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New free story: Archbaroness Interviewed!

You can find it here.

All of the questions in the story were submitted by fans! I had a blast writing this one. There isn’t any sex scenes in it but there is a lot of dirty talk and public humiliation.

Poll Driven Story: “The Adventures of Crystal, Savior of the Earth”

You can find this story in its entirety HERE.

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Poll Driven Story: “The Adventures of Crystal, Savior of the Earth”

Alright, here’s the first part of this story. I’m hoping I did a good job incorporating all the aspects you all voted on!

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New Poll Driven Story: “The Tale of the Nemorvian Band” Part One

Preface: On Nemorvians


The Nemorvian are one of the strangest races in all of Alaria. To begin with there are only female Nemorvians, male Nemorvians do not exist. Impregnating them is hard, something that adds pleasantly to the life most lead but more on that later. If one does manage to get pregnant the child will always be female and always be a full blooded Nemorvian.

Physically they are about as humanoid as many other races in Alaria. Their basic shape is like that of a Human female, although they tend to naturally be of a much thicker build than the average Human or Elf. Their skin is generally a shade of copper brown that looks much like that of a common brown cow. This is only one of the physical features they share in common with these bovine beasts. They also all have small cow-like horns growing out of their heads and their ears are large and extended although they look more animal than Elven.

But what most notice first about a Nemorvian is their breasts. They all have thick, heavy, overlarge breasts. Many of them have breasts so large they seem unnatural. What’s more every Nemorvian lactates for their entire life after puberty. The milk is a sought after as a deliciously and potent drink. The milk tastes delicious to nearly every being but what’s more important is that if ingested by a male it will immediately make them hard and horny.

This is one of the reasons that most Nemorvians spend their lives as whores. Aside from their desirable large breasts their milk is able to make any man hard and ready to fuck even if he has just ejaculated. This means that if a man has the inkling, and the coin, he can fuck a Nemorvian till he is physically exhausted.

There is another reason that most Nemorvians live their lives as whores. Each one, no matter how strongly willed, seems unable to resist a hard cock. The mere sight of it will turn each Nemorvian into a drooling, mindless, horny, meek bimbo willing to do whatever they are told as long as it is sexual.

Most live their lives happily as whores, valued members of brothels or as personal slaves to some of the richest or most powerful in Alaria. But there are a few stronger willed Nemorvians that try to lead a different path. Some take up lives as priestesses as part of a religion that is sexual in nature, most normally Oohr or Ynara worship. Some rare few are known to try the life of an adventurer. There are even whispers of some becoming bandits with the hope of “saving” their enslaved sisters.

But where did these Nemorvians come from? No one is certain, but it is clear they were not always present in Alaria. Certainly before the Great Collapse there is no record of them. There is one legend that many put stock in. The details vary depending on the source but here is the legend in its most basic form:

The Nemorvians were originally the female population of a large city or small kingdom. At one point this places population as a whole insulted the goddess Ynara so badly that she cursed their entire population, transforming the women into the beings we know as Nemorvians and making it so their bloodline would never again have men in them.

Only the gods know if this legend is true. And if it is it’s an odd thing that so many Nemorvians now worship Ynara. But maybe enough time has gone by that even they don’t remember the curse that created them.


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“The Rings of Corruption” Episode Four Ending

After far too long I’ve gone back and finished off this story. Hopefully before to long I’ll be able to finish the other one that’s hanging open. You can find the ending below the break (it’s not to long) or you can go HERE for the story in its entirety (for now, before long it will be edited and made into an ebook and moved off the free section).

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Poll Driven Story: “Lyari Fenyarus’ Tale”

The newest installment of this story can be found below. If you want to see the story in its entirety to can go HERE.

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Poll Driven Story: “Inetme’thul’s Last Adventure”

This is the end of this poll driven story! Find it below the break or you can find the story in it’s entirety HERE.

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