New Ebook: “Into Lala Land Part Four”

LaLa Land Part 4a

The newest part of this serialized urban paranormal BDSM romance can be found on Amazon and Smaswhords. This story has been written for the Amazon market, so there is NO non-con in it. It focuses on dom/sub BDSM relationships between the main character and a number of other women, mostly a menacing vampire queen in this part.

Brit must face the consequences of her past reckless actions. To save her lover, the fire sprite Seraphina, she chooses to become the willing servant of a newly awakened vampire queen. She must go and do as the woman pleases for one full weak, enduring all the woman’s voracious hungers.

But are things really what they seem? Brit is beginning to wonder. Yes, the monsters are coming to ravish her just like her erotic fear-filled dreams. But they seem to be playing by rules they can’t share with her, rules that make the fear of the forthcoming weak something she will grow less scared of and more eager for. Because Brit has learned one thing above all else in Lala Land: no matter what seems to happen, she always enjoys it in the end.

If you are a backer of my Patreon or Subscribestar you get access to this book for a limited time as part of that. Lowest tier backers get access to the text via the password protected page on here, while higher lever backers (3$ or higher) get a coupon to grab a copy of the ebook off of Smashwords.

One response to “New Ebook: “Into Lala Land Part Four”

  • Norah

    Zanthippe pronounced like Zan Thippe or Zant hippe, also a what about contest of best short story on a given genre set by you wins a cover art you design with tips to use in a fan created content corner to resell as a collection.

    Win Win. You get more story’s and material in exchange for a poster.


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