New Ebook: “Hidden Magic Part 2”

Hidden Magic Part 2

Part 2 of Hidden Magic is out on Amazon and will be on Smashwords for a limited time.

Becca wakes wondering if it’s all been a dream. The night she’s spent with the magical girls, including a mid-night orgy, seems unreal. Their lives and home are bathed in magic, filled with erotic delights and the beginning of her next day with them is only going to get more magical.

She’s met Mixie Moonsong’s other, the imposing and scary villainess Domina. Now she’ll get to meet Sara Snyder and Catalina Espinar’s heroic others, Princess Pounce and Magicat. Although just a game, the three magical women are going to show Becca how the magical good girls and bad girls of their world fight. Play-acted battles turn into sexy scenes of BDSM submission.

Along the way Becca will be included in the kinky fun as the three magical girls and their superpowered others try and coax out the mysterious magic hidden deep in her. And while Becca loses herself in intense sexual bliss the shadow of other powers having taken notice of the magic in her shall begin to loom darkly over them…

The story has grown pretty far from where it started. Originally it was a cut scene from Magicat’s Submission where the girls seduced a delivery girl. When I started working on it the story was at first going to be a stand alone short that grew into something more substantial and has now grown into a full-blown sequel to Magicat’s Submission. That was originally going to be “Fauna & Flora” but I’ll now be keeping the main plots and new characters I had planned for that till after Hidden Magic is done.

In the meantime I’ll be bouncing between this and Princess Pounce’s Submission, along with getting some work done here and there on Lustsick & In Love (which should be getting some new content soon).

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