New Ebook “The Forest Witch Servant of Pollena Part 2”

Servant of Pollena Part 2 v2

The second part of this serialized tale is out! You can find it on and Amazon.

In the Forest Witch’s cabin the thick-bodied elven beauty Tynian is discovering the sensual delights of her newly released sexuality. She is learning that there is freedom in bondage and pleasure in pain. She also finds a surprisingly intense physical and emotional relationship with the apparition known as the girl in the mirror.

Through moments of intense exhausting pleasure and powerful feelings of lust and love Tynian is never allowed to forget why she came to the Forest Witch’s woods. Becoming the witch’s “pet” has only been so she can get the magical honey of the goddess Pollena. Her education as a pet all serves the purpose of preparing her to meet the honey’s guardians, the Forest Witch’s wards. Tynian is not yet ready to meet the mysterious and ominous “little bees” but she will have her first encounter with them from a distance.

The second part of this serialized story includes explicit scenes of lesbian sex with strong BDSM themes including spankings and painful nipple play.

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