New Ebook: “Princess Pounce’s Submission Part 5”

Part 5 of Princess Pounce’s Submission can be found on Amazon.

Princess Pounce falls down the rabbit hole as her fellow heroine and sometimes lover Magicat is lured to Lady Iridium’s Mansion of Madness. Once there she’ll help ensnare the curvaceous cat girl in the same erotic nightmare she’s trapped in.

But it’s not just Magicat that will find themselves trapped in the mansion. Her other, the plump Latina cutey Catalina Espinar, will end up imprisoned and in need of rescuing. To do so Magicat will have to journey through dreamworld and her shadow world to face hard truths about who she is and what she’s willing to do to have more time with her precious bunny.

Meanwhile, the villains of the story play their games, pulling at the strings of reality and conducting their scientific research that requires the heroines to willingly endure such cruel sexual delights. And under it all something the villainess Lady Iridium fears: love!

If you don’t know I have a Patreon and Subscribstar. If you back me there you can get access (usually for a limited time) to all my new writing either a little early or as it’s published via a password protected page  on here (if you back at the 1$ level) or through copies of ebooks you get coupons for from Smashwords (if you back at the 3$ or higher level). With me managing to get a new ebook out just about every week now backing at the 3$ level is, if you don’t mind using Smashwords, a pretty good deal. I also have higher level backing, but for now they are just a way to show extra appreciation and don’t come with any other benefits.

Also for anyone who doesn’t know I have a discord where I’m a lot more active then I am here. I’m easy to contact there and always happy to talk about projects and have been workshopping covers with fans on there.

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