Bovine Justice Vs The CEO (A Five Chapter Sample)

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Bovine Justice is one of Megatropolis City’s many Superheroines. Unlike the city’s official team The Megatropolis Amazons or its most famous individual heroine Lady Centurion, Bovine Justice isn’t a well known public figure. Even the criminals of the city, many of whom have been apprehended by her first hand, tend to forget the short, pudgy superheroine calls Megatropolis home.

Bovine keeps busy fighting crime seven days a week, resting only when her body demands it. She’s not a particularly physically imposing superhero, neither tall nor bulging with muscles. But as criminals the world over know: humans with an active Power-Gene can be MUCH stronger than they appear. Bovine Justice has the superhuman strength of ten men and a body naturally resilient enough to repel most small arms fire. Adding to her physical strength is her super human agility: able to leap and kick and jump at speeds and with flexibility that catch even the most prepared criminals off guard. She also has heightened senses that allow her to track criminals by scent or even taste.

Super strength, enhanced toughness and physical senses, and inhuman agility aren’t the only powers Bovine Justice has. An active P-Gene sometimes causes people to gain powers or physical changes that could be viewed more as curses then gifts. When Bovine Justice’s powers activated during early adulthood she found that along with her super strength and endurance she had also grown a small pair off horns and not long after that her breasts grew to a size that looked overlarge even on her curvy body. The horns were something she couldn’t hide from the world, but her other physical mutation was. Unknown to the world is the fact the plucky heroine’s large breasts also lactate at all times. The lactation is her secret, especially the powerful affects her milk can have on men.

She decided early on to embrace her new physical oddities, taking up the mantle of “Bovine Justice” when she began fighting crime. Going with the theme she chose a simple cow hide bikini as her costume. That costume was later completed with the addition of a collar around her neck that holds her Bell of Bovine Justice, a device that strikes fear into the heart of criminals. Its ring is rumored to remove the desire for evil from the hearts of all who hear it. In reality the bell holds a small, sonic device that’s high tech ring can wipe recent memories from any man that hears.

Bovine Justice is incredibly proud of her life as a superhero. She was one of the first graduates from The Academy, the federally run superhero university. Like most superheroes she makes a living fighting crime and is a public figure. She isn’t a masked vigilante like those portrayed in old time comics and she definitely doesn’t have a secret identity.  Her superhero persona isn’t an alter ego, it is her only persona.

Although she is proud of her accomplishments as a superheroine, Bovine Justice sometimes longs for the aspects of normal life she knows she left behind when she put on her costume. One of those longings is for a romantic relationship. An active P-gene, along with giving super powers, also tends to give one a super charged libido and Bovine Justice is no exception to this rule.

Sure, she gets fucked plenty, but it’s mostly by her foes. The first rule of the villain’s code is that a defeated superheroine is fair game sexually. Women with active P-Genes tend to have curves of super human proportions, something very true for Bovine Justice, so it’s never in doubt that any criminal or villain who defeats her, even if temporarily, is going to jump on the chance to enact the first rule.

But even if she can normally find ways to enjoy these “shameful defeats” it’s not the same as going on a simple date and ending the night peacefully, but enjoyably, in someone else’s bed. As our story begins Bovine Justice has found herself longing for just that kind of normal night in recent months…

Chapter One


Bovine Justice sat kneeling behind a dumpster that lay down a shadowed side alley. She was watching the building across the street from her, hidden from the view of any that entered or left the structure she was watching.

The heroine had been staking the building out for the past few hours, confirming that it contained a Red Dragon Syndicate operation. Most of the people she had seen come from or go into the building had worn the black leather jackets emblazoned with red dragons that signified they were members of the Syndicate. She knew it was a Syndicate operation, but she wasn’t yet sure if it contained the drug lab she had been after for the last week.

The Red Dragon Syndicate had their fingers in most street level crimes, but they had always specialized in illegal drugs.  The Syndicate, when it could, preferred to run their own labs, producing the drugs right here in Megatropolis and without any middle men that would drive up the cost and lower their profit margins.

Most of the drugs they produced were recreational in nature, drugs most dealers pushed. But a small, but financially important, portion of their drugs were rarer on the market and at times they would be the sole producers and sellers in the city. Some of them sinister black market creations, drugs that could be used as weapons and that heroines knew to fear. The drug that had currently been giving the superheroines of Megatropolis headaches and sore vagina’s was Super GHB, and the lab that was producing ninety percent of the city’s output was what Bovine was after.

Super GHB was originally created to be a new, more potent and less detectable strain of the more common date rape drug. But it had quickly been discovered that the drug had strong and strange affects on people with active P-Genes. Its early affects make any superpowered being who takes it feel drunk, something normally impossible for most powered individuals.

Eventually, if taken in a strong enough done, Super GHB makes its superpowered victims fall asleep for a short time then wake temporarily depowered. And as long as the drug remains in their system its victims will be in a highly suggestible state, following almost any command given to them as well as having their already super charged libidos pushed into overdrive.

It quickly became the rage in Megatropolis for criminals to try and find a way to slip the drug into superheroine’s drinks or food. After a few months of frequent drug induced sexual encounters the heroines of the city had started to track down the drug’s source.

The Megatropolis Amazons, the city’s official super team, had led the attempt to drive the drug form the city. Although Bovine Justice normally worked alone, she was more than eager to aid the Amazons in this endeavor. She had joined the team in a few raids, all of them successful. But the raids had produced too many leads for them to follow as a group, and the individual heroines had split up. The stakeout she was now on was the last lead she had left, and she knew the other heroines had all come up empty handed.

The goons in the Red Dragon Syndicate lab would almost certainly not cause her any trouble once she started her assault, but she wanted to make sure. Bovine always worried that working with a team would leave her reflexes dulled, so she wanted to make sure she was prepared for anything the lab might have in store for her.

With her super strength she would be able to take any of the men or women in the lab down with a single blow. And any firepower they were likely to have would probably be low enough caliber that even if it hit her she would be unwounded. Of course, enough bullets or a large enough gun would hurt her. For those times she relied on her superhuman agility. It didn’t matter how big a gun was if they couldn’t manage to hit her with it.

Her only real worry was that the Syndicate might have some superpowered muscle guarding the site. The Syndicate had seemed to finally be learning that they couldn’t keep the city’s heroines at bay with normal guns and had started hiring superpowered goons to keep the heroines and other gangs away from their operations. They had then started hiring more and more of the superpowered enforcers to handle the defenses, needing to bring fresh blood in from out of town. None of them seemed to be particularly heavy hitters or have all that impressive powers, but Bovine Justice liked to be prepared.

During the time she had staked out the building she hadn’t seen any of these enforcers enter or leave the building and she was fairly certain there were only regular criminals inside. She finally decided she had waited long enough and stood, confidently walking across the street and no longer hiding her presence.

There were no guards posted outside, probably to avoid suspicion as they knew the heroines of the city were searching for this location. All things considered it was a good move, Bovine thought to herself. If not for the intelligence we had beaten out of the last group of Syndicate stooges we took down I would have never been able to spot this location. But now the fools will have no warning that I’m at their front door!

As she reached the door she decided to enter the building loud and fast, hoping the sudden appearance of a superheroine would cause chaos and throw off whatever guards lay inside. She lifted a leg and with one superpowered kick she sent the front doors flying inward. Bovine leapt forward and rolled on the ground after the opening doors, spring to her feet and taking in her surroundings with a quick glance. The building contained an open warehouse filled with men and women in white lab coats busy working at makeshift chemical stations. Around the edges of the room were armed Syndicate goons wearing black leather jackets.

The guards seemed alarmed but not all that surprised by Bovine’s sudden appearance. They quickly started to aim their guns at her and draw in close, trying to corner her. The confident heroine turned towards the nearest guard and leapt into the air, kicking her leg out as she did a forward somersault. Her heavily booted foot connected with the man’s face, sending him tumbling to the ground and knocking him unconscious.

BJ was back in the air before the bullets started flying. She was like the wind, a twirling blur of kicks and punches as she made her way around the room knocking out guard after guard. Her tight bikini barely managed to keep her overlarge breasts contained, but Bovine had years of experience working around their large size.

“Be careful of the equipment!” one of the men shouted. More bullets flew towards BJ, but she easily dodged them and took down more of the goons. Within minutes the armed guards were all either unconscious or had fled the building.

All that remained were the few lab technicians that had been too paralyzed with fear to escape with the rest of the Syndicate members. Bovine walked to the nearest cowering lab coated technician and grabbed him by his collar. After lifting him up into the air above her head she demanded to know if the lab was making Super GHB.

The man gave her a scared but defiant look, then turned away from Bovine Justice. “Reggie!” he screamed. “Reggie, where the hell you at, bro!”

“Reggie who? That your little group’s leader?” Bovine asked. But it wasn’t the man she held that answered her.

From behind her a deep voice bellowed, “Reggie Blonka, you dumb, fat-titted bitch!”

After dropping the lab technician Bovine spun around to find an intimidatingly large man walking towards her. Behind him she saw a small office that she had failed to notice earlier. The man had obviously been hidden in there.

As he approached her he cracked the knuckles of his large, meaty hands. He stood almost two whole feet taller than the short superheroine and was bulging with what were obviously superpowered muscles. He was dressed in torn jeans, a white t-shirt and one of the Syndicates leather jackets that had had its sleeves roughly torn off.

He smiled at Bovine Justice then turned to face the Syndicate members that were now starting to reenter the warehouse. “Sorry guys, I was taking a nap and didn’t hear the noise at first.”

Bovine looked around. Every second that passed more of the Syndicate guards and lab techs returned, but they wearily kept their distance from her. They were looking to Reggie as if he were their savior.

“You must be one of the pathetic C-list supervillains that the Syndicate has been shipping into town to work as enforcers,” Bovine Justice said as she took a few steps back and kept out of arms reach of the massive man before her.

“Sure am, toots,” he told her as he made his hands into fists and raised them. The two superpowered individuals slowly moved to the center of the room, neither eager to be the first to strike. They both stood ready to respond should the other decide to act.

“Not surprised you haven’t’ heard of me yet,” Reggie said as he eyed Bovine. “As you guessed, I’m new in town. But I’m ready to start making a name for myself here. You know what they say, if you can make a name in Megatropolis then you’ve got a name EVERYWHERE. As I’m new in town I haven’t yet learned all the names of the medaling sluts giving my new employers such a pain. So who is it Reggie Blonka is going to be beating the living shit out of today?”

“My name is Bovine Justice,” the diminutive heroine said as they continued to size each other up, “But YOU are the one going to be receiving a beating today.”

“Is that so? What, you going to smack me in the face with those big fat titties of yours? Gonna pin me down with that thick, meaty ass you got hanging off your backside? No, no dumpy little cow-tart like you is going to beat me. But I do oh so enjoy pounding superheroines into submission, then ‘pounding’ them into submission again, if you know what I mean. Now how about we get started, you fat little bitch!”

As he spit out the word “bitch” Reggie came at Bovine with a heavy right handed punch. The heroine used her smaller stature to her advantage, and with the help of her incredible agility she ducked under his punch, slipping quickly behind him then kicking him in the bottom of his back.

The blow knocked him over and sent him sliding across the floor. The large man was quickly back up on his feet, his face now filled with rage. “You fucking cunt, that hurt!

“Of course it did, you moron,” Bovine taunted him. “I’ve got powers too. From the way you fight I bet you’ve never even faced a superheroine before, much less ‘pounded her into submission’! I hate to break it to you, but you’re not going to make the cut it in Megatropolis.”

The man furrowed his brow in anger then came at Bovine again, but once more the plucky superheroine was able to dodge his heavy handed swing and get a blow of her own in on him. It was obvious Reggie was used to taking on slow opponents that were taken down with one punch, and was ill prepared for a fight against someone as fast as Bovine Justice.

Their combat continued the same for a few more minutes. Reggie would throw a punch or swing a fist at Bovine Justice, and the small heroine would bounce past it, striking the large man and using his own momentum against him. He’s not much of a fighter, but he sure can take a hit and keep standing, she thought. But as long as I can stay out of his reach this fight should be a piece of cake, even if it takes a while to wear him down.

Breathing heavily, Reggie stood glowering at Bovine Justice. “You’ll be sorry once I get my hands on you, you dumb cunt.”

Bovine laughed, continuing to shadow his movements as Reggie started to wind up for another attack. “And why, exactly, do you think I will be sorry?” she asked him with a dismissive giggle. She was trying to make him mad, goad him into making a mistake that would allow her to land a more powerful blow, one that would hopefully end this fight before it dragged on too long and she started to get tired.

“Because,” he growled, “it’s gonna hurt. And because once I’ve defeated you I plan on taking my just desserts.” He paused and gave the ample, pale flesh of her large breasts a lecherous smile. Most heroines wore skimpy costumes for exactly this reason, knowing their bouncing cleavage or half exposed ass will distract their foes and give them an opening.

She used the moment, leaping into the air and flying straight towards Reggie. But her foe was prepared for the attack. He stepped out of the way, but reached out and grabbed Bovine Justice by the neck as she flew past him.

Her body was jerked out of the air as his strong fingers tightened around her neck. His grasp was strong, far stronger than she expected. He held the diminutive heroine high in the air as she franticly kicked her legs and clawed at his fingers in a desperate attempt to escape, but she was unable to break free. And the longer he held her the tighter his grasp got, slowly cutting off the flow of air to her lungs.

As she ran out of air Bovine Justice began to see starts then her vision began to fade to black. All fight left her and she went limp, hanging helplessly in Reggie’s grasp. She might have passed out, but before she did he loosened his grip, letting precious air flow into her chest. Once it was clear she hadn’t passed out he slammed her into a nearby wall. Bovine Justice screamed in pain as she was shocked back awake.

Reggie kept his hand around her neck, keeping her pinned to the wall before him, her face level with his. He moved his face close to hers and began to talk, his warm breath blowing over her face as he spoke. “You know what happens now, don’t you, slut? Everyone knows the first rule of the villain’s code: a defeated heroine is fair game sexually. I defeated you, so I get to fuck you. But I’m not going to do it till you’re begging for it. Everyone knows you superheroines are all just needy sluts that want to be fucked by your foes.”

While he monologued he used his free hand to spread her legs and start rubbing at her privates through her bikini bottom. Bovine Justice tried to squirm away from his touch, but he had too tight a hold on her. Like almost every other woman with an active P-Gene she not only had a nearly insatiable libido, but was incredibly easily aroused. And physical exertion, such as the fight she had just been part of, only left her superpowered body even more easily aroused.

Reggie’s thick fingers roughly massaging her vulva awakened the sexual beast inside Bovine Justice. Before long she was panting and moaning, her pale face bright red as she tried to hide how aroused he was making her. But there was no hiding it from the man. He pulled her bikini bottom to the side and found her pussy moist from arousal. He was able to slide one large finger into her wet hole with ease.

“Ooooooh, fuck!” Bovine yelled as his finger entered her. Her whole body shuddered as her eyes rolled up into her head and a deep moan left her.

“See,” Reggie whispered, “nothing but a dirty fucking whore. Now beg for my cock.”

Bovine wanted to say never, but she was too horny now, too worked up. “Yes… fuck me,” she purred, ashamed by her own words.

He quickly pulled his finger out of her slit and unzipped his pants, pulling out his already rock hard cock. He held it in his hand and began to rub Bovine Justice’s labia with it. His thick precum mixed with her vaginal juices, lubricating the head of his hard cock.

Bovine moaned and pressed her body out from the wall and into his dick. She kicked both her legs up and wrapped them around them man’s waist, pulling him towards her with all of her strength. They both moaned as his cock lined up with her vaginal opening and slid easily into her. Bovine moaned and moved her hips as she enjoyed the feel of his cock filling her insides.

As Reggie started to fuck her hard and fast Bovine realized it had been a mistake going so many days without getting off. I’ve left myself so horny and easily aroused that I was begging for his cock in mere moments! But she had allowed herself to go so long without release for a reason: like most other superheroines orgasms drained her powers. She was left having to choose between being at her full strength or being so easily aroused it could lead to moments just like this.

Of course, being so starved for sexual release had a silver lining. Her body had been so easily worked up and hungry for release that she quickly came, long before Reggie had even started to build towards his own orgasm. As she screamed in orgasmic pleasure Reggie kept pounding her. But once her orgasm was done her mind was cleared.

Bovine Justice blinked, as if waking up from a foggy dream. Reggie still had hold of her neck, and her body was pinned to the wall as he fucked her hard and fast, the impacts into her body sending ripples through her thick, meaty thighs. But his grip was now only firm enough to hold her in place. His eyes were pointed down, watching her overlarge breasts bounce as he pounded into her. He was distracted, and confident that she was his helpless plaything.

Her legs were wrapped around his waist, keeping her positioned so he could enter her. She flexed the muscles in her thighs. Yes, now that my mind is clear I see an easy way out of this. She took a deep breath then gathered all of her strength and used her legs to flip Reggie over onto his side.

He was totally unprepared for the move. Once his large body was in motion Bovine Justice loosened her legs and pressed herself away from Reggie, his cock popping wetly out of her cunt as their two bodies parted. Reggie hit the ground with enough momentum to leave him momentarily dazed. BJ used the momentary advantage to rain blows down upon the man’s thick skull, striking him with feet and fists at an alarming speed.

Before long Reggie lay unconscious, his dick still hanging out of his pants. Bovine Justice got to her feet and looked around. The Red dragon Syndicate members all stood, their faces stunned. “Anyone else in the mood to try their luck?”

They all dropped their weapons and threw their arms up into the air, their morale broken after seeing their champion have his moment of triumph stolen from him. “He didn’t even get to cum, the poor bastard,” one of the goons mumbled.

It didn’t take long to tie the criminals up and wait for the police to come apprehend them. While she waited she got the confirmation that this was, indeed, the lab she had been after.

When the police showed up they weren’t alone. Archbaroness, team leader of the Megatropolis Amazons was with them. The purple clad heroine was the paragon of Megatropolis, its longest serving and most famous superheroine. “You did good work today,” she told Bovine. “Have you given any thought to the job I offered you? You could be doing work like this every day as a Megatropolis Amazon.”

“As always, I’m going to have to decline,” Bovine said. “You know I prefer to work alone. But like this proves, if your team ever needs me I’ll be there.”

Archbaroness smiled. She clearly hadn’t expected Bovine Justice to accept her offer. “Of course. And remember, that’s a two way road. If you ever need us, we’ll be there for you.”

Chapter Two


It wasn’t that Bovine Justice didn’t like working with the Megatropolis Amazons. She did, she enjoyed the company of all of them. She just knew that working with a team like that, she would let her guard down. And as mighty as they were, the Amazons sure did get into a lot of sexually sticky situations. Sure, so did Bovine, but the things the Amazons got tangled up in were always far more severe. They were the city’s heavy hitters, so the heavy hitting villains came after them.

She had to live every day with the fear of what could happen in situations like that. She wasn’t afraid of the sex. As the encounter with Reggie Blonka had proved she could turn almost any sexual encounter to her advantage and knew how to make the most of those temporary defeats.

No, what she feared was that a criminal would discover her secret. It had happened before, but thankfully she had always been able to use her Bell of Bovine Justice to erase the memory of the discovery from the men’s minds. But teams of superheroines were more likely to fight teams of villains, and they were more likely to contain supervillainesses. And her Bell of Bovine Justice didn’t work on women, only men.

So she kept working alone, concentrating on street level crime and petty super criminals, all of whom were overwhelmingly male. Bovine Justice had been blessed with her powers, and she was driven to use them for good. But she was just as driven to make sure she did so in a way that kept her secret safe.

Even after having taken down the main production lab of Super GHB, Bovine had not ended her day of fighting crime. She continued patrolling Megatropolis till late into the night. Besides, it’s not like I have anything else to be doing, she thought as she wandered through Greenway Park, the large stretch of public park that lay in the middle of Megatropolis.

Sure, she had a home to go to. It was a small, one bedroom apartment in midtown. But it was more of a place she slept and not really a proper home. Her true home was out here in the city, protecting the innocent and stopping criminals from committing their evil deeds.

My mind sure is wandering a lot tonight, she thought absentmindedly. With her mind wandering it soon fell to the ache and slight pain she felt in her overlarge breasts. Even for a superheroine, whose active P-Genes tended to ensure they were superhumanly endowed, she had overlarge breasts. Not just large, but thick and heavy.

There was a very good reason for this: Bovine Justice’s breasts were nearly always full of milk. This milk was her secret. When ingested by a normal man it would immediately make them horny, with an erection that was like steel. But more important than that, along with the increase in libido and sexual prowess came limited superpowers. They would wear off before long, but if the man in question had a steady supply of her milk…

She shuddered thinking about what would happen if her secret was ever discovered. Men would hunt her down, eager to turn her into a human cow and use her milk to give themselves powers. It had almost happened a few times, when she was younger. But she knew better than to let a man drink her milk now. And with the help of her Bell of Bovine Justice she ensured no man, criminal or not, ever remembered that she lactated should they somehow discover the fact.

The problem was her body always produced the milk. After a few days her breasts would feel painfully full and ache for release as the pressure built up in her swollen breasts. And walking through the quiet park with nothing but her own thoughts to distract her for the first time in days BJ realized she was in desperate need of a milking.

Bovine Justice had never found the act of milking herself easy or enjoyable, especially because being milked made her almost uncontrollably horny. Although it was incredibly dangerous, she had always found it easiest when someone else milked her, especially when her breasts were as full as they were right then. And the fuller they were the harder it was for her to get her milk to let down on its own.

The plucky young heroine decided to find some help. There was ALWAYS a man to be found who would happily suck on her big, fat tits and she knew it.

It was dangerous, as she knew drinking her milk would make them horny and give them the strength to potentially overpower her. And the milking would also make her horny and more likely to give in to such advances, but regardless of the risk it was what she frequently needed. So she made a game of it. Finding the right man in the right situation, enlisting his help in milking her and doing what she needed to keep him under control. Once her breasts were emptied she would use her bell to erase the memory from his mind. She’d done it countless times and knew that night would be no different.

Looking around her she saw a homeless man sleeping on a bench not far from the path she stood on. “He’ll be perfect,” she whispered to the night air.

It took her a few brief moments to quietly approach the man. As she neared him she discovered that he was passed out drunk on the bench, snoring, and that her stealthy approach had been unneeded.

She could smell his stink from feet away and was repulsed by the strong mélange of booze, stale body odor, and piss. But that’s exactly what I want, she thought. I want to be so disgusted by this man that I’m not tempted to give into the strong sexual urges I’ll soon be feeling.

After looking around and making sure no one else was nearby she gently lifted the man’s head up and sat down on the bench with him, placing his head into her lap. The man began to stir slightly, so she started running her fingers through his greasy hair and making calming, shushing sounds.

It worked, putting him back to sleep, but left her feeling even more disgusted. With the man’s head in her lap his stench was even stronger, and his hair had left a gritty and greasy film on her fingers. No way would I ever want to fuck this disgusting filth.

She took one more deep breath to steady her nerves then pulled the cloth covering her right breast aside, revealing her large, dark nipple to the night. Turning his head and opening his mouth she then leaned forward and placed her nipple into the man’s mouth. “Suck,” she whispered as she kept stroking his hair.

Instinctually the man locked his lips around her fleshy nipple and started to suck. Shivers of pleasure ran up BJ’s spin as she felt her milk start to let down. She knew the exact moment the milk touched the man’s lips: his suction increased and he started to drink like a hungry child. It was always the same, once a man tasted her milk he wanted more and more, till he was so horny all he could think about was getting off.

Knowing she world have to keep his milk induced horniness in check she unzipped his pants and reached in to find his cock. It was an easy task as her milk had already made the man rock hard. As he continued to drink he started to lightly thrust his hips. She pulled his dick out and wrapped her small hand around it, starting to slowly jerk him off.

The un-lubricated handjob started to wake the man so she spit into her hand before continuing. His eyes fluttered open as she started working his cock some more, the motions of her hand now far smoother. “Shhhhhhhhh,” she said to him. “Just lay still and enjoy this.”

There was a look of shock on the man’s face for a moment, then his eyes rolled up into his head in pleasure and he drifted back off to sleep.

Not long after that her right breast was starting to feel drained enough, so she let go of the man’s head and pulled her breast free of his lips. Again his eyes fluttered open and she could see the angry desperation for more of her milk on his face. She quickly exposed her other breast and had her nipple pressed into his mouth before he could wake further.

As soon as he started to suck she worked his cock faster in an attempt to get him to cum and calm down. She had years of practice at this and soon felt the man’s cock convulse in her hand. She let his cum fly up into the air and land down on his pants. His clothes were already so soiled she doubted he would notice.

Bovine slowly counted to ten then started working his cock again, now lubricated by the cum that had dribbled down his shaft. He was even harder than before, his hips moving faster. He would stay hard and keep wanting to feel sexual release till he was done drinking her milk.

She found herself staring at the hobo’s cock as she gave him what was almost certainly the best, longest hand job of his pathetic life. Even though she could taste his repulsive smell on the air she was finding herself aroused and wanting to feel him deep inside of her. She breathed with intentional slowness, trying to get a hold of herself.

Still, her arousal grew. She started to jerk the man harder, eager to see his cum again. This time when he came his semen didn’t shoot up into the air. Instead, his smaller second load trickled out of the head of his cock, running down his shaft and onto her hand.

The man opened his mouth to let out a long, low moan of pleasure. She realized she needed to cover her breast up before he could latch back on. If she let him drink any more of her milk she would certainly lose control, and even just a drop more would cause him to grow hard once again.

Quickly she got to her feet, wiping the cum on her hand all over his jacket. His eyes fluttered open and he looked up at her. “Whus go’n on, baby? Why you stop? Why I feel so…. Strong?”

Bovine acted quickly, before the man woke more. She reached into the cow bell that hang around her neck and pressed a small button hidden within it. She only held it down for a brief moment, only wanting to erase the man’s memories since she had arrived at his park bench.

A high pitched sound reverberated through the air. As it hit his ears the man looked first shocked, then confused, then drunk and sleepy. A moment later the sound ended and he passed out. He’d sleep through the rest of the night and by the time he woke any superpowers he might have gained from her milk would have dissipated, and he’d never even remember that Bovine had been there.


* * *


Later that night Bovine Justice lay in her bed, naked and touching herself. She was still worked up and horny from her milking and in desperate need of sexual release. She had a special dildo she used for these times. It was large and thick and designed to look and feel like a real penis. Milking always left her with the need to be filled, deep and full, and the trusty dildo always did the trick.

As she lay hidden under her covers masturbating she imagined it was the filthy hobo fucking her. She closed her eyes and pictured herself mounting the man, feeling his cock slide deep into her. Then she worked the faux cock in and out of her hungry hole, hard and fast. She imagined herself riding the man as he sat upright on the bench. She moaned and bucked in the bed, her imaginary tryst with the filthy hobo quickly working herself towards an orgasm.

She got off not just from the feel of her dildo but from the imaginary shame of fucking such a disgusting man. But as soon as the orgasm started she pulled the sex toy out of her pussy and threw it across the room. She knew if she had kept it close by she would have kept masturbating, prolonging and intensifying her orgasm. And that would have been dangerous, leaving her too weak to fight crime the next day.

Panting, her naked body covered in sweat, she reveled in the feel of sexual release. Her mind felt like the pressure that had been building up inside of it since her milking had finally been released.

It didn’t take her long to start drifting off to sleep. As she did she fantasized about having a man to come home to. Someone that could help her release the built up sexual energies after a day of fighting crime. Someone that would be kind and soft and know exactly when to stop…

It was a fantasy she had often but knew there was almost no chance of ever having. What man’s ego could stand being the partner of a famous crime fighter? And one as physically strange as Bovine Justice? Sure, men liked big breasts and her frequent sexual encounters with sexually deviant criminals proved there were men who even preferred breasts as big as hers, and even that most men were more than happy to fuck a woman as pudgy as her. But she was convinced few normal men were into breasts as big as hers enough to stay with her for long, especially with her heavy, soft body.

And then there were her horns, which had to be a turnoff for all but the strangest of men. There was also the fact that anyone intimate with her would soon discovered she lactated, and as perverted as men were she had a hard time seeing anyone outside of the sexually degenerate criminals she spent her days fighting being into that.

She fell asleep enjoying her fantasy of a normal boyfriend but certain a man being interested in her in such a way would always be just make believe.

Chapter Three


The next morning Bovine Justice woke to find a message from Archbaroness on her answering machine. “I looks like we’ve got an emergency that we could really use your help on, can you come down to Freedom Tower?”

She had just told Archbaroness that she would come if the Amazons needed her, so she quickly put her costume on and headed across town to Freedom Tower. The tall skyscraper was the Amazons’ base of operations, containing their command center, living quarters, temporary prison facilities for superpowered foes and much more. The facility was designed to be a fully self contained base, providing everything the team needed.

Robotic Synthomen manned the security at the front door. Bovine Justice had always felt uneasy around the metallic men. The combination of their all too real faces on their naked, chrome bodies had always seemed too unnatural.

At least the models the Amazons used to keep their base secure weren’t built with any genitalia. IntelliTek, the company that manufactured them, made models that were fully anatomical functional. Bovine had heard rumors that the Amazons kept a few of these as “sparring” partners, but she had never asked if the rumors were true.

The Synthomen told Bovine that she was expected and allowed her to enter an elevator that would take her to the top floor of the building. There, overlooking the city below was the super team’s meeting room. Few outside of the team had ever gotten the chance to enter or even see the place the team had held its daily meetings since its founding decades ago.

Bovine Justice entered the room to find all five of the Megatropolis Amazons sitting around their large meeting table, already deep in conversation. Archbaroness sat at the head of the table, explaining something to her teammates. On the wall behind her was a large screen that was showing a picture of Megatropolis, with six buildings highlighted.

“Oh good, you’re here,” Archbaroness said as BJ entered the room. “I was starting to worry you wouldn’t show.” She looked around the table at her four teammates. “I forget, have you all met Bovine Justice?” Bovine held back a laugh at how ridiculous it was to worry about proper introductions when there was some kind of emergency going on. And she sure as hell knew all of the women sitting around the table, whether they remembered her or not. One by one the other Amazons all nodded their heads, signifying they remembered her.

There was the huge red skinned woman rippling with muscles known as Brickhouse. Sitting next to her was a small, thin woman in a tight yellow costume and a long cape with blond pigtails named Champion Girl. Across from her sat an attractive Latina woman wearing a costume that resembled a stage magician’s outfit, but a lot sluttier. She was Psychia, the team’s potent telepath. And finally there was a tiny, thin, mousy woman in blue coveralls covered in grease with two round robots floating nearby. She was Lab Rat, the team’s resident tech genius.

“Its okay, Archbaroness,” BJ said as she took a seat. “We all know each other. Catch me up, what’s this emergency you’ve called me here about?”

Archbaroness nodded at Psychia, who also functioned as the team’s intelligence agent. She cleared her throat and caught BJ up. “We’ve discovered that the Red Dragon Syndicate has plans to run a simultaneous robbery of every one of Goliath Banking International’s public banks sometime soon, perhaps even as early as today.”

“We’ve already informed the police,” Archbaroness said. “They’ve stationed a squads worth of officers at every bank. But with all the superpowered muscle the Syndicate has been bringing into town lately they have asked that we help bolster their forces. There are six banks, but only five of us. Thus, why we need your help.”

“Any idea what’s driven them to try something like this?” Bovine asked. “As an organization they don’t had much experience with bank robberies, much less six of them at once.”

Archbaroness looked a little embarrassed. “We actually think it’s kind of our fault. Our recent sting to stop their production and production and sale of Super GHB seems to have really cut into their cash flow. And the fact that our attacks on their operations required them to hire even more muscle from out of town, well, it seems their coffers are empty for the first time ever.”

“So what do you say, are you willing to help us?” Archbaroness asked Bovine Justice.

She didn’t even have to think about her response. “I wouldn’t have come if I hadn’t been willing to.”

“That’s great, BJ! Why don’t you head to the main branch on 5th Avenue in the banking district? The rest of us know where we need to head. Every one ready? Good. Amazons go!


* * *

The first few hours passed quietly, Bovine Justice standing diligently outside the bank with a cadre of armed police officers. As time went by the young heroine started to think that maybe the Syndicate wasn’t going to strike at all.

What if they saw all the extra security and called it off? Or what if this was all just a ruse to distract the Amazons from some other crime? Her musings were cut short as an armored van came screeching around the corner, driving up onto the sidewalk and speeding right towards the crowd of guards standing at the entrance of the bank.

The vehicle sent the police scattering. Bovine chose to leap into the air, landing on top of the van as it came to a screeching stop. The back doors flew open and armed men leapt out, firing at the disoriented police officers. Things happened so fast that Bovine Justice was barely able to register that the Syndicate men were firing tranquilizer darts at the police, knocking most of them out of the fight before they could even draw their guns.

Smart. Any of them that get caught will face far less severe charges if they use nonlethal weapons. Of course, there was another reason the Syndicate goons might have come armed this way. Many superheroines had super endurance and were mostly unharmed by small arms fire. But a dart full of knock out drugs could more than incapacitate many heroines, especially since most drugs were doubly effective on people with an active P-Gene.

Bovine Justice knew she needed to take the goons out fast before they could try and turn their weapons on her. She ran down the top of the van and leapt down, flipping through the air and taking two of the goons out as she landed. She leapt back to her feet, spinning and kicking her legs to disarm the rest of the men near her. A couple managed to fire off a few tranquilizer darts her way, be she easily jumped and flipped out of the way, even grabbing one of the goons and using his body as a human shield in the process.

In almost no time all of the Syndicate goons lay on the ground, either unconscious or incapacitated from pain. Bovine stood, breathing heavily. She realized it was good she had taken them all down so fast, as there were none of the police officers left standing either.

Then her heart sank as she heard someone large and heavy jump out form the van behind her. She twirled, surprised to find Reggie Blonka standing behind her looking surprised and angry.

“You again,” they both shouted in unison, one voice feminine and high pitched, the other male and deep.

Taking a combat ready stance, Bovine Justice prepared to dodge an incoming attack. Reggie did as she thought, howling in anger and coming right at her, swinging wildly. She deftly leapt out of the way, but was unable to land a blow on him. It seemed that he had learned something from their last battle.

“How are you not in jail?” she asked him as she did a cartwheel and tried to kick him in the face. He managed to move out of the way, counter swinging but missing her as well.

“It’s not that hard to get out of jail in this town if you have people looking out for you that know where to send the right kind of bribe.” He swung at her while he spoke, catching Bovine off guard. One of his massive hands landed square in the middle of her right breasts, the impact sending her flying back even though the blow was padded by her large tit meat.

Bovine landed on the ground, momentarily stunned. The punch had hit hard enough to squeeze milk out of her breast. She could feel that the right cup of her bikini top was now sopping wet. But worse, the large amount of milk that had been freshly expressed from her had left her feeling light headed, disoriented and incredibly aroused.

As she got to her feet Bovine Justice tried to hide this, but no one could miss her dripping wet bikini or the dazed look on her face.

“Holy fuck, is your tit leaking?” Blonka asked her. “It is! You really are a fat titted cow, aren’t you?” He rushed her, punching both her tits repeatedly. The impacts caused more of her milk to come gushing out, making her body more aroused and slightly weakening her as her reflexes were slowed by the confusing sexual pleasure she felt at having her milk forcefully expressed. This only ensured that the supervillain was able to land more blows on her tits, making the matter worse.

Before long Bovine Justice had been so weakened by the flurry of tit punches that she was then down on her knees before Reggie Blonka. She had a severely dazed look on her face, her cheeks bright read as she swayed back and forth. Her top was drenched with milk, which dripped from the cow patterned cloth down on to the ground below her.

Blonka looked down at the heroine, liking the look on her dazed and stupid face. Bovine Justice was vaguely aware of the outline of his cock in his pants as he stepped closer to her. “You have no idea how much you pissed me off yesterday. Not that you beat me, I can live with that. No, what got my blood flowing was that you got me before I got to get off. I swear, that’s not happening today. I’m getting off this time, you fat fucking cow, and there is no way you’re stopping me.”

He reached down and ripped her bikini top off, throwing it behind him. The villain was fully concentrating on Bovine Justice, the sight of her defeated and at his knees making him forget why he was at the bank. The unconscious men surrounding them and the small but growing crowd of onlookers gather nearby were all but invisible to him: he only had eyes for Bovine Justice and her now exposed breasts.

Within moments Reggie had pulled his throbbing cock out of his pants. Bovine Justices large, milk soaked breasts were perfectly level with it. As he stared down at them he stepped forward, slamming his cock down between her wet breasts. He grabbed them, her chest meat more than enough to fill hands even as large as his.

As soon as her warm, wet tit flesh was wrapped around his hard cock he started to hump her chest. He pounded her tits hard and fast, Bovine Justice so dazed from her milking that all she was able to do was kneel there and take it.

The milking had also left her horny and aroused, and before long one of her hands had fallen to her crotch and snaked its way past her belly pudge into her bikini bottom where she began to play with herself. Part of her knew she should be ashamed that she was getting off on having her tits fucked by a villain that had defeated her, but in the moment she didn’t care. She just wanted to keep feeling pleasure as she started to masturbate more intensely.

It didn’t take long for Bovine Justice to coax a small orgasm out of her over aroused body. She had found that it was always easier to get off while her large breasts were being stimulated, and with Blonka squeezing and fucking them so roughly she reached the point of climax quickly.

The orgasm washed over her, doing a great deal to clear her mind even as it weakened her powers. She started trying to slow her breathing and pulled her hand away from her pussy, knowing she needed to regain control and look for an opening to retake control of the situation. She was aware of the now large crowd that had gathered around them, but was doing her best to pretend all of those people weren’t witnessing her sexual humiliation.

Then Blonka grunted deep and long. As he did he thrust his cock up through her breasts one last time as it began to convulse. A large, superhuman load of cum came spraying out of his cock like a small fire hose, shooting up at BJ’s chin then dripping heavily back down onto her tits.

As soon as Blonka was done cumming his body relaxed. She heard him sigh in satisfaction, looked up and saw a sleepy, contented look come over his face. Men with an active P-Gene generally didn’t have their powers weakened when they came, but the lethargy that overcame normal men was felt far stronger by them. Bovine Justice knew this was her time to strike.

She reached up and grabbed his balls with both hands. “Here,” she said, “Let me help you drain them all the way.” Then she squeezed tight enough to make the large, superpowered man scream like a little girl. Bovine Justice squeezed tight enough to make the massive man pass out, but not enough to do any lasting damage to his testicles (although he’d later need to be hospitalized to ensure this.) He fell like a great redwood, slamming down onto the pavement, his cock hanging out and still dripping cum.

Bovine Justice rose to her feet, her legs shaky but confident the combat was over. Then the crowd around her erupted into cheers, reminding her that she was far from alone. Her heart began to race as she realized all of these people had seen that she lactated, and many of them were women. Even with the use of her mind wiping bell she wouldn’t be able to hide her secret. Then she remembered that no one had drunk her milk. If word spread the secret that she lactated might get out, but her greatest secret, that of what her milk did, would still be hidden from all.

Feeling a little at ease she then realized that she had no idea where her bikini top was and that her breasts were hanging out for all to see. Making matters worse, Reggie Blonka’s large load of cum was still dripping from her chin and neck and running down her chest, making her state of exposure all that much more embarrassing. The bulbs of cell phone cameras began to flash as bystanders started to take pictures, pictures that would inevitably be picked up by the cities many tabloids and make the rounds on social media.

She reached up to try and cover her breasts with her arms, then stopped, not really wanting to get the vile villain’s seed on any other part of her body. She was momentarily unsure what to do…

Then, there was a tall, attractive, middle aged man standing beside her, draping the jacket of what looked to be a very expensive suit over her shoulders. “You looked like you could use this,” he told her. “Here, come into the bank so those of us here at Goliath Banking International can give you a proper thank you, and so you can get away from this crowd.”

Stunned to be on the receiving end of such a kind act from such an attractive, normal looking man Bovine Justice simply allowed him to lead her in. Out of the corner of her eyes she could see some of the police officers getting to their feet and beginning to handcuff the Syndicate goons. She could also hear approaching sirens, so she knew she could relax and let her guard down. The boys in blue would, as always, clean up the mess.

The man led her into the relative safety of the bank then back into a private office where he introduced himself as Jeremy Steiner.

Bovine Justice blinked. “Aren’t you the CEO of Goliath Banking?”

He smiled charmingly at her. “That I am.”

BJ was surprised. The employees at Goliath, especially those in upper management, had a reputation as being the sleaziest, most sexist womanizers in Megatropolis. But here this man was, being kind and charming to her. And above all treating her like a normal person in need of aid. Sure, he was thanking her for saving his bank and being an amazing hero, but he was doing it in such an everyday human way.

As he had a secretary bring Bovine a cup of warm coffee he continued to thank her. She was amazed that he wasn’t trying to sneak a peek at her breasts, which his jacket barely covered. He wasn’t even fighting not to stare at her horns, something that even other superheroines frequently did. He was just chatting with her pleasantly. And was is he flirting with me? She thought, slightly alarmed in a pleasing way.

That, more than anything, shocked and warmed her. She hadn’t had someone flirt with her like this since… well, since before her powers had activated! And most surprising of all was the fact that she found herself flirting back, giggling like a little school girl as her chest filled with a giddy happiness.

Cautiously she steered their conversation towards his relationship status. As a middle aged man who was as attractive and wealthy as he was she expected him to be married. But with a boyish smile he confessed that he wasn’t, he wasn’t even dating anyone. Then he did something no man had done since she gained her powers: he asked for her phone number.

The rest of their flirtatious conversation was a blur to her. She just remembered she had given him her phone number then not long after headed home, feeling tired and needing to rest but also happier than she had been in years.

Chapter Four


Bovine Justice returned to her small home. As she came in the front door she thought about all of the times Archbaroness had failed to recruit her as a Megatropolis Amazon. She usually followed the failed job offer with some additional pleading. “At least come and live in Freedom Tower. You’d be secure here, you wouldn’t have to worry about any criminals finding your home and assaulting you there.”

Aside from the fact that no criminal had ever tried to find her home (as far as she knew) there was also the fact that she loved living in a normal apartment in a normal building. It made her feel… well, normal. Besides, if anyone were dumb enough to assault her in her home she was certain she would come out on top. She was convinced she was just too quick to be caught off guard.

Looking around her apartment she was aware of just how small and meager it seemed. Sure, her furniture was nice, but there wasn’t much of it. Being a superhero paid well but left very little time to spend that money.

The living room contained a single large couch situated in front of a large, wall mounted television. There were times when she came home, exhausted from patrol, too tired to think but her body not ready for sleep. She preferred to turn the televising on and tune the world out at those times. Again, it was something that Bovine did because it made her feel normal.

The only other item of note in her living room was a large glass display case, with a few wooden drawers built into its base. There was a mannequin inside that looked like a plastic silhouette of her. Normally she would strip out of her costume and place it on the mannequin, but her costume had gotten rather soiled that day. So after stripping naked she threw the milk stained bikini top and panties that were still damp from arousal into a laundry nearby basket. She did, however, take her collar off and place the Bell of Bovine Justice on the mannequin.

Still standing naked, she looked at the display and sighed. “Just looks wrong without the costume on it…” she bent over and opened a drawer on the bottom of the case, revealing over twenty freshly pressed and folded copies of her costume. After pulling one out and placing it on the display she smiled. “That looks and feels better,” she said to herself. “And now I know what I’ll be wearing tomorrow,” she added, giggling at her joke.

Remembering she was naked she went and got on a comfortable pair of loose fitting pajama bottoms on, but no top. Afterwards she flopped down on her couch and turned on the television, thinking about how nice it was to be in the loose fitting clothing.

She rarely admitted it, even to herself, but Bovine Justice liked being naked far more than being clothed. Even though she couldn’t bring herself to lounge around totally in the nude, she almost never wore a top while at home. That was a big part of why she had chosen such a nearly nonexistent costume. Her breasts, and especially her nipples, were always incredibly sensitive and after a long (or even short) day of fighting crime she just wanted to let them breath. In the privacy of her windowless apartment she was able to do that, knowing no one would see her girls hanging free.

That afternoon she kept her phone nearby her, hoping it would ring. She wanted Jeremy to call, and found herself unable to stop thinking about him all day. She kept zoning out and getting lost in fantasy then realizing she had missed half the show she was watching. Eventually she had to admit her fantasies were getting out of control and turning all too quickly to sexual matters. She needed to go clear her head.

Moving to her bedroom and slipping her pajama pants off she got into bed, deciding to play with herself as she mentally lived through one of her sexual fantasies. Hidden under the covers she allowed her hands to start exploring her body as she thought about the charming, handsome man she had met earlier that day.

She thought about how good it would feel to have him kiss her, how his arms would feel wrapped around her, how her arms would feel wrapped around him. She thought about how good it would feel to have his body pressed up against her soft frame, his hands exploring every inch and fold of her body.

Closing her eyes she started to grab and grope at her breasts, imagining it was him exploring their heft and shape for the first time. She let one of her hands wander southward and explore the fleshy folds between her legs. She gasped, lost in the fantasy that it was Jeremy touching her.

There were many heroines that swore by vibrators and other such sex toys, but unless she was overwhelmed with need to feel filled BJ had always preferred the feel of finger’s, either her own or someone else’s.

Before long her soft and pleasing touches had grown more vigorous, more firm. She continued to imagine that her pleasing touches were not hers, but were rather coming from the man she was fantasizing about. Before long she moved from firm touches to outright masturbation, imagining what it would be like to make slow, tender love to the rich banking CEO. Then she crested towards orgasm, cumming recklessly hard.

She came while she was laying face down, her head buried in her pillow to muffle her moans and eventual screams of pleasure. The release of the strong, fantasy induced orgasm washed over her quickly. It calmed her mind and sapped her body of much of its strength. Orgasms as strong as this one did more than release tension and weaken her superpowers: they normally caused her milk to let down and the young Bovine Justice soon found herself laying in a large wet patch on her bed.

Sighing, Bovine rolled over to get away from the wet puddle of milk soaking into her sheets. It would dry quickly and the sheets wouldn’t stain if she remembered to wash them before too long. It was a mild inconvenience she had lived with since her powers had activated and she barely noticed it anymore. As she lay, pleasantly drifting off into an afternoon nap, it occurred to her that Jeremy Steiner, even if he called for a date and it went well, might be put off by her lactation.

BJ’s eyes shot open as she began to worry about this. Obviously he was aware of her little secret as he had witnessed her lactating during the battle at his bank. It had been his kind offer of a jacket to cover up her milk and cum soaked breasts that had first endeared her to him. He had seemed fine with her lactation, so much so that it was almost like he had ignored it. Would he be as accepting if they were intimate? Did he have any notion that she lactated all the time?

Her mind kept racing, filling with worries. Did he think her horns were just part of her costume? When he found out they were real would he be disgusted? Had he even been interested in her, or was he just being polite? Had she imagined simply kindness as flirtation?

Above all she worried about her milk. Her biggest secret wasn’t that she lactated, it was the affects the lactated milk had on men. The boyfriend she had before attending The Academy, Chad, had once been daring enough to taste her milk even though he had made no secret that her lactation kind of turned him off. At the time she had felt that their relationship was falling apart, as he became less and less attracted to her as her body changed as her powers continued to develop. To both of their great surprise Chad had enjoyed the taste of her milk so much that he had started vigorously drinking from her breast. Even more surprising was how much this act had aroused both of them.

At first Bovine had been amazed at discovering how great it felt to have a man drink from her breast. Her milk, which till that point had always felt overfull in her breasts even when she tried to express it, flowed freely for the first time. And for the first time she also felt the aching pressure in her breasts relieved, and what’s more it felt so good having it drained that way she had nearly cum just from the act of him sucking on her tit. Taking advantage of the pleasurable feeling she had made Chad switch breasts once she felt drained in one.

She was even overjoyed at how into it he had gotten, at least at first. His hips were thrusting and when she reached down to grab hold of his man hood she found his cock harder than she had ever felt it before. Then everything seemed to go wrong.

Chad grabbed hold of her wrists, squeezing them painfully tight. BJ had told him he was hurting her, but he didn’t seem to even hear her. He pinned her to the bed, overpowering her for the first time in their relationships (she had been stronger than him even before she got her powers), and then fucked her hard and fast. She had cried through most of the ordeal, feeling afraid and betrayed by the fact he wouldn’t stop as she begged him to.

But by the end Bovine Justice had eased up, even started to enjoy the rough sex. She ended up cumming not just easier than she ever had, but harder and faster and more often than ever before. For a short time she thought she had discovered something wonderful: a very enjoyable way to ease the painful pressure in her overlarge and milk filled breasts that doubled as a way to ensure her boyfriend fucked the living shit out of her, perhaps even saving their failing relationship.

Every time he drank her milk they fucked. And every time he fucked her after drinking her milk she came hard and fast. He’d cum not long after that, but he’d remain hard and keep pounding away at her till they both nearly passed out from exhaustion.

This happened a handful of times before things started to go really wrong. Eventually there came a time when Bovine felt finished before Chad. She told him so, but he had angrily told her to shut up. He pinned her to the bed, easily overpowering her once again. She got scared again, knowing something was wrong. Yes, she had just cum, but even so she should have been able to overpower him. Then he drank more of her milk, and she swore she felt him grow even stronger, his grip hurting her more and more as he kept drinking from her breast.

Then he fucked her for hours till he started to grow weak and tired, but every time before she could break free he would start sucking on one of her tits again, drinking more of her milk. She found that her milk seemed to be produced faster and in larger quantities after she got off, only ensuring he would have a fresh supply once he started to lose his strength. And just like that he would be strong and his cock hard and he would be able to fuck her till he came at least three more time.

Finally, after over twelve hours of nonstop pussy pounding he had felt satisfied and rolled off her, falling asleep. The next morning he seemed to be back to his normal self, he even seemed to have forgotten what he had done the night before. All he remembered clearly was that the sex had been the best of his life.

There was no doubt in her mind that her milk had caused her once kind, loving, and whimpy boyfriend to turn into a superpowered sex monster. Her milk could somehow give men temporary super strength not just equal to her own, but greater. And it also seemed to increase their sexual urges and stamina, allowing a man to cum multiple times without growing soft or needing a break.

Right away she knew she needed to keep this a secret and that she needed to learn how to defend herself better. Chad seemed unaware of what was happening, and she didn’t want to give him the chance to realize it. She tried to think of a reason to break up with him. She settled on telling him it was because she was leaving to attend The Academy, that she had decided to become a super power.

He didn’t take the news well. He exploded, assaulting her and demanding that she owed him sex at least one more time. He seemed obsessed and driven with lust for her milk. She had tried to say no, even thought about using his powers on him to throw him across the room. Then he had his hands all over her, was touching her and grabbing at her breasts, squeezing her milk out. As her body warmed to his touch her resistance melted away. Before long he had her top off and was sucking on her tits. She lost her window of escape and he was soon stronger than her.

His libido charged by her milk he had fucked her right there on his living room floor. He fucked her till he was soft then he drank from her milk and got hard again. He was lost in the pleasure of being able to fuck her endlessly, his body being re-energized by her milk whenever he grew tired or weak.

Bovine, for her part, found herself fucked into submission. The nearly nonstop orgasms kept her weak. Even if she had had her strength and been able to overpower Chad she might not have been willing to stop. Being fucked this hard and this well felt amazing, the constant sexual high from her milkings was addictive. She quickly started to lose herself in the pleasure just as Chad had.

They stayed in Chad’s apartment for over a week, fucking round the clock and stopping only to eat and use the bathroom. Occasionally Bovine would pass out and sleep for a time, but she would wake up with Chad on top of her, aware that her milk had kept him awake, alert, and fucking her the whole time she had been out.

By the eighth day Bovine Justice had realized she needed to get away, or they would both fuck themselves to death. Every fiber of her being screamed to stay and let this man fuck her over and over again, to keep enjoying the mind numbing bliss she had been experiencing for the last week. But somehow she had managed to pull herself free and escape, to deny her what it body wanted and slip out of the apartment. She had vowed to never let a man lose control of himself like that again because of her milk. She had seen how it could turn kind men into monsters.

That was when she had gotten the device that would later become the Bell of Bovine Justice created for herself. She had returned to Chad and wiped his mind, ensuring he had no memory of their week of passion. To be safe she had erased even more of his memories, going back far enough to erase all memory of her. She knew the lost time might ruin his life, but her milk and what it made him become would have been far more ruinous.

After that she had thrown every ounce of herself into becoming a superheroine, thinking that she could never again have a normal life but always missing it.

She hadn’t thought about Chad in years, and now that all of those memories had come flooding back into her mind she wondered if she had made a mistake giving Jeremy Steiner her phone number. If he ever did call her for a date and things went well, wouldn’t they inevitably lead to the same situation?

No, she realized, she was older and stronger now. She could go on a date, even sleep with this man. She would just have to keep him away from her milk. And if by chance he managed to get a taste of her milk she would just have to use the Bell of Bovine Justice on him. With that thought she fell peacefully asleep.

Chapter Five


Bovine Justice was awoken by the phone ringing. She stumbled out of her bed into the living room, grabbing the phone and turning it on. “Hello,” she said sleepily, looking around to figure out what time it was. She saw she had only been asleep for a few hours and it was only late afternoon.

“Hello,” a familiar and charming voice said on the other end. “Did I wake you? I’m so sorry… uh… should I call you Bovine Justice?”

Wiping the sleep from her eyes and grinning wide she replied, “Hello Jeremy! I was hoping you would call… and you can call me BJ if you like.” As she spoke she felt butterflies in her stomach and wanted to giggle with joy.

“Okay, ‘BJ’,” he said flirtatiously. “Look, I know this is rather short notice but I’ve ended up with a free evening tonight. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since this morning and was wondering, well, if you wanted to go to dinner tonight?”

BJ’s first impulse was to turn him down, to tell him that she needed to be out on patrol tonight. But then she remembered that she set her own schedule and that she deserved a night off. “Sure, Jeremy. I think the city can survive just fine without me for one night.”

He got her address and told her he would pick her up at six. He didn’t tell her where they were going but asked her to dress in something nice.

As she hung the phone up her stomach sank. “I haven’t got anything nice,” she said dumbly, looking around her apartment. All she owned were endless copies of her costume and ratty pajama bottoms. Her costume wouldn’t do, and she couldn’t very well go to what she assumed would end up being a fancy restaurant dressed in ratty pajama bottoms and no top.

There was only one thing to do: she would have to leave right then and buy a new dress before Jeremy arrived. She managed to find an old t-shirt she rarely wore and a pair of jeans she had forgotten she owned, then began to leave. Then she stopped, realizing she would need to bring her costume. Superheroines were technically never off the clock, and if she saw a crime she was legally obligated to use her powers and training to try and stop it. She grabbed her costume, bell included, and shoved it easily into her purse.

A minute later she was in a cab headed to the nearest upscale fashion boutique. With her breasts as big as they were it took some time to find an outfit that fit her right, but once she had it in hand she knew it would do the job tonight. It was a tight fitting, silky red strapless dress. The low cut top showed off quite a bit of her ample cleavage. When she had first seen herself in the dress she wondered if it would send the wrong kind of message, but then she realized it was exactly the kind of message she hoped to be sending.

She got back to her apartment with just enough time to prepare for the night. The first thing she did was grab some tissue and pad the inside of her dress. She was worried her nipples would start to leak if she grew too aroused on the date, and wanted to be prepared. As she did this it dawned her that she should think about buying some nursing pads at one point to keep in her costume. Of course, the world knows I lactate now, she thought, thinking about the incident at the bank.

Luckily the strapless top was made with built in support. That was good, as she didn’t actually own a bra. After she was in the dress she headed to the bathroom to do her hair and face.

BJ didn’t have much makeup lying around, but she made use of what she had. She also spent a few frustrating minutes struggling with her messy, short hair as she tried to cover up her horns. Finally giving up she decided there was nothing to be done about them. If Jeremy didn’t know they were real he will now, she told herself.

The last thing she did was grab her purse. Her costume was still stashed in it, nearby in case she needed it. And most importantly her bell was there, in case she needed to use that on Jeremy.

Then her doorbell rang just as she was putting her shoes on. With a glowing smile she opened the door and greeted her date. She nearly swooned at the sight of him, handsome and dashing in an expensive suit and black tie. He was gorgeous, but above all he looked normal.

Jeremy Steiner seemed to have a similar reaction as BJ opened the door. “Oh my… You look beautiful,” he said in a hushed tone, as if she had taken his breath away.

BJ blushed and looked down at her feet. “Thanks,” she muttered as she looked back up. “You look pretty amazing too.” She realized he was still drinking in the sight of her with his eyes, spending a lot of time looking down into her cleavage. She blushed even harder, but was pleased with the dress she had chosen out.

As he continued to stare she started to grow self conscious. He was spending a lot of time staring at the large ark blue veins that could be seen running under the pale skin of her breasts. She had no idea if he were tracing their outline with his eyes because they repulsed or attracted him.

He looked up, apparently embarrassed that he had been caught ogling her. “Should I come in?”

He leaned to look over her shoulder but BJ stood on her tippy toes to block his view. “No, that’s okay. My place is rather Spartan and not worth showing off. Why don’t we just start our night?”

“Okay,” he said. But he was still looking into her apartment. He pointed at the glass display case. “You keep your costume in that? Where is it?” Before she could answer he looked down at her purse. “Ah, I bet I know where it is. You have to have it on you at all times, don’t you? In case you witness a crime. You’re supposed to always be ready to jump to the rescue?”

“Yeah,” she said quietly. “I hope that doesn’t ruin the mood you were hoping to set for the night.”

“Not at all. I think what you do is incredible. It’s not why I asked you on this date, but it’s not a part of your life I imagine is hard to set aside. And I’d never ask you to.” He held his arm out. “Hopefully you’ll have no reason to get out of that dress tonight. That is, unless it’s for a reason other than getting your costume on. Come, let the night begin.”

She took his arm and let him lead her out of the building, her face warm from the sexual implications of what he had just said. Waiting outside the building was a stretch limousine, the driver waiting with the door open for them.

“Did you rent this just to impress me?” She asked him in a flirtatious tone as they both got into the spacious back and sat across from each other.

“Oh, of course I didn’t rent it to impress you,” he said with a mischievous smile. After a moment of silence he said, “I happen to be rich enough to own three of them. That should impress you.”

The truth was the money DID impress her a little. She rarely interacted with people who had come into wealth by legal means. Sure, Goliath Banking International didn’t have the best reputation, but what multinational did? A person of wealth who had come into their money legally was a novelty to her and something she was enjoying being around, especially since it was being used to impress her. And above all the rich man sitting across from her was polite and clean, so unlike the wealthy mob kingpins and perverse supervillains she was used to interacting with.

Before long they had arrived at the most expensive and prestigious restaurant in all of Megatropolis. “And you just happened to have a reservation for tonight?” BJ asked. “I’ve heard the tables here have to be booked months in advance.”

He took her by the arm as she stepped out of the limo and smiled. “Let’s just say my money can buy me all kinds of privileges. But spending a small fortune is a small price to pay to be seen with a woman as beautiful as you in a place like this.”

“Keep talking like that, Mr. Steiner, and I might be asking to see your home later tonight.”

He smiled at this, but didn’t say anything. Once they were at their table he pulled her chair out, inviting her to sit down. The waiter approached and Jeremy asked if they had received his instructions. The man said they had. “Good, I’d prefer it if we are disturbed as little as possible. Now, let’s start with the wine.”

Once their drinks were poured he raised his glass. “To us, on what will hopefully be the first of many evenings like this.” He raised his glass to his lips then stopped, setting it down before taking a drink. “I’m so sorry, you don’t mind the wine do you?”

“Oh no, not at all,” BJ said as she took a sip. “I like the way it tastes, although I don’t have it very often. And I don’t have to worry about getting drunk. I can’t, no one with an active P-Gene can.”

“I didn’t know that,” he said. “I suppose there are plenty of things about your life as Bovine Justice that I don’t know. Or even that I know but can never truly understand.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, taking another sip. She was so interested in the conversation that she failed to notice that Jeremy was not drinking from his glass, nor would she notice that his glass would remain full the rest of the evening.

“Well, there is the fact that you are always on duty. You always have to be Bovine Justice, and even in moments like these when you are just BJ, well, it’s almost like it’s a lie. Our world, it’s not like those silly comic books from the old days. When real superheroes appeared they didn’t have secret identities, our heroes are who they are. You are Bovine Justice.”

“Well, yes. But I’m aloud to be BJ sometimes, although it’s not like those are two different women. They are both me, just doing different things. And tonight, tonight I want to be BJ not Bovine Justice. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten the chance to take the costume off and wear normal clothes in public like this, to go on something as normal as a date.”

She stopped talking for a moment and her face squished up as she fell deep in thought. Absentmindedly she played with the ring in her nose (a touch that went along with the bovine theme of her costume but that she never took out). Looking up she said, “Sorry, got lost in thought. Look, if the costume is what you are looking to be on a date with tonight we should just end this here.” It was hard for her to say, partially because she feared being rejected as BJ, but she had had to say it.

Jeremy reached across the table and gently held her hand. “I promise you, BJ, that it’s YOU I’m interested in, not the costume.”

His words broke the tension of the moment and put Bovine at ease. She took another drink of wine. “Mmmmm, this is really good. I think I’d like some more, my glass is already empty!” Jeremy called the waiter over and had him pour her more wine.

After the initial tension in the conversation things lightened up. The couple talked for hours, enjoying their meal and sitting till evening started to turn to night.

Every time the conversation started to steer back towards BJ’s life as a crime fighter he politely steered it away, aware that she wanted a night as free of that subject as possible. Instead they talked about current affairs, local politics. Both seemed to hate the current Mayor of Megatropolis, although each for very different reasons.

Mostly they talked about Jeremy’s life as CEO of Goliath Banking International. Even though the details were mundane and boring BJ seemed to be riveted by them, mostly because they were so mundane and boring. She barely understood most of what he said as it was all steeped in the technical terminology of international finance, but she was happy to hear it all.

The only subject that had caused the two to grow tense again was when Jeremy brought up his company’s dealings with the IntelliTek Corporation. IntelliTek was a large multinational technology firm that had its fingers in everything from medical supplies to creating the devices local police forces used to take down and keep supervillains depowered.

It was common knowledge in the superhero community that the company made a great deal of its money selling drugs that had been deemed too dangerous for the public on the black market. And many of its weapons, especially those designed to help combat and control people with superpowers, ended up on the black market and in the hands of those that they were created to control. The worst was when IntelliTek prison collars fell into criminal hands. The devices, when secured around an individual’s neck, could temporarily take away any active powers a person with an active P-Gene had.

Countless times various superheroines had tried to prove in the court of law that IntelliTek dealt directly to the black market but they had some of the largest corporate coffers in the world, and many politicians owed their elections to their donations. No matter the proof if legal misdoing was presented by the superheroines, IntelliTek always managed to leave court free of all but the smallest punishments.

Supervillains loved IntelliTek. Not only could their black market creations help them defeat heroines, but a lot of the devices had darker sexual uses as well. Most superheroines had experienced at least some of these drugs or devices first hand, and all of them loathed the company. It was even rumored that IntelliTek had been the one’s to discover Super GHB and sell its chemical makeup to the criminal elements of the world.

It seemed that Jeremy had helped institute much of the recently grown financial ties between his company and IntelliTek. But BJ was having the time of her life that night and was willing to make excuses for his actions. Surely he doesn’t know about their black market operations, she told herself. Surely he doesn’t know about all of the illegal human testing they did, or all of the sexually perverse things its scientists had been caught taking part in.

There was another reason she was so willing to overlook his connections with the company she so hated. She didn’t realize it, but she had grown rather inebriated. As this was something she thought was impossible she remained blissfully unaware of her altered state of mind.

Having her mind muddled made her miss plenty of other signs, signs that Jeremy Steiner wasn’t as nice of a guy as she thought he was. He continued to be perfectly polite to her, but was abominably cruel to the staff of the restaurant. And as the night went on longer his lingering looks at her breasts started to grow far more predatory.

That should have been the biggest warming sign. She had seen men look at her that way before, she should have recognized it. But as his initial admiring, polite glances had grown more crude and lingering her mind had grown fuzzier. By the time he was escorting her out of the restaurant and back into his waiting limousine he was practically eye fucking her.

BJ finally noticed the way he was looking at her, but the warm inebriation had spread through her body and left her highly aroused. Instead of being offended by his lecherous looks she was turned on and ready to let him do more than look.

Stumbling as they approached the limo, Jeremy helped her walk, sneaking a squeeze of one of her breasts. BJ giggled drunkenly and batted his hand away. “Wait till we’re in the limo,” she whispered.

He opened the door for her and she practically fell in, giving him a look up her dress as she did. He saw, to his pleasant surprise, that she wasn’t wearing any panties. “This is all too easy,” he said to himself, thinking about how effective the Super GHB he had had the kitchen staff slip into the wine was on the unsuspecting superheroine. He smiled, knowing everything was going according to his plans as he got in the limo and closed the door behind him.

* * * * * * * * * *

This is only the first five chapters of this thirteen chapter story. You can read the rest of it by purchasing “Bovine Justice Vs The CEO” at Smashwords.

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