New Ebook: “The Defeat of Miss Mexicana”

The Defeat of Miss Mexicana v3

The newest Choose Her Peril story is up for sale exclusively on Smashwords!

Miss Mexicana is about to have a VERY bad day, one that ends in her defeat. The only question is HOW? You get to be the one that answers that, leading the super-busty superheroine through her day and helping choose the poor choices that will lead to her defeat at the hands of horny criminals, supervillains, monsters, and even some of her adoring fans.

This one-handed read takes the heroine on a highly re-readable sexual journey of defeat, exploitation, and humiliation. It contains explicit sexual content and is for adult readers ONLY including scenes of non-consensual sex, monster impregnation, drugging, and erotic mind control.

WARNING: This is NOT a book written for the Amazon market and contains HEAVY non-con sexual themes.

4 responses to “New Ebook: “The Defeat of Miss Mexicana”

  • Gabney

    What about a non powered but augmented want to be unofficial sidekick called Captain Latin,costume is black/blue shorts and no shirt with a bullet proof poncho concealing his nonlethal tools,wearing a fake face or zoroesque color matching bandana. Something like a friend’s with benefits gone too far and the first male hero(albeit non P Gene) his one thing is he yells (insert catchphrase) before a fight.


  • Norah

    Heh,unsolicited secondary ask, What about Alia, you know.
    Male heros should get a villainous piece on the side too.
    Maybe I should pay for something before running the free advice train off the writers rails. But Zanthippe Sounds neat. Check out nightwing326s stuff Philo.


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