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In the Pipeline!

I haven’t gotten to post anything in a while and just wanted to put a quick post to let everyone know where I’ve been/what I’m up to now.

I had to move fairly suddenly and it required going somewhere that my stuff took a while to get to. I’ve got my computer and internet up and running again and going forward I’m going to have a LOT more time to put towards working on smutty projects. I’m going to be trying to work a balance between getting half finished projects done and getting a steady flow of work out.

Right now, as I get my creative muscles back in shape, I’m working on a lot of new photomanips. They get posted a few different places but your best bet to catch the most of them is my Bdsmlr. I alternate posts between new things and reposts. Stuff is auto queued to post every few hours, so check back every day or two to check new stuff out!

Writing wise I’ve been putting more work into the Wasteland Slut choose her peril story I’ve been working on here and there for years. I have no idea if I’ll actually get it finished this pass through at it, but when it is finished it will be hands down the largest, most complex interactive fiction I’ve ever done.

I’ve also been putting a little work into the Brain Master visual novel game. Hopefully I’ll have an update to post in the next few weeks, but its the project I’ve currently been struggling the most with getting work done. But as I get my creative muscles back that should hopefully change soon!

Monthly Update

Good hello perverts! I’m going to try and get back to posting a monthly update on what I’m up to.

You may have noticed my output dropping slowly then zeroing out. I had reached genre burnout and just when I acknowledged that and prepared to switch genres my computer crapped out on me. It’s back up and running and I’ve started working on fantasy stuff again.

My focus is going to be getting new stuff published, mostly on Amazon. I’m starting by working on “The Tale of the Nemorvian Band”, getting a new Ebook up and then working on the next entry. After that I’ve got a Choose Her Peril book that’s about half done that I’ll probably work on for a bit..

Help me decide my next project

I’ve been writing more steadily and am feeling like its time to start engaging with my fans out there a little bit. For now that’s mostly going to be through blog posts here. I encourage you all to use the comment function built into the site or to e-mail me directly at

Right now I am working on the next part of the Only Man In the Bunker story and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get it done in a week or so, but with xmas coming up my writing output might be a bit slower than the last month or so. My plan is to continue switching between a new part of that story and one other thing, but I’ve been having a hard time deciding WHAT the next “other” project should be. So I’m going to ask you all to help me decide.

What should my next “other” project be? (You can choose as many options as you want)


Genre Switch

I’ve been struggling with getting writing done even after starting a new project which only means one thing with me: Genre Burnout. I’m going to be switching away from Superheroine stuff and over to Fantasy for a while. I’m also going to try and be concentrating on working on half done stuff, and first thing is going to be trying to finish off some of the open poll driven stories. So expect some updates to long dormant stories soon!

In the Pipeline… September 2018

Good hello all! As you might have noticed I’ve just released a new “Choose Her Peril” story. I’ve really been enjoying working on that am am planning on plugging away at the few other books in that style I’ve got partial finished, so as far as writing wise that’s what I’m going to be working on this month.

If you’re interested in getting an early peak at that you should think about becoming a backer on my Patreon. You can back for as low as one dollar a month and that will get you access to almost everything in feed, including samples from whatever Choose Her Peril story I’m currently working on (at the moment it’s “The Defeat of Jungle Goddess”).

I’ve also been getting tons of work done on 3D comic style stuff. Right now there’s something new posting to the Patreon feed every other day. Most of it is superheroine stuff, but there’s a few other things spread in among them. Those pictures/stories will be exclusive to my Patreon backers for about a month before being posted elsewhere (right now just my new Tumblr and eHentai). But there’s reasons to become a Patreon backer other then just getting early access to that stuff. I engage with my backers a lot through polls or direct questions and as a backer you can help me decide what to work on next.

In The Pipeline and Shrinking My Digital Footprint

Some of you may have noticed that my digital footprint has become smaller over the last week. I’m not going to go into why, but I was a choice I felt I had to make.

  • My Tumblr is gone and I have no plans of returning to that platform as a content creator. If any of YOU use Tumblr and want to share my stuff you’ll get no complaints from me, but I no longer wish to be there directly.
  • Most of my presence in the Erotic Mind Control community is ended. Even though mind control is the biggest tool I use in my stuff I never really felt like I fit in there well. I definitely view mind control as pure fiction and was always really uncomfortable around those who practice/buy into its use in the real world. The kind of kinky art I make didn’t really fit besides those people’s work and the community they have build, which is probably amazing for them, is not something I wish to be part of anymore (nor am I particularly welcome there anymore anyways).
  • I love interacting with my fans. But let’s face it: there is a LARGE portion of even the kink/erotica/porn community that finds some or all of the kinky art/entertainment I create offensive in some way. I want to interact with my FANS, not the public at large. With that in mind I need to stay to places where I feel comfortable doing what I do without worrying who it will piss off, which means most social media type platforms aren’t going to be a good fit for me. I’d rather my energy go to creating then dealing with whoever I’ve offended this week. Experimenting with Discord was fun, but it took my focus away from the fan base who support me financially at Patreon, which is where my focus should be centered on. Tumblr and various forums did the same thing, taking my focus away from what makes my core base of supporters the most happy.
  • I am primarily a writer, but large chunks of my fan base did not seem to view me that way or even know I put out written stuff. I’ve various health issues and my brain is frequently in a place where I am not able to work on proper pros writing. But over the last year I had put more and more of my energy into creating visual works, even when my health was decent. A big part of why that was happening was that the visual stuff was bringing in more eyes and more Patreon supporters. But I started realizing that every time I’d take a break form my visual stuff to concentrate on writing those fans who were supporting me primarily for my visual works would quickly become unhappy. I think way less people are going to be disappointed if I keep my focus on my written work. When I DO make something visual I won’t be sending it out into the world like I was (I accepted anything visual was going to be pirated so I’d simply try and put it out to places on my own to try and “maintain control”). Any 3D stuff will get posted to my Patreon feed, and I will continue to use the Hypnopics Collective (almost entirely because Terra is the kindest and most supportive person I think I’ve ever encountered), but that will be about it.
  • Speaking of my 3D stuff everyone should expect a whole lot less of it. I was never prolific, and even after a year of heavy use I still looked at myself as a beginner. But mostly over the last few months I’ve been feeling the limitations of the medium/software. Daz3d is an amazing program but it has HUGE drawbacks. Creating images with it is VERY time consuming, both posing figures (which I find very tedious and have never enjoyed much) and rendering. Right now the market is moving away from the 3Delight render engine and towards iRay. There are plenty of technical differences but the only one that really matters between those two is render time: on my rig a render that takes about 5-10 minutes in 3Delight takes anywhere from a half hour to 3 hours in iRay. For the kind of stuff I was doing, which tended to have many panels, that just doesn’t work. That means most of the newer assets are unusable to me, and that’s a BIG problem. One of the constraints of the medium was already the fact that for user like me, who is not creating any custom asserts, you are limited to creating things out of the figures/clothing/scenes you can purchase. Add in how expensive new asserts are, even older stuff, and things get really limited. I’ve realized that for me its much easier creative wise to just write a story, where the only limitations are my imagination.
  • There’s another reason I feel I need to pull back from the 3D stuff: I’ve had a REALLY hard time keeping my enthusiasm up to finish any project that’s more than just a handful of panels. Yes, finishing projects is an issue I have with ALL my stuff, but I feel it was worse when it came to the visual stuff. I really, REALLY, REALLY want to get better at finishing projects and stepping back from visual stuff (and keeping anything new I do make simple and short) will help that.


So, going forward, for the time being, if you are looking to consume what I’m creating the best place is going to be on Patreon as a supporter (you can get access to everything in the feed except actual Ebook files for just a dollar). I will be posting everything written I make there and any 3D stuff I do as well (but don’t expect a ton of that). After that the next best place is going to be here, but this site is now going to be strictly for written stuff, where I won’t really be mentioning any visual projects after this. Beyond those two places you will be able to find my Ebooks on Amazon or Smashwords.

What I’m Currently Working On

I’m sure anyone that has visited this sight recently must be wondering what I’ve been up to. For the past few months my health hasn’t been good and I wasn’t getting much done. But I’m doing better now and am back to writing regularly. But before I tell you all what I’m working on I want to explain where that work is available.

I’ve grown really attached to my Patreon and my backers. For now all of the writing I am doing is being posted there as it gets done. For short stories, they get posted once they are done. For longer projects I tend to post them chapter by chapter. Right now I’m trying to get to the point where I can be posting three or four “stories” a week. You can get access to those as they are posted, and an ever growing backlog of other stuff, by backing me for as low as 1$. The written stuff being posted to Patreon WILL eventually be available as Ebooks, but not till each work is “finished” which could take some time for most of the projects I’m working on. So if you enjoy my writing (or visual stuff, although I’m not really working on any of that at the moment) please think about backing me on Patreon. The support helps me financially and REALLY helps keep me enthusiastic about writing and finishing projects. I also try to provide heavy interaction with my backers, asking questions and throwing up polls and always trying to be receptive to requests and feed back.


So, that plug out of the way, here are the three projects I am currently working on:

“The Game Master’s League of Superpowered Breast Lovers”: This is a collection of short stories that are telling an evolving story that has started simple but will be growing more complex as more entries are released. A large number of male supervillains have been gathered by the mysterious Game Master to take part in a grand contest. Each week the men are to go out into Megatropolis and hunt down target superheroines, all of them with large breasts, and defeat and fuck them. These are recorded and ranked, each fuck earning a certain number of points each week. Write now I am getting ready to publish second place of the second week of the contest, with many more to come.

I’m also doing something a little different with how I write these stories. When I start outlining each set of short stories for each week of the contest I am randomly determining which contested fucks which superheroine using two decks of cards. It’s leading to some interesting character matches that have never come up in stories before. The series is also “introducing” a handful of new characters, both supervillains and superheroines. Some of them are ones who I’ve done visual stuff with but never had in written stories while others are once that I’ve just recently created.

This is one that definitively won’t see publication for a while. There are four “scoring” events each week of the story and I want to so at least a months worth of the contest in story, maybe more. So that’s going to be a ton of short stories.

“Superheroine Tales to Arouse 3”: Another collection of random shorts set in the Heroines Perilous World setting. The last two contained around 20,000 words worth of stories, but this one is going to have a lot more in it. There are a number of shorts that contain interviews with various superheroines (one of which was published on here) but all of the questions in the story were submitted by my Patreon backers. Since those stories don’t contain any explicit sex I want to make sure there is at least one normal short for each of them and I have a list of shorts I want to get done before I package it. These include the introduction of the supervillain The Grower, a new heroine named Crimson Tide, and a story featuring each of the interviewed characters (which at this point are Archbaroness and Brain Master and will soon include the duo Ice & Fire).

“Sublime Ink”: This is something that was actually one of the first projects I ever started working on. I’ve picked it up and worked on it here and there over the last few years but am determined to finish it this time. It will be a novel length erotic tale and right now is being released to the Patreon feed one chapter at a time as I get them done. It’s a punk rock inspired story about a very special tattoo studio. Thanks to some special mind control incense the male artists that run the shop, and their favorite male clients, get to fuck all the hot tattooed babes that come through the shop. I’m editing chapter 3 now and there should be 10 or 11 chapters, so this one too won’t see publication as an Ebook for a while.


What I’m doing is alternating between the three projects, finishing them short story by short story (or chapter) then cycling back through them. If any of those projects interest you think about popping over to my Patreon and backing. And again, you can back for as low as a dollar!

In the Pipeline…

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been posting on here less lately. Part of that is because my health has not been the best the last month or so and my work flow has been drastically reduced. But the main reason is that I now spend most of my time working on projects and posting things mostly to my Patreon. That’s become my main way of engaging with my fanbase, so a lot of the time I forget to post stuff here.

I know I used to do monthly updates. I’m going to try and do updates on here, maybe not every month but more frequently.

So, what am I working on right now? The main project I’m working on is a new Choose Her Peril story featuring Bovine Justice. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it done in less then a couple of months. I REALLY like what I’ve got written so far and I think you all will to. I’m also making it using a different program this time and that means I will be able to post it to Smashwords as well as Amazon.

When I need breaks from that I’ve been tinkering around with a series of shorts based on a new supervillain, but I don’t want to talk to much about that till I get something finished and ready for publication. Aside from that I’ve been working on a ton of photomanips. I’m doing them in batches of 10 and they get sent to my Patreon backers first. Eventually they all get posted to my Tumblr, but if you like them you really should think about becoming a backer on Patreon. Even at one dollar a month the support makes a big difference in my life and encourages me to keep making my kinky art.

Writing Update

Hey all, you might have noticed my writing output slowly winding down these last few weeks. I’ve been struggling getting much work done on anything other than superheroine stories so for now I’m going to go where my muse takes me and concentrate on those stories. I’ll be working on the two supereheroine poll driven stories going on on and off while working on a larger project in between (which right now is a short story collection set in WW2, which is pretty damn close to being done). I’m going to try and kick up my productivity and get a bunch of heroine stories done while the muse is here, but don’t worry: once I’m able to be getting work done on my other stories I will return to them.

Also expect an update for the Heroines Perilous World card game pretty soon as well as an update to the Little Red visual novel before too long!

General Update

Hey all, sorry I’ve fallen so far behind my daily writing goals. I was sick over the last week (physical and mental health issues) and wasn’t really able to get much writing done. Then just as I was getting better my new computer arrived! The last 48 hours I’ve been getting everything set up and installed, and everything is now good to go. I spent the morning working on the current story in the rotation, but its going to be a long entry. Adding in the fact that I’m on a new keyboard and struggle with change, and, well, I probably won’t have it finished today. But I SHOULD have it up tomorrow, and be well on my way to getting a story updated nearly every week day (going to try on weekends as well, but they are a lot busier).

The other big new is this computer is fucking beast as far as Daz3d is concerned! I’ve already started pulling renders for the rebooted Red Raven Inn game and should hopefully have something to show you all in a day or two.