The Two Temples

Heavy incense smoke filled the small, candlelit room the cloaked figures stood in. They were gathered around a large crystal ball, peering into it as images shifted and came into focus in the shimmering orb.

“There she is,” one of the cloaked figures said gleefully as the image in the glass took shape. “Elaina Brightcandle, the one everything will center on…”

The others stood in silence for some time, watching the girl displayed in the crystal ball. Elaina was a tall, thin Human girl, barely nineteen years of age. Her facial features were narrow and long, with a nose and chin a bit too large to be considered traditionally attractive. The girl’s long blond hair was draped over her shoulders, her bangs in need of trimming and hanging down to half-cover blue eyes that were too large for her narrow features.

She wore a simple white dress with a gray corset over it that, on a woman with more curves, would have been very attractive. On her, however, it just worked to accent her youthful lack of curves and highlight her gangly teenage awkwardness.

Elaina seemed to be aware of her awkwardness, pensively looking around at the people she passed on the busy street she was walking down. In her left hand she clung to a thick tome she held in front of her. She clung to her left forearm with her right hand, anxiously scratching at her pale, white skin.

“She’s nervous,” one of the cloaked figures declared. “Afraid someone she passes will recognize the symbol on the cover of that book.”

“Of course she is. These simple people in this town… if they knew the ancient, forbidden knowledge she carried they wouldn’t let her go unpunished.” The others laughed. “Some of them in the town… they aren’t as ‘pure-hearted’ as the little twit thinks, either. The kind of ‘punishment’ she’d suffer might not be what she’d expect…”

“You think that’s why she peers so anxiously at all the men? Is she apprehensive for their eyes to fall on her THAT way, or is she eager for it?”

One of the cloaked figures chuckled lecherously before responding. “Whether she admits it or not she IS eager to be looked at that way, although perhaps not just by the men. Look at the dress she chooses to wear! The top is little more than two cloth slings for those small, almost non-existent breasts. Showing off what meager cleavage she has. And the skirt! Bunched up under that corset so it’s shorter than it should be and hanging open at the side to show off her thighs. Ptah! She thinks to show off an ass that’s too wide and flat and thighs too thick for her small frame and long legs.”

“There are plenty who would find her body most pleasing,” another of the cloaked figures quickly pointed out. “If not for its current shape, but for what it might become as the awkward young thing grows into womanhood properly.”

“Perhaps it’s her seeming awkward innocence that any attracted to her would find desirable,” another said, licking their lips in a most unsavory manner.

“Perhaps,” one with authority said. “And perhaps we’ll soon find out. She is near her destination. Now everyone, silence. We must watch so we can plan our next move properly…”

* * *

Elaina knew the worry that someone from the temple was following her was silly. She’d taken the book without being seen and left the temple at the same time she left every day for her “meditative walk”. Besides, none of the Priestesses, Paladins, or Clerics that lived in the temple paid much attention to her. She was a simple temple attendant that was little more than a poorly paid servant, doing menial tasks the others couldn’t be bothered with.

I’m a part of the background to them, nothing else, she thought slightly bitterly. She’d never been embraced as a member of their sisterhood in the way she’d hoped. I’m just a thing they take for granted…

Still… she knew that IF someone noticed the tome was missing there would be a search for it. The thing held forbidden knowledge the followers of Ihena, Goddess of Tradition and Stability, wished to keep suppressed.

Elaina wasn’t sure why they hadn’t destroyed the book. The temple’s reliquary had far more of these “forbidden” or “cursed” items than it did the holy relics of Ihena. The goddess’ followers hoarded these “evil” and “perverse” relics, like they all suffered some strange compulsion to gather them but do them no harm, only limit access to them.

Always be wary of The Corruption and its potential influence over an uncorrupted mind. The words had been repeated to her so many times since she’d come to the temple that she practically heard them in her sleep. Elaina thought them silly at first. These holy women and their obsession with some perverse force supposedly working to alter all of Alaria had been laughable to her.

Then she’d met Zarrea, Priestess of Naserette the Futa Goddess.

The Priestess had known all about Elaina, about her secret hidden desires, the ones she was so ashamed of she barely admitted them to herself. And as the beautiful, imposing, blue-skinned Night Elve had pulled Elaina into her hidden world the girl had discovered that everything the women in the temple of Ihena said was true.

Yes, it’s all true, but they have it all wrong, the girl thought as she clawed anxiously at her bare arm while gripping the tome tighter. They are the ones fighting against progress, fighting to eradicate ‘deviant’ sexuality, fighting to suppress any kind of sensual pleasure that isn’t ‘traditional’. Those stuffy women think any sexual act that can’t lead to creating or growing a family is wrong, and they think that any person who steps out of traditional gender norms is some evil that the world needs to be rid of. THEY are the sick ones!

She’d wanted to leave the temple of Ihena but Zarrea had convinced her to remain. “You can be useful there, be useful to me,” the woman had explained. “You want to be a GOOD girl, don’t you? Want to make me happy?”

Then she’d done that thing that always made Elaina weak in the knees. The tall Elven woman bent down and put her hand under Elaina’s chin and stroked her there. “You want to be a good girl for me, don’t you?” she’d asked again, leaning down and almost touching her lips to Elaina’s.

So Elaina stayed at the temple. The girl watched and listened, telling Zarrea about everything that happened at the temple. She told her about the Priestesses, the Clerics, and the Paladins. Told her their names, when they came and went, and what they talked about. And finally, after Zarrea had asked about the items they had in their reliquary, she’d even agreed to steal the book that the Elven woman had somehow known they had.

Elaina stopped by the entrance to a backstreet that was little more than a narrow alleyway, looking nervously around one last time to make sure she wasn’t being followed. As certain as she could be, she left the main street and disappeared into the shadows of the narrow street.

She curled her thin lips up at the state of the place. The cobblestone hadn’t been cleaned in some time and she had to step around puddles of gross-smelling water. She passed a few doors with wooden signs hanging over them with vague names that did little to reveal what manner of business was inside. They were the kinds of places the owners didn’t want to be found unless a customer knew they were there, places that sold things most would like to pretend couldn’t be found in the city.

Further down the dark narrow street was a door with no sign above it. It was there that Elaina stopped, once more looking around nervously. When she was sure there was no one within sight she knocked, tapping out the secret code Zarrea had taught her. After doing so the door shimmered for a moment, the magic keeping it locked opening for her.

She took in a deep breath as she reached for the door handle. Her hands were shaking. Beyond the door was a temple, a hidden temple. One only a few in the city knew existed. She’d only been inside a few times, and then only briefly. But Elaina expected today to be different.

I’ve been a good girl, she told herself as she opened the door and quickly slipped in. And good girls get treats.

Elaina stepped into the hidden temple of Naserette, the Futa Goddess. Although only a fraction of the size of the Temple of Ihena, the place was nearly as awe-inspiring.

It’s the lack of natural light, Elaina thought as she stood awkwardly by the door and looked around. In the Temple of Ihena there are all those large panes of glass built into the upper walls and ceilings. The place is bathed in sun and moonlight at nearly all times. But not here… there are only emberstone torches, enchanted to give off vibrant purple light. I know all the floors and walls are white, but it all LOOKS purple.

“Hello, little one,” a woman said in a sultry voice that send a shiver of arousal running down Elaina’s spine. “Have you brought what I’ve asked for?” Zarrea asked as she stepped out from behind a large column.

“I have it right here,” Elaina said, holding the book up for the woman to take.

As the Priestess of Naserette approached her the young girl drank in the sight of the woman. She was tall and slender like most Night Elves, with blue skin and long, pointed ears that stuck out of shoulder-length white hair.

Elaina had never been able to tell the woman’s age, in her mind she always just thought of her as “older”. Part of that was her white hair, which to her Human eyes made the woman look old. But she knew enough about the Eleven races to know they aged slower, and differently, from Humans like her. The woman often looked to be in her late thirties, but Elaina knew she could be significantly older than that.

Much of the woman’s blue skin was on display thanks to the skimpy, tight purple sleeveless robe she wore. The front was cut so her cleavage was displayed, a sight that drew Elaina’s eyes.

They didn’t stay there for long. Her eyes darted down to look between the woman’s legs, to see if she could get a glimpse of the “blessing” of Naserette that the Priestess carried. When she stood right or moved in certain ways Elaina would be able to make out the outline of it through the fabric of her robes.

“Let me see the book,” Zarrea said greedily as she stepped up to Elaina. She took the tome slowly, reverentially stroking the cover then carefully opening it up and flipping through its pages.

Elaina watched the Night Elve’s eyes sparkle with devious joy. She’d not told Elaina what she wanted the book for, only that she’d come to the city and set up the hidden temple BECAUSE the book was in the city and needed liberation from the Temple of Ihena.

In one smooth motion Zarrea closed the tome and turned to begin walking away from Elaina. “Come with me,” she commanded, using the same domineering tone the Priestesses at the other temple used. Yet here in THIS temple she didn’t mind, the tone even excited her.

“This must be stored safely,” Zarrea told Ellaina as she led the girl through the temple. “Then… Well, you’ve been a good girl. And what do good girls get?”

Elaina, her heart pounding with excitement, kept up with the Priestess. “They get treats?” she asked hopefully.

“Yes, they do,” Zarrea told her as she stashed the tome on a lectern. “Come,” she commanded again, leading Elaina to a bench set against a large column in the back of the temple. “Sit.”

Elaina sat, hands in her lap as her fingers fidgeted with each other.

“No one saw you take the book?”

“No one,” Elaina told her.

“And no one followed you here?”

“Not that I could see,” she told the woman. “And I’ve been making my ‘meditative walks’ gradually longer over the last few weeks. If anyone at the temple notices I’m gone they won’t think anything of it for some time.”

“Such a good girl,” the woman purred, stroking under Elaina’s chin.

The girl closed her eyes and leaned into the touch, moaning softly. When Zarrea pulled her face up Elaina opened her eyes to find that she was leaning down. Elaina spread her legs, grabbing her thighs through her dress, digging her nails into her flesh to keep her excitement from overwhelming her.

Kiss me, she thought. Lean down further and kiss me!

“What do good girls get?” the Priestess asked, moving her face close enough to Elaina’s so the girl could feel her breath on her lips.

“Treats,” Elaina answered, her voice a whimper of pleading desire.

She started to close her eyes and move closer to kiss the woman, but Zarrea placed a finger on the girl’s lips and pushed her back down. “Not that,” the Priestess said firmly. “This is not a place for tender romances. This is a place of deep perversion, the very thing that makes those stuffy bitches at the OTHER temple want to faint or rage with ill-placed revulsion and hatred. No kissing here, at least not lip-to-lip. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Priestess,” Elaina told her. She sounded only a little chastened and disappointed. Romance was at best a distraction and more often an excuse or lie to allow one to indulge in one’s true sexual desires. Romance was to be refused, and raw sexual desires embraced. THAT was something the Priestess of Naserette had taught her.

“You were a good girl. You are owed a treat. So, what treat do you think you will receive?”

Elaina’s eyes were locked on the woman’s. The divine power in them… it held her gaze hypnotically. There was a connection she felt, one she’d felt many times since meeting the woman. Like she was using the power of her goddess to reach into Elaina’s mind and see everything she was, see her better than she saw herself. It left her feeling more naked than when she was undressed.

She shivered in delight. Elaina adored the feeling of helplessness this woman made her feel.

“The blessing of your goddess,” she finally told Zarrea. “Not bestowed upon me like it’s been bestowed upon you, I’m not worthy… but felt through you. Use what Naserette has given you, use it on me!”

“You were much more nervous the first time I shared the blessing with you,” Zarrea told her playfully. “A blessing I earned for being a good girl as well.”

Elaina furrowed her brow, pushing past the hazy lust stupefying her mind. She thought there had been an implication there, one she didn’t care for. “I don’t want the blessing to be bestowed upon me,” she said quickly. “Even if I WAS worthy. I… I only want to experience it through others.”

Zarrea stroked Elaina’s cheek with the back of her hand. “I know, little one. Naserette has made it very clear to me that you will only serve her in this way. You will never become like me, a woman but more than woman. Tell me that you want what my goddess has blessed me with. I want to hear you beg for it.”

The girl’s eyes darted to the Priestess’ crotch. “PLEASE,” Elaina whimpered.I want it, it’s all I’ve thought about since you last shared it with me. I want it so bad it hurts! I’d be satisfied just to SEE it.”

“Liar,” Zarrea teased as she stood up and shrugged her purple robes off. As they fell to the floor around her feet she asked, “Is this what you desire?”

“Yes,” Elaina gasped, inhaling in joy at what was revealed. With the girl sitting and the woman standing beside her the thing that had so consumed Elaina’s desires was level with her face. The girl stared at it, licking her thin lips hungrily.

“Born a woman,” Zarrea began, “and transformed by the blessing of Naserette into what I am now. Still a woman, but no pussy between my legs. What am I now, girl? What hangs between my legs?”

Elaina stared, chest heaving as dizzying lust overtook her. “A woman with a… a…” she stuttered and verbally tripped over the word she knew the Priestess wanted her to say. It was such a filthy word, one she still wasn’t used to saying.

“Say it, girl. Say the word.”

Elaina still couldn’t answer. She stared, admiring the thing that shouldn’t be between the woman’s legs. It was so grotesquely arousing. That long blue vein-covered shaft, swelling, lengthening, engorging in response to the way Elaina was staring at it with such open desire. That mushroom-like head swelling and growing larger too! She thrilled at the sight of it, at the way the blue skin was pink around the rim.

And then there was the bit of clear fluid building up at the tip. A sign of her arousal, proof that the balls hanging from the shaft were as functional as they would be on a man. Elaina licked her lips, wanting to taste that bead of precum but knowing she wouldn’t dare.

“Say it, girl,” Zarrea repeated. “Tell me what it is, say the word!”

“Cock!” Elaina blurted out. Her voice became a pathetic whine of desire as she continued. “Your cock. Your long, thick, veiny cock.”

“My cock, Naserette be praised,” the Priestess said happily. “You want to touch it? To kiss it, perhaps? That would be allowed. Perhaps to lick it? Maybe even to suck on it?”

For a moment Elaina started to move her head closer to the swelling member inches from her face but then her pale cheeks flushed intensely. She turned away and stared at the floor, frustrated but unsurprised she’d suddenly lost her nerve.

It’s those damn priestesses at the temple of Ihena! They’ve gotten into my head… I want this so bad but all those sermons on the evils of “indecent and unproductive” sexual acts. I have to work my way up to using my mouth on it…

“You have to work your way up to experiencing Naserette’s joy with your mouth,” the Priestess said kindly, the words reminding Elaina that the Priestess’ divine powers let her see her thoughts as clearly as an open book. “I understand, so you shall receive your treat in a more ‘traditional’ manner. Slip your small clothing off,” she commanded.

Elaina reached under herself and lifted off the bench to slip her small clothing off. Once they were around her ankles she kicked them away. “Now what?” she demanded, her voice full of mad, barely restrained lust.

“You can’t yet handle taking it in your mouth, but you still need it in you, don’t you?”

YES,” Elaina moaned greedily. “Oh, goddess, yes. Please!”

“Pull your dress up. Lift your legs and spread them wide open. Grab those deliciously thick thighs and hold them open. Show me that pretty, young Human pussy.”

Elaina did as she was told, too full of lust to feel any shame at exposing her womanhood in such an indecent and open way.

Her eyes were locked on the Priestess’ member. It stood fully erect, a rigid shaft of delicious, cunt-moistening cock that made her insides ache to be filled.

“Fuck me,” she whined. “Ram your cock in me. Fuck me till you finish. I want to feel your seed in me, feel it oozing out of me when you pull out!”

Zarrea stroked the insides of the girl’s thighs then stepped close. As she did she reached down and grabbed her throbbing member and lined it up with Elaina’s opening.

Instead of shoving it in as Elaina expected and desired the woman rubbed her swollen blue cockhead up and down the girl’s slit, smearing the moisture leaking from her opening up and down her. It made Elaina moan, wiggle, and shiver appreciatively as her eyes rolled up into her head.

Only when Zarrea began to press her cock into Elaina’s opening did the girl’s eyes fly back open. She grabbed hold of her thighs tighter, pulling her legs further back and open while she craned her head forward to better watch as the woman’s member entered her.

She’d never seen a more beautiful sight than that thick, vein-covered shaft slowly disappearing into her!

As Elaina watched it enter her she noticed for the first time the Elve was hairless around her member. She liked that, it let her see ALL of it. She decided then that she’d shave off her tangled bush of coarse blond hair as soon as she could so that her womanhood would be as unobscured.

“Deeper,” she moaned. When the Priestess was buried to the hilt inside of her she moaned out, “fuck me!” When the woman began thrusting in and out of her she added, “Harder, faster!”

She needed the speed of the thrusts, needed to feel that cock pounding into her insides. It was coaxing a burning inferno inside of her that was about to explode. Moments later it did. Elaina threw her head back into the column behind her and howled in pleasure as she came.

The Priestess grunted out an echoed groan of pleasure as the young Human’s cunt tightened and convulsed around her member.

“Give me your cum,” Elaina demanded, all bashfulness forgotten. “I’ve been a good girl! I deserve it!”

Zarrea slammed a few more times into her then grunted in orgasmic release.

The explosion of internal moisture and pressure pushed Elaina back over the edge and she came a second time, hard enough this time that she felt for a few moments as though she’d blacked out. When the world came back into focus she was slumped back against the column, her arms hanging limply at her sides and her legs open. She could feel the Priestess’ cum oozing slowly out of her opening and the gross, erotic feeling was just as delightful as she’d imagined.

“Thank you,” the girl sighed contentedly.

“Not me,” Zarrea corrected her. “My goddess. Thank Naserette. Praise her, give unto her your nourishing faith as thanks.”

Elaina closed her eyes. “Praise be to Naserette,” she sighed, willing all the faith she had in her to flow out into the Futa Goddess to nourish and strengthen her.

Since beginning to work at the Temple of Ihena Elaina had a lack of faith in their goddess. The girl had kept this hidden, always humoring the Priestesses in the Temple of Ihena and praying with them whenever they asked her to. She’d never felt anything, no divine presence, no giving over of faith to a higher power. But this time Elaina felt something. It was an odd sensation, a disappearance of something she’d always had within her but hadn’t ever felt till it was suddenly absent from her.

The emptiness didn’t concern her. She knew the thing she’d given the goddess Naserette would quickly return. It was why the gods blessed mortals, their faith sustained them and there would always be more faith to give. Elaina also knew that as a Human the candle of her faith burned brighter than that of all other races. It was why Humans, with their short lives when compared to most other races, were the most commonly blessed devotees of the gods.

Elaina found herself humming happily to herself as she luxuriated in the dual feelings of being spiritually emptied while being physically filled with an impressive amount of cum. The feel of it slowly oozing and trickling out of her was particularly something the girl enjoyed, savoring every aspect of the sensation. The raw grossness of it came with an animal thrill that was as satisfying as the peaceful contentedness that followed sexual release.

“Are you truly so happy and sated after such a quick fuck?” Zarrea asked.

“It’s the feel of your cum oozing so obscenely out of me,” Elaina told her, grinning happily at the woman, her eyes darting to the beautiful sight of her flaccid but still impressively sized member hanging between her legs. “And I am finding great joy knowing the stuffy uptight women at the Temple of Ihena would be offended by the lewd display of me laying her after letting something so ‘wrong’ as you have your way with me.”

The Priestess of Naserette chuckled. “And what would they say if they were informed that I drove their blessing out of that pendent of Ihena you wear around your neck? Not only that but replaced what power it had with a pregnancy ward. I could ejaculate buckets of cum into you for a month and a child would never take hold in your womb.”

Elaina shivered at the phrase “ejaculate buckets of cum into you”, her hand slipping down so she could noisily finger herself. The squelching sound of her fingers rubbing them slipping in and out of her cum-filled cunt made her shiver again, moaning indecently as she reveled in the sounds.

“If only you COULD ejaculate buckets of cum into me,” Elaina sighed wistfully, trying to imagine even more cum than was already leaking out of her and struggling to picture it. She’d been under the impression a normal man ejaculated much, MUCH less than what the Priestess had pumped into her.

“With Naserette’s blessing many things are possible,” Zarra began.

Elaina could tell she was going to continue and was perplexed that she’d suddenly cut herself off. Intrigued, she sat up and looked at the Elven woman. “What is it?”

“I’ve just had an idea,” she said, a sly, almost evil-looking grin pulling at her lips. “Or perhaps it was a bit of divine inspiration. Put your small clothes back on and then come with me to the lectern where we’ve stored the tome you brought me,” she commanded.

Once there the Priestess began looking through the tome. Seeing the book was written in a language she couldn’t understand Elaina quickly lost interest in the book’s contents. While the Priestess flipped through the pages nearly all of Elaina’s attention turned to the feeling of the woman’s cum oozing freely out of her, enjoying how it was moistening her undergarment. She particularly enjoyed the way the little damp patch clung to her womanhood.

“Here is the incantation we will use,” Zarrea proclaimed, slamming a finger down on the open page. “You will stand by me as I read it. There’s a good girl, only come a little closer. Now pull your dress up and hold it there with one hand then with the other hold your small clothing open.”

“Are you going to admire all the cum leaking out of my pussy?”

“No, little one, I’m going to be adding to the mess in there,” the Priestess told her.

Elaina was going to ask what the woman meant then grew distracted. The girl gasped in surprise and excitement when she saw that the Priestess’ big blue cock was swelling once more in arousal. In moments it stood at attention, rigid and throbbing.

“How are you so hard again so soon?” Elaina asked, her voice breathy with excitement.

“I am blessed by my goddess, blessed with this cock, and blessed with the stamina to use it as much as I want. I can be hard whenever I want and cum as much as I want.”

Elaina looked up at the Priestess, awe on her face. “Naserette be praised,” she whispered reverentially.

“May her power and perversion ever grow,” Zarrea replied. “Now stand there and be silent while I read this incantation.”

Elaina did as she was told, standing awkwardly at first and feeling silly holding her dress up and her underwear open. The awkwardness left her as soon as the Priestess began reading the incantation. It was in an arcane language the girl did not understand but she could feel its power.

The world around her became charged with something she’d learned to recognize as the feel of divine magic, although as always the Priestess of Naserette’s magic felt VERY different from the magic she encountered at the Temple of Ihena.

She felt it flowing through the church into the Priestess, causing her to glow faintly with sparking, red-colored divine energy. That was another difference she’d noticed. Magic infused with The Corruption seemed to always manifest with that same red glow and sparking effect.

Elaina’s eyes fell on the woman’s throbbing cock. She held it as she chanted, the power flowing through the room into her gathering in it.

Elaina marveled at the precum building up at the tip. What started as a bead of delicious-looking moisture soon swelled to a glob so big it dripped from her cock to land on the temple floor, sizzling with sparking red light and soaking into the temple.

That was when Zarrea began jerking off. She kept reading the incantation but shifted her body, holding her big blue cock over Elaina’s open underwear and pointing her dick at the girl’s pussy.

She’s going to cum in my small clothes, Elaina realized, filled with a rush of perverse, carnal excitement. She’s going to jerk off and cum in my small clothes as part of some ritual! What will the ritual do? the girl wondered. Will it do something to me or just her cum?

Elaina struggled as the event played. As the Priestess jerked off and ejaculated load after load of cum into her underwear the girl fought against the impulse to touch herself. To rub the cum all over her pussy and gather it up in her fingertips so she could push it into her wet hole. To grab the Priestess’ cock and help her along, stroking and jerking her off. She’d never done that, but after watching Zarrea she was certain she could.

In the end Elaina lost track of how many times the woman came in her underwear. Looking down and marveling at the oozing mess the girl couldn’t help but be in awe of Naserette’s power. “There’s so much of it! I never imagined seeing and feeling so much cum all at once. And it all came from you!”

“It is a manifestation of Naserette’s might,” Zarrea said, voice faint and weak. “And it has drained me,” she added. “I must rest. And you must return to the Temple of Ihena.”

“Like this?” Elaina asked, excited. To walk into the place soiled the way she was would be an affront to Ihena and possibly despoil the sanctity of the temple. That was something that brought her great pleasure.

“Yes, but you need to keep the mess in your small clothing hidden from those in the temple.”

“What will happen when I bring so much of your cum into the temple? What did the incantation do?”

“I will not tell you,” Zarrea said firmly. “Have faith that Naserette will lead you. Now go, and remember, do not let anyone know. And enjoy it. Enjoy the feel of it pressed messily against your pussy. Enjoy the feel of the divine magic soaked into it as it soaks against your fleshy folds.”

Elaina nodded. “I will. I will be a good girl,” she quickly added. “And I will let Naserette guide me!”

* * *

When the first moment of divine inspiration arrived it shocked Elaina. In a flash she’d felt clearly what she was meant to do, but the compulsion had felt nothing like she’d expected. It had been subtle yet inescapable, a feeling she KNEW came from without yet felt as natural as deciding to turn a corner.

Go about my normal duties, that’s what Naserette wants me to do.

The girl had expected doing so to be a challenge after all that had happened in the other temple. But once she began her normal daily duties of cleaning and attending to the needs of the Temple of Ihena she felt herself fall into familiar patterns, moving almost on instinct.

I’ve become something more than I was, she thought. A spy at best here in the Temple of Ihena, and something much darker at worst.

Yet the realization of that reality easily fell to the back of her mind as she took on the persona she’d lived the last few years in the Temple. She moved passed Priestesses and Paladins with abilities she knew should have betrayed her for what she had become, but none seemed any the wiser.

It’s the enchanted cum in my small clothing… that disgustingly joyous erotic feeling of it clinging so grossly to my womanhood. It’s infused with Naserette’s divine blessings and protecting me. But there’s more at work here… I can feel that soon I’ll be called on to DO more. I’m being positioned for something, I can feel it.

For what, she did not know. But she was exhilarated to discover what she was needed for, hoping whatever it was led to depraved perversions the likes of which she was as yet able to imagine.

A few hours after her return to the temple she was called to attend the Holy Council. The council consisted of the most important members of the Temple, the most powerful devotees of Ihena who led the other women of the temple and all Ihena’s faithful in the nearby lands.

When Elaina arrived the women were just sitting down at a meeting table to begin a planning session. What the girl overheard revealed the meeting was one the women considered most urgent and would be going on for some time.

The gathered women paid no attention to Elaina. As a servant she was part of the background of the temple, no more worthy of note than a chair or pitcher of water till you required its use. She took advantage of the way they barely noticed her, standing to wait for a command while listening closely to their every word.

“We’ve all sensed it,” the High Priestess declared. “The growing presence of The Corruption in the city. Threats to us and everything decent in this world beginning to fester and grow stronger.”

“We need to act soon,” one of the most imposing Paladins declared. “We need-” the woman began but cut herself. “We need refreshments,” she said, with a nod to the others. “Wine,” she declared. “You, servant girl,” she added, snapping her fingers before pointing at Elaina. “Bring us wine.”

Elaina bowed. “As you wish, your holiness,” she said before quickly leaving the room. She wanted to get their drinks and return as fast as she could. Overhearing their planning session and being able to pass on what she learned to Zarrea seemed important, although it wasn’t the thing Naserette was positioning her for.

Still, it MUST be important, she told herself.

When she entered the larder where the wine was kept and found no other servants there she felt a rush of rightness. Once more she felt driven by divine inspiration and, letting the feeling lead her, closed and locked the door to the room.

Alright, she thought looking around. What am I meant to do?

Again, she felt the thing to do was whatever the women of the temple expected her to do. She grabbed an ornate tray and placed enough stemless wine glasses to serve up wine to each of the women in the meeting. She then chose a bottle of one of the fancier wines to add to the tray but stopped.

The divine inspiration had returned. She let it lead her, letting the power flowing into her control her actions.

Elaina grabbed the corkscrew she would have brought with her and used it to open the bottle of wine. Then, shocked at what she was watching herself do, she tipped the wine bottle over and poured the entire contents on the larder floor.

After shaking out the last drop of purple-red wine she held the bottle up. “I have to refill it,” she whispered. “I have to refill it with what’s in my small clothing.”

Even though she doubted she could get much of the cum into the bottle she tried. It was awkward pulling her underwear open and trying to dip the wine bottle into her soaked small clothes to collect the semen. She had more luck scraping the bottle’s opening against her womanhood, but even after that there was barely any cum in the bottom of the bottle.

Elaina feared what would happen to her if she failed to carry out Naserette’s will. She set the wine bottle down and prepared to strip out of her clothes and try to squeeze more of the cum out of her underwear. But before she could the contents of the wine bottle began to glow with sparking red energy.

The girl stood transfixed as the magic soaked into what cum was in the bottom of the bottle. As soon as the magic dissipated the cum started to expand. Slowly, but steadily, the wine bottle filled with cum.

“A holy miracle,” Elaina whispered as she stared at the thick, gooey white substance filling the bottle. “Naserette be praised and may her power and perversion ever grow.”

Once the bottle was full she understood what she had to do. I have to serve them the cum-wine. I have to ensure they drink the whole bottle. But how? They will see it’s not wine as soon as I bring it into the room…

She couldn’t imagine how she’d accomplish her task but the divine inspiration that had brought her to that point pushed her on, reassuring her all would go to plan.

“Finally,” one of the Holy Council said as Elaina nervously entered the room carrying the tray of cum-wine. “I’m parched. Planning how to save an entire city is thirsty work. Drinks girl, pour them out and don’t stop till each of us has a glass in our hands.”

They aren’t looking at the cum-wine! Every time one of them starts to look my way they avert their eyes just before seeing the bottle. There must be some enchantment keeping them from seeing it! This is going to work, Naserette be praised this is going to work.

Elaina set the tray down on a side table and picked the bottle of cum-wine up, admiring the thick gross white substance filling it. As she poured the gooey fluid into the cups she had to fight the urge to dip her fingers into a glass of cum to taste it, but she didn’t dare. The same divine inspiration leading her to pour out the cum-wine was warning her against sampling even a taste.

Once the glasses were full she began handing them out. She watched, still in amazement, as none of the women seemed to notice the glasses they were being handed were full of cum!

Then they began drinking them. Sipping as though they were savoring a fine wine. None seemed to notice the taste and consistency were nothing like the wine they were expecting. Elaina watched, stunned, as the women began to moan their appreciation.

“This may be the finest wine I’ve ever tasted,” one proclaimed.

Another tipped her glass back and drained it, gulping down mouthfuls of thick cum. “More,” she declared, holding her glass out to be refilled.

Elaina rushed to the bottle, fearing the spell keeping these women from realizing what they were drinking would be broken once she poured out the last glass or two of the cum-wine. Her worry melted away when she saw that the bottle had refilled itself when she wasn’t looking.

Excited and no longer nervous, the girl went about moving from woman to woman, refilling their wine glasses as they held them out and demanded more.

But what will it do to them?

Elaina watched in silence as the women in the room all started to grow drowsy. It was subtle at first, but with every minute that ticked by it became more pronounced. Eyelids grew heavy, limbs moved slowly, and hands acted as though they didn’t have the strength to lift cups anymore. Oddest of all was how no one seemed to notice either their drowsiness or that of the others around them.

Then, suddenly, the drowsiness became something else. The women fell into a trance, mouths falling open as their eyes lost all focus.

Elaina went about the room, carefully waving a hand in front of the women. None responded. She stopped and poked one of them in the cheek. Nothing.

What am I meant to do now?

The answer came through a compulsion she recognized as divine inspiration from Naserette. Elaina looked around the room, letting Naserette’s will guide her. Her eyes stopped on a Priestess, an older one who had been at the temple for a long time.

Elaina went to her, grabbing her by the shoulders and turning the woman to face her. “You will take me to who you have imprisoned here and help me release her,” she told the woman, putting as much command into her voice as she could muster.

The entranced Priestess nodded. “Yes,” she muttered. “I will take you to who we have imprisoned here,” she added as she stood. “And I will help you release her.”

Elaina had no idea who this “her” was. She’d never heard any talk about someone being imprisoned in the temple and had never seen any part of it that could serve as such a thing. But she trusted in Naserette and her power, following after the entranced Priestess and only momentarily wondering what would happen to the women they were leaving behind.

The Priestess led Elaina through the temple, taking her into a wing the girl had rarely entered. There the Priestess brought them into a small shrine, one of the many spread throughout the temple as places for the devotees of Ihena to stop and pray in private.

Elaina watched as the Priestess stood in the center of the little room and began to chant. Once the holy light of Ihena was flowing around her the Priestess knelt and started tracing arcane symbols on the floor. Wherever her fingers went glowing lines appeared, as if she was simply lighting up something that had been hidden there.

Once a complicated series of round shapes and glyphs were traced into the floor she got up and stood back, muttering one final prayer. The stone floor cracked as the glyphs faded from sight.

At first Elaina thought the floor was crumbling but realized it was being reshaped, sinking to form a spiral staircase descending below the temple.

“I will take you to who we have imprisoned here,” the woman said, voice free of emotion. “And I will help you release her.”

The room they descended into was large, cold, and lit only by the glow of countless runes and strange geometric shapes etched into the walls with divine magic. Elaina understood at once. The room was not the prison, the glowing shapes all around her were.

And so many of them! Whoever is imprisoned here must be incredibly powerful.

“That I am, girl,” a deep, raspy female voice called out. When Elaina looked around and could not find who had spoken the same voice laughed. “The Priestess must reveal me, it is part of the magic holding me here.”

Elaina looked to the entranced Priestess beside her.

“I have taken you to who we have imprisoned here. I will now help you release her,” the woman said in a slow monotone. She raised her arms and began an incantation that soon had her hands glowing with the divine power of Ihena. That power eventually pulsed along with the magical seals making up the prison, a sign the Priestess was gaining control over the magic of the prison.

Elaina felt the presence of the prisoner before she saw her. Power, like that of a god only smaller. Like a sliver of a god, removed and made flesh to wander Alaria almost as a mortal.

Her eyes were drawn to the center of the room. What had once been empty space now contained the strangest woman Elaina had ever seen. She had amethyst-colored skin like a Night Elve, but even though she had pointed ears it was clear this woman was no member of that race. Extending from her upper forehead just by her hairline were black horns, ribbed like a goat’s and curved back tightly against her head. Huge leathery purple wings extended from her back and those more than anything told Elaina what this woman was.

“You’re a Demoness,” Elaina gasped.

“Indeed I am,” she replied, looking at Elaina with great interest. “Imprisoned here for… well, far longer than you’ve been alive, little Human slut. The temple was built to help keep me imprisoned. I was once Naserette’s most powerful servant and it has taken much of Ihena’s focused divine power to keep me here, weakening me slowly over the many, MANY decades I’ve been held here.”

The Demoness had been a blur at first, then shifting oddly as though only partially part of reality. Elaina had been able to take in what she looked like but only after a time was she able to see clearly how the Demoness was positioned.

She was kneeling, her weight resting on her feet in a position that looked uncomfortable. The Demoness was forced to remain in the position thanks to a series of glowing chains connecting manacles on her wrists and ankles to the floor. The chains also kept the Demoness’ hands by her thighs but prevented her from moving them any closer to what hung limply between her legs.

The sight made the girl instantly wet. She has such a HUGE cock! Bigger than even Zarrea’s, and it’s not even hard.

“And can’t get so as long as I remain in this prison,” the Demoness growled. “And yes, I can hear your thoughts, girl. Few mortals can hide secrets from me.”

As they spoke the entranced Priestess continued to chant. Elaina noticed then that the glowing protections imprisoning the Demoness seemed to be dimming.

“It won’t be long before I’m free. Before I am gone from this vile place. Before I can once again grow hard with Naserette’s power and bring her will into the world by fucking someone.”

When she said this her eyes lingered on Elaina. The look made the girl both shake with fear and quiver with excitement.

“It’s happening,” the Demoness cooed. “The bonds are breaking!”

Elaina blinked. The woman looked different. More vibrant, the power radiating from her not stronger, but felt more acutely. And hadn’t she been naked a moment before?

She wasn’t anymore. The Demoness now was dressed in purple stockings and shoulder-length gloves made of the same fabric. She had on an ornate metal top that cupped and lifted her large breasts while leaving an indecent amount of her cleavage exposed. That metal extended out to her upper arms, curving up into pointed pauldrons.

Nothing had appeared to cover her crotch. Her mighty amethyst-colored cock still hung free, only now not as limp as it had once been. It was far from erect but had begun to thicken and rise slightly.

The chanting Priestess beside Elaina kept glancing at the Demoness, flashes of revulsion and terror appearing on her face each time she looked at the Demoness’ swelling member.

“That’s right, you frigid old cow,” the Demoness spat out. “Look upon Naserette’s blessing in all its glory. Oh, you might SAY it is an abomination, but I see into your mind, woman. It makes you wet. Were I to want to plunge it into your smelly old cunt once I was free you’d spread your legs for me and I’d find you sopping wet with desire.”

The Priestess was shaking. Elaina thought the Demoness’ taunts weren’t helping her escape attempt. If the Priestess was able to shake free of the trance…

Her worry was short-lived. With a roar of joy the Demoness’s bindings exploded. She leaped to her feet, her leathery wings unfurling as they were allowed to stretch for the first time in ages.


The temple shook, dust and small bits of the ceiling fell on them as the runes and glowing shapes forming the Demoness’ prison were broken.

Beside Elaina the Priestess stumbled back as if hit by an invisible force, falling onto her ass. “What’s happened?” she muttered, then seeing the freed Demoness screamed in terror.

“The girl, she comes with me,” the Demoness proclaimed, leaping into the air and flying to Elaina. She grabbed the girl as if kidnapping her. “Look for her at your peril,” she proclaimed as her wings closed in around them.

There was a flash of heat and a powerful blast of divine magic. Elaina felt herself being ripped from where she stood and transported somewhere else. For a moment another power had tried to keep her where she’d been, but that force was easily overpowered by that of Demoness. When the Demoness’ wings unfurled Elaina saw they had been transported to the Hidden Temple of Naserette.

Elaina stumbled forward out of the Demoness’ arms, into the waiting embrace of Zarrea. The Priestess had been waiting, prepared for this moment. She held Elaina, stroking her hair and cooing to calm her.

The girl was trembling. Only now that they were free did she realize how much the encounter had shaken her. The fear of being discovered. The awe of being used so directly by a goddess, something she only now realized was as draining as it had been. And then that terrible prison. It had been stifling and, once free of it, she was aware that The Corruption soaked into her would have meant that she too would have become a prisoner in that place had its power not been broken.

Elaina began to sob, all the intensity suddenly swelling up and bursting out of her.

“It will be okay,” Zarrea assured her. “Now that Rel’rylin is free EVERYTHING will be better for Naserette’s faithful in the surrounding lands.”

“You’ve done well constructing this temple in secret, Priestess,” Rel’rylin told Zarrea as she looked around. “Others will soon flock to it. We will need them, the women that kept me imprisoned must be punished.”

“What of the girl?” Zarrea asked, hugging the still sobbing Elaina to her. “Will they come for her to punish her for helping you escape?”

“No,” the Demoness said, turning to grin at Zarrea. “The cum-wine will ensure the women of the council have no memory of how they became entranced, with all trace of the drink being magically scrubbed from existence. Only the one who conducted the ritual to free me from my prison saw the girl with me, and only for a moment. I grabbed her and made it seem like she was an innocent I was stealing away.”

Rel’rylin paused, looking at Elaina intensely. The girl couldn’t see the Demoness, her back was to her, but she could FEEL her gaze.

“They WILL come looking for her, but to rescue her not punish her. Perhaps we will let some of them find her so we can entrap a few. Perhaps we’ll let the girl return to the temple to be lauded as a hero for escaping our grasp. I do not yet know what service she will provide beyond what she is owed today.”

“Owed?” Elaina sniffled, the word shocking her out of her crying fit. She turned, remaining in Zarrea’s protective arms. “What am I ‘owed’?” Her voice was full of fear. “I did everything that was asked of me! I FREED you!”

“Silly girl,” Zarrea cooed, stroking her hair once more. “It is not a punishment you are owed. You’ve been a VERY good girl. You are owed a reward. A treat. A blessing bestowed by Naserette’s servant, the Demoness Rel’rylin.”

She turned the girl and presented her to the Demoness. “Rather young and awkward and not yet grown into her beauty. But there’s still much to find pleasing about her, much to harden the cock. Still naive and inexperienced, but oh so eager to become further corrupted.”

“Yes,” Rel’rylin purred. “Much to harden the cock.”

Elaina’s eyes darted to the Demoness’ member. It was swelling, growing harder with every beat of the being’s heart. As it grew harder it increased the woman’s supernatural presence, bringing with it a magical aura along with an intoxicating scent of arousal.

“Go to her,” Zarrea told Elaina. She shoved the girl forward, grabbing her clothing and ripping it off her as she stumbled toward the Demoness. She was left only in her underwear as she crashed into the imposing Demoness.

“Look at me,” the tall woman demanded, wrapping one arm around Elaina’s back to pull her in against her body while grabbing her face with the other to force her to look up at her. “So much potential… You’ll be a VERY useful tool to carry out Naserette’s will here on Alaria. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Y-yes,” Elaina stammered, overwhelmed by the Demoness’ supernatural presence.

She was also distracted by the feel of her mighty cock. It was wedged between them, hard and throbbing. The tip was leaking a steady stream of precum that was moistening her belly where the cockhead was pressed into her.

“Kneel,” the Demoness commanded as she let go of Elaina and took a step back.

The girl dropped to her knees. When she looked up the Demoness was looming above her, cock in hand and holding it over the girl’s head.

Elaina marveled at the erotic beauty of the underside of it. How hard it was. How thick the pulsing veins covering it were. And that delicious cockhead! She liked how different the shaft and cockhead looked from this angle. She wanted to rise to her knees and lick it. Kiss it. Suck on the shaft and maybe even balls.

“Will you submit to me as your new lord?”

“Yes,” Elaina said without hesitation.

The Demoness lifted her cock and then let it fall onto the girl’s face. It landed with a meaty “thwack”, a sound that made Elaina shiver with delight while she gushed between her legs.

“You’re a good little futa-cock addict, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Elaina moaned as the Demoness began rubbing her huge cock from side to side on her face.

The girl closed her eyes, indulging in the feel and smell of the Demoness’ member. She opened her mouth and started licking then sucking on the shaft.

“After all that time imprisoned I am in desperate need of emptying my balls,” the Demoness growled, rubbing her cock down Elaina’s face as if it shove it in her mouth. “But not in this hole. I need pussy.”

In a flash the Demoness had hold of Elaina. She flew into the air, taking the girl to a corner of the temple where there was a large table-like stone altar. As she landed she ripped the girl’s underwear off. “You will receive your reward now,” she declared, the temple shaking with her barely restrained desire.

“Take me,” Elaina moaned as the woman bent her over the altar. “Shove your huge Futa cock in my pussy. Fill me till it hurts. Pound me till I scream!”

“See?” Zarrea asked as she strode to join them. “Eager. Desperate for more.”

Elaina thrilled at the sight of the Priestess disrobing and revealing her cock standing at attention.

They are BOTH going to fuck me, Elaina realized.

The thought almost made her cum. Everything that had happened had been so tense and sexually charged. Her body was primed for release. But it was more than that, there was an aura around the Demoness that brought and heightened arousal.

Elaina DID cum when the Demoness rammed her huge cock into her tight cunt. It was not a gentle action, an expression of a loss of control. She could no longer hold back, she WOULD fuck Elaina and she WOULD drain her balls in the girl and NOTHING would stop that.

As she entered Elaina the Demoness grabbed hold of the girl’s long blond hair, wrapping it around her hand as she pulled her head back. Elaina rose onto her hands and knees, partially so the pain of the hair pulling was lessened, but more to better position herself for the fucking she was so eager to receive.

Elaina groaned in pain as the woman continued to pull on her hair, thrilled by the way it combined with the feel of the Demoness’ huge, thick member filling her to the point she felt might break her. She groaned louder when the Demoness pulled tighter on her hair to hold Elaina in place as she pounded her from behind.

The girl’s whole body shook, her little breasts bouncing widely under her. She felt ripples of plump flesh roll up her ass every time the Demoness pounded into her. She felt her cunt gush each time Rel’rylin almost pulled out only to slam deep into her once more.

Elaina grunted in delight. She moaned with pleasure. She gasped in ecstatic pain as the Demoness yanked on her hair. Elaina couldn’t imagine receiving any more pleasure than she was.

Then Zarrea stepped in front of her and slapped her in the face with her cock. Elaina came, her vaginal muscles spasming as the Priestess rubbed her cock all over the girl’s face. She reveled in the raw gross erotic beauty of it, moaning in delight then thrilling even deeper when the Priestess silenced her moans by shoving her cock in the girl’s mouth.

She lost herself for some time after that. The sexual bliss was too intense, too much for her to fully process.

She was next clearheaded enough to feel beyond the indecent pleasure of being double-teamed by the Demoness and Priestess when she was lifted off the altar. Her cunt was overflowing with thick, gooey moisture. She came in me! The Demoness came in me and now my pussy is drenched in her demon semen. Oh gods… to be defiled so deliciously! Naserette be praised.

“I desire to see your face, little Human slut,” Rel’rylin declared. She turned Elaina to face her while keeping her cock inside the girl. Elaina wrapped her limbs around the Demoness, awed by how large and firm and powerful the woman felt. The ornate armor was gone, allowing her large dense breasts to press into Elaina’s chest. The girl thrilled at the feel, at the perverse mixing of the feminine feel of the Demoness’ breasts pressed against her alongside the masculine feel of her cock filling her cunt.

Elaina tried to say something as she stared up into the Demoness’ lust-filled face. All she managed to do was pant in pleasure while her tongue lolled from her mouth.

“Join us,” Rel’rylin told Zarrea. “Grab the helpless little slut’s legs and hold them open. Use her asshole. Enough of my cum is oozing out of her front fuck-hole that you’ll have plenty of lube.”

The world became a swirl of overwhelming sensations once more, all intensified by the Demoness’ aura. Elaina faded in and out of it all, her mind too overwhelmed to process anything for long.

There was intense pain as the Priestess entered her asshole, but it was eased by the Demoness’ cum. And once past the tightest part of her puckered hole the pain lessened, eventually becoming only pleasure.

The sensation of having both her holes filled by such large cocks was incredible. The feel of cum squelching noisily out of her pussy and then oozing messily down to act as lubrication for the member pounding her asshole was so deliciously disgusting it pushed her over the edge to climax each time she was aware of it. And the warmth of the two women’s bodies around her, their divine power, their breasts pressed into her naked flesh, it all mixed into one confusing incredible sensation she’d never forget.

Elaina came till she thought her mind would break and then she came some more. The violent bout of orgasms was a holy revelation, a divine reward for carrying out Naserette’s will so obediently.

But it was a carnal joy the inexperienced, simple Human girl could only handle for so long. The intense pleasure was soon too much and before long she passed out. Her final clear thoughts were ones of joy and certainty she’d finally found meaning in life.

* * *

Several Months Later

The pleasant soreness Elaina felt between her legs was the first waking sensation the girl felt as she clung happily to the last of sleep. She rolled over, wiggling to get more comfortable in the pile of blankets and pillows on the ground she slept on.

Zarrea must have carried me in here after I passed out. The girl smiled at the memories of what had been being done to her before she passed out, then grinned wider as she thought about the Priestess’ part in the group sex. She takes such good care of me. Letting me sleep in her room. Doting on me, always telling me I’m the best temple pet she’s ever encountered.

She shifted again, lazily reaching up to touch the leather collar around her neck. Even since the day she’d helped the Demoness Rel’rylin escape she’d worn it. They’d collared her, declaring her a pet of the temple, a woman whose sole purpose would be to attend to the spiritual needs of those blessed by Naserette by helping them “pray” through sexual release.

It hadn’t seemed like it would be a demanding job those first few days. Zarrea was a woman filled with strong sexual needs, but once Rel’rylin was freed she’d become so busy she’d rarely had time to make use of Elaina’s services. And after her “reward” for saving the Demoness the imposing woman had not once touched Elaina.

Elaina had just begun to fear the life she’d chosen would end up being a lonely one when everything changed. Other followers of Naserette began flocking to the city. The hidden temple became a place that was constantly crowded, eventually growing even more busy than the Temple of Ihena had been.

And nothing like that place, Elaina thought happily. There was happiness there, even joy in their worship. Yet it was always a place where even the happy moments were restrained. And more often than not the business of the temple was carried out with stern diligence. There was much quiet, secluded worship and meetings where serious matters were discussed with studious solemnity.

The Hidden Temple of Naserette was nothing like that. It was a place of constant joy and nonstop perversion. Often it felt more like a brothel than a temple, with the worship of Naserette almost always being carried out through sexual acts. The sounds of vigorous orgies filled the temple nearly every hour of the day, a beautiful cacophony of moist, sloppy couplings Elaina had grown to revel in.

The girl buried her face in the mound of pillows and blankets under her, grinning in delight at the memories of the last few months. The loneliness she’d feared had never manifested for her with her life being the opposite. She’d had only a few rare moments when she was alone, and most were like the one she was in then: a short respite before or after sleep as she was allowed to recover to better serve Naserette’s faithful.

Her life had become a thing of constant, joyful, indulgent sexual perversion. Her waking hours were spent being passed around the temple, servicing those blessed by Naserette. She’d become more than just a temple servant. She was a temple pet and fuck-shrine, collared and leashed, anybody’s to use. And when someone wasn’t making use of her services it was expected that she’d proactively offer them to anyone in need of prayer or release.

Thinking back on how sexually naive she’d been amused her greatly. That naivety had been quickly shed as she had everything imaginable done to her along with a great many things she’d never have been able to imagine on her own.

Through it all she’d learned. Learned how to please a woman blessed by Naserette. How to make her cum. How to prolong her pleasure if that’s what she wanted. How to read such a woman’s body and intuit her desires so she could please her in the most satisfying ways possible.

Months of learning. Months of practice. Why, I bet I could give every whore in this city a run for their money! The thought made her glow with delight. And unlike THEM, I don’t do this for money. I do it because it makes me happy, and because serving this way is a form of worship to the goddess I’ve devoted myself to.

Her mind returned to how long she’d been happily living out her new life. She thought it was months, but she wasn’t sure how many. There were no windows in the temple and she was rarely close enough to the door when it opened to see what time of day it was outside. She’d go days or even weeks without having any real sense of whether it was day or night outside the temple.

There was no way to judge it by the activity inside the temple either. Naserette’s faithful conducted their business in hiding which them to be as likely to have business in the temple in the dead of night as they were in the middle of the day.

She’d thought little about what was going on outside the temple these last few months. She heard snippets of conversations but never paid much attention to them. Her life was one of service and religious devotion expressed through the serving of these women’s blessed cocks.

Still, she DID know some things even if she felt they weren’t personally meaningful to her life. The escape of Rel’rylin had started a conflict between the faithful of the two temples that sounded almost like a war to Elaina. It wasn’t a war being fought on open battlefields; it was something more subtle. Fought in shadows, a thing of sexual corruption as Ihena’s faithful were tempted away from their faith or, when that was not possible, “disappeared”.

Elaina didn’t know what that meant and hadn’t bothered to ask. That was part of the world OUTSIDE the temple. Her world was only that of the world INSIDE it.

“This is my world,” Elaina purred, stroking her collar. She found the leash attached to it and rubbed it lovingly against her cheek. “This is all I need,” she added with a satisfied sigh.

Since being collared it had been the only thing she’d worn. The lack of clothing had been something she’d needed to adjust to, especially since she found her body so lacking when compared to the others in the temple. But over time she’d come to feel being unclothed was how she was meant to be and now hoped to never be forced to wear anything other than the collar and leash.

The door into Zarrea’s small bedroom swung open. “I sensed you were awake, little one,” the woman said as she strode into the room. As she closed the door behind her she snapped her fingers, using a bit of her divine magic to make the lights in the room turn on. Purple flame erupted into life in the sconces on the walls, filling the darkness with the sensual light that Elaina had come to love so much.

“Good morning, Priestess Zarrea,” Elaina said, sitting up and yawning as she stretched. “Are you here to help me with my morning prayers and to give me my breakfast?”

“Of course,” the woman said, stopping to run her hands through Elaina’s blond hair before walking past her towards the recliner in the far corner of the room. On the way she shrugged off her robes, leaving her naked when she sat.

Elaina eagerly scrambled onto her hands and knees and crawled to the woman. Once there she bowed, holding the end of her leash up. “I submit to you, Priestess. I submit to Naserette’s might. I beg that you allow her lowly servant to pray with you. And I hope my service and prayer will be rewarded with cum blessed by Naserette, the only sustenance this lowly servant now needs.”

Only after Zarrea took the leash and tugged on it did Elaina rise and look up at the woman. She practically squealed in delight at the sight of the woman’s legs spread open, her magnificent, thick, veiny blue cock already swelling in anticipation.

“Begin your worship and earn your breakfast, little one,” Zarrea said, smiling kindly at the girl.

Elaina moved closer, grabbing hold of the woman’s cock and holding it up like it was a holy relic. She nuzzled her face into the underside then shifted her face so she could kiss it. Moaning indecently, she began licking and kissing down to the woman’s balls then back up to attend to that strange, lovely place where the skin of her shaft met in a fleshy tab under the tip of her cockhead.

“Naserette be praised,” Elaina sighed happily between wet kisses and sloppy drags of her tongue up and down the woman’s cock. “May her power and perversion ever grow,” she added before rising to take the end of Zarrea’s large member into her mouth.

She sucked vigorously, letting herself drool profusely on the woman’s meaty member. Every few bobs of her head she pulled away, gasping for breath then shoving her face into the place under the woman’s cock where her balls hung. She’d move her face back and forth, licking, sucking, and slurping on her as she inhaled the potent scent of her cock. Sweaty maleness that shouldn’t be along with the strong smell and taste of old semen mixed with the scent and flavor of other women’s cunts.

The tastes and odors were intoxicating to her, a potent reek and flavor she was always eager to savor. It was something Elaina could never get enough of and would have selfishly indulged in for hours without pause.

But even though she enjoyed her morning worship it was not something she did for her own pleasure. She was worshiping her goddess, and that meant pleasuring Zarrea.

As she sucked her off, putting all the skills she’d learned the last few months to use, she prayed to Naserette in her mind. She knew that wasn’t necessary, just pleasuring the cock of a woman blessed by the Futa Goddess was a form of worship. But she liked repeating the words in her head, and the more vigorous her prayers were the more delicious and filling the woman’s cum would end up being.

She was always most hungry in the morning. That first load of cum, usually provided by Zarrea, would do much to make her belly feel full. By the time she was ready to pass out from exhaustion she’d have sucked down enough cum to feel full to bursting.

It was the only substance she’d had since beginning her service in the temple. She took in no other drink and ate no other food, only cum. Through Naserette’s blessings it was all she needed. It had even helped her put on a little weight which had helped her awkwardly narrow figure fill out a little, although not by much.

When Zarrea came Elaina sucked and gulped it down with thankful religious devotion. When she slurped the Priestess’ cock out of her mouth she bowed her head, resting her forehead against the underside of it, to say a quick prayer of thanks to Naserette.

“Feeling refreshed?” the woman asked Elaina.

“Very,” the girl replied, letting go of her member as it went limp and smiling up at the Priestess. “I’m ready to begin my day! I assume there is need for me in the temple?”

“I’m sure there is,” Zarrea said as she rose from the chair. “My robes, little one, put them on me.”

Elaina did as she was commanded, holding the end of her leash out for the woman to take once she was done.

Zarrea took it and headed for the door. “Come along, I’m sure we’ll be able to find a use for you. After all, it is rather busty out there today.”

When they left the small bedroom, Zarrea leading the girl as she crawled on all fours, Elaina saw what she meant. She’d never seen the temple so full! Everywhere she looked women were busy fucking.

So many women blessed by Naserette… So many huge, thick, beautiful hard cocks. And so many women like me servicing them.

Many of Naserette’s faithful arrived at the temple in groups, twos, threes, or sometimes more. If they came in groups at least one of them would be like Elaina: a devotee of the Futa Goddess, but one not destined to be blessed by her in the way the others were. Some acted as servants, others partners of equal standing. But all worked to serve their partners’ sexual needs, which served as a form of prayer to Naserette.

Most of these women took on roles like the one Elaina had once they were at the temple. They spent their waking hours helping those blessed with cocks, indulging in their every sexual whim as a form of worship to Naserette.

Sometimes Elaina struggled with issues of jealousy. She was the temple’s only permanent, dedicated fuck-shrine yet these other women were all so exotic and more sexually appealing than her. She envied their beauty and their womanlier bodies. Even though she’d filled out a bit she was still so narrow, with her small imperfectly shaped breasts more than anything something she felt self-conscious about.

Zarrea stopped to admire a group worshiping nearby. Elaina wanted to groan in dismay. The sight seemed to have been summoned from her worst insecurities.

A servant of Naserette was stretched out on a bench, laying on her back with her head hanging over the end. The woman was a beautiful, tall Night Elve with gorgeous purple skin. She had a narrow, well-muscled body, but it was her breast that drew the attention of anyone looking at her. Impressively sized and perfectly shaped for a woman with as thin and fit a build as she had, they were an inescapable presence.

One woman blessed by Naserette was standing at the end of the bench, her cock in the woman’s mouth. Elaina took a moment to admire the sight of the woman’s cock visibly stretching out the other woman’s throat. The sight left Elaina longing to have her throat filled the same way, to endure the pleasure of struggling to breathe as her throat is stretched out while a pair of big sweaty balls slap against her face.

It was the others crowded around the woman on the bench that left Elaina feeling self-conscious and jealous. One blessed by Naserette had just finished fucking the Elve’s magnificent breasts and had shot out an astoundingly large load all over them.

Two servants of Naserette were busy licking the Elve’s chest clean, attending to every inch of her breasts with their tongues in a display she knew was at least a little performative. If they did a good job, and the Elve’s cum-covered breasts were enticing enough, the woman who had just fucked them would grow hard once more and take another turn with either the Elve or one of the other servants of Naserette.

As skilled as Elaina had become she was rarely the center of so much attention. That Elve… All she has to do is just lay there and let them ravish her. She’s even earning the attention of the other servants. My body is just too lacking compared to these other servants of Naserette… I’d never be the center of attention like that.

“Come along,” Zarrea said as she tugged on Elaina’s leash. “This way.”

Elaina looked up at her, realizing it had been no accident they had stopped to watch. She’s trying to teach me something. Zarrea had done that a lot in the beginning, although it had grown rarer as time had gone on. Most of the time it had been so she could learn some new sexual technique, making her watch someone more experienced before being told to try it out afterward.

Then there had been times like this, times it felt the Priestess could see into her mind. Lessons where Elaina was forced to confront an insecurity or was faced with something that challenged the way she’d viewed the world till then. These lessons were often ones she had to figure out mostly on her own, a thing of the mind and not of the body.

So what is she trying to teach me today?

The girl’s anxiety increased when they turned to approach the seat of power that was often the focus of all in the temple. It was a large ornate chair, like a throne only much more comfortable. The seat was reserved for the most powerful and important member of the congregation. At one point that had been Zarrea, but since Rel’rylin’s arrival at the temple only she had sat upon the throne.

The Demoness spent most of her time there. Elaina understood she was weak after her imprisonment, something that she’d struggled to believe at first. The Demoness was so powerful, her presence suffocating at times. But over the last several months the girl had felt the Demoness’ power increasing and in hindsight now could see how weak she’d been when first rescued.

Recovering her power, that’s what everyone says she’s doing. And to do that she needs rest, rest and plenty of devoted worship of the goddess who created her. There’s almost always a servant at her feet or on her lap, servicing her mighty cock. Sucking or riding it.

But never me, Elaina thought, feeling a mix of bitterness and inferiority. Always it is only the most beautiful, sexiest, and most pleasing to fuck that are called to ‘pray’ with her.

The girl had to struggle not to glare at the woman kneeling before the Demoness as they approached, only barely keeping her jealousy and envy in check.

She was a pure-blooded High Elve, her beauty and sexual appeal so perfect she seemed more goddess than mortal. And unlike Elaina’s narrow and imperfectly shaped body the woman was all thick, full, exaggerated perfect curves. And her tits! Huge mounds of perfectly shaped breast flesh that seemed so firm they defied gravity yet were perfectly soft to the touch.

Zarrea stopped, nodding for Elaina to watch. The girl did so unhappily. The High Elve was on her knees between the Demoness’ feet, her back arched away so the Demoness’ cock could better rest on her chest.

Look at the eagerness on Rel’rylin’s face as she grabs hold of the Elve’s huge tits and wraps them around her cock… It’s leaking so much precum in anticipation that she’s able to use it as lube as she fucks the fat-assed slut’s tits.

Zarrea clucked in disapproval.

“I’m sorry, Priestess,” Elaina muttered as she hung her head in shame. She wasn’t sure if the Priestess could read her mind or simply pick up on her emotions. Either way the meaning of the disapproving sound was clear: she was not to think so negatively of fellow servants of Naserette.

“Do not look away,” Zarrea said firmly.

“Yes, Priestess,” Elaina replied, looking back up and watching.

As the scene played out before her Elaina found herself playing with herself. It was often impossible not to when it came to watching the Demoness, she had a supernatural aura of arousal that surrounded her that was impossible to ignore.

One of Elaina’s hands sneaked between her legs so she could finger herself, while the other played with her meager breasts. She longed for a body as curvaceous and perfect as the High Elves and tried to imagine what it would be like to have breasts large enough to pleasure a woman’s cock in that way.

“Do you know who and what that servant of Naserette once was?”

“No, Priestess,” Elaina replied as she watched the Elve and Demoness. The servant read Rel’rylin’s body language and knew when she was about to cum. She had the Demoness’ cock in her mouth just as she started to cum.

“She was once a member of the Sisterhood of Righteousness, a powerful and feared commander. Have you heard of them?”

“Yes,” Elaina replied, burning with jealousy as she watched the Elve gulp down the Demon’s impossibly large load of cum. “They are an all-female order of warriors dedicated to fighting The Corruption.”

“Indeed. And once that woman led warriors to hunt down Naserette’s faithful and slay us like we were no more than vermin. Now look at her.”

Elaina watched as the Elve climbed onto Rel’rylin’s lap, turning to lower herself onto the Demoness’ cock with her back to the Demoness. The girl watched as the Elve shivered in delight, wiggling and working the length of the Demoness’ huge member deep into her till she looked as though it might break her.

“Look at her,” Zarrea repeated. “Look at the joy as she rides Rel’rylin’s cock. Everything she once was forgotten, now giving herself with such enthusiasm to a greater demon of a goddess whose worship she’d once tried to put an end to. And she’s doing more than praying and pleasuring her, she’s letting Rel’rylin siphon off the magical Elven strength within herself so the demoness can continue to grow more powerful.”

“Is that why she’s never touched me after that first day? Because I’ve no power to offer her?”

Zarrea did not answer. Instead, she turned away from the sight, tugging Elaina’s leash to let her know she was expected to follow.

“What two kinds of women are in this temple?”

Elaina knew the answer and recited it without hesitation. “Those blessed by Naserette and those who serve Naserette. Women like you, and women like me.”

“Just so,” Zarrea said with an approving nod. “Tell me, do you think you could tell them apart were they dressed?”

“No,” Elaina replied. In the beginning she’d thought she could but had quickly discovered who were the servants and who were the blessed were not always obvious.

As if to show an example they stopped to watch a couple engaged in lazy worship. A sexy middle-aged woman was lounging on a couch. Elaina was used to seeing her and always admired her exotic beauty. She was a member of the Bunordaen race, which meant she had adorable furry bunny ears sticking up from her head. Her hair and fur were jet black and her skin was dusky colored.

When Elaina had first seen her and the small woman who had arrived with her she’d been certain this woman was the one blessed by Naserette. She was older and carried herself with mature certainty that Elaina had only seen in older women. She’d also had a deliciously thick body, the kind Elaina had seen Naserette seemed more likely to approve of.

But it was not the Bunordaen woman blessed by Naserette, she was the servant.

The girl she’d arrived with, one who looked only a few years older than Elaina, was the one blessed. The girl was a Kittaran, a race of normally submissive cat girls. With her small frame and cute cat ears and fluffy tail she seemed to be the Bunordaen woman’s servant or ward.

As Elaina discovered this was just an act the two put on when traveling Alaria. Like nearly all servants of Naserette they had to keep their true selves hidden from most of the world as worship of the Futa Goddess was often banned in most places. Once they’d relaxed in the comfort of the hidden temple their roles had reversed. The young Kittaran had revealed her huge, blessed member and began indulging in using it to dominate others.

Even now as Elaina stood and watched the small Kittaran sat on top of the lounging Bunordaen, purring happily as she lazily fucked the bunny-eared woman’s large soft breasts. From the multiple loads of cum covering the woman’s face and upper chest she’d been doing so for some time.

“You’re just a sloppy, sloven slut, aren’t you?” the Kittaran purred to the Bunordaen.

“Yes, Mistress,” the woman replied, leaning back and licking some of the thick gooey cum from around her lips. “Just a sloppy slut who lives to serve your cock. Naserette be praised for blessing you with such a meaty, girthy, member!”

“Naserette be praised,” Zarrea said with a nod then moved on, pulling Elaina along with her. As they moved along the Priestess gently tugged at the girl’s leash to draw her attention. “What do you think separates those blessed by Naserette and those chosen to serve?”

“Their glorious, blessed cocks,” Elaina sighed lustfully, looking longingly at the dicks of the women they passed by.

“No,” Zarrea said firmly. “You’re normally admirable cock-lust has led you to misunderstand my question. Let me reword the question: what do those that are blessed by Naserette have that the women who serve do not?”

“I don’t know,” Elaina told her after thinking for a moment.

“What makes these women stand out? You’ve met and serviced many of them and although you’ve mostly been busy helping them worship our glorious goddess you have learned some about them. What kind of women are they?”

“Most seem to be Adventurers,” Elaina said. “Or at least masquerading as them as they go about on the tasks Naserette wishes them to. And those that aren’t Adventurers are women who share many of the same skills as those kinds of people have.”

“Just so,” Zarrea said, patting the girl on the head. “And what allows Adventurers and their ilk the ability to tap into their special powers? Those special abilities Rogues, Barbarians, Paladins, Clerics, and even Priestesses have. What makes it so some people can tap into that special magic and learn to wield it while others can’t?”

Elaina shrugged. “I don’t know, Priestess.”

“They call it ‘the hero’s spark’, a special inherent potential only some have. It gives them the ability to become more. Those blessed by Naserette all have this spark, while most of those chosen to serve lack it.”

 “So it’s something I lack,” Elaina said sadly, hanging her head a bit as she continued to follow after Zarrea on all fours. “There’s nothing special about me…”

Zarrea stopped and knelt before the girl. “Listen to me, little one,” she said as she put a finger under the girl’s chin and lifted her head so they were looking into each other’s eyes. “Even IF you are missing the hero’s spark, which you may not be, you ARE special. You made Rel’rylin’s escape possible and there is something else to you… something unique.”

“What?” Elaina asked. “What is special about me?”

The Priestess smiled kindly. “I don’t know. But Naserette still intends great things for you. In time we’ll discover what special destiny she has planned out for you. You yet have some great purpose you are meant to accomplish, and I sense that one day you will look back at your time here in the temple and see it as only a momentary stop on your way to greater things.”

She stood and offered the handle of the leash to the girl. “It is time to begin your daily duties now. Go, find women to serve. Help them worship. Pleasure them. Put all those skills you’ve learned to good use. And enjoy yourself as you indulge in the glory of Naserette’s blessings.”

* * *

Zarrea watched as the girl rose to her feet and anxiously moved away.

She’d seen this play out day after day. The girl was painfully aware of how plain she looked compared to most of the other servants who spent their time in the temple. Even with all the skills she’d learned she still lacked the confidence to attract the attention of those blessed by Naserette.

But it wouldn’t be long before a woman would snatch the girl up and make use of her. Perhaps it would be someone whose cock was hard and whose balls needed draining and Elaina would be the closest set of warm moist holes to use. But there would be others who WOULD find the girl’s youthful awkwardness as attractive and alluring as any of the other beauties in the temple.

She’s still growing into the woman she’s meant to be, the Priestess thought as she watched Elaina find a partner to worship with. Good. Look how happy she is. Now that there’s a cock in her face all her self-doubt is gone. She’ll drain that woman’s balls as well as any other servant in the temple is able. She’s always been eager, and now she’s as skilled as any of the others.

“You’ve grown too fond of the girl.”

Zarrea didn’t need to turn to see who had spoken. She’d felt Rel’rylin’s approach even when the Demoness had still been half the temple away. Even if she hadn’t she’d known her by her voice. A voice I’d heard in my mind for years. Drawing me here, leading me to found this temple. Helping me find Elaina, leading me in my corruption of the girl.

“She… is dear to me,” Zarrea said carefully. A temple of Naserette was not a place for romantic affections, Naserette was not that kind of goddess. Romantic love was not something her followers were forbidden, but it was discouraged, especially in those blessed by the Futa Goddess.

“I’ve watched her more closely than you know,” Rel’rylin said, voice low so only Zarrea could hear her. “You were right about her, the girl’s enthusiasm is remarkable. And I’ve never seen a Human learn so many sexual skills so quickly. She had a truly perverse heart even before we dug our claws into her mind.”

“Just look at her,” Zarrea said proudly.

Elaina had undressed the woman and led her to a bench. Once she was on all fours the girl had knelt behind her where she began licking and eating her ass till the woman’s cock was thick and hard. Elaina had then pulled out a bottle of oil hidden under the bench and slathered the slippery substance all over the woman’s member to better work it.

“Look at how lovingly she fondles that woman’s balls while eating her ass with such enthusiasm. Look at how skillfully she works her cock, twisting as she strokes her. The woman won’t be able to last long, Naserette be praised.”

“Naserette be praised,” Rel’rylin repeated. “She’s learned much in a short time. I dare say she has little left to be learned here in the hidden temple.”

“It’s time then?” Zarrea asked.

“Yes, time for her to be put to more important use. I know you’ve enjoyed having her as a temple pet and fuck-shrine, but she has the potential to be oh so much more. Naserette has plans for her…”

* * *

Elaina stood nervously in the small chamber, anxiously scratching at her arm. “I don’t understand what we’re doing,” she said, voice shaking slightly as she stared at Rel’rylin. She was finding being trapped in the small room with the Demoness was almost too much to bear. Her presence was too intense with the miasma of arousal that hung around her so strong it was leaving the girl dizzy with it.

“It is time we put you to better use,” the Demoness said without turning to look at Elaina. “No, not that one,” she told to Zarrea who stood beside her. “I’ll know which spell, ritual, or enchantment Naserette wants us to use the girl for when we find it. Keep flipping through the book.”

The tome I stole! So… they mean to use it again. But why involve me?

She saw the Demoness flinch. “Sometimes, girl, the way you think too loudly tries my patience,” Rel’rylin growled.

“Have you ever considered it’s because you might be attuned or connected to the girl because she was the one that helped save you?” Zarrea asked before turning a page in the book. “How about this one?”

“No,” the Demoness answered. “To both. I refuse to believe I am linked to THAT pathetic, scrawny, ugly girl. Naserette has plans for her, this I’ll accept, but she’s not special enough to be tied to me. Not attractive enough, not pleasing enough to my cock.”

“I believe if you spent more time indulging in the pleasures of her flesh you’d find she’s more than pleasing enough for you or any of Naserette’s blessed.”

The Demoness chuckled. “You sound almost as if you’ve fallen in love with the girl. She MAY have some awkward charms the likes of you, Priestess, have fallen for, but my lusts and affections are saved for only the best. I am a Demoness of Naserette, created by our goddess and instilled with a sliver of her divine essence. Only the finest this plane of existence you call Alaria has to offer is fit for me. Oh, I’ll dip my dick in those below my worth when the mood suits me or Naserette requires it, but I will always find the task a bit disgusting.”

Elaina pursed her lips and clawed at her arm harder. She’s cruel! Speaking about me like I’m not even here, yet I can FEEL she’s saying all of this for my ‘benefit’.

“You seemed to not be disgusted by her when you gave her the reward for freeing you,” Zarrea pointed out. “How about this spell? Channeled through her it could help us bring down the very walls of the temple of Ihena.”

“No,” Rel’rylin said. “It does not speak to me. It is not… grand enough. As for when I gave the whelp her reward…” She trailed off, glancing over her shoulder at Elaina. “It had been a VERY long time since I’d emptied my balls and she was owed.”

Elaina had felt something as the woman spoke. A rush of arousal rippled through the room, causing both her and Zarrea to moan softly in response. Elaina didn’t understand what had caused it till Zarrea next spoke.

“The memory of the coupling turns you on,” she accused. “We both felt it, do not deny it.”

“Watch your tone, Priestess,” the Demoness snapped. “You are too fond of the little slut. FAR too fond.”

Elaina could see that Zarrea was about to respond angrily when the Demoness slammed a finger down on the book, preventing her from turning the page.

“This one,” she snapped. “Yes… I can feel Naserette’s divine inspiration. This is the one.”

Elaina rose on her toes and leaned to the side, trying to see past the Demoness’ wings to see the tome. She couldn’t read the words, but she knew the pages were often filled with perverse illustrations that hinted at each page’s meaning.

“This passage here, I don’t understand it,” Zarrea said, shifting how she was holding the book open to better allow the Demoness to read it and preventing Elaina from seeing the pages they were looking at. “I can’t be reading it right. A ritual to draw forth a deity so someone can interact directly with them, but NOT Naserette? Does she truly have the power to call another god forward in that way?”

“Read further,” Rel’rylin said eagerly. “It is a trick. The target deity needs to be deceived. Yes… I understand why we’ve been led to this ritual. Naserette’s grand plan is finally being revealed to me! The ritual, what will we need? Ah… I see. Most distasteful.”

“If you truly feel that way about the girl YOU could chant the ritual and I could perform it on her,” Zarrea suggested. “Perhaps that would even be best. If touching her is as distasteful as you say, would it not interfere with the magic of the thing?”

Elaina perked up. I’ll be the center of the ritual somehow! And are they talking about fucking me as part of it? Oh yes, I’d find that most enjoyable. Something beyond prayer, beyond my job as a fuck-shrine. A purpose beyond what I’ve served! And with Zarrea’s loving hands and magnificent cock working me? A true delight it will be, praise you Naserette!

“No,” Rel’rylin said, crushing Elaina’s hopes just as they’d sprung up. “It must be me. You are powerful, Priestess, but your power is nothing compared to mine. It is true I am still a shadow of my former self, but my power already overshadows all who frequent this temple. It must be me.”

She turned and looked at Elaina. “And it has to be YOU,” she declared, her intense eyes glowing for a moment. “You have some kind of special connection with the book. Perhaps because you were the one who liberated it. The reason doesn’t matter, I just know it is true. Through you its magic is stronger. Through you we will entrap a goddess.”

“Ihena?” Elaina asked. “But how? She’s so powerful!”

“You are a simple-minded young fool who knows very little of how this realm works,” the Demoness sneered. She took a few steps closer to Elaina, her wings stretching to fill the small room. Power radiated from her, causing Elaina to cower. “Kneel,” she barked.

Elaina dropped to her knees, shaking and nearly sobbing as the power of the Demoness filled her with fear.

“You cower at the feel of my might, pathetic little pawn. And in your ignorance you can’t even recognize it is Naserette’s might you are feeling. She acts through me. All gods find it easier to act through mortal, or in my case nearly mortal, vessels. It drains them of less of their power, and when directed through a physical being or object in Alaria their power is magnified. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“Y-yes,” Elaina stuttered.

“Good. But there is so much more you don’t understand. You are simple and weak, and so often in awe of the powers of the gods. You had no love for Ihena yet you served her temple attendants and servants. And think back to how easily Naserette’s power won you over! You think gods have endless power, don’t you?”

“Do they not?” Elaina asked, her brow furrowed as she tried to understand what the Demoness was leading her to understand.

“Compared to you? They might seem so. But there are many limits to their power, and that power ebbs and flows throughout Alaria based on many things, the foremost being the faith of their followers. In a land where a deity is not known they would have little to no power, they might not even be able to SEE that land. If one can weaken a god’s followers in a region, or even wipe them out, then that deity’s powers in that area can be weakened to almost nothing.”

Rel’rylin closed her wings to make room for Zarrea beside her.

“One of our main goals is to rid this region of the followers of Ihena,” the Priestess explained. “Convert them. Make sure they meet fates that leave them cut off from their goddess, perhaps even by ending their lives. And for those left weakening the connection to their goddess by destroying, desecrating, and replacing all of Ihena’s shrines and temples.”

Elaina looked at the two women, still confused and not understanding. “How does the ritual you’ve chosen help do any of that and what do I have to do with it?”

The Priestess and Demoness smiled evilly.

“We need to entice Ihena to us under false pretenses,” Zarrea explained. “And with this ritual we’ll be able to do that. Tell me, little one, is your commitment to Naserette so deep you’d be willing to lie to a goddess, even knowing you might incur her wrath for the rest of your life?”

Elaina wanted to say yes, but she was suddenly filled with fear. She’d seen and experienced how powerful a goddess could be. When she looked at Rel’rylin and saw the expression on her face her heart hardened. She thinks I’m not up to this. She thinks I’ll say I am not brave enough or that my faith is not strong enough for this. Well, she’s wrong!

“Yes,” Elaina said. “What do you need me to do?”

* * *

It hadn’t taken long to set up what was needed for the ritual. Zarrea had needed to draw circles on the floor with chalk, filling the space inside them with arcane runes. After a short prayer the circles and runes were left glowing with Naserette’s divine power. After that all she’d needed to do was take a place by a wall, giving the other two all the room they needed to be within the drawn circles.

“I shall recite the ritual,” she explained to Elaina. “While you get to enjoy some ritualistic sex with Rel’rylin so that Naserette’s divine power can be funneled through her and into you. Once enough is in you you’ll pass out, your spirit leaving your body and slipping into a space between Alaria and the Ethereal plane above where the gods reside. There Ihena will be drawn to you.”

“And then what?” Elaina asked. She was kneeling in the center of the circles drawn on the floor, Rel’rylin looming over her with her huge demonic cock hanging above her head. The wonderful, rank stink of it had her floating in a sea of hazy arousal that was made worse as the Demoness’ blue-purple member began to swell in anticipation of what was about to transpire.

“By the time you slip into unconsciousness you will be filled with Naserette’s divine inspiration. You will know what is needed of you,” Zarrea explained. “Are you both ready?”

“Yes,” Elaina whispered, staring up at Rel’rylin’s huge cock as it swelled in size and length while it rose in arousal above her.

“Yes,” the Demoness added, her voice a greedy growl of carnal hunger. “Let us see what this little slut has learned these last few months. Let us see if she can take a ritual like this and what it requires. Let us see if Naserette truly wishes her will to be worked through her.”

Elaina felt Naserette’s presence the moment the Demoness was done talking. She let it lead her, leaning her head back and rising higher on her knees so that her face was directly under the curved, half-erect length of Rel’rylin’s cock.

She stared at it, waiting for Zarrea to begin chanting the words required for the ritual. She savored the smell of the Demoness’ cock, inhaling the stinking delicious aroma of it. I rich, rank, manly musk mixed with the smells of so many women’s cunts.

Her hands fell between her knees so she could touch herself. As she did she began thinking a prayer to Naserette. She could feel her divine power flowing into the Demoness and beginning to flow slowly into her.

Zarrea began reading from the tome in an ancient language Elaina didn’t understand, yet as ignorant of the words as she was the girl still felt their power.

“I kneel in adoration of Naserette,” she heard herself say, the words coming to her out of nowhere. “I kneel before this manifestation of her power, this blessed, veiny, beautiful cock hardening above my face. To worship it is to worship Naserette in all her perverse glory.”

 Elaina wrapped her hands around the base of the Demoness’ oversized cock. At that moment it seemed to grow bigger, the shaft and balls growing larger in every way till her member was so thick it was as wide as Elaina’s head while each hanging testicle was nearly the size of her face. Whether this was but an illusion of divine power a true physical transformation she neither knew nor cared.

She Hugged the overgrown balls to her and buried her face into the space where the underside of the Demoness’ cock met her hanging ballsack. “Naserette be praised,” she said into the woman’s cock, her voice muffled by it. “May her power and perversion ever grow.”

“Yes, girl, drown in it,” Rel’rylin growled, grabbing the back of Elaina’s head and pushing her face further into the underside of her cock. “Inhale the stink of it. Let it intoxicate you. Let it work its power on you, let it leave you gushing with need for my cock.”

Elaina moaned into the Demoness’ member, slipping a finger into her pussy to find herself sopping wet. She thrust the finger in and out of her dripping hole, praising Naserette in her mind and hoping the ritual would require the Demoness’ overgrown cock to be in her.

It couldn’t possibly fit, yet she had faith Naserette would ensure such a large cock entering her would not tear her open. Anything is possible through faith in my goddess, she thought. Anything!

Rel’rylin grabbed Elaina’s head with both hands and pulled her away from her member. Elaina gasped, having not noticed she was being suffocated till then. She got only a few brief moments to take in air before the Demoness rammed her massive cock into the girl’s open mouth.

Elaina groaned, for a moment certain her mouth wouldn’t be able to open enough to take in its immense girth. The world shifted and moved about her as divine power moved through the room, warping reality to ensure the massive cock would fit in her mouth.

The Demoness rammed her enlarged member deep into the girl’s mouth, growling, “Open your throat, you fucking slut.” Elaina did, allowing the Demoness’s cock to easily invade her throat.

Rel’rylin held her head in place as she savagely fucked the girl’s face, her cock somehow reaching deeper and deeper down her too-small throat with every thrust. Elaina had endured many a rough face-fucking during her time in the temple, but all of it barely prepared her for the unleashed savagery of the Demoness. She was certain if it wasn’t for the power of Naserette flowing through and into her she would not have survived the ordeal.

But she did. And she enjoyed it, masturbating furiously and cumming over and over again. She knew the Demoness enjoyed it as well, for the woman came nearly as much as she did. Her cock would spasm, filling Elaina’s mouth, throat, and belly with load after load of demon cum.

The power of the ritual steadily built, although Elaina was uncertain how long the Demoness fucked her face. Minutes? An hour? More? She couldn’t tell nor did she care. While it was happening she simply wanted it to go on forever.

When Rel’rylin finally pulled her member out of Elaina’s mouth the girl was left gasping for air and filled with an eager, religious zeal for whatever would happen next.

The Demoness’ cock was back to its normal size. She yanked Elaina’s hair to force the girl to bend back and look up at the ceiling. Positioned like that the Demoness was able to drape her cock over the girl’s face. It was covered in a slimy mix of cum and half-vomited-up saliva, a mess that she smeared all over Elaina’s face by rubbing her cock from side to side.

Elaina gasped for air and greedily licked, sucked, and slurped at the mess covering the Demoness’ balls and the underside of her cock.

When Rel’rylin released her and took a step back Elaina had to wipe the slimy mess off her eyes before she could look and see what the ritual had done to the Demoness. Her cock was covered in glowing glyphs seemingly etched into her skin.

Elaina knew at once what needed to happen next. The words Zarrea was reading off were gathering the power of the ritual in and on Rel’rylin’s cock and now that power need to be fucked into her.

She dropped onto her back, grabbing her knees and pulling her legs up and apart. “Take me,” she gasped. “Take me in Naserette’s name. Fuck her divine power into me!”

The Demoness fell upon the girl with carnal hunger that would break the body and mind of any mortal not properly prepared for it.

Elaina howled in delight as her cock plunged deep into her. As the Demoness held Elaina’s knees down by her head she pounded her into the ground, her frantic thrusts causing the temple to shake. Elaina howled louder, cumming repeatedly. Soon it felt like the temple was shaking from her howls of pleasure, the divine power flowing into her and for a time making her more powerful than the Demoness fucking her.

She needed only a little more power to be able to carry out Naserette’s will. Just a little more, she thought, wrapping her legs around the Demoness. Elaina came again, clenching her vaginal muscles as tightly as she could while she did. Cum, Demoness. Cum and give me your seed AND your power! It is the last of what I need.

Rel’rylin came, the amount of seed exploding from her and filling Elaina’s insides so staggering the girl thought she felt her stomach expanding. It intensified her orgasm to the point she felt she’d lose contact with the world. She did, fading not just into unconsciousness but slipping away from her physical form and ascending from the physical plane of Alaria…

* * *

When Elaina was next aware she could feel she was in between worlds. Below her she could feel Alaria, the physical world she’d always known. It was far more vast than she’d imagined possible, seeming to stretch out in every direction endlessly.

“Looking” down she thought she could “see” the people of the world. They were like lights from where she floated. They flickered, some brighter, some fainter. Much of the light of those flames flowed up to things above her.

Elaina followed the light, looking up at what she knew was the Ethereal plane where the gods lived. It was a place so alien her mind would not be able to ever truly comprehend it. She perceived it as an endless void, much like the night sky but filled with clouds of glowing gas and stars more beautiful than any ever appeared in the real night sky.

One of the stars was drawing close to her, pulling in much of the light flowing up into the Ethereal plane.

“It is the flame and light of faith,” a soothing, beautiful voice called out, emanating from the approaching star. “We gods thrive off it. It sustains us much like food sustains you, but it is more than that. We do not grow fat as your kind does, we grow more powerful.”

Things shifted around her. Elaina suddenly felt more solid, yet more like she was in a dream. She had a body and stood on… something. Before her the star landed, growing into a blinding light.

Elaina blinked away the temporary blindness she’d suffered, slowly seeing a woman standing before her. No, she thought struck with awe, a goddess. The most perfect, beautiful, and powerful thing I’ve ever seen.

It was Ihena. She appeared as a beautiful Human woman with long flowing silver hair that glowed like moonlight. A dazzling halo hung above her head like a crown, illuminating the darkness of the void around them.

Elaina did her best to suppress and hide her feelings of disappointment that the goddess was dressed. The dresses she wore were many-layered and hid the shape of her body completely, yet there was just enough hint of her feminine shape to leave the girl knowing she’d be a sensual delight to see naked.

“The Corruption has worked its way deep into you,” Ihena declared, the look of perfect serenity on her face breaking as she looked sadly at Elaina. “It tried to shield your thoughts from me, but some indecencies a goddess always hears and feels. You must try and banish such thoughts from your mind.”

Say nothing, Elaina thought. Think as little as possible. Let it play out as it will, let her assume and come to the wrong conclusions. That is what I’m meant to do.

“I know you must be scared,” Ihena declared incorrectly. “You are hard for me to see… You’re too surrounded by Naserette’s power and perversion. But through the haze I can see you are in much need of aid. Captured by her evil followers. Being sexually tortured as they try and ‘convert’ you to their evil ways. Held against your will, a helpless unwilling pawn in their machinations against me and my followers.”

All of it wrong, Elaina thought, struggling to hide the smile wanting to spread across her face. This is working, I’m deceiving a goddess!

Ihena held a hand out, palm up. A book appeared in the air above it, floating above her open hand. When it opened the goddess declared, “My book of Judgments and Fates. It helps me track you mortals and see what life has in store for you, and most importantly see what ways my power can alter those fates.”

The pages flipped on their own, stopping on what Elaina could feel was the page about her.

“You came to my temple an innocent, free from The Corruption’s touch. You worked diligently there, even if you never fully accepted my love into your heart. Still, it was wrong of me not to notice you till it was too late, till you’d been taken. Your service has created a bond between us, and a debt is owed. You MUST be saved.”

Again, Elaina remained silent and did not respond.

“The passages about your potential future are… hard to read. The ink is faint and ever-shifting, the potential tale of your life shrouded and twisted by Naserette and The Corruption. But one thing is clear: you are NOT beyond redemption. If you can be saved soon enough you can be cleansed of this perverse evil by my faithful.”

The book slammed closed. “I shall write it in the stars,” Ihena declared as she touched points in the air before her. Behind her, in the vastness of the Ethereal plane above, stars lit up and shimmering lines connected them creating constellations. “I shall move my faithful, guide them and infuse them with all the power I have to give to save you.”

She paused, for the first time looking something other than serene or worried. The firm look on her face made Elaina feel a moment of doubt. Has she sensed the truth?

“Saving you will take much of my power,” she declared sternly. “It will drain me, weaken me and my faithful in this regain. We gods, even those of us you mortals think of as ‘good’, do nothing without expecting faith in return. I must know you are worth so much effort, that once saved you will be willing to show your gratefulness by devoting yourself fully to me so that I can feed on every drop of your faith for the rest of your meager, short life.”

“I pledge myself to you and only you if you can save me,” Elaina lied. “Please,” she added, “save me!”

The serenity returned to Ihena’s face. “I shall, no matter what it takes. Now return to Alaria and know you must not suffer at the hands of Naserette’s evil and perverse followers for much longer.”

* * *

Elaina woke with a gasp. She was drenched in sweat, her face still covered in a slimy mix of saliva and cum. Her throat hurt and her cunt ached, although the feel of cum steadily oozing out of her pussy was a nice sensation she wished she would get the chance to luxuriate in. But she knew she wouldn’t, the two figures kneeling beside her and looming above her weren’t going to let her.

“Well?” Rel’rylin demanded. “Did it work? Did you come face to face with that bitch-cow of a goddess that imprisoned me?”

“Yes,” Elaina said, face glowing with pride. “I did as Naserette wanted. She thinks I am a prisoner here. I told her I’d devote myself to her if she saved me and she proclaimed she’d work to save me even though it will drain her power in this regain.”

“Then the trap is set,” Rel’rylin sighed.

Elaina’s brows furrowed in worry as the Demoness slumped into Zarrea’s arms. “What’s wrong with her?”

“The ritual drained her of much of the power she’d regained,” Zarrea told Elaina. “You are truly a special girl,” she added. “Even I could not have imagined you could take in so much divine might. You surprised me.”

“And me,” Rel’rylin muttered.

Elaina didn’t understand. The woman sounded furious. “But it worked,” she said. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, little one,” Zarrea told her kindly. “You were magnificent.”

“She’s dangerous,” Rel’rylin snapped weakly. “I feel weaker than when the little slut freed me. I’ll need to regain as much strength as quickly as possible. Ihena’s faithful will be led to act soon and we must be prepared. I’ll need to be sexually serviced every minute till it happens, and only by those with the most power to siphon off.”

“I’ll make sure your cock is never without one who serves Naserette pleasuring it,” Zarrea promised as she helped the Demoness to her feet.

“And the girl,” Rel’rylin growled, glaring at Elaina. “You keep the fucking slut away from me. I’ll not touch her ever again unless Naserette herself appears in a vision and commands it to me. Once her purpose is served I want her sent as far away from me as possible.”

“That,” Zarrea said, her tone firmer than Elaina had ever heard her use with the Demoness, “is NOT for you to decide.”

“Just take me away from her,” the Demoness sighed. “And keep her away. I don’t even want to see the scrawny, ugly little slut till it’s required.”

Elaina glared after the Demoness as she was led from the small room. “Scrawny? Ugly? What a fucking cunt,” she growled under her breath once she was alone in the room. “She seemed to find me quite pleasing when she was fucking Naserette’s power into me.”

Upon waking she’d found all the divine power she’d felt earlier gone. She’d woken both physically and spiritually drained and thought she’d need some time to recover, thinking about simply laying in the mess under her and just going to sleep.

Then, without preamble, the divine inspiration was back. It called to her, leading her to the place in the room where the tome had been left. She crawled away from the pool of cum that had leaked out of her. The book was calling her and she had to go to it.

Open it.

A voice in her mind. Not her voice. Like Ihena’s voice, but stronger, more connected to her. More sensually seductive and promising not just perverse delights but power as well.

“Yes, Naserette, I will do as you wish.” Elaina opened the book, flipping through the pages and stopping when she felt she had reached what she was being drawn to. At first the page was blank. Then images began to appear, ink leaking out of the page and drying before her eyes.

Rel’rylin failed me long ago. She does not realize she has lost my favor. Yet she will still serve a purpose.

Elaina stared in disbelief at the images on the left page. “Rel’rylin… imprisoned once more. And me! Me riding her, taking her power?”

Ihena could still succeed. Rel’rylin’s failures could continue. If things do not happen exactly right you will be ‘saved’ and your lies discovered. Ihena’s wroth will be revealed and she WILL have what you falsely promised you.

Her eyes went to the right page. The images there disturbed her. She saw herself imprisoned by Ihena’s faithful, and in the drawings of herself she saw sorrow and pain in her eyes.

“I think I understand,” she said as the images began to fade. “If I want to avoid the fate on the right I must make what is on the left real. But how? How could I accomplish that?”

Do not tell anyone what you have seen, not even my Priestess. Prove your worth to me. If you do not fail I shall take you as my chosen champion in this region of Alaria. You shall be more than a Priestess. You shall have power, true power, that will allow you to indulge in any perversity your lovely corrupted soul wishes.

Naserette’s presence left as suddenly as it had returned. Elaina knelt before the open tome on the ground, watching the last of the images on the page fade till they were gone.

“I will tell no one,” she promised. “And unlike that fucking cunt Rel’rylin, I will NOT fail you, Naserette. I vow it.”

What happens next as Elaina tries to prove her worth to Naserette? (Choose up to 3 options from this poll)

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