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“Bovine Justice Vs The CEO” Published!

bovine cover m4

Bovine Justice’s first full length solo adventure has been released!

Bovine Justice is a plucky young heroine who fills almost every waking moment of her life with the never ending battle against the criminals of Megatropolis. But there are times when she thinks back to the life she had before her powers activated, before she became a superheroine, and misses her old life. Mostly she misses feeling normal, but above all she longs for a normal feeling sexual relationship with a man.

Enter Jeremy Steiner, the charming middle aged CEO of Goliath Banking International. A chance meeting brings the two together and from first glance the powerful CEO decides he must have the heroine. Using all of his charm, he woos the pudgy heroine, convincing her to go on a date with him.

More than happy to do something as mundane and normal as go on a date with a man with no powers, Bovine Justice misses the clues that Jeremy Steiner isn’t the kind, charming man he pretends to be. It isn’t long before he has her under his power, dominating every inch of her body and mind.

It’s a situation that Bovine Justice might even grow to enjoy, if not for the fear that he will discover her greatest secret. Her greatest secret is that Bovine Justice lactates at all times and that her milk can give normal men temporary super powers as well as increased sexual prowess.

This 38,000+ word, one-handed read is intended for adult readers only. It contains graphic scenes of highly detailed sexual situations and contains themes of mental and physical dominance, BDSM play, lactation play, and plenty of superpowered kinkery.

Bovine Justice spends a good deal of this story enslaved, being broken as she is used sexually and repetitively milked. It goes WAY closer to showing a heroine totally broken than my stories normally go. As such, the story is far too extreme to even try and get on Amazon, so it will only be available on Smashwords. To help make up for this I have decided to post the first five chapters to my free story section, so all of you perverts can see this purchase is worth going to Smashwords for. You can find the free chapters HERE.