New Ebook “Into Lala Land Part One”

LaLa Land v14

My newest book can be found on Amazon and Smashwords. This lesbian BDSM romance has been written for the Amazon market, so there is NO non-con in it. It focuses on dom/sub BDSM relationships between the main character and a number of other women, and uses an urban paranormal setting.

Red-haired and freckle-faced, Brit has always been a girl who floated through life in Anchorage, Alaska bored and horny. No partner, no matter how interesting they seemed, ever managed to keep her attention for long. Each woman always grew boring quickly and Brit would leave them behind, retreating into fantasy where things were never boring.

She called this magical realm filled with sexy monsters that would come to ravish her ‘Lala Land’. A place where her partners were firm-handed and good at commanding her to submit, a place where she could indulge in her BDSM-tinged fantasies. It was her secret place, one she never shared with anyone else, not even its name.

Then one night, sitting outside her trailer and watching the stars, a cute tomboy came to bum a cigarette from her and everything changed. Somehow the alluring girl knew about Lala Land and even seemed to be one of the ‘monsters’ of her fantasies come to ravish her.

Brit soon finds herself floating in and out of Lala Land, the fantasies too real to be just dreams. Ghosts and fire sprites fill her nights with sensual delights, leaving her wondering how Lala Land became so real. And through it all she will discover things about herself, like her need to be dominated by women. As she embraces her submissive side Brit begins her journey by opening a door to a startlingly real world of erotic delights and chillingly sensual monsters.

If you are a backer of my Patreon or Subscribestar you get access to this book for a limited time as part of that. Lowest tier backers get access to the text via the password protected page on here, while higher lever backers (3$ or higher) get a coupon to grab a copy of the ebook off of Smashwords.

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