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Thuni Byrn, Level 2 Human Barbarian

“You’re too low level for this quest,” Thuni grumbled under her breath, imitating the Guildmaster’s voice in a mocking tone. “Stupid old fool. I might only be ranked level two by the Adventurer’s Guild, but I’m going to be unstoppable now!”

The scantily-clad Human girl drew the large sword she had hanging from her back. She was a small girl with a thin and flat body. She mostly wore a chaotic mix of leather belts and cords. Some were wrapped around her flat chest while the rest were around her hips with strips of brown cloth hanging from them to keep her womanhood covered.

It was a much more functional outfit than it seemed, designed to expand with her body as it changed. As a Barbarian she was able to tap into the “Barbarian’s Rage”. It would allow her to grow larger and stronger, although doing so came at a slightly embarrassing cost. Her breasts, normally so small they could barely be said to exist, would grow increasingly out of proportion with the rest of her body.

When she’d first tapped into her powers and become an Adventurer those side effects hadn’t bothered her much. But after a few adventures where she’d needed to push her strength further than she had before she’d discovered just how quickly, and how large, her breasts could grow.

Then she’d found the sword! It had been a miraculous find, especially as loot for a quest rated for a level two Adventurer. The blade was enchanted, sharper than it had any right to be as well as being magically lightened for easier use which meant she didn’t have to activate her Barbarian powers to wield the large blade!

On top of that, it could summon magical flames, the blade igniting at a thought with mage fire. But it was more than that, now that Thuni had begun to master its power she could use the blade to send out jets of mage fire, meaning she could attack foes from a distance.

Thanks to the blade I might not even need my Barbarian powers anymore, she thought. At least that creepy old Guildmaster was impressed by it, it’s the only reason he let me take on this quest.

She stopped and rested her blade on one shoulder while using her free hand to run her fingers through her long flowing red hair. She knew the orange-red color made her a distinctive figure, especially when contrasted by her pale-colored skin, but the recent addition of a side cut and a fresh tattoo along that side of her scalp helped her appear even more fierce.

I’ll be someone other Adventurers will sing songs about, she thought, trying to imagine herself as she stood there. Beautiful, fierce, and undefeated. My legend begins today with this quest I’m ‘too low level’ for!

The young Adventurer looked around at the forest the quest had taken her into. She’d been following a well-worn dirt road, one wide enough for carriages to travel down. The quest would eventually take her deeper into the forest and, if the information that had come with the quest was right, off the road she’d been following.

A warren of Goblins infesting a cave, a simple quest, Thuni thought as she turned off the road and made her way into the forest. Even without my new sword I don’t see how this quest would be too low-level for me! Everyone knows Goblins are some of the lowest lever challenges there are. Maybe that creepy old Guildmaster just didn’t like me and wanted to see me beg.

Still, she thought, I should plan out the attack on them beforehand. If I can find them all in their cave it should be an easy battle. Maybe I can find a chokepoint so they can’t swarm me and use my sword to send blasts of magic fire at them. If I can do that the fight IS going to be an easy one!

By the time she reached the Goblin’s cave the sun was beginning to set. That didn’t worry her, the cave was surely going to be lit by torches and even if it wasn’t she’d have the flame on her sword to light her way.

She was cautious as she neared the cave, sneaking up and making sure they didn’t have any sentries posted. They didn’t, but she saw things that left her slightly unnerved. She’d heard that Goblins liked to surround their dens with primitive tribal art and Thuni had always heard it was sometimes creepy.

It IS unsettling… but not in the ways I expected. People made it sound like I should expect skulls and corpses and other unpleasant things. The simple art all shared common shapes and symbols, primitive and all suggestive of male sexual organs. The perverse art unsettled her far more than displayed corpses would have.

If Thuni had been a more experienced Adventurer, if she’d been rated as higher level, she’d have recognized the art for what it was: a sign that these Goblins were no Lesser Goblins.

It was only the first of several warning signs she’d fail to recognize.

Once she confirmed there were no sentries posted outside the cave she quickly made her way in, wanting to leave the perverse art behind. She ignited her sword as she entered the cave, leaving all stealth behind and preparing for what she expected to be a quick, one-sided fight once she located the Goblins.

Although she’d told herself the flame of her sword would be able to light her way if the Goblins had no torches in the cave she hadn’t really thought that was a possibility. Of COURSE the little monsters would have their warren lit, they needed to see the same as her!

But there were no torches inside the cave. It was another warning sign she failed to recognize that the foes she was about to face were a far greater danger than she was expecting. Lesser Goblins saw only as well as Humans, but other races of Goblins had dark vision. And even though she’d heard of these Corruption Goblins she’d never taken the time to learn much about them or how truly dangerous they were, ESPECIALLY to female Adventurers.

With her flaming sword at the ready Thuni advanced recklessly into the cave. At first she was focused on the cave ahead of her as she should be, peering carefully into the gloom at the light’s edge for any sign of the Goblins while listening for any hint of movement.

The Adventurer soon became distracted by the disturbing art scrawled all over the cave walls. The cave drawings were even more perverse than what she’d seen outside. All around her were depictions of Goblins, with what she interpreted as sexual organs whose sizes were exaggerated for artistic reasons, taking part in countless depraved sexual acts.

She found how detailed and vivid the primitive cave drawings were deeply unsettling and many of the sexual acts depicted were ones she’d never even imagined. What distracted and disturbed her even more was that all the Goblins pictured were male, with all the women depicted being members of other races.

“Sick, disgusting little filth,” she muttered, gripping her sword tighter. “This vile art proves they deserve to be slaughtered,” she added, unconsciously tapping into a bit of her Barbarian’s Rage.

Her lithe body filled out a bit, thin arms growing a bit more solid with dense, wiry muscles. At the same time the leather wrappings around her chest expanded, her breasts going from practically non-existent to just enough to be noticed.

While glaring hatefully at the perverse artwork on the walls Thuni failed to notice the cave widening ahead of her. Suddenly out of the narrow hallway-like area she’d been traveling through and standing in a large, open cavern so big that the light of her flaming sword didn’t extend to the other side.

She stopped, cursing under her breath that she’d let herself grow so distracted. Thuni now stood with a disorienting empty dark void in front of her.

I should turn around. Make a lot of noise, call out a challenge to taunt the Goblins out of the deeper cave and draw them at the bottleneck behind me.

Before she could decide if that was the right course of action she noticed the inky darkness in front of her was not the void she’d first thought it to be. There were beads of glowing red light in it, countless sinister pairs of matched crimson orbs all about waist-high off the ground.

A chill ran down her spine when she realized they were eyes, the glowing red eyes of the Goblins. It was only then she realized the cave was not full of Lesser Goblins. Red eyes, that meant Corruption Goblins!

She tried desperately to recall what that meant. “Danger” was the only thing that spring into her mind as the shock of their sudden reveal caught her off guard.

But what does it matter, she thought a moment later, regaining her cool calm after a brief moment of panic. With my sword I can take them all on!

The Barbarian concentrated on her connection to the enchanted sword, summoning up its most powerful magic and preparing to send a blast of flame out at the Goblins lurking in the dark ahead of her.

Just as she was about to unleash the attack there was a burst of light ahead of her. Glowing, sparking red magic erupted into existence, revealing a Goblin Shaman holding up a staff as it began casting a spell.

The flash of light allowed Thuni a momentary glimpse of the cave’s inhabitants. There were FAR more Goblins than she had expected. And all of them were naked, which let her see the most disturbing thing about them. Hanging between their little green legs were shockingly large sexual organs, with most hanging down past their knees.

On a Human a manhood that size would have been impressive, but on creatures that stood barely as tall as her waist they were HUGE looking.

Perhaps if Thuni had not been so shocked by the sight of all their huge green dicks she might have been able to send out her magical attack before the Shaman finished casting his spell. But the moment of hesitation doomed her.

A blast of magic flew across the room, slamming into her sword. It was yanked from her hands and pulled toward the Shaman. It landed with a loud thud that echoed through the cavern, the flames still ignited and further lighting up the horde of Corruption Goblins looming menacingly before her.

“No!” she screamed, lunging forward after her sword. The flame was already dying, taking the light with it. She had to get to it while she could still see it and regain the weapon before the Goblins could attack. But they were already closing in, most wielding small clubs.

Driven mostly by fear and panic Thuni activated her Barbarian’s Rage on instinct, bellowing a war cry she was painfully aware ended up sounding more fearful than ferocious.

Time seemed to slow down as the flames covering her sword flickered out. Even as she charged forward the distance between her and the sword seemed to grow further as the darkness quickly drew in upon her. The Goblins were drawing in too, chattering excitedly in their foul little language as they prepared to attack her.

Her body swelled in size as she tapped deeper and faster into her Barbarian’s Rage than she’d ever done before. She grew taller, her body bulking out till her limbs were huge thick trunks of muscles. Even unarmed she’d soon be a ferocious foe, with a hide so magically toughened that it would feel like she was wearing armor.

If there had been light she probably could have fought her way back out of the open cavern and been able to make a stand in the narrower section of the cave she’d accidentally left behind, perhaps even beating them back and buying herself enough time to retreat.

But the light died and she was left in near darkness, the only illumination coming from the sea of sinister glowing red eyes now surrounding her.

She roared in fear, growing larger and stronger as they came at her, swinging her arms in wild heavy swipes all around her in a desperate attempt to knock back the Goblins coming for her.

The Barbarian knocked many of them back, but in the darkness the horde of little monsters was easily able to outmaneuver her. Many leaped onto her back, grabbing hold of her long red hair and yanking painfully on it.

She tried to grab them and pull them off her back, but for each one she tossed across the room two more took their place. They were shockingly strong and soon pulled her onto her back.

Once prone they began beating her with their clubs. As she’d landed on the ground she’d not been too worried, planning on using her enhanced strength to burst free of the horde around her once she’d regained her balance.

She probably would have been able to at least get back to her feet IF the Goblin’s violent attacks with their clubs had been scattered around her body as she’d expected them to be. But they weren’t, the little monsters concentrated on just one part of Thuni, a part she’d not noticed was drastically altered till the first blows began raining down on it.

Her breasts. The evil little monsters were striking her breasts with their clubs, over and over again.

Everything had happened so fast she hadn’t noticed till then just how large they’d grown. They always grew as her body got larger and stronger, but increasingly out of proportion with the rest of her the stronger she got. By the time they began beating her tits each breast had swollen to a size far larger than her head. She’d grown too strong too fast and now her tits were tragically oversized.

Worse, they had grown more sensitive the larger they’d grown. She’d never pushed her body this far, never experienced just how sensitive they could become. The Barbarian’s Rage ensured she was supernaturally tough with her skin deflecting blows like it was metal armor, at least where her body was covered in tough iron-like muscles. The huge soft mounds her breasts had become soaked up the blunt impacts of the Goblin’s blows, intensifying them.

The heavy blunt impacts of the Goblin’s clubs into all that soft sensitive flesh brought intense flashes of pain that soon had her screaming and sobbing in pain as she thrashed about, desperately trying to protect her enlarged breasts as the Goblin’s relentless attack on her tits continued.

Along with the pain came a wave of panic that quickly turned into terror. She’d been disarmed and now didn’t even know in what direction her weapon was. They were using the sensitivity of her enlarged breasts to beat her into submission, ensuring she was already near the point she’d submit to the terrible little monsters if given the chance.

As the idea of surrendering to the little beasts entered Thuni’s thoughts her mind flashed to the disturbing artwork covering the cave walls she’d passed. The things the Goblins had drawn themselves doing to Human women flashed into her mind. Then the shocking, repulsive image of their unnaturally large sexual organs appeared in her mind.

The fear that she wouldn’t be making it out of the cave alive was overtaken by one she found even more terrifying. Perhaps these Corruption Goblins weren’t interested in killing her, perhaps the fate in store for her might be far, FAR worse.

As the savage beating of her breasts continued Thuni found her fears fading into the background of her mind. The pain was all she could feel. It was all that existed to her and the more intense that pain grew the less she cared about anything beyond ending it.

“I submit!” she howled, hoping they would understand her. “Do whatever you want to me,” she sobbed, at that moment thinking even her darkest fears would be better than the continued beating. “Just stop hitting my breasts!”

As soon as the Goblins stopped attacking her Thuni went limp, collapsing into a sobbing heap of hard muscles and soft breast-flesh she clung to protectively.

The beaten Adventurer barely heard the excited chattering of the Goblins that had beaten her into submission. She’d pulled away from the world around her, disconnected from the cave filled with evil little monsters. For a few blissful moments her whole world was one of relief where she thanked the gods her breasts, aching deeply in pain, would not be hurt further.

She was brought back to the world around her by something heavy, hot, and greasy falling into her face. The Barbarian gasped and recoiled in disgust as she realized one of the little Corruption Goblins had dropped its foul, oversized green member on her face.

Her eyes crossed as she stared at the offensive thing resting on her face. It ran from her forehead down the bridge of her nose, hard and throbbing. She flinched when the beastly little thing flexed its member, lifting it and letting it drop back down onto her face.

It chattered a command at her. She didn’t understand the words but there was no need for her to because a moment later the little monster shifted and was forcing its throbbing member into her mouth.

She let it happen, gagging from the foul taste of the thing’s dick then gagging again when it pushed deep into her mouth making her gag further. Thuni had no fight left in her, the most she could do was lay there on the cave floor hugging her over-grown breasts protectively in the hopes they’d at least leave them alone.

Seeing she was offering no resistance the Goblin with its cock in her mouth grabbed Thuni’s head and started fucking her face, plunging its member into her maw deeper and faster.

At the same time other Goblins crowded around her, ripping her clothes off and then grabbing her lower body to roll her hips to the side. Two of them pushed her legs open and rubbed their vile cocks all over her pussy and asshole.

The Barbarian shuddered in disgust at the feeling of their members being rubbed all over her most private of places. The little monster’s pricks leaked a steady stream of thick, slimy precum. It was a disgusting feeling that only added to her dismay at what they were doing to her. Yet she still didn’t do anything to stop them, she just continued to lay limp without resisting.

Once her holes were covered a mess of slimy precum they pressed into her, their large members sliding painfully into holes that were both far too dry.

They didn’t remain dry for long.

The first two Goblins fucking her came quickly, flooding her insides with an uncomfortable amount of Goblin cum. They quickly pulled away, two more Corruption Goblins taking their place. Their entry into her holes was much easier and their thrusting actions were much less painful. The cum the first two had left behind squelched noisily as the Goblins used it as sickeningly gross lubrication to heighten their pleasure.

When the one fucking her mouth came he did not do it in her mouth. Instead, he pulled out and let a staggeringly large load of semen spurt out all over her face. It kept coming, the little monster sliding his cock around her face as it spasmed and spewed forth more and more cum.

It was when the monster slid his cock to the side of her head and covered her sidecut in his final spurts of cum that Thuni’s disgust and repulsion began to turn into burning rage.

Till that point she’d been laying passively on the ground, letting them have their way with her. In a flash that was over. She found the strength to fight and, with a roar of anger, she let go of her breasts and backhanded the Goblin that had been cumming on her. The blow sent the Goblin flying back into the crowd of his compatriots waiting for a turn at her.

She rolled over to try to get up, but the Goblins had been prepared. They piled on her, trying to use the weight of their numbers to keep her down on all fours. As some slapped and punched at her others climb onto and clung to her to keep fucking her.

The violation did much to throw her off. She fought at first to knock the ones with cocks in her away, which only let the others better pull her down. It was only when she accepted she’d have to endure their vile members thrusting into her holes for a little longer so she could concentrate on the others that she was able to start regaining the upper hand.

For a moment the young Barbarian felt she would soon break free. Her strength was swelling, her muscles growing even stronger. And the little monsters seemed to have forgotten about her breasts once they’d begun fucking her. She needed to only throw a few more off and she’d be able to get to her feet. Then she thought she’d easily be able to fight her way out of the cave and run to safety, knowing once she was in the open their little legs would never be keep up with her massively muscled strides.

Then everything changed.

There was a flash of red light as the Shaman slammed his staff on the ground. A blast of sparking red magic flew out, swirling and moving its way through the mob of Corruption Goblins. Thuni saw the tendrils of magic connecting with the little monster’s hard green members, soaking into them and leaving behind some kind of enchantment.

Almost instantly she had a terrifying sense of what the spell had done. All around her she could SMELL it. Their evil dicks were all now surrounded by a thick cloud of almost visible odor, a miasma of cock-stank that assaulted her senses from all directions.

Three Corruption Goblins jumped on her head, each rubbing their cocks on her face. The smell was overpowering, rank and reeking of over-ripe male musk. It made her dizzy and faint. She felt herself sway in disorientation as she lost all the momentum she’d gained. A moment later she fell helplessly onto her hands and knees.

The one clinging to the front of her face shoved its throbbing, stinking member into her mouth. The miasma around its cock overtook her completely as it fucked her face, the taste in her mouth further stupefying her.

Then they began cumming in and on her. The stupefying effect this had on her made the smell of their stinking cocks seem like nothing. After a few rounds of being gangbanged by the Corruption Goblins Thuni’s eyes were crossed and her grunts and moans of dismay had melted into indecent sounds of pleasure. Her mind was so befuddled all she could process was pleasure.

Thuni was left dazed and helpless and her mind so muddled she could no longer process the danger she was in. Her escape attempt ended as she submitted fully to the Goblins.

Those closest to Thuni enjoyed a few more rounds of fucking the helpless Barbarian, making sure to rub their stinking cocks all over her face while leaving plenty of cum in her. Thuni moaned through it all, the pleasure the only thing getting through to her muddled mind.

After those last few waves of Goblins had their way with her they pulled back, no more Corruption Goblins replacing them. Without the constant miasma of their throbbing green cocks rubbing in her face and their enchanted cum being pumped into her Thuni’s head slowly began to clear.

She was able to look up and realize they had pulled away and left an empty ring around her. Her mind, still muddled, struggled to process what was happening. Unable to process WHY things had stopped her mind turned to dwell on how she’d gotten to such a perilous point.

No one warned me how dangerous adventuring could be… They warned about the threat of death, but this? Why!? Why wouldn’t they tell an inexperienced young woman THIS could happen to her?

This quest… this specific quest. The Guildmaster… he KNEW. He KNEW what these Goblins really were! He HAD to, that’s why it was ranked as so high level a threat. And if he knew WHAT they were he must have known what they would DO to me. Oh gods, it was all a setup!

After her horrifying realization the circle of Corruption Goblins around her parted. She looked up and saw the Goblin Shaman approaching, chanting a spell that was sending glowing red magic flowing down to wrap around his evil green member.

Thuni watched as his hard cock swelled in size, growing longer, and thicker. She wanted to look away but found she couldn’t. She found herself salivating at the sight, trying to get up on her hands and knees to crawl towards it.

She could smell it. It was like the other Goblins, only magnitudes more powerful. That vile, arousing, stupefying musk! The same overpowering cock stank yet smelling so strongly even from the distance the Shaman stood.

Gods! What is that going to do to me when he gets close enough to put it in my mouth?

Part of her knew, part of her could already feel it happening. She felt herself becoming stupefied, growing dumber with every breath of that powerful rank odor. It would be like before, but worse. The things happening to her mind wouldn’t go away once the Goblin Shaman was done with her.

Even knowing what would happen to her Thuni was unable to stop herself from opening her mouth and taking in the Shaman’s over-sized green cock when he stepped up to her. The disgusting taste and texture of the thick string of precum oozing from its cockhead was like pure ambrosia to her, even as she swallowed it and felt it melting her mind.

A moment later her head was bobbing vigorously as she sucked and slurped on the little monster’s green cock, desperate to coax a load of cum out of him.

The enchanted miasma around his cock was so powerful… assaulting all her senses, even making her eyes burn. She had to close her eyes to banish the stinging pain which only left her to feel her other senses more acutely. The taste. The smell. Even the sound of her sloppily sucking him off. All so clear yet with every beat of her heart each sense grew harder to understand.

Sucking my mind away… but can’t stop. Becoming… impossible… to think… In one valiant final struggle her mind rose for a last clear thought. I’m doomed. Doomed because I was too low level.

There were no clear thoughts after that. The novice Adventurer that had been Thuni Byrn, level two Human Barbarian, was no more. Her body would go on, being used by the tribe of Corruption Goblins, but there would never be a mind in that body again.

And once it gave out? Well, there was a Guildmaster in a nearby town who knew how to track such things. By the time the Corruption Goblins needed a new woman to keep them sated within their cave he’d have found a new Adventurer who was too low level to send them.

Celestine and Bellarosa Charbonnier, Level 1 Battle Mage and Fighter

“Dear esteemed Guildmaster, your reputation is one I’ve heard is most renowned, especially in certain circles.”

He’d thought it a good opening to the letter, saying what it needed to say but not in a way that would have meant anything if intercepted and read by the wrong eyes. They know who I REALLY am, and it is the REAL me they are enlisting, not the jolly Guildmaster most encounter.

The letter revealed that a couple of novice Adventurers that would soon be coming through his Adventurers’ Guildhall were not who they claimed to be. The two women, a mother and daughter presenting as a Mage and a Fighter, would be claiming they were nobility from a far-off land wanting to better the world by living the lives of Adventurers. The story was mostly true, the main lie being their identities. They were not nobles, but rather a queen and her daughter.

Why the letter revealed this intrigued the Guildmaster far more than the revealed secret. By the time it had arrived so had the two women and it had been clear to the Guildmaster that they were not simple noblewomen. They aren’t even using assumed names, he’d thought. The kingdom they rule isn’t even that far away, I can’t be the only one who either recognized them outright or at least suspected who they really are.

When the letter got to the point he’d almost laughed. With careful wording it offered a small fortune to use his power as Guildmaster to ensure the two women took on quests that helped ensure they met a “dark end”, thus preventing them from ever returning to their homeland to reclaim the crowns the two had temporarily abandoned.

The offer amused him greatly as he’d already decided to see the two haughty women met dark fates, and sooner than later. They were female Adventurers, a crime in his eyes even if he had to keep that opinion to himself. But they were worse than most of their ilk, entitled bitches even more deserving of punishments for daring to enter a field that should belong solely to men.

And the two arrogant sluts are barely skilled enough to have managed to gain membership to the Adventurers’ Guild. The mother, Celestine, thinks a simple understanding of magic is enough to make her a Battle Mage. But I’m not even sure the tall, overly curvaceous queen in hiding knows any spells that would help in combat!

Meanwhile the daughter, Bellarosa, who only seems thin and in shape compared to her fat-ass of a mother, fancies herself a Fighter. Ha! The little plump-titted harlot probably couldn’t handle a one-on-one duel with one of the local gang members the town guard find below their notice.

They’d been in no rush to take on their first quest, something he’d been thankful for. It had given him time to watch the sluts flirting, and he assumed sleeping around, as they enjoyed the party-like atmosphere of the Guildhall. It further deepened his hate for them and gave him time to start planning out their doom.

Convincing them they didn’t need to join a party of other Adventurers had been the first step, he thought. If they’d joined up with others, even other low level fools like them, they might have learned the skills they needed to survive in this life long enough to return to regain their crowns. But by convincing them to work on their own I’ve assured they’ll be easy to manipulate.

It hadn’t been much of a hardship. They had the misplaced confidence of women who had been given everything they wanted their entire lives. They already thought themselves great worries able to take on threats beyond the meager levels they had been rated when joining the Guild, why wouldn’t they believe the Guildmaster when he told them the same thing?

But what quest to send them out on? What quest they are too low level for that will ensure their careers are cut short, they never reclaim their crowns, and I earn that promised small fortune?

After flipping through the book he kept all the active quests logged in several times he thought he’d found the perfect dark fate for them. A band of Pigtrulls had taken root along a northern road. The brutish pig-men had been attacking all that came that way, taking what they wanted from all passing by including most of the women.

Simpleminded but strong, a single Pigtrull was a ferocious enemy, deadly to men and offering perils most women would care not to imagine. A quest to fight one was something no right-minded Guildmaster would offer to two women ranked as low level as Celestine and Bellarosa. And to send them off to face a whole bandit’s gang worth of them?

The Guildmaster chuckled. The perfect quest to damn the two sluts.

* * *

Celestine laughed prettily, flipping some of her long, magenta-colored hair back to better expose the indecent amount of cleavage her outfit showed off. She enjoyed the way the act always drew eyes to her over-large breasts that were crammed into a top that barely contained their voluminous size.

A good test to weed out the lesbians from the women only interested in men, she always thought when she let loose the “charming” little display that drew so much attention. Add a little bounce and she could make her breasts jiggle as well, causing an even greater reaction in those ogling them.

There was a LOT of breast to jiggle. Her mammoth mammaries were huge, each far larger than her head by far. And with as heavy and dense as their jiggling meat was, custom-tailored underwear and clothing would have barely been able to contain them.

The clothing she wore WAS custom-tailored and enchanted as well. Truly the finest outfit an Adventurer could want, costing a small fortune that most in the Guildhall would have found unimaginable, but to a queen the price was barely worth noting.

Draped over her shoulders was an elegant cloak covered in purple feathers, the colors matching perfectly the open front skirt that covered her from the belly down. Under that garment was a white bustier, trimmed with gleaming gold metalwork. It had enchantments beyond counting sewn into it, many allowing the garment to act as armor that left her as protected as if she were in full plate mail.

But it was the enchantments that hugged her huge breasts in place that she was most fond of. The cups of the bustier that worked so hard to hold her tits up covered only the undersides of her breasts, arching up to cover just enough of her nipples to leave a tantalizing hint of her areolas on display.

Back in her kingdom it had long been the fashion for important noblewomen and female members of royalty to wear clothing that in any other land might be considered indecently revealing. She’d been happy when she saw that many of the female Adventurers she was now spending her life amongst wore outfits as sexually charged, although perhaps not quite as revealing.

The male Adventurers appreciated the view even more than the women she was trying to attract, but the queen in hiding mostly ignored them. She had very little interest in men beyond what they could offer her as servants. And as sexual beings? She often forgot men existed when it came to desires of a sexual nature.

She’d spent her whole life with men doing whatever she wanted and took it for granted that all men would simply do what she wished at all times. It was why she’d not sensed even a hint of dishonesty in the plump Guildmaster. The idea such a lowly, insignificant man would lie or try to trick her was unthinkable to her. He was practically a servant, existing simply to better facilitate her whims.

Her daughter, Bellarosa, was perhaps a little leerier when it came to men. Celestine had been queen since before she came of age and had lived all the life she could remember with the world literally bowing and begging to do what they could to please her. Bellarosa, although having lived a life of privilege and comfort, had needed to endure more of the world of men.

Even as suiters lined up to try and earn Celestine’s hand in marriage most in their kingdom suspected the queen had no intentions of ever taking a man to be her king. The only hope these men had was the queen’s need for an heir, and that was a hope that died once the woman announced she was pregnant. To this day no one knows who the father is, not even her daughter. Once the queen had birthed her heir she’d made it clear she would never marry and the men hoping to join the royal family through marriage to her finally gave up.

Until Bellarosa came of age. Then their hopes and attention had fallen on her. She’d hated their endless advances and to try and escape them she’d badgered her mother into letting her join their kingdom’s military. There, although mostly surrounded by men, her status as a commander in training had allowed her to escape most male attention, and those that dared to make advances could be punished.

Her career hadn’t lasted very long. She’d learned just enough about fighting to feel she could protect herself. Then her mother and she had decided to temporarily hand the rulership of their country to another, a trusted placeholder who would return command of the kingdom to them once they returned.

“We’ve some things we need to get out of our systems,” the queen had informed some of her most trusted advisers. They’d nodded, thinking they understood. Unlike most of the kingdom, they understood why both royal women spurned the advances of all men, and they understood that although such romances were acceptable in some lands their kingdom was not ready for a lesbian queen or princess, much less both.

So now the two women sat in the Guildhall, enjoying the party-like atmosphere as they drank, sang, and reveled with other Adventurers. They had no stories of their own to tell yet and knew they couldn’t share tales of their old lives less they give their true identities away, so they mostly listened. And flirted. Both women flirted with any woman they could, although the mother and her titanic tits drew most of the attention to her.

Bellarosa didn’t mind. She knew she only looked fit and small-chested compared to the over-exaggerated voluptuous curves of her mother. Even her Fighter’s outfit, which was far more functional and far less magical than her mother’s clothing, barely hid her thick curves. Her thighs were particularly thick, melting into a wide plump ass that nearly matched her mother’s.

Her tits would put almost any other woman’s to shame if not so epically overshadowed by her mothers. Knowing they would rarely be apart in their travels she’d not even bothered accentuating them, choosing an outfit that barely showed off any of the ample breast-flesh she had crammed under the elegant and flashy white leather armor she wore.

The girl watched quietly as her mother threw back her hair once more, jiggling her huge tits as she did to try and draw the attention of all the nearby women. She smiled happily and drank in silence as she saw the move draw far more female eyes than she’d expected.

Let them flirt, she thought with a fresh sly smile. Let them think they have a chance. They don’t. Those that have been here for a few nights now already know she’s a tease that has no intention of following through. The night will end as it always does, with the two of us returning to our shared rented room together with no other partners.

Her sly smile deepened as she tried to imagine what they thought. A noblewoman and her daughter, simply retiring to bed because both are too nervous to take a lover to bed with them. If only they knew the truth!

* * *

“I was beginning to wonder if you’d ever grow tired of flirting,” Bellarosa teased her mother as she closed the door to their room. “You were in rare form tonight.”

“It’s our last night at the Guildhall before we begin our first quest,” Celestine said with a shrug. “I wanted to soak up a bit more flirting. You know how I adore the way THOSE kinds of women ogle my breasts.”

“Oh, I know,” Bellarosa said, eying her mother’s huge breasts lustfully as the woman began to take her clothing off. “Would you like me to help you with the bustier?”

“Always, my sweet,” Celestine said once the bustier was all she had on. She turned her back to the girl and pulled her long magenta hair to the front of her body, leaving her back unobscured.

Bellarosa went to her mother and eagerly began unclasping the garment, muttering a slight incantation as she did. Without the incantation the garment could not be removed, at least not without the aid of magic or a great deal of physical strength.

“You know, I heard another party talking about the quest we’ve taken on,” Celestine said as her daughter slowly worked to free her of the garment. “They were speaking about just how dangerous those Pigtrull monsters are, how only Adventurers rated a certain level or higher would be allowed to take on the quest. I just smiled, not wanting to deflate their egos by letting them know the Guildmaster thought us, rated only level one, could take on the whole bandit gang of them on our own! The man truly sees our worth, even if that fool who rated us when we applied for entry into the guild did not.”

Bellarosa grunted her agreement.

The sound caused Celestine to chuckle. “I fear you’re not listening, my sweet.”

“It’s these last couple of clasps,” Bellarosa growled in frustration. “The magic always clings to them like they are unwilling to relent and free your breasts.”

“You’re just eager to be able to see them,” her mother teased as the last of the clasps were undone. The bustier dropped to the floor where it would be forgotten till the morning. She let out a sigh of relief as the garment released her midsection. It did much to try and slim her thick belly, which she mostly appreciated, but after a long day of being trapped in it the freedom was most delightful.

“Better?” Bellarosa asked, caressing her mother’s naked back and gently signaling she wanted the woman to turn and face her.

“Much better,” she sighed happily, stepping away from the girl as she turned. If she hadn’t her mammoth mammaries would have smacked into her daughter, probably slapping her in the face due to their height difference.

Too much of her father in her, Celestine thought unhappily. The girl got none of my impressive height or my beautiful hair. Although I suppose the blond fits her well… And really, I’m glad the girl is so different from me. I’d not have the feelings I do for her if I saw only myself when I looked upon her sensual beauty.

“Mother… the curse is getting worse.”

“I’m well aware,” Celestine sighed, taking in the concerned look on her daughter’s face as the girl stared at her exposed breasts.

“They LOOK so much bigger,” Bellarosa said, carefully reaching up and cupping her mother’s overlarge breasts in her hands. She lifted them as if testing their weight. “And they feel alarmingly dense and heavy tonight.”

Celestine had shuddered in delight at the girl’s gentle touch. “Careful, my sweet,” she warned her. “They’ve grown quite tender after being trapped in the bustier all day. I should have had the royal tailors let it out a bit before we left… And I should have known the curse would worsen as I became more physically active. It is, after all, half the reason we’ve taken on this life as Adventurers. Somewhere out there must be a cure for this evil ailment.”

“Evil, yes,” Bellarosa muttered as she gently fondled her mother’s huge breasts. “You’re overfull,” she added, licking her lips and staring at the beads of milk leaking from her mother’s large nipples.

Seeing the hungry look on her daughter’s face made Celestine flush. She felt her nipples hardening and her womanhood moistening between her legs. Her body knew what would come next.

“Yes, my sweet, I need them drained for the night. We may need to start draining them more than once a day, although that may be more difficult while we are questing.”

“Yes, yes,” her daughter muttered. “We’ll worry about all that tomorrow, for now we need to take care of your needs.”

Celestine smiled. And your needs, my sweet. I know you wouldn’t mind if my curse was never lifted. I’ve never known a woman filled with such tit-lust as you, my lovely daughter. And you never mind what the milking does to me… You get everything you want and I’m left in a state where I wouldn’t be able to say no even if I didn’t want you as badly as you want me.

“Shall we retire to the bed so you can milk me?” Celestine asked, waving towards the large bed the two shared. When her daughter hesitated the woman asked her, “What is it?”

“It’s that golden dragon skull mounted on the wall above the door, the one with the rubies set in the eyes. Have you ever felt its… I don’t know, watching us?”

Celestine looked at it. “No,” she said. “It is just an ornament, a minuscule imitation of a real dragon’s skull. I suspect it is but a bauble some Adventurer left in the Guildhall. And,” she added, “I feel nothing right now.”

“Not now,” the girl muttered. “But when we are in the bed I feel it.”

Her mother held a hand out and closed her eyes. As she muttered arcane words her hand glowed, sending out a wave of magic that flowed through the room and then returned to her. “I sense no magic in it,” she said, unaware that the detect magic spell she’d cast was so low level there were few magical items it could detect.

“But if it will make you happy perhaps we start somewhere else? That lavish chair in the corner there almost reminds me of something from the palace. And it is out of sight of that ornament that so unsettles you.”

“Yes,” Bellarosa said eagerly. “And I think it is even large enough for me to lay in your lap as I help lessen the pressure you must be feeling after such a long day without being drained.”

As Celestine got comfortable in the chair then helped her daughter drape herself over her lap she thought about her breasts and the curse that affected them so intensely.

They’d always been over-large for a Human woman, even one as thick as her. Along with her magenta hair they were the last signs of the High Elven blood that had once helped her family lay claim to its throne.

But after the curse they’d grown larger, feeling permanently swollen and often tender as if she were in that cycle of her moons even when she wasn’t. They’d also grown far denser when she’d begun lactating, something that had not ended once it had begun.

The milk felt as though it was always building up in her, making her already heavy breasts unbearably weighty. And the pressure! It would build up in her till it felt like it would explode. Often, when it was like that, her nipples would constantly leak milk. The relief that would come once they were drained was a pleasure few others compared to.

And with that relief always came arousal. The more milk expressed from her the more aroused she became. And as the milk was expressed her tits, and then her whole body, would become more sensitive. By the time they were emptied she’d be left so horny she’d give in to any demand if it meant she’d be given even a little sexual relief. And that relief always came easy and quickly as the milkings left her able to cum fast and hard.

She cooed softly as Bellarosa suckled at her massive teats. Already the warmth was spreading through her body, the relief of the pressure lessoning from her tits turning into the heat of desire and becoming a pressure of another kind.

And she’s gulping down so much of the milk tonight, she thought as she stroked her daughter’s blond hair. At first, when she began ‘helping me’ she did what my old handmaidens had done. Milking me like a cow… it was humiliating and I always hated how much that humiliation turned me on.

She remembered that first night Bellarosa had suggested sucking the milk out. She’d seen through the girl’s ploy at once and knew it was an attempt to goad her into sex. The first few times they’d promised it could never happen again, but Celestine had quickly realized the girl had been eager to break those promises, using the milkings to get her horny enough to fuck her daughter again.

My sweet thought once she was sucking on my nipples I’d be her sexual plaything. She wasn’t wrong, but there was something neither of us realized. My milk! No one had ever tasted it. It made her as horny as the milking made me. Now she thirsts for the milk as savagely as she thirsts for my body.

“Gods, yes,” Celestine moaned. “Switch, my sweet, even them out. And do that thing with your tongue I so enjoy as you suck and drain me.”

Bellarosa broke suction wetly around one nipple, milk spilling messily out of her mouth. A moment later she was latched onto her mother’s other breast, sucking and teasing the woman’s nipple with her tongue.

Celestine watched the way one of the girl’s hands slipped between her deliciously thick thighs. I wonder, is she even aware of how vigorously she’s playing with herself? I doubt it… the milk makes her mad with lust, and with as much as I need draining tonight she’ll be untamable when the font runs dry.

“My sweet, please don’t stop, but listen to me.” She waited till her daughter nodded to signify she was listening. “This can’t go on forever. We both know it’s wrong. This life we’ve taken up as Adventurers, it is just a temporary thing. We will let this perverse need to be with each other run its course while we search for a way to cure me of my curse. But once I’m cured we HAVE to be done with this!”

 “I know, Mother,” Bellarosa gasped as she came up for air. “But we can worry about such things later. Are you drained enough?”

“Enough,” Celestine told her, knowing even if she wasn’t the girl wouldn’t be able to hold off longer.

“The bed,” her daughter growled demandingly, grabbing her mother’s hand and pulling her to her feet. “NOW,” she added in a voice suggesting she’d take what she wanted even if her mother tried to deny it to her.

“Yes, my sweet,” Celestine told her, so horny that all her doubts about their coupling were forgotten. She could feel guilty and shame later. At that moment they both needed each other’s bodies, and after so much practice they knew exactly what the other needed.

They fell to the bed, Celestine practically ripping her daughter’s clothing off as the girl’s hands were all over her body. They were a whirlwind of wild sapphic passion, coaxing orgasm after orgasm from each other till, nearly two hours later, both lay panting, drenched in sweat and other various fluids.

“We won’t… be able to do… this… on our quest…” Celestine said between heavy gasps for air.

“We’ll find a way… to work it in,” her daughter huffed. “You’ll still need… to be milked… daily. We’ll fuck… wherever we can… find privacy,” she added. “In the dirt if we need,” she added playfully.

Celestine smiled. She knew her daughter meant it in jest. But if it came down to it? They had little control over their lusts for each other and the curse on her breasts ensured what little they had was meaningless.

We’ll fuck in the dirt if it comes down to it, she thought. And it won’t matter. For no one knows I’m a queen and she a princess. And there will be no danger! My magic is too strong, and she’s too good a fighter. We’ll conquer quest after quest till we either find a cure for my curse or run into a fellow Adventurer that knows of one.

Beside her Bellarosa had fallen asleep. Celestine knew she’d not remain awake for long and welcomed sleep’s embrace. As she waited for it to take her the woman’s eyes fell on the strange golden dragon skull that had so unsettled her daughter. Her final thought was that it DID seem to be watching them, but it was a thought long forgotten by the time she woke.

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