had a thick, curvy body and the ass that was revealed was as thick and well shaped as her breasts. Emilee was stunned that the sight of her ass, with her legs spread slightly so there was just a glimpse of her womanhood, was enough to make her cock harden all the way.

Emilee grabbed her dick, no longer caring that the crowd watching gasped and muttered in revulsion. Her attention was fixated on the woman’s cunt. She needed to be inside of it, needed to fuck the woman till she got off. The need for release was maddening!

She wondered if THIS was why men were the way they were. When she felt the need to get off it was a gentle driving desire for pleasurable release. But this, the need for release that was coming from her cock, was totally different. Yes, there would be pleasure when she came, she felt that. But the need to get off wasn’t about feeling that pleasure. It was a greedy, desperate need to be released from the need to cum. It was a violent, selfish thing that left her feeling recklessly not in control of her own actions.

Before she realized what she was doing she had stumbled towards the woman, one hand on her throbbing hard cock as she played with herself. The woman’s husband stepped to the side, telling Emilee to have at his wife. She barely heard his words.  As soon as she was behind the woman she moved up to her back side, leaning over her.

She grabbed one of the woman’s plump ass cheeks with one hand, partially to support herself as she leaned on her and partially to pull her ass cheeks open. With her cunt exposed Emilee then pressed into her, using her other hand to grab her cock and help it find her cunt-hole. Her movements were awkward and quick yet she quickly found what she searched for. When her cockhead found the woman’s cunt-hole she felt it was dry. Grunting in annoyance, remembering the times she’d let a man enter her when she was that dry, she pulled back, spit into her hand, then wiped the moisture on her cock before pressing back against the woman’s dry opening.

Then, her cock lubed, she pressed in. Emilee shuddered and moaned then howled in delight as she entered the woman’s cunt. The pleasure! It was like nothing she had imagined. Not better than what she experienced as a woman, but it was more intense and a more selfish pleasure. As her cock slid into the woman then back out and then back in she felt pleasure all along her cock. Felt it and cared not at all whether the woman below her was enjoying this. If anything she cared less and less about the woman with each thrust of her cock into her. All that mattered as continuing to feel this till she could get off, till she could cum and drain her balls.

And it wasn’t even about freeing herself form this curse anymore, in that moment all she cared about was the pleasure her cock felt. Paradoxically the closer she got to climax the more she both wanted this to last forever and wanted to cum instantly.

The outcome was not in question, not in her mind. With each thrust into the woman below her she felt she was that much closer to getting off. She started pounding her harder, faster, desperate to get off no matter what it meant for her partner. The woman below her was braced against the bench, gritting her teeth and trying not to cry yet Emilee no longer cared. In that moment the woman wasn’t even a woman to her, she was just an object, a pleasurable series of holes that existed to act as a cum dump for her and her cock.

Harder and harder she pounded into the noblewoman. The crowd, some of whom had begun to jeer mockingly at the woman below Emilee, were all now muttering uncomfortably. Emilee had her hands on the woman’s plump ass and it was clear even from across the room that she was pressing down on her partner with all of her weight. The woman was holding onto the bench so tightly her knuckles were white and every hard thrust into her back end made her whole body shake. The expression on her face was a mix of shame, disgust, revulsion, and pain. Emilee’s cock was too big and pounding into her too hard for the woman to be gaining any pleasure from her ordeal.

“This disgusting perverse display MUST be put to an end!” a voice cried out as a priestess of the dual gods of Capatia pushed forward. She wore a tight fitting red robe that, like most women’s clothing in Capatia, had a front that was cut low and designed to show off her ample cleavage. “In the name of Pourrait and Pucella, the mighty duel gods, I shall banish this vileness!”

The fierce, beautiful, curvaceous priestess lifted her hands as they began to glow with holy light. She held them out before her, palms flat and pointed towards Emilee and muttering prayers to her gods. The yellow glow emanating from her hands intensified, growing brighter and larger and beginning to throw out a heat that made the air shimmer and forced people to back away from her.

“This abomination SHALL be cleansed!” the priestess shouted as she sent the holy light shooting towards Emilee.

For a moment the divine energy was slowed just before Emilee, red sparking magic appearing in the air to protect her. But almost as soon as it appeared it was blasted apart. The divine light slammed into Emilee and it was like her body sucked the energy into herself. A moment later, after the beam of holy light had stopped shooting from the priestess, Emilee began to glow.

She looked alarmed and confused but NOTHING was going to stop her from cumming. She still held the noblewoman pinned down and was still relentlessly pounding into her backside.

A few moments after Emilee began to glow with the light she grunted in pain. “It’s doing something to me,” she shouted in alarm. Then there was a blinding light and when the eyes of the people in the room adjusted they could see a shaft of glowing divine energy coming down from the heavens, through the building above them, and surrounding Emilee.

Emilee screamed, letting go of the woman below her and stumbling back. As she did the shaft of light followed her and her huge cock sprung up out of the noblewoman’s cunt, glistening with her pussy juices. Magical sparks began to appear around the cock that should not be, the divine energy of the beam of light gathering around it.

“Behold,” the priestess said, stepping forward, “the duel gods shall purify the perverse abomination from this woman and heal her body!” The priestess was only partially correct and the manner in which the divine power was going to try and heal Emilee was not what the priestess expected.

Emilee stood, screaming and holding her cock by the base as the holy light attempted to cure her. The deck had said she needed to drain her balls, so that was how the divine power tried to cure her. Emilee started to cum, shooting a torrential flood of semen out of her cock. It was a blast of semen thicker and more powerful than any in the room had seen by many magnitudes, a seemingly impossible amount of thick gooey spunk to come out of a mortal being.

The priestess was positioned directly in front of Emilee and the torrential flood slammed right into her, landing on her upper chest and splattering out to cover her face and breasts. She howled in surprise and disgust, cum gurgling into her open mouth, and stumbled back but the blast of semen remained aimed at her. It was her spell that was sapping the perversion from Emilee so Emilee felt magically compelled to keep her cock pointed at the priestess.

The crowd was screaming in disgust and backing away to avoid being splashed, for the violent explosion of cum seemed not to be letting up. The beam of holy light was gone but Emilee still held her glowing cock, pointing it at the priestess as the woman held her hands up before her to try and blunt the semen blasting at her, but the stream was so thick this accomplished little.

“It’s shooting out like a fountain!” the priestess screamed, pressed back by the blast of cum. “When will it end?!”

Emilee stumbled forward, the power of her stream of cum forcing the priestess down onto her knees. Only when every inch of the woman’s body was covered in thick oozing semen did the cock stop glowing and Emilee cease cumming.

For a moment there was silence. Emilee was breathing heavily, her mind temporarily shattered by the pleasure of what had just happened and her body drained near to the point of exhaustion. But at least it was over, that was the only thought running through her head.

Or was it?

The crowd began to murmur as Emilee’s head cleared and the world around her came back into focus. Before her was an oozing, dripping mound of cum. Except that wasn’t right… She blinked and realized it was the priestess, so covered in thick semen she was, at the moment, unrecognizable as a Human. The cum drenched woman was sobbing, her whole body shaking. She lifted her goo-covered arms up and started trying to wipe the thick cum off her face and body.

Looking down Emilee could now make out the curve of the woman’s overlarge breasts. She saw them, oozing with cum, and felt uncontrollable lust rise up inside of her once again. Shocked, she looked down and saw that the cock was STILL there! It hadn’t gone away, only momentarily gone limp. But the sight of the priestess’ cum covered breasts was making it swell again.

She groaned and stumbled forward, unable to control herself. The priestess had just wiped her eyes clean and saw Emilee and her once more hard cock coming for her. “No,” she said in fear, turning and starting to get up but Emilee was already upon her. She grabbed her cum soaked hair and jerked her head back, pressing her back down onto her knees. Then she moved so she stood above the kneeling priestess and shoved her cock into the woman’s throat. Grabbing her head, cum squelching through her fingertips, she held her in place and started savagely pounding her face.

There were many individuals in the crowd who were incredibly devoted and to see one of their priestess’ humiliated and now abused was too much. Some drew weapons while others came forward simply wanting to pull Emilee off the priestess. They charged, an angry uncontrolled mob. But they were unable to reach Emilee.

Magic tendrils shot out from the Enchanted Duelist’s Deck, whips of sparkling red energy that flicked many of the mob back away from Emilee. Other tendrils wrapped protectively around her, shifting and becoming a magical force field none could penetrate. The deck seemed to want the priestess to be punished for trying to stop some of it’s magic and was thus preventing her from being saved.

Emilee was still fucking the woman’s face but she was no longer holding her head in place. She didn’t need to, the woman was so overwhelmed with degradation she was now simply accepting whatever happened to her. So Emilee had reached down and tugged the front of her cum soaked robes down, allowing her large heavy breasts to spill out.

“This is your fault,” Emilee growled, grabbing the women’s breasts and shaking them. “This is your tits faults! They are so big and sexy and make my cock so hard. I can’t help myself, tits this big are irresistible! I understand now, why men prefer the High Capatians. It’s the tits, everything is about the tits!”

She jiggled the woman’s large breasts. She groped them. She grabbed the priestess’ nipples and pinched and tugged them. She smeared cum down and all over her breasts, lathering it into her skin like a lotion. And all while pounding her mouth with no concern for whether the woman could even breathe.

Finally, Emilee came, ejaculating an inhumanly large load straight down the woman’s throat. The sexual rage seemed to die instantly and she let go of the woman’s breasts, pulling back away from her.


(( Since the poll options have a max letter count (which I didn’t realize until recently) I am saying this here to save room: not matter what choice is made (with a few noted exceptions), the deck is going to declare a penalty against Emilee for outsiders trying to interfere with her, and the energy in their crystals will be evened out so they are both half empty, thus preventing her from winning on her turn.))

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