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“The Rings of Corruption Episode One” Ebook released!

Episode One has been removed from the free section. It can now be found on Amazon or Smashwords. If you enjoy these stories spending the .99 on one of the finished stories is a great way to show your support for me! This “for sale” versions have also been cleaned up slightly by my editor. But the stories that are in progress, as well as the most recently finished Episode, can still be found on the free page.

New Free Story, “The Supers Vs Their Own Men!” Posted!

You can find a new Heroines Perilous World story set during WW2 HERE.

This one is significantly further along in the time line then the previous two I’ve posted. Ass I write more the space in between will get filled in, and after that happens I might need to go back to this one and make some changes to it.

New Free Story, “Victory Woman and Victory Gal Slut It Up” Posted!

You can find a new free story featuring my WW2 Heroines HERE.

This uses some of the same characters and the same setting as “Victory Woman’s First Defeat”, but is set before it. I’m still working out a feel for this setting and these characters, so these two stories might be altered down the road. My plan is to do a series of one off stories like there, all telling an over arching story set during the war years and chronicling the first generation of supeheroes and supervillains.

At one point I’ll gather these all up and release them in an ebook, so make sure you read them all while they are up for free! And I’m hoping to get some feed back on them, so if anyone who reads them has any comments feel free to leave them on the website or send them to me at philhohunter@outlook.com!



“The Rise of Doctor Akitomi Part Five” (a poll driven story) posted!

The Fith part of the Dr. Akitomi story is up to read You can find it HERE. And be sure to vote on what happens next, as I’ll probably get ready to write the next part within the next week or so.

I’m also going to work on gathering these first five parts and turning them into an Ebook, reformatting them and giving them another edit. But even after that’s posted the original version will remain posted for free on the Ultimate Superheroine Forum.

New Free Story, “Archbaroness Vs the Fetish Plot”

The new Archbaroness story can be found HERE. It was something I wrote real quick for a fan that was looking for some specific kinks in a story and contains a lot of heavy sniffing of female body odor.

“The Rise of Doctor Akitomi Part Three” (a poll driven story) posted!

The third part of the Dr. Akitomi story is up to read You can find it HERE. And be sure to vote on what happens next, as I’ll probably get ready to write the next part within the next week or so.


“The Misadventures of Archbaroness” Released!


A brand new “Heroines Perilous World” short story collection is out and up for sale on Amazon!

Archbaroness is the paragon of Megatropolis, its most famous superheroine as well as the leader of the city’s official super team. A thick bodied, curvy heroine with a libido as strong as her superpowered muscles. She’s a woman whose life seems to be filled with perverse misadventures, and included in this collection are three such stories.

“Archbaroness Vs The H.A.N.” – Archbaroness becomes the first target of the Heroine Abuse Network, fooled into thinking she is appearing on a simple game show. In reality the criminal organization plans on broadcasting, for the world to see, Archbaroness in some sexually revealing situations. Contains erotic mind control, oral sex, and public humiliation.

“Archbaroness and Brickhouse Vs The Charity Car Wash” – With her teammate Brickhouse, Archbaroness spends the day washing cars to raise money for charity. But little do they know that a new crime boss, along with the devious supervillainess Mary-Annette, is headed there way. Mary-Annette uses her powers to make sure the two heroines give the crime boss a car wash he’ll remember forever. Contains oral sex, public humiliation, and body control.

“Archbaroness Vs The Financial Incentive” – A new banker is in charge of the trust that finances the Megatropolis Amazons, and the man is looking for something in return for all of his hard work. He wants Archbaroness to put on a little show for him in his private office, as well as play a game kinky game with him. But the powerful banker only plays games that are rigged in his favor. Contains erotic mind control, cock worship, light bdsm, sexual humiliation, and plenty of sex.

This 17,000+ one-handed read is intended for mature audiences ONLY and contains sexually explicit scenes.