New Backer Driven Story “She Will Endure”

Below the break you will find the beginning of a new backer driven story. These are written and posted like my poll driven stories but only the high level Patreon backer the story is being written for gets to see and vote on the polls to determine what happens next. As of this post I still have one of these slots open, so if you’re interested please check out my Patreon.

Content Warnings/Kink Spoilers: It’s a short entry at around 800 words just to get the story started. There is heavy crude verbal abuse and unwanted ass slapping.

She Will Endure

“Oi, Audrey! Ya top-heavy slut, bring them huge wobbling titties over here and bring us some fresh ales!”

The men sitting with the man who had shouted at the tavern wench erupted into raucous laughter.

“Top heavy! Ha, you ever seen a Human woman with titties that big? Each one’s AT LEAST twice the size of her head. She puts a Priestess of Ynara to shame with those meaty mountains hanging off her chest and wobblin’ round.”

“Comically oversized,” another said with a lecherous nod. “A surprise that wench can even walk about, and honestly? She’s the whole reason I come to this tavern now. Love watching them jiggle all night long, gives me something fresh in mind to wank to when I get home and my wife turns me away.”

“Your ales,” the tavern wench said coldly, slamming the mugs on the table.

“Awe, calm your tits,” one of the men said. “We’re just having some fun.”

“Maybe you’d prefer if we talked less about them huge titties of yours? I mean, you’re a fine, thick lass. A little older than the average tavern wench, but that just means the meat is more aged. And you got PLENTY of meat on ya, even though some might have a hard time seeing past your huge udders. Always been an ass man myself. And you, lass, got a nice, HUGE fat ass!”

He reached behind the wench and slapped her ass hard enough to make the woman yelp. The glare she shot him only made the men at the table erupt in a fresh bought of laughter at her expense.

She quickly gathered up their empty mugs and made her escape before they got even more handsy.

As she made her way to the bar to deliver the empty cups to the innkeeper she simmered with burning rage, wishing she had a free hand to rub away the stinging pain of the heavy-handed slap to her ass. But even if she’d had the free hand she wouldn’t have done so. Upon taking the job as tavern wench not long ago she’d quickly learned any kind of response like that only egged these foul men on.

This was not what I thought I was volunteering for, she thought bitterly as she went about her duties. I was once one of the Sisterhood of Righteousness’ greatest Knights. Then I was struck by that evil curse that ballooned my breasts to such a ridiculous size. That put an end to my days of questing and ended my direct participation in the fight against evil and perversion.

She sighed, thinking about how glorious life had been before the curse. Adventure. Glory. And then what? Her youth left behind while she wasted away taking on a support role within the Sisterhood. During that time she’d gotten older and a LOT thicker, which had only made her breasts even larger.

Still, she’d endured. Nothing would have made her leave the Sisterhood. She believed in their purpose. Like the Sisterhood she wanted to do everything she could to make the world of Alaria a better place. To protect it from evil and perversion in all its forms, especially from The Corruption which so often was behind any perversion or evil the all-female order fought.

So she’d endured, hating her work as a support member of the Sisterhood even though she’d known the work she was doing was important. But through the many long years she’d never given up the hope of returning to field work, of leaving the safety of a Sisterhood keep to make a difference out THERE.

Then the day had finally come that her commander had agreed to let her take on a mission outside her normal duties.

They’d needed someone to go undercover as a tavern wench in a nearby town, someone the locals had never seen leave the keep. Someone who could show up at the inn the tavern was part of and get a job just by presenting herself. I know it was because of how I look, that was why the owner so eagerly took me on. My cursed breasts would bring in customers for miles. But I had no idea the men would be so vile. To say such offensive, gross things and to be so free with their hands! And I can’t do anything about it… can’t even stop them from touching me, not if I want to keep the job as a serving wench here.

There were days when she thought the job would break her, days when she wanted to run out of the inn, leaving the drunken lechers in the tavern behind, and flee back to the safety of the Sisterhood keep.

But I can’t do that, the mission is too important. And if I run then all the humiliation and abuse I’ve suffered will have been for nothing… I must keep enduring everything these vile drunkards throw at me until I’ve completed my mission.

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