New Ebook: “Archbaroness and the Halloween Gala”

archbaroness and the halloween gala 2

A brand new Heroines Perilous World story is available on Smashwords.

The superheroine Archbaroness thinks she’s going to a Halloween charity gala hosted by the mayor. The truth is the event is a secret play party that an event room FULL of rich men have paid immensely to be part of. But this is no normal kink-filled sex party, this is one with an unwilling star that will be made to fuck everyone in attendance.

It will be an epic night none will forget when Archbaroness, drugged, captured, and slave collared, will be made to do anything and everything the men in attendance want. The helpless heroine will be the center of countless sexual “scenes” of domination and public humiliation as man after man has their way with her one at a time and in large groups. Through it all she’ll be repeatedly gassed, trapped in a repeating nightmare of waking up to once more be these men’s sexual plaything.

This one-handed read is intended for adult audiences ONLY and contains themes of heavy non-consensual sex, filthy kinky public sex and degradation, and themes of misogyny-themed public humiliation.

Please be warmed that this is a returned to my previous style of HEAVY non-con and guy on girl. I will still be writing the other kind of stories for the Amazon market (softer in tone and only with girl-on-girl), but if this sells well I’ll go back to switching between both kinds of projects. Either way, I will make sure I am ALWAYS letting you know exactly what kind of story your in for.

A reminder that if you support me on Patreon or Subscribestar you get access to the story through a password protected page on here and, if you back at the $3 level or higher a free copy as an ebook on Smashwords.

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