New ebook: “Magicat’s Submission Part 5”

Magicat Part 5 v3

Part of of Magicat’s Submission is out! You can find it on Amazon.

Sara isn’t sure if she’s coming over for dinner with an ex and her new girlfriend, or if she’s walking into a three-way date. All she knows is that the strange relationship her ex, Catalina, seems to have with the domineering Mixie has intrigued and excited her. But the timid girl has no idea that behind Mixie is the bad girl Domina, pulling the strings to help entangle Sara, and eventually her other self Princess Pounce, into the tangled mess of a trap their lives have become.

The three untransformed girls get to take center stage, with only a momentary mental intrusion from Domina to lend Mixie a little magical aid to ensure the passion-filled threesome is as intense as it can be. Together Mixie and Catalina will teach Sara what they’ve discovered: that there is freedom in slavery and pleasure in pain, and through both you can find love.

Finally, the night of exhausting passion and a deep well of surprising emotional intensity will be followed by something darker for Mixie Moonsong as she once more finds herself facing off against the mysterious and sinister thing in the mirror.

If you are a backer on Patreon or Subscribestar you get early access to the story as it’s written and with the right level of backing a copy of the ebook.

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