New Ebook: “Thief of Altam and the Temple of Azeena”

Thief of Altam 2 cover v5

The new interactive erotic tale is out on Amazon and  Smashwords and will be coming to print through Amazon soon!

Altam, the city of women. It is a place protected by powerful magic, a place where only women can immigrate to. But the island city isn’t the paradise many who come to its shores for refuge expect. Just like anywhere else in the world of Alaria there is danger, poverty, and a seedy underworld.

There is also magic and the machinations of the gods. Along with them is The Corruption, a perverse and antagonistic force striving to change the nature of Alaria and corrupt even the gods themselves. Altam, although resistant to The Corruption, still fights the never-ending battle against it, only in more subtle ways than elsewhere in Alaria.

Mira finds herself once again a pawn in that battle, although in much more subtle ways than her last quest. The crime boss Kina Blackdew, her employer, has heard tell of some toys the horny priestesses of Azeena, Goddess of the Cleansing Light, keep in their temple. Coveting them, Mira is being sent to steal one. The temple is well guarded by its priestesses and Mira will have to use all her skills as a thief and whiles as a sexy young woman to retrieve one of the toys.

Will Mira succeed in her quest? Only you can decide in this interactive, highly re-readable erotic tale. You choose Mira’s path and if you don’t like the ending you reach or the way you reached it you can simply return to the beginning of the story and try again!

This can be read as a sequel to Thief of Altam or be read as a stand alone story. It’s a little longer than that story (about 40 print pages longer) and has more longer sex scenes in it. If it sells as well as the first one did I’ll almost certainly do a third one once I have a good idea.

As a reminder to readers who might not know my Patreon and Subsribestar backers who back at the 3$ level or higher get a copy of any new books as part of their pledge.

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