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New Ebook: “The Defeat of Miss Mexicana”

The Defeat of Miss Mexicana v3

The newest Choose Her Peril story is up for sale exclusively on Smashwords!

Miss Mexicana is about to have a VERY bad day, one that ends in her defeat. The only question is HOW? You get to be the one that answers that, leading the super-busty superheroine through her day and helping choose the poor choices that will lead to her defeat at the hands of horny criminals, supervillains, monsters, and even some of her adoring fans.

This one-handed read takes the heroine on a highly re-readable sexual journey of defeat, exploitation, and humiliation. It contains explicit sexual content and is for adult readers ONLY including scenes of non-consensual sex, monster impregnation, drugging, and erotic mind control.

WARNING: This is NOT a book written for the Amazon market and contains HEAVY non-con sexual themes.

Current Project: The Defeat of Miss Mexicana

I’ve been working on a new “Defeat of” Choose Her Peril book staring Miss Mexicana. The project is coming along and is at over 30,000 words in the edited book file. I thought at once point I was about half way done but the project has grown a bit, so I am not sure if I’m at the halfway mark or not. I’m trying to get work done as fast as possible and am plugging away every day.
If you’re a fan of my hard non-con stuff this should hit those sweet spots. LOTS of defeated heroines with heavy non-con themes like mind control, drugged women, monster impregnation, and non-consensual slavery. And it is a dark read as there are ONLY bad endings.
I’m posting read throughs on my discord if you want samples. I let fans vote on what options to see through the read throughs, which helps me keep up my enthusiasm for the project. If you need an invite to the discord here it is.

New Ebook: “Archbaroness and the Halloween Gala”

archbaroness and the halloween gala 2

A brand new Heroines Perilous World story is available on Smashwords.

The superheroine Archbaroness thinks she’s going to a Halloween charity gala hosted by the mayor. The truth is the event is a secret play party that an event room FULL of rich men have paid immensely to be part of. But this is no normal kink-filled sex party, this is one with an unwilling star that will be made to fuck everyone in attendance.

It will be an epic night none will forget when Archbaroness, drugged, captured, and slave collared, will be made to do anything and everything the men in attendance want. The helpless heroine will be the center of countless sexual “scenes” of domination and public humiliation as man after man has their way with her one at a time and in large groups. Through it all she’ll be repeatedly gassed, trapped in a repeating nightmare of waking up to once more be these men’s sexual plaything.

This one-handed read is intended for adult audiences ONLY and contains themes of heavy non-consensual sex, filthy kinky public sex and degradation, and themes of misogyny-themed public humiliation.

Please be warmed that this is a returned to my previous style of HEAVY non-con and guy on girl. I will still be writing the other kind of stories for the Amazon market (softer in tone and only with girl-on-girl), but if this sells well I’ll go back to switching between both kinds of projects. Either way, I will make sure I am ALWAYS letting you know exactly what kind of story your in for.

A reminder that if you support me on Patreon or Subscribestar you get access to the story through a password protected page on here and, if you back at the $3 level or higher a free copy as an ebook on Smashwords.

New Heroines Perilous World Encyclopedia Entry: Psychia!

Showing off her new model! The new costume is going to be introduced in Volume 4 of The Megatropolis Amazons where Psychia will have a much more central spot in the story. If you’re interested in seeing an uncensored version head on over to my discord.

New Ebook Release: “Fap to Heroines Presents Archabroness”

There’s no chance this one would fly on the zon, so you can find this new short HERE on Smashwords. 

It’s not super long (a little under 8,000 words) but it’s pretty heavy on the heat and gets to the sexy pretty quick. It leans pretty heavily into humiliation/shame kinks, so if that’s something your into don’t miss out!

New Release: “Champion Girl and the Mystery of the Alien Super Woman”


The brand new interactive “Choose Her Peril” book is out on Smashwords!

Your Fan Questions in a Heroine Story!

Hello fellow perverts! I’m working on a new short that centers around the superheroine Archbaroness being interviewed. During the interview she’s going to get hypnotized and there’s going to be some sexy mind controlled fun but leading up to that there is an interview.

I’m hoping to get the majority of the questions the interviewer will ask from my fans! Send me questions you’d want to see in the story. Anything goes, no matter how perverse or just invasive. You can send me questions on here as comments or e-mail them to philohunter@outlook.com.

If I get at least a few from on here I’ll post the whole story for free up on here!

Ebook Release: “The Defeat of Jungle Goddess”

The newest “Choose Her Peril” book has been released! You can find it on Amazon (and for a very limited time at Smashwords).

Jungle Goddess: worshiped by the natives of Aslal Island as a goddess, feared by evil doers as a mighty superheroine, and desired by all. Jungle Goddess has superhuman strength and agility as well as breast milk that can heal. She’s protected Aslal for as long as she has had her superpowers, always coming out on top and saving the day. But what would happen if she DIDN’T save the day, if she defeated?

In this non canonical story set in the “Heroines Perilous World” you the reader get to choose what decisions Jungle Goddess makes as she tried to save a group of kidnapped villagers. Peril lies around every corner, from the evil magic wielding Kwazulu Tribe and the savagely brutal Simphiwe Tribe to slavers and recourse greedy colonists who’ve come into the jungle form the newly settled coastal cities.

In this one-handed read (intended for adult audience ONLY) read you get to “Choose Her Peril”. This is a story where no matter what your choices are Jungle Goddess WILL be defeated and that defeat will be sexual in nature.

To be clear: this book ONLY has bad endings.

These have been outselling pretty much everything else in my catalog so I’m going to be keep working on them. If your interested in getting early looks into them you can always join my Patreon. As I get work done on the books I’m working on I post full excerpts of start to finish story threads. And if you back at 5$ or higher once the book is published you get a “free” copy on top of the monthly Ebook you get to choose!

“Bovine Justice Vs The CEO” Published!

bovine cover m4

Bovine Justice’s first full length solo adventure has been released!

Bovine Justice is a plucky young heroine who fills almost every waking moment of her life with the never ending battle against the criminals of Megatropolis. But there are times when she thinks back to the life she had before her powers activated, before she became a superheroine, and misses her old life. Mostly she misses feeling normal, but above all she longs for a normal feeling sexual relationship with a man.

Enter Jeremy Steiner, the charming middle aged CEO of Goliath Banking International. A chance meeting brings the two together and from first glance the powerful CEO decides he must have the heroine. Using all of his charm, he woos the pudgy heroine, convincing her to go on a date with him.

More than happy to do something as mundane and normal as go on a date with a man with no powers, Bovine Justice misses the clues that Jeremy Steiner isn’t the kind, charming man he pretends to be. It isn’t long before he has her under his power, dominating every inch of her body and mind.

It’s a situation that Bovine Justice might even grow to enjoy, if not for the fear that he will discover her greatest secret. Her greatest secret is that Bovine Justice lactates at all times and that her milk can give normal men temporary super powers as well as increased sexual prowess.

This 38,000+ word, one-handed read is intended for adult readers only. It contains graphic scenes of highly detailed sexual situations and contains themes of mental and physical dominance, BDSM play, lactation play, and plenty of superpowered kinkery.

Bovine Justice spends a good deal of this story enslaved, being broken as she is used sexually and repetitively milked. It goes WAY closer to showing a heroine totally broken than my stories normally go. As such, the story is far too extreme to even try and get on Amazon, so it will only be available on Smashwords. To help make up for this I have decided to post the first five chapters to my free story section, so all of you perverts can see this purchase is worth going to Smashwords for. You can find the free chapters HERE.

“Megatropolis Crime Wave!” published!

crime wave cover 2

The first Heroines Perilous World short story collection is finally finished and ready for all you perverts to get your sticky little fingers on!

For now you can find it at Amazon or Smashwords.

The great crime wave has begun, and it will keep the superheroines of Megatropolis more than busy. And not just the official super team that watches over the city, but the independent superheroines as well. They will succeed in steaming the wave of crime, but not before enduring a few salacious defeats in the process.

This 63,000+ word, one handed read contains 11 short stories. Each one can be read as a standalone story, but read together and in order they tell the tale of Megatropolis’ great crime wave! The stories contain plenty of kinky action, including breast growth, lactation play, erotic mind manipulation, heroine on heroine action and PLENTY of villain on heroine sex.

The following stories are included in this collection, most of them appearing here for the first time:

– Archbaroness Vs Mary-Annette

– Champion Girl and the Early Morning Workout

– Bovine Justice Vs Pussy Whip

– The Megatropolis Amazons Vs the Atlantean Prisoners

– Bovine Justice Vs The Sugar Skull Gang

– Champion Girl Vs The High Speed Chase

– Brickhouse Vs The Unexpected Creature

– Lab Rat and Psychia Vs The Red Dragon Bosses

– Archbaroness Vs the Very Bad Day

– Heleena The Healer Vs The Kidnap Plot

– Lady Centurion Vs The Bout of Jealousy

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