New Ebook “The Forest Witch Servant of Pollena Part 3”

Servant of Pollena Part 3

The next part of this serialized story is out on and Amazon.

The Forest Witch continues the education of the thick-bodied Elven beauty Tynian, working to teach her the obedience she’ll need if she is to face and survive the mysterious guardians of Pollena’s honey. Tynian IS learning but she is becoming distracted, both by her enjoyment of the punishments she earns during her lessons and her love of the apparition known as the girl in the mirror.

She is not the only one growing distracted. Tynian is affecting both the witch and the girl in the mirror, throwing off all their plans with her sincere and endearing affection for both intense, volatile women. As they make Tynian discover things about herself she’ll make them realize and admit things as well, making them face and accept the truth of their relationship.

The third part of this serialized story includes explicit scenes of lesbian sex with strong BDSM themes including spanking, punishment, body suspension, and ghostly intercourse.

There is still plenty of BDSM kinkery but the series is now as much of a romance as I’ll probably ever write.

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