Archbaroness Vs The Photo Shoot

Archbaroness was in the Megatropolis Amazons’ meeting room standing proudly before the floor to ceiling window and looking down upon Megatropolis. The team’s base of operations, Freedom Tower, was one of many buildings that composed Megatropolis’ world famous skyline. Her view here in the meeting room, close to the very top of the building, was a sight to behold.

Of course, Archbaroness was herself as awe inspiring as the view. She was equally known for her astounding beauty as her long history fighting crime. The tall, purple clad leader of the Megatropolis Amazons stood waiting for a journalist. He was scheduled to interview her for a cover piece for Megatropolis Weekly magazine. In addition he was bringing a photographer so there would be pictures of the powerful and stunning heroine to accompany the article. Archbaroness knew that pictures of her curvy body were ALWAYS big sellers in the press.

The cover of Megatropolis Weekly magazine! Archbaroness thought. The team can always use good publicity. And this is an interview not with the Megatropolis Amazons, but just me! And as the team leader of the Amazons any publicity for me is also good for the team.

The Amazons had a reputation as the best team of superheroes in the world. They were publicly acknowledged as the only undefeated team in history. Even the first super team The American Freedom Force, with their impressive record during WW2, had been defeated a few times.

Although the Megatropolis Amazons were skilled, their record wasn’t as clean of defeats as the public believed. Their reputation was largely due to Archbaroness’ PR skills, and was in truth nothing more than an illusion. The truth was they were defeated rather regularly.

The thought of defeat drew Archbaroness’ attention down, settling between her thighs. She shifted, jerking out of the thought and adjusted her stance. As she rubbed her thighs together, trying to push the thought of defeat from her mind, the bottom of her purple leotard dug uncomfortably against her privates.

Exasperated, she reached down and tugged at the tight fabric, smoothing it so it lay flat around the outside of her lips. “Can’t be showing off a camel toe during my shoot,” she mumbled.

She knew that sort of photo would get plenty of publicity, but it wasn’t the kind the team needed any more of. It was the first rule of the supervillain’s code that any defeated heroine was fair game sexually. An active Power Gene gifted supers with not just unique powers but an overactive and easily aroused libido. Because of this most heroines found themselves giving into whatever perverse desires their foes had once they were defeated. On top of all of that these “defeats” were frequently captured on film, and the news outlets of Megatropolis were fond of including these films and photographs in stories about the cities man heroines. And as the city’s official super team the Megatropolis Amazons sexual mishaps were a favorite of the media.

But Archbaroness always seemed able to spin any of those documented defeats into a victory to the public eye. Often, the defeat would be only temporary. The villain’s and criminal’s eagerness to fuck a defeated heroine usually gave her the opportunity she needed to turn the tides against her captor as most men grew lethargic and lazy after getting off. A heroine had to be careful though, too many or too intense of an orgasm could leave her weak and depowered for a time. It was all just part of having an active P-Gene.

Sometimes though a defeat was just that: a defeat. A large part of Archbaroness’ job as team leader was keeping their reputation intact by putting a spin on or hiding any defeats they suffered from the public eye. It was all necessary to insure their public funding continued.

The criminal community was well aware of their regular losses, but the public was unlikely to believe anything a villain had to say. And on the rare occasion Archbaroness couldn’t keep their failure secret, she excelled at putting a spin on the event. She would make a part of a longer campaign. “We’ve lost this battle today, but not the war,” she would proclaim to the reporters. And soon, when they did manage to capture their opponent, she would return with a smile. “We always stop the villain in the end.” And just like that, their “temporary” defeat would be forgotten.

The public ate it all up. They wanted to believe that they were protected by an unstoppable team of superheroines. Megatropolis was rife with crime and brutality, and it could be a terrifying place to live without that feeling of someone safely watching over the,. They needed the hope the Amazons brought, even if they were titillated by pictures of their favorite heroes abuse when the tides turned against them.

Archbaroness knew she could never let her guard down; that the Amazon’s image had to be perfect, polished, and flawless at all times. For that reason she had agreed to this interview and was allowing the photo shoot here in their well known but never before photographed meeting room.

Everyone knew about the large wooden table the heroines met at, but it was a rare few who had seen it. Allowing the Megatropolis Weekly to conduct their interview here was a huge scoop for the magazine. Of course Archbaroness’ motives weren’t entirely altruistic. Giving them the chance to offer the public an exclusive look into their meeting room would grant Archbaroness the favor to decline any questions she didn’t wish to answer. Above all else, the heroine knew how to turn any situation into a power play.

A voice rang out clearly within Archbaroness head. “The journalist and photographer are in the tower, they’re on their way to you now.”

Unfazed, she nodded. It was only Psychia, one of her teammates who was well known for having potent telepathic powers. Here in the tower she acted as intelligence agent and head of security. She would have scanned the duos minds the moment they entered the building, confirming they were who they said. One couldn’t be too careful; there were plenty of villainous organizations that would love to slip a couple agents into Freedom Tower.

Archbaroness continued to stand by the window, making sure their first glimpse of her was cover worthy. The duo came into the room and reacted just as she had hoped. The photographer demanded she stay exactly where she was while he set his up equipment.

“I’m sorry about my partner,” the journalist said, “he is rather worried something will go wrong today. He is so worried, in fact, that he seems to have forgotten about the social niceties that make the world go round.” He walked up to Archbaroness and extended his hand. “I’m Johnny Ramirez and my partner over there setting up his camera is Fred Ward.”

Archbaroness and Johnny shook hands. “It’s good to meat you Johnny. I’ve read many of your articles, you write good stuff. You’re very good at getting the truth out of people.”

A wide smile spread across Johnny’s face. “Oh, I have ways of getting what I want,” he told her. Archbaroness smiled, thinking he had just made a joke. He had, but she had misinterpreted it.

“You’ll have to share them with me. We can always use a new tool in the never ending war against crime,” Archbaroness said flirtatiously. She was trying to lay the charm on heavily in an attempt to get what she wanted out of this interview. Johnny Ramirez probably wanted something out of the interview too, he was known for tell all pieces of prominent public figures that left them with mud on their faces. Chances were good that he wasn’t out to make her look good, not if there was dirt to be found.

But if she flirted and charmed Johnny Ramirez enough he might be convinced to write a more flattering story. She leaned over just slightly as she waited for him to respond, giving him a good look down her into her cleavage. As a woman with an active P-Gene she had superhuman curves, and her large breasts were as famous as she was. Some even had the audacity to claim she was famous BECAUSE of her superhumanly sized breasts.

Johnny’s eyes couldn’t resist the inviting sight and his glance fell just as Archbaroness had expected it would. He caught himself quickly, his eyes darting back to Archbaroness’ face as his own face flushed red in embarrassment.

“Sadly my ways of getting what I want are a trade secret,” he said quickly, trying to brush over the fact he had been caught ogling her breasts. “While Fred finishes setting up why don’t we start the interview?”

He pulled a digital audio recorder out of his pocket and held it lazily in his hand. “You don’t mind me recording our conversation, do you Archbaroness?”

“Of course, everything today is on the record,” she said with a wink.

Once the interview began Johnny was all business. He started grilling her on the normal stuff: when she discovered she had powers, how she got a start as a superheroine, why she had founded the Megatropolis Amazons. It was all stuff that had been reported a hundred times over, but it was a good way to warm up the conversation.

Fred continued to set his equipment up. Archbaroness eventually became distracted by how much of it there was. “Excuse me Johnny, but why does Fred there need so much equipment? He’s just taking pictures, won’t one camera do? And the lighting is good in here, does he really need all of these extra… uh, I assume they are lights?”

“Trust me ma’am, it’s all required to make you look your best,” Fred said from across the room. “I’m almost set up and ready to begin.”

Archbaroness was unsure for a moment, something felt wrong about the look of the equipment. The lights he had set up just didn’t look like any she had ever seen used before. After all, this was far from the first time she had been professionally photographed.

Johnny could see she was looking close at the equipment, inspecting it as her suspicious grew. He turned and made eye contact with Fred, some kind of unspoken conversation passing between the two of them through their expressions.

“Archbaroness, why don’t you tell me about the projects your team has going on right now? I was told there was an outreach program to trouble youths from The Curb. What made you decide to try such a program in the city’s poorest neighborhood, especially considering how heroines such as yourself are generally not made to feel welcome there?”

Johnny’s ploy worked and Archbaroness quickly forgot about the uneasy feeling she had about Fred’s equipment. She started going into detail about the program and how the team hoped it would earn them good will in a part of town that could be outright violent towards them when they entered it.

As she spoke Fred put the final touches on his equipment, waiting for the signal from Johnny to turn it all on. The fact was Archbaroness’ instincts had been right: it was all much more than photography equipment. In fact, the only real photographic equipment Fred had was the single camera hanging around his neck.

The duo had been trying to get an interview like this with Archbaroness for years. Now that they were here they were eager to conduct the real photo shoot that had interested them from the beginning, the kind Archbaroness would normally never agree to. There equipment, however, would put her into a much more agreeable mood.

Johnny Ramirez gave Fred a nod signaling it was time to turn the equipment on. Johnny then repositioned himself so that he stood with his back fully to the equipment. Fred turned the equipment on then stood behind it all so that the lights turning on were all pointed away from him as well.

The lights were bright, and Archbaroness commented on this.

“Oh, don’t worry, they are just warming up,” Johnny reassured her. “In a few minutes they will automatically adjust to work with the ambient light in the room. Why don’t you just keep your attention on me and tell me more about this outreach project.”

Archbaroness went back to discussing the program. And like Johnny had promised the lights did begin to dim. But as they did patterns began to appear within them. The patterns then began to turn and spin, slowly enough at first that Archbaroness didn’t notice the movement.

The hypnotic, swirling patterns of light began to work their magic on Archbaroness. She began to grow less animated; her movements became almost glacial in their slowness. Her mind began to grow muddled as well and she began to have a harder and harder time finishing her sentences. Slowly her eyes began to droop as her body grew ever more tired.

Eventually her eyelids fell closed and she stopped talking. She remained standing by the window, but her body was slumped forward as she stood perfectly still, looking as if she had fallen asleep on her feet.

“Archbaroness, can you hear me?” Johnny asked her.

“Yes,” she said in a quiet, robotic voice with her head still facing down to the floor.

“Good. Now, I want you to listen closely, can you do that for me?”

“Yes,” she said again, not moving.

“Good girl. You are now under my control and will remain that way till I snap my fingers. Until then you will do as I say, no matter what it is. Not only will you do what I tell you, but you will enjoy it. Does that sound nice to you?”

Archbaroness remained silent for a moment then quietly replied that she didn’t know.

“Well, I am now telling you that it DOES sound nice to you. In fact, giving yourself over to me and doing whatever I want will be more than nice. When you do as I command it will thrill you sexually. Do you understand?”

“Yes I do,” Archbaroness replied with a little more emotion.

“You can turn the lights off now Fred,” Johnny called over his shoulder. As soon as the lights were off he turned around to face his partner. “Works every time, doesn’t it?”

“Every time,” his partner replied. “Although I thought we were in deep shit when Psychia met us at the entrance. She’s a telepath! She could have looked through our minds and discovered what we were planning.”

“Yeah, I thought we were screwed too. She said she was just probing our minds to see if we were who we said we were, so I guess we lucked out that that’s all she was doing in here,” Johnny said with a tap to his temple.

“I’ve never been with you when you’ve used this stuff on a heroine. What happens next? Do you get her to tell you all of her secrets then we take the naked pictures you wanted? Do we get to fuck her while she’s under? I’ve always wanted to fuck a heroine,” Fred said.

“I’ll wait till after we’ve got the pictures and had some fun then woke her up before asking her more questions. The magazine made it clear it wants an uplifting fluff piece so there isn’t anything I need to get out of her while she’s under.

“None of that really matters though, it’s the nude pictures we both came here for today. The magazine would never use them but they will be the centerpiece of my personal collection! And if we ever need some extra cash I’m sure I could sell copies to the right buyers for a very good profit.

“And yeah, we’ll get a chance to get off but we can’t fuck her cunt or nothing. It’s different with heroines. I’ve noticed they go under faster but they get knocked out of the hypnotic state easier. Probably has something to do with her Power Gene. I don’t really understand the science behind it, I just know how this shit works. She’s under but only to a certain extent. Put a dick in her wet slit and she’ll probably be shocked back awake. And trust me, that’s the last thing you want.”

“Okay boss,” Fred said. He took the lens off of his camera and started getting pictures. “It’s kind of hot seeing her all zombiefied like this.”

“You think that’s hot? Watch this. Archbaroness, bend forward so we can see down into that luscious rack of yours.”

Archbaroness did as she was told, bending forward. Her purple costume was a sleeveless bodysuit held up mostly by the sheer size of her large breasts. The top of it was cut low enough that plenty of flesh showed and bent over like she was now both men got a good look at her breasts.

“God damn her tits are huge,” Fred said as his camera shutter opened and closed noisily.

“Think that’s good? Just wait,” Johnny said then turned back to Archbaroness. “Very good Arch-tits, but now I need you to get up on this famous meeting table of yours.”

Archbaroness did as she was told, crawling up onto the table that filled the meeting room. “Oh that’s perfect, stay down on all fours like that. Crawl over to this side and lean forward so we can see your tits some more.”

Once again she did as she was told. She had been moving fairly stiffly at first, but the more she followed Johnny’s commands the more natural her movements got. She bent over the edge of the table, moving more naturally now and striking a sexy pose positioned so the two men could see down into her super suit again.

Although her body was moving more naturally her expression was still off. Her eyelids dropped down, making her look sleepy. Her eyes stared blankly in front of her. Her mouth hung open wide, as if she was a mindless idiot. Johnny and Fred didn’t care though, it wasn’t her face they were watching.

“Look at that view Fred,” Johnny said.

“Her tits or the sky line of Megatropolis behind her?” Fred asked as he stopped taking pictures for a moment.

“Well fuck, I didn’t even notice what was outside the window. It’s a perfect shot! You really are the best photographer in the city, damnit. Make sure you get it framed up in the shots of her.”

“Already on top of it boss,” Fred said as he went back to taking pictures of Archbaroness.

“I think that one would actually be perfect for the magazine if her expression wasn’t so whacked out. Maybe we’ll get more of out of this photo shoot then we expected. I’ll see if I can get her to put a more natural expression on then we’ll take a few more with her clothes all the way on before we have some real fun.”

“Of course boss,” the photographer said eagerly while Johnny started it tell Archbaroness how to pose her face. Once she looked less mind controlled he started taking pictures again. “What kind of fun did you have in mind?”

Johnny walked up to Archbaroness who was still up on the table on all. “I like this pose, but I’ll be damned if this costume isn’t blocking our view.” He reached out and pushed the top of Archbaroness’ costume down. The fabric gave with ease and her large, full breasts spilled out and down into the open air.

There was a loud fleshy plopping noise as her tits slapped down onto the table. Both men’s eyes grew big and they turned to each other with surprised yet happy looks on their face. “Holy shit, they are even bigger than I thought they were,” Johnny said.

They turned back around, Fred taking pictures of her large, heavy tits hanging down onto the table and Johnny just gawking for the time being.

“Dude, want to see something really hot?” Johnny asked his partner. Not waiting for an answer he began to speak to Archbaroness. “Now I want you move your body back and forth, dragging your tits across the table. Do that for me Archbaroness.”

Again the mind controlled heroine did as she was told. She continued to strike her pose on the table, dragging her breasts across its polished surface. “Absolutely gorgeous. Now sweet tits, I want you to come forward a little so your tits hang off the side of the table.”

She did as she was told, coming forward and leaning over the edge of the table. Johnny came closer and reached his hand out, palm up. He cupped one of her tits in it as if he was weighing her breast. “Fucking shit man, they are heavy! I don’t think I’ve ever had this much tit meat in one hand. This is just too much man,” he added as he let go and began to fumble with his pants.

“What are you doing man? I thought you said we couldn’t fuck her when she’s like this.” Fred asked.

“Well, we can’t fuck her pussy but I told you we’d be able to get off. I’m sure I can get her to blow me without her coming out of the trance.” He had his dick out now and was stroking it slowly while staring at Archbaroness’ hanging breasts.

There was a moment of silence in the room as the journalist worked up the courage to really start using the hypnotized heroine. The truth was he wasn’t sure if making her blow him would be enough to wake her out of her mind controlled haze. He’d used his special equipment to get information out of heroines in the past and even to get them to undress. But he had never gone this far before, especially with a heroine reputed to have as strong a will as Archbaroness.

But his dick was harder than it had ever been in his life and he was feeling reckless. If he was going to take a chance, he decided, there better be fucking photographic proof. He told Fred to keep taking pictures and not stop till he told him too.

With the camera steadily clicking Johnny turned back to Archbaroness. He ran his hand through her jet black hair and grabbed a hold of the back of her head. He started to pull her face towards his stiff prick and told her to open her mouth as he did.

Obediently her mouth opened and without being told to she zeroed in on his cock, allowing it to enter her mouth without complaint. She started sucking his dick without being told to as well. She had been commanded to enjoy being told what to do and get a sexual thrill from it and that was exactly what was happening.

The super charged libido that came with an active P-Gene meant a woman as powerful as Archbaroness would have a hard time denying her carnal desires when face to face with them. Just being this close to a hard and ready cock would have probably been enough to get the buxom heroine to start sucking it, even if she hadn’t been hypnotized and told to.

Johnny moaned in pleasure while Archbaroness gave him intense head, her large, heavy tits swing back and forth while she did.

“Holy shit she knows how to suck a cock,” he said between moans. “I think this is the best fucking blow job I’ve ever gotten.” He started to watch her head bobbing back and forth on his shaft, but his gaze was quickly distracted by the sight of her large tits swinging in and out of view under her face.

“God damn, I’m not sure if this is the best blow job of my life. I am, however, damn sure THOSE are the greatest tits I’ve ever seen. I’ve got to fuck them.”

Johnny pulled out of Archbaroness’ mouth, his dick falling from her mouth and now covered in thick saliva. He grabbed both of her big breasts and felt them up, enjoying the feel of their size and meaty thickness in his hands. He pushed her head back, standing with his stomach pressed up against it.

His cock was now sticking straight between her hanging breasts. His hands still holding her breasts he wrapped them around his shaft and began to fuck them. He looked down at Archbaroness’ face as she looked up at him. Her eyes were glazed over and looked empty of thoughts, but the rest of her face was hungry with sexual desire.

He stood there fucking her tits till he was ready to get off. “Quickly now,” he told her as he pulled away and quickly started stroking himself. “Get down on the floor and hold your tits up for me to cum on!”

Archbaroness hopped down off the table to get down on her knees and hold her breasts up just below Johnny’s cock. The sight of the heroine obediently on her knees before him with her tits pulled out and presented for him to cum on was more than enough to push him over the edge. His body tensed and he came on her right tit.

Johnny sighed in satisfaction, looking at the sight of his milky white load on her tits. “A beautiful sight, isn’t it?” he asked his partner.

His attention now on Fred he realized he no longer heard the sound of the camera clicking. “Hey why aren’t you taking pictures anymore?” He asked as her turned to face him.

Fred was standing nearby, his cock out and jerking to the sight before him. “Couldn’t help it boss, it’s just so fucking hot…” His voice faded as he started to jerk himself faster, his body tensing up. “Gotta cum,” he mumbled. “Ugh! Going to cum!”

“Well get over here and do it on her tits you fool!” Johnny said urgently. Fred stepped forward awkwardly as he continued to masturbate. Once he was standing next to Archbaroness he aimed his dick at her cum covered tit. “No, not the right tit! The left one you fool, the left one!”

Fred groaned as he came, his load landing right where Johnny had wanted it.

The heroine now knelt with a load of fresh cum dripping down both of her exposed tits.

“Now that looks even better,” Johnny said as he tucked his dick back into his pants. “This is what we need pictures of. I don’t even think I need to strip her naked now. Fred, put your dick away and start taking pictures again.”

Over the next ten minutes the journalistic duo worked together, Johnny directing Archbaroness around the room and Fred taking pictures. They kept her tits out and let the cum run down her front, although once it ran too far they cleaned it off her. They didn’t want it dripping down and staining her costume, leaving evidence of what had happened while she was under.

They managed to get plenty of pictures while her tits were still covered in cum. The best was a picture of her standing heroically by the windows, like she had had been when they first entered the room. The sight was infinitely improved by her exposed breasts covered in cum.

Once she was cleaned up and they had enough pictures Johnny had her pull her costume back up. He told her that she wouldn’t remember any of this happening and instead would remember her time under his control as just a run of the mill interview.

Fred began to pack up the special equipment as Johnny went back to conducting his interview. He asked her a few questions and then snapped his fingers, continuing to ask her questions as if nothing out of the normal had happened. It seemed to work perfectly; Archbaroness continued the interview showing no sign that she had been doing anything but that over the last hour.

When the interview was over Psychia re-appeared to escort them out of the building. The two men were visibly nervous, and a quick probe of their minds showed them trying their hardest not to think about what they had just done to Archbaroness. Of course trying to do this brought the very memories they were trying to hide to the front of their minds.

It didn’t matter, Psychia had known from the beginning what the men intended. She had read their minds with ease and had watched the whole thing via the security cameras hidden in nearly every room of Freedom Tower. Psychia got off on heroines being defeated and sexual taken advantage of, it was a near addiction that was her greatest guarded secret. It was why she kept herself as mainly a support member of the team and didn’t join the others in the field unless absolutely necessary.

The two men thought they had tricked her but really she had used them. While they had their fun with Archbaroness she watched it all, masturbating to the sight the whole time. No real harm had been done and Psychia had gotten off from the sight.

Everyone had gotten what they wanted, even Archbaroness. She would have her flattering interview, something Psychia made sure of as she walked the men to the front door. The whole time she was planting glowing phrases into Johnny’s mind, practically writing his article for him.

It’s just how things worked in Megatropolis city and the Megatropolis Amazons were experts at it.

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