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Challenge Two: The Alien Freight Drivers at the Space Truck Stop


At least these alien bastards gave me a fresh costume, Archbaroness thought as she prepared to be teleported into the second challenge. But it’s not something they are going to need to replace a second time. I’m going to pass this challenge WITHOUT losing it again, in fact, I’m making a vow to not even allow it to be ripped.

“It’s time to begin!” The Game Master declared.

Archbaroness closed her eyes, having already discovered that it made the teleportation less disorienting. Even before she opened her eyes she could tell that wherever she’d been transported to was not a pleasant place. Once she opened her eyes it was not the filthiness of the location that drew her attention, instead her eyes were pulled upward.

She found herself standing on an orbital platform, a transparent dome arcing above her. Archbaroness was vaguely aware of a couple of small structures nearby and a line of space vehicles to one side of the platform, but it was the view outside the platform she couldn’t look away from.

A huge planet loomed above her. It was night on the side the platform orbited and much of the planet’s surface was lit by the twinkling lights of what she assumed were vast cities. Lines of vehicles were leaving and entering the planet’s atmosphere, heavy traffic that flowed out into the cold depths of space but also to the three moons she could see. Each of them was also covered in visible lit-up structures, lunar cities as awing as the planet below.

“Our plucky human heroine seems to be awed by the sight this simple galactic truck stop provides,” The Game Master said. “Normally the place would be teeming with sentient beings fueling their space freighters as they move commerce between the plant and its moons or out towards its stellar neighbors. This particular stop is kept so busy its operators have not been able to give it a meaningful cleaning in a very long time.”

Archbaroness forced herself to look away from the view above. Looking down she saw how true The Game Master’s statement had been. The cold metal of the platform’s floor was covered in a thick, sludge-like slime that was somehow slippery underfoot while also working almost like a glue she had to struggle to rip her feet out of. The air was stale and reeked, a mix of garbage and fuel permeating under all other unpleasant smells she couldn’t identify.

“But we’ve cleared the station of almost all of its inhabitants for this encounter. The three beings that remain, all members of the same species, will be providing the main challenge for Archbaroness today. All were pilots, driving some of the space freighters lined up outside this orbital ‘truck stop’.

“We’ve had them sequestered in a janitorial closet in the back of the rest stop’s bathrooms. I must admit, even though they know of our show and are fans they are not very happy about having their lives disrupted so they can be part of it. Perhaps not giving them a choice is part of that, who can know?

“Regardless, they are quite angry. The shipments they were driving will all be late. Some of them may lose their jobs because of this, and once they realized that they grew even angrier. Thanks to some subtle mental manipulation that anger has been directed towards the star of our show. That’s right, viewers, they put ALL the blame for the disruption to their lives on Archbaroness.”

“Great,” Archbaroness muttered, looking around and trying to figure out where these alien truckers would be coming from.

There was a small structure with large windows allowing her to see rows of products she assumed were food. Assuming it was the alien equivalent of a convenience store she looked elsewhere.

A few benches were spread about, many near machines that at first made her think of ATMs but on a second glance seemed to look more like gas pumps. She glanced at the line of vehicles parked outside the structure and saw that hoses seemed to be attached to them all. Probably right about them being gas pumps, or at least the controls for them.

Finally her eyes fell on a smaller, sturdy structure near the back of the platform. The lack of windows made her suspect it was the bathrooms the aliens she was about to face were trapped in. She moved as far away from it as she could, wanting as much time as possible to observe them before having to fight.

“Look, viewers, she’s preparing for a fight! Perhaps she’s right to be ready, our truckers ARE angry. But hopefully the superpowered human will remember to be careful, the transparent covering over her head is all that separates her from the deadly void of space.”

He’s telling me I’m going to have to pull my punches, she thought. I can’t simply pick one of these aliens up and check them about, not unless I want to break that glass or whatever it is. Okay, so I fight smart more than strong. I can do that.

“Since she’s ready I suppose it’s time we get to it. Release the truckers!”

Archbaroness tensed, waiting for them to appear.

“Where is that fucking bitch,” a gruff alien voice called out.

“Oh, yes, I suppose I should explain to both our star and any new viewers: we use advanced technology that makes it so any sentient being taking part in a challenge can understand each other. Archbaroness will hear the truckers speaking her native tongue and they will hear her speaking theirs. And you at home, no matter what galaxy or dimension you are in, will hear them in your native language as well!”

Means I can threaten them and maybe avoid a fight, Archbaroness thought. Any hope of avoiding a fight died when she saw the alien truckers come around the corner into sight. The expressions on their alien faces were all too easy to understand, even at the distance she stood, and she knew no amount of talking would dull that much anger.

There were three of them, their bodies larger and bulkier than any human’s. They all stood at least two feet taller than her and their thick bodies seemed to be equal parts fat and muscle. They had grayish-green, leathery skin that was almost reptile-like. Their heads were much rounder than a human’s, the smooth reptile-like nostril holes adding to the alien sense of roundness. Their eyes were small, beady little black pupils sunken into their round heads.

All three alien truckers were wearing the same outfits, although Archbaroness didn’t want to think of it as ‘clothing’ as it left most of their bodies naked. Cloth wrappings were covering their thick limbs. They each had something around their waist that seemed to be a kind of belt, but since they wore no pants in need of being held up she thought the word wasn’t an accurate description. A sash extended up from the belts, wrapping up over their fat guts then back down their backs. The strip of cloth might have helped keep those large bellies from jiggling but it seemed more likely they were just for decoration.

The rest of their bodies were naked, and this was most obvious between their legs. All three of the aliens had huge, thick cocks that hung down nearly to their knees. Their balls and the very base of their shaft were covered in the same thick grayish-green skin the covered the rest of their bodies. Extending past that point the flesh of the rest of their alien dicks looked softer and more human-like, the surface pink and covered in large purple veins.

Their dicks weren’t just terrifyingly alien, but thanks to the sheath at the base and oddly shaped cockheads there was something disgustingly animal to them as well. Yet they were still cocks and Archbaroness felt her body begin to respond to the sight. She sighed, annoyed that even in a situation like this her super-charged libido threatened to distract her.

“There’s the bitch!” one of the alien truckers called out, pointing one of its thick fingers at her. “Let’s go teach her a lesson!”

They charged Archbaroness, their large flat elephant-like feet sending sludge splashing with each monstrous step. Once in action she realized just how big and strong the aliens probably were and decided she’d need to keep her distance till she had come up with a proper battle plan.

She moved to push off from the ground and fly up out of reach but found herself stuck to the ground! Panicking, she looked down and grabbed one of her legs, trying to free it from the disgusting sludge adhering her to the ground. By the time she’d freed one of her feet it was too late and she was surrounded.

“You’re not getting away from us,” the one standing in front of her growled.

She saw the other two moving to the sides but kept her focus on the one towering before her. She opened her mouth to say something defiant but found the words hard to form. There was a new smell in the air; something both sweet and pungent, like stale body odor mixed with enticing, but overpowering, perfume.

It quickly became so thick in the air she felt it sticking to her tongue. Archbaroness swallowed, trying to get the oddly enticing taste out of her mouth but that just made it worse. Her mouth began to water, her heart pounding, as she felt the need for more of it. She started inhaling deeply, her mouth open to get as much of the thick stank filling the air into her.

Laughter rang out around them, The Game Master amused by what he saw. “It seems our feisty warrior has been defeated before a fight even had a chance to begin. I admit I didn’t expect it to happen so fast. This race exudes powerful, stinky pheromones that allow them to easily dominate not just the women of their race but those of other races as well. Some races are more resistant to them but from the looks of things humans are more susceptible than most.”

Archbaroness’ head was spinning. The thick stank of the alien’s pheromones were making her dizzy and so aroused she felt almost faint. She heard what The Game Master was saying and understood the words but was unable to use the information in any way. All she could think about was how sexually pleasing she’d realized these aliens were and how much she wanted to please them and their gross alien cocks.

“On your knees, you dumb bitch,” one of the truckers said from behind, grabbing her shoulders and forcing her down.

The one standing directly in front of her grabbed his huge floppy cock, holding it up and stroking it as it started to swell. “Looks pretty cock-addled already but we shouldn’t take any chances.” He stepped up to Archbaroness and grabbed her head, holding his cock up then pulling her face in and rubbing it into the underside by the base.

Archbaroness moaned as the rank odor assaulted her senses, overwhelming her. Her mind was too jumbled by the alien pheromones to think clear thoughts and for a time she acted simply on animal impulse.

She opened her mouth and started licking the underside of the cock her face was being rubbed into. The alien grunted in appreciation, letting go of her head. She reached up, grabbing the huge meaty member with both hands and pulling back lightly. She licked and slurped at the veiny cock, her eyes closed as she savored the taste.

When flaccid it had already been longer and thicker than her forearm. Now, as it hardened and swelled in size, it grew to monstrous size. Still licking and slurping its surface, she worked her way to the tip where she tried, and failed, to fit its cockhead into her mouth. Unable to do this she settled for sucking and slurping on as much as the misshapen tip as she could. At the same time she started to jerk it off, although it was so girthy this required both hands and even then she wasn’t able to wrap them all the way around it.

The precum leaking into her mouth affected her even more than the stank of their alien cocks as it was filled with an even thicker concentration of their pheromones. Every drop she slurped up left her desperate to taste more. She sucked and slurped and worked the cock with her hands with more intensity with every moment that passed.

“Holy fuck,” one of the other aliens proclaimed, shocked. “This slut is really working your cock! No way you last much longer. Going to be satisfying seeing you drowned her in cum, it’s the least of what she deserves for potentially ruining our lives.”

“Shame your cock don’t fit in her mouth,” the third alien trucker said.

“I’ll make it fit,” the alien Archbaroness was sucking off replied. He grabbed her head. “Take it all the way in, you fucking bitch,” he growled, pushing his cock into her mouth while holding her in place.

Archbaroness began to struggle, desperately trying to pull away but the alien strong enough to hold her in place. Feeling there would be no escape, Archbaroness stopped struggling and instead worked on forcing her jaw open enough for the alien’s cock to enter her.

“Fucking hell,” the alien grunted, “her mouth is so warm and wet! I can’t take any more.” With its monster cock shoved only a couple of inches into her mouth the alien trucker began to cum.

Archbaroness let out a muffled, gurgling scream as a torrential flood of alien semen blasted into her open mouth, so much that some of it came spraying out her nose.

The amount of pheromones in the alien’s precum was minuscule compared to what was in a full load of alien’s semen. Archbaroness had thought her mind had been overwhelmed by the pheromones before but she had been wrong, what she’d experienced before then was nothing in comparison.

When the alien let go of her head and stepped back, pulling its cock out of her mouth, Archbaroness collapsed onto the sludge-covered ground, convulsing with her eyes rolled up into her head as she half-vomited out the huge load of cum that had been blasted into her.

“Slut’s gonna be completely cum-tamed by the time she comes back to her senses,” one of the aliens said as the three of them crowded around her, grinning happily down at Archbaroness.

“Small thing,” another said, “but sexy as hell. I like all that smooth skin…”

“And look at them tits jiggling in the sludge. Pretty fucking big even for as small as she is. Bet they are super soft too, can you imagine what that would feel like wrapped around your cock?”

“Hey, I’ve got an idea,” one of them said. “We all know what the viewers are expecting. How about we play a little game to punish this slut while getting as much enjoyment out of her as we can?”

“What kind of game?”

“Let’s make her pleasure us with her big soft tits till we’re each done and see how many times she can make each of us cum! And we all know what our cum can do to alien woman, seems like the best way to make this bitch pay.”

The others quickly agreed, their alien cocks swelling in excited anticipation. One of them grabbed Archbaroness by the hair and began dragging her to a nearby bench.

“Things have taken an interesting turn,” The Game Master said. “And it seems now is a good time to let the viewers know some interesting facts about the species these truckers belong to. They are a VERY virile species and can ejaculate many, MANY times before feeling sexually sated. How many times? Well, it changes from man to man and can be heavily affected by things like how aroused they are or how long it’s been since they had a good fuck.

“There is also the interesting question of what their cum will do to the human as every alien race they have encountered has reacted differently to it. Some grow addicted to it by just a taste, while others have strange and sometimes extreme biological reactions. She’s already ingested one load and we might start to see what it does to her soon. Then again, some races seem to take longer or need to ingest a lot of their spunk for any reaction to happen beyond being subdued like she already is. And then again, for some races ingesting the cum doesn’t do anything, but having it on their skin does!”

The one that dragged her through the muck was the one that had already cum. “I should go first since she’s already got me worked up,” he declared, dropping her on the ground before sitting on the bench he’d dragged her to. He leaned back and spread his legs, his cock hanging half-erect off the edge of it. “Besides, if we’re going to have a fair game I shouldn’t have time to recover.”

Archbaroness started to come out of the cum-induced haze she had been in. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked up. The first thing she saw was the alien’s thick, vein-covered cock dangling in front of her. “More,” she begged weakly.

“You’ll have plenty,” the alien replied. “But you gotta work for it, show us how sorry you are for inconveniencing us like this. Get up on your knees.”

Archbaroness did as she told, reacting to the command so quickly she didn’t realize she’d done so till after the action was finished.

“Good. Now show us those big soft tits.”

Archbaroness straightened her back, eager to please the alien even though she knew she should be fighting against its commands. She grabbed the front of her costume, at first intending to simply pull it down to expose her breasts. Then the vow not to allow herself to be sexually used ran through her mind, followed by the vow to keep her costume from being ruined.

The power of the alien’s pheromones was so strong she felt compelled to break both vows in the most spectacular way possible in an attempt to please them. Instead of simply pulling her front down she grabbed it with both hands and tore the top open, not just exposing her breasts but ruining her costume as well.

“Fucking hell,” one of the aliens muttered. “Those things look even bigger out of her clothing! Look at how soft all that pinkish-white skin looks, look at how deliciously colored her nipples are! And look at how dense yet soft all that sagging tit-meat looks.”

“I’m looking,” the alien trucker she was sitting in front of said. He leaned back further and opened his legs more. “Bring them meat sacks over here and start working my cock. But warm me up before you start giving me a proper tit-job.”

Archbaroness moved closer, grabbing the alien’s cock with one hand and one of her breasts with the other. She paused, closing her eyes and inhaling the intense stench of its pheromone-soaked cock. When she opened her eyes she saw a bead of precum on the alien’s cockhead and fought the impulse to lean down and start licking it up. Instead, she pressed the moist tip into the bulk of her tit, rubbing the precum into her nipple.

She hissed in surprise then moaned slightly at the way the moisture warmed her skin, leaving it tingling. A steady stream of precum began leaking from its cock and she happily smeared it all over her breast but found the pleasurable warming and tingling was more pronounced on her nipples. Soon she was holding both her tits, pressing them in around the alien’s cockhead as she tried to get precum on both her nipples at the same time.

The precum smeared on the other parts of her breasts started to tingle in the same way her nipples were. Understanding that it took longer for the alien semen to affect the areas outside her breasts she shifted, leaning in till the underside of the alien’s cock was pressed up against her chest. She wrapped her tits as much around it as she could and started flopping her tits up and down the length of the shaft, desperate now to make it cum so she could get as much of her tits covered in cum as possible.

It didn’t take long for the alien to get off. She had felt it nearing climax and had made sure to keep its cockhead envelop in her large breasts, not wanting the cum she was so eager for to shoot up and away from her breasts. The explosion of moisture in between her tits sent a chill of excitement running up her spine.

Before the alien was done cumming she returned to working its cock with her tits again, using the huge load of semen as lubrication. Her skin tingled everywhere it touched her and that tingling warmed more intensely if there was also the friction of her soft tits moving against its hard cock.

After she made the alien cum a second time the tingling grew more intense and seemed to be working its way into the core of her breasts. That internal heat left her confused and as she kept working her tits around the alien’s cock she realized she needed the next load in her mouth so she could taste it. As soon as she felt him about to cum she leaned down and put her mouth on his cockhead, slurping and sucking then greedily gulping down as much of the cum as she could.

She didn’t fall to the ground convulsing this time like she had the first time she’d swallowed the alien semen. But her body DID react, a brief orgasm forced from her as she savored the taste of the cum and enjoyed the way the sticky alien goo caught in her throat.

Her heart sank when she realized the alien’s cock was growing soft. For a moment she worked her cum-covered tits more vigorously, trying to keep him hard, but he pushed her away.

“Can’t take any more,” he grunted. “That was incredible,” he added as he stood up, sounding sated and sleepy.

“If we count when you came in your mouth that’s four ejaculations. And the pathetic slut came once,” one of the aliens said. “I wanna go next. I bet I can cum at least twice that many times! And even though it ain’t part of the game, I bet she’s gonna cum a lot more too. I mean, just look at these titties, already starting to grow a bit. And as they do they are only going to get more sensitive.”

Although eager to begin working the next alien’s cock she did take a moment to look down at her breasts. Even as soiled with cum as they were there was no mistake their change in size. The only thought that ran through her muddled mind was that bigger breasts would simply allow more of her flesh to be covered in cum and leave her with more cum-covered tits to wrap around the precious alien cock.

What happens next with the alien truckers going to go? (Choose up to 4 options from this poll)

What will the third challenge be once this one is done? (Choose up to 9 options from this poll)

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