New ebook: “Magicat’s Submission Part 4”

Magicat Part 4

The newest part of this serialized lezdom bdsm story is out on Amazon.

Catalina is embracing and settling into her new life as Mixie and Domina’s pet, flush with the growing acceptance that for her at least this complicated, perverse game of master and slave they are playing is more than just sex. Catalina Espinar loves Mixie Moonsong, but what about Domina and Magicat?

The two transformed magical girls get to take center stage before Catalina. Magicat will need to submit before the night can move on to the untransformed girls’ planned festivities. She will, but Domina has a surprise in store for her: it’s not HER the magical cat girl will be submitting to.

Magicat will submit to Mixie, but for how long? And what happens when the power dynamics are reversed? And most importantly if Catalina loves Mixie, how does Mixie feel about her?

Intense sensual passion and emotional revelations are followed by chilling revelations as Mixie manages to pull back the shimmering magical curtain the Magiforce has draped over their lives, peeking backstage to get a glimpse of the truth.

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