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New ebook: “Magicat’s Submission Part 4”

Magicat Part 4

The newest part of this serialized lezdom bdsm story is out on Amazon.

Catalina is embracing and settling into her new life as Mixie and Domina’s pet, flush with the growing acceptance that for her at least this complicated, perverse game of master and slave they are playing is more than just sex. Catalina Espinar loves Mixie Moonsong, but what about Domina and Magicat?

The two transformed magical girls get to take center stage before Catalina. Magicat will need to submit before the night can move on to the untransformed girls’ planned festivities. She will, but Domina has a surprise in store for her: it’s not HER the magical cat girl will be submitting to.

Magicat will submit to Mixie, but for how long? And what happens when the power dynamics are reversed? And most importantly if Catalina loves Mixie, how does Mixie feel about her?

Intense sensual passion and emotional revelations are followed by chilling revelations as Mixie manages to pull back the shimmering magical curtain the Magiforce has draped over their lives, peeking backstage to get a glimpse of the truth.

New Ebook “The Forest Witch Servant of Pollena Part 1”

Servant of Pollena Part 1

The first part of a new serialized story! For not you can find it on or Amazon.

This is the first story I’ve written for Amazon in a while so it’s tone is a bit different from other stuff I’ve been doing. There is NO dubcon in this. It is 100% lesbian and focuses pretty heavily on BDSM relationships, although the sex in this first part is mostly BDSM light.

Countless iterations of the powerful being known as the Forest Witch are scattered across Alaria. They always live in a cabin at the heart of an enchanted forest. They are always a beautiful and seductive Faun woman. They all serve a different master. But most importantly women always come to the Forest Witches hoping the mysterious figure can give them something they desperately need. A Forest Witch usually can, but the boon ALWAYS comes at a price.

A mysterious blight has begun to destroy the forest protecting and hiding the small Elven kingdom Tynian lives in. Although young by her people’s standards she is their most skilled Druid. Able to only slow the spread of the blight she has set out to retrieve the one thing that can stop it: magical honey blessed by the Pollena, Goddess of the Harvest and Abundance. She knows only its location and that it is protected by servants of the goddess.

When she reaches the Forest Witch’s enchanted woods she has no idea who the powerful woman is. Like all who have come before her, she shall fall prey to the witch’s seductive charms, agreeing to the price demanded. In exchange for being taught how to earn the trust of the honey’s true protectors, the witch’s mysterious “little bees”, she will agree to become the woman’s “pet”. She will remain her pet till her repressed sexuality is fully awakened.

Her sexual journey begins as she accepts her sexual feelings for other women as well as learning the joys of submission, bondage, and a little bit of pain. Along with the intimate relationship with the seductive and imposing Forest Witch Tynian also begins one with a mysterious, bratty apparition known as “the girl in the mirror”.

The first part of this serialized story includes explicit scenes of explicit lesbian sex scenes with strong BDSM themes.

I’m hoping to get parts of this series out regularly till its done, maybe even once a week. And yes, this is the same Forest Witch currently appearing in The Doom of Thessalia’s lambs but it does not tie into that story. It takes place an undefined amount of time after that story.

There are also what might be considered spoilers for the ongoing Fall of Almerry Keep series, especially this current part. I have the end of that part mostly written out and the end of the entire series plotted and outlined. At least two of the characters from the series are going to go on to be hugely important to the larger Alaria setting, something that should become pretty apparent reading this. But if your not reading my stuff for the story then none of that probably matters much.

New Ebook “She Was Too Low Level”

The new ebook can be found on Smashwords! Backers on Patreon and Subscribestar also get access to/a copy of the book (depending on level backed).

The Guildmaster has strong opinions when it comes to female adventurers: he doesn’t think they should exist. Although he does all he can to prevent the members of the Adventurers’ Guild from knowing this he DOES do what he can to ensure there are fewer of them in the world.

How? Well, as the man that hands out quests it’s often easy to ensure an adventurer’s doom. All he needs to do is send her out, unaware she’s too low level for the quest she’s accepted.

Thanks to the Guildmaster there are no happy endings here, not for the female adventurers that star in each of the three stories featured in this collection. He ensures each of them meets a DARK fate.

Each of these darkly perverse stories centers around a different female adventurer taking monsters that will end up impregnating them. Each adventurer is unique and each monster unlike any of the others featured in this collection.

This 21,000+ word one-handed read is intended for ADULT audiences only. The stories feature extreme monster sex and impregnation with the heroines meeting a dark fate at the end of every story.

This is the first release where I’ve intentionally leaned into the freedom to be more extreme and explicit that NOT publishing on Amazon provides. Although not too different from other stuff I’ve written it is a little… more so be warned.


New Release: “Champion Girl and the Mystery of the Alien Super Woman”


The brand new interactive “Choose Her Peril” book is out on Smashwords!

New Ebook: “The Corruption of the Time Mage: Part One”

A new Ebook set in Alaria is ready for you all to get your sticky fingers on! You can find it HERE on Amazon.

Proud and ancient Elves. Savage and wild Orcs. Dwarven smiths. Human rogues, wizards, and warriors. The world of Alaria is full of them all and more. But running through it all, hidden down sinister alleyways, seeping out of dark thickets, urged forward by dark cultists is The Corruption. Everywhere it goes it spreads darkness and sexual perversion, defining the realm of Alaria…

Baer’theas Evenfluke the White has spent his long Elven life questing and adventuring, learning all he can about everything magical. But there is one kind of magic he’s never learned much about: that which controls and alters, and even STOPS, the flow of time.

That is about to change.

Amongst the young Humans he travels and adventures with is a Dwarven Bard, Lanven, and the two have never gotten along. Lanven taunts the Elven Wizard constantly, insisting she’ll bed any man other than him. Although the short, wide, plump Dwarven woman disgusts him the idea of not being able to have something only increases its appeal. Baer’theas DOES want Lanven, he just hasn’t admitted it yet. As he discovers the truth hatred will become obsession…

Meanwhile, the gods of Alaria play their games, using mortals as their chess pieces. Some of them have decided Baer’theas is fated to become the greatest time mage ever to live while others wish to oppose those same gods at every step.

This one-handed read contains content of graphic sexual nature and is intended for adult audiences only!

The story centers on time stopping magic and an unhealthy obsession with a Dwarf’s large breasts. This is just the beginning of a new serialized story and I am hoping to get the second part out soon and as with all my stories I’ll be working on growing the world as I add to it and already have some pretty cool ideas I’m trying to implement.

I know I haven’t been very active the last month or so but hopefully that will be changing. My health is a bit better than it was and I’m leaning into a genre shift into Fantasy stuff which will hopefully help my productivity. I’ve already started outlining the next entry for the Nemorvian Band and the release of that will be my side goal as I keep working on this project.



New Ebook Release: “Alarian Tales of Perversion: Four”

Available now exclusively on Amazon, and free if you are a Kindle Unlimited member!

Proud and ancient Elves. Savage and wild Orcs. Dwarven smiths. Human rogues, wizard and warriors. The world of Alaria is full of them all and more. But running through it all, hidden down sinister alleyways, seeping out of dark thickets, urged forward by dark cultists is The Corruption. A force not of the mighty, proud Gods but of the dark Demons. Everywhere it goes it spreads darkness and sexual perversion, defining the realm of Alaria…

This Fourth volume of erotic shorts set in contains three stories:

Studar’s Good Deed – A Dwarf discovers a secret his Elven travelling companion doesn’t want anyone else to discover. He’ll keep her secret, but at what cost?
The Rigged Wager – A charming patron at of an upscale brothel convinces the owner to join him for a game using his “Enchanted Duelist’s Deck”, a powerful arcane artifact that ensures any wager given at the start of a game will be given at the end.
Firngaen and the Plot at the Wellspring Inn – A brutish Orc, with the inn keeper’s help, conspires to get more intimately acquainted with a busty Human barbarian.

This 37,000+ one handed read contains content of graphic sexual nature and is intended for adult audiences only!





New Release: “The Tale of the Nemorvian Band Part 4”

A new book up on Amazon!

The content in this book has been taken off the free section and buying this book is a great way to support me. I’m working on a new chunk of the story, but it’s going to be pretty big and might take a bit to get done.

New Ebook Release: “The Tale of the Nemorvian Band Part Two”

The next part of this poll dirven story has been cleaned up and is now available as an Ebook on both Amazon and Smashwords!

I’m not sure if what’s left to re-edit will be enough for a third Ebook, but regardless once I’m all caught up I’ll start writing the new section. I’ve already got it all outlined and ready to go so hopefully it will be done soon.

Ebook Release: “The Tale of the Nemorvian Band Part One”

I’m working my way through this half finished Poll Driven story, cleaning what’s finished up (and changing the narration from present tense to past tense). The first chunk of the story is all cleaned up and published as an Ebook available on Smashwords. If you enjoyed the story buying a copy is a great way to support me, and the cleaned up version is a LOT better. It really was a mistake to try and write the poll driven stories in present tense and I’d like to make my way through all of them changing that.

I’ve got about two thirds more of the story to work my way through then I’ll begin working on adding to it. The new sections will be posted to the free section, but eventually will be coming down as they become Ebooks. When the story is all done I’ll gather all the Ebooks together into one large collection.

“Brickhouse Vs The Undermen” Released!

A brand new Ebook featuring the fan favorite, titanic titted superheroine Brickhouse! Available now on Amazon and Smashwords!

Brickhouse is the strongest member of the Megatropolis Amazons, a hulking red skinned brute. But she has a secret, one she keeps hidden from the public with a specially designed, high tech bra. Her breasts, which seem as large as any other superheroine, are actually inhumanly large and soft. It’s her greatest shame and her greatest secret, one she guards very closely.

When out on patrol hunting down what she thinks is one of the normal, perverted supervillains that seem to flock to Megatropolis she discovers a something that will change her life. It’s a cave system full of a deliciously enticing smell. Drawn forward by the scent the mighty heroine steps into a dimply lit cavernous world under Megatropolis inhabited by the vile, and very horny, Undermen.

There she falls under these monster’s spell, becoming a willing member of their hive and birthing their young. But the experience will push the mighty heroine to her limits, especially after the Undermen discover the secret of her titanic breasts. She’ll escape, but she’ll be forever changed by her experience with the Undermen.

At over 25,000 words this one handed read will please all fans of superheroines in peril, monster impregnation, and huge breast! But be warned, this tale includes graphic sexual content and is intended or adult audiences ONLY!

This story has tons of impregnation, addictive cum, a inhumanly huge titted heroine, disgusting subhuman monsters, even a tentacle monster! And through it all Brickhouse is having her mind controlled through powerful pheromones, addictive sexual fluids, and so many forced orgasms they are impossible to count.