New Ebook: “Into Lala Land Part Two”

LaLa Land Part 2 v03

My newest part of my current series can be found on Amazon and Smashwords. This lesbian BDSM romance has been written for the Amazon market, so there is NO non-con in it. It focuses on dom/sub BDSM relationships between the main character and a number of other women, and uses an urban paranormal setting in Alaska.

Brit’s erotic journey into Lala Land continues as her life becomes a place of complicated magic and mysteries. She has her passionate fire sprite, Seraphina, but not as much as she wants. When they are apart the mysteries of this strange world drive Brit to make choices she quickly comes to regret.

Brit will come face to face with some of the REAL monsters in Lala Land she’s been warned about, she just didn’t expect they’d be so sexy. She’ll face bullying mean girl goth vampires, a powerful sensual forest nymph, and finally have a proper introduction to the Monarch of the Anchorage Court along with all her loyal denizens of Lala Land. And through much of it Seraphina will be there as the two young lovers begin to explore an intense relationship of consensual slave and owner.

If you are a backer of my Patreon or Subscribestar you get access to this book for a limited time as part of that. Lowest tier backers get access to the text via the password protected page on here, while higher lever backers (3$ or higher) get a coupon to grab a copy of the ebook off of Smashwords.

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