Poll Driven Story: “The Reign of Vogur, High Priest of Azel”

Sorry it took so long to get this posted. The choices that won the initial set of polls took some thinking (which I enjoyed). I’ve decided to go for something a little more grand that I originally envisioned when I threw those polls up and that took some world building in my head and then in the story itself.
I also had a lot of characters to introduce but I don’t think that’s a bad thing! Right now this story is pretty open ended and through the voting who knows where it will lead. And even though there are a bunch of female characters I’m not particularly attached to any of them so this is definitely a story where some or all of them could meet “bad” endings.
Anyways, I hope you like whats here (it’s a pretty good chunk of writing to start the story out) and would love to hear any feedback you might have.
Also if your enjoying this new set of poll driven stories please think about becoming a Patreon backer. Every dollar helps me be able to spend more time writing.

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Poll Driven Story: “The Tale of the Nemorvian Band”

I’m working on fantasy stuff right now and along with a couple of new stories and going to be going and trying to finish off some unfinshed stories. So, here is the continuation of this story! You can find the story in its current entirety HERE, just the new section is below the break.

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Help me set up a new Reader’s Choice Fantasy story

I’m going to be working on continuing some of the partially done Reader’s Choice fantasy stories, but I’d like something new in the mix. So you all get to help me choose the basics of the new story!
All of these polls will allow you to vote for as many options as you like. The top voted choice will be used.

Free story: “The Game Master’s League of Superpowered Breast Lovers: Week Two”

Here’s the second week of this story’s game! Enjoy it while it’s up, when the story is finished I’ll be taking it down to post it as an Ebook.

If you want to read the story in its current entirety click HERE.

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Free story: “The Game Master’s League of Superpowered Breast Lovers: Week One”

I think this one might never get released as an Ebook (although that could change) and have decided to start posting it for free places.

Some info about this story since its a little different from what I normally do:

This story started out as a way to get back into the habit of writing everyday. I wanted to be writing a bunch of single sex scenes that got right to the action and came up with what at first was just a silly framing device, but the more I worked on the little sub-stories the more I started coming up with ideas for a larger background story. This is the first “week” of the story, when things were still pretty simple and straight forward. There will be six weeks in all and later weeks will start having interludes between the “scoring” sub-stories that will be building up the background/overall story.

I am randomly determining which villains score which place each week and who they score with, which has been really fun. I won’t have any idea who is going to win until I get the final week written! The random pairings also means there’s a lot of characters fucking that I wouldn’t normally put together. I’m really enjoying this, it’s been pushing me to come up with interesting ways to get these characters together and has pushed me to try and start using more diverse settings for the stories in Megatropolis. Back alleys are awesome for superheroine tales, but ALL the action shouldn’t be happening there.

These stories are also “introducing” a lot of characters I’ve never actually written into a story before. Some of them have appeared in visual stuff and some of them have just been in my head for a while. I’ve tried to write this the way I do most of my stories: not assuming someone reading it has read any of my other heroine stuff. So new or old character, there should be enough in each of the mini stories to get a feel for who the characters are. And I’m sure the pictures at the start of each scoring event will help you picture things too.

So, onto the story! (which can also be found HERE, where the story will live in its entirety as its added to)

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New Release: “Superheroine Tales To Arouse 3”

The newest collection of Heroines Perilous World shorts is now available at Amazon and Smashwords!

This short story collection includes six all new Heroines Perilous World stories, full of kinky, sexy goodness! At over 40,000 words this one handed read will please all fans of superheroines in peril but is intended or adult audiences ONLY!

Gravity Girl and the Heroine Recertification Test – Gravity Girl is young and full of confidence but when it’s time for her to get recertified to be a superheroine she worries she might not pass the test, especially since using her powers to strenuously causes her breasts to… grow.

The Birth of The Grower – Bovine Justice is staring in Megatropolis’ newest supervillain’s origin story, she just doesn’t know it. The young man that will soon become The Grower has just discovered his powers and what they can do to others, but he’s struggling with how using them makes a certain body part grow to inhuman size. Luckily, for him at least, Bovine Justice has arrived just in time to help him figure out what to use his powers for.

Crimson Tide’s First Day – She might be a decade older than most other graduates from The Academy, but Crimson Tide is no less ready to fight crime. But her first day patrolling the streets aren’t going to be exactly what she hoped for when she accepts some free food from a shady street vendor then gets some very personal introductions to some of the towns more colorful locals.

Brickhouse Vs. The Grower – The Grower is comfortable with his powers now and has become an expert at using them on superheroines. When he runs into Brickhouse he’s at first disappointed, having hoped to encounter a heroine with larger breasts. But hulking red skinned heroine has a secret, a secret The Grower will love, and its hidden under her special bra…

Archbaroness Interviewed! – Archbaroness is being interviewed live on TV and the host has ensured that she’s going to be answering each question with total honesty. A fun short where all the in story questions were submitted by real world fans!

Brain Master Interviewed! – Up next is one of Megatropolis’ most infamous supervillains. He’ll be answering each question with complete honesty before the whole city. Once again, all the questions in this story were submitted by real world fans!

My Patreon backers got access to each of these stories as they were finished AND 5$ level and higher backers received a free copy of the ebook. If you like my work you should think about joining and backing me!

What I’m Currently Working On

I’m sure anyone that has visited this sight recently must be wondering what I’ve been up to. For the past few months my health hasn’t been good and I wasn’t getting much done. But I’m doing better now and am back to writing regularly. But before I tell you all what I’m working on I want to explain where that work is available.

I’ve grown really attached to my Patreon and my backers. For now all of the writing I am doing is being posted there as it gets done. For short stories, they get posted once they are done. For longer projects I tend to post them chapter by chapter. Right now I’m trying to get to the point where I can be posting three or four “stories” a week. You can get access to those as they are posted, and an ever growing backlog of other stuff, by backing me for as low as 1$. The written stuff being posted to Patreon WILL eventually be available as Ebooks, but not till each work is “finished” which could take some time for most of the projects I’m working on. So if you enjoy my writing (or visual stuff, although I’m not really working on any of that at the moment) please think about backing me on Patreon. The support helps me financially and REALLY helps keep me enthusiastic about writing and finishing projects. I also try to provide heavy interaction with my backers, asking questions and throwing up polls and always trying to be receptive to requests and feed back.


So, that plug out of the way, here are the three projects I am currently working on:

“The Game Master’s League of Superpowered Breast Lovers”: This is a collection of short stories that are telling an evolving story that has started simple but will be growing more complex as more entries are released. A large number of male supervillains have been gathered by the mysterious Game Master to take part in a grand contest. Each week the men are to go out into Megatropolis and hunt down target superheroines, all of them with large breasts, and defeat and fuck them. These are recorded and ranked, each fuck earning a certain number of points each week. Write now I am getting ready to publish second place of the second week of the contest, with many more to come.

I’m also doing something a little different with how I write these stories. When I start outlining each set of short stories for each week of the contest I am randomly determining which contested fucks which superheroine using two decks of cards. It’s leading to some interesting character matches that have never come up in stories before. The series is also “introducing” a handful of new characters, both supervillains and superheroines. Some of them are ones who I’ve done visual stuff with but never had in written stories while others are once that I’ve just recently created.

This is one that definitively won’t see publication for a while. There are four “scoring” events each week of the story and I want to so at least a months worth of the contest in story, maybe more. So that’s going to be a ton of short stories.

“Superheroine Tales to Arouse 3”: Another collection of random shorts set in the Heroines Perilous World setting. The last two contained around 20,000 words worth of stories, but this one is going to have a lot more in it. There are a number of shorts that contain interviews with various superheroines (one of which was published on here) but all of the questions in the story were submitted by my Patreon backers. Since those stories don’t contain any explicit sex I want to make sure there is at least one normal short for each of them and I have a list of shorts I want to get done before I package it. These include the introduction of the supervillain The Grower, a new heroine named Crimson Tide, and a story featuring each of the interviewed characters (which at this point are Archbaroness and Brain Master and will soon include the duo Ice & Fire).

“Sublime Ink”: This is something that was actually one of the first projects I ever started working on. I’ve picked it up and worked on it here and there over the last few years but am determined to finish it this time. It will be a novel length erotic tale and right now is being released to the Patreon feed one chapter at a time as I get them done. It’s a punk rock inspired story about a very special tattoo studio. Thanks to some special mind control incense the male artists that run the shop, and their favorite male clients, get to fuck all the hot tattooed babes that come through the shop. I’m editing chapter 3 now and there should be 10 or 11 chapters, so this one too won’t see publication as an Ebook for a while.


What I’m doing is alternating between the three projects, finishing them short story by short story (or chapter) then cycling back through them. If any of those projects interest you think about popping over to my Patreon and backing. And again, you can back for as low as a dollar!