Top of the Month Update

Good hello fellow perverts! It’s the top of the month and that means its time to share what I’m currently working on and let you know what my plans for the coming month are.
For the time being I’m going to be just working on the poll driven stories. I’m really enjoying them and having a bunch to cycle through means polls end up staying open a bit longer. I also had a death in the family and just want to work on things that are easy and fun and these stories are always that.
Here are the poll driven stories I’m working on:
– The Fall of Almerry Keep
– A Night at the Drunken Crow Inn
– The Adventures of Birgitta an Kiki, Heralds of the Crimson Light
I’m also working on two backer driven stories which are written and posed just like the poll driven ones, but only the high level backer paying for them gets to see and vote in the polls. they are:
– The Doom of Thessalia’s Lambs
– The Flesh-Crafter
I have a third slot for one of these stories open. If your interested send me a message and we can see if it would seem like a good fit for you.
Aside from a potential third backer driven story I don’t plan on starting any other ones till one of these are done which doesn’t seem very likely this month. They should all keep moving along at a steady pace, I’ve been averaging one update (or more) a weekday and unless I catch covid or something I should be able to keep that up.
A couple of them are far enough along that parts of them are going to be taken down and published as ebooks soon. Higher level backers on Patreon and Subscribestar will get access to a coupon code to snag a free copy off smashwords when that happens.

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