New Ebook: “Captain Hotair and the Al-Terran Princess Part Two”

Captain Hotair Bounty and the al-tarren Princess Part Two Cover

The second part of the kinky lesbian BDSM space romp is out on Smashwords!

Captain Hotair continues to train her new pets, the Al-Terran princess Nella and her handmaiden Tarli. Tarli still needs to be collared while the already collared princess needs to learn how to obey. Captain Hotair, and her pet the Devlin girl Lera, will ensure the two girls endure delightful sexual torments.

The scarred woman and her Android partner are two other bounty hunters looking to cash in on the bounty for the return of the runaway princess. The mysterious scarred woman also has a score to settle with Captain Hotair. Thanks to the aid of her partner and lover, the Android, she’s confident the Captain WON’T get the better of her this time.

Also following the trail of Princess Nella is her sister, Princess Sala. Along with an entourage, including her royal guardswoman Eiriko the Vulpine and her handmaiden Tarla, the princess is determined to find her sister before any bounty hunters do. But Sala is a woman of ravenous sexual hungers that leads to easy distraction.

This one-handed read is full of lesbian BDSM and light romance. Themes of submission and dominance abound, with a dash of dubious and non-consent along with some light incest.

This one is longer, at about 30,000 words. There’s some good world building and fleshing out of side characters along with tons of lesbian sex. Taboo kinks include: dubious consent, drugging/knockout gas, public humiliation, and some light incest fantasies. It’s all girl on girl, although there is a scene where an Android changes her anatomy to have a built in strap on.

As a reminder if you are a backer on Patreon or Subscribestar you get access to this series through a password protected page on this site. If you also back at the 3$ level or higher you get a coupon code to grab a free ebook version from Smashwords.

One response to “New Ebook: “Captain Hotair and the Al-Terran Princess Part Two”

  • Norah

    El Lurkin Jerk jas arrived,This is the cream of the dream,be this Nella? Bossom as perky and plump as pillows,hair silky jas the face framed,I sense a familiar trend in her pose and expression,eyes cold and yet calculating, neck and wrists cuffed willingly and yet a deeper meaning behind her form, loving the dress, suits her as royalty, where doth her tiara or necklace of status reside, no doubt bunnty huntress and her red runtess have them, or did she leave them behind? Tarli is blond too? Carrots and sticks come to play. My my how little time has gone by.


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