New Ebook “Servants of the Moonlight Part 1”

The first part of a new serialized Alaria story can be found exclusively on Amazon.

Four novice adventurers set out on a mysterious quest, called together by a pantheon of goddesses tied together by the moon. The quartet is led by Aylin, a pretty and curvaceous Maiden of the Moon. The priestess has trained nearly her whole life for this quest and through the guidance she receives in her dreams and through divine visions she will lead the party.

But our heroines have more than monsters in the wilds to worry about. Katia Luna, a trickster goddess tied to the moon and not welcome amongst the pantheon of goddesses leading the party of good girls, stands in opposition to their quest. She’s even enlisted her own adventurers to challenge the novice and naive heroines.

Yet things in Alaria are rarely what they seem, especially when the games the gods play are involved. Through lust and fondness for being submissive along with a savoring of rough BDSM kinkiness, Aylin is going to pull back the layers of mystery surrounding the quest as she gets to know her allies AND enemies in increasingly intimate ways.

For Aylin this begins with the feisty, sexually forward Rogue on her team. Next, she’ll learn that some kinds of games played with enemies can be as fun as those she plays with her allies after a run-in with the dark-haired, sultry Barbarian that is a member of the opposing party of bad girls.

It’s just the beginning of the serialized lesbian BDSM romance set in the perverse realm of Alaria.

This, like everything else I have been writing lately, is a lesbian BDSM romance written for the Amazon market place. It IS an Alaria story, but will be closer in tone to the Forest Witch series and not my other Alaria stuff. There is NO non-con in it and there are only female characters involved in the sex.

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