New Ebook “The Forest Witch Servant of Pollena Part 1”

Servant of Pollena Part 1 v2

The first part of a new serialized story! For not you can find it on or Amazon.

This is the first story I’ve written for Amazon in a while so it’s tone is a bit different from other stuff I’ve been doing. There is NO dubcon in this. It is 100% lesbian and focuses pretty heavily on BDSM relationships, although the sex in this first part is mostly BDSM light.

Countless iterations of the powerful being known as the Forest Witch are scattered across Alaria. They always live in a cabin at the heart of an enchanted forest. They are always a beautiful and seductive Faun woman. They all serve a different master. But most importantly women always come to the Forest Witches hoping the mysterious figure can give them something they desperately need. A Forest Witch usually can, but the boon ALWAYS comes at a price.

A mysterious blight has begun to destroy the forest protecting and hiding the small Elven kingdom Tynian lives in. Although young by her people’s standards she is their most skilled Druid. Able to only slow the spread of the blight she has set out to retrieve the one thing that can stop it: magical honey blessed by the Pollena, Goddess of the Harvest and Abundance. She knows only its location and that it is protected by servants of the goddess.

When she reaches the Forest Witch’s enchanted woods she has no idea who the powerful woman is. Like all who have come before her, she shall fall prey to the witch’s seductive charms, agreeing to the price demanded. In exchange for being taught how to earn the trust of the honey’s true protectors, the witch’s mysterious “little bees”, she will agree to become the woman’s “pet”. She will remain her pet till her repressed sexuality is fully awakened.

Her sexual journey begins as she accepts her sexual feelings for other women as well as learning the joys of submission, bondage, and a little bit of pain. Along with the intimate relationship with the seductive and imposing Forest Witch Tynian also begins one with a mysterious, bratty apparition known as “the girl in the mirror”.

The first part of this serialized story includes explicit scenes of explicit lesbian sex scenes with strong BDSM themes.

I’m hoping to get parts of this series out regularly till its done, maybe even once a week. And yes, this is the same Forest Witch currently appearing in The Doom of Thessalia’s lambs but it does not tie into that story. It takes place an undefined amount of time after that story.

There are also what might be considered spoilers for the ongoing Fall of Almerry Keep series, especially this current part. I have the end of that part mostly written out and the end of the entire series plotted and outlined. At least two of the characters from the series are going to go on to be hugely important to the larger Alaria setting, something that should become pretty apparent reading this. But if your not reading my stuff for the story then none of that probably matters much.

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