Another SubscribeStar Update

So the SubscribeStar page IS up now and active. I’m a little annoyed they said it was denied then realized they made a mistake after I told everyone it’s off.

This is where I am right now: Aside from working on photomanips when my health isn’t good enough to be writing I’m no longer going to be doing 3D stuff, just written stuff. I can post the written stuff to Subscribe star and I will be doing so. When I get new Ebooks out if your a backer on there you will get a coupon code for a free copy off of Smashwords as well.

As for the Patreon there will be nothing posted to the feed, not even the coupon codes. I’m not allowed to link to any of my content from there. But if you remain/become a backer on Patreon make sure you give them an E-mail address that works, because I can E-mail things directly to people (such as links to a drop box and what not).

Poll Driven Story: “Little Mischief”

Here’s another Fortune City story off to a running start!

Also someone pointed out that the polls aren’t showing up from everyone. I was using a wordpress plug in thingy for the polls, but it seems adblocker blocks them. I’ll start using direct links to the polls so they show up for everyone.

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Poll Driven Story: “Gigantica”

Here’s the beginning of another Fortune City poll driven story!


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Poll Driven Story: “Fortune City Medical Exams”

I’ve had the itch to work on some poll driven stories and wanted to try something a little different. The few heroine ones I’ve done that haven’t petered out real quick all grew in narrative scale rather quickly which eventually made them hard to continue. I want to try and keep the focus of the ones I’m writing smaller, so they don’t get to complex and I am more likely to finish them. I toyed around with a few ideas and decided to try something totally different than what I’ve done before.

All of these I’m starting now will be set in the same city (not Megatropolis, a new city so there is more freedom for the stories and characters) and all of them will be happening at roughly the same time. My hope is that story threads that end up getting abandoned/dropped do to poll choices (it happens a lot) can then be picked up in other stories. And stories/heroines can have bad endings that can then effect other stories or even have two different stories merge at one point.

My intention is after the stories are all finished to combine them into one big Ebook where the stories are broken up into parts to tell one much larger story of an entire city form many points of view. I have no idea if this will work, but there should at least be plenty of dirty sexy fun as we try it out.

Below the break you’ll find begging of our first story! I’ll hopefully get the beginning of a bunch up this weekend then, after votes start coming in, start going through them and adding to them.



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Ebook Release: “Pink Puncher”

A brand new story is ready and up on Smashwords!

Pink Puncher has had a rare career of total success, having never been defeated by any foe she’s faced. Even though her body doesn’t look tough (she’s short and slightly on the pudgy side with massive, almost inhumanly large breasts) she’s been able to take everything the backwoods criminals in Drucker County have thrown at her.

But that’s all about to change.

The Drucker Brother’s, a pair of petty criminals she’s been throwing in jail for years, are free once again. But they have something they’ve never had before: a secret. Specifically they know about Pink Puncher’s secret weakness. And soon she’s going to find out what happens when her foes know the truth about her greatest weakness…

This 9,000+ word one-handed read is intended for adult audiences only and includes scenes of graphic sexual nature.

It’s a pretty straight forward intro to a character with a MAJOR weakness (hint: she tries to avoid seeing dicks). I’m hoping to build on it and continue her story and expand on the setting, which isn’t in a major city.

Patreon Maybe Closing, New Home (SubscribeStar)?

It looks like my Patreon will be closing down. Right now it’s still up, but I am no longer able to post content and had to scrub everything that was on it. I wanted to explain why, real quick.
I got an E-mail basically saying my account was severely in risk of being closed due to having content not allowed. The first message wasn’t 100% clear on what content was causing the issue but hinted at it which made it pretty clear. I knew I was always walking with a foot over the line so it wasn’t a huge surprise. I replied asking for specifics then looked to see if anyone else had gotten a similar message recently. I found a few other people who had gotten similar messages in the last week or so and read that other people had to either close it out or basically scrub it clean of content and not post new stuff directly to it. I went through and started deleting everything, which I quickly discovered was the correct course of action. I got a reply back form them pointing to specific posts that had been causing problems then a list of kinks that are not allowed on Patreon either visually or written which was, dishearteningly, basically an itemized list of every kink I’ve ever worked with.
The message also made clear that even LINKING to places with that kind of content would be enough to get the account closed. So I had to also scrub it of links to other places and I won’t even be able to post links to new Ebooks. It sucks. the amount of income I got from that was never huge, but it always made a huge difference in my quality of life. And honestly, having a place where it felt like I should be posting content daily did a lot to keep me active when my health has been good. It was a REALLY good hub where I could post ALL my stuff for people who were supporting me. And although I never got a ton of feedback on stuff it was really nice getting to see eyeballs and occasionally opinions on stuff I was writing chapter by chapter or short story by short story.
My initial plan had been to keep the Patreon up without any content for the die-hard backers who were willing to support even without stuff going into the feed. I was hoping to find a new home and it seems i MIGHT have at SubscribeStar. I’ve got it set up and should be able to post a story in the next day or two. I’m not quite ready to close the Patreon as I’m not sure how easy it will be to get backers on the new sight. They can’t take Paypal, which I know will be a biggy for a lot of people. There are also some pretty shitty people who use the sight, which makes me hesitate from going full in. But I have to be honest with myself: I create smut that most people find pretty offensive. If I want a hope on the internet on a page other than one I run all by myself I can’t be too picky about the OTHER people using that site.

Your Fan Questions in a Heroine Story!

Hello fellow perverts! I’m working on a new short that centers around the superheroine Archbaroness being interviewed. During the interview she’s going to get hypnotized and there’s going to be some sexy mind controlled fun but leading up to that there is an interview.

I’m hoping to get the majority of the questions the interviewer will ask from my fans! Send me questions you’d want to see in the story. Anything goes, no matter how perverse or just invasive. You can send me questions on here as comments or e-mail them to

If I get at least a few from on here I’ll post the whole story for free up on here!