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New Magical Girl Character Portraits

I’ve got a handful of new character portraits for characters appearing in stories I’m currently working on.

Character Portrait Becca Bowen

Becca Bowen, star of Hidden Magic. For now just a regular girl, but maybe to be revealed to be more as her story progresses.

Brianna Baltimore

Glitter Bright

Good girl Brianna Baltimore and her other Glitter Bright. Brianna Baltimore had a small appearance in Magicat’s Submission Part 9 and Glitter Bright, although mentioned, has yet to appear “on screen”. Both will be staring in “Lustsick & In Love”, the first part of which will be posted to the free story section soon.


Bubblegum thighs is one of Lady Iridium’s slave girls. After the events of Magicat’s Submission Part 10 these ghost girls now work the Magical Girl Coffee Shop, serving coffee, tasty treats, and themselves up to the magical girls along with keeping the peace in a meeting place for untransformed good AND bad girls.

Ellodie Elmore


Ellodie Elmore and her terrifying other Branwen will be the main romantic interest/antagonists of “Lustsick & In Love” although Ellodie only has a tease in the first part.