New Ebook: “Into Lala Land Part Three”

LaLa Land Part 3

The newest part of this serialized urban paranormal BDSM romance can be found on Amazon and Smaswhords. This story has been written for the Amazon market, so there is NO non-con in it. It focuses on dom/sub BDSM relationships between the main character and a number of other women.

Brit is falling deeper into Lala Land, growing nearly addicted to the sensual highs that come with every new partner. She’s reckless and she knows it, but she feels invincible and nothing is going to stop her, or her lover the fire sprite Seraphina, from having all the fun they can. But one poor decision leads to a crisis Brit will have to pay a heavy price to make right.

Part three of this ongoing serialized story features more ghost sex, a date night with Seraphina, a sexy werelynx, and a magical mural full of sensual characters all eager to pleasure the story’s heroine.

If you are a backer of my Patreon or Subscribestar you get access to this book for a limited time as part of that. Lowest tier backers get access to the text via the password protected page on here, while higher lever backers (3$ or higher) get a coupon to grab a copy of the ebook off of Smashwords.

2 responses to “New Ebook: “Into Lala Land Part Three”

  • Gabney

    Just noticed the title is ductape,a restraint kink, ghosts and vamps and nymphs oh my! Always thought Gelinda in Oz was a shit stirrer and risked Dorothy’s life, if you read wicked or saw the play The WWW was the hero. So likewise Brit should melt the queen and place herself in charge.


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