New Ebook: “The Awakening Part 1”

You can find the beginning of a new serialized Alaria story on Amazon and for a limited time on Smashwords.

The young woodchopper and the peasant girl have a complicated relationship, one they hide from the quaint village they fear wouldn’t accept them. Karol, the woodchopper, is mostly satisfied with the visits Amelia, the peasant girl, pays her in her secluded cabin in the woods. They both have lives they are used to, ones neither see changing anytime soon.

But in the world of Alaria things are always changing. There is a section of forest different from the others near the village, one where a mysterious Forest Witch lives. She gives out folk remedies and interprets dreams, but Karol is about to discover the woman, as beautiful as she is terrifying, is far more than she seems.

A dream has been haunting Karol, a dream about a beautiful red-haired girl with a sword made of mirror glass. An encounter with the peasant girl will leave Karol needing to feel control over her life and lead to her setting off the meet the Forest Witch, a seemingly simple act that starts her down a road of sapphic erotic discovery of BDSM kinkery. It is a road that will eventually lead to her and others awakening to their destiny…

For those that have read the first Forest Witch story this is eventually going to be about the girl in the mirror’s body starting down it’s journey to become The Terror of the Eternal Night. There is a Forest Witch in this story and the girl in the mirror makes a brief appearance in this part of the story, as does Dunla’s body. But most of the story is about a woodchopper, a peasant girl, and the Forest Witch.

This is another lesbian BDSM story, which is still where my mind is and probably will be for the foreseeable future. I’m also in need of a full genre shift so will be just working on these two Alaria stories for a while before shifting back to the magical girl stuff.

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