New Ebook: Thief of Altam and the Manor of Madness: a “Choose Her Peril” Story

Thief of Altam and the manor of madness cover 06

The new “Choose Her Peril” interactive story is out! It can be found digitally on Smashwords and Amazon and as a physical book on Amazon as well!

Altam, the city of women. It is a place protected by powerful magic, a place where only women can immigrate to. But the island city isn’t the paradise many who come to its shores for refuge expect. Just like anywhere else in the world of Alaria there is danger, poverty, and a seedy underworld.

In this adventure the thief Mira finds herself facing her greatest threat. Something sensually dark and menacing has come to Altam, bringing with it a dark god and its tentacle servants. The dark something has begun to fester and warp the mind of the powerful woman who owns it, the warping of reality threatening all of Altam.

It will be up to Mira to enter the manor of madness and steal the item threatening Altam. She’ll need all her sexual wiles to seduce her way to her quest’s end, but she risks losing herself to an endless loop of lust.

Will Mira succeed in her quest? Only you can decide in this interactive, highly re-readable erotic tale. You choose Mira’s path and if you don’t like the ending you reach or the way you reached it you can simply return to the beginning of the story and try again!

Like Thief of Altam and the Temple of Azeena this can be read as a sequel to previous books staring Mira but reads just fine as a stand alone book. This one also reads a bit differently, with there being more of a challenge and reward to getting to the good ending. Most of the bad endings also form a kind of time loop that bring you back to the start of the story, making “failures” to get the good ending feel more like one continues read.

2 responses to “New Ebook: Thief of Altam and the Manor of Madness: a “Choose Her Peril” Story

  • Gabney

    CYOA and CHP stories are the tip of the interactive erotica vibrator, the first to g spot,last to cum, clouds are neat. Altam seems like a great place to vacation, how would a male go about sneaking in. What of thesalia’s lambs, ashling karma.


    • philohunter

      Altam will always be a ladies only space, even if I get to the point that I’m writing guy/girl stuff again. I want my readers I’m building up who enjoy the exclusively girl/girl spaces to feel safe in those spaces.


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